NSA Launches Amazon-Backed Cloud-Computing Service For Sharing “Top Secret” Info

by | Jun 22, 2018 | Headline News | 32 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at Zero Hedge

    Four years after handing Amazon a $600 million contract to develop a cloud-storage service for the US intelligence community that can store information across the full range of data classifications – including Unclassified, Sensitive, Secret, and Top Secret – the NSA announced on Thursday that it has moved most of its mission data to a front-end cloud computing system developed by the agency that’s supported by – you guessed it – Amazon and its CEO, Jeff Bezos.

    According to NextGov.com, the IC GovCloud, which was created by the NSA but is supported by Amazon’s web services, will offer similar hosting services to the other 16 members of the US intelligence community. The advantage of having all of these intelligence agencies using the same system, according to NSA Chief Information Officer Greg Smithberger, is that it will allow analysts from across agencies to share information and “connect the dots” more quickly. But even before the other agencies sign on, the NSA will use the platform to “collect, analyze and store” classified information in a “classified cloud computing environment.”

    The goal of the platform is to gather all of the signals intelligence that the NSA gathers on foreign targets (and, of course, its myriad spying on the American public) into one centralized location that’s easily accessible by its analysts.

    The impetus for the multi-year move is getting the NSA’s data, including signals intelligence and other foreign surveillance and intelligence information it ingests from multiple repositories around the globe into a single data lake analysts from the NSA and other IC agencies can run queries against.

    “The NSA has been systematically moving almost all its mission into this big data fusion environment,” Smithberger told Nextgov in an interview. “Right now, almost all NSA’s mission is being done in [IC GovCloud], and the productivity gains and the speed at which our analysts are able to put together insights and work higher-level problems has been really amazing.”

    Furthermore, the NSA cloud will employ AI and machine learning techniques to allow analysts to work more quickly than they otherwise would be able to.

    Data ingested by NSA has been meta-tagged with bits of information, including where it came from and who is authorized to see it, which ensures analysts only immerse themselves in intelligence they’re cleared to see.

    “This environment allows us to run analytic tools and do machine-assisted data fusion and big data analytics, and apply a lot of automation to facilitate and accelerate what humans would like to do, and get the machines to do it for them,” Smithberger said. Analysts, he said, can “interactively ask questions” of the data in the cloud environment, and it spits out data in “humanly readable form.”

    In addition to utilizing some of the commercial technology used by tech firms like Facebook in their data centers, the IC GovCloud will feature proprietary technology developed by the NSA.

    The backbone of the system is the same commercial hardware you might see in data centers owned by Facebook, Amazon or other industry titans. But that hardware is blended with NSA-developed custom software, exotic processing, high performance computing and other unique NSA intellectual property.

    “It’s really a hybrid of the latest and greatest commercial technology, but a lot of custom NSA technology and a lot of unique development we’ve done to actually create these outcomes,” Smithberger said.

    Of course, one can’t help but wonder what kind of access Jeff Bezos & Co. will have to this new technology. Or, to put it another way, will the most powerful company in America now have access to your girlfriend’s nudes?


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      1. I am not sure this is really anything new as everything has been interconnected for years now

      2. This comment section is extremely inefficient post I make rarely make it on the page or takes hours I am tired of trying to connect good day to u

        • Anything put into the cloud can be hacked.. Its a set up scam to take down America,to build one new world order.

          • The future is Quantum Computers with Governments using a separate type of Hardware and even software, totally separate from civilian networks and internet, along with it’s own cloud. You would need a Quantum computer to even interface with it, assuring no one could hack a future NWO government computer.

            No government needs to have secrets like that, but we have very few Julian Assanges around.

      3. Also the frustration this has caused over the years has reached a tipping point for me I am retiring from this site I have learned a few things but the interactions with the people made the site not the random false flag news

        • Rebel….are you rebelling???? Stick around, it can only get better…

      4. Here’s a top secret for you. Newly released IRS documents reveal that it was Sen. John McCain who urged the IRS to target the Tea Party. Is there any doubt about this rat being a traitor all of his miserable life?

      5. Anyone who has nude pictures of themselves is probably, either their own john or being trafficked.

        Document financial ownership of your intellectual property. Leave it everywhere, and dare people to use it.

        • (own pimp, turning themselves out) No edit function allowed.

      6. The Demonic PSYCHOPATHS controlling these criminal treasonous United States CORPORATION Government Agenices of nothing but cowardly Corporate Whores from the inner pits of the bowels of hell in Washington DC are trying sooooooooooooo desperately to understand the minds and motives of the dumbed down, disease ridden, depressed, addicted to everything, drunken, pharmakia junky, toxic dump American cowards, because they know only their Creator and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ know exactly what the human mind is thinking ALL THE TIME, 24/7, 365 DAYS A WEEK AND AS LONG AS YOU ARE BREATHING………sorry treasonous NSA Corporate whores, in the words of the PSYCHOPATH vice peddling pussy grabber…”not gonna happen folks, it is just not going to happen”-Only your Creator and our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ knows ALL ABOUT YOU AND WHAT YOU ARE THINKING BEFORE YOU EVEN THINK IT COWARDLY DUMBED DOWN AMERICANS!!!!

