NY Homeland Security Encourages Businesses to Snitch on Preppers as Terrorists

by | Apr 23, 2014 | Headline News | 183 comments

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    The New York State Division of Homeland Security is encouraging businesses to snitch on preppers as terrorists, urging that the purchase of MRE’s, ammunition or flash lights be treated as a suspicious activity.

    As the video above illustrates, the LZ Army Navy Surplus store in Auburn, NY received a visit from a state trooper who put up a flyer in the window which encourages customers to call the New York State Terrorism Tips Line, 1-866 SAFE NYS, to report suspicious activity under the mantra of the “See Something, Say Something” campaign.

    1-866 SAFE NYS is part of Safeguard New York, an NY State counterterrorism program that uses promotional material to encourage citizens to report people for engaging in “suspicious activity….which makes them stand out from others”.

    An accompanying letter provided by the state trooper listed such “suspicious activity” as the purchase of MREs (Meals Ready to Eat), flashlights, weather proof ammunition, night vision equipment, match containers, or gas masks.

    Given that the tips hotline is also similar in name to the ‘SAFE Act’, recently passed legislation which outlaws the ownership of high capacity magazines and certain semi-automatic weapons in New York, it could also be used to snitch on gun owners.

    The owner of the surplus store said that when she saw the sign in the window she immediately tore it down because in her mind the program is merely a way for authorities to compile a list of preppers.

    Last week, a report emerged concerning how FBI counterterrorism agents are visiting gun shops in South Carolina to investigate “suspicious purchases” made by people who talk about “big government”.

    In 2012, we reported on how the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism (CAT) program was instructing businesses that banal activities conducted by millions of Americans on a daily basis were potential indications of terrorist activity.

    Flyers for the program being handed out to businesses such as Internet cafes even listed paying for a cup of coffee with cash as a suspicious activity.

    A flyer aimed at Military Surplus stores also encourages owners to report people who “make bulk purchases of items to include….meals ready to eat”.

    The characterization of preppers and storable food advocates as terrorists is particularly ironic given that the Federal Emergency Management Agency spends billions of dollars every year on storable food and encourages Americans under the Resolve to be Ready program to keep a spare food supply on hand in case of emergency.

    In 2012, Infowars spoke to a National Guard whistleblower who warned that soldiers were being trained that in the event of civil unrest breaking out, “Doomsday preppers will be treated as terrorists”.


    Paul Joseph Watson is the editor and writer for Infowars.com and Prison Planet.com. He is the author of Order Out Of Chaos. Watson is also a host for Infowars Nightly News.



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      1. Yah! Those terrorists that flew the planes into the Twin Towers were like totally up to their elbows in the cockpits with MRE’s and flashlights!

        • The 99% snitch now, along with gossip

          and finger pointing. If they all kept

          their mouths shut, we wouldn’t have

          the need for so much OPSEC.

          • Reminds me of nazi germany Gestapo looking for ANYONE that thinks for themselves and doesn’t bow down to the BO conformist zombie agenda. new york with small ltters doesn’t even allow someone to store up more than 2 and 1/2 gallons of gasoline for an emergency generator or for someone’s car. new york tries to tell you what you can and cannot eat and drink. new york makes you conform or they use some whacked out bloombergless law to fine you. new york nickels and dimes you to death on petty matters.

            It is real simple. There are some true hellholes in this country. GET OUT OF THEM. This is the answer, MOVE. No you as a patriot CANNOT CHANGE JACK SH$%. ALL YOU ARE GOING TO DO IS SUFFER LIVING THERE. There are still free states like Montana, Wyoming, Idaho, Alaska, and a few others in the south. If you live in a hellhole state that is patterning itself after europe and BO, get out. IT IS NOT WORTH IT TO GO THROUGH THIS NIGHTMARE.

            Everyone’s goal as a prepper/survivalist is to survive and make it through the hell that is coming. If you are a patriot in one of these cess pool states and you attmept to stand up for your rights, these f’holes can find a way of locking you up or permanently taking away your 2nd Amendment rights. Something that would NEVER happen in a free state. You are in constant danger in a a$$hole state that would ever spy on and turn in a prepper as being dangerous. In a free state you are a welcome person that still respects the Constitution.

            I know people that say they can make a difference in a slave type of police state. Maybe, probably not because of the shear volume of butt licking BO supporters that outnumber people that still understand freedom and rights of a human being. Quality of life is something to consider to those in hellhole states. A person will be so much happier and experinece some much less stress living in a free state that wants to be free. Moving from a hell hole state is like having a 500 pound weight lifted off your shoulders when you reach a free state that still respects the basic liberties. Something to consider, because living in a hell hole state like new york affects your physical, mental, and spiritual health, unless someone likes being a brain dead confomist zombie trendy bloombergless take away your rights supporter.

            • You couldn’t be more correct Be informed. Get the fuck out of libtardville as soon as possible. Go John Gualt and push the reset hard. Join with other patriots and DO something.

              • @ maddog. Libtardville. 🙂 Now that is funny. 🙂

                • Sounds like a good 70’s movie. ‘Escape from Libtardville’

                  • I’d pay to see that movie! Hopefully libtards in hollywood are listening

                  • No surprise that the central planners would view preppers as terrorists. Nope, you can’t have independent Americans who don’t need Govt for their basic necessities.

                  • Unreconstructed,

                    Wasn’t Kurt Russell in that one?

                    I think it had everything in it that Be Informed was talking about. 🙂

                  • The most unbelievable aspect of all this craziness is that this has occurred so many times already, most notably in the recent past (100 years)…and they just don’t get it! The masses will fall for it EVERY time. Its like a broken record skipping on the same masochistic line. That the bankers want this, I get it. But how do they keep playing the SAME strategy every decade in some part of the world, and the masses keep missing it by thinking its good, and then its their country’s turn again?

                    We see the communists, fascists, totalitarians, oligarchs, dictators, etc for what they are. EVERYONE should know these are negative elements to a free society. But this keeps happening like its the first time. What in the flying fuck is wrong people?

                  • They already made it. It was called (appropriately) Escape From New York, with Kurt Russell.

                  • Yes, Stig, you remember it too, huh.

                • Hey I wonder if the local council of libtardville was appointed by the mayor of crazytown?

