North Korea Threatens New York With ICBM Nuclear Attack In Response To Trump Tweet

by | Jun 13, 2017 | Headline News | 40 comments

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    Whether it’s just more posturing by North Korea or a real threat of war, the rhetoric coming out of the rogue state is getting ever more brazen.

    Earlier this year, several weeks before President Trump took office and presumably following President Obama’s stark warning about North Korea being the number one threat America faces, Trump tweeted the following:

    Within weeks the 45th President would see his first potential global crisis as the Communist country began the testing of both nuclear weapons and the inter-continental ballistic missiles that could deliver them to their targets.

    Tensions continued to rise as Trump began a naval mobilization of three fully loaded carrier strike groups to the region, signaling that the United States would no longer follow the “patient diplomacy” policies of his predecessors. Even China  reportedly mobilized 150,000 troops to their border, followed by a similar Russian mobilization.

    One would think that the threat of total annihilation by the U.S. military would be enough to deter the North Korean leadership, but Kim Jong Un seemingly refuses to back down.

    As reported by Foreign Policy magazine, a press release from state-controlled Rodong Sinmun newspaper makes it clear that the North is prepared to engage in all-out war:

    “Trump blustered early this year that the DPRK’s final access to a nuclear weapon that can reach the U.S. mainland will never happen.

    But the strategic weapons tests conducted by the DPRK clearly proved that the time of its ICBM test is not a long way off at all.”

    And, in case that wasn’t perfectly clear, the article also stated: “The DPRK is about 10,400 km far away from New York. But this is just not a long distance for its strike today.”

    North Korea wasn’t ready in January to test an ICBM. That now seems to have changed.

    Though North Korea’s nuclear and ballistic missile capabilities remain shrouded in mystery, some experts believe it may be possible for the country’s KN-08 missile system to deliver a nuclear warhead to U.S. shores.

    Whether such an attack would come in the form of a traditional mushroom cloud nuclear attack or a Super EMP pulse weapon remains a significant question for military planners in the United States.

    As we’ve previously noted, any attack against the United States would likely be initiated by an electo-magnetic weapon that targets the power grid of the 48 contiguous states.

    Such an attack, say over the central United States, if successful, could lead to some 90% of America’s population being wiped out within one year’s time as a result of starvation and internal violence.

    President Trump seems to be taking the threat seriously, because three carrier strike groups sitting just off the coast of North Korea suggests a war may be imminent.

    Earlier this year Russian President Vladimir Putin warned that the situation on the Korean Peninsula has seriously deteriorated and could rapidly escalate to war.

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      1. Kim may end up Kimchi!

          • What would really be lost if NYC is blown to Kingdom come anyway?

            • But but…we would lose our elite Progressives, along with their LBGQT, BLM, Antifa allies in that city! The horror!

            • that is what i am thinking. I am in central ny, but nyc is pretty far down wind. have at it Mr.Un. Make sure Chuck and cuomo are in town for the big event.

            • Could someone email Kim and ask him to also take out:

              1. D.C.
              2. Filthadelphia
              3. Baltimore
              4. Detroit
              5. Chicago
              6. L.A.
              7. San Fran
              8. Maxine Water’s House

              Thank you,

              • Mal, your list is why I moved out of the Baltimore/Washington corridor. The best prep I’ve done.

              • I was just thinking, “would it be wrong to support the DPRK in this one insistence?”

                Luckfully Trump, the Twitter Warrior, had strong words for Kim.

                Kim did not get the message though because DPRK does not allow outside internet.

            • Doo ittt, dooo it nooow!

          • Is there, perhaps, a whiff of conspiracy here? Did Credit Suisse have him whacked? Did they not want to pay his soaring health care premiums? Did they suspect him of secreting info to the Russians? Was it only a coincidence that he lived in the VERY SAME hemisphere as Comey? I think not….

          • Im shocked at their survival rate.. I fully expected to see them falling from the sky like rain? Sure be hating the drought…(jump you fu__ckers)…

        • They need to hit about 230 miles to the southwest of NY, NY.

          Just sayin’……

          • Grid Location: [38° 54′ 17″ N, 77° 0′ 59″ W]

      2. Trump Trump Trump Trump! I love that guy, I bet deep down the North Korean people would love to see phat boy vaporize.

