North Korea Warns China Of “Catastrophic Consequences” For Siding With U.S.

by | Apr 22, 2017 | Headline News | 129 comments

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    This report was originally published by Tyler Durden at

    Having repeatedly threatened the annihilation of its neightbor to the south, and most recently warning of a “super-mighty preemptive strike” against the US, one day after it emerged that Pyongyang appeared to have resumed activity at its Punggye-ri Nuclear test site, North Korea asked China not to step up anti-North sanctions, warning of “catastrophic consequences” in their bilateral relations.

    Pyongyang issued the warning through commentary written by a person named Jong Phil on its official Korean Central News Agency (KCNA), which was released Saturday.

    As South Korea’s Yonhap news agency writes, it’s rare for Pyongyang’s media to level criticism at Beijing, though the KCNA didn’t directly mention China in the commentary titled “Are you good at dancing to the tune of others” and dated Friday. The commentary instead called the nation at issue “a country around the DPRK,” using North Korea’s official name, the Democratic People’s Republic of Korea.

    “Not a single word about the U.S. act of pushing the situation on the Korean peninsula to the brink of a war after introducing hugest-ever strategic assets into the waters off the Korean peninsula is made but such rhetoric as ‘necessary step’ and ‘reaction at decisive level’ is openly heard from a country around the DPRK to intimidate it over its measures for self-defense,” the commentary’s introduction in English read.


    “Particularly, the country is talking rubbish that the DPRK has to reconsider the importance of relations with it and that it can help preserve security of the DPRK and offer necessary support and aid for its economic prosperity, claiming the latter will not be able to survive the strict ‘economic sanctions’ by someone.”

    Then, the KCNA commentary warned that the neighbor country will certainly face a catastrophe in their bilateral relationship, as long as it continues to apply economic sanctions together with the United States.

    “If the country keeps applying economic sanctions on the DPRK while dancing to the tune of someone after misjudging the will of the DPRK, it may be applauded by the enemies of the DPRK, but it should get itself ready to face the catastrophic consequences in the relations with the DPRK,” it said.

    North Korea watchers here say the commentary appears to be Pyongyang’s response after Chinese experts and media have recently called for escalating sanctions against the North, including the suspension of oil exports, in case of its sixth nuclear test.

    An angry and provocative op-ed slamming what until recently was considered North Korea’s shadow advocate in the region, suggests a level of growing desperation at the top echelons of NK’s government, and hints that Kim Jong-Un is even more irrational and unpredictable than “normal.”


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      1. Another NO DONG missle NO GO.

        • Screw the fat little turd Kim. Now nuke Australia. LMAO. How’s he gonna do it. He threatens to nuke everybody. At most he has 20 nuke bombs.
          He has to put them on missles. Half his missle don’t work, so there’s 10 gone. 10 left for who, and who cares. Turn that whole country into one big parking lot.


            Nashville Gunfighter Takes Out THREE Armed Robbers Single-Handedly

            Posted at 9:25 am on April 21, 2017 by Bob Owens

            An unnamed person inside a Nashville (TN) sneaker shop went John Wick on three armed robbers last after they made the mistake of charging into the store with guns blazing.

            A man died after he was injured during a shootout at a Bordeaux shop late Thursday night.

            It happened inside retailer Hot Kicks, located in a strip mall at 3101 Clarksville Pike, around 11 p.m.

            Metro police told News 2 a group of people were inside the store when at least three armed suspects came in through an unlocked back door and began firing.

            One of the people in the store returned fire, while others took off running, according to police.

            Metro police said officers found one man near the back door with several gunshot wounds.

            None of the customers or staff of the store were injured in the exchange of gunfire. One of the three robbers was found critically injured outside the back door of the shop by police, and died at Vanderbilt University Medical Center. The other two suspects arrived at TriStar Centennial Medical Center leaking from fresh holes, and one of those two robbers is now in critical condition.

            We have to read between the lines on this a little bit since we’re looking at preliminary reports, but what this suggests is pretty amazing.

            Our “hero” inside the store did not appear to have any advance warning of an impending armed robbery, and it appears that the first thing anyone knew of it was the three robbers bursting in the back door of the shop with guns blazing.

            In any event, the shooter refused to be overwhelmed by the unfolding scenario, armed himself, and proceeded to hit all three robbers and drive then out of the store.

            Further, it is typically very rare for a magazine change to occur during a robbery, so he probably managed to hit all three suspects with bullets from a single magazine as everyone else in the store ran for their lives.

            I’d be very curious to find out if the citizen-gunfighter in this incident had defensive firearms training under his belt, but we’re very unlikely to obtain than information from the media or the police.

