It’s Not A Joke Anymore: Kid Rock Is Leading Poll For Michigan Senate Race

by | Jul 24, 2017 | Headline News | 82 comments

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    I’d wager that most liberals are still in a bit of a shock over the fact that Donald Trump is in the White House. Never in a million years did they expect a brash, unapologetic billionaire and former reality TV star to win the highest office in the land. It was simply unthinkable.

    Well, the Left should probably get ready for another unexpected election loss, because another eccentric conservative celebrity has decided to run for office. Earlier this month, Kid Rock, the famous country/nu metal/rap musician announced that he was going to run for the senate seat in his home state of Michigan. Much like what happened when Trump announced his presidential bid, most observers assumed that Kid Rock’s announcement was just a publicity stunt. That notion was quickly dispelled once Kid Rock confirmed his ambitions on Twitter.

    And once again, much to the surprise of the establishment, the musician is surprisingly popular. A recent poll from Delphi Analytica showed that Robert “Kid Rock” Ritchie was preferred by voters, when compared to incumbent Democratic Senator Debbie Stabenow.

    To gauge Ritchie’s chances in a hypothetical general election matchup, Delphi Analytica conducted a poll from July 14-18 of 668 Michigan residents. Of respondents who stated a preference between Debbie Stabenow and Robert Ritchie, 54% stated they would vote for Ritchie while 46% said they would vote for Debbie Stabenow. These results could indicate that Ritchie is a popular figure in Michigan, Debbie Stabenow is unpopular, or some combination of concurrent trends. The relatively large, 44%, number of undecided respondents may be due to the early stages of the campaign.

    And if you don’t think there’s a chance in hell that Kid Rock would win that Senate seat, ask yourself if this sounds familiar:

    The star is in a decent position to run. He has very high name recognition in the state of Michigan and has a loyal fan base that enjoys his brash approach to life. He also has a net worth between $80 and $120 million, according to the Federalist, so he could easily fully fund his own campaign without outside party funds.

    Is it any wonder why progressives like Elizabeth Warren have been warning their supporters to take his election bid seriously?

    “I know a lot of people are thinking: this is some sort of joke, right?” Massachusetts Sen. Elizabeth Warren wrote in an email to supporters obtained by CNN and first reported by the Boston Herald.

    “Well, maybe this is all a joke — but we all thought Donald Trump was joking when he rode down the escalator at Trump Tower and announced his campaign, too,” she said.

    “And sure, maybe this is just a marketing gimmick for a new album or tour — but we all thought Donald Trump was just promoting his reality TV show, too,” she added.

    What a strange time to be alive.


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      1. Kid Rock has spoken many times about the industrial evisceration that has been at the center of middle class decline. The body politic is reaching for any savor they can find as the traditional politicians of both party’s abandoned them. This is a strong signal of discontent that is being addressed through they system in an unconventional nature. Assuming this is on an unhappiness scale one must wonder where society is headed if this political reach doesn’t accomplish the body politics expectations.

        • I’ve long since rid myself of any delusions about “saviors”.
          I have utter contempt for what our institutions have become.
          I’ll be voting for Kid, as it will be the most satisfying way to simultaneously flip off the establishment, and underline the absurdity of politics.

          • Right on pipes

        • This is not a joke anymore??? YES IT IS!

        • sonny bono was ok, but they killed him

          • How did they kill bono? I heard a tree jumped in front of him.

        • Kid Rock may have a !00 MILLION DOLLAR FORTUNE but a run for the Senate could easily cost him $50-75 million. Every Patriot should send Kid Rock $100.

          I will. 🙂

          • If every Patriot would start acting like a Patriot… We wouldn’t need KidCock…

            Back in yer hole…

        • Notice we are still waiting on the Republicrats promises of being saviours with Trump, and all they have done is continue their treason against the American PEOPLE and nor President Trump too…

          Its a pity Washington DC has so many unpopulated tree limbs deserving of the current crop of pols. Christmas can’t come soon enough to decorate those limbs with treasonous politician necks year round…

      2. It is not a joke, people are tired of the course of the political ship.



        • 😆

          Yes you were……

      4. From what I read about him he’s an actual patriot.
        I just hope he doesn’t say anything ‘unfriendly’ about the Clintons. Know what I mean?

        Off topic.
        How old are your band-aids? Mine have been stored for some time now and having a few gaping wounds lately demonstrated how bad they break down. Being a petroleum based plastic, they suck when they degrade, especially the “sheer” ones. Fabric types seem to hold up longer but are harder to remove.
        Keeping wounds moist is also important. A dry wound will not heal properly.

        And for the sticks and spears future, if it comes to that, you can cook fish and probably a lot of other items with just a kraft paper bag and a fire. Save those bags before they’re gone completely.
        Hold the bag under water until it’s thoroughly saturated. Wrap the fish in at least 2 layers of wet paper and place it on the hot coals.
        When it starts to burn through, flip it over. When it starts to burn through, it’s done. Told to me years ago by an Australian guy and it does work well.

