No Whites Allowed: Student Booted From Conference Because Of Skin Color: “Because I was white they would feel unsafe?”

by | May 20, 2014 | Headline News | 329 comments


stop-racismEarlier this week First Lady Michelle Obama urged schoolchildren to monitor their parents for racially insensitive comments because Federal laws can only go so far in stopping racism.

While we don’t have any racially insensitive incidents against African Americans to report at this time, maybe Mrs. Obama can assist us with the insensitive and racist actions taken by organizers of the annual White Privilege Conference held in Madison, Wisconsin.

According to Progressives Today, when a white student reporter attempted to enter a workshop being held at the conference he was escorted out of the area because his race was too offensive to other participants, the majority of whom were black.

The reason? An organizer told our investigator: “It can feel, for some people of color, unsafe. Not universally – like in your group everybody was fine, but for some people it can feel like, oh, I don’t … ”

“Because I was white they would feel unsafe?” our reporter asked as he was led out of the workshop.

“Exactly. Exactly,” the organizer said. “And it’s not because you’ve done anything. You seem like a perfectly fine person, but it’s because of experiences they’ve had with others.”

A promotional video entitled Lessons on Neo-Segregation says that the White Privilege Conference is an annual gathering of thousands of private and public educators, students and administrators from across the country. Their stated goal is to examine and confront what they see as “systemic race-based privilege in America.”

The video depicts numerous Caucasian individuals referred to as “White Allies” who provide some insight into how the organization defines racism and bigotry and how they indoctrinate children in American schools to believe that, if they are white, they were born with an unfair privilege. Moreover, the entire conference, attended by many of America’s public school teachers, stresses that Christianity is not a system of faith:

“A recurring theme at the White Privilege conference is the negative effects of European Christian culture. Christianity is presented not as a system of spiritual faith, but as an institutionalized system of social oppression like racism or sexism.”

White Ally: “The longer you are in the Tea Party, the more racist you become.”

8-year old White Ally: “White privilege is something white people have, meaning they have an advantage in a lot of things.”

“Racism is central to America.”

White Ally: “In our nation… racism… White people do not experience racism. White people can experience discrimination, but not racism.”

If someone disagrees with the policies of the Obama administration, or points out the black-on-black crime is much higher than white-on-black crime, they are often branded racists.

If you’re not a left leaning democrat and prefer to identify with the ideas of the Tea Party movement, guess what? Yep, you’re a racist.

Apparently, even being a Christian in America is now taboo and an instrumental part of America’s systemic racist culture.

It’s been a long time since we’ve seen a sign at a private business or gathering that says “Whites Only.”

This would, of course, cause a public outrage.

But when the tables are turned, and the segregation sign says “Blacks Only,” it is perfectly acceptable.


Merriam-Webster defines racism as poor treatment of or violence against people because of their race and racial prejudice or discrimination.

Though attendees of the White Privilege Conference claim that white people do not experience racism, the individual who was escorted out of the workshop because of the color of his skin was discriminated against solely because he is white.

What would we call that?

Is that racism?

Probably not. According to the WPC it is perfectly justified because other attendees would feel uncomfortable in his presence.

But this article is most definitely racist.

And, I’m probably a racist. Chances are that you are too.

The racism in America is so systemic and widespread that someone should contact our first black President and let him know.

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    1. Kevin2

      “Because I was white they would feel unsafe?”

      Having went to a HS that was 40% black 40 years ago I’ll say, “Talk about Trading Places”.

      • Gods Creation

        “”””8-year old White Ally: “White privilege is something white people have, meaning they have an advantage in a lot of things.”””””

        One BIG advantage is apparently the capacity for rational and critical thought.

        I don’t care what label some man puts on me, regardless of their skin color. It was derived from his own weaknesses and does not reflect my own.

        One way to tell for certain if you are a racist is if you call others racist. If you call someone something, it is generally projecting what you are onto someone else.

        • Stig's American Cousin

          I said it in the last article.

          Word games are going to be the end of this country.

          When the definition of a word only applies to the specific circumstance, anyone can make the case that anything written down can mean anything whatsoever.

          Dang, I think I just confused myself. 😉

            • Grafique

              You have a hateful mind, Haman.

              • John Q. Public

                In Grafique’s tribal mind, it is OK for his tribe to perpetrate a massacre, but it is “hateful” to name the perpetrators.

                Go figure.

                • Grafique

                  Haman, you’d do well to remember what Jesus said –
                  “Let him who is without sin cast the first stone.”
                  Remember that it’s Satan who is the Accuser. For you to go around making accusations – true or not – is to align yourself with the Accuser.
                  Also you’re acting like you have no sin of your own to worry about. First remove the beam from your own eye, then you can see clearly to remove the mote from another’s eye.
                  Let’s see if you can exemplify Christ and show a little mercy.

                • John W.


                  Did your mama accidently throw out the baby and keep the dirty diaper? I ask because you are a shit for brains.

                • John Q. Public

                  So, in your twisted mind identifying and opposing genocide is a sin. We should turn a blind eye to the genocide perpetrated by Jews, but rend our garments, weep, and give plenty of money if Jews pretend they are the victims of genocide—hypocrites!

                  The rabbis have used their pilpul to twist the Old Testament (the myth of Haman and the Jewish belief in gilgul are salient examples)—and now the rabbis presumptuously attempt to misinterpret the New Testament to subvert Christians that we may become “Noahides” subject to the rabbis lies, perversions, hate, and superstitions.

                  In REAL moral theology, there are many ways that one becomes an accomplice in the sins of others. SILENCE is one of the ways one becomes an accomplice. I choose to NOT be an accomplice in the sin of genocide no matter which self-appointed Master Race does it.

                  Be sure that John 8:7 (“cast the first stone”) and Matthew 7:1 (judge not, that you may not be judged, For with what judgment you judge, you shall be judged: and with what measure you mete, it shall be measured to you again.) are not exhortations by Jesus that we should turn a blind eye to murder, genocide, and Master Race creeds.

                • Grafique

                  Go ahead, Haman – twist the Scripture all you want. You’re still guilty of leading a pogrom against the Chosen People of God.
                  Just for the record, let me say that I have no problem with calling out the crimes of individuals – even Jewish individuals.
                  My problem with you and your good buddy Sanballat is that you blame the entire Jewish people for what a few have done.
                  Stop it.

                • Grafique

                  Remember what happened to the Haman in Esther. That’s my best advice to you.

                • John Q. Public

                  @ Grafique

                  Please QUOTE VERBATIM where I blamed ALL Jews.

                  I didn’t and you can’t.

                • John Q. Public

                  Thanks Grafique for the “advice” that I should avoid getting murdered by the Jews for outing their beliefs and salient behaviors.

                  Beheading is the murder method exhorted by Jewish Law, halakha.

                  I appreciate that you call attention to beheadings by Jews, after all, that is the prescribed execution of Christians who worship Jesus Christ, True God and True Man, Messiah.

                  Of course, the “Christian” Noahides willing to deny Jesus and subject themselves to the tyrannies of the rabbis have a different fate.

                • Grafique

                  You did and I can. You don’t even have to look very far – it’s just a couple of posts below this one. I see something there about…”Master Race”?
                  You’re so typical it’s laughable. You and your kind like to rant and rave, then when you’re called on it, you act like, “Who? Me? Why, I’d never say such a thing!”
                  I refuse to let you get away with it.

                • John Q. Public

                  Some overcome their upbringing to reject Judaism’s Master Race creed and genocide. Some even oppose it. They are certainly innocent.

                  On the other hand, adherents to Jewish racial supremacism and the perpetrators of genocide and economic crimes against humanity and their accomplices, enforcers, puppets, talking heads, mouth pieces, exceptionalists, and apologists are guilty.

              • John Q. Public

                Grafique reveals his Master Race affiliation and invites a teachable moment about not just Judaism’s racial supremacist mockery and homosexual traditions, but also Judaim’s psychopathic perpetual genocide. The pervasive calls of the Torah for genocide are inspired by the talmudic Haman myth as well as Judaism’s contradiction of the Old Testament and Judaism’s pagan belief in reincarnation, “gilgul.”


                Another source:

                “…First, the fact that Amalek has been nothing but a memory for 2500 years doesn’t discourage the rabbis from misappropriating and resuscitating the curse against Amalek for their purposes. Certainly, the usefulness of a curse as harsh as that placed upon Amalek–complete extermination under divine mandate–is stuff the rabbis salivate for. So, as usual, the rabbis turn Scripture upside down, in this case by drudging up a curse which Scripture itself put to rest 2500 years ago.

                Secondly, we can see what machinations impatience inspires while waiting for over 1000 years for a “redemption” that will never come. The rabbis figure that since the “redemption” has not yet occurred, it must be because Amalek has not been completely wiped out yet, even though Scripture states quite plainly that Amalek was completely wiped out circa 500 B.C.

                Thirdly, a vengeful, warlike people who believe in reincarnation are likely to see ancient enemies in populations presently living. The rabbis do preach reincarnation (gilgul) and they do preach eternal vigilance and vengeance against “Amalek.”

                Getting back to the rabbis’ misapplication of “Amalek” and it’s associated curse of annihilation upon those deemed ‘Jew’-haters,” which in reality most often means someone that the rabbis hate. Many individuals and populations have been misidentified by the rabbis and Judaic organizations as “Amalek” and slated for extermination throughout history. Some examples, in no particular order, are Rome, Christendom, Armenians, Germans, Arabs, Palestinians, revisionist historians, and noteworthy today, Persians/Iranians.

                There is a rabbinic myth which identifies Haman from the book of Esther as a descendant of Amalek. This Purimspiel creates a false association between Amalek and people of Persian descent as the story of the Book of Esther takes place in Persia, today’s Iran, which Zionist warmongers have been pushing to attack unprovoked for several years now. To those of a Kabbalistic bent, Iranian President Ahmadinejad is viewed as the reincarnation of Haman who was mythologized as a descendant of Amalek.


                • Them Guys

                  John Q Public: wow Very Informative info you posted! It really Ties all the current Iran hatred by israelies and neocon political dupes into the ancient myths perpetrated even today.

                  A QUESTION Sir: Have you ever heard of and if yes please Post info on it if you can. What I read concerning the Real True main reasons for all that skull cap bang their forheads while Thrusting their pelvic areas aganst that wailling wall in israel.

                  Basically what I read at Bro Kapners website by him or a forum poster there said that…The Kabalistic Majik book reasons jews do that banging of forehead while Thrusting their pelvic parts against that wall is to Conjur up what is called the Shekinah Glory. Somehow also tied into their myths and fables it was said also that GW bush’s “Shock N’Awe” slogan was a Play on the real actual wording of Shekinah Glory the “shekinah” part acting as Shock N awe, sort of in “Code word”.

                  I can’t recall all that they wrote concerning how thrusting their pelvice against that wailer wall ties into it all….But it somehow was supposed to be a kabala ritual to conjur in a type of Sexual way, Shekinah as the Female part of sex with the Males acting their part sexually by the constant Thrusting actions always performed in tandem with the forehead banging actions.

                  While observing said rabbis doing their head bangs and pelvic thrustings over and over it does look quite alot like they are doing a simulated sex act with that wall no?

                  They seem to go at it like in some sex crazed Frenzy once their rythym really gets going while they chant their kabala prayers or majik incantations, when looked at from this perspective eh. That writer guy also said This is the reason NO female women are ever allowed to stand at that wall and do likewise the same bang foreheads while thrusting like men do.

                  I have NO idea if its true or not? And I never before ever heard of nor read anything similar about it all…

                  Just was wondering what if anything You may know regards to it all John Q?

                  That writers posting also stated its the same type sexual thing of shekinah Glory when at a jewish boys barmitzvah party the now of age jew boy also performs the same type Thrusting actions while standing at a Podium and reciting his hebrew or yiddish words or prayers etc.

                  So Just What is that shekinah Glory and hows it tie in if it indeed does similar to how i attempted to describe it here?

                  If you are able to reply I thank you in advance and if not thats okay also…Them Guys

                • John Q. Public

                  @ Them Guys

                  I posted extensive discussion of the ritual copulation of “davening,” but it was spiked in “moderation.” The post also included extensive documentation of a few of the “strange gods” that “monotheistic” judaism worships.

                  I’ll try again. Maybe it won’t be spiked the second try. I will leave out most of the links and try to post those separately.

              • Trimmed muff

                The country has been taken over by racist communist .

              • the renegade braveheart

                Sorry to be so late for this one, just now getting home from work, so I’ll put my 2 cents in before I pass out for the night. To everyone who attacks JQP, Them Guys, and Pissed Off Granny, although I’m not familiar with everything they post, they have the right to post their comments and I will stand up for that. I just need some free time where I can research their information for myself. I’m neither endorsing it nor rejecting it at this time. One f#$%ing thing I know for sure. I’ve had it up to my forehead with white people and ONLY white people getting condemned and/or penalized for alleged racial remarks while BLACK ANIMALS [NO, IT’S NOT A MISPRINT] COMMIT CRIMES AGAINST BOTH BLACK AND WHITE PEOPLE EVERY DAY, EVEN MAKING DEATH THREATS AGAINST WHITE PEOPLE AND NOT A DAMNED THING HAPPENS TO THEM, EVER, JUST BECAUSE THEY’RE BLACK. THEY’RE PART OF A MINORITY GROUP AND GET SPECIAL TREATMENT UNDER FEDERAL LAW. ANY ‘WHITE PRIVELEGE’ THAT EVER EXISTED WENT OUT THE DOOR BACK IN THE 60S AND 70S WITH QUOTAS, SETASIDES, ETC. Most people today don’t realize that during segregation relations between black and white were much better than they are now and there was much less trouble between the two groups. The trouble between black and white came about ONLY because of “civil rights laws” tearing down those old barriers that helped keep society much more stable and safe when they were in place. THERE WERE REASONS FOR SEGREGATION. INTEGRATION IS NOT WORKING OUT AS WELL AS PEOPLE HOPED FOR. Why do black entertainers and civil rights activists constantly call for the destruction of white people? why do so many black people still teach their children to hate white people? Why are white children in the public schools taught to hate themselves, their culture, their families, and their country? most people don’t realize that white people having been doing things FOR black people, NOT TO THEM, going all the way back to the slavery era and even afterwards. They take white people and the USA for granted. they don’t know how to appreciate anything in life. Some people swear up and down that one way there will be a race war in this country. There will be a war, but race will only be one part of it. the war will be over a number of issues, as we all know. Whenever someone tells me to watch what I say and not say that same thing to ay minority people, I tell them to get f#$%ed! I don’t accept race-based censorship or any other censorship for that matter. Go ahead, red-thumb me, bring it on! i’m f#$%ing sick of the PC BS!

