How To Prepare A Basement Fallout Room For A Nuclear Attack

by | May 4, 2019 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 47 comments


With the constant warmongering between the governments of the world, knowing how to “nuke-proof” a basement or crawlspace could ramp up your chances of survival in the event a nuclear weapon is deployed.  Unless you’re at ground zero, in which case, there’s nothing you can do, there are a few ways to prepare your house for the best chance of survival.

As the risk of a nuclear attack increases, unless you live in a major city or right beside a strategic target, it’s definitely worth preparing your home. That will give you the best chance of survival. First, there are 5 different way a nuclear attack could kill:

  • Thermal pulse – A very intense flash of heat and light
  • Blast – Overpressure and high winds
  • Prompt radiation – A pulse of X-Ray and gamma radiation
  • Residual radiation – Alpha and beta radiation released by the ground around Ground Zero
  • Fallout – Radioactive particles scattered by the explosion

If you survive the initial blast and your home makes it through, your biggest problem is going to be nuclear fallout. Radioactive particles will be scattered far and wide after the explosion and they can harm you. Radioactive dust blasted into the air is fused together with bomb material and reduced to the consistency of fine sand. It is then pumped up into the mushroom cloud and dispersed all over in the form of fallout. The heavier particles will start falling downwind of Ground Zero within minutes of the blast; while the lighter ones can be carried into the stratosphere’s high-altitude winds and come down almost anywhere on the globe. In the two weeks following a nuclear attack, the whole planet will get a very light dusting of fallout.

But you can prepare your basement or crawlspace. You should prepare a room inside with no external walls as a “fallout room.” Because fallout will collect on the roof, a basement is the best place to create your fallout room. You want to be able to stay as far away from the fallout as possible.  Seal off your room and then thicken the walls. The main hazard is going to be beta radiation, and that can make it through a few inches of wood or nearly an inch of aluminum. So build up either bricks or cinder blocks.  Sandbags work great too if that’s all you can get your hands on. Stack furniture or other objects around your room to absorb fallout before it can get to you.

Because you’re going to be staying in there for two weeks or more after a nuclear attack, store some food, and water in sealed and covered containers so fallout cannot contaminate your supply.  Firefighting equipment and camping gear should be in your fallout room, and any comforts you have space for. Consider getting a portable toilet. You may want to spend extra money on something like this just because it is going to be stuck in your fallout room with you for several weeks.

This is a basic starter’s guide to creating a fallout shelter in your basement and won’t account for everyone’s individual situation. However, it’s a start!

Happy Prepping!

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    1. Genius

      Well we don’t have a basement so I guess it would be at the plan C site which has a big horizontal mineshaft.

      • Eisenkreutz

        Before the Shelley v. Kraemer decision in 1948, 90% of apartments in America contained a restrictive covenant clause.

        Ending restrictive covenants was the worst thing that ever happened to real estate.

        Non whites destroy social cohesion, raise crime, and lower property values in nice white neighborhoods.

      • Ketchupondemand

        Got a basement but we’re a long ways from any target.
        Going off topic
        Saw a video about shungite powder and it will supposedly protect the inside of a house from 5g radiation. You can mix it into paint. Price was about $18 p/ lb.
        I’ll wait until we know more.

        • Ketchupondemand

          Part 2 of our shtf.
          Part 1 is found on the left column, “Recent Articles” April 26, 2019, in the article titled “Nature’s Multivitamin.”
          Part II
          About 7 days after the storm, we drove to the nearest small town and see a line of vehicles waiting for gas. A line about a mile and a half long. But the station doesn’t have any.
          They’re all waiting for the tanker truck truck to arrive and refill the station’s tanks.
          On a ridge about a mile away I can hear diesel generators at night. 2 or 3 large homes have them running, with lights on everywhere. After just 2 or 3 days they all went silent.
          Diesel isn’t available at any price, even IF the stations had any. It was restricted to emergency vehicles, front loaders, bulldozers, garbage trucks and the like. They will not sell any to the public.
          So if you have a diesel generator or truck, have your own supply, and plenty of it.

          Day 10, first time gas is available.
          $20. max. per person, with about a 20 minute wait in line.
          There was a visible police presence at the station, with one line just for people on foot with containers and the other 2 lanes for cars. No problems.

          All sales of any kind are cash only and no exceptions. With no electricity or internet, credit/debit cards don’t work and neither do ATMs.

