North Korea’s Nuclear Tests Could Trigger A Super Volcano

by | Sep 18, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 33 comments

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    Following North Korea’s sixth nuclear test, nations across the globe are ramping up defense systems and bracing for the worst. But it isn’t only radioactive risks scientists are worried about now. North Korea’s nuclear tests could disturb mountains in the Changbai range, along with the still-active Mt. Paektu, triggering the first eruption since 1903.

    “I was a member of the NASA Advisory Council on Planetary Defense which studied ways for NASA to defend the planet from asteroids and comets,” explains Brian Wilcox of Nasa’s Jet Propulsion Laboratory (JPL) at the California Institute of Technology. “I came to the conclusion during that study that the supervolcano threat is substantially greater than the asteroid or comet threat.”

    According to Newsweek, Chinese authorities closed part of their border as radiation fallout fears intensified in the wake of North Korea’s sixth test. China has limited access to a nature reserve on its border with North Korea after a mysterious series of seismic shakes at the rogue nation’s nuclear test site were detected less than 10 minutes after it conducted its latest test, which also triggered a sizable tremor. The severity of the tremors prompted Beijing to close the site over fears that underground detonations by the North Koreans at a facility near Punggye-ri could lead to rockslides, or worse, trigger an eruption of the active “supervolcano” Mount Paektu, according to

    The volcanic site, which is sacred to North Korea,  is located right on its border with China. China’s closure is in effect for a 70-mile-radius around the detonation site. A blast from this supervolcano could be catastrophic, with ash traveling thousands of miles, potentially causing hundreds of thousands of deaths.

    A new article in scientific journal Nature’s Scientific Reports states that “an underground nuclear explosion test near an active volcano constitutes a direct threat.” Scientists wrote that it could “disturb the magma chamber of a volcano, thus accelerating the volcanic activity,” scientists argue. –Zerohedge

    Zerohedge reported, that the US Geological Survey estimated that the second burst of seismic energy, only eight and a half minutes after the detonation, had a magnitude of 4.1; the detonation itself registered at 6.3. While satellite images do show signs of structural collapse, the movement of rock more closely resembles a landslide.

    North Korea is hardly alone in facing a potentially deadly eruption. Recently, NASA scientists have spoken out about the threat of super volcanoes and the risky methods that could be used to prevent a devastating eruption, any one of which could be a deadly extinction level event.


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      1. do you have any idea how many ants were hurt or killed?

        • Denis Rodman, your country needs you! please tell us again how wonderful Kim is?


      3. The North Koreans now have the hydrogen bomb; their major concern is to perfect the delivery of an ICBM with the bomb mounted in place. If further nuclear tests are needed, China is faced with the choice of triggering a super volcano or provide an alternative test site. This assumes that the information about the super volcano is correct. I doubt North Korea will believe there is a risk. If it is true, then China has a good reason to pressure North Korea to stop.

        Keep smiling! It’ll worry the bastards because they’ll figure that you are up to something!

      4. There is some poetic justice in KJU causing a super volcano in NK. To bad for the innocent people in NK. I guess Mr. Putin will be the first to show up with aid for his friends. He was so concerned hat the US was going to nuke them.

      5. To my Asian friends. Go ahead, allow Kim Jong ILL-ONE to take the East into oblivion.

      6. I believe cannabis is legal in North Korea unlike the supposed freedom loving land of the free American experience. Strap all of these American war criminals down and cleanse their evil souls and brains with a week long fog of cannabis ingestion. That will turn them into peaceful antiwar human beings. Well maybe not since they have been brainwashed by reefer madness hysteria since childhood. One of the most successful examples of a corporate mindfuck ever in the history of civilization. Eliminate big pharma poisons for the good of humanity. Make cannabis 100% legal and America will become the truly free nation it proposes to be. Stop the insanity! I know fat chance.

        • ?

        • aljamo, have you seen the remake of “Reefer Madness”? If not, I highly recommend it!

        • A
          You are correct. But it is to keep them stoned so they don’t over throw the guberment.

        • A
          You are correct. But it is to keep the STONED. So they over throw the Guberment.