              • The problem is that libtardville is expanding. States like Wyoming and Montana are getting as bad as Calif. Who would have ever expected Colorado to turn into left wing land? How the hell does Nevada keep electing Reid? The unions in Vegas.

            • It really is pointless at this point to try to change very many people because it is so late in the game. Who knows when it will hit the fan but I am thinking like most everyone else on this site that it will be sooner rather than later. I have been on this prepper journey since ’08 and I still have so many things that I feel like I still need to get done before it happens. For those that think they are gonna change anyone in those lib infested zones like NY or states like it, there isnt’ really enough time to wake them up and get them prepared in my opinion.

              • I cannot agree more… I have tried a number of times to enlighten some acquaintances but they prefer to argue that it is not so bad. I struggle to find enough time and energy in my day to get all my preps done that I don;t feel I have any time to waste on dumb arguments. Those that I know who prep, all have a hightened sense of urgency.

                When I finally have time to enjoy a beer, I don’t feel that I have to justify my preps to anyone by convincing them to start prepping. If they still think things aren’t too bad and can’t get much worse, then let the wind blow them around like the tumbleweeds they are…

                • Just talked to a woman at church during the Easter celebration. My wife and I volunteer and serve for special functions. She is about my age (early 50’s). She asked why I was not at the volunteers service meeting the week before. I told her I was in Bunkerville. She said “that was about some cows or something right?”. We live in Nevada and this was her response. I mentioned a few other items like money printing and spying and she said she had no idea it was happening. What do you do with something like this? She said I was scaring her so I stopped talking about reality and mentioned the kardashy’s. It was a two sided conversation after that. Our country is in a world of shit.

                  • Weeks ago we had a birthday party for our daughter. Many from our church came and of coarse us women were chatting. Another woman made a comment about how people don’t think ahead and have enough food around for emergencies. I agreed that worried me as well and that most folks didn’t have enough to survive a minor disaster. Another woman walked up at that moment and asked, “What was that you are worried about”? So, I repeated the conversation and she said, “Not a conversation I am interested in’. At that point the lady who was in agreement with me starts telling a story about some folks she know who were hurricane victims and how quickly things got ugly for them. She went on for awhile and everyone listened but there was not much in the way of, “hey- I should do something about that”. One lady did, she has 8 kids at home. I encouraged her to build a small supply at the very least. I told her I was worried for them if something happened and how having some basics could keep them fed. I didn’t want to get into much because I could tell they weren’t interested but I planted a seed. These are all CLOSE and DEAR friends.

                    I sometimes think I should write a letter and mail it to each of them with suggested on building AT LEAST a two week food supply. But I am not sure if that is foolish.

                    BTW, these are all people who are not Obamabots. Not one of them is liberal. They all hunt, garden, and cook from scratch. So, I cannot believe they are prepared.

                  • @late to the party,
                    I know exactly what you mean about wanting to tell people that you care about. There are a number of people at my church that I would like to try to wake up but have learned from past attempts that it is usually pretty pointless. They may agree at first and talk about what they need to do but never actually get started. That’s been my experience anyways. The thing I hate to hear the most is “i’ll just come to your house if it gets bad” to which I reply “I will not be there when you come.”

                  • Wow…. Maybe you were “scaring” her, but she scares me. What a moron! First, I would never live in New York or any of the east coast states, or California or Washington. However, Ohio is going big time for “see something, say something” and nobody seems to think that’s really strange. This is also scary. I dropped my subscription to our local newspaper, and told them way which may not have been a good idea. The newspaper did not cover Nevada, but did have a big write-up on Elizabeth Warren’s new book. As far as I can tell, she didn’t discuss her lying about being a “Cherokee Princess” to get her position as a professor at Harvard. The paper was stoked about Harvard as if most of our problems weren’t made worse by their graduates. The most significant part of this is that we are in rural Ohio, a farming area which is pretty conservative overall. And yet “See something, Say something” is alive and cancerous here. Our country is so screwed. Anyway, pay cash and shut up about everything you’re trying to do to protect your loved ones.

              • I can’t believe that I have neighbors that make fun of preppers. If the local pizza place should happen to close, they are gonners.

                I just got back from working in my garden. I expanded it last year. You can’t be too rich or too thin, and you can’t have too much garden!

            • Be Informed,

              I agree. I can see many similarities to Nazi Germany.

              They are training the youth to support their policies.

              “History does not repeat itself, but it rhymes.”
              –Mark Twain

              Scouts Train to Fight Terrorists, and More

              “The Department of Homeland Security has been training “Explorers” (a coed affiliate of the Boy Scouts, ages 14+), to take on and disarm “disgruntled veterans” who are described as “terrorists”.

              “Many law enforcement officials, particularly those who work for the rapidly growing Border Patrol, part of the Homeland Security Department, have helped shape the program’s focus and see it as preparing the Explorers as potential employees.”

              NY Times

                • On one hand that is insane, but on the other, at least there are some kids not in front of a video console/tv, that seem focused. I’m just not that comfortable with the supposed motivation of the program.

                  • I must disagree ive bought my kids the latest of “call of duty” games and watch as they play injecting helpful remarks of reality. that being said all mine over 14 can suture (poor frogs), set bones, administer IV’s (painful on me) and do first aid and CPR. don’t give up we are out there and there are more than you think. we live on a remote road and there are a lot of old school country folk out here. most everyone, barring the suspected methhead, is prepared just because its the right way of life, gubberment is not out here and we are glad. taxes are cheap too lol I love KY!

                  • sending snot-nosed kids after viet nam veterans, is not a good idea…at least not for the kids, anyway.

                • Ky Mom, thank you for that article. DHS will screw around and get a lot of kids killed doing stupid stuff like this.

              • Rapidly growing Border patrol? Are you high? They are being left with no function as they are not allowed to even stand in the way of illegals. Better get your head out of a dark place as you are spreading crap.

                • I agree the border patrol is a shadow of what it SHOULD be. We can thank Obama for this.

                  If you had read the article, you would know it is from 2009.

                  I included the direct quote to the article, as it applied to the “youth training.”

              • Can’t they use those same skills AS a terrorist as well as against them? It works both ways.

            • Lots of talk about this kind of snitch activity. SO, dear readers, how about put up or shut up????????