        • Maybe Trump will turn out to be the real deal. Only time will tell. Still, I like his Texas-style attitude.
          And speaking of Texas, we okies are supposed to have disdain for them but we really don’t. Okay, there is that football day in October when we genuinely hate them, but otherwise, we see them as a sort of big brother to the south. And who doesn’t like the south?
          Plus, any state that will name a town “Cut And Shoot” is alright by me. In Texas you can even get a hunting license if you’re blind! Seriously. You gotta love that kind of freedom.
          And, you can still legally hunt buffalo in Texas. Good luck finding any but if you do, have at it! One restriction though- you can’t shoot ’em from a 2nd floor window. I don’t know about y’all, but if I’m ever at the Radisson in Dallas, in a second floor room, and I look out and see some bison crapping on my car in the parking lot… I’m taking them out! Consequences be damned! You ever try washing buffalo poop off your new F150, you’d feel the same way…

          • My son has gotten 2 in the past 3 years, they got loose and were destroying fences. So Buffalo burgers yum!!!!

          • Your comments are hilarious.

          • SmokinOkie, Trump states that he is a man of his word and in business a man is only as good as his word. Therefore, when he states, “North Korea just stated that it is in the final stages of developing a nuclear weapon capable of reaching parts of the U.S. It won’t happen!” It makes me take notice.

            What concerns me most is that the North only has two weapons available; (1) their artillery that could/would decimate Soul before it could be neutralized (if I lived in soul I would have bugged out by now); (2) Nuclear weapons, but more specifically (since they only have a few) Super EMP weapons. The Russians testified in 2004 the the plans for such weapons were given to the North and they were only a few years away from achieving this capability. This was in 2004.

            I don’t think this is fear mongering!

            • I just saw this on Drudge, “China claims to have perfected new 3,800mph ‘hypersonic’ missiles that will change the face of warfare forever.”

              People, countries announce this kind of “stuff” as a warning not to mess with them!!!!!

              North Korea is China’s dog. I have seen no evidence that this has changed. Consequently, an attack on North Korea is an attack on China.

      3. New Babylon America has already been conquered, no need to blow up anything, because “The Great Plan” of the psychpaths is complete now. The toxic dump cowards of New Babylon America have already blown up their fat asses and whored out their children’s health, freedoms, and future, so blowing them up with nuclear war is the last thing the criminal treasonous psychopaths want to do, not when they can have so much more fun watching the dumbed down toxic dumps suffer from the American Holocaust and Chemical Culling, and poison their own children willingly. Munchausen Syndrome now infects every parent in collapsing Police State hell on earth New Babylon America, so the ultimate goal and climax for the psychopaths is complete-they are not letting any North Korean spoil their Satanic nightmare they have been planning for a very, very, very long time.

        • Spot on….unfortunately.

        • It’s a pretty sad testament to the state of the nation when some fat f*ck in sh*t hole of a country actually is the best chance we’ve got at turning around the degradation of our country. EMP, nuke NYC,….. whatever it may be, it’d have to be so drastic due to the entrenched anti-constitutional powers that be now running things that I honestly see no other way…. of ‘it’ happening short of the first ‘it’ in SHTF. But, in all honesty I say, ‘okay, bring it on, that bitter pill may be the only thing left to safe what little is left’.

      4. i heard they’ve already pulled 2 of the carrier groups puta there……who knows…

      5. Perhaps fat boy kim will actually build such a weapon. Maybe he won’t. Either way, remember Kim and Trump are a notch or two BELOW the top of the food chain. The NWO, the demon spawn who Really control world events, must always have conflict somewhere.
        The norks are simply one of the tools in current use. As is Trump (even if he doesn’t realize it yet). When no longer needed they will be properly disposed of.
        Still, this isn’t a problem to be ignored, and lighting up the little double-chinned nitwit may become necessary.
        Also, isn’t Fat Boy Kim and the Norks an awesome name for a rap band? They could sing rap flavored country music. It’d sell millions! I can just hear ’em now:

        “I like my sushi southern fried…”

      6. One blue city down, many more to go! Make it so!

      7. Whole article is mis-leading.

      8. “It won’t happen” should never be implied or said to a person without a conscience, a maniac who is likely a psychopath. They love to prove one wrong. Aside from that it angers them.

        I mean why would you taunt a maniac? For this and other reasons, I am quickly losing faith and confidence in Trump whom I supported and voted for.

