Nomi Prins: Financial Crash From Epic Debt, Asset Bubbles “Possible In Last Quarter 2017”

by | Jan 19, 2017 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 32 comments

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    Could there be a crash coming in 2017? Will increasing interest rates at the Federal Reserve trigger the beginning of the end?

    It is possible, but not certain.

    It will fall, perhaps, after a new sense of normal sets in, and some become comfortable with the change in leadership, and accustomed to drowning out the opposition yelling noisily from the other side. Expectations have been set for a growing economy, fresh infrastructure and new hopes for the average worker.

    But getting too comfortable would be a huge mistake. All that could prove to be a mirage. And things could come crashing down.

    On Friday, Donald Trump will be inaugurated as the 45th President, and all eyes will be on his first 100 days as he demonstrates what kind of president he will be, and his cabinet takes action. But even with the best intentions and carefully laid plans, there is no telling at this point how firmly he will be tested, and what kind of crisis America will have to endure during his first term. Wars, terror attacks, civil unrest, debt crisis and financial collapse all loom overhead.

    Many have seen dark signals about the immediate future, but no one can claim to know the timing.

    However, former Wall Street banker and now best selling critic of the predatory financial system Nomi Prins sees the pattern unfolding, and fears that the end of 2017 may be the time that everyone has been watching for. At the center of it is the whiplash effect of Federal Reserve stimulus-withdrawal (i.e. rate hikes and the contraction of easy money).

    Greg Hunter of USAWatchdog interviewed Nomi Prins:

    Former top Wall Street banker and best-selling author Nomi Prins correctly predicted no financial crash for 2016. Prins’ upcoming book is titled “Artisans of Money.” It is all about central bank money creation. What does Prins say about this year? Prins predicts, “In 2016, I pegged the non-crash. . . . Central bankers were finding new ways to extend their money creation policies. That is what kept the markets up.

    There was a separate bid on the markets after Trump was elected. It was on the expectation that he would be good for growth, that he would be good for infrastructure and that he would create jobs. I do think there is a little juice in the central banks. I keep thinking there shouldn’t be, but they keep surprising all of us with their ability to boost the markets. They have artificially stimulated so many different asset bubbles, whether it’s debt, which is epic, or stock markets, many of which are at historic highs. If we have a crash, it will be in the second half of 2017. The promises, the rate hikes, the dollar being high could collapse into the realities of the stability and this artificialness. I am not sure about a crash this year, but if we see a big decline, it will be in the last quarter.”

    Prins foresees gold prices surging during this last quarter period of instability. Those who’ve been eating sinking gold prices may find some relief once again, but the larger economic system is in danger of crashing and burning, and the possibility that the dollar will lose out:

    “I think with the expectation of things going well, the dollar will be keeping a bit of a bid. It will be within a range but staying fairly up. I think the dollar will turn around and weaken in the second half of the year. . . .That’s why, in the last half of the year, gold will catch more of a bid.”

    Prins discussed the alliance between Russia and China and what is about to unfold geopolitically.

    “Because Russia, Putin’s very smart. He’s not just waiting to see what happens with Trump and the U.S. You know, there’s been very favorable rhetoric so far, but, you know, that could be a wild card. Things could be changed. Someone could get annoyed at someone else. So what he’s been doing, he’s been fortifying his relationship with Eastern Europe, his relationships with the UK, with Japan and particularly his relationship with China and the non-Russia BRICS countries. So all of this will be in flux…”

    According to Nomi Prins, the crash wouldn’t be so much an immediate headline flashing-event, as it would be a steady decline and gradual sinking to the bottom.

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      1. Has anyone noticed that President Obama has not called for peace and calm on Inauguration Day? Such a great leader and unifier.

          Why you ask? Well all he would have to do is tell his leftest Turds to go to the igauration and most of them would go. tell his leftest turds not to riot and most of them would sit home and complain about Trump, and not cause a problem. Hells Bells we woul;d set at home and complain if Hitlery would have won, but we wouldn’t be planning the things they are planning. We did after Obullshit won. (twice).

          Bottom line all Obama has to do it say don’t riot, and burn things down or hurt people, and Congress get you lazy asses to the ingauragtion.