              How many of you have gone on the internet and looked this business up? I did, and there is a comment about opening an online store. Let’s get behind this business and buy some things from them. If you live in NY, go to the store and buy something.


            • There’s a reason behind the saying, “Birds of a feather flock together.” In New York, it’s Cuckoo birds that are flocking together.

              This has been studied in depth and as Merriam-Webster defines: “…cuckoos are best known for their habit of brood parasitism…their eggs resemble those of the host species (egg mimicry), and the adult cuckoo removes one or more host eggs to ensure that the substitution is not detected. The newly hatched cuckoo may also eject eggs or nestlings.”

              So basically, cuckoos invade nests, lays their eggs in a nest whose eggs resembles their own, leave the original momma bird to tend the eggs and nourish the offspring, and then the invasive cuckoo offspring destroy the non-cuckoo hatchlings by tossing them overboard.

              If that’s not a Democrat, I don’t know what is.

              • Off Topic…

                Cutting back during these tough economic times…

                Apparently Barack Obama was not talking about himself when he told the American people the following…

                “If you’re a family trying to cut back, you might skip going out to dinner, or you might put off a vacation.”
                -Barack Obama

                Obama Dines On $300 Sushi in Tokyo

                • so disappointed in white supremacists right now he should have been erased already, LOL

                  • t-Zulu,
                    Don’t post crap like that on here. We like this site. Comments like that could cause a lot of trouble. STFU.

                • I heard that on the radio this morning. I prayed for radioactivity in the sushi.

            • Be informed and Maddog,

              You are absolutely right. It’s way late. Focus now on what’s practical and tactical. The commissars are coming after everything. Deja-vu 1932 USSR. Same playbook here.
              Just different clothing and myriad guises.

              Got to deal with it before they reach our individual lines in the sand. Then, options are very limited. Check out the “Fried Frogs and Commissars” essay at RockyMountainCorndotcom for strategies and tactics to deploy before they get to ya.

              Thumbs up for your Bundy vigil.

            • BI, you’re right. I tried that route, getting involved voicing my concerns and views at a state level by speaking at my state capitol. A total waste of time. Like I said before I’m not moving from this state. Its a target rich environment.

            • BI, good day my friend, and I couldn’t have said it any better.

            • Also, parts of Texas…(Hill Country & West TX)

            • Be informed,

              Many might think that moving out of the state is giving up. If you do make a good choice of where to move, your money will not be supporting all that BS. Thanks for all the true words!

              Y’all Beware! Guess what happens when y’all move?

          • That’s why they call it “OPSEC”….

        • It really makes me go all ‘warm & fuzzy’ to know that my enemies are so afraid of my brother & sisters and I; afraid that we may assault them with envelopes of applesauce (from MRE packs) while we temporarily blind them by shining our flashlights in their eyes!

          • Now i know why your MAD Markie,
            Just plain evil!

          • I’ll buy a flashlight so I can do a ‘cavity search’ on a TSA employee. Maybe I’ll find Al-Qaeda in there. [sarcasm going strong today]

            • All you will find is their head.

            • You ever talked to anyone with the TSA? Quite a few of them are pretty reasonable especially the older ones. There are however some dickwads.

        • What they are telling us is that all of our family traditions must be thrown out the window. Our family settled the plains by by busting sod, farming, ranching, canning, shooting Indians, and making our own clothes. Now if we ranch, farm, garden, can, make our own clothes we are domestic terrorists? We need to conform by using the GOV EBT card, embracing Obuttfkr Care, and voting for the current COMMIE?

          • that’s what happens when a communist coup occurs in American government…it’s a sad, sad time in American history.

          • The fact that you just admitted that your ancestors shot Indians means that you need to start paying reparations and go through at least 6 months of sensitivity training!!

            • @ Rainy day

              The people who force others to go through sensitivity training should be classified as terrorists.

              That is definitely “cruel and unusual” punishment!!! 😉

              • I am so thankful that I don’t work in a place where I am subjected to sensitivity training, however if I did work at such a place and had to undergo that, I think that I would load up on prunes and refried beans beforehand. To quote the movie Dances With Wolves, “put that in your book!”

                • They can take ‘sensitivity training’ and shove it. It’s nothing but anti-white and anti-American propaganda that you can hear from any MSM source.

                  • My “sensitivity” is in fine working order—I can turn it on and off, as the situation demands.

                  • the renegade braveheart,

                    My sensitivity training is very accurate.

                    Y’all Beware! Safety on or safety off.

            • I am still waiting for reparations from Roman invasion and Carthaginian invasion…not to mention Mongol invasion.

            • Thanks for the offer, but I am to busy playing cowboys and communists.

            • rainyday my boy, our ancestors shot Indians only when the Indians thought that a dinner invitation meant that it was OK to bring a tomahawk to harvest a few scalps or so and realized too late that White People didn’t approve of this practice! Hope that you will understand this but I have my doubts.

              • “White People didn’t approve of this practice”

                Perhaps you need to bone up a bit on history. It has been established by numerous historians, that it was a white man who took the first scalp…from an Indian as a trophy.

                Of course the Indians figured, goose-gander.

          • Shootit, I don’t give a rat’s ass who says it, my family traditions ain’t going anywhere. whatever I have is none of anyone’s damned business.

            • I was poking fun at the idiots that do not have a clue as to how the west was won nor any clue about why this nation was great.

        • Haven’t heard it in a while, but we used to have radio commercials here in La that encouraged spying and telling on each other: see something, say something.

        • if they buy 20 Korans, or 50lbs of camel meat and burqas
          i wonder if they would make the list.

      2. IIRC, several year ago didn’t they say anyone who carried a copy of the Bill of Rights (from the US Constitution) was a terrorist?

        One thing for sure,
        “Doomsday preppers will be treated as terrorists”.
        is NOT true. SHTF the police and para-military arms of government will have a lot more to worry about than some people down in some hidey-hole. I still remember the news crew filming while some “terrorist” in Compton, CA almost beat that truck driver to death. EOTWAKI, preppers will be the only ones prepared. But what about the “prepper” government with all their underground bunkers? Are the government people who built those prepper bunkers also on the terrorist list? Its getting to be where ‘terrorist’ is simply another word for opposition. That’s bad in many accounts. Especially because if they keep focusing on true Americans instead of potential terrorists then they are wasting resources and letting the true terrorists go. Kinda like patting down grandma at the airport. How many grandma terrorists have we seen? How many God-fearing preppers have been terrorists? Compare that to how many first-person shooter players have been terrorists and how many wacked out full-out military personnel have been terrorists!

