Nurse Who Took COVID-19 Vaccine Tests Positive For COVID-19

by | Dec 30, 2020 | Headline News | 6 comments

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    It’s still 2020, and you cannot make this stuff up.  A nurse who has already taken the COVID-19 vaccine has tested positive for the COVID-19 virus over a week after taking the vaccine that is allegedly supposed to prevent this “disease”.

    According to a report by NCTV, Matthew W., a nurse at two different local hospitals, said in a Facebook post on December 18 that he had received the Pfizer vaccine. He went on to tell the ABC News affiliate that his arm was sore for a day but that he had suffered no other side-effects. Until now.  Now, the side effect of the COVID-19 vaccine appears to be COVID-19.

    Six days later on Christmas Eve, he became sick after working a shift in the COVID-19 unit, the report added. He got the chills and later came down with muscle aches and fatigue.

    He went to a drive-up hospital testing site and tested positive for COVID-19 the day after Christmas, the report said.

    Christian Ramers, an infectious disease specialist with Family Health Centers of San Diego, told the ABC News affiliate that this scenario was not unexpected. –NCTV

    So did the World Health Organization doctor finally tell the truth?

    WHO Chief Scientist: There Is NO EVIDENCE That The Vaccine Will Prevent Infection

    If you’ve been paying attention, you know by now that this vaccine has nothing to do with health or prevention of disease, and everything to do with control and manipulation of the mass of humanity.

    But the authoritarians say that the nurse just needs a second shot of this DNA altering vaccine and then he’ll be protected from COVID-19.  “We know from the vaccine clinical trials that it’s going to take about 10 to 14 days for you to start to develop protection from the vaccine,” Ramers said. “That first dose we think gives you somewhere around 50%, and you need that second dose to get up to 95%,” Ramers added.

    Notice the use of the words “we think”? They don’t know. And they don’t care. They just need everyone to line up for two shots. Anyone who somehow still believes this vaccine was created for a statistically irrelevant virus to protect them from the .05% chance of dying so they can have a much bigger chance when taking this vaccine may be a lost cause at this point.  If you haven’t figured this out yet, you may never do so.

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      1. Without passing out or dying. (Yet.) Sounds like they’re improving. (So far.)

        This brave lab monkey should test positive, for life.

        Based on Gates’ own description of mRNA reprogramming healthy cells to grow the antigen signature spike.

      2. Lately, I have begun to look at this vaccine from hell in a more positive manner.As in, I am POSITIVE I won’t be taking that poisonous shit!!

      3. What does it say about this “vaccine” when the side effect is the supposed disease it’s supposed to “protect” you from.Perhaps it is not a “side effect” but it is the intended effect.When enough sheep start dropping dead from this toxic vaccine,the psychos will of course attribute it to yet another “mutation” which will in turn serve as the pretext to usher in even more vaccines.Will this lunacy ever end?.Around and around it goes and where it stops?Only the soulless,evil bastards behind this insane tour de farce know!!?

      4. Speaking of being tested,I’ve heard rumors that Bill Gates,Anthony Falsy and NY governor Cuomo were recently tested for being human.As expected,all three yielded negative results.?

      5. Yup
        This issue must have been foremost on the mind of any trained medical practitioner. Does it prevent infection?

        The evidence is not in….yet, other than masks are engineered for surgeon spittle not entering the surgical field. Aerosolised virions are far smaller than the mesh of the typical L2 or L3 surgical mask, in the order as said elsewhere of a mosquito zipping through a chain link fence.

        The probability is not great for this vaccine being a one stop shop. The reasons are clear enough. Coronoviridae account for the bulk of the common cold, where there is a huge market to juice for pharmabucks if ever there was one. Yet there is nothing better than folk remedy.

        Thus we should consider the form of what is happening, not so much the content.

        So here we are with the WuFlu. Brought about at the time of a juncture between the old world order and the new communist one. Fortunate timing for some.

        All these restrictions in the West for a virus with 99.99+% survival if you are not old. But in an ageing demographic, brought about by policies that disincentive eugenic reproduction, old lives matter (even with >99% survival). This was likely noted in war games where physical fighting means you have lost.

        We’re going to revolution at some point as per plan most likely. The communists in WW2 planned for the Western nations to bleed themselves dry before entering the fray and conquest.

        This is a new twist, but not so new to those awake to the climate scam from a scientific view.

        All media is corrupt. Anyway, best we can do is prepare. This site has stood true to that and it would be nice to return to preps.

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