            In any event, the shooter here was one very cool customer, and he got the job done thoroughly, and without any of the customers or employees in the store taking so much as a scratch.

            Nicely done!



            • Hermes, stories like that one do help my day go better. So only one of the perps died? Oh well, better than nothing. The other two will get theirs eventually. You play with fire, you get burned, plain and simple.

            • Bet our hero was not a neck beard hunter.

        • North Korea holds all the cards. They have a country full of useless eaters that they will unleash on the rest of the world. It will look like a Korean form of packman.

          • Coming to a city near you…

      2. Disastrous for him!

        • Perhaps Kim Jong Un, is really going suicidally full retard. Maybe the DPRK leadership knows their days are numbered, no matter what.

          The DPRK has within the last few days threatened Australia with a nuclear strike, now uses backhanded language against China. China probably wants the DPRK to stay in place, but such innuendo is also probably making their temper simmer. The Chinese are a pretty proud people, who saved North Korea’s @$$, and kept them propped up for decades.

          Won’t be long now before someone causes something to go down there. When it does go down, expect it to effect every place DPRK operatives exist. Even if the DPRK is destroyed, their people have “dead hand” directives. If they go into action, you can then expect everyone else who hates the US to join in…

          • Kim Dong Pun, it’s time for you to go. You lose, fat boy.

          • Plausible and feasible, more’s the pity.

            Are you ready?

          • Kim is taking advice from kapernick and his pal denis rodman. Haters of amerika

      3. Sounds like KJU is in a real pickle. Sucks to be him. Well almost, he has that female
        pleasure brigade that travels with him. Wonder what his wife thinks about that.

        • Whatever she thinks, she keeps it to herself.

          If she didn’t, Kim Jong would be a widower.

        • -Man backed into corner.
          -Man who has a screw or dozen loose.
          -Man feels world is against him. Because they are.
          -Man who feels he is targeted for elimination. Because he is.
          -Man with nothing to loose. Has seen Panama-Iraq-Afghanistan-Libya-Syria hit.
          —–Man with Nuclear Weapon and delivery system.
          —————–What could possibly go wrong?
          ——————————Is Anyone Awake?

          Trump sending multiple carrier groups.
          Sounds to me like steaming your battle group into ambush? Trap. BAD Idea.
          Why send your equipment and men into a kill box?

          Has Trump thought about ignoring a loud mouth throwing a childish tantrum, instead of reacting in a predictable reactionary manner?

          How about Syria? Trump sure has smoothed thing over with Russia. Trump sure has honored promises that got him into office. NOT. Trump the Liar. Dangerous folly.
          You people here will still be worshiping Trump even as the Russian Nukes are dropping. You have lost rational realistic thinking.

          Wonder if Iran-Syria-China will pal up with Russia? Multiple fronts. Multiple adversaries. And few damn capable friends. “And you are steaming your ships into a bad neighborhood?” Why?

          I make friends of my enemies when possible. I send them Christmas cards and gift cards. Has Trump ever invited North Korea nut boy to golf. Maybe he needs a friend. Even crazy people need some conversation with someone other than themselves.
          Don’t you respect Dennis Rodman and the basketball buddies that had the courage to go into N Korea? Well done. Takes more guts to do that than to drop bombs from safety.

          Why hasn’t Trump invited Putin to golf or to some skeet shooting? Maybe ride some ATV’s? Go carts? Not a political negotiation. Just some face time. Dinner with the wives.
          Leave the Generals- Spooks-Bankers-Media-Corporate heads, ALL at home. Their purpose is conflict. And they make money by that conflict.
          A hammer sees everything in the world as a nail. And an opportunity for hammering.

          • Yes, all the world needs is love. But if you hugged Kim Jong um, he would murder you then drop a nuke in your casket and send it back.

          • Trump just needs a little time to play with his new high explosive toys, that’s all. Then Ivanka gets to shoot some off too.

          • Yes anonymous, perhaps trump could get the same haircut as Kim as a show of love and respect.

          • Your post appears to be the ‘Barry Sotero community organizing school of bullshit’ style of governing.

            Rodman is a fuck up, so is kapernichle…Fuck them both and their Barry style, America hating ideas!

            Do write the scripts for Trump bashing on CNN and for Rachel Madcow on MSNBC?

            your style of Trump bashing is a little more subdued but still comes through loud and clear as a ‘sore loser kankles supporter!!