                • Pissed Off Granny

                  Renegade Braveheart:

                  You seem to be among a small per cent of shtf posters who are interested in researching links that have been posted here at shtf.

                  Themguys, JQP, Hunter, myself, and others only ask that you investigate all posts and decide for yourself where the truth lies. If there ars no links or rebuttals, just name calling from a poster; that should be a heads up that they are trying to destroy the messenger because it is impossible to prove the message IS NOT the TRUTH.

                  From your posts I know you feel that something very, very deep and very, very cunning is ruining the America that you love.

                  It is extremely important to follow the money, no one could have the stranglehold on America without controlling the immense amount of money that it took to get to this day in our history.

                  For a comprehensive overview of what has happened to America and the world there is a wealth of info in this article at the link I will post after this comment.

            • Grafique

              Funny thing about that Bible you quote –
              Every word of it was written by –
              wait for it –
              (Gasp of horror!)

              • Grafique

                Regardless of Sanballat’s lies, Jesus himself is Jewish – he’s called the “Tzaddik”.

                • Grafique

                  A ***JEW*** died for your sins!
                  A ***JEW*** offers you new life!
                  How can you stand the thought that you must come to a ***JEW*** for mercy and forgiveness?

                • Hans Westmar

                  Jesus was the supernatural son of a supernatural God, and therefore not genetically Jewish, although delivered into a region and family of Jews.

                  He was most certainly conspired against and, for all intents and purposes, put to death by Jews (members of the Synagogue of Satan).

                • John Q. Public

                  That is another outright lie, Grafique. NOWHERE does Judaism pay reverence to Jesus Christ as a Zaddik. Quite the contrary Judaism spreads the most vile lies about Jesus Christ.

                  Let the readers see for themselves—Judaism teaches that Zaddikim overrule God’s Law and defeat God Himself.

                  The Koliner rebbe [a famnous 17th century rabbi of Prague] states: “Our Zaddikim’s (famous Orthodox rabbis) words are more important than the Torah of Moses As our Sages teach: A Zaddik decrees, and God obeys.”

                  God smiled and said: ‘My sons have defeated Me, My sons have defeated Me!’ God’s sons ‘defeated him’ with their arguments. Rabbi Yehoshua was correct in his contention that a view confirmed by majority vote must be accepted, even where God Himself holds the opposite view.” (Babylonian Talmud, Tractate Bava Metzia 59b, Steinsaltz Edition [NY: Random House 1990], Vol. III p.237)

              • Pissed Off Granny


                Please read John 8:44 and come back and tell me Jesus was talking to his relatives. He tells the jews they are from their father the devil. Are you telling me that Jesus’ father then, is the Devil?

                He goes on to say they cane from a liar and murderer from the beginning. Are you saying that Jesus canme from a liar and murderer?

                Hardly Garlique.

                Who was the original liar and murderer in the Bible? Cain.
                Your jews are Kenites, from Cain, and were to be wanderers forever. What group of people have been kicked out of over 100 countries to date? Those Kenite wanderers, ancestors of Cain.

                To even suggest that Jesus Christ is a jew is blasphemy.

                • Grafique

                  Real mature there, “Amalek”. Hey, how are all your good buddies over at the Westboro Baptist Church? You know, the ones who think just like you.
                  You have to know absolutely Zip, Zero, Nada about the Bible to say that Jesus wasn’t Jewish. It’s such a stupid thing to say that I refuse to debate it. The only thing I’ll say to you is that the very first verse of the Bible proves it – if you care to study it out for yourself.
                  Go “occupy” a book.

                • Them Guys

                  Aint Vampires afraid of Garlic Granny? I thought Garlic wards Off a Vampire blood sucker no?

                  I know I need Not alert you to how the words of Vampire and parastie has been Often used to describe that Tribe eh.

                  Is any race or group worse than african blacks?

                  Indeed yes Jimmy! the Tribe makes amature blacks seem like beginer Parasites compared to the Nation Wrecker tribe.

                • John Q. Public

                  Granny, you have to laugh (and cry) at Grafique’s hypocrisy.

                  Here’s a guy who calls people “Haman” and “Sanballat,” but gets excited at “Garlique.”

                  This, of course, is the same hypocrite who has no criticism of genocide, not even criticism of the killing of children, but gets excited if the perpetrators are identified. The sad fellow’s moral compass is, as typical for the tribe, spinning wildly—or pointing towards HELL.

                  Matthew 6:2, 5; 15:7; 22:18; 23:13, 14, 15, 23, 25, 27, 28, 29; Mark 7:6; Luke 13:15

                • skittle shittin unicorn

                  John q public and them guys is are totally guilty of twisting thing to fit there BS view
                  take the comment a while back about Rham Emmanuels? father and his words at the opening of a holocaust museum in Chicago according to john q public who would have you believe that the old man was speaking in some kind of code about how the Damn jews will beat all the whites into submission
                  but here is a clue JQP there is this wonderful invention called the internet ( were all using it LOL)
                  and the great thing about it is EVERYTHING is saved some where some how

                  so i actually googled his speech and no where did i see what YOU wrote. so its just more proof of what a FUCKING liar you really are talk about playing word games you are the king of it

                  skittle shittin unicorn

                • John Q. Public

                  @ unicorn

                  I searched “Rahm Emanuel site:” and then searched every mention of Rahm Emanuel for a comment by John Q. Public.

                  I found no such comment as you claim.

                  Provide a link to back up your claim.

              • Omegaman

                There is no god so it doesn’t really matter. Fyi

          • Defiant

            It’s not that blacks aren’t equal,

            it’s only that whites are more equal.

            I’m not a racist,

            I just call a spade a spade …er…OOPS…!

            • MarkOwen

              I could see this county going down the tubes quite a few tears ago! All the race baiters like Obama and his Wife, Al Sharpton , Jesse Jackson,Elijah Cummings, Eric Holder, Charlie Wrangle. Any excuse to blame WHITEY for their problems, Rev. Jesse Peterson, “Trayvon is not an innocent little kid, just a thug” Holder going down to Florida to try to intrevene in the trial, Cornel West said it best ” They’re on the Obama Plantation now” ” Sharpton sold his soul for Obama” And mister tingle up his leg Chris Matthews, and Alan Colmes should be black too, the way they worship Obama is really sad! All they are doing is trying to start a race war, and all the innocents who just want to peacefully coexist will be caught in the middle. This regime is surely tearing this country apart, just like Islam planned, from within..Don’t even want to think of all the illegal alien criminals they let out on the streets again.More welfare rats to drag our economy into third world status.Hell we’re almost there now!

              • John W.

                Whitey will not fight back. that is the problem as we have been so intimidated by the big “R” word. They can GFThemselves.

              • Highspeedloafer

                I once worked with a black girl much younger than me. She told me one day, ” You are the whitest white man I have ever known.” I thanked her and she began laughing at me, like it might bother me and then she said, ” You whiter than I thought.”
                She was the laziest person I have ever worked with yet all the other much younger employees followed her like she was a queen. I still don’t get that.

                I’m sure I’d be welcome at the symposium though.

            • armed citizen

              I’m not racist I hate humans.

              • Prescott

                I worked with blacks from the Caribbean and their attitude is 180 from American blacks. They don’t have this ‘my ancestors were slaves so you owe me’ attitude even thou their forebears were also slaves. They’re better educated and far more ambitious than those here. The libtards have perpetuated this cult of ‘victimhood’ and they and the black leadership here in America have played it for all it’s worth. Well, that is going to end in the not-to-distant future. According to all studies, by 2043 Hispanics will be the largest group here in America. Yes, I know, Hispanic is not a race, it’s an ethnicity. Hispanics run the gamut from blondes with blue and green eyes to dark skinned blacks. It’s their cultural that ties them together as a group and the federal government has encouraged this mindset. Whites, that is white non-Hispanics, will move into second place with American blacks still being in third place. And as a group, they don’t owe anything to black Americans and they tell them so even now. The era of ‘blame whitey for all my problems’ will come to a screeching halt along with all the current handouts. After 80 years the gravy train they’ve been riding will come to the end of the line. All the Hispanics I know can’t stand lazy people because their parents or grandparents came here and had to work all the shit jobs while blacks took welfare. There’s some payback about to come and the blacks who are aware know there’s nothing they can to about it. I just wish I could be around to see it. I’ve often been the white non-Hispanic minority where I lived in California, Hawaii, and Florida, so I know of where I speak.

            • john ecnal

              Do you know why Mexicans won’t marry blacks, They are afraid their children will be too lazy to steal.

          • Be informed

            Personally I never could stand segregation based on skin color, it is stupid. I say stay away from someone because they are F’ed in the head. There are people of all skin colors that hate the way the government is treating the citizens and the basic freedoms. Basically skin, whatever the color is simply tissue that covers and protects the internal organs of a body. This is not someone’s choice what skin color they want to be. IT IS someone’s choice to be a a$$wipe and choose to embrace the beast government and try to take away all our basic rights, especially the right to defend ourselves.

            As many know it, I hate islam because of the rotten way this cult treats women, children, animals, and goes after anything like rabid chimpannzees that are not islam. This is the most evil “religion” on the planet. They are still going to hang a woman in Sudan after beating her 100 times with a whip because she renounced islam and became a Christian. She has a 2 year child. This is not being a bigot towards Middle Eastern people or blacks that are muslim, it is hating a wicked terrible belief that ANYONE like this poor lady did, can stop participating in. Islam is evil, I don’t care what political correctness crap there is, they are sand maggot camel f@#$ers and why the camel MERS virus is going around.

            This political correctness toxin is so screwed up. We are automatically suppose to accept another beliefs that are pure evil. Yet they equate this type of basic hate towards a cult with someone that automatically hates someone based on that they are too white, too black, too brown, too yellow, TOO……

            To me at least, I don’t see someone’s skin color that is a prepper/survivalist and that cherishes freedom and liberty, and is not part of the evil and corruption. I just see someone that is a potential ally, friend, and someone that is not like the rest of the zombie masses.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              Blacks are more racist than Whites. Blacks don’t even like blacks, and consists of 75% of all shooting and murders in America is Black on Black. In Tampa, Hillsborough County Florida Black commit and are convicted for 75% of the crime in the county, but only consist of 17% of the entire population where as Whites consist of 67% of the population. Source:FBI Crime Statistics and Census Survey for race demographics. So lets say if America wanted to get rid of 75% of the crime in America, ship the Blacks out to some other country. The Facts are Blacks are a drain on America and our economy. Half of the Black population is on Food Stamps, and in many counties in America more than 50% of the counties population is on food stamps. Half of the Black Males in America are either in Jail, been in Jail or currently on probation. So am I racist for presenting these facts? It is what it is.. One message to Blacks is: “Either Shape UP or Ship Out!!

              • PWYPreach

                Today, only 13% of Americans are black, but when only 13% of a nation controls the other 87%, what is that called? Oh, yes, apartheid.

                A full third of my highly-integrated family is black, but they are people who are and have been college professors, entrepreneurs, professional athletes, ministers…honorable men and women…they take care of themselves and not a one of them, to my knowledge, is on welfare of any kind. And none of them – NOT A SINGLE ONE OF THEM – play the race card.

                So this current reverse apartheid and black-sponsored segregation in America is a total dishonor to them and any of the blacks who came before us who fought and gave their lives for freedom in any of America’s wars that were fought for life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

              • Kevin2


                Its been my experience that a lot (not all) of “White Racism” against blacks is actually fear. Conversely back racism against whites is jealousy converted to hatred as they perceive that whites have everything. I heard it many times ,”the white motherf#$%ers have all the good jobs”. The reality is if a black person came anywhere near close they would get the job. I do believe in the elite circles of ring knockers of upper management blacks are held back and being black. Not that long ago Lee Iacocca the father of the mustang was bypassed for advancement in Ford motor company because he was an Italian American. The American people are far more accepting providing the qualifications are there.

              • Just Me

                A few facts people like to keep swept under the rug. A few others…

                1. Whites were the original slaves in this country. When we broke with England we needed a new source.

                2. Irish were treated just as poorly.

                3. White on black crime? Shall we discuss Knock Out or Polar Bear Hunting?

                4. Yes we currently have a black president but before he was he had to become. that means he had to run side by side a white man. If blacks did not have the same rights and privileges as whites then how would that have been possible?

                5. Not one person in this currently in this country is or has ever been a slave or a slave owner. Would these people feel comfortable having every one of their ancestors/living family’s bio pulled and reviewed and any discrepancies/violations they have to pay and be responsible serving the time and punishment for?

                6. If whites hold blacks back then why do we have so many black doctors, lawyers, judges, a president? Why weren’t those blacks held back? How were they able to rise if no other can?

                7. Racism is not specific to one color. We don’t have white pride parades. That would be wrong but black pride is ok? One color against another is one color against another. Plain and simple.

                8. People at this meeting wouldn’t let a white kid in because in the past they have felt uncomfortable because of other white people. So if someone kicked a black kid out because once they felt uncomfortable around other black people what is the damn difference? The message it is sending is black people are too sensitive and cant handle a different opinion and have to shut the other party down.

