North Kores Says There’s A “Danger of a Nuclear War” Because of U.S.-Led Hostilities

by | Aug 29, 2023 | Headline News

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    North Korean ruler Kim Jong Un said his country’s navy would become “a component of the state nuclear deterrence,” state media said Tuesday. Kim claims there’s a “danger of nuclear war” because of the United States’ hostilities.

    According to a report by NBC News, which is also state-run media, U.S., and South Korean militaries have been separately holding summer bilateral exercises since last week. North Korea views such U.S.-involved training as an invasion rehearsal, though Washington and its partners maintain their drills are defensive.

    Kim said in a speech marking the country’s Navy Day on Monday that the waters off the Korean Peninsula have been made unstable “with the danger of a nuclear war” because of U.S.-led hostilities, according to the official Korean Central News Agency.

    Kim accused the U.S. of conducting “more frantic” naval drills with its allies and deploying strategic assets in waters around the Korean Peninsula. Kim also cited a recent U.S.-South Korean-Japanese summit where an agreement to boost defense cooperation was reached to counter North Korea’s nuclear program. Kim called President Joe Biden, South Korean President Yoon Suk Yeol and Japanese Prime Minister Fumio Kishida “the gang bosses” of the three countries. -NBC News

    North Korea has previously warned that a nuclear war is imminent.

    North Korea Warns Nuclear War Is Imminent

    “Now, the question is not if a nuclear war breaks out on the Korean Peninsula, but who and when it starts,”  said North Korean Defense Minister General Kang Sun-Nam said in a statement made public on Tuesday and presented at the XI Moscow International Security Conference. In this year alone, the United States sent “massive strategic arms” to the region, including a nuclear-capable submarine, an aircraft carrier group, and a nuclear-capable bomber, he added.

    “We are well aware of the fact that the aggressive intention of the U.S. to strip us of our nuclear weapons and destroy our system through brute force cannot be changed even in the slightest,” he said.-SHTFPlan

    “The prevailing situation requires our navy to put all its efforts into rounding off the war readiness to maintain the constant combat alertness and get prepared to break the enemy’s will for war in contingency,” Kim said.

    North Korea typically responds to any joint U.S.-South Korean military drills with its own missile tests. Last Thursday, its second attempt to launch a spy satellite into space failed. The day the drills began, KCNA said Kim had observed the test-firings of strategic cruise missiles.

    North Korea Launches Its Second Missile In 3 Days

    Be as prepared as possible just in case. But here’s hoping that this is nothing more than rhetoric from all of the ruling classes involved.

    How To Prepare A Basement Fallout Room For A Nuclear Attack




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