            • Some people are closet oboinga lovers

      4. We can laugh all we want; but, the little fat Chihuahua of a man will come out of the corner biting at anything he sees. You know what I hope? That he’s not got a damned thing that works. But, if he does, I can see South Korea and who knows what more lighting up in the dark like cyalume. And like those light-sticks, all it takes is one little ‘crrraaaaccckk’ and Voila – things glow. Kim Jong Un may be the one to set things off whether by his intent or others’ intent(s).

        • Yeah – and just like that little chihuahua….it runs out raising hell and you really try to avoid it cause your afraid you might step on it and hurt it…but eventually the inevitable happens because that little dumbass dog just won’t learn a lesson!!

      5. Who cares ??

        We have Sharia Law, right here, in our own Country !!!


      6. 2ID is a speed bump!

        South Korea must be shitting in their pants if NK ever decided to attack.

        • Nofilter78, SK are no less tough than NK. They’ll kill each other if it comes to it.

          • The artillary that is buried in the mountains of NK would level Seoul in 24 hours. Nothing SK can do unless that missile defense system which has never been tested or shouldn’t be in Asia actually works. As a Cav man myself I can tell you that only once has an American Unit lost its colors on foreign soil, Korea it was. Bravado that turns into overconfidence is the killer of men in war!

            • “The artillary that is buried in the mountains of NK would level Seoul in 24 hours”.

              24 hours ??? A good artillery crew can fire 3 rounds a minute. Even at two rounds per minute, 10,000 N Korean artillery batteries should be able to reduce Seoul to rubble in about 30 minutes. 🙁

            • Do not forget the USS PUEBLO captured by N korea

          • South Korea depends on welfare from amerika. They will get creamed by North Korea in 30 seconds. They hope we play the “Trump ” card.

      7. Great. So now Mentally Il Kim Jong is going to take on China at the same time.

        Maybe he’s planning a “The Mouse that Roared” caper (see the old movie if you don’t recall what this refers to)

      8. China needs to whip his crazy ass. China has the largest ground army in the world. They need to test their munitions out on the shithole called the DPRK.

        • Wrong. America has the largest civilian army in the world. Wisconsin alone had 650000 hunters in 2016. Makes them the 7th largest army in the world.

          • hunters are not trained coordinated soldiers with air and heavy weaponry cover. those are just 650,000 individuals who are irrelevant mostly, and many would probably never dare face down a really dangerous animal or armed human.

            • You miss the point, thats just one state,
              You also must not know any hunters, most of the ones i know would not hesitate to use their iron to protect family and country, sure theres some who wont, even if its only 1/4 of the registered hunters from all 50 states thats more than the combined militaries of the rest of the world, also dont kid yourself on arms, the big craze now among hunters is long range hunting, the guys i know can all hit their mark at 800m and beyond most days, lots of these guys are vets, lots of them have heavy iron that bliws holes in 1/2″ plate at 1200m, they are also good at not being seen,,,

              • There’s a huge difference between facing off someone breaking into your home (or attacking you in the street) with your “iron” and facing off a trained infantry squad, much less a larger trained and well equipped force, with it.

                You ever been on the receiving end of, say, a mortar attack? I have, and let me assure you that your rifle is rather worthless against it. And that’s just common mortars, not heavier stuff.

                Be real or end up dead.

                • Small arms are near worthless in modern warfare.
                  EMP-Nuke-Bio-Chem-Kinetic-Air Cover-Artillery-Famine, these are insanity norm of modern war. Not to mention economic weapons, psy-ops, mind control, continuous media propaganda and manipulation.

                  Is this web site actually just a Fed honey pot for future target list.
                  Making their list. Checking it twice. Then US e-verify system, facial recognition, ensures you NEVER get a good paying job. License plate recognition allows US law enforcement to round up one dissident at a time quietly for disposal.

                  WAKE UP: None of the “security measures” in US is for “terorrists” These are for YOU. To keep YOU in line.

                  Trumps wall is not to keep the they’s out. It is to keep YOU in.
                  Cash cow. Sheep to sheer. Goats to rounded up and slaughtered by next “obama”.
                  If Trump does not get you nuked first.

                • I bet your average fat lazy hunter doesn’t even carry a gas mask or NVG or simple body armor. Those cowards only shoot defenseless animals. They might get one shot off before a trained sniper squad calls in an air strike at night. Idiots

            • Who do you think won this country from the British. Americas civilians are heavaley armed.

              • Yeah, all that artillery, heavy machine guns, aircraft, warships, state of the art infantry weapons and such we own, just like the Colonists had the same equipment as the soldiers when they went against up the British military.