                9. They push to be called African American but seriously lets think about that…. whites/blacks, whites/coloreds, whites/negros, African-American/Caucasian doesn’t matter what you call the box you’re still checking one. Unless you hold duel citizenship shouldn’t we all be checking the box that says American?

                10. Numerous slaves became business owners after they were freed so would those people be proud of their descendants today who live off the government and refuse to work and carry on their legacy? If they were able to move on after they had been slaves why can’t those living now do the same?

                I’m a single white mom. I don’t receive child support and have never once collected government assistance. Hasn’t been easy but I work hard and have never had anything handed to me. Some of us are “man” enough to support our families without needing someone else to do it for us. Can anyone that’s screaming whites are racist say that same thing? Doubt it.

                • Kevin2

                  “2. Irish were treated just as poorly.”

                  Simply not so. Blacks were literally property. Notice that black people in Africa are the color black and not brown or tan? Slave owner had sex with their “property” and given the nature of that it was rape.

                  Blacks were whipped by their masters. Legally.

                • PJ London

                  Why do you not read your history,
                  “There were hundreds of thousands of Scots sold into slavery during Colonial America. White slavery to the American Colonies occurred as early as 1630 “;
                  “They (the Irish) came as slaves; vast human cargo transported on tall British ships bound for the Americas. They were shipped by the hundreds of thousands and included men, women, and even the youngest of children.
                  Whenever they rebelled or even disobeyed an order, they were punished in the harshest ways. Slave owners would hang their human property by their hands and set their hands or feet on fire as one form of punishment. ”
                  “The Barbary slave trade refers to the slave markets that flourished on the Barbary Coast, or modern-day Morocco, Algeria, Tunisia and western Libya, between the 16th and 19th centuries. These markets prospered while the states were nominally under Ottoman rule, but in reality were mostly autonomous. Although the slave markets were filled by peoples from many places, they were distinct from other slave markets because they also sold European slaves, acquired through pirate raids on shipping or coastal towns and villages. About 20,000 British and Irish captives were held in North Africa from the beginning of the 17th century to the middle of the 18th, and roughly 700 Americans were held captive in this region as slaves between 1785 and 1815.[1] The markets declined after the loss of the First and Second Barbary Wars and ultimately ended in the 1830s when the entire area came under French rule.”
                  Whole areas of coastal Britain were depopulated, as the people fled inland for protection from the “slavers”, who would raid a village and carry off all the inhabitants to America and sale to plantation owners.
                  Do not make statements that you know nothing about.

                • L G

                  Wow! You really summed up some great points! I agree with them all.

                  I worked with 80% blacks in one company for 5 years in a nasty “black” neighborhood. A mass murder was found to live around the corner that made national news about 3 years after I left that job. My company transferred me there.

                  We were all highly skilled professionals. Yep! Many there were making a whole lot more than I was! I saw with my own two eyes racism and many times it was directed right at me. Most of the professionals there were great in treating me equal. I never once fed into the racism. Most were great people. I treated them as they treated me. I worked harder than some thought I should and that bothered me. They kept saying I was showing them up and comments like that. I told them I worked at my own pace and if it showed them up, I couldn’t help that. My supervisor loved my hard work because she worked her way up to where she was. So, not all blacks are like that, but I saw too many in that place of business and in the previously one where I was transferred from where it was about 50% black.

                  However, even among these professionals, there were a few who you could tell by their comments they thought blacks were downtrodden and unfairly treated and whites were the issue. I was there in that job when Obama was first elected. A great many thought Obama was going to be their “savior”! Of course, we know they didn’t need saving!

                  As far as I could tell, they were all just as educated, and many more than I, had homes and cars and a great life! I was renting and didn’t own my used car! The shopped at the best of places and I did not. They went on fancy vacations and I was doing good to do some local things on mine!!

                  Those same blacks kept telling me how they beat the system a lot because they were black or they knew a lot of things most whites didn’t!! They said they knew how to get certain things and not pay for them. They also passed around emails telling each other when the new freebie happened. The white girl here had no such email and most of those freebies were not race related. I was told by them helped their “own” when I questioned it! Nice huh? I guess I was put in “my place”. If I asked the right ones though, they did share things with me. So not all were that way thankfully.

                  I once dated a black man. Very nice man. But I saw firsthand how blacks look at, glare at, and hate you for dating out of your race. I was surprised because I thought it was the whites that were going to give me a rough time!

                  To be honest, I knew life was rough enough without living with hatred all the time around me, so I stopped dating him. There were other reasons also, but that was a major one! And talk about not feeling safe in black neighborhoods and out with a black man in the black community!! I was really happy the man I was dating was a large man! Live and learn! I refuse to date a black man again. And It is the “racism” I experienced from the blacks I refuse to endure!

                  I have been on welfare in my life. I do not think less of myself because I paid my way most of the time through working and paying taxes my whole life. The welfare system is supposed to help through rough times, not become a way of life! I always got back on my feet through hard work.

                  My daughter is a single mom of two, with no child support…and she has always worked her butt off too. She is not on any social services either, but at times she has been. No shame in that when you need it. She didn’t keep having kids though and tried to make a living at it. There are a lot of whites and Hispanics around me though who do. That part is not all about blacks abusing the systems. I want to be clear about that!! Trashing people come in all colors!! So, I have also seen what you have seen, and as I said agree with all your points.

                  Unless we all wake up to reality, nothing will change. You can’t fix a thing if you do not admit it is broken.

                • Kevin2

                  PT London / Just Me

                  While many on the BB never admit when they’re wrong I do.

                  I researched the Irish Slaves. You two are correct.

                  I always knew that the British were brutal reading about the Boer War and other treatment of their colonial subjects world wide. This Irish Slavery is a forgotten point in history.

                • JustMe

                  Post not by JustMe, but a good post.

                • Just Me

                  To JustMe

                  Yes I didn’t realize there was someone else using that name when I wrote the comments. Sorry about that but yes two different people 🙂

                • Confederate

                  Just Me, You make a lot of sense. Thank you for your contribution. America needs to hear more from women like you. Thank you.

              • the renegade braveheart

                BI, good evening, the good black people you refer to have always been known derisively as “Uncle Toms”, named after “Uncle Tom’s Cabin” by Harriet Beecher Stowe. But I’ll take the ‘Uncle Toms’ over the losers of the black community any day. I know a lot of Uncle Toms, some going back to the 80s.

              • Jim Smith

                Yep, I’m from Hillsborough county (Tampa area) and lived there for about ten years. I was a resident of Orlando, FL back in 1979 and finally had enough of the crime in Florida in early 2007. You are right about the blacks causing most of the crime and the illegals cause just about the rest of the crime in Florida. Key West isn’t “Flipperville” anymore, it’s Cubanville.

                • Confederate

                  I’m a 5th generation Floridian, being born in Tampa, your absolutely right. Florida sucks, the only thing here are thugs, Cubans, PR’s,Mexicans, North eastern Yankee’s and others who want to suck the govt. tit but refuse to do anything except cry “victim”.

            • John Q. Public

              MORE ON CHILDREN:

              The rabbis still perform their oral circumcision ritual Mezizah b’peh on little boys, sometimes causing the death of innocent babies. 2005:

              Another Baby Dies of Herpes Transmitted Orally by Rabbi During ‘Religious Ritual’

              New York Resumes Permission for Molestation of Baby Boys by Homo Rabbis

              Another one:

          • JohnFornaro


            That was excellent! Warning: Consider that your idea “word games will be the end of America” is now stolen. Sorry, but that’s the marketplace of ideas for you.

        • New Ordnance

          White Guilt,the obverse of White Privilege, has long been inculcated into the minds of students, particularly in the elite boarding schools and private universities of the Northeast.

          Now,with their person in the Whitehouse, TPTB masterfully play the public like a violin in these race-baiting performances.

          I choose not to play in their orchestra or dance to their music.

          • New Ordnance

            Let’s face it!

            This is what they have taken out of the history books.

            Imperfect white men of vision and ability, quickly built a civilization of unprecedented freedom, the likes of which the world had never seen before.

            Ordinary citizens lived lives of abundance that kings and potentates of bygone eras could not even dream of.

            The citizens, surfeited in their pleasures and entertainments,eventually degenerated, squandered their inheritance for a mess of pottage and returned to bondage.

            That civilization, was built, not in Mexico and not in Africa. It was built in what was once the United States of America.

            • WhoWuddaThunkIt

              I checked into the “History of Black Slavery” issue,and here’s the facts. Black tribes in Africa, attacked each other and captured their black brothers. The Black slave traders then sold off the Black Slaves to shipping companies. Of all the Black Slaves taken from Africa only 6% of the blacks from Africa were taken to America. 90% of the Black Slaves were taken to the Caribbean /West Indies, and South America predominantly. 15% of all Slave Owners in America were Free Blacks. In fact in 1790, 48 black people in Maryland owned 143 slaves. So when you hear this BS about Black Slavery in America, just ask today’s Black population, “Do you have a better life and standard of living here in America or would you rather go live back in Africa?” “Or how about go live in South America or the Carribbean? It would be cheaper to buy them a one way cruise ticket there, than keep paying welfare, food stamps, SSI, Daddy-less Baby-Momma benefits, etc. Am I a racist? Or am I again, just presenting the facts?

              • Kevin2


                A black physician in Jamaica told me that the violence committed in the Caribbean /West Indies by blacks is much higher than that the US. This is because their ancestors were the unruly slaves that were not desired in the colonies/US which paid a premium for docile and hence more controllable slaves.

                • PA farmer

                  Uncontrollable slave..
                  Hmm, I’m always thinking about what I might have put on my head stone, that just went on the list..

                • Jim Smith

                  Most of the Caribbean countries are like that. When I was in the U.S. Virgin Islands back in 1982 I visited a local post office. The ten most wanted were all blacks. The post office had wrought iron bars on all the doors and windows and there were pamphlets in the post office on how to strengthen your home against burglaries. No matter where blacks are they cause most of the crime. IIRC in the U.K. blacks make up about 2% of the population but own over half of the crime.

              • Ugly

                Brown Sugar?

            • Them Guys

              This Too was Ommited from History books and schools.

              “Jewish merchants played a major role in the slave trade. In fact, in all the American colonies, whether French (Martinique), British, or Dutch, Jewish merchants frequently dominated. This was no less true on the North American mainland, where during the eighteenth century Jews participated in the ‘triangular trade’ that brought slaves from Africa to the West Indies and there exchanged them for molasses, which in turn was taken to New England and converted into rum for sale in Africa. Isaac Da Costa of Charleston in the 1750s, David Franks of Philadelphia in the 1760s, and Aaron Lopez of Newport in the late 1760s and early 1770s dominated Jewish slave trading on the American continent.”

              — Marc Raphael (Jew): “Jews and Judaism in the United States: A Documentary History”

              • PuppyPrepper

                You irrational Jew-haters are the most repugnant racists of all. I think you are just jealous.

              • Grafique

                Sanballat, your satanic words are rejected in the Name of Jesus Christ!

          • the renegade braveheart

            Good evening, NO, and I subscribe to the same sentiment as you. I don’t feel guilty about a damned thing and I damned sure don’t owe anything to anyone.

        • lonelonemum


          Seriously if this is the trash being drummed into 8 year old heads then unplug your child from the programming and homeschool. No I’m NOT suggesting doing this is gonna be an easy road – it took relocating, & retraining into a different job for me to manage it. But I’m damned if I’m gonna let an innocent child I gave birth to be blindly programmed into becoming cannon fodder for the NWO.

          What advantage do white people have when you break it down? Poor white trash got no more head start in life than poor black trash. A child from a comfortable educated stable family is likely to do better in life than one raised by a lone meth head what ever the skin colour. Both are scum in the eyes of the elite.

          As for the so-called conference and the rest of the story, well the whole darn thing is just wrong on so many levels it blows my mind.

          1. Who are the blacks stupid enough to attend such a gathering? They may as well jump off a cliff together today enmasse & save us all the trouble of presenting them with a Darwin award.

          2. Who is agent provocateur white kid trying to get and stir things up? What agenda is he working to?

          3. Why is the current administration going hell for leather trying to cause a race war in the US right now?

          I’m tired of this whole black victim thang – ffs the Irish were slaves first and were treated even worse, then came the dispossessed and enslaved Scots etc. Sure they dress it up with PC language in modern history curriculii like saying whites were lifelong indentured servants (even the babies they bred!)but for those of us capable of understanding what we read it’s clear – ALL races that eventually came to form the modern US were at some point in that nation’s history enslaved. Sadly the US is a nation that was built on genocide and enslavement.

          I’ve said before I have an elder sibling in Nigeria – it’s time to make “african-americans” understand that their perpetual victim crap don’t wash back in their “homeland”. You work, you grow, you eat – simples. If they are going to try and tag that “african” label onto their identities; then they wanna start by looking at the mothers who will walk days to take their child to a clinic, the way EVERY family wants their kid to get an education, and the sacrifices and risks they take to see that their kids do better in life than they did. How hard workers are respected etc, etc.

          It’s time for the “african-american” community to rewind a little, back to Marcus Garvey and take some important points on board. A good start would be to apply some duct tape to the loud mouth self-appointed community leaders like Jesse Jackson & Obama, so that everyone else can have a sensible conversation about how to move forward.

          Poverty of spirit is a far greater handicap than material poverty.

          Please don’t fall for this BS divide and conquer crap. Your constitution either means something for ALL american citizens or it doesn’t. Unlike in so many other parts of the world you have the means to resist the NWO still. Please, please don’t throw that chance away on Obama’s race war fantasies.

          • New Ordnance

            Very well spoken sir. Students of the unexpurgated history know that we have all been slaves before.

            True freedom is a rare elixir.

            • New Ordnance

              Excuse me lonelonemum.

              I should have said well spoken Ma’am!

