Northcomm Commander Warns: “North Korea Has the Capability of Hitting the U.S.” With EMP-Capable Nuclear Missile

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    Readers, the situation in the Middle East becomes more volatile by the day with tensions running high between Syria and its allies, and the U.S./NATO forces that are gathered in the area and facing them off.  Just to state for the record, for those of you who have commented to the contrary, yours truly is well aware that the U.S. is conducting operations that are illegal regarding Syria and the established protocols for military operations in a foreign nation.  That foreign nation (Syria) has not invited the U.S. or its allies into the area.  This is essentially a battle between two ideologies, and the U.S. is not the “good guy” in this case, as ISIS is a creation of the State Department, the administration, and its operatives.

    That being said, there is a certain amount of “deflection” of focus by the mainstream media in not reporting the worsening situation in Ukraine, the two Koreas, and between China and Japan.  The “sleeper” of the three is North Korea, which until a few years ago only had the capability of delivering a nuclear warhead to the United States by ox-drawn carts.  The last large assessment of North Korean nuclear capability was the 2009 Congressional hearing with Peter Vincent Pry, former analyst and nuclear arms expert with the Central Intelligence Agency.

    Pry stated that North Korea was receiving assistance in developing its technology from China and Iran, and that purchases of ICBM’s and cruise missiles from Russia was a “high probability.”  The work with the Chinese and Iranian technicians involved the miniaturization of nuclear devices and the maximizing of their output regarding an EMP (Electromagnetic Pulse) weapon.  The worries of the Pentagon have been twofold: the development of an effective delivery system, and the effective miniaturization of an EMP for use either on one of the ICBM’s or on a satellite.

    Kim Jong Un recently announced that North Korea will be conducting some underground nuclear tests, as well as an unspecified type of launch (either another missile test, or another satellite launch), all of which violates the treaties in place for nuclear testing.  Recently the U.S. military Northcom commander announced that North Korea does indeed have the capability of hitting the U.S.   Congressman Trent Franks (R-AZ) issued warnings that should an EMP attack befall the U.S., that 90% of our citizens would be lost over a two-year period.  Such losses would be due to starvation, unsanitary conditions because of loss of infrastructure, and attrition from murders and violence as the survivors battled one another for the necessities of life.

    Apparently an assassination attempt was made on Kim Jong Un that was foiled.  As the details were sketchy at best, it is unknown whether or not this was attempted by the North Koreans, or one conducted by Kim himself, or by a foreign government.  The bottom line here is that the mainstream is not reporting what is happening in North Korea, as Syria has been made into the rogue nation, and Putin has been painted as the “Emmanuel Goldstein-type bogeyman” for the people to focus upon.

    The biggest problems from an EMP strike would entail the loss of power to the nuclear power facilities to maintain their cooling capabilities within the reactors.  Such could lead to numerous meltdowns and the release of incalculable amounts of radiation.  In the event of main power losses, there would be generators that run on diesel to be relied upon to keep these reactors cool.  The problem would be supplying the generators (if they indeed were able to run) with diesel, once the trucking stops.

    These events would be a major tool for the administration to be able to usher in Martial Law and finish the “fundamental transformation” of the U.S. into a completed prison.  As this is a forum to encourage discourse, anyone with in-depth knowledge of North Korean affairs is invited to share their knowledge here.  Such information will undoubtedly be more accurate than anything reported in the MSM on the Korean situation.  While the world focuses on the situation in Syria, it would not take much for Korea, Iran, or another nation to strike with an EMP.  Such would enable Obama and his handlers to realize their goals: the complete takedown of the U.S. and its transformation into a vassal state.

    Jeremiah Johnson is the Nom de plume of a retired Green Beret of the United States Army Special Forces (Airborne).  Mr. Johnson is also a Gunsmith, a Certified Master Herbalist, a Montana Master Food Preserver, and a graduate of the U.S. Army’s SERE school (Survival Evasion Resistance Escape).  He lives in a cabin in the mountains of Western Montana with his wife and three cats. You can follow Jeremiah’s regular writings at or contact him here.

    This article may be republished or excerpted with proper attribution to the author and a link to

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      1. Every time the USA is busy with a world problem North Korea rattles its saber. In the end privately a deal is cut and the IMF six or so months later “loans” North Korea money and they get food and fuel.

        • Let’s keep kicking the can then.

