50,000 Truckers Vow to Stay in Ottawa Until Government Lifts Vaccine Mandates

by | Feb 3, 2022 | Headline News | 12 comments

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    This article was originally published by Ramon Tomey at Natural News. 

    Canada’s Freedom Convoy vowed to stay in the capital city of Ottawa until the government lifts its vaccine mandate for truckers.

    The convoy set out from the province of British Columbia on Jan. 23. It headed eastward and arrived in Ottawa six days later on Jan. 29. A report said the organizers initially estimated 1,600 trucks to participate. This later grew to 36,000 and eventually hit close to 50,000 trucks.

    Meanwhile, the Ottawa Police Service (OPS) said it reported zero arrests at the Freedom Convoy’s gathering on Parliament Hill on the weekend of Jan. 29 and 30.

    A statement by the OPS released in the morning of Jan. 30 said: “large crowds remained in the downtown core throughout the night and were actively managed by police. Officers encountered several challenges with demonstrators, including specific road blockages by trucks, which officers worked to clear. These high-risk situations were de-escalated and resolved with no arrests.”

    A later OPS statement released on the evening of Jan. 30 mentioned police officers dealing with “disruptive, inappropriate and threatening behavior from demonstrators.” Despite this, the later statement made no mention of arrests. “Throughout the weekend, the OPS and its partners have been actively and patiently managing a well-funded, major demonstration in the downtown core,” the Jan. 30 statement said. (Related: 50,000 truckers storm Ottawa to demand end to covid “vaccine” mandates.)

    According to a Jan. 31 CTV News report, OPS Chief Peter Sloly claimed “all options are on the table” to bring the Freedom Convoy to an end and that law enforcement is negotiating with protest organizers. “All options are on the table, from negotiation through to enforcement,” he said.

    Sloly also lauded the OPS members for their response to the protests at the capital. “No riots, no injuries, no deaths. None of that has occurred over the last four days. That is a measure of success for any jurisdiction in Canada, and quite frankly anywhere in the world.”

    Trudeau, MSM refuse to acknowledge protesters

    The Freedom Convoy protests have caused traffic gridlocks and road closures in the Canadian capital. It also caused headaches for business owners and residents in the city’s downtown district.

    Despite this, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau has remained adamant with his stance. He said on Jan. 31 that he would not meet with the Freedom Convoy as he does not believe in its goals.

    “I have also chosen not to go anywhere near protests that have expressed hateful rhetoric, violence toward fellow citizens and a disrespect not just for science, but the frontline health workers and 90 percent of truckers who have been doing the right thing to keep Canadians safe and put food on our table,” said Trudeau.

    The prime minister reiterated his stance in a news conference. “We are not intimidated by those who hurl abuse at small business workers and steal food from the homeless. We won’t cave to those who engage in vandalism. There is no place in our country for threats, violence or hatred.”

    Some Canadian journalists claimed that the Freedom Convoy is an invasion and suggested that protest participants may try to breach the Parliament Building. Reports from actual participants painted a radically different picture, however.

    Trucker Gord Magill, who joined the protests, denounced the mainstream media (MSM) coverage of the protest. He claimed MSM reports zeroed in on a couple of protesters who do not represent what the convoy stands for. “The [MSM] is clutching at straws to smear us – which are in short supply,” Magill wrote in an op-ed.

    Concordia University political science professor Travis Smith, who also attended the protests, painted an optimistic picture of the gathering. He wrote that people of different backgrounds, languages and political affiliations “gathered to donate their time and the fruits of their culinary talents” to offer food to the truckers and other Freedom Convoy participants.

    Smith added: “They delivered additional items donated by people who couldn’t make it in person, helped to shuttle people around and offered what other assistance they could.”


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      1. Canadian truckers must be rich, they have enough money to keep paying their bills and feeding their families till the government goes broke opposing them and gives up.

        • They aren’t rich. Many just have nothing left to lose. Our illustrious man-child leading this country has done his best to destroy their livelihood. Higher taxes. Fuel/carbon taxes skyrocketing. His attempt to completely shut down the oil and gas industry. His continuing dictates (many bordering on outright illegal) as he pushes for a “Great Reset” and his continued division of the country. If you don’t agree with everything he says you are obviously a racist redneck. His outright hatred of Western Canada.

          Much of this was being funded through Go Fund Me, to the tune of $9.4 million dollars, but there have been continuing issues with Go Fund Me. It doesn’t matter – we’ll find a way to do it, and support these people that are making a stand for freedom.

          • ???

        • Mass starvation (to death) –
          Its what’s for dinner!

      2. I see where GoFundMe froze the account again. The.gov will most likely not allow this money to reach the truckers. It all goes through the banking system so they can declare it “terrorist” money, or “money laundering” or whatever they like to freeze the money for a long time. They will use their just us system to attach liens for so-called expenses they have concerning the protests and tie it up in the courts.

        There should be a better way to get cash money to these protestors without using the banks.

        This could be a lesson for the US trucker convey they are planning to find a better way of funding it.

        • Give them cash or prepaid visa cards.

      3. The Canadian government is as corrupt as ours may they ALL rot in HELL!

      4. Right on to those truckers and supporters. Trudeau is a crook and lowlife.

      5. Reservists and demographic replacements were already, publicly budgeted to pick up the slack.

        According to rumor, leftist chaos agents are embedded in the log jam. Many of the armchair generals are saying never to get stuck on the road, reminiscing of Iraq.

        Duduman, Wilkerson, and charismatic ilk of their era seemed agreed upon the theme of destabilization leading to an invasion.

        When Pike talked about a general, reactionary movement, we had better hope for a return to objective morality, in the West, since we are characterized as the instigator of all times.

      6. 10-4 buddy!

      7. ALL the truckers will just be replaced by 1) imports from India, and 2) robotic trucks. Watch what happens in the next six months. You will only see Indians and robots driving trucks. All the fat white guys will be long gone from the industry.

      8. Next stop the District of Criminals Log Jamboree!

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