        • Wait, just watched the video: $500! Now we are talking, what’s that phone number again? So, if I report someone buying a night flashlight then I can get a $500 spying fee?!?!?! Dude, I could be making some real money on this thing. I’m getting a camera and heading to the stores!

          • Snowed: Just be careful you don’t film a cop buying a flashlight…you will need that 500 for bail money.

            • Snowed, you can “will” that money to your next of kin too.

          • Snowed, don’t become a snitch. “Accidents” do still happen.

          • I wonder how much you’d get for turning in the prepper cabal with the biggest pile of ammo and weapons, the largest hoard of food and water, the best and most well-stocked bunkers in the world and the most extensive network of co-conspirators the NSA has never seen…


            • During the Regan administration the govt. was given the power to seize the assets of those convicted of crimes. I think everyone can see the problem this can cause when this power is abused.

      3. The brown shirts are here.

        • When that first bullet whizzes by their heads there’ll be some Brown Shorts too.

      4. report these types of activites and give the local sherrif deputy or local police chiefs names and addresses.


      5. yeah yeah yeah..keep us busy telling on each other ..while the government flys under the radar…please!.please make the stupid stop!

        • The ONLY way any government have snitches is for having people too stupid and willing to go along with this nazi crap. There is an extremely high concentration of these worthless people in pro BO areas that will go along with anything that these politicians say. In free areas people still respect the basic liberties of a person.

          Think about this one. It takes the stupidest most retarded cretin there is to tell the government about someone that is planning for emergencies. The whole country has gone through weather related disasters again and again. Someone stocking up for emergencies would be admired by anyone with an IQ over 80. It takes a dullard that cannot think for themselves to ever even consider someone prepping as anyone but totally wise and getting ready so their families don’t have to suffer through not having food, water and basic necessities. Blame the government, but also blame the mongoloids that would ever tell the government that someone having a full pantry of supplies is some threat.

          • Hi Bi
            Is this exactly because Preppers are smart that they are targeted… ?

          • anyone with an IQ over 50…

        • Off topic…Apparently, the standard they follow is do as I say, not as I do

          IRS revokes conservative group tax-exempt status over anti-Clinton statements.
          -The Washington Times

          “The Internal Revenue Service has paid more than $2.8 million in bonuses to (2,800) employees with recent disciplinary problems, including $1 million to (1,150) workers who owed back taxes…”
          -AP dot org

      6. Only in America will freezing 60 lbs of butter get you into more trouble than a Banker stealing billions….

        • @ Ugly. Where you live in Idaho no one in their right mind would put up with this nazi sh$%. ONLY in states wherfe you have a bunch of BO supporters and “trendy” a$$whips that are more concerned about their next prepared meal would anyone ever consider someone preparing for emergencies to be dangerous. These are the areas that pattern themselves after the mindless banning of pressure cookers that people use to can their garden food with. These are cess pit states that consider pepper spray or stun devices as cruel to the criminal. These are places that hate the 2nd Amendment and the right to defend yourself period. There are still places in America that find these nazi tactics as evil. There are still Americans that understand what freedom is and basic common sense and NOT been affected with the zombie bug or become too stupid to lose all reason.

        • That’s a lot of peanut butter cookies ugly. I’ve shared this before but anyone with that much peanut butter needs this.

          1 cup peanut butter
          1 cut sugar
          1 egg

          Mix. Tablespoon size drops, wack with fork and cook at 350 for 15 to 16 minutes. Should make 12 larger size cookies. Easy, fast and one of the best.

          • oops

            1 CUP sugar

            but you probably knew that…

          • I made those cookies–they are really good for 3 ingredients!!

            • I know you don’t like chocolate but for those that do, they are really good with choco chips too.

      7. If I were to believe these reports of agents visiting various stores and putting up toll free #s to call to report “suspicious activities”, then I also have to believe that the Federal government is on the defensive.

      8. oh hell, I just paid for a flashlight with cash…here comes the swat team

        • Me too, but nobody’s come to my mdflfj… (j ]]…..

      9. I say we all call that number several times a day and give them false info, tell them to fuck off, or report on real terrorists activity – BLM invading lands in Nevada, an illegal immigrant in the White House killing people with drones, ATF running guns to Mexico etc…

        • How about we all call from disposable phone, and report our politicians families. Overwhelm the crap out of them

        • so disappointed in white supremacists right now he should have been erased already, LOL

      10. Al Sharpton owes a lot of back taxes but no armed federalies come to his house did they? 11 million illegals sneak in to America and no troops at the border, are there? Cows eat grass and here come the jack booted thugs. Ya think the Feds are overacting?

        Sharpton owes nearly $1.5 million in back taxes – NBC News

        so when was the last time armed thugs came to collect for the US government?…this aint about no freaking grazing fees people get yer heads out of yer asses..this is about land grabs by those that have been allegedly voted into public office

        Harry ass Reid is selling off our land to the chinese , that should be enough to get him arrested and tried for treason ..but noooo..
        WAKE UP!

        • its in moderation hell so I took the link out

          Al Sharpton owes a lot of back taxes but no armed federalies come to his house did they? 11 million illegals sneak in to America and no troops at the border, are there? Cows eat grass and here come the jack booted thugs. Ya think the Feds are overacting?

          so when was the last time armed thugs came to collect for the US government?…this aint about no freaking grazing fees people get yer heads out of yer asses..this is about land grabs by those that have been allegedly voted into public office

          Harry ass Reid is selling off our land to the chinese , that should be enough to get him arrested and tried for treason ..but noooo..
          WAKE UP!

          • listen to how she rips him a new ass

            on you tube dot com /watch?v=PrwVDYjlTe4

            • VRF

              That’s pretty funny. Good for her.

              That guys looks like a real fag

      11. people please
        lets take the rhetoric down a notch or two

        the fine folks at the TSA and Homeland SEkURIteE
        are on the job 24/7 protecting us


        we have nothing to fear from the terrorists

        our own government on the other hand ???

      12. It’s so easy now to ferret out the terrorists. Those who oppose the US Constitution.

      13. One thing should be blatantly obvious to anyone that read this article.

        The ‘Powers that be’ are AFRAID.