      7. Porky>>>” we think the americants squat for the piss”
        ha-ha …ha-ha….ha-ha

        ht tps://

        (((THANKS OBAMA)))

      8. Let’s just hope something terrible happens I mean we’re all here to watch some shit hit the fan and plan for it right. Would be nice if China Russia n Korea and some others would hit us with a few tactical nukes and red dawned us, or maybe an civil war and or purge of some sort. I used to believe that culling the heard or flock was evil after becoming a farmer 10 years ago I quickly learned that it is necessary to remove the aggressive, retarded, sick, lazy animals.
        Seems we must do the same with Mankind.

      9. …even here, on shtfplan, you see the boogeyman being setup for you. NK has the right, and the reason, to better defend their nation, whether you like it or not.

        No one batted an eye when the U.S. tested their missiles for generations, and even to this day. Yet, NK can’t sneeze without everyone freaking out. NK isn’t going to do anything, leave them alone in their sandbox and you’ll have no issues.

      10. …even here, on shtfplan, you see the boogeyman being setup for you. NK has the right, and the reason, to better defend their nation, whether you like it or not.

        No one batted an eye when the U.S. tested their missiles for generations, and even to this day. Yet, NK can’t sneeze without everyone freaking out. NK isn’t going to do anything, leave them alone in their sandbox and you’ll have no issues.

      11. Well. If it goes off, we’re all doomed to a few years of Winter. At least the ash will mostly stay over there.

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      13. good day.

      14. Look on the bright side there are things you can only grow in volcanic ash soil . Not sure what like pineapple, coca bush,coffee im not sure but there has got to be a bright side to it. Plus we havent had any real snow fall for a few years about the time i got a snow plow so guess it would finally come in handy. And the weed thing is just to make money via tax dont you kniw its all about money

      15. “Power corrupts, but absolute power corrupts absolutely.”
        -Lord Acton

        Are Facebook And Google The New Colonial Powers?
        “To qualify as colonial powers, Facebook and Google must effectively limit the choices and power of users, and punish or coerce those who question or resist their power.”

        ht tp://

        • KY Mom, all we can do is vote with our feet and our wallets.

          The only thing I have control over is what I think and what I do (for now). So I keep preparing, so I can take care of me and mine.

          • Justice,

            I agree. We do what we can to take care of our family.

            Take care! Be safe!
            KY Mom

      16. Why the elite need to sweat:

        I some of their agents are even reading this site as well. They have the world by the tail, don’t they. At least they think they do. There is an old saying from a book they never read, that goes “Pride goeth before a fall.” Here’s some reasons from history that just maybe they aren’t so all fired brilliant after all:

        1.) In CS Lewis’ required fiction book, The Hideous Strength, there are a similar group of elite who have the world by the tail. Of course, they don’t believe in spiritual realities of any kind, and in their hubris and ignorance, they start dabbling with what are – unknown to them – demonic forces. Demonic forces, ipso facto, desire to destroy men, individually and corporately. These people are in WAY over their head, and meet the end you might expect.

        2.) But lets look at history, shall we? The Nazis earlier than today’s Nazis (recall, fascism, as defined by Mussolini, is the merger of the socialist state with co-opted, crony big biz that is beholden to the govt) had England defeated during the Battle of Britain. But we aren’t speaking German now, so what happened? Turns out some German pilot made a “by chance” navigational error, and accidentally bombed a civilian area instead of a military target. The Brits retaliated by bombing some German population areas, the Goering had promised would never happen. So, the Germans now ***diverted their air campaign against the airfields*** – which would have won the war for them, and turned it towards the civilians. This allowed the RAF to gain its breath and shoot down the Luftwaffe as it attacked the cities. I.e., in their hubris, thinking the war was already won, they made a fatal error. Providence? Well, there’s more.

        3.) Jimmy Doolittle’s raid on Japan, during the blackest days after Pearl, and which most people today know nothing about, was one of the most heroic raids ever. But what you may not know is that, part heroism, part Providence, the Japanese AT ALL COSTS could not risk their “divine” emperor Hirohito. So they had to pull back a portion of their defenses to ensure nothing like this happened again. War is like football, a game of inches. Did this make the difference? You, dear reader, can decide that for yourself.