          Jeremiah Johnson,

          For a serious and fun fictional read about an EMP and North Korea, read “Act of War” by Brad Thor.

          • Time to take out “Dear Leader”. 🙂

            • IMO, you’re laser-focused on this one JJ. While it’s pretty hypocritical of the U.S. to deny all other countries their nukes – while sitting on our vast inventory of nuclear warheads – I have to say that Kim Jung-Un is not Vladimir Putin. He’s a little hate-monger with an axe to grind…with US.

              Whether or not you agree with it, we tore their country apart and divided it into north and south. Were we in the right? Probably no more in the right than we were anywhere else we executed that same maneuver. We do seem to give smaller defenseless nation a reason to hate our guts…that it hard to deny.

              My personal hope is that because Russia has taken Kim under their wing, that Russia will have a lot of sway. Putin is the voice of sanity today, like it or not. I hope that rubs off on Korea.

              I guess my problem is that, especially with the past and current actions of the U.S. Govt, I believe ALL countries have a RIGHT to defend themselves. We probably wouldn’t be having the discussions we are today, if all of the destroyed countries in our wake had had the ability to defend themselves from our warmongering elites.

              I do not like the leader of N. Korea. I think he’s a child in a position of power, and a threat if he has a nuke, BUT the need is even clearer today, why every country wants to be able to defend it’s sovereignty.

              They don’t want to be the next Lebanon, Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Syria, etc.

              Here’s a better list to illustrate why these little countries fear us.

              Instances of the United States overthrowing, or attempting to overthrow, a foreign government since the Second World War. (* indicates successful ouster of a government)

              China 1949 to early 1960s
              Albania 1949-53
              East Germany 1950s
              Iran 1953 *
              Guatemala 1954 *
              Costa Rica mid-1950s
              Syria 1956-7
              Egypt 1957
              Indonesia 1957-8
              British Guiana 1953-64 *
              Iraq 1963 *
              North Vietnam 1945-73
              Cambodia 1955-70 *
              Laos 1958 *, 1959 *, 1960 *
              Ecuador 1960-63 *
              Congo 1960 *
              France 1965
              Brazil 1962-64 *
              Dominican Republic 1963 *
              Cuba 1959 to present
              Bolivia 1964 *
              Indonesia 1965 *
              Ghana 1966 *
              Chile 1964-73 *
              Greece 1967 *
              Costa Rica 1970-71
              Bolivia 1971 *
              Australia 1973-75 *
              Angola 1975, 1980s
              Zaire 1975
              Portugal 1974-76 *
              Jamaica 1976-80 *
              Seychelles 1979-81
              Chad 1981-82 *
              Grenada 1983 *
              South Yemen 1982-84
              Suriname 1982-84
              Fiji 1987 *
              Libya 1980s
              Nicaragua 1981-90 *
              Panama 1989 *
              Bulgaria 1990 *
              Albania 1991 *
              Iraq 1991
              Afghanistan 1980s *
              Somalia 1993
              Yugoslavia 1999-2000 *
              Ecuador 2000 *
              Afghanistan 2001 *
              Venezuela 2002 *
              Iraq 2003 *
              Haiti 2004 *
              Somalia 2007 to present
              Libya 2011*
              Syria 2012
              Ukraine 2014 *


              The best way to curb the race to nuclear arms is for the U.S. to STOP ATTACKING OTHER COUNTRIES!

        • North Korea saber rattles to keep their own population in line. They blame all there woes on America so they have to make threats every now and then to make the problem seem real.

          Kim Jung Un would loose his dictatorship if the Korean people suddenly realized that their shitty living conditions was actually because of their dear leader.

          • john stiner

            There is a pattern. Watch and see. NK will stop and 6 months later they get a gift.

            In the end its cheaper than war.

            • Here’s something to worry about:

              “The FBI has launched an investigation after 150 prepaid mobile phones were bought from local Walmarts in Missouri. This comes after the theft of dozens of propane tanks in the area.”

              ht tps://

            • This is the same attitude as giving up your lunch money ro rhe bully at school. Only on a grander scale.

          • Perhaps it’s more accurate to say that their shitty living conditions is because their dear leader will not submit to the demands of the U.S.

            I know the media propaganda throws all the blame off on everyone else, but the truth is – THE MSM LIES. The same as in Cuba, the middle east, Russia and parts of South America, the reason their countries are not doing better is because THE US IS BLOCKING THEIR TRADE AND ECONOMIES WITH SANCTIONS AND EMBARGOES, FOR POLITICAL PURPOSES.