        Using their *own* mantra on them- “If you have done nothing wrong, what are you afraid of?”

        It is plain as day…they know people are slowly waking up…and it SCARES the daylights outta them. All that hardware…all those bullets…and the people are going to thrash them severely. About time.

        Some great lines from the Pixar animated movie “A Bugs Life” comes to mind and is a perfect parallel to what we face now. I dare anyone to watch it and not see the connection.

        [Hopper has just drowned three dissenting grasshoppers in a pile of seeds]

        Hopper: You let one ant stand up to us, then they all might stand up! Those puny little ants outnumber us a hundred to one and if they ever figure that out there goes our way of life! It’s not about food, it’s about keeping those ants in line. That’s why we’re going back! Does anybody else wanna stay?

        [grasshoppers shocked – all the grasshoppers “rev up” their wings]

        Molt: [motioning a fellow grasshopper] He’s quite the motivational speaker, isn’t he?
        Hopper: Let’s ride!

        Hopper: Where do you get the gall to do this to me?
        Flik: You were… you were gonna squish the queen.
        [all the ants gasp]
        Dot: It’s true.
        Hopper: I hate it when someone gives away the ending.

        Hopper: Let this be a lesson to all you ants! Ideas are very dangerous things! You are mindless, soil-shoving losers, put on this Earth to serve us!

        Flik: You’re wrong, Hopper. Ants are not meant to serve grasshoppers. I’ve seen these ants do great things, and year after year they somehow manage to pick food for themselves *and* you. So-so who is the weaker species? Ants don’t serve grasshoppers! It’s *you* who need *us*! We’re a lot stronger than you say we are… And you know it, don’t you?

        • I just wish more would wake up faster and get moving before they open the borders completely.
          These idiots in DC are really trying to impoverish all of us so they can supposedly controll us easier. Like someone above said, make the stupid stop!

          • The strategy is to bleed us as close to dry as possible…
            Then, if/when enough become aware… pull the plug on the grid…
            How many times have we been warned?

            The only thing missing is a big rock…oh wait…Pat said next week.

        • good one sock rat! it’s time to see obama supporters as threats to the genepool. hell, i USED to think charlie sheen was crazy, but now i consider the competition and know better. let’s all party like it’s 1984!

      14. ANYONE that would stinch on someone preparing for emergencies to the government, this is the perfect definition for them:


        It takes the lowest of mental ability to not be able to figure out that prepping for emergencies is not dangerous or a threat to anyone.

        • everyone….EVERYONE, in the history of the WORLD would be considered a prepper….except for the LAST 2 generations…..fuckin’ AMAZING, really.

      15. Now you can’t prepare for a tornado,hurricane,store food buy ammo to hunt or pay your debts. Also,today there is an article in SHTFplan.com where congressman Jim Moran had proposed a bill that vets must notify their neighbors of their military service. Where the hell is this all going? What the hell are these people afraid of? Something must be around the corner and my guess it will be before the election.

        • They had better be afraid of us,,
          There are literally MILLIONS of us out here who are sick and tired of all the crap,,
          and I dont mean folks like you and me who read alt media like SHTFPlan
          I mean just average folks who are pretty much not aware of most of what we see on alt media, you hear them talking here and there and people are tired of the government sticking their fingers in our pockets and their noses in our business,
          If ONE militia from Oaklahoma has 50,000 members just imagine what the numbers are nationwide,,,
          and then imagine how many there are out there who are silently supplying themselves and making plans, I see it all the time, that nod and knowing acknowledgement you get from perfect strangers when your picking up wicks for your lamps and oil at wally world, or in the home improvement center, the old guys at the range who can put all the bullets through the same hole off their rest,,
          something is different lately, stuff is just not right,, maybe Im just nuts but I doubt it, never in my life have I seen our government as so blatantly corrupt,
          The IRS is in my mind a rogue organization at this point, congress is a rogue and inept organization,, how many of these representatives actually will take the time to speak with one of their constituents these days??? I have NEVER been able to get ahold of any of my reps, always get the bullshit form letter from them.
          the ones I dont get are the people who continually say to just stay below the radar and dont say or do anything that will make people suspicious of you and dont worry about things you cant do anything about,,,
          REALLY??? When there is no sugar and you want to borrow a cup,, you better bring some good barter items, and dont go away mad, just go away,,,

          • It’s been 30 years of hearing about the Tax Code and it’s only gotten worse. They don’t want it fixed.

          • I hear ya K-Farmer , I hear ya loud and clear

            clear as a bell

        • ” Where the hell is this all going?”

          It’s like testing for “Pasta Readiness”… (that’s a prepper term… for the uninformed)

          Throw as much against the wall and see what sticks…

          Once again a cronycriter proves they all need to be tested for drugs…

          ~~~~~~rolls eyes~~~~~~~

      16. @Socrates…I LOVE when Jones plays that clip on his show! Thanks for the post.

        Side note: The other day my neighbor called the cops to shoot a rat that wandered into her front yard. We couldn’t believe what we were witnessing! I got a shed full of shovels…I could have just wacked the thing but noooo…she called the cops who SHOT IT! Point of my short story…people call the cops for all kinds of stupid crap these days. Ever listen to your local police scanner? It’s filled with all kinds of dim-wits that can do things for themselves…they gotta call the cops. Hence…we have a police state whether people what to admit it or not. And peoples attitudes of not taking care of themselves is what leads to police putting up signs like that in the article…see something say something (there could be a rag head lurking somewhere near you with a bomb strapped to his chest(eyes rolling)).

        I’m sure that rat was a domestic terrorists as well…you know, lurking in my neighbors shrubs…

        • what is EVEN SICKER, is that the cops actually SHOT a rat. when they actually should probly have shot the homeowner that called that in. i tell you, the genepool needs more chlorine! warning signs are EVERYWHERE these days for protecting the STUPID from themselves…i rode my atv last night and saw the sticker that says you could DIE if you ride it. on the ladder yesterday i saw a sticker saying if you go to the top of the ladder, you could be injured. a sticker on the pointy knife set i bought recently says you could get cut….sticker saying don’t take a BATH with your toaster…wear your seatbelt while driving……..can’t we just lose the stickers….just let these dumb sonsobiches KILL themselves! K? too many stupid in america is starting to SHOW….we just gotta let some of the stupid DIE! NO?