          So when they start their Purge, and there is counter Purge it is Obama’s fault, because he could have at least stopped most of it.


          • Obama, The Nobel Peace Prize recipient, has no interest in Peace whatsoever. He has proven that fact throughout his two terms, having dragged the US through wars and conflicts during his entire tenure.

        • So our property values will go down (because interest rates are up and no one can afford a loan) but our property taxes will NOT. Funny how that works. Sgt. Dale, is your red dot a model TRS-25?

          • G
            I’m using a Bushnell Trophy red and green dot. 1X28 using the long eye shade.

            If you put any type of powered red dot on it the Equinox is a 4 power and the two work against each other. So you need a 1 power red/green dot. I had a 2 power Aimpoint, and it was blurry.

            Hope this helps.


            • OK I was curious because there are a couple of different trophy red dots. One is a holographic and the other is a tube type (no magnification). The 1X28 is obviously the tube type so I will go with that. Thanks for the info, I think this will be a great setup as you can remove the night vision and use it on it’s own and just quick attach it back on the rifle without re-sighting. Your a GENIUS! 🙂

              • No not a Genius, You are THE Genius.

                All I want to do is find stuff that will help us get though TSHTF. I want to help as many as I can. Those that “Have” will not be the problem it will be the “Have Nots”.


      2. Didn’t we hear that it was coming in 201 to 2016?????

      3. Everything about the sky falling is always in the 4th quarter, or 1 year away, or 2 years away. This has been the case since the crash of 2008.

      4. saw this linked on Drudge Report…

        I hope this is NOT true.

        CNN: If Trump is Killed During Inauguration, Obama Appointee Would be President

        “CNN has been criticized for airing a report which revealed that an Obama appointee would become president if Donald Trump was killed during an attack on the inauguration tomorrow.

        Entitled Disaster could put Obama cabinet member in Oval Office, the report admits that there is no specific threat targeting the inauguration, but goes on to speculate about “who would be in charge if an attack hit the incoming president….just as the transfer of power is underway”.

        An individual named the “designated presidential successor” will not attend the inauguration as a security precaution, “but it won’t be a Trump cabinet secretary….it will be an Obama appointee,” reports CNN.”

        ht tp://

        • KY
          They are wrong. The Speaker of the House will become Prez.

          Obullshit and Bitten will be out. Prez Trump and Pence (God forbid) will be gone so the next one to take power will be the Speaker of the House. I believe this to be true.


          • I just looked it up and it goes Vice Prez. then to the Speaker of the House.

          • I have read that before also. The speaker becomes defacto prez. Prep tip: We use unsweetened condensed milk for all things that require milk. I have used 3 year old stuff and it was fine. Tastes a lot better than powdered and you can water it down some to make regular milk. Some stores have case lot sales and you can get it fairly cheap.

            • Genius & Sgt. Dale,

              Good! Thank you for posting!

      5. Fear of uncertainty and death, (FUD). It’s a weapon, wherein the receipt determines the effective yield on his or her own life.

        It’s a by product of believing everything you read, and a constant reminder that nothing is safe, or will go your way unless you both agree to and comply with the script:

        Sensitive Hyperactive Experimental Excrement for People with Little Education, (S.H.E.E.P.L.E.)

        While you can do little to control events, you can control your response to it.

        If you do not seek peace within, you’ll go to pieces without.

      6. Nomi is the best hot woman: smart and sexy. I have always dated smart women: you really can’t beat them for sexiness. Doctors, nurses, economists, financial services, journalists – those professions are packed with hot women. And of course students. A tip for the dudes: pick workplaces where most of the staff are women: you will have a rocking good time.

        They dumped so much junk into the system it will take some time before it comes crashing down. More like a slow decay like she says. It is more a clear-cut winners and losers economy. If you are on the right side (working in tech, science, military industrial complex, or drone pilots, medicine, pharmaceuticals, etc. – then you are flourishing now. As for those not in those areas, you are dying on your ass.

        Obama was a gay douche with a tranny ‘wife’. He got away with it because of the race card. Golf, sign off what the banks want, gay sex parties, golf, sign off a bailout – rinse, repeat. That was his eight years.