            I know nobody likes to admit it, but it’s closer to the truth.

            • Six.. NK trades what? produces what? Cuba only has tourism as sugar beets are grown throughout the world verses sugar cane. Sanctions have hurt Cuba as they are not allowed to do business with the USA, but they can do business with the rest of the world. Dictatorship hurts Cuba, NK, and now the USA. Pick a country you want to move to. I’ll pay the fare if you stay there for 3 years. Good luck with the income you’ll need. Sometimes your anti America rhetoric is over bearing. We are providing you a income that by now has exceeded what you had paid into, so have just a little gratitude. Yes the USA is F’d up. But until you have been to other countries as I have, your opinion is based on media and internet, both that are propaganda and a lot of opinion….with a small portion of facts.

              • Anon, let’s stop right there. Her statements are aimed against the US GOVERNMENT AND TPTB WHO HAVE BEEN RUINING OUR COUNTRY, NOT AMERICA’S PEOPLE OR CULTURE. Everything she says is true. and it’s not rhetoric. And FYI, she lives on disability because she is 100% certified disabled. I don’t know how much she receives per month; probably not enough to survive on, knowing how the system is. I have no problem with her living on any of my tax dollars because she has a genuine need. I’d rather see her receive some help than these lazy ‘minority groups’ and muslims being brought in here to destroy us. BTW, my wife and I have been in some other countries when she was alive. Mostly in the Carribbean islands. Try Haiti sometime. It’s a real dive. It’s been rated the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere and they’re not joking about that one. I’ve seen enough of the outside world to know that it sucks big time. And the sanctions on Cuba? The only real sanctions are the ‘internal sanctions’ the Castro brothers imposed on the Cuban economy in their first couple of years in power. They’re the ones who have ruined Cuba, NOT the US trade embargo. the primary reason for the embargo was to protect US corporations from the Castro regime because THE CASTRO BROTHERS NEVER PAY THEIR BILLS, THEY ARE THE WORLD’S BIGGEST DEADBEATS. THERE ARE NUMEROUS CANADIAN AND EUROPEAN COMPANIES WHO HAVE EXTENDED CREDIT TO THE CASTROS OVER THE YEARS AND GOT SHAFTED. THEY FOUND OUT THE HARD WAY YOU DON’T DO BUSINESS WITH THE CASTROS ON CREDIT. Once the US trade embargo is fully lifted, and it will be, US corporations are going in there with dollar signs in their eyes and go through exactly what those Canadian and European companies went through. Cuba is bankrupt and doesn’t have shit.

                • bravefart…you fool. read the post again. I said Dictators, i.e. castro, kim, and hnic are ruining the countries. I have been to Haiti…have you?

              • “Sometimes your anti America rhetoric is over bearing.”

                So I’m anti-American because I don’t believe this country should police the world with OUR children’s lives, trying to force “democracy” on people who clearly don’t want it?

                What kind of moron are you? And what does my personal financial status have to do with anything? Why should that change my opinions?

                I’m not too brainwashed to stand up and say that THE DUAL-CITIZEN RUN, USURPED GOVT OF THIS COUNTRY IS IN THE WRONG. Actually, THAT MAKES ME MORE PATRIOTIC than you, because I care enough about my country and how the actions of the muslim HNIC has tarnished our reputation around the world, that I am willing to call bullshit. I’m not afraid to say that our current leadership is a bunch of terrorists who should be hung with their buddies in the middle east.

                Let me tell you something – “anonymous” – you cannot make anyone respect you by using force, nor can You beat someone badly enough to make them love you. You also can’t make someone trust you by lying, cheating and stealing from them. I’m surprised you don’t see that.

                If you really think the leaders of this country are doing the right thing, then YOU are part of the problem…if anyone should leave, it’s YOU…and take your communist/MIC/NWO views with you.





        • Acid,
          good point, the bleeding heart libtards say that most muslims are NON-violent, BUT MOST muslims will support the violent one s SOOO yu have to get rid of ALL of them to be safe!may sound harsh but i have sen them and know what they can and will do,

          • Ahhh, you’re just an anti-semite. (laughing)

          • The long, difficult process of ‘radicalizing’ a muslime:

            Q: Do you want to engage in jihad?

            A: Let’s do it!!