        • …are you sure that terrorist lurking in the neighbor’s shrubs didn’t have a badge in it?

      17. Washington is in new Cold War – expert

        Peter Koenig, financial pundit, former World Bank economist and a Voice of Russia regular, talks about the crisis in Ukraine, the arrogance of US diplomacy and the measures that can be enacted to stop Washington’s aggressive strategy.
        Besides, Russia has a huge economic leverage on the west, particularly on the US. In addition to supplying around 40% of Europe’s energy, Russia and its allies, China and the other BRICS and associates could destroy the dollar with a mouse click. Russia and China have already declared they will trade hydrocarbons in the future in their own local currencies, no longer in the Washington mandated currency, the US-dollar and this is a measure already being carried out for general trading among the BRICS and associates.
        In addition, the BRICS are preparing to issue a new currency, an alternative to the dollar and an international monetary transfer system that will bypass the notorious and privately owned Bank for International Settlement s, under which all international payments have to transit through US banks.
        ‘Times they are a-changing …’ according to Bob Dylan. He is right.

        Read more: http://voiceofrussia.com/2014_04_23/Washington-is-in-new-Cold-War-expert-9239/

        • “an alternative to the dollar and an international monetary transfer system that will bypass the notorious and privately owned Bank for International Settlements”

          THAT is what is really at the very heart of all of the west’s aggression towards Russia, most of the middle east and the BRIC countries…THE BANKSTERS ARE PISSED ABOUT ALL OF THE MONEY BEING RIPPED OUT OF THEIR GREEDY HANDS!

          The huge global corporations are PISSED that they can’t coop those countries resources for pennies on the dollar.

          This issue with Russia, is no more about “Ukrainian Sovereignty” than the showdown in Nevada is about a damn turtle or grazing fees.

      18. After what happened in Nevada, the gooberment is scared. They are afraid people are waking up to the lies. Notice barry hasn’t said a word about the stand off.

        The one thing you can bank on is they will never give up this fight because they have too much to lose. No man will willingly give up power and wealth. They will start gun control again after next years elections and will continue to demonize Christians and preppers alike.

        We have victory in the LORD JESUS and our troubles of this life are nothing compared to our reward in heaven.

        I remember a preacher who said: “if your a Christian, this life is the closest thing you’ll ever experience to hell and if your not, this is the closest you’ll ever get to heaven.

        • What if the preppers are gay,non WASP ,tryannys,welfare/snap, progressives….etc… Do they get a pass?

          I mean we have to be politically correct here NY. You better ask uncle barry about this one

      19. See something…Say something?, We have been seeing and saying something’s about this overbearing and overtly in our face corrupt nightmare in D.C. for a long time. They have other plans and refuse to listen. What’s next?, we have to raise the level of pissed off discontent.

        • maybe we need to start using HAND SIGNALS on these sumbiches! a slap up the side of the head MIGHT be in order?

          • Then a stiff back-hand, just to be sure they don’t think the slap was somehow a mistake…

      20. in reality, the same programs that figure out what adds to show you when you cruise the internet are much more efficient about finding out who preps and where they live.

        everyone just bare in mind that when tshtf all those sheeple will become snitches, because they will want a cut of your “hoarded food” and some just want a pat on the head.

        • they come around HERE lookin’ for a pat on the head, i’m gonna moosh their little faces in the dirt!

          • in a “grid down”, are you really going to WAIT for them?

            • Shhhhhh! don’t give away your position…..

          • If they come to me looking for anything, they’ll get something they don’t want.

      21. If flashlights and stored food make you a terrorists then I must be one. Isn’t this whole thing with telling on your friends & neighbors getting to the point that stupidity has taken over just good plane common sense? What will they come up with next, seems to me they are reaching for straws because they know they are no longer in charge the people have come alive and are taking over at last. The prepper movement is growing each day as we become more and more fed up with all the crazy things the TPTB be come up trying to figure out the good guy from the bad guy.

        • the ARMY we can count on being on our side is the people that get shaken awake, finding out the gubmint lied to them about obamadon’tcare…or don’tblamemeididn’tdoitcare…or whatever you call it. when those silly sumbiches finally realize they been HAD, it’s gonna be EPIC!…and they WILL find out SOON. the shoes are starting to drop as we speak. hope y’all got popcorn, and a good seat to watch nit all from….meantime, PARTY LIKE IT’S 1999!

      22. Rogers Rangers Standing Orders. These orders are placed just after the Ranger Creed in every edition of the Ranger Handbook to this day.

        1.Don’t forget nothing.
        2.Have your musket clean as a whistle, hatchet scoured, sixty rounds powder and ball, and be ready to march at a minute’s warning.
        3.When you’re on the march, act the way you would if you was sneaking up on a deer. See the enemy first.
        4.Tell the truth about what you see and what you do. There is an army depending on us for correct information. You can lie all you please when you tell other folks about the Rangers, but don’t never lie to a Ranger or officer.
        5.Don’t never take a chance you don’t have to.
        6.When we’re on the march we march single file, far enough apart so one shot can’t go through two men.
        7.If we strike swamps, or soft ground, we spread out abreast, so it’s hard to track us.
        8.When we march, we keep moving till dark, so as to give the enemy the least possible chance at us.
        9.When we camp, half the party stays awake while the other half sleeps.
        10.If we take prisoners, we keep ’em separate till we have had time to examine them, so they can’t cook up a story between ’em.
        11.Don’t ever march home the same way. Take a different route so you won’t be ambushed.
        12.No matter whether we travel in big parties or little ones, each party has to keep a scout 20 yards ahead, 20 yards on each flank, and 20 yards in the rear so the main body can’t be surprised and wiped out.
        13.Every night you’ll be told where to meet if surrounded by a superior force.
        14.Don’t sit down to eat without posting sentries.
        15.Don’t sleep beyond dawn. Dawn’s when the French and Indians attack.
        16.Don’t cross a river by a regular ford.
        17.If somebody’s trailing you, make a circle, come back onto your own tracks, and ambush the folks that aim to ambush you.
        18.Don’t stand up when the enemy’s coming against you. Kneel down, lie down, hide behind a tree.
        19.Let the enemy come till he’s almost close enough to touch, then let him have it and jump out and finish him up with your hatchet.
        20.Don’t use your musket if you can kill ’em with your hatchet.

