North Korea Threatens To Sink Japan With A Nuke

by | Sep 14, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Forecasting, Headline News | 53 comments

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    North Korea has not only threatened to turn the United States into “ashes and darkness,” but they’ve also threatened neighboring Japan. They have said that they would like to sink Japan with a nuke for the newly imposed United Nations sanctions on the regime.

    “Japan is no longer needed to exist near us,” the state-run Korean Central News Agency said on Thursday, citing a statement by the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee. “The four islands of the archipelago should be sunken into the sea by the nuclear bomb of Juche,” it said, a reference to the regime’s ideology of self-reliance. Juche is the North’s ruling ideology that mixes Marxism and an extreme form of forced nationalism preached by state founder Kim Il-sung, the grandfather of the current leader, Kim Jong-un.

    Japan’s Chief Cabinet Secretary, Yoshihide Suga, called the comments, “extremely provocative.” Suga continued saying, “If North Korea stays the course that it is on, it will increasingly become isolated from the world. Through implementing the new United Nations Security Council resolution and related agreements, the international community as a whole needs to maximize pressure on North Korea so that it will change its policy,” Suga told reporters on Thursday in Tokyo.

    The most recent United Nations sanctions on North Korea came shortly after the regime tested their sixth and most powerful nuclear weapon earlier this month. “A telling blow should be dealt to them who have not yet come to senses after the launch of our ICBM over the Japanese archipelago,” a spokesman for the Korea Asia-Pacific Peace Committee said in a previous statement. The committee is an affiliate of Kim Jong-un’s ruling Workers’ Party.

    The remarks about Japan came sandwiched between threats against the U.S. and South Korea. “Now is the time to annihilate the U.S. imperialist aggressors,” the statement on KCNA said. “Let’s vent our spite with mobilization of all retaliation means which have been prepared till now.” The North had also said that South Korean “puppet forces are traitors and dogs of the U.S. as they call for harsher ‘sanctions’ on the fellow countrymen, adding that the “group of pro-American traitors should be severely punished and wiped out with fire attack so that they could no longer survive.

    As we approach what appears to be an imminent war with North Korea, the rhetoric will continue to get more threatening and vile.


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      1. Do not be deceived for a second that NK would have ever achieved their current state of nuke and missile development, becoming world threat they are now today, without China’s implicit help. It has “Made In China” stamped all over it. And, for that reason, I’m only seeing one risky way out of this…

        It’ll only be via China shutting down NK nuke/missile ambitions (any which they need to) and they wanting to do so first requires the U.S. to make it clear to China that if NK threatens U.S. or allies we’d consider and treat that exactly the same as if China had done so itself directly.

        This is same as Kennedy stating that if Cuba had fired nukes upon us we’d consider it the USSR having done so itself and would retaliate accordingly. Same is required here, publicly show world how we know China facilitated NK nuke/missile development and that they now will own the fallout from it, too, including U.S. retaliation upon China, if/when NK unleashes.

        Trump would probably come across as even more believable than Kennedy was then.

        That threat from U.S. to China is the best and only shot at our ever removing NK nuke threat without major bloodbath war over there that would likely spin up into WWIII inevitably anyways. China has their own timetable for world conquest, economically and militarily, it doesn’t want to be at mercy of crazy NK setting it all off prematurely, so they’d likely shut their nuke program, or him & regime, down, one way or another.

        • It was the Soviets who developed North Koreas foray into nuclear physics in 1964. China perhaps augmented that and its delivery systems since but the true aggressor here is clear. It is they who should stand down. It is time to parry not time to strike.

        • Im sure our 92 billion a year that came out of your ass and mine and every other hard working american sure helped buy that Turd alot of shit to throw back at us

          every president we had in the past that paid this punk off , really needs to be on the front line in this debacle

          • Trump so far is the only one that told this punk to Go get Fked!

        • Shane: Of course China is so far in bed with the FAT gay one in NK! Those chinks are super sneaky, dog eating bastards!! If NK bombs the U.S. or any allies, send the other 100 nukes right into China, The End. Enough is enough with these damn nut jobs. This crap has been going on way too long.

        • Made in Iran. 🙁

          • One good hydrogen bomb down MT Fuji ought to do it. 🙂

        • Yes, and China has the Clintons to thank for their current advanced tech!

        • Too late. We’ve been threatening for decades and haven’t followed through. NK doesn’t fear USA at all. China has our number. They’ve called our bluff, and are waiting for USA to become weak/distracted enough to assure victory. Coupled with cyber/economic warfare, China is betting they can recover from any such conflict faster than USA can. From who is USA going to borrow the money to fight China?

          The rest of the world will pile on when they smell blood. Our “allies” will have the longest knives.