      3. “NK” If they use them against us will be toast. He might take out the grid, but our Subs will turn NK into ashes.

        Well maybe not. We have Obullshit in office and he will more that likely give Kim a B.J. for striking us.

        There will be a lot of people die because they didn’t Prep, and that is too bad!

        I have a problem with telling people to prep and they don’t listen. It hurts me deep inside and because I know how much they are going to suffer, and what they are going to face when they try to take stuff from us that have prepped.

        I feel it is time for the USA (if we had the leadership) to start taking out these little turd that threaten us. We don’t so we are screwed!!!!


        • Yes, we could turn their country into a glowing ash heap. What scares me is the select few in power would be content with living the rest of their lives deep underground in some bunker. Leaders like Kim Jong Un don’t give a rats ass about his citizens. His sole purpose is to be known as the person who took down the U.S.A. even if it means he has to live out his life deep underground. What scares me even more is the fact that Obummer, Hillary, and Kerry have made such a mess out of foreign policy the list of people like Kim Jong Un who would do anything to take down the U.S. is rapidly growing.

          • Texasprepper, we’ve got so many of our own scum who have already done so much to take down this country the other countries won’t have to do squat. They’re just sitting back and watching us destroy ourselves. Obama, Hillary, Kerry, etc. do belong in the same sewer as Porky.

            • BH1776
              Can’t argue with you there except that none of those on the inside of our government have the balls to do it themselves. That’s why they are poking and prodding some foreign nut job into doing it.

          • ❤❤❤❤❤

        • We will never nuke North Korea.
          The reason being is than fallout will fall on Beijing and the entire yellow sea. This is one of the most congested shipping/manufacturing areas in the world.

          • With 90% of the US population dead, who will need or care about China products or shipping?

            I suspect that an EMP attack would cause a lot old scores to be settled.

            • The china product that we will worry about is their nukes.

              Anyhow this sort of EMP catastrophe is way over rated. Most of it is based on a early 1980’s report. Much, much progress has been made in protecting both infrastructure and Electronics. Isolated overload are possible however circuit protection has gotten very good and fast. We can respond to EMP and overloads these days in as little as 20,000th of a second. That is way more than is necessary to protect from the rising pulse of an emp attack.

              • Why would we worry about China’s nukes after an EMP event? We aren’t worried about them now. China has nukes just to show that they can. They reply on having lots and lots of ‘extra’ people to throw at a war. In many respects Mao’s ideas still hold sway. He was willing to lose half his population. Easy to get it back.

                Disagree with the EMP don’t worry, be happy part.

                Have you read the EMP Commision report from 2008? Search for “emp report to congress”.

              • I beg to differ Ed, for one the 1980s report you speak of is concerned with EMP weaponry that was mainly theoretical and in its infancy. A far cry from today’s reality. Russia, China and the U.S. Have upgraded and refined EMP weaponry 1000 fold from where it was when that report was written. I also take exception to your claim of much improvement in infrastructure and electronics. For critical military and some sensitive government agencies yes, but for the vast civilian power grid and infrastructure that you and I need and depend on NOT AT ALL…

                • I spent the last 20 years making just such protection devices for electric utilities.
                  Ever wonder why the lights dont go out during the thunderstorms for the most part anymore?

                  • I have know idea what you are talking about, the power goes off during storms all the time here.

              • Could I politely ask what qualifications you have to arrive at your conclusion?

          • A country that small? Fine don’t bother nuking them, we should have enough conventional ordinance to plant one on every square inch of dirt in the entire place.

      4. Well shoot , i was just watching fox news and they said NKorea is brabbing about having a hydrogen bomb now .
        And Putin just threw out the idea he might hit isis with a nuke .
        So there seems to be an increasing will to use nukes .

        • Hammerhead

          No. That is Kim Jong Um lighting off his farts.

          • Slingshot, LOL. Good one. And every time NK gets aid, the food goes straight to their military. In North Korea, the needs of the military ALWAYS come first. That’s Porky’s power base. Always take good care of your power base. He doesn’t give a shit about his civilians. Back in the 90s after Kim Il Sung died, an estimated 2,000,000 civilians died of starvation there. The Kim family are MEGA pieces of shit.

        • hammerhead

          “And Putin just threw out the idea he might hit isis with a nuke .”

          Putin just wanted to use the N word. Yes nuke is the N word and its mere mention is an escalation in its own right. That was not a casual statement but rather used on purpose.