        • #16 – Take a Chevy instead?

      23. You know, instead of just taking this and sitting back and watching your fellow citizens take it in the shorts for their ideologies, call the ‘See Something, Say Something’ line and report all the elected officials as corrupt! SS,SS doesn’t require details — they just want a witch hunt. Let’s give them one!!

        • I remember as a kid we had a neighborhood bully. We fought him to standstill, but he was too stupid to stop harassing us. So, about 30 of us — this dude was really and truly hated — put heads together and decided to take turns calling their house at all hours, redistributing their mail throughout the neighborhood, signing him up for a subscription to Playgirl magazine, ordering pizza from the local Dominoes, etc etc etc

          We also would dump trash on their lawn — including dead fish that attracted every stray dog and cat in the neighborhood — and would help them on trash day by moving their trash cans down the road to the local industrial park.

          Bully boy got thunked by his momma every time something bad happened. And she made him clean up the mess. He eventually ran out of energy to harass us anymore.

          That “See something Say Something” gestapo line should be getting inundated with calls from concerned preppers. It puts sand in their gears and its loads of fun

          • We had a kid like that too. We took him out in the swamp one day and took all his clothes. It took 5 or 6 of us to do it but he left us alone after that. He’s probably still fucked up from that.. Haven’t thought of that in years. He probably turned into a banker.

          • Put limburger cheese in their radiator through the grill. Makes it into a smells like puke mobile and most likely they will have to sell it.

      24. I guess the Feds are terrorist! Millions of bullets, and shotgun shells. Millions of MREs, Millions of extra mags, (Ar and Ak), night vision, flashlights, firearms. And don’t forget the coffins!!!!


        Well I guess I’m a terrorist, or just someone that cares about my family and friends, because I have all of that and then some!
        Wasn’t our Founding Fathers called Terrorist?

        “Terrorist” If it makes me a terrorist like our Founding Fathers. Them I will wear the name PROUDLY!
        I like the name PATRIOT better, but if that is how it is well so be it.


        • Howdy, Sgt. Dale. I fit all of the DHS criteria for a terrorist so I know I’m in the right kind of company.

      25. What is the number to turn in Homeland security for buying ammo, MRE’s and water stores.
        Their activities are listed on the terrorist associate list and need to be reported.
        “Do as I say, NOT as I do”
        IF that don’t tell you what YOU should be doing, then you truly are BLIND, DEAF and DUMB.
        I do mean dumb as in stupid.
        Stupid is as stupid does. In this case NOTHING except to turn in your neighbor for buying a flashlight with extra batteries…

      26. very interesting read from Charles Hugh Smith

        This Is How Empires Collapse


        “This is how empires collapse: one complicit participant at a time.

        Before an empire collapses, it first erodes from within. The collapse may appear sudden, but the processes of internal rot hollowed out the resilience, resolve, purpose and vitality of the empire long before its final implosion.”

        • They have to keep the shotgun shells off the shelves since everything else is a pain to get. I refuse to believe this “ammo shortage” was just caused by public panic.

          If a government contract comes in for millions of rounds, whos order do you think keeps the factory busy. The maybe pays that take longer to cash in or the contract that pays in one lump some.

          • Dams, I need to build up the stockpile for “Bertha”.

          • But if the supply was there it wouldn’t be a maybe

      27. I’ma call that number and report a person going round with their head all covered up, looks to me like she’s trying to hide her face, she’s all in black and walkin around in the walmart avoiding bacon.

        I’m sure theyll get right on it.

        • I called and gave them Dirty Harry Reids DC address. Hes been seen ranting and raving about terrorism lately. He also walks strange and hes hunched over. I think hes carrying a pressure cooker under his suit jacket.

      28. “Now I’ll kill a snitch. Not sayin’ I have. Not sayin’ I haven’t. You know what I mean….” –Peyton Manning–

      29. If you know some dirt on a politician, snitch. And don’t stop snitching until the pol is gone or in jail. Politicians like to buy real estate and buildings to hide their stolen money. Are you in real estate? Snitch. Do you work in a pawn shop? Some pols like to sell “gifts” for cash at pawn shops. Snitch. Snitch till you’re blue in the face. Hurt them in the pocket.

        • …since you can’t destroy the credibility or reputation they don’t have…

      30. So confused…… http://www.ready.gov/ says to “get a kit, make a plan, be prepared”… they even say what to store and what to be prepared for. But, when we do what they say they call us “terrorists”.

        • Ummm… it’s the **government” Be Prepared. They can also mandate that everyone must have a square circle in their yard, too, if they want. There’s all kinds of quotes from Alice in Wonderland I could quote,but you already know them all…

      31. Ahh just as was done in Germany , Hitlers game eh Obama?

        wake up call, this isnt Germany cerca 1930

      32. When the proper time comes, “be surgical” with your “attitude adjustments”!

        • At times there is not a satisfactory substitute for well-aimed lead going down range at high velocity.

      33. I can’t tell if I’m having heart burn or a heart attack. This crap is getting OLD

      34. I aint set foot in NY in years and have no plans to ever return now. Same as MD.

      35. I know an Emergency management director & he point blank told me that one of his titles is home-land security and he is supposed to turn in people he thinks might be hoarding ammo. We’re in a Podunk town in a Podunk state. My response: Why would people hoard anything?

      36. The only land the Gov. has is the 10 miles ” WE THE PEOPLE ” gave them which is D.C.

      37. the U.S. government strongly supports freedom fighters in Kiev, but is terrified of freedom fighters in America. Ever wonder why?

      38. a law is nothing more than mutual consent of the governed

        • This concept does not compute with many federal agents because they were not taught the real roots of power in a free society. They are taught that a law written on a piece of paper is an absolute, irrefutable power which can never be questioned by lowly “civilians.” In reality, a law is nothing more than mutual consent of the governed. That consent, it turns out, can be invoked at any time if those who apply the law do so in a way that is egregious or unreasonable. All government power comes from the People, after all, and can therefore be revoked by the People if government becomes abusive or overreaching in its exercising of that power.