            • Christine Erikson. The US army is a total FAIL!!! With the largest budget 10 times of every other country in the world put together, they keep losing every war they fight. There is no coordination in the US Military, just a bunch of psychopathic dopes. Proof as Trump just bombed the sh!t out of bunkers paid for by the CIA in Afghanistan. Oh yeah great coordination there eh baby!!

              Yes that is 650,000 Wisconsin hunters with large caliber Hunting rifles with scopes on them to shoot targets out several hundred yards, as they hide like snipers. I been there in WISC on opening morning, and nailed a buck low light at 365 paces, and it is a Glorious sound of rifle fire, ringing out like a Viet Nam raid. Ohio has about 1 million Hunters and Penn has about 1.5 deer hunters. Yeah bring it you dopes. You try running across an open field with 650,000 hunters at every choke point in the woods. Yeah. I place all my money on the USA American Hunter hands down with out a doubt.

              • But hunters are cowards so…? They won’t train or show up at militia training. They would all be shooting each other hahaha what dumb a$$$e$.

            • I have a FRANKLIN that says that most of the hunters in America are veterans. America has been producing hundreds of thousands of trained veterans: many real combat vets, every year since 1965.

              Even these old guys can still shoot the lights out from a distance. Its like riding a bicycle, once you learn how, you don’t forget. Its easier now than ever before with better weapons and technology. And it doesn’t take much time to refresh your skills.

              Hardly “irrelevant” Christine, because most of them are pretty damn smart too: which is why they have lived a long time. Obviously you’re not a hunter. 🙂

            • Christine, you are absolutely right. Most hunters are beer drinking fags that get off on pulling the legs off of frogs. A more cowardly bunch you will not find. Those idiots believe the 2nd amendment is for wounding ducks. They have not one tank amoung them. Remember that the revolutionary war consisted of no helicopters, night vision, nerve gas, nukes, drones, or satellite equipment all owned and operated by the illuminati. All I ever hear hunters threaten are trespassing shoe salesmen.

          • Haha hunters, fat hillbillies with neck beards bragging about how they only have 1/2 box of old 30-30 shells left and a broken 35 Whellan rifle their grandpa gave them. €ucking joke. Their wives put up a better fight.

            • Gandhi, you must not know of any hunters. My cousin in north GA are ALL hunters, including the women AND the kids that are old enough to handle firearms and archery. And I’ve only seen a FRACTION of the weapons they own. Half of them are also veterans and they’ve taught me a good portion of what I know about prepping and survival. They all grew up around guns, hunting, fishing, trapping, foraging, etc. some of them grew up on farms so they can raise crops in their sleep. They all have gardens. You tangle with any of them and you’ll WISH they were a joke, IF you live to talk about it. So watch what you say about hunters, dickhead.

              • Hunters of defenseless animals are cowards. There is no honor in it, I understand the need to eat and control populations but it is not bravery to kill a deer with a 30-06. Cowards need to eat too I guess.

              • Braveheart hahaha, I was in the military for 20 years and have been the target of the business end of an AK47 soooo. I can tell you real men don’t consider hunting defenseless animals bravery. Most men who have seen real combat feel sorry for animals but will hunt to eat but insist on quick kills. I call hunters cowards to their face quite often but they never pull their smoke wagon cause they know my smokewagon is faster and also….they are cowards like you.

            • Red Dawn has been on AMC this week. Gets the peckerwoods riled up.

              • Charlie, haha yes peckerwoods. The last time I went hiking with a brave hunter the idiot was so unsafe with his gun and bragged so much about his skill as a woodsman that I just left him lost in the woods.

          • Not every hunter would make a soldier. Some of those old fat guys can barely get up in that
            tree stand.

            • And they count on the critters they shoot at not being able to shoot back at them.

              Or outnumbering them.

              Or having air support.

              Not many real combat vets posting here, not many at all.

            • The brave hunters that served in the military with me were the most sceerdycat because they had seen what happens to a head shot deer when a 300 win mag blows the deer’s eyes out of the sockets. Or amputates a deers leg. But those cowards had no problem hurting a deer. When someone acts like they “enjoy” sport hunting around me they usually wish they had kept their neckbeard mouth shut.

              • Real internet tough

      9. Somewhere in the North Korean government, there are people who know that Kim Jong Un has to go or he will drag North Korea down with him I hope there are such people. While the North Korean army seems large on paper, I have a hunch that in actual fact that it has serious readiness problems. Without Chinese assistance, they couldn’t keep up a prolonged war. There only hope is a quick strike at South Korea.