          ISIS is just a smokescreen. This is a global chess game with the US and Russia.

          • Actually, what Putin said in answer to the question was, he hopes that nukes won’t be necessary. Stop gobbling up the MSM goop.

            • No MSM gobbled here. Putin injected the word nuclear into the reply. That was chosen for a purpose. Its just part of the back and forth positioning in geo-political speak. Such dialog, with inferences, was heavily used during the Cuban Missile Crisis by with sides.

        • Putin’s delusional at this point.

          How do you “hit ISIS with a nuke”??????

          That’s like “hitting every Christian in the US with a nuke and no one else”.

          Like hint: there’s no big base of operations going on here, dude.

          He done lost it. This is a farce. They fucked up Afghanistan and still didn’t learn their lesson. I think he’s starting to get that point finally. No pal, you’re not the re-incarnation of Soviet Elvis and you don’t have magic powers that your predecessors didn’t.

          • “Putin’s delusional at this point.”

            Putin isn’t delusional. Its go-political speak. He was reminding the US that they had nukes and hoped they would’t be needed. They are not aimed at ISIS.

            This all follows in stages. The words and phraseology has two meanings. Each increases the danger but allows for the other party to save face and retreat their position. If you see natural gas supply to US allies curtailed look out.

      5. If anyone does an EMP on us it will be N.K. or Iran. They have the least to lose.

        • Really IRAN!????!!! Can’t say I’ve seen THAT anywhere (until now). Seriously huh? Why would they see a gain in doing such a destructive thing? (Our subs would turn the region into beautiful Glass Crystals that glowed in the dark for about 450 million years or so …nothing major).

          Perhaps this only makes sense to me (sorry if that is so), but I keep thinking “they” are going to somehow make use of “Gitmo” (the entire facility is essentially “wide open” to anyone wanting it …It is now staffed with so few that overtaking it could be done “swiftly and silently” (using ‘dark ops’ type team or teams) …and then, “they” would only be tasked with getting into America (first they need a place to “stage” an attack …and then launch it). Hey, if “they” came piloting into all of our marinas “post-EMP” and had “loads” of armed personnel on board …we’d have one bitch of a situation going on …with little to no effort required out of “them” to make it happen (the hard part has already been done (cleaning out the place of any resistance) …seems to me that our Prez MUST be getting rid of Gitmo for SOMEBODY’S benefit …and it sure ain’t ours. So why should I not ‘think’ that (perhaps) that is the only reason for getting rid of Gitmo …as it would make an excellent place to launch an EMP that would only be 90 miles distant (to reach “The Keys”) then another 1500 miles to hit dead center of the nation. I am unsure if a missile, even an ICBM, is capable of staying below radar for such a distance (unlikely it seems). Besides, “we” know the instant anyone does anything like a missile launch or test or an underground explosion (Like Kim playing with his ‘shitty rad’ …oh wait, he’s claiming to have built a bomb that has never been attempted before. I have many doubts ‘they’ are able to suddenly gain enough ‘tech’ to come up with such a device). The only thing Kim has truly succeeded in doing is the successful starvation of a large percentile of his country (for the sake of his blessed military), “THEIR” We The People (have been starved to death due to a single family, and especially since Kim ‘took power’ (what a frigging horror it is to be there)! There is SO MUCH being “tossed-out-there” for the entire globe to consider it quickly become overwhelmingly impossible to get everyone on the same page …and so, with noting more than a ‘false-flag forewarning (arm yourselves and be ready for an attack an any second is all over the media, spewing from lots of sheriffs I’ve never heard of until today)! …and, I just saw where Anonymous posted “they are taking the guns…..” (only if you hand them over)! They have no ground with which to stand on (legally) and make this one ‘stick’ either. It’s nonconstitutional by nature, because it “infringes” …and thus it is no law at all …but an attempt to trick your ass. So be well-versed with The Constitution and “that much more” just may be preserved when this has played itself out. Bastards……..

      6. Guess you heard (aol news) they are taking the guns… some state (forgot which) decided they are going against the Constitution and decided that if you are on some list Obummer made up, then you can’t have guns.

        I was thinking these thoughts the other day (so outraged by their policies):

        If they think we are going to turn in our guns at a time when they are talking of bringing in 1,000’s of refugee Muslims here (some who have no qualms about raping children/ young women)… if they think we are going to turn in our guns and let these hoodlums rape our kids, then it is THEY–the Obama regime– who need to see shrink!