          On bartering…
          Without going into detail, I saw firsthand what psychotic behavior is capable of.
          Like risking death for a pack of cigarettes.
          Barter may work after things have calmed and stabilized, but be cautious about who you work with.
          Addicts to alcohol, tobacco, and drugs, people desperate for food …. avoid!

          First trip to a large grocery store.
          There was about 60-70 people in line outside, with police letting in a few at a time. As people left, a few more are let in.
          Shelves were fairly well stocked but the produce was old and stale. Yeah, even the store generators were having a hard time of it.
          We see a line of 150-200 people waiting in line to enter a bank, standing in the tropical sun. The smart one have umbrellas. We’re glad we have cash at home.
          Police are reluctant to stand in intersections and direct traffic. None of the traffic lights work anywhere. Intersections become free-for-alls.
          Drive defensively or don’t go out!

          There has been a curfew from 6:00 PM until 6:00 AM but almost no one knows about it because there is no news available. And for some reason, it isn’t enforced.
          Our emergency radio still has no broadcast. It was several weeks before it came back.
          Local news of any kind is just not available.
          With one exception. The television service worked.
          We could see world news, but there was no local information because all communications were cut off.

          We had an island wide power outage a year or so back. While driving, the radio station went dead. Changing the station, that one’s dead.
          Check the rest, nothing. It’s an obvious warning, letting you know something’s happened.
          Luckily, we were leaving the city and had no stoplights to go through. But it was chaotic driving for a lot of people.
          End Part II

          • Genius

            Thanks ketchup, great information! Waiting for the next installment 🙂

          • rellik

            Good stuff!
            We are both island guys and islands are full
            of pirates. Many of my neighbors
            stock pile off-road diesel in 3-5 hundred gallon
            tanks. FU to Feds and state taxes.
            I’m surprised the PR isn’t
            much the same.

            • Ketchupondemand

              rellik, I don’t see too many large farms much anymore where there’d be a need to store diesel. Maybe on the south coast where it’s flatter or further up in the mountains there are some big farms.
              Coffee, sugar cane and cattle raising was big here but not so much now. Some big plantain farms around still and they use diesel.
              Southeast Asia killed the sugar and the coffee businesses.
              Picking coffee beans really sucks.
              I remember surfers here in the 70’s trying to cut sugar cane for a few bucks. At 80 cents per hour! They didn’t last long.
              (food stamps and welfare did their damage, too.)

      • odd ball

        . . .so you won’t have a mineshaft gap. . .

    2. Clown World

      There appear to be two separate, safety standards for exposure, based on whether the govt wants you to build and rebuild, or if they want you to cower in religious awe.

      The Nuclear Scare Scam _ Galen Winsor

      In statist documentation, Bikini Islanders mainly needed to shower (fallout).

      In the newsreels, townspeople who fled for the hills were not considered rugged survivalists but like cowards who evaded the draft. You were supposed to be commandeered for free labor. (General cleanup until who knows when.)

      The govt portrayed American citizens, returning to the cities, with expressions of embarrassment, on their faces, because there is no shopping malls, in the wilderness.

      (Did they flee the cities, because they were being destroyed in the fictional dialog? Was anything good in the ruins?)

    3. Honeypot

      Have you ever considered preparing for having a spinal cord injury? You’re more likely to have your neck broken than to get bombed with a nuclear weapon.

      Heads up: if you do break your neck, don’t give up; exercise, exercise, exercise.

      Your body can regain its function years after the incident, even into your old age. However, it is crucial to begin physical therapy right from the start.

      Find out how far you are from a center where spinal cord injury is rehabilitated. Seriously, there are not many of them.



      • Clown World

        Whether or not you believe in this Dr. Strangelove stuff, trauma medicine would still be an all-around useful skillset, in case of any kind of emergency, every day.

      • Montana Guy

        Honeypot, did you miss the part about fallout? The chances of most Americans living today facing that is daunting. Folks would be fools to not have a plan of action in place.

    4. Clown World

      A speculative explanation for chemtrails… Let me make explicitly clear, that this is all in my imagination. I have no inside knowledge of anything, ever.

      When the US blocks out view of the sky, sci-fi writers go into overdrive, describing something like the inside of a camera. I mean, a Dyson’s sphere, with wall-to-wall paneling and intelligent planets looking back at us.

      When NK blocks out view of the sky, you assume that it’s to hide tactical-green trucks.

      I’m not saying that I want to put the chaff, chemicals, exhaust, etc, on my breakfast cereal.

      But, is it mainly just to obstruct the view. Explanations come easy as Muprhy’s Law, when the 2nd and 3rd world does it. No stress, if they have measurably-less sunlight, for some hours.