              • lonelonemum

                Well the constitution was the culmination of generation upon generation of human effort, not a silly modern media soundbite. Noone gave US citizens their freedom they earned it, in the hardest ways imaginable. It was a beacon of hope to the rest of the world too, and also the basis for the respect you enjoyed from foreign nations.

                To be distracted by a race war initiated by the low level immoral sum currently the show is an insult to countless unnamed persons of ALL races who suffered and died for what we have collectively taken for granted and tossed out like yesterday’s trash.

                Take a look at the example we are being set by the scared pregnant married mother in Sudan, jailed with her toddler for the crime of being a christian and marrying a fellow believer. What she did when she stood up in court and refused to denounce her faith despite knowing that she will be ruthlessly beaten, and then murdered as soon as the child in her womb reaches 2 years of age, totally puts the likes of the “Reverend” Jesse Jackson to shame. (He’s no man of God in my eyes!)

                She will be forgotten. Yet this is the sort of courage and sacrifice repeated by countless individuals, each building on the actions of the previous generations that culminated in freedom.

                It is also a diversion to distract us from the horrors of the modern slave trade conducted under our noses in most Western cities. PC programming calls it people trafficking and tries to convince us that the young women and men bought and sold for the sex trade today don’t count in so many ways. Yet many of the current victims are white and it is a trade conducted with the collusion of tax payer funded authorities such as the police and child protective services etc.

                Instead of talking about the past, if we want to condemn slavery we need to be adopting a zero tolerance approach for what is happening today. No more nudge, nudge wink wink over the purveyors of extracurricular activities at the super bowl or sex tourists from our communities that prey upon 3rd world children as part of their annual vacation.

                • Them Guys

                  IRISH, SCOTS and Other Euro Whites were taken as Slaves, CENTURIES before the First Black african was ever a slave!

                  And Look Who admits to doing it!

                  “During this period, Jewish merchants, from the cities in the valley of the Rhône, Verdun, Lione, Arles and Narbonne, in addition to Aquisgrana, the capital of the empire in the times of Louis the Pious [Louis I]; and in Germany from the centres of the valley of the Rhine, from Worms, Magonza and Magdeburg; in Bavaria and Bohemia, from Regensburg and Prague – were active in the principal markets in which slaves (women, men, eunuchs) were offered for sale, by Jews, sometimes after abducting them from their houses. From Christian Europe the human merchandise was exported to the Islamic lands of Spain, in which there was a lively market. The castration of these slaves, particularly children, raised their prices, and was no doubt a lucrative and profitable practice…”

                  — Dr. Ariel Toaff, Chapter Eight, Blood Passover

                • Grafique

                  I reject your satanic accusations, Sanballat!

                • Red Mann

                  What a FOOL this “woman” you think is sooooooooo courageous IS!
                  She trades one “god has a dick” religion for another, puts BOTH of her children in dire jeopardy by her “fellow” “old testament brothers, the muscle-SCUMS! So, now, she is a “courageous” member of judeo-chrisSCUM DUMB!
                  Trades one monolithic “god has a dick” religion FOR ANOTHER!

                  What a pathetic loser she is!
                  Just like you, ameri-SCUM!

                  All ‘good” things come to an end, white-man male “god” worshipper!
                  You members of judeo-chris SCUM DUMB ARE the “supreme” KILLER CULT on this planet!
                  You ALL are a “curse” upon this earth, and now, will be dealt with accordingly!


                  Now, go back to sleep, white-skinned WAR MONGER!
                  I look forward to upsetting your life in a BIG WAY real soon!

          • Bill

            The first person killed in the American revolution is believed to be a black man named Crispus Attucks. By some accounts, he was a runaway slave, but other accounts say he lived openly in the city (don’t remember which city).

        • SonOfSam

          8 year old? EIGHT year old? EIGHT?

          What kind of sick maniacs rape and bastardize the minds of children that young?

          These sick fucks might want to re think this policy though: someday those children will grow up. Some might still drink the Kool Aid,but others will realize how badly they’ve been used and they will want some payback.

          These WPC douche bags should stick to houseplant liberation

          • lonelonemum


            I’m glad to see someone else reacted the way I did. How DARE the elite pollute and corrupt the minds of such young INNOCENT children. It’s the deliberate destruction of human potential and hope.

            They can liberate houseplants if they like, but I’d rather their depravity and sickness was kept away from children. You take a group of children of any race and creed and until their minds are polluted by the influences of the adults around them – they’ll all play and get along just fine.

      • Kevin2

        I just thought of something.

        Blacks kill other blacks in droves and the black people in that meeting felt unsafe because of the presence of one white man?

        This speaks volumes for the misplaced causes blaming white people for their plight.

      • JustMe

        One more step to White Genocide. Do you get the hard cold ugly brutal truth yet?

        • Kevin2

          Actually its black genocide as blacks murder blacks and their lifestyle reduces their life expectancy and increases their infant mortality.

          Until they get a culture change which shuns violence as a means of settling disputes, adopt family values in raising their children and put an emphasis on education as a means to advancement their plight will remain as it is.

          • SonOfSam

            You mean, act more like most white people? You racist sob!

            end sarcasm

            • Kevin2

              White people have no monopoly on civilized behavior. The developed Asian world functions well too.

            • Kevin2


              There is a growing segment of white youth that most likely being impressionable coupled with the Entertainment Industry’s showing street culture as desirable are emulating their behavior.

              We destroyed many CDs from our kids 15 or so years ago that they now tell us as grown adults they had to keep them in hiding back then. When your “music” glorifies crime it has to go.

        • Bill

          This will end in even more bloodshed then the Balkan conflict.

      • Slick One

        Well a smaller brain size and under developed frontal lobes are a problem. As the negroes are afraid of whites then should not I place a white only sign on my door at work so that no negroe can accidently walk in and be afraid? I mean I just want to help.

    2. Anonymous

      The most discriminated against people in America are white males

      • FuckingPissed

        I’m glad we are the most intelligent and well armed segment. Never say die.

      • MXLord327

        Especially white males with a southern accent….

        • Booger

          If I could, I’d give you a thousand thumbs up ! So true !

        • Unreconstructed Southron

          And it drive them crazy ’cause we don’t give a tick’s turd.

          If heaven ain’t a lot like Dixie….

          • sixpack

            …then I don’t wanna go…

    3. jaydi

      race baiting the sheeple is NOT cool.

    4. Confederate

      This “president” is the epitome of racists, he and eric holder are the biggest racial cowards in power at this time. They must have gone to the Jessie Jackson school of race baiting and incompetence where they graduated with honors. If I’m a racists based upon my skin color; middle aged white man, fine, I’ll start acting like it. It’s been said if you tell lies long enough they will eventually be believed. That’s all these ni**ers in the white house do.

      • Them Guys

        All of You that seek and Speak truth…Are going to be called a raysis evil nazi antisemite no matter WHAT!

        So You may as well go….All OUT!…incogman dot net

        Visit Incogmans website to see/read about the four african blacks, 2 females and 2 males who won a massive huge trophy from some college for being the NATIONS best “Debater group”!! What a Laugh! wait till you view these 4 examples of subhuman apelike winners!

        be sure to Read article and Watch the video there to see just how Inlelligent these four debate winners are at speaking gruf uninteligable jungle ebonics “english”!

        Jesse jackson King of african ghetto Mumblers must have taught these winners how to be su succesfull at college debateing team work!

        What a Pure JOKE!…PS do NOT consume edibles prior to viewing these apelike subhuman examples of todays american african Yooooots! you May Puke!

        • Grafique

          Accusatory viciousness from Sanballat.
          You’re rejected!

        • lonelonemum

          Them Guys

          A pattern I have noticed emerging about US blacks is that when despite all the elite’s best efforts and programming a genuine truth telling leader seems to be emerging from the ranks he or she seems to be swiftly assassinated from Malcom X all the way along the line to Tu Pac Shakur.

          • Them Guys

            LoneMUM: Exactly! the Tribe kills Even the BEST of the gentile Goyims! Its written in and taught BY their Talmud books verses!

            Have you also noticed even Here at shtf site we have so many foolish idiots that so Hate truth, they blame the messenger for what those talmudics even ADMIT to doing such as what I posted a statement BY jewish man that indeed the vast Majority of Slave traders etc were jewish!

            So for such Truth as revealed BY a jew I get bashed for posting the info? One cannot simply make this stuff up on how daft and stupid these truth haters actually are!

            Glad to see a few of you Brits folks so wide awake!!! Hope we see even More brits like you are Mum. And also a great Mother to Boot! you cant beat That combo eh!

            • lonelonemum

              In truth Themguys – it’s easier sometimes to have an outsiders perspective of a nation & spot the truth. I am fairly sure that many in the US can see flaws about British culture that I am too emotionally and physically close to be able to see clearly.

              It’s a bit like when your friends meet and go onto declare each other the love of each other’s lives – as an outsider you can tell that although both parties are nice people they won’t last the distance as a couple. They themselves are too loved up to spot the incompatibilities until it’s too late. (How I ended up a lone parent!).

              Where we’ll have to agree to differ is that I think that the elite are dyed in the wool Satanists who hide behind Judaism and the holocaust in one moment and Islam & sharia in the next. They even sneak into the pulpits of these silly TV evangelical Churches. Like the bible says they are deceivers – thus when caught out someone else is all around to be the scapegoat as they slither away unnoticed to suck the blood from their next victims. Dead men tell no tales.

              I think this cloaking themselves in someone else’s identity is how historically humanity has repeatedly failed to notice that all the trouble comes from a few individual families and bloodlines. Once you understand this deceptive Satanic cloaking mechanism you come to see how both the US and Britain have become one party states over the last century where the populace is duped into thinking they get a choice of leadership in “elections” every few years.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        OB- Why, if I had a son he would look just like Travon Martin. And this Clown represents America on the world stage. And another reason Putin is kicking his ass on every issue. I actually laughed out loud when I read Putin called John Kerry a LIAR, when Kerry flat out lied about the chemical weapons in Syria. Folks, Our country is being run by the Clown Crowd.

      • Anonymous

        The whites and blacks were getting way too chummy to have a good race war. All part of the agenda. Cold War, racial conflict, just to keep us off balance.

        • sixpack

          JUST SAY NO.

      • WVaFolks

        From the woodpile to the White House….

    5. Kulafarmer

      From what Ive seen we all have the same rights, but Blacks and other ethnicities have an advantage over whites because of EOE and other affirmative action laws and policies,
      What we do with the opportunities to excel is up to us!
      To continue to blame others for your lack of progress is bullshit.
      Case in point, the millions of refugees and immigrants who have made their way here and been highly successful weather through furthering education, starting a business, or using their God given abilities to move their asses along.
      From where im sitting YOU minorities have more helping hands than we whites do, there are no special programs for us but hundreds for other races.

      • New Ordnance

        All the better reasons NOT to send our children to public schools. Home-school – Private school, find a way. Anything but the dumbed-down, robotic, public indoctrination camps called public schools.

        Our children are who we pass the torch of liberty, the torch of civilization to – our legacy for the future.

        • jerrytbg

          You are so right N.O.

          BAN THE NEA NOW!!!

          They are at the “COMMON CORE” of this rot!!!


        • sixpack

          “Our children are who we pass the torch of liberty, the torch of civilization to – our legacy for the future.”

          …and that is exactly why they are under direct attack by the NWO. The goal is not to destroy US, for we are almost gone anyway—the goal is to destroy OUR CHILDREN. To turn them into slaves.

          The NWO realizes that they can’t back down a badger with a bull horn, so they go for the cubs.

      • John W.

        Blacks are in for a painful awakening when Hispanics take over. They will tell them to take their race claims and shove them. No more white guilt to manipulate. Stupid white people, bunch of cowards and punks.

    6. braahaahaa

      Blacks banning whites and vice versa is totally wrong. But when hatred and racism was happening towards other groups of people, I know that many of the tea party people and white people were quiet about and they didn’t care.

      And it’s really sad that people don’t care about others until it happens to them. What goes around comes around. People should work together to stop all forms of racism and hatred.

      • y99

        I don’t recall this, can you post a link?

      • slingshot


        The world is a dangerous place. As far as this, What goes around comes around, you are happy to see it happen. Me, I don’t care. I will deal with it as it goes down. Fact is the Black community likes the Drama because when solutions are voice, their comments are, YOUR RACIST.

        • Kulafarmer

          We watch food network a lot, you see a lot of immigrant chefs who came here with nothing and worked their way up to being executive chefs or owning a restaurant, and they came with nothing, you dont see them whining racism,,,
          Same with the Mexicans, many many many of them have done really well, contractors, Drs lawyers etc, and most from nothing, seems the ones whining racism are the ones who want stuff handed to them.

          • Confederate

            Ok Kula, I gotta ask, it’s driving me nuts. What is Kula? Pineapple? Thanks

            • Kulafarmer

              Kula, Maui,

              • sixpack

                Thanks. I asked that question several weeks ago and everyone answered BUT you.

              • Confederate


      • John W.

        You should work on getting a clue. The Tea Party said nothing about race. You are just another slimey Obamahole liar. GFY.

      • the renegade braveheart

        braahaaahaa, can you offer anything to support your statements? Otherwise you sound like someone from MSM.

    7. crash and burn

      I love how he is a black president….He’s still half white (the good half) ahahaha…just kidding around

      • Kulafarmer

        Yea and when he was campaigning he was the American president, but now he clearly says he is black, what he IS,
        Is a lying, hippocrate, SOB

        • Gods Creation

          Actually, Obama is 1/8 black and hates the other 7/8ths of himself.

          Fortunately, he is NOTHING to me anyway. White, black, hawaiian, arabic, he is a scum of a man based solely upon his works.

          Am I a racist for forming an opinion of a man based on his works? God says NO, and I am not competent to challenge His ruling.