        Does HIS kids go to school unprotected? Hell, no! His kids are surrounded by 300 lb. hulks with all sorts of guns, automatic weapons! so how in hell does he think our kids don’t need protection? He is bat, lunatic!

        You hear about all the time about these refugees raping women and children in other countries– and they honestly think we are going to give up our Constitutional right to protect our loved ones?

        What bothers me most about this regime is their unreasonableness. We elect someone to office and then find out they are not rational… they are not reasonable… they think we are stupid. Well, obviously, the American people are not stupid because instead of turning in our guns, Americans are buying more guns. We will not give up our 2nd Ammendment right– period. They can just go f— themselves.

        Also, I hope you buy plenty while you can and hide them because there will come a time when we will have war– us against them (the Facists) You will need plenty for yourself, your loved ones, and also for many citizens who finally wake up and want to join the fight for freedom.

        • If they are not ready at this late date I am sorry to state they may have chosen a ‘bad route’ along “Life’s Highway” …and are about to leave it. This is reality. “They” ARE here, and also “almost at your doors”
          Every American that owns any type of gun is going to find they are the first to be targeted (the Red List), most everyone is at least aware it exists-and it surely does despite being hopelessly inaccurate), followed by the remainder of the ‘remaining populace’. Word has it that veterans (make that ‘combat’ veterans) will definitely be targeted for termination (prolly under the guise of being 90% prone to radicalization …at 77years old). I’m prolly on a no-fly-no-buy list for something I said in boot in the early half of the last century!
          Be safe and Via Condios

      7. Guess you heard (AOL news) some state (forgot which) decided they are going against the Constitution and decided that if you are on some list Obummer made up, then you can’t have guns.

        I was thinking these thoughts the other day (so outraged by their policies):

        If they think we are going to turn in our guns at a time when they are talking of bringing in 1,000’s of refugee Muslims here (some who have no qualms about raping children/ young women)… if they think we are going to turn in our guns and let these hoodlums rape our kids, then it is THEY–the Obama regime– who need to see a shrink!

        Does HIS kids go to school unprotected? Hell, no! His kids are surrounded by 300 lb. hulks with all sorts of guns, automatic weapons! so how in hell does he think our kids don’t need protection? He is bat, lunatic!

        You hear about all the time about refugees raping women and children in other countries– and they honestly think we are going to give up our Constitutional right to protect our children/loved ones?

        What bothers me most about this regime is their unreasonableness. We elect someone to office and then find out they are not rational… they are not reasonable… they think we are stupid. Well, obviously, the American people are not stupid because instead of turning in our guns, Americans are buying more guns. We will not give up our 2nd Ammendment right– period. They can just go f— themselves.

        Also, I hope you buy plenty while you can and hide them because there will come a time when we will have war– us against them (the Facists). You will need plenty for yourself, your loved ones, and also for many citizens who finally wake up and want to join the fight for freedom.

        • Here’s the article anon mentioned.

          • In order for CT’s little scheme to work, the feds would have to allow local, county, and state LE agencies to have access to those watch lists. Will the feds do that? That remains to be seen. If I was a gun owner in CT, I would get the hell out of there at any cost.

            • It’s bush’s fault.

              • No, it’s our fault, for not dragging their asses out of their offices, and hanging them from the nearest lamp post.

            • There is a record database attached to driver’s licenses called a “TIP OFF RECORD.”

              When a police officer checks a driver’s license the TIP OFF alert pops up and ques the officer to investigate further if there is any terrorism leads.

              The info is already there and being used by the States, it just needs to be applied to the background check system.

              • JS, that’s some interesting info I wasn’t aware of. If that’s applied to the NICS, then we can expect to see private gun sales go through the roof.

                • Actually that “tip off” is an alert that is attached to a cc holders drivers license.

        • Anon, it’s CT, the same state where SANDY HOAX took place and they were already anti-2A before that. There little scheme in the aftermath to have people register their ‘assault weapons’ turned out to be a real flop. Only a handful at most made the effort the register them. Same thing in NY state. I’m about to replace a couple of handguns stolen from me in the home invasion 2 weeks before. I’m damn sure not giving up anything.

      8. Remove the rubber seal from the lid of an ammo can. This will allow it to be used to cook food and boil water. Don’t worry bout an EMP. We can do without electricity.