      The fear of the unknown makes for neat, mildly-schizoid stories. These should be fresh, new movies.

      But, it’s usually something mundane, were it not for the secrecy. People are very superstitious.

      • Menzoberranzan

        I once ate too many hits of acid too 🙂

        • Genius

          Uh yer still going to be able to run the machine gun right?

        • Stuart

          Yep, sounds like a burn victim alright.

          Listen up Clown. Here’s a FACTUAL explanation of chem-trails.
          I started my commercial flying career in 1976. I am a line check pilot and instrument instructor. The trail coming out of an aircraft is steam. It’s called a contrail. It is the result of the combustion of what is essentially kerosene. Period.
          There are no such thing as chem-trails. The sooner you get over it the sooner you stop sounding like an idiot.

          • Genius

            And you sir are an unresearched idiot. Being a pilot does not make you privy to govt. intel. Try geo engineering… dot …org… to get started, there is more after that. Now you look like an idiot….

        • odd ball

          the chem trails are quite acidic. . .

    5. Jim in Va.

      I’m 15 miles from a target(Mt. Weather) in Va. Depending on how many nukes they drop on it and the kila-tonage will determine whether I survive in the basement. the good news is that the fallout drifts northeast of my location.

      • Yahooie

        I’m 15 miles SSW of the Pentagon. I probably won’t see much as I didn’t for 9-11 aside from TV. After I knew of the events unfolding, the first thing I did was go put gas in the car in case of having to bug out. Then I made sure of having what I might need in a bag and the cat carrier at the ready. I happened to be home that day due to not feeling well. At hearing the news, I took some aspirin and just ground through it.

    6. Kevin2

      Jim in Va

      From what I have read the most common is 100Kt. I imagine the that there are size constraints in an MIRV warhead and the Dr Strangelove types (regardless of nation) have computed that its sufficient for target destruction.

      • rellik

        I wasn’t going to comment on this post but you brought up an interesting point, 100 kt. Most our new bombs are variable yield, to less than 20 kt
        The US is quietly upgrading our nukes to almost make them tactically useful.
        The old days of bragging about Megatons were beaten by a thing called the inverse square rule for power. To make it simple, a lot of little, well placed bombs do far more damage than one really big one.
        As for you guys that live close to ground “zero”, I really don’t think you have to worry about it. Read the “Art of war” written by a Chinese guy, Sun Tzu. Your biggest problem is your Democrat neighbors, not a Russian, Chinese, or NORK nuke.

        • Kevin2


          I have also read about the trend in “downsizing” nuclear weapons thus blurring the “line not to be crossed”. Its obvious that their use is tactical as opposed to strategic. When you go after a nations heartland in mass the gloves will come off with no regard to overkill. The dangerous question is how close can one come to the preceding before “Crossing The Rubicon”. The line was WMD but non WMD (mother of all) have increased while the tried and true WMD are narrowing the gap. When you play on the precipice you likely fall off the cliff. The more years that pass from Hiroshima and Nagasaki the less frightful impact it has.

    7. Ed Cushman

      You apparently haven’t heard that the good ETs that are here to help us have shut down all of our atomic weapons long ago and the “continuing” nuclear threat that is talked up is just to keep us in fear as the bad ETs feed off of it. Few people are likely to believe this if they don’t know of the many types of ETs on earth. David Wilcox is the expert on all of this

    8. Jim in Va.

      Rellik,those dems should have targets on their houses. getting rid of them would go a long way in solving a lot of problems.

    9. Bert

      Really, it’s a basement fallout room? BAHAHA

      Got a building permit? Illegal basement living quarters, legal proper egress, proper sanitation? Mold and radon? Illegal storage tanks? You’ll likely to get a fine and/or a court order to remove.

      Make sure you install everything halfassed jerryrigged using parts you saved from old broken appliances, that way, when the buyers of your home have their home inspection prior to closing, the inspector can cite 5,000 reasons why the home seller is an idiot and the deal falls through.

      The United Nations will thank you for being such a great hoarder of food, guns, ammo, porn, blowup dolls. Don’t forget to tell them everything when they come to confiscate, failure to do so will get you shot on the spot. Heck, I bet Bernie Sanders has a plan ready to take all of your shit and their won’t even be a war.