      9. ••••••••• W A R is FOLLY •••••••••

        I saw in the garden under the shade of a new bloomed tree
        A young girl sitting on a swing attached to a branch above
        Smiling in the noon day sun and beaming bright with love.

        I noticed by her feet a young man dressed in gray
        And it was obvious to see a romance on it’s way.

        He was tall and handsome, she of course was fair
        Smiling in the noon day sun, they made a handsome pair.

        They carried on their nonsense chatter for longer than an hour
        Mentioning therein every phase of what would be their future life together,
        From the house which was to be erected on yonder vacant hill
        To the way she’ld stay to nurse him when he was taken ill.

        Suddenly out of nowhere serenity was broken
        As young men dressed in blue emerged into the garden open.
        The young man dressed in gray shot by a bullet to the head
        In the arms of the young girl, I saw that he was dead.

        I saw in the garden under the shade of a new bloomed tree
        And now I wonder, as one might, why such a thing must be.

        __ B from CA


      10. I don’t think NoKo can reach New York. And probably won’t be able to for many years to come. The West coast is a different story. But the No.Koreans still don’t have many missiles to send. And then the No.Koreans would be done for. So, probably not going to happen.

        • If they can fly a jet, kamakazee can do.

      11. Does this mean yesterdays post on Zero Hedge was wrong about Dennis Rodman visiting NK?

      12. Someone needs to give that fat gook 2 shots to the head and be done with it. A coup is the only salvation I see for NK. Even if China did it themselves that would be OK. They could install a regime more friendly to them and Russia and still have their ‘buffer zone’ between them and US/ROK militaries. They could also take away the missiles and scrap the nuclear program and that would bring tensions way down in Korea.

      13. Here’s a guy (Trump) who campaigned around the nation to make an effort to end all wars … based on a “diplomatic Process”, instead of the continuance unlawful and physical force that has been implemented in the Middle East.

        Now … we have all heard this rhetoric before in prior campaigns – most notably the Obama Regime. I’m not surprised, nor should anybody else – cause after all … it’s just WORDS to fill the naive and optimistic voting populace to feel that their faith has been restored back into a somewhat, incompetent functioning Government.

        The DMZ has been put into place for 60+ years now … and counting.
        How about implementing some diplomatic measures here, instead of sending in battle ships and aircraft carriers? No other President has taken the initiative to deescalate the situation, to bring peace within Korea – Trump could be that guy … but … Owners say otherwise.

        If I were a leader of a country – and there happen to be military hardware in my region or borders. I would have some choice words to throw around as well. Like anybody else … I despise the N. Korean Government – but … like any other country that the U.S. deems an enemy – they have the right to defend themselves – just as anybody else does.

        To defuse the situation in the South China Sea, involves a really .. really simple solution. It called OPERATION PULL OUT – all U.S. Military Hardware within the Region of Korea packs their bags and heads back home where it belongs.

        See … it’s simple, but to U.S. Government Standards – it’s not practical … cause it’s not Business like. Can’t make money, when the Military Hardware stays Home.

        … So … the Game continues, and the War Machine must go on.

      14. Hooray for Kim!!! Can he also take out Boston, Chicago, LA, San Francisco, Portland and Seattle at the same time? Oh, and Ferguson MO. He’d be my hero for life.

      15. Tired of being teased by doom porn…
        Can’t happen soon enough…..the mushroom clouds will signify at last the end of POLITICAL CORRECTNESS and signal open season on the ANTIFA and Communists in our midst.

        There is a change in our lives that MUST happen if our children have a chance in hell in redeeming us from our cowardice laziness and sloth that sacrificed our liberty.., by having a life worth leading that will not be one in technological chains and revolves around vapid narcissism that we suffer through today. Life has no meaning when you don’t do anything but tread water dealing with the societal cesspool looking forward to a very much brighter and useful future. My kids deserve better, I can’t speak for the rest of you all…but I would guess you want a more honest and productive useful and meaningful lives for your kids as well. What sane person WOULD NOT want that?

      16. Who is the real enemy? In a nuclear world, war itself is the real enemy.

      17. Is there a MUST HAVE item for an EMP event? If you could have one thing to help, what would it be?

        I guess I would pick a Faraday cage. I don’t know.

        • An analog scanner? News would be very important.

        • You need SPF 2,000,000 sun blocker cream.

      18. Let’s get all the hipsters onboard for Occupy Ground Zero.

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