          • VRF

            True, I heard and have read somewhere that he has more Arabic in him than any other race

            is Arabic a race? really im not sure

            • VRF

              think its more a cultural aspect

              • german boy

                Arabic is infact a Language, shared by Arabic speaking nations. Mostly in Noth Africa, or eastern Mediterianen. There is the crux of the problem in the Arab world, not all Muslims are friends, and prefer to kill each other. Sheeite and Sunee, or however its spelt, are prime examples of that. An Arabic speaking friend of mine from Syria, has huge problems undersanding many other alleged Arabs speakers

            • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

              I thought Reggie Love was black?

        • slingshot


          He is a smoked Irishmen.

          • jerrytbg

            I resemble that remark….hiccup…

            I’m what’s referred to as black Irish…
            Dark hair (when I was younger), dark eyes and I tan deeply…

            The point is you’re right to an extent…
            Not all Irishmen have red hair and freckles… 😉

      • VRF

        Im an equal opportunity hater,, dont matter color.
        if your an idiot , a dick head or punk bitch..i’ll hate you equally
        well not you personally crash and burn

      • billybll

        Who’s that ‘The Killer Kenyan’ that Israel put in power?

      • NunJoBizness

        Actually crash and Burn – Obama is NOT half white. He’s half Jewish thanks to Mama Stanley.

        Jews do not consider themselves as “white”, but a totally separate race…and most of them are exceedingly liberal anti- whites (SPLC anyone?)

        ….and Stanley was NOT the “good half” – but a card carrying commie which is where he gets most of his totally annoying anti- American traits from. There is no “good half” to Obama….

        • VRF

          And of that don’t prove this country was set up , than what does eh?

        • Archivist

          Please document even one Jewish ancestor for Obama. I have checked his ancestry and haven’t found any Jews yet.

          • sixpack

            Much like his birthright, you’re likely to only find what they leave for you to find…true or not.

      • Unreconstructed Southron

        He doesn’t have a good half.

        • GrumpyOlFart

          Yes! yes he does…only thing is that the good half was smeared on some Charmin and tossed into the toilet.

    8. y99

      I was raised to respect all people until I had reason not to, most like me in my generation have unwisely gone out of our way to accommodate people like this out of a sense of fairness and hope that they would one day find their place in in the modern world.

      All we’ve got for our effort is a brutal subculture of drugs, violence, murder and rape, somehow whites are still to blame for their inability to drop the victimhood status and embrace the real world.

      • VRF

        Exactly what I tried to say in my post above , don’t give a reason to hate you , and I won’t
        Screw with me or my family , or be a useless POS
        Than I feel I have a right to dislike anyone I feel the need to

        No one ever brainwashed me into thinking this world was full of unicorns and rainbows

        • sixpack

          …with all of the rainbows in here, it’s getting pretty crowded…

          • sixpack

            That didn’t come out as I hoped. I’ll try again:

            With all of the rainbows in the brave new world, it’s getting pretty crowded…

    9. eppe

      Dang, these sisters must be white too….

      Two sisters, one blond and one brunette, inherit the family ranch.Unfortunately, after just a few years, they are in financial trouble…

      In order to keep the bank from repossessing the ranch, they need to purchase a bull so that they can breed their own stock.

      Upon leaving, the brunette tells her sister, ‘When I get there, if I decide to buy the bull, I’ll contact you to drive out after me and haul it home.’

      The brunette arrives at the man’s ranch, inspects the bull, and decides she wants to buy it.

      The man tells her that he will sell it for $599, no less. After paying him, she drives to the nearest town to send her sister a telegram to tell her the news.

      She walks into the telegraph office, and says, ‘I want to send a telegram to my sister telling her that I’ve bought a bull for our ranch and I need her to hitch the trailer to our pickup truck and drive out here so we can haul it home.’

      The telegraph operator explains that he’ll be glad to help her, then adds, it will cost 99 cents a word.

      Well, after paying for the bull, the brunette realizes that she’ll only be able to send her sister one word.

      After a few minutes of thinking, she nods and says, ‘I want you to send her the word ‘comfortable.’

      The operator shakes his head. ‘How is she ever going to know that you want her to hitch the trailer to your pickup truck and drive out here to haul that bull back to your ranch if you send her just the word’ comfortable?’

      The brunette explains, ‘My sister’s blonde. The word is big.
      She’ll read it very slowly… ‘com-for-da-bul.’

      • New Ordnance


        Where do you keep getting these?
        Thanks for “lightening” things up.

        • eppe

          Years of collecting and storing, hard part is trying to get jokes that relate to the subject at hand…
          Wonder if the blonde had been “lightening” to get sooo smart….

          • sixpack

            Nice blonde joke. I’m afraid most of mine are too offensive for posting in mixed company.

      • eppe

        A mathematician, an accountant and an economist are all applying for a job position. One by one the interviewer calls each applicant into the room.
        First the mathematician enters and the interviewer asks his question:
        “What is two plus two?”
        “Four”, replies the mathematician.
        “Are you certain?”
        “Yes, it is, and will always be four.”

        Next the accountant enters the room:
        “What is two plus two?”
        “Four”, proclaims the accountant.
        “Are you sure?”
        “Well, there may be some variability, but on average it will be four.”

        Finally the economist enters the room:
        “What is two plus two?”
        The economist pauses, shifting slightly in his seat, glances around the room and shuts the blinds before sitting back down.
        He leans over to the interviewer and whispers:
        “What would you like it to be?”

    10. anonymous

      If blacks are ‘people of color’, are whites ‘people of no color’?

      • VRF

        I thought Black was the absence of color..isnt that what the scientist argue?

        • y99


          Black would be considered dark matter, so not a color based on alchemy:)

        • Them Guys

          One thing Radically true is that NO other race of humans…NONE, not only Look so like real monky apes or chimps or baboons….But they also even ACT more like real apes or chimps and baboons than a Real one acts as.

          Somethings radically Wrong with that race. Its just NOT normal for actual humans to so act more like a ape than a real ape does…Blacks are also way more violent acting than a real jungle or zoo ape or chimp ever is.

          I still think one day if PC is done away with for good, and DNA scientists are then able to go Public with all they have discovered….They are going to announce to the world that Eureka! They have DNA proof solid…

          That at some point in time maybe 4000 yrs ago. some male or female African Human person discovered SEX WITH Real chimps, apes and baboons….And at least One 1/2 breed sub humab african/ape or chimp etc was Born…Allowed to live and mature, and then…

          Began to reproduce!…Just like Noahs three sons could repopulate earth and from Just three men and their wives the world has seen 7 Billion folks Now Plus another 10 Billion now dead that lived prior to this gen today.

          If Them three guys can reproduce so huge a number offspring…Then all it takes is ONE 1/2 breed ape black and Bingo! 4000 yrs later we see a couple Billion such sub humans planet wide today.

          And all thru recorded history from Africa to ALL other nations…Wherever blacks are at in any large numbers…

          They NEVER produce, invent, build, create anything other than More sub humans they cannot possibly feed nor care for…While at same time destroying Everything that Was built By Whiteys..If not for white missionaries going to africa etc we’d see afrcians still eating each other and living in Mud+shit Huts that Melt when the Rains come.

          oh wait it Is that way still there!

          Incogmans website also has a few dandy articles with great full size color photos of various africans IN africa that do Witchcraft, witch doctors practices!

          Color Phots of small kids, and even White adults captured by crazed militant apelike blacks in africa who then Remove human organs and limbs to be used in various witch doctor ceramonies or “healings” and also for Better Sex after consuming said human Organs “SOUP” made by the witch doctors!

          NO BS! Go Look! Its like straight outta older black & white 1930’s tarzan films! Only today in Full color photos.

          BEWARE! These Photos show very disturbing shots of white women hung Upside down, middle stomach sections ripped open to remove vital organs for the ceramonies etc…VERY GRAPHIC photos Not for week mided folks!

          Also NOT to be viewd by ANY whites that just may get so damn pissed off at it all they begin to do a bit of Hunting themselevs in nearest ghettolands!

          I think DNA Science Has already found such evidence but Fears public display as its certain to cost scientists their Jobs, fundings, even their Lives for exposeing it all….If I am wrong? Okay please come up with some better sounding Reasons that NO other Race is so..That way?

          Just visit detroit ZOO and observe all the many kinds monkys and apes etc there in cages(great place eh cages) and Then compare to what You already have seen of typical daily actions by Most blacks…NO NOT ALL BLACKS..Just MOST is all..Thats for the naysayer fools who complain always. YES there is always an exception to all such rules in life…Its always that 98% Bad types that make it so hard for the remaining Good 1-2% eh…There, Happy now naysayers?

          • WhoWuddaThunkIt

            So why does everybody call GW Bush a Chimp? Or are they refering to Curious George?

        • ready down under

          VRF – “black” is the absence of reflected light. Black is black because it absorbs all and reflects (gives?) nothing.

          Conversely, white is white because it reflects all light.

          If you want to draw conclusions or make comparisons to, say, the permanent welfare class be my guest.

          Personally I agree with the comment of y99 above, that I give all due respect until it is apparent they do not deserve it. The main complaint of those who play the race card is that the get no respect. Well, I have news for them – to get respect, first you must have it!!


      • Confederate

        I’ve been told by blacks that whites are “pink”. I think they’re right.

        • jerrytbg


          That’s what the Andorians think also… 🙂

          • Confederate

            Jerry, ok, you got me, what’s an Andorian?

            • jeepboy1991

              Oh Jerry, you win the “geek points” award for the day, slipping in a Star Trek reference! I salute you.
              To answer Confederate’s question, a blue skinned race from the startrek universe

              • Confederate

                Thanks Jeep, just goes to show you you learn something everyday. Must have missed that episode.

      • NunJoBizness

        We must be “clear” if we are not a color. 😉

      • sixpack

        I was taught in art class that neither black nor white is a “color”. Red, yellow and blue are primary “colors, so by that standard…

    11. Naomi

      Why TPTB want to throw this country back 50 or so years is beyond me. Yes, there are some hard core racists (white, and black)that will never change or teach their children that we are all equal, but the majority of the population has moved on and accepted and learned that we are all equal.
      Someone please tell me why they want to drag it back to a time that there was so much hatred because of the color of your skin?

      • Gods Creation

        “””Someone please tell me why they want to drag it back to a time that there was so much hatred because of the color of your skin?”””

        You will understand once you are awakened to the truth. Racism is not a problem, claims of racism are a means to an end.

        Divide and conquer pretty much sums it up, but you also have to be aware that only the white division is the target of the conquerors. The self proclaimed “elites” know they need the other races to participate with them if they are to stand a chance in eliminating the most intelligent of the races capable of stopping them.

        • Confederate

          To Gods Creation, perhaps you can explain to me why God didn’t make us all one color. The Bible is silent on this topic. I’ve heard all the theory’s about the sun’s intensity and the lack there of, After the flood, it was just Noah and his family, I’m assuming they were somewhat “caucasion” in shade, excuse the spelling. If that is so, please explain the Asia, Hispanic, Black, Red and the various shades in between. Guess the in between is the cross breeders.

          • NunJoBizness

            Humans were made to adapt where they were located. Black in Africa need the thicker skin, larger nostrils, etc to handle the harsh sun. Whites with our lighter skin are built to handle the cold and see better in the dark. Not sure why Asian people look the way they do. Yes, the in between are cross breeders. The children of Ham are a cursed race. The bible explicitly mentions the dangers of race mixing.

            • Them Guys

              LOOK CLOSE AT bibles “IN the begining” genesis book very first sentences etc…There it contains TWO stories of “Creation Events” NOT One story! TWO are there.

              Many so called ‘experts” have brushed it all off as simply Two slightly different versions of the creation events…HOGWASH! so we are to believe Moses the writer of it had TWO differing Versions, wasnt sure which to use so moses included Both? HOGWASH!

              There Were Two eras of creation events…ADAM is in the Second reading of it and several important words and sentences differ greatly but are difficlut to catch to a casual reader whos heads been filled all their life with ONE main story of creation events…

              Great webiste BY a good christian Pastor contains the Best ever explainations that will Blow your minds once you read and understand it all!

              www dot biblestudysite dot com

              Search at site for creation events Two stories or versions should take you to it all…And it makes way More sense than anything we all were told to believe since small kiddies!

              Read it then comment here what you think after reading it and what it all really means!

              • grandee

                um… not two different creation stories–just one creation story.

                Recapitulation, a summary or concise statement or enumeration of the principal points or facts in a previous, argument, or essay (Gen.1)

                Chapter 2 lifts out (from chpt 1) that which is important. Man is important, as the fall of man follows then in chapter 3.

                Follow the flow of the narrative.

          • Gods Creation

            The Bible does speak somewhat on the reason, however not in terms of race but language, in regards to the Tower of Babel.

            Once scattered on the earth by God, the people most likely started experiencing genetic anomalies which changed their appearance and made them more adaptable to their environment, while language assured their inbreeding, for lack of a better word, creating what outwardly appears to be different “races”.

            Of course, God would have to give you the definitive answer. I am merely one of His creations.

            Now it is apparent that Satan is bent upon using these VISUAL differences as a weapon against God, while seeking to eliminate the language barrier.

            I am sure that your next question is why so many different religions were formed in these different areas and among the different people in different places.

            I suspect that most people in most places felt abandoned by the true God and sought other idols to worship. That will be their problem.

            Hope that helps by providing food for thought. It’s the best I can do.

            • Confederate

              To GC; I’m familiar with the Tower of Babel, granted God did create different languages, but again there is no biblical evidence to support your theory concerning any genetic anomalies. I will ask God when I stand before him. Can you imagine how many problems would have been eliminated if we were one race? I agree about Satan using visual differences, but Satan knows and for those of us who have read Revelations knows how it ends. Religion was invented by man for power and control. That’s why so many denominations have their “traditions” and scripture interpertations which often are not biblical but support their positions as to impose power and control over others. Jesus didn’t come to earth to create denominations, He came to earth to establish His Kingdom (eventually) based upon love, obedience and faithfulness to God, the Father, the Son and the Holy Spirit. In the end, God is color blind, but it’s hard for a lot of us to be the same way when it keeps being thrown in our face on a daily basis.