        • Have you seen pictures of his troops? Many look malnourished. His army has to have a
          numerical advantage because South Korea has a technology advantage. The main battle
          tanks you see in the pictures are old 1950’s and 1960’s vintage Chinese Type 59’s (T-55).
          The US M48 Patton’s used in Vietnam would be our equivalents. They do have lots of
          artillery to do damage. About 10 years ago there was an article in Soldier of Fortune that
          said NK only had sufficient amounts of gasoline for a very brief ground war.

          • Cannon fodder

          • I think they have enough ammo stashed away to make a mess out of Seoul. Unlike America where we can easily withstand losing our big cities( and would be happier in most cases if they were gone). Wiping out Seoul, would be a big deal.

            • I think something like 40% of SK citizens live in the area around Seoul. They fucked up by building their Capital/ most important industrial center within artillery range. They have always banked on collapse of DPRK, reunification, and American protection.
              USA always throws their allies to the wolves.

          • Nameless, go to youtube and check out some videos of the NKs firing Katyushas in training exercises. The 122mm “Katyusha” multiple rocket launchers are the NKs’ favorite conventional weapon. It’s one of the best weapon systems the Soviets ever made. They originally built them in WW2 and were nicknamed “Stalin Organs”. They were used with devastating effect on the Germans. That weapon system helped the Soviets win their war with Nazi Germany. Doesn’t depend on any electronics, either. The NKs don’t depend on electronics to the same extent as we or China or even Russia. Those old Soviet weapons can still get the job done.

        • Brian, NK’s arsenal is primarily old Soviet-era weapons. Their old artillery pieces, tanks, and especially 122mm Katyusha multiple rocket launchers can still get the job done. They supposedly don’t have much in the way in any advanced weaponry. They don’t depend on electronics to the extent that other armies do. Their air force is a joke. All they have is mostly MIG-15s, 17s, 19s, and 21s; Soviet-era fighters from the 60s and 70s that RUSSIA NO LONGER MAKES PARTS FOR. I saw a report last year that a number of those planes were crashing because of lack of spare parts and no longer being serviceable. Their navy I don’t know much about. But as far as the fighting capacity of the individual NK soldier is concerned, they are tough, even suicidal according to a Korean War vet in my family. He said forget about trying to take any NK alive. Just shoot the bastard and be done with it.

          • Instead of rockets they just stop feeding the chinkeroos at the front line. Then after a couple days of starving da-boss head chinkaroo tells them to charge the enemy and eat them? It is the other white meat?

            • Gandhi, you’ve been on the crackpipe too long.

              • Mainstream media pushes canibalism at every turn. Plus we use dead fetuses in our vaccines. So the elite are also into blood transfusion from young people. Yes, they will eat us.

            • Ghandi – I swear the more you post the dumber you seem !!

              Your talking about hunters and vets and hungry north koreans like you have a clue when it’s clear you have no idea what your talking about….

              ….you should probably lay off the Crack pipe for a while….the brain damage may be irreversible but it might be worth a try !!

              • I will.

              • But still am I dumb because you don’t understand or am I just dumb because I don’t understand?

        • The people higher up there are probably secretly hoping someone will take Kim down, hoping someone will take the pain away. It’s probably like that at the end of every regime.

        • All this hoopla about NK waging war against the nation just south of them and the US whipping their tails is just that – hoopla. Don’t forget, we tried that once. And it didn’t happen then, and I’m not sure it would happen now.

          The only way we could do that was if we nuked them until they glowed, but we would invite the fury of Russia to the north, and China. Not good options people.

          Also remember, they ALREADY have nuclear missiles that can hit us in Alaska. It’d only take one of them getting through to annihilate over half of Alaska’s population. We’re like the lower 48, we’re so ill prepared for nuclear war and it’s fallout we’d be toast within a month.

          Keep it all in perspective fellas, before you go acting like some blow hard bad dude.

          Blessings, and keep your heads on straight.

          Son of Liberty

      10. Better that China deals with it…its on their border and their long term problem.

        • Jim, I would dare that fat dildo to fire just ONE rocket or missile at China. That would be all she wrote.

      11. I wrote this same thing at the story two below, but will do this one more time. I had dinner with a man I have known years – a European with a Ph.D in the computer field. He was in the US recently working with infrastructure cybersecurity. He was involved with VERY senior people, and is, himself, quite senior. Of course, he couldn’t tell me details, but when I asked generally about infrastructure, particularly the grid, hacking, he said that it was very clear they have penetrated our infrastructure. I didn’t ask to what extent – 5%, 50%, 95% – but the sense I got was that it was the larger number.