        • Don’t forget the endless multi-million dollar vacations that Obola, his tranny and their adopted kids enjoyed all at our expense.

          • And can you imagine what went on on the vacations?

            “Honey, did you bring the butt lube?”

            “Quiet! I am talking to Janet Yellin.”

            “Sorry!!!! … Now… just… going to do some kick boxing.”

            “Michael, please pipe down: it is the interest rate: very important!”

            • There could be more than one meaning to “Michael, pipe down.” As in “get on your knees you tranny homo”. Just hope their shitstain kids didn’t have to watch that.

      7. a year ago on she said the stockmarket would collapse during 2016, of course she was on there hawking her latest ‘book’

      8. The MSM and the controlled opposition get their sadistic pleasure putting fear into the minds of the young people who have been robbed of a true education. In fourth or fifth grade, we learned the list of positions when the President is unable to perform his duties.

        __ Obama won’t have any say what so ever. He’s trying to bs the whole fricken Country. It’s because he thinks we’re stupid and he’s not. He may not be stupid, he’s just a (bad word).


      9. Can’t be. We already crashed in 2011, 2012, 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and …..

        You get the idea.

        May it happen? Sure, it may. Can they call it? NO.

      10. last quarter of 2017

        Got it

        • Or could be in 3Q 2018…

      11. If you accept the reasoning of John Williams at, as I do, then we’ve never ended the 2008 recession.

        “…it would be a steady decline and gradual sinking to the bottom.”

        Very reminiscent of “Who is John Galt?” Prescience from sixty years ago…

      12. I really like Slavo and many others that try to keep us informed, but can I tell you how sick I am of people, anyone, upping the time table for something catastrophic happening, be it financial, natural, out of control gov’t, UN, etc? Shit, if I kept guessing and upping the ante eventually I MIGHT HIT THE NAIL!!! I’ll keep reading, but I have a jaundiced eye for predictions, even though I know something bad is on the way! Just sayin………….

      13. Psssst…Hey buddy have I got a financial crash deal for you!

      14. Globalization takes advantage of surplus labor in the developing world using them to manufacture goods that they themselves cannot afford while simultaneously reducing the number of people that can afford such goods. Only massively increasing debt has forestalled the decline from the producer / consumer imbalance. If the above wasn’t enough robotic manufacturing are making workers obsolete.

      15. Nomi Prins knows her stuff and is a smart woman, but I wonder if the damage and fear Obama has inflicted on the economy has so slowed the economy that there’s going to be a lot of upward pressure with Obama now out of the way.

        Huge numbers of people and business have lots of money sitting on the sidelines because Obama was too unpredictable, and actually appeared to attack investors and business.

        With Obama out of the way, money can start building a little velocity without fear of retribution. I have to say that under Obama if you came up with a great business idea and it became public, you could pretty much count on Obama bureaucrats showing up at your door trying to figure out how to tax and regulate your idea before it even got out of the gate.

        Trump has promised to reduce corporate taxes and reduce regulation, both of which will increase the velocity of money. If Trumps moves make a difference, the EU could follow suite and turn their backs on globalism, which could trigger growth in the EU as well.

        The velocity of money, how fast it changes hands speaks to the circle of spending and investment. If Trump triggers growth like President Reagan did, the US will eliminate a lot of debt via growth. If the world sees this start to happen, there will be no crash unless it is artificially created by Globalists, and progressives are out of power in record numbers.

      16. Sure there could be a crash. There is always a boom and always a bust. The question is
        how severe is the crash going to be. Much of the country has yet to recover from 2008.
        I’m still seeing lots of empty storefronts and shuttered businesses. Good luck trying to
        launch a small business in today’s economy.

      17. Another person with an interesting view is Harry Dent. Besides looking at financials, he also considers things with long cycles like the life span of workers. Currently, he sees things doing poorly while the Baby Boomers go into retirement but improving in a few years when their offspring get into prime income making years and the Boomer grandchildren begin to enter the work arena.

        He compares what is happening now to when the Bob Hope generation was retiring and Boomers were entering the workplace.

        Harry Dent is easy to find with a quick internet search. Some stuff he says I like and some I don’t. It’s all interesting to consider though.

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