          • Ahhh, but Trump is a wildcard, nobody can count on POTUS any more being ‘business as usual’ do nothings. Not saying he’ll end up doing much different, but everybody over there is not so sure anymore.

        • poor japan, first USA nuked them, then they nuked themselves with a power plant, now NK wants to nuke them. why are they so nukable?

        • Simple solution- China invades NK! Win-win all round. NK threat gets neutralised, US and Japan are no longer in danger. China wins both with resource control and it suddenly does not have a US allied united Korea right on the boarder. Best solution all round. It could put in a less aggressive puppet government, the NK people will benefit and the whole world is safer and richer with trade.

      2. BONZI !!!!

      3. I saw Putin pleading for all the innocent NK citizens that would die in a nuclear war with the US. Never mentioned the innocent Americans. Funny how things are told in the media.

      4. Some how it all seems so far away. Up close there is worse danger. In Chicago, violent carjackings have sky rocketed. The criminals have overwhelmed the system. We had a carjacking yesterday (one of many), in which the offenders stole a car at gun point and fled with the intent to use the car in other crimes. They crashed and were caught. The charges? Misdemeanor trespassing. They will spend a few days in the county jail. When they get to court, they will plead guilty and get time served. They will walk out of court, free to pillage at will. If they don’t plead guilty, they will get a recognizance bond. No money down. If they bond out and don’t show for court, no problem. When they get caught for not showing up for court, they will get another recognizance bond. The local States Attorneys office is run by a Black female communist. And now you know the rest of the story.

        • Yea, dontcha just love the legal system,,, its a joke, same thing here, we are on an island, yet somehow the cops cant catch the douchebags stealing over 30 cars per month, but they can sure give out tickets for not having your safety sticker up to date,,, its a joke, and a bad one at that

        • Him:

          Truly, we Americans have threats to our survival right here in our own land that greatly outweigh the rhetoric of foreign leaders.

          Every year, according to the Federal Bureau of Investigation (the FBI), between 25,000 to 35,000 (averaged to 30,000) women, white women of European descent are raped, many beaten and some murdered, by black African-American men every year.

          Contrary to the image put forth by TV and Movies, there are statistically no rapes, beatings, and murders of black women by white men.

          What this means is that the media has promoted a false narrative, a lie.

          While white people continue to be victims of crime, the media focuses on the rare exceptions. When white people are victims of an assault, the media claims the victim was involved in a violent crime, true. But misleading because the media leaves out the fact that the “involvement” was as the victim of said crime. The media now refers to black perpetrators merely as “teens”. Many black rapistists are indeed “teens”. A nineteen year old rapist is as dangerous as a twenty five year old rapist.


          • A nineteen year old rapist is as dangerous as a twenty five year old rapist.

            and in this country where our right to be armed , should have already balanced this stupidity out .. Women should be cleaning up this mess , but most women wont arm themselves
            what a mess

          • When is white society going to learn that blacks are nothing but vile, filthy critters that serve no good purpose in society. They are the modern day Plague in fact, The Black Death literally!!!! Wake up People. . .

          • Gotta agree. There is a war on the white race. and the white race is loosing that war.

          • B from CA–


          • You are ommiting some very important relevant facts, I believe.

            According to the FBI, “BJS extrapolates an estimate of 117,640 White women who say they were sexually assaulted, or threatened with sexual assault, in 2008. Of those, 16.4% described their assailant as Black (the blue highlight). That works out to 19,293 White women sexually assaulted or threatened by Black men in one year. WHAT YOU FAIL TO STATE IS THAT 83.6% OF WHITE WOMEN SAY THEY WERE ASSAULTED/RAPED BY SOMEONE OTHER THAN A BLACK MALE, THE MAJORITY OF WHOM ARE WHITE MEN. So approximately 19,000 black male assaulters compared to approximately 88,000 white male assaulters. Give the full facts.

        • Him, don’t you just love affirmative action? AND YES I INTENDED FOR THAT TO BE SARCASTIC]

        • him: You know damn well that She-Boom ape will cut “them” some major breaks and things in Chi-Congo will just get worse, if you folks can imagine that sentence. They are nothing but an out of control cancer. They ruin Everything they touch period.

      5. During the Korean War, when NKPA was driven to the Yalu, UN forces should have stopped at the narrow neck of Korea and advanced no further. They could have set up a powerful defensive line there, and left a rump North Korea alone for the Chinese to dominate. That way, the Chinese wouldn’t have felt threatened by UN forces on their border.
        South Korea would now be most of the peninsula, North Korea would be too small and underpopulated to be a threat.
        Instead, MacArthur insisted on driving to the Chinese border. Mac is the reason we are in the boat we’re in now.