        • Ketchup on demand:

          The seal-a-meal keeps items airtight and dust free. By putting them in larger bags, the little bags stay dust free. Storing in a chest keeps the dusting down to a minimum. It makes moving easier when most of your stuff is already packed. If everything is just on the shelf, it still works to put stuff into seal-a-meal vacuum sealed bags.

          The rubber dries and cracks on Bandaids exposed to the air. Vacuum sealing prevents that from happening.


        • I’ve found that blue painters tape makes great bandages for fingers.

          • super glue and forget about it

            • Ground Black Pepper is great to stop bleeding to a certain extent…and it blocks holes in motor vehicle radiators

            • I did notice a long while back that bandaids don’t last long. You know what else does not last long? Those sticky fly papers, and they are the best. I guess we could use tissue and duck tape for wounds? Any better ideas?

            • A nurse once told me that if you use super glue be sure to leave a tiny bit at the end OPEN so it can drain and not get infected. Yep, i got super glue saved, but how long will it last?

        • I have cloth band-aids in my first aid kit, gauze, honey, and cloth medical tape, among a host of other goodies. It’s not so much a 1st aid kit as it is a HUGE plastic toolbox.

          Make your own. 🙂

        • While I do have some Band-Aid type products around the house, I also have quite a bit of gauze pads and rolls; and some rolls of surgical tape. Make your own bandages from these two items.

          The gauze should last for years if kept in a sealed bag; if/when the tape ages and doesn’t work well any more, just buy a few more rolls of tape. Lots cheaper than buying Band-Aids!

          • Sanitary pads are great for big wounds!

        • clean used plain white bedsheets and a roll of medical tape. Bandaids are ok short term in the now, but later not so good. Also, everyone Please get your updated T-Dap shots, (Tetanus, Diptheria and pertussis (whooping cough). You can walk into any Walgreens or CVS store and pay $65 and you are good to go for 10 years. Imagine dying because you didn’t wear gloves when handling rusty metal or icky wood splinters. My son almost died because when refinishing a floor in the kitchen he got a splinter under a fingernail, oh well he thought, 3 days later, red streaks up his hand, dizzy and lethargic, emergency room splinter extraction, tetanus shot and antibiotics. What if none of those services had been available?

          • I got a splinter under my fingernail one time and it hurt like the dickens. It started getting sore as under the nail is full of germs. It was on a weekend and I was getting concerned as it started getting red and touching the nail was so painful. I took a clove of garlic and with a stainless paring knife, sliced a thin piece and pushed it under the nail. It burned like fire and the pain was awful. I put a bandaid over it to keep the garlic in place. I went to bed and the next morning, the redness was GONE! the soreness was GONE! Amazing. I have sworn by the virtues of garlic ever since. Blood poisoning is deadly but it can’t lick garlic!

      5. If he wins, maybe Ted ‘Zionist Exposer’ Nugent will run for Senate too.

      6. Kid Rock AKA Robert James Ritchie (born January 17, 1971) He should use his real name as an attempt to somewhat dignify the process such as it is…
        I wonder if anyone has any dirt on the guy? Ya know like a porn tape with Pamela Anderson er somethin’.

        The state of affairs of our political system in this country have degraded to the point that anyone of quality stays out of the cesspool. Sad. That being said, maybe KR can be used as another canary in the coal mine. The proverbial wake up call.

        • rednek101

          “degraded to the point that anyone of quality stays out of the cesspool”

          If quality is measured by IQ, wealth, charm, good looks and education there is no shortage of “quality” legislators. If one uses just integrity the percentage is low indeed. I’ll gladly take the latter even if they have nothing of the former.

          • Charm is a big red flag. No shortage of good looks or IQ?

            • Don’t think the leadership of both party’s aren’t highly intelligent. Don’t think for a second that Washington’s foreign policy is stupid. They have an agenda and they’re carrying it out. By and large popular politicians have better than average appearance.

          • @K2
            Agreed. The aforementioned qualities allow the low quality politicians to persuade voters.
            I would also like to add fidelity, which is bought and paid for via the “Foundation”/slush funds. Loyalty to any cause except for those which would benefit America.
            I believe Trump shut down his charitable foundation. Perhaps a beacon of hope.

            “You can’t get rich in politics unless you’re a crook.” –Truman

          • Noticed you didn’t mention common sense. Or masks.

        • at least the women hes been with was consensual ,, unlike Hilarys trysts and her man Billy the pedophile and rapist

      7. If I were Kid Rock I would challenge Warren to a DNA test. I am betting that Warren does not have one drop of Indian blood in her.