            • Them Guys

              Confederate: ok I found the exact website Link for the TWO creation events Based soly on Biblical verse etc.

              Hello, if you ask most any Christian who the first human being was, they will undoubtedly tell you that it was Adam. They will tell you that Adam and Eve were the first two people on earth and that they ate the wrong apple and ruined everything. Well these are just two of the many falsehoods that we have been taught over the years in the Churches and Bible Study Groups the world over. And like any errant teaching, and unfortunately there are many, the only real way to dispel with the false is to supply the true, always documenting the facts through the scriptures of God’s Holy Word, The Bible.

              In this present study we are going to focus on:

              The creation of all the peoples of the earth on the sixth day,
              God’s resting on the seventh day,
              and the forming of Adam in the Garden of Eden on a day after the seventh day (generally referred to as the ‘Eighth Day Creation’).
              Also, there is an very important appendix on the ‘eth haa Aadam ‘problem’ of Genesis 1:27 at the end of this study that you should see even if you understand the two creation events.
              These were in fact two separate ‘creation’ events separated by the seventh ‘day’ of rest, that ‘day’ of rest being one-thousand years in man’s time. The six days of creation, and the seventh day of rest are one-thousand years each in man’s time:

              Why, and from where, comes the misguided opposition
              to the Two Creation-Event teaching?

              It really stems from a noble idea and good intentions, I suppose, they feel that to teach that Adam was formed separately and after the rest of mankind that this would feed into ‘racist thought.’ They feel that it is ‘elitism’ or ‘racial superiority’ to claim that all men are not from the same initial parents. For, to them, all men are related, they are all descendants of Adam and Eve.

              But they have no right to change God’s word to their liking based upon their own misconceptions and ideas of racial one-ism. These are those who love to use the “one blood” statement in to support their theories that all men are from one common set of parents (i.e., Adam & Eve).

              Acts 17:26
              26 And hath made of one blood all nations of men for to dwell on all the face of the earth, and hath determined the times before appointed, and the bounds of their habitation; KJV

              Race not determined by blood

              But race is not determined by the blood, it is determined by DNA which is in all parts of the body; our DNA is in our skin, our bones, our hair, our teeth, our blood, our saliva, our fingernails, etc. So to say that the above (one blood) means that all races are from one parent race is inaccurate, that simply isn’t what the above Scripture is teaching.

              But what then does determine race? DNA does. When a mixed race couple produce a child, the child receives a portion of BOTH parents DNA, that is why the child has a mixture of racial characteristics, he is partly of BOTH races. Now blood was not what he was conceived from, he was conceived from sperm and egg. This is where race is determined.

              There is no blood in sperm nor in the egg, and when they conceive children in test-tubes they do not introduce blood.

              This same word for blood used in the “one blood” Scripture is used in the below Scripture. In this Scripture we can see that blood is indeed separate and different from the body (flesh). While there is not ‘Black blood,’ there is Black (Negro) flesh, while there is not ‘White blood’ there is White (Caucasian) cranial (skull) structure, while there is not ‘Pigmy blood’ there is Pigmy body geometry (shape & size), while there is not ‘Oriental blood’ there is oriental (Asiatic) DNA, etc…

              WAY TOO LONG to Post here so FINISH reading this article at Link below…


              • Confederate

                Thank you, may not agree, but I’ll check it out. Based upon your description towards the end of your commentary it sounds an awful lot like eugenics, which Hitler focused on when he created his brand of “perfection”.

                • Them Guys

                  NO Not anything Remotly like eugenics BS…This guys a True Christian pastor and his webiste is entirely Based upon bible scriptures. That webiste is a Vast wealth of truth info that totally refutse most of whats today taught in Most churches of every denomination.

                  It also contains Factual truth about jews, israel esau edmom and much more. just first READ it all before you complain of it please.

                  The poster folks here that demand answers or proofs etc and Then when its given to them they simply refuse to read any of it and say “Oh Thats BS” or Thats nazi crap are a waste of time dealing with anymore. They do NOT desire facts nor real truth or proofs. Their minds made Up so do not use Facts to confuse em is the true reality with that group..

                  I aint saying that of You confederate…You already said you will read it first…Good thats how its supposed to work eh before someone bashes info.

                  Read and see what you think afterwards! I think it Will vastly open your eyes to a whole lots more info than most of us were ever taught prior.

          • sixpack

            I never should’ve asked my racist Dad that question, but I did. I’ll paraphrase:

            When God was creating man, He made three figures out of clay. When He put the first one in the oven, He was afraid of over-doing it, so He took it out too soon and it was very white.

            He tried again.

            This time, the man came out a little better, but God still wanted perfection, so He placed a third clay figure in His oven.

            About then, the phone rang and God went to answer it. After arguing with Ms. God He came back to find the oven was smoking.

            He quickly took the dark figure out of the oven and said” Oops, I burnt one!

      • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

        Because if we are busy fighting one another over what tribe one is from and who used to own who a couple hundred years ago then we don’t notice we are all being equally fucked and equally enslaved by the elites.

        Whether you are white, black, yellow, or pink with blue polka-dots you all are enslaved on the same plantation and work for the same masters and will be swiftly punished should you try and step out of line.

      • Waiting in Idaho

        Its not about race. Its about control and manipulation. Some people, those whose emotions and feelings control their actions, can be fooled. Others, whose actions are controlled by logic, are unmoved by propaganda. Like my grandpa used to say,”Don’t confuse the man with the facts if he has already made up his mind.” And he never even heard of Spock!!!

        • NunJoBizness

          Very true Idaho. look at what specific racial groups REX 84 was created for. Tells you a lot about what the govt knows about certain “traits” and differences between the races.

      • Confederate

        Ask Obama, holder, Jackson, Sharpton, farrahkhan, Sheila Jackson, black caucus, naacp, and anyone else of the same color persuasion.

      • Them Guys

        Naomi: Heres Your answer! Its a Kommie Plot to destory Whites Gobally and especially in America. As This quote from a Book from 1912 BY Englands, then, Top Kommie Party Head jewdeokommie.

        ISRAEL COHEN (1912)

        “We must realize that our party’s most powerful weapon is racial tensions. By propounding into the consciousness of the dark races that for centuries they have been oppressed by whites, we can mold them to the program of the Communist Party. In America we will aim for subtle victory. While inflaming the Negro minority against the whites, we will endeavor to instill in the whites a guilt complex for their exploitation of the Negros. We will aid the Negroes to rise in prominence in every walk of life, in the professions and in the world of sports and entertainment. With this prestige, the Negro will be able to intermarry with the whites and begin a process which will deliver America to our cause.”

        Israel Cohen, A Racial Program for the Twentieth Century, 1912. Also in the Congressional Record, Vol. 103, p. 8559, June 7, 1957

        The Kommie Jewish Racial program for 20th century America destruction of WHITES!

        Other pages within Israel Cohens book here States that his main Goal is to convince white women to become Coal Burners(have sex with black and brown males) to produce an entire nation of “BIEGE” NON white babies…So that once the final remaing generation of Pure whites, female and male alike, are dead and gone there will be NO posibility Ever Again for a white race to exist!

        Because Biege 1/2 browns and blacks children when adults cannot ever again produce a white baby offspring…Hence his and his fellow traveler jewish kommis Grand dream plan comes full circle…Kommie bolshevik jews own and Run the entire world and all it contains…While Less intelligent “Biege races” are to be the Slaves of said jew kommies aka the talmudic master race jews ideals as a reality.

        Too Bad today most folks are either totally unconcerned, or are so fanaticaly concerned of looking out for a soon to come Sharia run usa(which is laughable at best!) that they never look at that Other group/religion thats really doing all the dammages and plottings…The talmudics.

        Communisim is no more than Talmudic Judaism for the non jewish Goyim gentiles. Today its 2014, 102 yrs After Israel cohens book was published…And it looks like all that non-observing what the kommie jews were doing in america has resulted in cohens wet dream within 1% of completion eh. None was possible without the constant guilt producing in whiteys program called the…HolyHoax and six million jews.

        • PuppyPrepper

          Blah blah blah shut up already.

        • Grafique

          Disregard the hateful spew from the mouth of this antichrist.

          • Pissed Off Granny


            “For me, the quesion is never ‘will it offend any certain person’ – for cerainly it shall – but rather for me the BAR is at ‘IS IT THE TRUTH’?, REGARDLESS OF HOW PAINFUL THAT TRUTH MAY OR MAY NOT BE TO SOME OR EVEN ONE PERSON”.

            Your name calling is a far cry from proving what Themguys has written is not true. Time to step up to the plate, stop with the name calling, and post proof that what he has written is false.

            • Them Guys

              POD Granny: those Two fool idiots Puppy Prepper and Grafiqe Cannot post Proof its wrong! Becuase first of all…I didn’t “write” it! I simply Found whats written BY a fuckin kommie JEW and them two cant handle any truth about kommie JEWS!

              because they like barn cat are still promoting like Parrots the same spew as Their pastors has Taught them all..That being that if all americas Fails to “Bless them jews” like God commands in the bible then america willNOT get great Blessings!

              Main problem with their falsehoods is that NO such bible verse of bless any jews exists!…The entire falsehood by many todays pastors and stupid christians like these few here also promote is entirely Based on ONE short old testement verse where God blessed Abraham by stateing “Those who bless You(means abraham and NO others) and Your(abrahams) “SEED” I too shall bless and all who curse You and your “SEED” I will then curse.

              SEE the word JEW in that verse? me neither!

              Yet thats the verse used to convince so many evangelicals to believe they are mandated BY God to bless jews or Else!

              They think if we or others reject their nonsensical falsehoods and reject bless jews as BS,which It Is! Then america and they wont get great blessings so we are to Blame! Alot like them blacks blame us always huh…

              Bottom Line is NO bible verse anywheres ever said anything of Bless jews. Thats reason the pastors Twist, Spin, Distort , demolich proper meanings of that abraham blessing verse to Create a brand new bible verse where NONE eixsts….

              AND as PROOF that abraham blessing does NOT pertain to any JEWS….READ Galatians! Paul the apostle writer Demolishes their fraudulent interpretations of abes blessing verse….Paul states the word “SEED’ meant CHRIST IS that SEED promiced blessing!!

              Got it Yet? Abrahms “SEED” means Christ NOT jews…Thats what Paul states in Glatians. Yet these fool ‘christians”reject Pauls own writings!

              Promiced to ALL who Accept Jesus that includes JEWS too as Long as they accept Jesus, which aint very likly after 2000 yrs time jews have had to do so eh. Times Fast running Out too!

              This entire bless jews LIE Fraud NON bible verse is the same as their Fake pre trib rapture events and end times scenarios as preached…ALL of it they Have to make it up as they go to make it ALL “FIT” or it Falls apart for the many Lies contained and taught.

              Ever notice how them fraud pastors and their followers need to create TWO of everything?…TWO churches-TWO second comings of Christ(one in secret folks! pre trib rapture in secret) Yet Christ says when he returns ALL the world shall SEE and HEAR it!…Like an arch angels SHOUT and TRUMPET Blareing sound! That sound secret to You?

              Two ways for salvation, one for christians and one different for jews, and several more TWO of each they have invented from whole cloth! This is what occures when they begin with a LIE. It always Leads to More Lies and more Lies yet. Untill their Entire set of false teachings are so mixed up and indecipherable that it causes a mass exodus or apostacy of folks exiting the church and faith like we never before have seen.

              The fools better awaken asap soon eh! For about all they get correct biblically is that Times very short today. Wakey Wakey or Burn in that Lake of Fire with All them kommie jews! aka the Real true antichrists!

              Why on Earh so many folks today are still so damn deluded and fail to recieve real ruth? God alone knows I rekon…Because None of these fools here ever supply a valid answer right!…Maybe they Cant!

      • John W.

        Why did they destroy the two most prosperous nations in Africa South Africa and Rhodesia. Why did they help destroy the most prosperous nation in the Caribbean, Cuba. Why are they trying around the world to dismantle all the advanced nations? Better yet why are we going along with it?

        • sixpack

          If you can rip away a man’s pride, you can control him. Why are we going along with it?

          That’s a very long answer.

    12. okiehabu

      A restoration of White freedom in Amerika can only come when the consensus of opinion among We the People as to the insanity of totalitarian jew control reaches saturation point.
      . . . Not yet.
      But when it arrives, the most vital objective will be full repeal of the plethora of Marxist-based Civil Rights laws enacted since the murder of JFK.
      Disenfranchising jews so that they are no longer empowered under the artifice of law to hold their monopolies in hiring together with unjust control over all government offices, will be what is needed to restore parity to the nation and once again set a level playing field, just as it existed in November, 1963 at the Kennedy assassination.
      War can be avoided.
      The tremendous imbalance of jews and their eternally dissatisfied Negro lackeys, who at least HAVE JOBS, versus the non-jewish REST OF US, will be broken.
      At last, after all the many years since the Civil Rights Era began, America will return to the benevolence of Rule of Law, NOT rule of jew. . . as meted out within the framework of a constitutional republic.
      It will bring a much-needed restoration of the original concept of equal opportunity in accordance with each individual’s credentials and level of skill.
      The LAW will be the determining factor under a one-size-fits-all set of rules. There will be no favorites.
      . . . A system based on CAPABILITY and KNOWLEDGE as opposed to Affirmative Action-based favoritism to race, ethnicity, religion and skin color will restore our country to the model envisioned by the Framers.
      Negroes will riot in the streets and force a government-imposed clampdown on their immature logic, while the jewish tribe will be thoroughly chagrined, fighting savagely in the courts for reinstatement of their LEGAL MONOPOLY, only to suffer great loss accompanied by loud whining, vehement complaints and threats –– but hey that is the nature of the jew. . . that when he loses, he gets mad and takes his marbles home.