      6. Turn the north to ash already, enough of this twaddle, the chinks and Russians wont do shit

      7. EMP N Korea

      8. Answer: A false flag WMD attack from NK on one of our bases or carrier groups. Trump gets on TV and declares that NK has attacked the US with a WMD, and that he has authorized a full retaliation strike. Only minutes later, (2) nuclear Ohio class Boomers turn the entire NK peninsula into a glass parking lot. China & Russia will protest, but do nothing. END of threat.!!!!

        • “J”
          Sounds like a winner to me!!!

        • 7 million tons of bombs were dropped in Vietnam war.
          That’s already a few nukes worth. It will take more than this.

        • Thats what my thinking is, and China and Russia will do nothing, China cant afford to lose the US market for their junk and Russia would never be able to get its people or military to go along with that

      9. Why is it so difficult to do the best thing for the USA? Just up and leave. Just refuse to participate. Let the soviets and Chinese police their part of the planet. Its a simple solution. And it saves money and American lives. Why worry about Japan? They bombed pearl harbor. And now their melting Nukes are still spewing radiation. Time to put America first. Tell the UN to pound sand.

        • works for me

        • Old Guy:

          I know little to nothing about foreign relations. But the little I do know tells me that you are correct.

          North Korea has no Central Globalist Bank. North Korea has rare minerals and valuable minerals which the globalists would like to steal.

          Why should our boys die in order to make globalists richer. How many more tentacles does this greedy octopus need. They seem to want nothing short of everything in the world. And they want us to die getting it for them.


        • That would make too much sense, since when does DC do anything good for the American people? Thats why i say they can stuff it

        • Old Guy, good points. I don’t give a shit what happens to Japan. I still have hatred for them because of what they did to our people in WW2.

        • If USA was capable of shooting down these missles, we would have already. We have plenty of “assets” in the region.

      10. Speaking of sinking, were Irma and Harvey records? Nope.

        For those of you interested:

        1. Since 1970, there have been four Cat 4 hurricanes to hit the US prior to Irma; in the same number of years leading up to 1970, there were 14

        2. It has been 12 years since the last Cat 4

        3. In the past, tropical storm Claudette caused 43 inches of rain to hit Houston in 24 hours. What caused Houston was the steering air currents that stalled the system. Harvey had more rain, but took more days to reach it.

        4. According to Colorado State Univ. hurricane researcher Phil Klotzbach, there have been years in the past where there were THREE Cat 4 hurricanes in the Atlantic. Hurricane center spokesman Dennis Feltgen said this year, before Jose petered out, was “Unusual, but not record.”

        5. In terms of deaths, Katrina lost, if I recall, around 1,200 or so, and the 1900 Galveston hurricane (Cat 4) killed between 6,000-12,000 in 1900. ABC reported 31 dead in the US a day ago. Every life lost is a tragedy, no record for Irma there.

        6. Photos of Buffalo Bayou in Dec 1935 had water levels measured at 54.5 feet. Last report I had showed 38 feet at the same location, though that wasn’t final and total was probably higher. Houston’s population has grown 10x since the 1920s, much of it now covered in parking lots, bldgs., etc. that don’t allow water to percolate down. Again, really bad, but no record

        7. Dr. Roy Spencer, who did his Ph.D on hurricanes, said the 1935 Labour Day hurricane that hit the Keys had the lowest barometric pressure ever recorded, with 185 MPH winds. Sorry, no blue ribbon for Irma with that either.

      11. Remember this one? Congressman Hank Johnson fears Guam will tip over, March 25, 2010 (2:48 min)

        THIS, mes amis, is the STAGGERING ignorance we have to deal with from the left. THIS person was ELECTED, believe it or not. That is why I say our goal is a non-violent (leave the violence to the fascist Antifa brownshirts, thanks), and rather, a peaceful one of education and information dissemination.

      12. None of them will attack until we’ve been substantially weakened first, that is the immediate goal.
        When they attack, you will know the anarchists, liberals and politicians have done their job – we let them and are complicit !

      13. Lil Kim is an angry bug flying towards the freeway so he can reduce all those windshields to ashes.

      14. The Globalists have maneuvered themselves between a rock and a hard place in North Korea. Looks like we will have to take one for their team in order to kick things off. The Constitutional Compliance Division asks if Congress has approved these actions against North Korea, Russia and China? No, well then beware of the golden petroyuan. They won’t have to fire a shot, the globalists will. The consequences are dire when the player gets played.

      15. Can we please just bomb this retarded, gay, FAT monkey already. I am so sick of the shit coming out of his fat yellow mouth!