        • Ron;
          God how I have missed your calm, logical, informative posts on this website!

          • Anon, how true, after reading your response it only took me five minutes to stop laughing. I believe Ron is a cross between HCKS and Eisenkraut.

      7. Why not install video/audio surveillance in everyone’s home and require everyone to keep an eye on their neighbors and report anything out of the ordinary? America could become one big family; the new surveillance system could become one of the family (a Big Brother, perhaps).

        • It’s on the way with assorted “smart” appliances and gadgets.

        • Trump is merging the Dept of Education and Dept of Labor together.

          Makes sense and cut the waste. Get rid of Obama holdovers.

      8. September eleventh two thousandth and one:
        Was an event like Pearl Harbor.

        It “justified” attacking a Country militarily.

        It is a well documented fact that some Americans including President Franklin Delano Roosevelt, knew about the Japanese plans to bomb the USA prior to the Japanese actually bombing Pearl Harbor.

        The proof that America had prior knowledge of the plan to bomb the USA is that the information was in at least one newspaper before our Navy in Hawaii was bombed by Japan, and our young men killed needlessly.

        Putting anything on the internet, buying through Amazon, using plastic are all ways that give the powers that be, the ability to know more about a citizen or a non-citizen. Why do it ??? Avoid these things and you maintain at least some privacy.

        Cash is king for now. Why not use it and spend your hard earned money supporting local business if at all possible.


        • B from CA… you just did the very same yourself about the Pearl Harbor truth.

          • Aljamo:

            You are correct.

            Former central unsmart agent says that the smart agency was established by the usual suspects at the Counsel on Foreign Relations, CFR; Rothschilds, Rockefeller,etc.

            Mexico will have a new President in a few days. He claims he is President of the Mexicans who reside in the USA(most illegally). And he supports migration from Mexico into the USA, demonstrating total disrespect for our laws and our people.

            I’ve been told that: oh never mind, it’s a secret.



      9. All encompassing spying network reveals everything about everyone except the dirt on this wretched despicable murdering treasonous government and their henchmen. Organized high level military crime wins always. The most important justice for the people is dead. The sought after mini nukes are to extinguish the mass citizen revolts which are coming. What other conclusion can be imagined?

        • You’ve certainly imagined enough to last me for a while….

      10. I wonder what the NSA is going to do with all those acres of hard drives in that new data center in Utah? I could sure use them.

        I hope the NSA realizes that by putting all their stuff in “the cloud,” it becomes accessible to anyone smart enough and willing to invest enough time.

        • Their cloud will be separate from other clouds. There’s no chance that secret information will be mixed up with your book order.

          • You have absolutely no understanding of computer systems. This is the dumbest thing any government could do. A single electric field attack just near the place the data is stored could take the whole gov. down. And IT WILL GET HACKED, some people have nothing better to do with their lives than spend 20 hours a day on a computer, and there are those that do that!

          • Yes, nothing can go wrong.

          • Yeah. Right.

            You didn’t read what I wrote.

            I didn’t say that someone might stumble upon their info.

            I said that someone with enough knowledge, intelligence, and time could break into their “secure” cloud.

      11. Screw Guggle, Bozos, Obumhole, Sorass, gubbermnt,
        and any other deceitful slime that wants to SELL your
        information, or collect it for INCRIMINATING innocent

        Don’t advertise your business on these websites.
        Half ot the information they collect and sell is
        Incestry dot com is one communist site that “blocks” you
        from doing your own online search, they reroute you until you pay
        THEM to find public info that should be free, and pay websites
        to allow them reroute you and to charge you.

        I know for fact they publish fake info. They are cornering the
        market on everything about you and selling it!!!
        Now, every nut case and his brother can follow their same
        protocols, use their bogus info…. to start their own bogus site,
        ruin your name …. and all without your permission!!

        Guggle has nefarious reasons, don’t use their
        search engine, if you care about security!!!

        Keep a notebook….put nothing online that they
        want to sell or use against you. Don’t believe the
        crap story , “it is used to convict the guilty,” NO
        SALE….just in case they need to destroy you should you ever
        challenge them.

      12. Since we live in Oregon and pay rather large state income tax I would hope the people I deal with on line will not charge me their state income tax. Tell me it’s so!

      13. If you are smart, you never have anything you want and need to be kept private (secret) stored on any internet connected device.

        And anything stored on any non connected electronic device needs serious security as well as, if possible, having the device kept well out of sight and physical accessibility by anyone snooping around for any reason.

      14. Don’t worry about HER nudes, what about MINE?

      15. I don’t know why but maybe “Tyler Derdan” knows. My last four
        comments never made the public posts on here.
        Is it because my view is more truthful than the authors?
        Granted….I don’t pull any punches due to “political
        correctness”…..but I also don’t make threats or use real
        When it does get posted it’s days later when topics have
        long changed and old news.
        There are other places to share my viewpoint
        if they aren’t welcome here.

      16. This does nothing help my disdain and lack of trust for the NSA.

        Maintaining security in this “cloud” will be like trying to hold water in a sieve. It’s only a matter of time…….

      17. Rebel….are you rebelling???? Stick around, it can only get better…

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