        I then asked about the threat to taking down the grid. He said that most of the hackers that he was aware of wanted MONEY, so that would be counterproductive. Rather, they preferred the ransomware route. Also, taking down a system would bring full attention of the govt, whereas now they are too small to put limited resources to.

        But here is the question: if THEY can get in, how long until the N. Koreans, Iranians, etc. get in too? What about some doomsday cult? Or a Unibomber type? Maybe one of the NK or Iranian geeks gets in, maybe they buy code – either way, they would then be in. Would they then do something – i.e, initiate something first? No, as that would invite reprisals. BUT… if we threaten their national security first, then what? THAT, mes amis, is the million dollar question. You have a nutcase like Kim, or Islamfascists like Iran, who believe they going down and know it. So, what will **then** hold them back from unleashing everything they’ve got??

        Then there is the Carrington Event and CMEs. We were just a few weeks “behind” in our orbit a few years ago, or otherwise we would have hit a massive CME, and I would be writing this in pencil, perhaps, right now.

        Preparedness is wise. Hopefully none of this will happen. But there was hope in Aug. 1914, Aug. 1939, in 2008, etc. that nothing horrible would happen, too.

        • Test,

          Our vulnerabilities are evident and very concerning. There are a few of us still writing our notes the old fashion way but the digital format has become the preferred way because it is more efficient and more easy to share. In the situation of a Carrington Event our systems will go down like in Katrina and we will be worse off than in a third world catastrophe. It is incomprehensible that TPTB have allowed this to go on. A word to the wise, BE PREPARED! The enemy has breached the gates before they were locked and there is no wall that can be built that is going to keep them out! They are here.

          Louisiana Eagle ?

        • I watched zero day recently…documentary about cyber warfare. They r in.

      12. Little fat porky-pig dumb-haircut dude is spouting the same BS no matter who he’s pissed at. When is the world gonna figure it out that he’s all bluster and no bite? Honestly…he had Obola and Bush II fooled into giving NK anything they wanted for years. It’s obvious this fat porky loudmouth is blustering out his ass. F him!

        • china is going to tell kim jong un to tongue their collective buttholes

          • Crunchy, I doubt it. China ran us off the last time we encroached on their empire in the Korean War. We had lots of soldiers at the start and 50,000 less after we tried to run our smelly butt cracks back to the 38th parallel ?

      13. China still has a military defense treaty with NK, no? Nobody really knows what China
        will do. They appear to be cooperating with Trump but they do not declare what their
        intentions would be in a conflict. Very snakey of them. Or dragoney.

        • Sun Tzu The Art Of War, was written there, it’s underlying principles are timeless…

      14. Just you wait that fat dum dum is gonna find out first hand the exact same thing the empeor of Japan did. THe double TT team Trump and Tillerson are gonna MOAB the bejabbers out of North Korea. and let Russia and china deal with the aftermath. The first strikes will cripple all of N Koreas missles and they wont do anything bug beg for mercy. Bombs prompyly end wars. foot troops never solve anything. It will be over as quick as it starts. I knew a guy with the mentality of that fat dummy. We called him Roe Hoe. Because he was all bluster and always chickened out.

      15. I think kim jong un is a jihadi. Why?
        He has the same caveman disease that make him violent!

      16. let’s dump all of our libturds in NK. Then they can learn what communism is really like.

      17. Maybe its me but this has trap written all over it.

      18. LET HER RIP
        CANT WAIT

      19. North Korea has become more of a problem to China than to the US. This guy will be overthrown before summer is out.

      20. Kimchee daikon snackbar

      21. What’s the difference between the Japanese god worship of the Emperor and the North Korean worship of the emperor?

        The North Koreans have nukes and as soon as they figure how to fire them at the counties who they believe have offended the mighty god emperor then they will.

        Give North Korea to the Chinese as payment for getting rid of this global nuclear threat to humanity as you know this clown will not listen to anyone and is a threat to everyone even his own people will thank you because of the misery and oppression he causes them.

      22. A cow sits in the field of truth. It is surrounded by a square fence. Each side of the fence is labeled: Religion, Science, Money and Conflict.

        A fire is started inside the fence and the Cow needs to get out. On which side of the fence will the gate be hung?

        • Three reasons no one is answering:

          1) Ignorance, (always a few -for whom there is no hope and their destiny preordained)
          2) You don’t understand the question.
          3) You understand the question, but when you attempt to answer it truthfully, despite your beliefs, you cannot. Because you really don’t know.

          You cannot hang the gate on the religion, because religion expects you to die in order to be “saved”.

          You cannot hang the gate on conflict because conflict only holds you back, creates injury and like war, leads to death for all parties.