        • ❤❤

      9. I’d worry more about a sun flare energy hit than the Norks being able to launch multiple EMP weapons.

        • Yeah really, this is just one more stupid stunt to keep our attention away from the wrong we’re doing in the middle east, and the NWO encroachment on our liberties. The NK is not our worst problem. Cut the media cord and you’ll see.

      10. I don’t get it! If they EMP us how is the military going to communicate and drive any place to restore order or impose martial law if civilian vehicles don’t work either. sure some military hardware is EMP shielded but not but about 5%. Fuel trucks won’t work so how do they get fuel after the tanks run dry on the bases. everyone will be on there own I believe!

        • because a emp will not destroy everything. Cars and trucks ecm’s are shielded. not all will work, but even 10% is enough.

          • It isn’t known if an EMP would have any effect on a car …because being that it’s sitting on rubber, then it isn’t grounded (unless it’s raining at the time I suppose).
            If it isn’t grounded, ‘electrically speaking’ it would not be possible to ‘fry’ electronics within an ungrounded ‘area’. But …it’s theory, and has never been tested. I keep my “major” stuff well protected (with Faraday Cages of all types) or just plain ole ancient leading ‘chimney flashing’ (found 100’s of them free for the taking, so you can just imagine what this has done for my reloading station)! What sucks is the idea that anyone may have to die due to lack of electricity …and they are helpless as they lay on a hospital bed to do anything about it …except die.
            It ain’t right and has to be stopped at all costs …which is a terror within itself I suppose. Be safe and keep the woman and children well cared for and safe.

      11. If your plan is to overthrow the United States of America, make sure you do it from within – and from the Oval Office if at all possible.

        What I meant to say is “fundamentally transform America”.

        • ❤❤❤

        • What’s the difference between Kim Jong Un and Barack Obama? One is a malignant narcissistic totalitarian Marxist who has no intention of ever giving up power the other is Kim Jong Un.

      12. I figure NK has had an EMP device in a satellite for years now…don’t need an ICBM….just open the door on the satellite and boot it out while passing over the US.

        90% dead within 2 years ? Nope…90% would be within 6 months….and a fair chunk of the remainder over the next 18 months.

      13. I somewhat remember the Clinton administration signing an executive order? that stated we (USA)would take several nuclear hits before we would respond,with our own.Anybody remember that? That could be another reason he purged all of the top patriotic generals.All part of the plan that started way back.

        • Yes. We used to have mutually assured deterrence meaning that if one side launched so would the other, so nobody launches. But then our government decided to “ride out the attack ” and then launch. Trouble is, the siloes can not withstand a direct hit and their nukes are aimed at our siloes (among other targets)so there will be nothing left to send back at them.
          If I didn’t know better I might think our government was working for the other side or something…

          • Cara….Subs Have Nukes. silo’s are obsolete except for a first strike.

      14. I highly recommend Dr. Arthur Bradley’s “Disaster Preparedness for EMP Attacks and Solar Storms” I’ve swapped emails with Dr. Bradley and now have an EMP hardened PV system. The panel is wrapped in aluminum screen wire. The wiring from the PV panel to the charge controller is the flexible aluminum 3 wire conduit available at the big box stores. Both ends of the conduit must be grounded, and the green ground wire is NOT used. The screen wire is NOT grounded. In addition, I’ve a gas discharge device at the end of the conduit and type 61 ferrite cores also just before the charge controller. And spare charge controllers just in case. This system powers a CB radio, 12 VDC LED lights, and a TecSun PLL 660 s/w radio. I’m now working on grounding an identical system at our barn.

        • then, for something to do), everyone can gather round the radio and listen to static every Friday night at 1600.

      15. An EMP attack from north korea.

        Brought to you by the Clintons, the former president and the one currently running for president.

        And now a nuclear Iran brought to you by Obama.

        Do not tell me there are not anti-americans all over the govt and the country will be lucky to survive it as founded, it’s most likely going to be “America” in name only and maybe soon.

      16. Well the first thing you do is get about a trillion gallon container for diesel fuel. Not “on site”… but somewhere close… far enough that if someone blew the thing, it wouldn’t screw up the reactor, but ONLY that far.

        Second thing you do is park a shit ton of diesel trucks at said site.

        Third thing you do is make it look like something else. Or underground. Or something.

        Fourth thing you do is make it impregnable. Drones, guards, fucking automatic miniguns, whatever you gotta do.