        She was able to use her fake Indian heritage to get free stuff her whole life.

        • He did. He sent her one and she sent it back.

      8. Won’t be able to tell politicians from entertainers. I saw that blurring of the lines coming. Who’s next? Cher? Sheen? Streep? Danny of the Partridge Family?

      9. I don’t like his hair or his music or his clothes. However ,I would vote for him twice if I could.

        • You can. Many MANY people vote twice… 3 4 or a dozen times EACH. A Very large % of votes are fraudulent.

        • If he was a Democrat, you could.. and maybe even 3 or 4 times

      10. He will fit right in with the rest of the drunken bums.

      11. He sure beats a load of democratic candidates…..

      12. Hmm…Kid Rock or some bought and paid for Republicrat duopoly whore for the oligarchy.

        Decisions, decisions.

      13. The only job where you spend millions to gat a $100,000 salary.

        • The perks alone are worth the price of admission…

      14. I’ve always felt that the best preparation for being a US Senator was to serve some terms as a Representative. This prepares them for national and international matters. Before being elected US Senator, her experience in national politics was as First Lady. Obama was a state senator for two terms. Neither Clinton nor Obama were qualified for the US Senate so why not Kid Rock? At least he can carry a tune and sing the Star Spangled Banner.

      15. “…Elizabeth Warren have been warning their supporters to take his election bid seriously?”

        I take it more seriously than Learjet leftist Warren’s fake Indian ancestry, that’s for sure.

      16. Celebrities of the Music or any aspect of Entertainment report to the people who are in control. Just because somebody swears does not make him a revolutionary. I don’t know anything about this guy.

        I became disillusioned with musicians the first time I heard “I Want To Hold Your Hand” by this band of ugly skinny Englishmen. The song was so immature. It offended my intelligence. I was in grammar school.

        I could read sheet music and I knew the difference between shinnola and sheet. That song was sheet, designed to seduce little girls. And there were dumb as nails little tow heads jumping for joy.

        Even then, I was appalled that some foreigners were easing in on America’s working class. They were displacing American musicians, and I knew it. Sometimes those of us who see beyond the surface live a lonely existence, alone in a crowd. That’s how I felt watching those little fools in my school. Duped.


        • B, I remember being furious at all the illegal Mehicans invading So. Cal when Reagan was governor and he would not do a damn thing about it.

          Good perspective on the Beatle song, too. How many young girls threw their panties at them?

        • B from CA… I don’t know kid rock from a pet rock, but I do know the Beatles are the best band in history. Loved by tens of millions all over the world, their music today is as strong as ever. Nobody can match the number of their excellent hits. So consider yourself in the minority.

          • That was the actor Chris Rock that said that

          • Best band in history….please!
            Led Zeppelin by far

          • Alijamo:

            Surely the band improved after that first terrible song. But you miss the point. All the assaults against our freedom, all the bad trade policies, all the immigrations/migrations (white replacement-white genocide), all the degeneracy, all the bad stuff is introduced by something which at first seems acceptable.

            In Mein Kampf, Vol. 2, Chapter 15 “Right To Self Defense” Hitler describes how rights are taken away little by little. When so many rights are gone, one submits to just one more.

            __ there is a much better American band, but you never were allowed to enjoy their music
            __think about that


            • Alijamo:

              This is totally off topic:
              But since I’ve brought up the subject of Hitler:

              The King of England did not abdicate because he fell in love with Wallace Simpson. He was forced out. The King of England was a fascist admirer of Hitler and Friend of Germany. He was the object of an assassination attempt in a public place someone attempted to shoot him. There was a conspiracy involving the Rothschilds Central Bankers, the Catholic Clergy and powerful (((3ews))).

              The brother of the King was chosen to take his place. The original King, though he had abdicated was privy to plans for “English” and French tactical strategies during ww2. The former King passed on this info to Hitler making the German victory over the French very quick and saved lives on both sides.

              If the King had not abdicated, there would have been no World War Two. Hitler would have re-united all German speaking people and possibly expanded into part of Russia’s uninhabited area, whether by treaty with Russia or following an armed invasion. Russia was already under invasion, by American (((3ews))) Commie Bolsheviks. Therefore, an invasion of Russia would have been to free the RUSSIAN people from a hostile invader, then to negotiate for land.



            • B from Ca… I understand what you are saying. The Beatles coming on to the scene did happen around the time of the death of JFK. Some think they were pushed to smooth over his death by whoever. Lennon did progress to anti government talk and songs in his later years. This pissed off the government which led to his death. Many say that Mark David Chapman, Lennon’s accused killer was another patsy, that the real killer was Frank Sturgis who worked as a doorman at the Dakota and was involved in JFK’S murder.

      17. Rather fill congress with headbangers than continue with the trash that resides there

      18. If electing comedian Al Franken as the Senator from Minnesota (Democrat) is not a joke, why should Kid Rock be taken any less seriously.