          You cannot hang the gate on money because you’ll never have enough of it, like a drug it will enslave you, keeping your entrapped, robbing you of your worth and even your life.

          You cannot hang the gate on science, because the average man does not know all things. Obfuscated with technical jargon and difficult math, it’s impossible to dispute or debunk. Why bother?

          I could go on about, but you get the point.

          Therefore, the answer is that there isn’t a gate. One was never intended to be installed to begin with.

          Before we call it a loss on the cow. We need to consider the the missing fact that was not considered: That is, why not just put the fire out?

          Each of us has to make a decision, because the cow in the fence riddle represents what’s in our minds, and the conflicts and barriers that we face.


          “Even if you choose not to decide, you have still made a choice.”

          • Yes focus on the cow. He is enslaved by all those things because he is bred to be a coward like most Americans. If the cow were a bull he would ram what ever dam fence and make his own €ucking gate and not wait for a cowardly farmer.

        • your riddle is the same as:

          what side of a building would the fire escape be located?

          answer–the outside.

          • Grandee. In keeping with your analysis of similarity. In the case of a ladder, on which wall would you find a window to access it? Therefore, it’s not the same.

            It’s a visual representation of metaphors of what controls man.

            In simpler terms, which of the following would provide man with the truth? Religion, Science, Money or Conflict?

            I wrote an answer as follow-on earlier that has yet to be posted.

          • (Sorry if this is a double post. My earlier submissions are not getting through).

            Grandee, in keeping with your analysis of the ladder being outside, although I can understand your initial thinking. I believe that your riddle is missing something, let me fix that for you:

            You in a room on the second floor. Surrounded by four walls, each labeled: Religion, Science, Money and Conflict.

            A fire has started in the room. On which wall will the window be found to gain access the ladder outside?

            • the outside wall

      23. Shit’s about to jump the shark.

        You know “someone” is up shit creek without a paddle when they start threatening their ONLY ally in the entire universe.

      24. Got to go 2 thumbs up with Richs 650000 Sconies , they all can shoot, they would fight , I am one of the 650000 . They can handle the cold , SHTF Sconie land may not be a bad place to be.

      25. Kim Jong Poon

      26. Right,of course you are.And China is going to turn yellow and retreat.

      27. This situation has been US planned, funded and allowed to continue for a reason.
        Don’t forget about the US Democrat Communists and Republican Neocon Trotskites who support(ed) this.

        Reagan warned about this. Reagan would have shut this down ASAP followed by a 4oclock news announcement from the oval office saying, “Yep, we did it and your welcome.”
        It’s just that simple.

        Now is the DC folks could find a way to take more rights away due to the NK narrative, they certainly would.

      28. I cant understand Why so many advocate the deployment of troops on the ground to subdue N Korea. Troops on the Ground failed there in the 1950,s. Troops on the ground have failed almost everyplace . Troops on the ground would have failed during WWII except for Russia causing the Germans to fight on two fronts. Bombs actually work. We have bombs and a way to deliver them. If there was ever anyone just asking to be Bombed its this N Korean idiot. Trump & Tillerson have my support if the MOAB and Neutron bomb every living theng in North Korea. If they do other folks might not like it. However they will show respect out of fear.

        • Kim Jong Un is the problem, not every living thing in NK.

          Take him out and the problem goes away.

          • Take out every living thing and you make certain there are not anymore troubles no more times. If you removed just him another just as bad would step up and fill the void.

            • True, we got rid of Clinton and we got oboinga next

          • Agreed

            just like here, take out all the pukes in power and leave us people alone

            WE, just like I’m sure 99% of the NK dont want to have anything to do with getting their asses blown to kingdom come

            they just dont have any choice to speak against their ruler .. soon if this country keeps going the way it is , we will be just like that

      29. Don’t think for one minute that China is on our side.

        China doesn’t millions of N. Koreans living there.

        China doesn’t want to fight with us because their economy would crash.


        • We give china KJU, china gives us Harbor Freight

        • Kim is denis rodman’s pal. There is nothing funnier than watching a fat short Korean basketball player.

        • They don’t have to be on our side to cooperate with us -or we with them- in removing a common menace to both of us as well as the rest of the world.

          Kim Jong Un has to be reigned in, he’s getting way too close to developing functional ICBM’s and nuclear warheads for them and will not stop till he does and will use them as soon as he has them.

        • Im all for not trusting anyone. However both China And Russia where out allies during WWII. And neither one of those countries has even been at war with the USA. We have no friends. And there are much worse nations than China and Russia who claim to be on our side.