      • The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

        Yes, dem dastardly Jooooos, if only we killed all dem Jooooos den all our problems would be solved.

        You aren’t from Austria are you?

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        To okiehabu: You are indeed correct. If you look at the current US Cold War against Russia, it is being pushed and prodded by Israel and Jews. Here is why. First Russia supports Iran, Israels biggest supposed enemy. The other reason is that Russian Pres Putin has Purged most all Jews out of any power positions in the Government and greatly increased his support for the Christian Church. Which Jews also hate. So when you see the US Govn’t spewing pointless War words against Russia, it is chiefly being Generated by the Jews in America and Israel, as to drag America into their War against Iran and Russia. America’s and Israels relationship can be described as “A Host and the Parasite.” The US needs to Purge Jews immediately from all Government positions as well. Like the Gun Grabbers Feinstein, Bloomberg, etc.. Why does the US Supreme Court consist of 33% Jews when the Jewish Population in the US is only at 2%. America already has been invaded by parasites. Pay attention. Notice how the Jews are controlling more of America’s sports teams and own the rights and host all of ESPN Networks and sports media networks. And what do the Jews think about Blacks? Ask Donald Sterling, owner of the LA Clippers. He’ll tell ya!! lol

    13. VRF

      Blacks hate themselves

      yet all the Blacks are running out of Detroit as fast as they can


      because theres nothing left to ruin or steal

      I actually heard this come out of a Black womans mouth when visiting near the Big “D” I was in a gas station about 20 miles south of Detroit

      they talk so vile to each other too

      • Prepared Pastor

        The biggest threat to the black man is another black men. Despite the fact they comprise only 13% of our population they make up 50% of homicide victims in the U.S. and according to FBI statistics 93% of the time the perpetrator is also black. I never thought I would say this, but I’m thankful to live in a county where they comprise 0.6% of the population in a state where they comprise 3.5%.

    14. german boy

      Might not quite believe this, however, one of the less racist places in Europe is infact Germany. There are stringent laws against racism. With that said , its also a breeding place for right wing followers, due mainly to the PC acceptance laws that make the average family pay more tax to support those who recieve aid. Have the idiots learnt nothing, its going to happen again, asits now happening in France.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Affirmative Action is Racism Favoritism.

        • WhoWuddaThuinkIt

          National Crime Study Statistics: 3 out of 4 Blacks prefer to Kill Each Other.

    15. WhyDieLost

      Prophecy being fulfilled! Jesus said it would come to this and M. Obummer is helping make it happen.

      (Matt 10:21) And the brother shall deliver up the brother to death, and the father the child: and the children shall rise up against their parents, and cause them to be put to death.
      (Matt 24:10) And then shall many be offended, and shall betray one another, and shall hate one another.
      (Mark 13:12) Now the brother shall betray the brother to death, and the father the son; and children shall rise up against their parents, and shall cause them to be put to death.
      (2Tim 3:1) This know also, that in the last days perilous times shall come.
      (2Tim 3:2) For men shall be lovers of their own selves, covetous, boasters, proud, blasphemers, disobedient to parents, unthankful, unholy,
      (2Tim 3:3) Without natural affection, trucebreakers, false accusers, incontinent, fierce, despisers of those that are good,
      (2Ti 3:4) Traitors, heady, highminded, lovers of pleasures more than lovers of God;
      (2Ti 3:5) Having a form of godliness, but denying the power thereof: from such turn away.

      (Luke 21:28) And when these things begin to come to pass, then look up, and lift up your heads; for your redemption draweth nigh.

    16. Jim Cosgrove

      So it’s not racist to discuss “white privilege,” but it would be “anti-Semitic” to discuss the substantially more dramatic “Jewish privilege,” is that right?

      • lonelonemum

        Actually the one european race that have a justified claim to victimhood is the Roma. The way this ethnic group have been treated and continue to be treated shocks and disgusts me, yet like the palestinians their pleas for mercy and to be recognised as even human seem to go unheard. They were mown down like animals by all sides in WW2, still are refused access to basic educational, employment, health services etc all over the PC EU. PC is a dogma that only applies to certain groups.

        Let the organisers of this event in the US take a trip To E.Europe and force them to help out at a Romanian orphanage or live with the Roma for a month. They’d soon shut the fook up. Or let them live with Christians in Sudan if my first punishment seems like it might be a little harsh.

    17. the_nomi

      glad to hear this site is turning into a Actually not for racists subjects, just more into SHTF topics.


      • y99

        Part of me would like to agree, but you must read and understand this sort of propaganda and logic manipulation as a SHTF threat brief, this mindset will turn savage very quickly and the more you know and understand about these race baiting vermin the better.

    18. maddog

      Last century it was the Jew at fault for the world’s failures. The 21st century failures are being blamed on white Christian’s. If not for the Christian then there would be no Jews today. I wonder if anyone will speak up for the white man this time? That was a joke, the answer is obvious, hell most white liberals hate themselves.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Keep in mind the Jews prosecuted and murdered Jesus. And Christians are still on their list.

        • John W.

          The Romans murdered Christ who at the time was a Jew. I doubt if you give a shit about Jesus.

        • PuppyPrepper

          Actually no one murdered the Lord Jesus Christ – He paid for our sins while hanging on the cross and then He voluntarily released His spirit into the hands of God the Father. He was alive when the work of salvation was done and then He left. No one killed Him. Brutalized Him, yes; killed Him, no.

          • WhoWuddaThuinkIt

            And that why the Easter Bunny delivers Chocolate filled eggs to all the rich kids, while the poor kids get to watch with envy. Got to hand it to Religion, I am still trying ti figure out how Noah got all those animals on one ship, fed them and how they all got along. I heard the Lions got along really good with the bunny rabbits.. Best buds till the flood disappeared.

          • PKLauLau

            Them Guys: The only one frothing at the mouth is you…I’m done. You may quote parts of the bible (taken out of context)….but you definitely do not know Jesus. God help you.

            “What do You idiots NOT yet Get?
            Why dont You idiots READ that part of the bible verse eh?”

            “Both of you like others here has often Demanded proof, Links etc and every time it is supplied…You reject it with phony ad hominims attacks and one liner childish snide vile name calls…unbelievable how assinie stupid idiotic you truely are…”


            • Them Guys

              You are so UN original you need to COPY Paste MY words!

              well Thank You foolish one as I have heard that “Immitation is The Best form of Flattery”!

        • grandee

          if you are a sinner saved by Grace–then it was your hand that held the hammer–

          I am a sinner saved by Grace–and my hand held the hammer

          • Them Guys

            no thats Wrong,,None of Us were yet born to hold any “hammer” …Stop Distorting the TRUTH that it was Pharisee JEW Rabbis, that enticed and PAID 30 pieces silver TO a JEW Traitor swindler Judas to SET Christ UP and LEAD a Bunch of JEWISH Temple SOLDIERS/COPS/POLICE whatever they were called…TO do an ARMED PRE-Dawn RAID against Christ while he was Praying etc and Grab Hold of and Forceably TAKE Christ Back TO JEW rabbis for a Mock fraud TRAIL!

            Pilots event was LAST on a Long List of trials etc…What was it? THREE Fraud Trials JEWS did prior to turned him over to Pilot, then same JEWS Threatened, like they always do, to cause a full blown RIOT with Deaths of Romans and Roman soldiers unless Pilot also played Jewish ball games with the MURDEROUS Blood Thirsty RABID JEWS!

            And Just Look how swell Modern day Soviet Russian Jewish Kommie Bolshevik JEWS did at acting the same way as their ancestor Mass killers and murderers when those soviet JEWS overtook Russia in 1918 and mass Exterminated a couple HUNDRED Million white christian folks, and did so at least 20 yrs before ANYONE ever heard of a guy named Hitler!

            But typically All You types care about is poor Six Million jews and the fabled Holyhoax events…Only jews can Turn 275,000 into SIX Million jews eh!

            You simply refuse to bother reading or believing ANY verses or secular facts that portray jews in ways that show the Truth when it is a negative portrayl…But Hey Thats due to jews themselves actions and ways always..

            I suppose You or some pal of Yours is who really WORE those Jew Temple cops helmets when They arrested an Innocent Christ eh?

            What Size was that Helmet?…The amount of brazen assinine methods to defend jews constantly despite facts or Truth even when its from the Bible itself is astounding!

      • John W.

        Whites are allowing it to happen. They elected this psycho twice. They are getting what they deserve. Too bad that so are the rest of us.

        • Truth avenger

          This JACKASS was not elected, but twice appointed by electronic and behind the curtain FRAUD! Not the first time and won’t be the last.

          I am still astounded at the IDIOTS that believe voting in a presidential campaign is a patriotic responsibility and actually matters! NO DIFFERENCE in this ONE PARTY, represented as a TWO PARTY SYSTEM! SHIT, when will the sheeple WAKEUP?

    19. km

      Gee, where’s the ACLU? Nah, never mind, let them have their little brainwash club. When the economic and social collapse is in full swing, (everyone) will be in the same boat. At that time it won’t matter what color you are, and all those government programs will come to an abrupt halt!! And all their screaming about racism won’t matter a bit!!

    20. swinging richard

      There is only one kind of racism that is acknowledged in America and that is white over blacks. It does not work both ways. It is not fair, it is not right, and no one seems to care that it is a knife that cuts one way. I have seen how this only works for the blacks advantage. When it is judged equally, then I will say we have come far in eliminating racism. Until then I think we have created a greater problem for the whites.

    21. lena

      Want to kick me out of anything i’m the race you’re hating on; fine by me; i have better things to do.

      The actual truth is every race wants to live around those that look like them. Check out any major city demographic map and you will see a very distinct line dividing where one race lives vs another with very few dots of many races living in one spot.

      we’ve spent trillions trying to make us all get along and people naturally gravitate to those like them. it would be halarious if it hadnt helped send the country into a debt death spiral.

      • NunJoBizness

        Yes, it’s human nature to want to be around your own kind. It works better that way for all – look at homogenous societies like Japan. Did they riot during Fukishima? No, they stayed calm and helped each other.

        Does anyone else find it interesting that only white countries are being flooded with third worlders? In the USA, we have Mexican invasion (mostly). In Europe it’s muslims who want to take over.

        As it is we whites are only 8% of the worlds population and dwindling FAST. Obviously these invasions are planned…

    22. gatheringbird

      we have black history month, Martin Luther King Day, we have the black college fund, the NAACP, the list goes on and on, whites have been the minority for a long time and it will get worse, As long as we have Obama, Eric Holder and Opra Winfrey running all aspects of the country whites will remain the minority.

      • WhoWuddaThunkIt

        Can you Imagine if there was a Miss White USA Beauty Pagent? So why do blacks get away with it?

        • Them Guys

          Dish Network Satalite TV Now has a Black Shopping Channel too!…I clicked on the dish info button for that paid tv info station and it says “A New Black shopping channel that promotes ONLY Black Entrupeners and buisness’s!!!

          Imagian a WHITE shopping channel on TV!!

          Dats Raaaaasssssiiissssss!

          • sixpack


    23. NunJoBizness

      Personally, I am damn tired of being a white person who is being blamed for the nefarious activities of the Jewish elite. I am tired of people lumping us in with them. Jews do not consider themselves “white”, but a totally separate race of people. A lot of them see the rest of us “goyim” or Gentiles. Here to serve them.

      For what it’s worth – I don’t have a problem with Jews on the whole, however I DO have a problem with Jewish extremism and many other forms of extremism. Look at all the names of those Jews in higher power like Gun grabbers: Schumer, Feinstein, Bloomberg for example.

      Notice how they totally control our media/entertainment industry. Music producers, Disney, Movies, news outlets etc.

      I look at what happened in South Africa. I have been studying this intensely for over a year now, because it was brought up to me by a South African woman that the whites (Afrikaners/Boers/Brits/Portugese/greeks/etc) are currently under a level 6 genocide and the whole world stays silent….why? BECAUSE THEY ARE WHITE. It was essentially Jews (like the oily Joe Slovo) in the upper echelons of power that saw fit to hand that country over to millions upon millions of totally uneducated blacks – many with an IQ well under 70.

      The hatred towards whites there is unbelievable and the ways they are killing whites are downright demonic (raping 80 year old women to death with broken bottles until their entrails come out of them, drowning 12 year boys in boiling hot water after forcing the screaming child to watch while his mother was raped repeatedly and dad was killed by being brutally hacked to death with a panga, newborn infant wrapped in newspaper and burnt while still alive, etc…)

      I could go on and on. You think “they are so far away, why should we care?” South Africa is a microcosm of what is to come to the USA. A canary in the coal mine…

      The similarities between gun control, Affirmative action, black presidents in power, etc are far to many to be ignored. Yes, it might be 500 times worse there than what it is here. For now. However I’ve lost count of how many nights I stayed awake wondering how long it will be before it hits here and with all the blatant black on white hate crimes/attacks/violence – I think it’s already arrived.

      If you want a graphic idea of the ways these God fearing white Africans are being killed, check this website out. It’s graphic.!

      It might help give you a better understanding of why Apartheid was needed and in place. It was never meant to be a permanent system, and under it, EVERYONE had a higher quality of life. There were jobs, infrastructure, great hospitals, etc. What the libs fed you about Aparhied is a bunch of false propaganda. It was not a perfect system, but was needed. In fact many blacks have publicly admitted that they miss it. They were then promptly ostracized as a coconut or Uncle Tom.

      But, I digress.

      As for me, I will stay in my mostly white neighborhoods and I avoid ethnic areas and their incessant violence at all costs. Ever get lost in a ghetto? I have. Twice. Once in Orlando while on vacation and another time years ago in the Watts/Compton area of LA. Both times I got looks from blacks that would scare the crap out of a gorilla….and they wonder why we cross to the other side of the street when we see them coming….