        • Just for a minute put yourself in North Koreas shoes. They are very weathy in minerals. There are those who collude to prevent them from marketing those assets. They are impoverished by others imposing sanctions on them. Its all a dog and pony show. Trumps jxx buddies don’t want those Korean assets to be marketed. If they cant have them they don’t want anyone to have them. Now Russia and China will soon be in a position to buy those assets with the gold backed yuan. All they need is the USA out of the region. Those Jxx folks just cannot let that happen. They lose everything if they lose their strangle hold on the metals markets. First will be the monopoly on oil. Next metals and ores and finally grain & food. If those Korean minerals are mined it opens the floodgates and makes the digital fiat Petro dollar worth the nothing it is created out of.

      16. Fat boy.
        PUT UP OR SHUT UP!
        Or just shut the4 F#$% up!!!!

      17. North Korea poses the threat of disseminating the knowledge of how to construct the nuclear weapons and the missiles to attack the other nations. The North Koreans are probably helping the Iranians with their nuclear program. It is surprising they haven’t put it on youtube.

        “Walk softly and carry a big stick.” is credited to Teddy Roosevelt. They have the stick but they talk too much. If they talk reconciliation and seem to be seeking peace with South Korea, it will buy them time. It will make it hard to enforce the embargo. Barring the unknown, time seems to be on their side.

      18. Golden Petroyuan! That’s a real threat to the Petro Dollar. many folks do no realize the long reaching impact of the deal for Russia to sell their oil to China in exchange for Yuan. And that Yuan unlike the petro dollar can be exchanged for gold. The digital petro dollar is fiat currency printed on spread sheets & created out of thin air and only can be exchanged for what it can buy. not backed by any tangible items or goods. Now if I am a oil producer and can sell my oil for a gold backed Currency or digital fiat petro dollars. I would be foolish to not sell for gold. This is a biggie a real game changer. Possibly why they want to control those North Korean valuable minerals. If the north Koreans start selling those deposits to Russia and china. The backers of the Petro Dollar no longer have their monopoly on Oil and minerals and ores. pretty soon all producers of minerals and ores. Will have the choice of selling for digital not backed by anything Petro Dollars or gold backed Yuan. Then Venezuelia can start selling oil for Petroyuan. And use that money to start growing crops like soybeans, rice,wheat ect. Then the worlds grain market will shift to the golden Yuan. Those Jxx’s will be stuck with billions of digital USA dollars that no one will accept as payment. There it is. I hope I explained it plain and simple. No big words or double speak or spin. If they cant maintain control over the Korean Minerals it starts a downward spiral trend for their controlling Agenda.

      19. “The US imperialist aggressors”, nailed it dead center. So world war is the outcome to maintain globalist control. No draft has facilitated the US warmongering build up, time to reinstate the draft to kill off more innocent American and world citizens. The American people have been subdued going along with the insanity of their governments bloodlust. Kill the Fed or game over for our nation and money from thin air robbing us blind continues.

      20. Juche pertains to self-sufficiency (but on a national scale.) Japan is an ostensible donor state. Un has used warlike language, but to say he is not a charity case. The line of discussion assumes that imperialists cannot survive without parasitizing a labor colony. He doesn’t *need them, so he sinks them with self-sufficiency.

        This is of particular interest, in case of trade restrictions, because it implies that the Western ally, Japan, has materially supported the North Koreans.

      21. All nonsense, as usual. As I’ve said before, NK can NOT hit the continental US with nukes – yet – and there is ZERO evidence of EMP capability.

        Read this:

        Why Trump Won’t Start a War With North Korea

        Gives you a little of the history (hint: US is to blame for pretty much everything, as usual) and why the US is benefiting from the “crisis.”

        I still consider it possible that the US Deep State wants to start a war so they can put troops on China’s border, but I’m not sure they’re stupid enough to believe that will actually work without starting WWIII.

        China WILL intervene if that looks like it will happen and there must be SOMEONE in the US government logical enough to understand that. Whether that someone can carry the day is the question. Trump sure as hell isn’t smart enough or knowledgeable enough.

      22. USA should ignore DPRK and quietly pull out of SK. Let SK and Japan arm up and deal with it. They are both rich countries.

        re: DPRK mineral wealth
        Once again, it all comes down to Benjamins. If DPRK has mineral wealth and can exploit it, they can become a major player on the world stage. Un is in a panic to develop a credible, dispersed nuclear arsenal before USA can Kadaffi him.

      23. This is absolute crap.

        Attacking Japan via N. Korea is suicide.

      24. This North Korean druggie leader is worst than the druggie leader Adolf Hitler as he has nukes and this half baked fool will use them.

        In North Korea, meth is offered as casually as a cup of tea

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