      30. Thanks to all for the information on North Korean readiness for war; confirms my suspicions. All of this disturbance caused by the chemical imbalance of a single man’s brain. What scares me more is “what happens if, in the future, someone like Kim Jung Un, comes to power with a far stronger nuclear arsenal and delivery system. I really have to work at remembering that guy’s name! In Korean, it probably translates to “chunky monkey” (my apologies to Ben & Jerry).

      31. Looks like Trump is once again cleaning up worldly messes that have festered for years. “TRUMP 2020”

      32. crazy little fat kid doesn’t have a prayer. He thinks he can win against super powers USA and China. He is on drugs.

      33. Is his second name “short dong”?

      34. Oh no you didn`t!

      35. Is it true that former President Obama has been arrested, and is in Japan? What about Hillary and Soros?


        • guess not. false

          ht tp://

          • Grandee:

            The answer is: not yet. Police lieutenant says not to give up because there is a lot going on behind the scene. We may yet hear about charges, or at least that is the implication.


          • The lying, liberal, progressive, socialist, communist, Hitlery (cankles) supporting, political hacks called ‘snopes’ should NEVER be referenced as fact checkers…they are bigger spin artist/liers than the democrat party !

        • Fake news but a good fantasy dream. Oboinga is prolly chimping out with his gay buddies.

        • False. Obama is in Chicago today for a speech. (propaganda event).

      36. North Korea now detained 3 U.S. citizens. What happens next?

        • Honestly, I don’t give a rat’s ass about any American dumb enough to be in NK. And SK and Japan are of no constitutional concern. They had 64 years to prepare their defense against NK. BB is right, the only just war is one on US soil to defend US soil.

      37. Propaganda warning. If anyone here gets all their info from the television or newspaper, then all you’re getting is the establishment propaganda. You are forming your opinions exactly the way the government wants you to. The government calls it, “creating consent”. If you say, “I watch FOX on cable and I know the truth”. You would be wrong. Same thing if you get your info from CNN. I spend 2 hours per day, every day, scanning various sources and I still can’t get enough info. And then there is the issue of various entities, foreign and domestic, planting false info. Take all info with a grain of salt. Try to verify everything. Good luck.

      38. Hey Mac,,,
        A comment on the electric car advertorial,,,
        Electric cars are a novelty, they may have a place in ineer cities etc, but the average person cant afford them, or like me and just about everyone i know, they would be useless in our day to day lives,
        When they come up with an electric vehicle that is under 75,000$ and can haul 1 ton, tow a mini x on a 24′ gooseneck, or go into a muddy field and come back out with a load then it might be something to consider, and it needs to be able to do it with reasonable horsepower too,
        Biofuels and deisel engines are a more efficient and cost effective option, especially in states with higher electric cost,
        Production of the electricity to run the electric car, unless it comes from solar, does nothing to reduce the carbon footprint either, and in fact may actually create more than that dinky little car would if it had a conventional power plant in it.
        Pile on that the range limitations, i mean, a toyota can go over 400 miles one a 12 gallon tank of gas,,,

        • We should be driving water powered cars.

          __ Google it. Hydrogen like nuclear is power.

          __ tptb distract from domestic issues by creating outside enemies, while the enemies within play with our minds, erode our rights, move us into greater belief in their power (the power we give).

          Did you hear? Hollywood screen writers (ghost writers) are on strike. Or, threatening a strike.

          We should all be on strike against the smut peddlers. That is our power. I think they are having a strike to disguise the reality that the awake masses are staying away, and they can’t afford to make movies and TV without an audience.

          Our people are independently creating documentaries. Bravo.

          The best way to defeat this media is by creating our own. We are.

          __ We need our own makers of clothing from scratch to finish. The best dressed do not buy off the rack; they have suits, coats, dresses, etc. made, cut, and sewn for them or by themselves. That is why their clothes fit so well; and, look as good as they do. Slaves depend on their masters to provide the clothes on their back.



        • Nailbanger, you nailed it again. One other point on the electric cars. if there’s a power outage, how the hell do you recharge them? I still say electric cars will never fly, but there’s still some dildos out here really determined not to give up on the concept.

          • I think we need to invent the flux capacitor before electric cars would be viable in the apocalypse.

      39. Ok I am convinced, all you brave hunters report for duty. Kiss your wives goodbye, grab some spare batteries and your NVG, bring 10,000 rounds of ammo, bring camping equipment, body armor, drones, and head to the Bundy ranch. We will create a perimeter, the first night watch goes to you braveheart.

        Hey where is everyone? Weird no brave hunters showed…up head scratch. Who woulda thunk it. £ucking €0wards.

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