Norwegian Journalist: “I Would Love To Die From The AstraZeneca Vaccine”

by | Mar 18, 2021 | Headline News | 21 comments


A Norwegian journalist has come out declaring bluntly that she “would love to die from the AstraZeneca vaccine.”  TV presenter Linn Wiik wrote the dogmatic statement claiming some “must be sacrificed in the war against the coronavirus.”

Wiik says that as long as her death eases vaccine hesitancy overtaking the experimental gene therapies that are intentionally  falsely labeled as vaccines, she’d be fine with being killed by Big Pharma. I really am not sure how people dying from the jab is going to help the public relations that are already having problems getting people to line up for this thing.

“Some must be sacrificed in the war against the corona,” Wiik wrote on Monday in an opinion piece for Norway’s TV 2. “That’s the way it is in all wars. This time, it may well be me.” Her headline stated bluntly:

“I would love to die from the AstraZeneca vaccine. -RT

Wiik’s dramatic take on the vaccine came amid rising concerns over possibly serious side effects from AstraZeneca’s jab. Use of the product has been suspended or restricted in a dozen European countries after some recipients suffered serious conditions after receiving the jab.

Wiik also said that even if the often fatal side effects are proven to be linked to the vaccine, she will happily take it anyway. All medicines have side effects, she said, and vaccines are the only “way out of the trenches” in the war against Covid-19. “Someone must be sacrificed for the rest to be safe,” she added, noting that vaccines offer great benefits and “extremely low” per-capita risks.

Do you know what else has lower per capita risks? Letting your body handle the coronavirus.  Oh, the horror! Real herd immunity? We couldn’t have that, now could we?

The AstraZeneca vaccine in particular has been under fire for its severe and debilitating side effects.

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    1. One can dream

      If only Bill “the kill” Gates and Dr Falsi would echo her sentiments and actually
      follow up on it. The world would be a nicer place?

    2. True

      Who knows? Maybe there is something to this woman’s twisted logic.I mean,it seems that the more people die from this “vaccine”- the more idiots keep lining up for it?

      • cranerigger

        Well said. To me this is proof that many leftist’s have embraced the Wuhan Viris as their religion. This journalist can hardly wait to become a COVID MARTYR.

    3. just saying

      “All medicines have side effects” she says” Yeah,but,
      the majority of medicines don’t have DEATH as their number one side effect!smh

    4. Vocal

      “Someone must be sacrificed
      for the rest to be safe”
      Fair enough, I nominate Bill Gates,Fauci,evil tyrants and politicians.Who’d I miss??

    5. I see

      A little off topic but I hope you put up an article about the president of Tanzania who recently died of an
      alleged “heart condition”.
      This of course,happening after he warned his people against the dangers of the covid vaccine.

    6. Yeah

      “vaccines offer great benefits
      and “extremely low” per -capita risks” Why doesn’t she go and try to explain the
      “low risks” to one of the many families who have lost a loved one to this vaccine?
      See how that goes.?

    7. Darth Skippy

      Some of us would say that freedom is an assumptive state of mind. You don’t pay; It’s free.

      The journalist is either going to take her suicide happiness into the next iteration of politics, or the next life, or some Type-B’s just keep going, with no will to power — like a bleb or growth.

    8. Eager

      I have really been looking forward to not taking this vaccine.Can’t wait!!

    9. Curious

      So does that mean that there will be an opening on Norway television pretty soon??

    10. Mine

      I’ve got dibs on
      her parking space!

    11. jennifer

      I think this woman just gave
      Big Pharma the perfect feel good slogan for the vaccine.
      Nothing screams unlimited safety protocols quite like:
      “I would love to die from the
      AstraZeneca vaccine”??

    12. cranerigger

      JOURNALISTS, represented by this imbecilic cretin, work in our Main Stream Media. Snowflakes, do you continue to worship CNN & MSLSD? Concentrate real hard and try to analyze the question.

      In Texas we use to say “those folks can’t pour piss out of a boot, even with the directions written on the heel”.

    13. James

      We can only hope god grants her wish.

    14. Anonymous

      A Norwegian journalist ….. this is apparently a nation in the process of cultural suicide. Not just from bogus covid, but from 3rd world immigration.

      From 2019:

      Migrants Commit the Most Violent Crimes in Norway’s Capital Amid Stabbing Wave.

      While accounting for 33 percent of Oslo’s population, immigrants account for nearly 70 percent of violent crimes in Norway’s capital, where victims are subject to serious bodily harm.

      28.02.2019 Sputnik News

    15. Bill

      Saying one is willing to voluntarily die from a vaccine, how imbecilic a statement to make. It shows she has been completely inculcated beyond the even the typical “woke” leftists of Europe. Willing to die from something is almost a religious act; her religion is statism. She is the very ideal of a useful idiot. After
      the adulation she has received, no doubt her “woke” brothers and sisters find her inspiring, lots of young Norwegians and other Europeans will want to mimic her. I bet the Muslim immigrants are laughing at all these people like her who want to voluntarily extinguish themselves, their culture, and their racial heritage.

    16. Darth Skippy

      Every once in awhile, we see one of hard “science’s” mistakes.

      (This morning, DDT laced wallpaper.) Leaches, radioactive fertilizers, the electric miracle cure and healthy cigarette.

      None of these ads, no matter how eccentric, ever showed you a consumer, who would be proud to die for their product.

      Haven’t you killed your tv, yet? I know what’s on. Boomers are like cool kids, going on adventures. There will be horse rides, roller coasters, garage bands, indie businesses. They will plug Big pharma, in their mid life crises. Now, imagine this angle. ‘I would love to die from [consumer product].’

      I was exposed to a lot of Dr. Demento, Liquid Television, Peewee Herman, and weird music, growing up. This “doctor” is wearing two masks after vaccination (though four were recommended). He has no obvious control over his facial expressions. How does this not register as some stabby muppet, kitschy cartoon, or B-rated sci-fi.

    17. Right

      If she dies from taking the vaccine – her cause of death will of course be listed as covid. So,technically noone will know she got her final wish of death by vaccine?

    18. Generous

      If anyone in the msm would like to follow in this woman’s
      pioneering footsteps- I would
      gladly donate them my covid
      Astra Zeneca vaccine?

    19. What?

      “as long as her death eases
      vaccine hesitancy”
      Yep,that should pretty much
      do it. I just know that having yet another human being
      die from this vaccine would
      relieve all of my vaccine related fears ?

    20. Marcy

      Good riddance. The world has too many ‘expert’ scientists anyways. LMAO No wonder so may innocent people are dying. Because of the fools forcing poison onto others.

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