      • Montana Guy

        Bert, Google ‘ingenuity’.
        Think ‘root cellar’. New construction is easy, especially for overhead protection. With existing foundations/frost walls already have two walls. For two adults and two children 64 sq. ft. floor space would be priceless. You just need two 8 ft. walls with one access panel or leave some concrete blocks and small sand bags (for sealing) near the opening. Store your ‘stuff’ in nondescript totes in the open outside the space. Overhead radiation protection must be pre-installed. Some protection will be infinitely better than nothing. Depending on the floor use above, protection could be added on the first floor. Always call it a ‘root cellar’ to everyone including your kids.

        • Genius

          What’s a building permit? Why would I let govt. cretens know my business? Ever heard of a portable toilet? Have it inspected? Are you an idiot from Kalifornia or something? Wow….

      • Stuart

        Damn Bert, you sure live in a crappy place. Sounds like NY or Mass.
        Around here it is nobody’s business what goes on in the basement and people know to keep their mouth shut.

    10. Michael Pacer

      They want to reduce world population by 7 billion….fallout sounds perfect. How did these psychopaths get control of everything?

      • odd ball

        by taking over the world money hegemon

    11. Asshat

      Not afraid of nuclear bombs. force is always dialed up you don’t start lobbing nukes without going conventional first. The fears are overblown. There is no shortage of fear propaganda. It’s not like nukes are in every corner drugstore. the illegal immigrant invasion is more of a concern.

    12. Jim in Va.

      Bernie would be wrong….like so many other things he spouts.

    13. Bill

      Since at least the year 2000 lots of people have written about asteroid strikes on the planet, nuclear war, Ebola pandemics, global starvation, massive Chinese army invasions on the N/A continent, civil war, mad max like economic collapse, total depletion of oil, EMPs, continent destroying earthquakes, and on and on. A few have even claimed alien invasions were coming.
      Some of the authors claimed to have “stumbled onto” this information, others claimed to be experts. Some said they got this information from insiders, or be insiders themselves. And a few of them claimed to have information divinely revealed to them. However, almost all of them have stated over the years these events were imminent. What all these prognosticators have in common is they are never right but never in doubt.
      We have plenty enough problems already without adding all these other catastrophes.

      • Montana Guy

        Bill, hopefully you have no loved ones depending on you for protection.

        Today eight nations have from 100 to 10,000 nuclear weapons each. I’m sure you are right. Nothing to worry about here.

    14. Traitor Hator

      Multi layer dry wall on ceiling until you can’t get longer screws? Don’t they say 12 inches of dirt, drywall is dirt?

    15. ANGRY FROG

      I am to old, I can not run or hide.
      I can not see well.
      I can not hear well.

      So I will just sit out on the porch with Sun Block 1000 with a drink.

    16. Anonymous

      I doubt that you can increase your chances of surviving a nuclear attack by preparing your basement. You’d need at least 6 inches of lead lining the walls.

      • Stuart

        Nonsense. Basements are generally underground.

      • ANGRY FROG

        How about 6 inches of dirt ?

    17. Hoser

      Amazing, not one mention of potassium iodide pills. Weird

      • brotherhorse

        KI is not the panacea, It has one main use for “blocking” most iodine 131.
        Block is the word.. it never was a fix all.
        It does not stop radiation, at all.
        Many people have adverse reaction to it.

        Read upon it.
        potassium iodide – KI

        potassium iodate

        KI (potassium iodide) cannot protect the body from radioactive elements other than radioactive iodine—if radioactive iodine is not present, taking KI is not protective and could cause harm.

      • brotherhorse

        KI is not the panacea, It has one main use for “blocking” most iodine 131.
        Block is the word.. it never was a fix all.
        It does not stop radiation, at all.
        Many people have adverse reaction to it.

        Read upon it.
        potassium iodide – KI

        potassium iodate

        KI (potassium iodide) cannot protect the body from radioactive elements other than radioactive iodine—if radioactive iodine is not present, taking KI is not protective and could cause harm.

      • Horse

        KI is not the panacea, It has one main use for “blocking” most iodine 131.
        Block is the word.. it never was a fix all.
        It does not stop radiation, at all.
        Many people have adverse reaction to it.

        Read upon it.
        potassium iodide – KI
        h ttps://

        potassium iodate

        KI (potassium iodide) cannot protect the body from radioactive elements other than radioactive iodine—if radioactive iodine is not present, taking KI is not protective and could cause harm.

    18. Anonymous

      My “plan” includes a decontamination room in the garage. If in the unlikely event of nuclear fallout…keep in mind that even your automobile offers protection from the fallout. A car isn’t optimal, but running outside of it to find better shelter will put you at more risk than if you just stayed in the car. You will also contaminate any safe space unless you decontaminate your entire self…think “Silkwood”.

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