Nurse Claims Tyrant Justin Trudeau’s “Vaccination” Was Faked

by | Feb 4, 2022 | Headline News | 20 comments

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    A registered nurse who is trained in giving intramuscular injections created a video explaining why she believes that Canadian tyrant Justin Trudeau and his wife Sophie did not actually receive COVID-19 vaccines. In fact, she said she “could spot this from a mile away” just by looking at the footage that was broadcast on live television.

    We’ve seen this before, many rulers have faked getting shots before to entice the public to bow down and get injected.

    The Ruling Class Claims They Are Getting The COVID-19 Vaccine

    On April 23 of last year, allegedly, Trudeau and his wife Sophie got the COVID-19 injections. This is the video and explanation from the nurse about the tyrant’s first doses of the AstraZeneca COVID-19 vaccine at a Rexall pharmacy. In the video, Trudeau can be seen rolling up his sleeve and reaching over to his wife, and asking her to hold his hand before a pharmacist injected the dose into his left arm at the site of his tattoo.

    There have been lots of reports that some of the footage of high-profile individuals getting vaccines on live TV have been faked in some way, although it’s hard to imagine that they wouldn’t have made more of an effort to make the prime minister’s vaccine look more realistic. We have said from the beginning it is simply naivete to assume that the masters are being injected with the same substance as the slaves are.

    Of course, it would be understandable if he and his wife didn’t want to get the jab given its many dangers. Nevertheless, the last thing the PM needs right now is any suggestion that he might not have gotten a vaccine that he is forcing on the rest of the country, particularly as peaceful protests against the vaccine mandate for cross-border truckers gain steam, reported Natural News. 

    Speaking to PolitiFact, a spokesperson for the American Pharmacists Association said: “The video with the Trudeaus is not a demonstration of the technique we use to train pharmacy personnel for immunizations, but it also does not necessarily disprove that the Trudeaus were vaccinated.”

    In the nurse’s video, she shared several reasons why she believes that the shots were “obviously fake.” Her main criticism was the fact that the worker who gave the couple their shots used just one hand. “Nobody does that. You don’t give IM injections that way,” she pointed out, using the abbreviation IM for “intramuscular.”

    For the Trudeaus, she said: “The injector sat back on her chair and threw that needle in like it was a dart, one-handed, didn’t even touch them with the other hand, didn’t touch the needle with the other hand, it was highly unusual.”


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      1. I believe everything I see on tee vee.

      2. ALSO!!!!! The hack tech who gave the hack Prime Minister a hack shot (normal saline most likely) instead of a Graphene Oxide poison shot failed to notice that huge tattoo over the L deltoid area. Typically, tattoos can compromise skin/muscle integrity and a competent nurse would avoid that area. Lastly, did I miss the alcohol swabbing of the Prime Ministers manly arm? What a schmuck!

      3. I have a feeling if the folks
        in Canada ever get their
        hands on Trudeau – he’s
        going to need much more
        than a nurse.

        • Trudeau is mentally ill. He needs to be put out of his misery.

      4. Someone should identify that worker that gave the injection and ask her about it.

        Should be easy enough to do, I would think.

        In any event, isn’t it about time to just come out and tell people the real reason for these vaccines? Thinking people know already anyway, it’s obvious if you look at the bigger picture.

      5. I would like to know how many of that Congress men and women have actually gotten the Jab ,probably a low percentage

      6. the story and the film have been circulating for some time. With this fascist bit of excrement declaring war on his own people, it has become more interesting and will not go away. I am convinced by what she says, as I was convinced at the beginning when it came out.

        • This coward has lost the punchline already – 3 jabs later, real or not and he still gets ill – really!!! Yet in the same breath tells everyone on National TV that we have to get inoculated with this EXPERIMENTAL DNA altering crap to protect others. You can’t make this shit up. And we have a Deputy PM use the gaslighting technique of saying because they saw one individual with a Nazi flag and Confederate flag and it upset another Member of Parliament… she won’t talk with the other 10,000 plus Canadian carrying Canadian Flags about mandates – again you can’t make this shit up – I just hope people remember come next election.

        • I have assumed the same for Biden and all the other insane Democratic leaders from the beginning. Remember they all said don’t trust the vaccine until Biden was elected and then mandated everyone get vaccinated.
          None followed their own lock-downs mandates, none followed their own mask mandates.
          What would make you think they followed their own vaccine mandates? Not their actions of histories.

      7. He is stupid but not stupid enough to take the death shot, as HE HAS been told what is in them! and they are NOT shots for the ELITE scumbags! only for the sheeple to be culled out.

      8. Good GAWD!!! The ‘Dumbed-down Masses’, is, MASSIVE!!! It STILL blows my mind, that individuals are THAT DUMB.
        There is NO NEED to ‘fake needle inject’ someone! ALL ONE HAS TO DO… get INJECTED with SALINE! REAL NEEDLE…….REAL JAB…….w/SALINE. As have just about ALL of these ‘Get the Jab in Public’ have done…….got INJECTED with SALINE!

      9. None of the elites have been jabbed. They know what is in it.

      10. Trudeau is nothing more than a pathetic puppet for his masters.

      11. Democrat Senator in New Mexico Lujan just had a stroke. He’s been jabberdooed! Gruesome in Cali is Jabbed, so who knows!
        I say Freedom of choice and I will not be joining the Cult of Covid regardless what happens! Let’s Go Brandeau!

      12. Don’t forget Fauci.
        He has his deltoid flexed, with arm raised, when he received his “fake” IM shot. No nurse will say “flex your muscle before I insert this long piece of steel into it….”

      13. While I don’t think the rulers and elites are getting the jabs I do not think they would risk exposing themselves. It’s far easier to give them saline or whatever and make it look real then to fake it.

      14. I used to give vaccinations and ths is all wrong, and didn’t wipe alcohol beforehand. This wasn’t a nurse, but an actor, I say this is faked syringe they use in hollywood props with retracting needle and disappearing liquid. They are for sale all over the web.

      15. I didn’t think trudeau and his wife took it they new the side affects in the shots and they won’t us to give it to our kids he is sick

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