        That ought to give you enough to shut down your reactors.


        Sixth thing you do is play up the whole meltdown scenario big time. When your enemy thinks they’re basically detonating a radioactive planet killer (aka, melting down all your reactors)… one would HOPE it would give them some pause about doing something so obscenely stupid.

        • You can’t fake a nuclear explosion with diesel fuel.

      17. Oh yeah and could you for fuck’s sake BURY ALL THOSE SPENT CONTROL RODS?

        Because really now.


        • Or you could leave them above ground and nuke yourself along with the west coast of USA.

      18. The Northcomm Commander has a nice fat MIC job waiting for him when he retires.

        An existing threat? Embellish it. No threat? Create it.

        North Korea has yet to successfully detonate a fission bomb. Their previous test had a tiny yield indicating a gun type bomb (easiest to build) that pre-fissioned.

      19. North Korea could act as a proxy for another state. That is what concerns me about NK.

      20. There is work being done on placing small nukes on drones.

      21. Anyway, North Korea ain’t gonna do shit. their tactics are very similar to the writer of this article. They make a lot of noise just to get some attention.

      22. Not really that concerned about NK. Iran is another matter. They are upgrading Ballistic missile capabilities , yesterday’s test just the latest reminder. When they get effective nuclear weapons they are gonna use em, either directly or by terror group proxy. Anybody want to guess against who. If you don’t believe it you simply aren’t listening to their leaders. They have been stating their intentions for years and soon due to our narcissistic ,egomaniacal President, they will have the capability to act. I think they will.

      23. Well if they said Kim said it then he must had said it but i think he must be a type of jesus guy because lots of people he has suposed to have killed keep coming back to life.

        Bring on the EMP’s because it will take us back to the 1980’s and the robots that are starting to take all our jobs will be gone along with all the data collections and CCTV’s pointing at your face.

        NK did not do 9-11 (we all know who did) and SK is just a puppet state of the bankers thats ran by the USA so having a buffer state between american puppets and China is realy a good thing.

        Maybe the americans need to keep there noses out and reduce all the military bases it now has all over the world and to stop being an ocupation force in places like Europe.

      24. I doubt seriously if there’s anything I can do other than right what I’m doing now to prepare. I’m MORE in tune with what’s happening in THIS country against its own citizens.

      25. I doubt NK has the real ability to nuke anyone with even a little bitty atomic bomb, much less than something sophisticated like a fusion bomb or EMP bomb.

        If they can then let them prove it: NUKE SOMETHING!

        Japan, South Korea, Hawaii, California. Doesn’t matter who, just someone – anyone.

        Double dog dare ’em.

      26. There’s not gonna be an emp attack. This is just more fear porn from a mind similar to that of Kim. When he needs some attention, he just makes a lot of noise.

      27. An EMP attack on the USA would mean total destruction of North Korea or whoever else launches it. The only ones who think it would bring about their victory is the radical Muslims.

      28. …Supplied to them by the U.S. Government, as they’ve supplied their other shock troop terrorist agency, “ISIS”.

      29. An EMP will do wonders to wean the masses from their psychological dependence on the Big Business-ruled Establishment. Liberation Day!

      30. “We will always, always attack first!”

        Evil dude.

      31. What the hell is “Nom de plume”…sound like an anemic peacock. Furthermore, this article is nothing but a rehash of rehash of a rehash that has been hashed countless times before. Anything new out there, anywhere?

      32. If your in CT better get the hell out or at least ship your firepower out of state to someone you trust ASAP then opsec……

      33. I’m not worried about NK invading us, but the chance of them hitting us with some kind of nuke just went up. And the chance of a terrorist setting one off is also higher. Beyond the immediate casualties, the ‘prep’ for this has to assume major disruptions in financial markets, food imports and distribution, imports of other products, energy or gasoline distribution, and power outages.

      34. This NK thing is just the media directing attention away (and they need SOMETHING to fill those minutes with right)? Lies and deceit to “The People” are perfectly acceptable, and in fact such lying was made legal in the early to mid-seventies …BY THE GOV (hard to believe huh)? Actually, what I am referencing is the use of Subliminal Suggestion …much of it is ‘flat out lying’ at hyper speeds to drill it into your mind. You can truly “bet your booty” that virtually everything these days make use of “human habits” …to interface more fluently and thus gather more intimate data. (Gotta know what you do when the lights go out too ya know)!

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