      39. As many here know in a former life I owned and operated an Army/Navy surplus and survival store…arrogant trash cop wouldnt have gotten far in the store much less stuck his commie writ in my window…unfreakinbelievable!!!…and so Im supposed to turn in most all my customers cause everything I sold was geared towards survival and outdoor needs??…I didnt exactly sell snack cakes and candy,dear lord!!!…everyday I find another reason to hate govt…without even looking hard….

        • If that were my store, the notice would never been posted. Aint no law a private biz has to do govt Nazi bidding.

          Funny how the govt tries so hard to let us know how involved they are w/ domestic terrorism. Were supposed to be afraid, very afraid. They see all and know all. The govt is a spy center, a militarized group of agencies we know and some we dont know — yet they need to find snitches to rat out consumers who buy ammo or look suspicious.

          Its all about illusion and even though the govt has there ears and eyes everywhere, they get it wrong 99.9% of the time. They need pion snitches on the ground to do the real work because they still cant function effectively. The govt still dont stop a real terrorist threat, all they do is beat there chests and threaten citizens. Had enough yet?

      40. Last one out of fascist NY please turn out the lights, OK?

        • Don’t forget to pat yourself down, do a body cavity search, and submit fingerprint and blood samples…

      41. In short, if you do not conform, you stand out, and your individuality makes you suspicious…

      42. Thank God toilet paper isn’t on the list…

        • Maybe if you buy more than a 12 pack…

      43. Off Topic: more silver info:

        Canker Sores
        Canker sores have a myriad of causes. Too much acid in the mouth is the number one cause. The tissue in the mouth gets destroyed by stomach acid, too many sugars, and bacterial or viral infections.
        Silver sol can help improve the issues quickly. Hold one ounce of silver sol liquid in your mouth for six minutes and then drink it. Repeat this process twice a day. Silver sol gel can also be applied topically to the wound.
        If the canker sore is a result of the herpes virus, the sooner you get the gel on the wound, the sooner you can stop the virus from replicating and getting worse. You should expect the wound to improve twice as fast with silver sol gel applied to the canker sore than if it were to run its course normally.
        Cardiovascular Disease (Heart Disease)
        Cardiovascular disease affects the heart, veins, arteries, and the circulation of blood and nutrients throughout the body. It is estimated that as much as 80 percent of all cardiovascular disease has its origin as a bacterial infection that originates in the mouth.
        Cardiovascular disease can come from a bacterial infection like strep throat or a staph infection. By rinsing the mouth with silver sol liquid, you can kill the bacteria in the gums that lead to cardiovascular disease. This will also kill the bacteria that cause gum disease and bad breath.
        Teeth are susceptible to cavities. Though the enamel is very hard, sugar and bacteria have the ability to eat away the enamel and cause cavities.
        Rinsing your mouth with silver sol regularly will kill cavity-causing bacteria. Rinse your mouth for six minutes with one ounce of liquid silver two times a day. Then swallow two teaspoons to benefit your entire body. Coenzyme Q10 will also help improve gum health.
        Chafing occurs when skin rubs against skin or when another piece of clothing rubs against skin. The skin becomes reddened, a rash forms, and bleeding may occur. When applied to affected areas, silver sol gel will speed improvement and reduce pain.
        Chicken Pox
        Because chicken pox is a virus, silver sol can be very beneficial in neutralizing the problem. It can also help with the associated blistering and scarring. By applying the gel within four hours of the first outbreak, silver sol will help reduce the impact to the skin. Often the blisters will not completely arise and scarring will be lessened.
        If you already have blisters, applying the gel topically one to four times a day will help conditions improve quickly. In addition, you should drink two teaspoons of silver sol twice a day. Chicken pox can return years later in the form of shingles. The dosage will also help with shingles.
        Colds are a virus. A cold gets in your nose and your sinuses and starts to duplicate there, producing a lot of mucus. Many will experience postnasal drip – mucus dripping down the back of the sinuses into the throat – when they go to bed. The mucus contains a virus or bacteria. When it reaches the back of the throat, it causes swelling and inflammation and can even spread into the ears.
        Taking one tablespoon of silver sol three times a day, and spraying intranasally four or five times a day, will help reduce congestions and inflammation. Mouth rinse, eardrops, eye drops, nose drops, and throat spray can all be used as well.
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        Page 4 of 10
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      44. So now you can be termed a terrorist by buying a flashlight and an anonymous tip can lead the cops to pull you over. It’s a wonderful life.

      45. PAY. WITH. CASH.

      46. I’m not prepping I am catering a wedding, graduation, and many summer parties. Not my fault I live in an area where they don’t want the fancy stuff, rice, Mac and cheese and that sort of thing…sure looks like prepping I bet…or is it.

      47. It’s NY what did you expect?? Move to Georgia, Florida or Texas.

      48. According to them, MacGyver would be the ringleader of terrorism.

      49. East German model. The state manipulated half the population to rat on the other half.
        When you have half the population on the government “payroll” you can get any info you want.
        And by “payrol” I mean getting little perks like travel vouchers, or butter. Those things had enough value in east Germany you could get family members to roll each other over.
        In this nation its welfare and its fast approaching the same atmosphere.

      50. Who cares about these guys.

        If they ever hauled me in…I got a speeding ticket once.
        That’s it.

        I’m clean.

        NRA member.

        The last real Americans!

        I don’t worry about all this shit and just keep working on my .com venture.

        In time.. I’ll be living on a 200 foot yacht….and declare that my own country and never dock. Only now and then.

        Uncle Obama will be out of office in time.

      51. This article PROVES that the end is no where’s even close !!! Years…YEARS !!!@

      52. The passive response, Resistance, is to wait for them to come. Wait for them to surround and annihilate us like at Ruby Ridge or Waco. Wait like they are at the Bundy ranch.

        The active response, Revolution, is to take the fight to them–in their offices, their cars, their homes, the streets, their neighborhoods. They should not feel safe anywhere.

        The time is coming when the actions of the criminals of the DC US will cause the American people to decide between persecution or Revolution.

        What will you decide?

        The Four Rs
        Rejection: Quit paying, quit obeying , quit playing
        Revolution: It is inevitable, so prepare, as they are.
        Retribution: Is there really any place for these sociopaths and criminals in a restored civil and Constitutional society?!
        Restoration: Restore the Constitutional republic.

      53. They already pull the video down? I can’t access it??

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