        • Yup. You took the thoughts right outta my head. Seems we are being inundated by the “popular and famous” folks.

          1. Sonny Bono
          2. Ronald Reagan
          3. Al Franken
          4. Arnold Schwarzenegger
          5. Donald Trump

          I’m sure there are more.

        • Muller, Kid Rock still has way more sense than Al Franken.

      19. Fake global warming news from Canada

        Decision looms in Michael Mann / Tim Ball “hockey stick” lawsuit by Bonner Cohen, Ph. D., July 24, 2017, story on Mr. Fake Hockey Stick himself, Michael Mann (buddy of Ken “hid the decline (in temperatures) Trenberth, outed during Climategate:

        “After six years of tedious litigation, a court in Vancouver, British Columbia appears set to hand down a ruling involving one of the most controversial claims ever made in support of human-induced global warming. Michael Mann refused to provide his temperature proxy data despite a court order. What is he afraid we’ll discover?”

        This is what passes for “science” among the left? THIS is transparency and peer review??

        Extra credit:
        Hillary Clinton stepped off a private jet and preached that the rest of us should tamp down our outrageous lifestyles to fight global warming. No need to worry about Hillary’s extravagances, her campaign would pay to “offset” her jet set emissions. Not only would Hillary’s “offsets” make no meaningful difference to world temperature, her campaign never bought any ( Carbon “offsets” became as worthless to the Clintons as they are to the rest of us — once their PR value expired

      20. Debbie Stabenow has been a career Monsanto gift taker. It would be great and I [plan on helping in any way i can to have her replaced.

      21. He can’t be any worse than what is there already, probably much more moral and trustworthy too……

        • …on another note, at least he is an option to the status quo, so he would get my vote for being a complete Freshman to the swirling waters of District of Corruption.

      22. Well,considering his lyrics/job he obviously appreciates the first amendment,as he is a avid hunter he seems to be for the second.He has for years pretty low key as a star can be supported many charities in his home area and beyond/is supportive of the troops despite the fact he says he hates war,he is smart enough to see the difference between the two,he charges for his shows about 20-25 bucks so those inclined don’t break the bank going to shows,Black Crowes only other band I am aware of that did that.Hell,more then willing to see the guy make it,would at least help shake things up!As for being “Arkancied”well,with millions of fans would be about as dumb as killing trump,you would kick off a very “strong”response.

        I hope he lays out a agenda(and it makes sense)soon if he is serious,and,if he is not,well,anything to cause progressives a case of the nerves is fine by me!

        On a side note,Overthecliff,you hate his hair you would really hate mine!That said,Warchild not running for senator and am no longer in a band!

      23. Everyone, this is the SAME Kid Rock who only a few years ago was in a video supporting Obama. He said, “President Obama is like your Daddy and you better listen to your Daddy.” That one sentence told me enough about Kid Rock. I say he’s bogus.

      24. Since I live in MI, it is easy to see that Stabenow is part of the establishment that has done nothing for the state of Michigan, or the USA. She had better take Kid seriously because there are a lot of people outside the Detroit beltway that would love to see her gone.

      25. Grunty MacPherson ,,, Deplorable Braveheart ,,, Nailbanger ,,, and now the latest is Rebel Son ,,,

        LMAO ,,, yes we here on shtf take you seriously ,,, wink ,,, wink ,,,

      26. Rebel Son, maybe I’m mistaken about which musician did so but I do recall a musician in that video making that statement. It may have been Johnny Depp instead. If I also recall, the article was right here on this site. I’d have to do some more research.

      27. To Rebel Son and everyone else, I WAS MISTAKEN. It was CHRIS Rock, NOT KID Rock, who made the statement on 2-6-2013 at a gun control rally. I do make mistakes just on occasion. My apologies.

        • Now that makes more sense ..Chris Rock is a douchenozzle

        • Same difference.

        • CWTS, get off your high horse before you get knocked off it. Like I said earlier, I went back and researched it and verified for myself that it was CHRIS Rock instead. Sometimes I do make mistakes and own up to it. You’re not perfect either, are you by chance? [SARCASM]

      28. In what can only be an ode to Idiocracy, the Delphi Method website also has ‘The Rock’ and Oprah.

      29. Now for another treat, watch Zuckerman run for President in a couple of years.
        Saw the other day some “poll” saying he was even with Trump.
        I’d say God help us but it’s too late already.

      30. He will win

      31. Kid Rock is a self made man. He did not become rich as a socialist politician, abusing a office of public trust to line his pockets and become millionaires as most professional politicians are. I hope Kid Rock sails on to victory over the swamp. I am rooting for him.

      32. Love it…another brash, salt of the earth candidate….esp one who doesnt need to buy his way with vank elite pedo finances

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