        4.)The Bismark. Major game changer that might have won the war in the Atlantic, and perhaps the mightiest ship afloat at the time. It was 251 m (823 ft 6 in) overall in length. So what, you say. Well, here’s what. Again, matching human courage with divine providence, a British BIPLANE (recall, this same war some JETS, with the ME-262!) attacked this ship with impenetrable armour, and out of a 800 some odd feet, just “happened” to hit the rudder area with its torpedo, which was the one single chink in its armour. It became unsteerable, and got locked in a turn – and was sunk. See for more details. If you are a bankster or an elite, you might want to consider this event, or this one:

        5.) The Battle of Midway. Again, pairing courage with providence, a flight of US dive bombers were running out of gas, but JUST before turning back, “happened” to spot a Japanese destroyer heading back to the main fleet, and followed it. It just “happened’ that the Japanese fleet had just been attacked by torpedo bombers down low. Most of them got shot down. But what happened was that the Jap fighter cover up top had come down low to help shoot them down… and it just “happened” that when they were down low, the US dive bombers showed up at that same moment. That battle changed the course of the war.

        6.) Look at people like Snowden, or William Binney, former high level NSA official whose conscience and patriotism got the better of him, and turned whistleblower (google him for more info) in defense of the Constitution and freedom. ***How many more Snowdens and Binneys are out there?*** Turns out, God HAS placed a conscience and a moral compass on all of us, and the elite – most of whom have seared their consciences on their way to a literal Hell – have NO idea who might be next, or when.

        So, next time you see the arrogant elite, don’t despair. Sun Tzu said to “pretend inferiority and encourage arrogance.” In this case, we don’t even NEED to encourage arrogance! Of a truth, there is a God, who despises arrogance, and acts – if not always immediately – on behalf of justice (think William Wilberforce, or William Carey earlier; think of the stories above). The elite, insofar as they are against human flourishing and justice, have history aligned against them in this life, and a very frightening future in front of them.

        And those of you monitoring this site for elite, reflect on this. Are you on the wrong side of both justice and history? Will you, yourself, be looking with disgust at yourself a decade from now, as, say, an ex-STASI agent might be doing today? Think, mon ami! Think! Listen to your conscience – it is there for a **reason**, right?

        • Thank you, Test. Well said. Much in my life “just happened” to rescue me from harm. I learned slow, but I learned well that God truly cares for us, and guides our destiny if we listen to Him.

      17. Let little fat boy level his country so we won’t have TO.

      18. Sarge, it looks to me like Porky can screw up all on his own. I’d still rather see either China or Russia deal with him.

      19. I think supervolcano eruptions are a long shot, but Mt. Paektu is more than just nothing. Worth monitoring. Worst case, following the Hawaiian custom of sacrificing a virgin to appease the volcano “gods,” in this case maybe we could have Dennis Rodman jump in?? Oh wait, there’s the virgin thing, tho….

        • TEST, if we could somehow get Hillary to NK…..

      20. Great team working happening globally:

        One group are invested in pulling oil and gas out of the Earth.

        Another group is letting off H Bombs/A Bombs

        End result earthquakes and atomic pollution as the earth vibrate and fills in the faults created while slowly poisioning all life on earth.

        Make America great again, legalize dope and kill off the inquisitive minds in a drug filled stupor to stop people holding governments accountable and keep them mellow.

      21. More clickbait hysteria… I suppose we should be grateful they didn’t suggest that the US supervolcano was going to erupt…

        From Wikipedia:

        In 2011, experts in North and South Korea met to discuss the potential for a significant eruption in the near future,[8] as the volcano explodes to life every 100 years or so, the last time in 1903.


        In 2014, the Government of North Korea invited volcanologists James Hammond of Imperial College, London and Clive Oppenheimer of the University of Cambridge to study the mountain for recent volcanic activity. Their work is expected to last for “two or three years”.

        Note: This means North Korea has seismologists, too, and presumably they assessed the risk. Note that the last eruption in 1902 was considered a “minor” eruption. The last BIG one was a thousand years ago in AD 946.

        So, “supervolcano”? Probably not.

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