      • Confederate

        Lock and load. Never be afraid of another man, regardless of race.

        • Them Guys

          NunJoBuiz: but How can jews ever claim they are a seperate “Race” , like yes they do often state?

          Their Own talmudic religious rules as well as state of Israel Laws to determine if ones a jew is either of TWO methods. #1 if Your Mothers a jew so are you.

          And #2 ANYBODY that Properly CONVERTS to Talmudic Judiasm religious belief IS Also defeined as a jew!

          A REAL actual RACE would mean it consist of ONE type race of persons…jews Own rules say a black man can convert to jew religion and be a jew too…There is NO such possibility of any race containing folks of all other races!

          Heres the Real Truth on this issue folks…jewish folks claim they are a different seperate Unique Race “sometimes” when Thats what best suits the problem etc….BUT other times and for Other issues or reasons jews claim that NO not Race but YES a Unique RELIGION!

          And at Yet Other times as it suits jewish purpouses jews claim that YES a jew is BOTH Race and religion!

          Best advice Ever Yet is from Christ Himself and John the Apostle bible writer when they warned us that “They are OF their father Satan, and his Lusts they(jews) shall DO…For he, satan was a Liar a thief and a Murder since the very begining(eden when eve & satans man child Cain Murdered his own brother Able whos Father Was Adam!)
          (Eve did Alot more worser than simply Eat some forbidden apples folks!)

          Read & learn at biblestudysite dot com

          • NunJoBizness

            ThemGuys –

            what irritates me most is how they pass themselves off as “white” when it suits them and when they need sympathy their Jewishness comes out in full force.

            It was not that long ago that I thought they were “white” also. I could not understand the hatred towards them and this has bothered me since I was a kid. So, last year, when I started studying South Africa and what is happening there, it took me down the rabbit hole of information on Jews as a rather natural course since they have a HUGE influence/power there.

            Then, I started paying more attention to Jewish sounding names in our govt. and those behind the NWO and all these other little “special interest” groups like the NAACP, SPLC etc started, ran and funded by Jews.

            Now, I understand while they are so hated the world over. I used to brainwashed in thinking they were the “chosenites” and how we should all feel about Hitler and the holocaust until I did some homework on it. No, I am not a Hitler lover, nor do I condone his actions, but I now have a better understanding of where he was coming from when he did what he did.

            I don’t like this truth. It was easier to sympathize with them and be part of the sheeple. One example of the truth hurting….and it most certainly does, becomes evident in some of these over the top,rabid, name calling posts by some here who cannot handle the truth – which is apparently the new ‘hate speech’.

            DO they hate the truth? Or do they just hate HEARING the truth?

            Either way – no matter. In my not so humble opinion, Jews have a LOT of blood on their hands…feeble minded blacks, whites, Mexicans, etc are just tools by which they use to get their latest agenda done and right now, that is to make America as brown and sheep-like as possible with as much of the third world as possible.

        • WhoWuddaThuinkIt

          Those who control the Guns Control the Jews. And why Jews know full well that is their last hurdle to completely eliminate to takeover America. Already they took over the media-free speech, then Courts- Laws, where 33% on the US Supreme Court are Jewish when only 2% of the population in America is Jewish. The Fed and Banks controlled by Jews- Money Supply and debt slaves. So the Guns are their last hurdle that the Jews like Sen Feinstein and Mayor Bloomberg are hard at work to break down that last big hurdle for the Rothchilds / NWO to dominate the masses. Pay attention Folks, they are swinging for the fences.

          • NunJoBizness

            Yes. Jews are smart – they know once the guns get taken, the other rights left will easily fall like dominoes. With Jewish elites – it’s “all for me, and none for thee.”

            • Them Guys

              An Old Saying orig in German language, translated into English states…”The jews Are Our Misfortune”

              And That Is about the ONLY thing jews has in common with Real Truth! Since as Nunjo stated to Know real truth Is also a Burdensome “Misfortune”.

              For folks to still today with such easy access to such truth and facts at their fingertips and keyboards, actually believe that the jews have been Booted Out from EVERY of at least 109 Nations in the past almost 2000 yrs now, for a Grand total of Boot-Outs of aprox 245-250 Times! Simply due to jews Part their Hair on the Wrong Side!….These foolish type folks are so steeped in such Deep, bottomless Pit deep, denial of factual truth like some here reveal and post is simply Unbelievable.

              And THE Main reasons for it all is so many are Brainwshed with the Falsehood that Today is a bigger HOAX then even the six million Holyhoax fables of about 2% fact and 98% Fakery and outright Lies. Of that constantly repeated falsehood pastors teach of “you MUST Bless them Jews”! as that is biblical mandate! NO it is NOT even IN the bible anywheres…They also think Moses, Abraham, Issac, Jacob, many others were also a “jew” which is nonsense.

              There was NO tribe of Judah folk Untill Abrahms GREAT Grandson as an Adult began his family, later to be One TWELVETH- 1/12th of the orig 12 tribes israel!

              Eyes that refuse to SEE, ears that refuse to HEAR, Facts and TRUTH!…And That Is main reason jews today are destroying all what matters of america and Whites and Christians period.

              Fanatical Lunatic Worship of all issues jew. Falsly so too!…They are going to awaken when zio bolshevik soviet jews comes for THEM eh!…oh Then they are going to recall what Us here warned of eh…Wonder What they plan to tell Their grandkiddies of how they remained so deluded duped?

              Yet when ANY other Non jew group or persons does ANY evils or wrongs…Then they and all those fraud pastors and priests definatly chomp at bit to speak out Loudly and NAME the culprit Perps, right!..ONLY when its jews do they all put a tight Clamp over their mouths…Foolish dupes….Good Goyims! formerly usefull Idiots.

      • John W.


        Where the f-ck do you morons get this shit? Get help. You are nucking futs.

        • NunJoBizness

          Nice ad-homonym name calling attack, John W.

          A sure sign you have admitted defeat already. If you don’t believe the level 6 white genocide (as indicated by the highly respected happening to whites in SA look it up yourself. Did you even bother clicking on website link I provided? I doubt it, you are far too much a coward. If those pictures don’t make you want to cry – you obviously have a heart of stone.

          You also lack the heart of a prepper should the SHTF – your senseless, useless reply to my post just proved that. 😉

          • Them Guys

            JohnW: where from?…Thats an easy answer…I get Most of my jew-infos From an 98 yr old Sheenyman, and also from his 53 yr old Shiksa Whore Daughter!

            He first got Jewized-Up at an early age, then he jewized-up his shiksa daughter…Now they Both jewize Me up!

    24. YH

      Just more people suffering from a self reinforcing delusion. When people cannot accept their own limitations and shortcomings, and are angry that they are not as successful as their neighbors, they create a bogeyman to blame their problems on.

      These people in the video are losers, and as football coach Vince Lombardi said in his famous speech ‘What it takes to be number one’,

      “Winning is a habit. Unfortunately, so is losing.”

    25. -

      Whether or not you believe in the curse of Ham (as it was taught by antebellum Southern Baptists), demoralization and demographic displacement are still forms of attrition warfare, subject to natural law.

      A Tea Party liberal-tarian will always be complicit, in respecting the rights of change agents and moral reprobates to assemble.

    26. wrong

      My father worked for Quaker Oats for his entire life. I remember him back in the 60’s talking about the coming day when they couldn’t use “Aunt Jemima” anymore because of the negros gettin all uppity about it. Just won’t be the same to whip up a batch of “Aunt Kathy’s” pancakes…

      • JRS

        That reminds me of a children’s book I read as a kid at my Paps. It was called “Little Black Sambo”. I don’t recall the story line, but they all had bones tied up in their hair.

        I think only white privileged people were allowed to have that book.

        • Archivist

          The book wasn’t even about blacks. It was about an Indian family. The problem was that the illustrator wasn’t on the ball and drew everyone as black caricatures. For years, all you could find was “Little Sambo,” not “Little Black Sambo.” Now it’s available again.

          If you want a good little book that is about blacks, look for “Epaminondas and His Auntie.” You can download it, as well as the original “Little Black Sambo” from archive (dot) org.

          • John W.

            How about blacks always making fun of Uncle Tom not having a clue as to the character he was in Stowes novel. A book which ensured the civil war it was so inflammatory.

      • LSB

        Years ago I named my fe cat aunt jemima, call her AJ. Shes black with beautiful green eyes. Quite plump and looks like the name fits.

        • sixpack

          sounds like a beauty.

      • marty

        They have already changed the packagings picture of Aunt Jemima. Used to be a fat jolly black woman with a kerchief on her head . Now its a distinguished Condoleeza Rice looking woman with nice hair, pearls and a red blouse.When I was a kid we also had candies called chocolate babies those no longer exist LOL.

        • Them Guys

          if I ever find one of them Popular 3 ft tall cast iron “Black jocky” statues folks placed on the poarch with that black guy Jocky holing a Iron Ring to tie your horse to…Recall Those?….in Detroit we always called them a “Poarch Monky” If can find one I’d definatly display it in a prominant Location where all passerbys can see it very easy!….I Care NOT if that offends any body black or white…Them were the Coolest 3 ft tall statues ever…Today you Never see one eh.

          just One More thing whites got Guilted into removing.

    27. KY Mom

      Federal ‘Biosurveillance’ Plan Seeking Direct Access to Americans’ Private Medical Records

      “The federal government is piecing together a sweeping national “biosurveillance” system that will give bureaucrats near real-time access to Americans’ private medical information in the name of national security…”

      “the NHSS proposal would allow the federal government to MONITOR an individual’s behavior before, during and after any government-defined health “incident” – which could be anything from a local outbreak of the flu to a terrorist anthrax attack.”

      “Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act, HIPPA already allows the federal government and the state government and the local government and anyone who is a public health agency to have access to our medical records – identifiable medical records – without our consent. It’s in the HIPPA Privacy Rule, which has the full force and effect of law. But that wasn’t actually put in by Congress. It was put in by the Department of Health and Human Services.”

      CNS News

      • y99

        Funny how each time they “expand opportunity” another one of our freedoms is constricted.

    28. TheChixor

      It seems like racism was never a big problem in this country until they did the forced integration of schools in Boston back in the 70’s. Nobody cared if you were black or white, but once they forced the integration, everything started going downhill and racism took it’s first step and led to “black entitlement” feelings. Now we also have to deal with a race-bating moron in the White House and it’s nothing short of insanity.

    29. al uhrich

      Now I realize I’m just another fat old fart, who does’t know when his bowls move any more. But I’ve worked with a lot of black people thu the yrs ( and other races ) and there are some really good people there, some being real workaholics. But saying that, I found that ones that hollar the most about being racist is the black people, you know the ones. The ones that don’t or won’t work as hard at a job, the ones that are smoozing the system for all they can get.I can give you all kinds of examples, all the way from the two black guys in a military clothing store ( management, GS ) in Chicago to the the black woman who made the statement that when she leaves the packing house, she will leave with enough money to buy a new house and a new car. She did too, both on gender and race discrimation law suits.Don’t get me wrong, I’ve with and for some real chicken manure white people too, a few that I wouldn’t turn my back on.

    30. HighN'Dry

      OT: Some ideas for current or prospective Dakota Alert owners: modernsurvivalonline DOT com/mat-mods-enhancements-for-the-dakota-alert-murs-alert-transmitter/

      • New Ordnance

        The Dakota MURS and mods work. I have found them to be “medium duty” – had to send a couple back. External ground plane and directional antennas are a valuable addition to extend range.

        For better OPSEC, at the same price, look at digital frequency-hopping technology in old Nextel Cell Phone Direct Talk mods.

        • Kulafarmer

          I had trouble with the MURS hardware we picked up, am going to be installing CutlerHammer photo eyes instead, they are line of site sensors, lot more expensive but a lot more reliable, infrared photo eyes with reflectors can be detected with NV hardware but if set properly and the switching programed right you will get a warning no matter what, had a lot of false alarms from car headlights etc with the Dakota alert stuff.

    31. Dave

      Suits me just fine. Self imposed Segregation. I LIKE IT. Seriously; they WANT Whites to feel rotten about they way they were treated; oh; bout 100 – 200 years ago. Sorry; doesn’t wash. Never saw; or met; a race of people collectively that was as rude; self entitled; without any civil discourse in public; loud; obnoxious; or VIOLENT as Black people are. You can call me racist; a bigot; or worse. In 2014 America; it doesn’t mean a thing. Its more Realist; than racist. Past experience and observation confirms it.

    32. KY Mom

      Uncovered: The government’s 10-step plan to “kill” the Internet

      “The Internet has emerged as the most empowering tool of individual freedom since the Gutenberg’s press, affording billions of people worldwide not only the tool of instant communication, but access to a wealth of liberating information, freedom from the chains of received consensus, and the opportunity to become their own media platform.

      This represents an ever-increasing threat to the status quo of the elite, which is why the establishment is working feverishly to dismantle the freedom granted by the World Wide Web in its current form.”

      The Crux dot com

      • Archivist

        This is why everyone needs to be prepared for an end run around the internet.

        Read this article:

        You can break out your old PC with the old dial-up modem and use FidoNet or get into packet radio on shortwave. FidoNet is still big in Russia.

        As Archivist, I have tons of old text files that I am prepared to share if that becomes necessary. I have kept everything from the old DOS days in case of hard times. And I have copied everything from 5″ floppy to 3″ floppy to Zip disk to CD to flash drives.

        You can find a lot of the old files still hanging out online at places like archives (dot) thebbs (dot) org.

        Research all of the above and get the necessary hardware and software now while it’s cheap or free.

        • sixpack

          I’m right there with you Archivist. I have over 400 CDs with thousands of drivers and software, all XP and before. I have so many files, I don’t even know what I’ve got.

          I have Installation discs for everything from Windows 3.1 to Windosa7, OSX, Solaris, Unix, Linux, Red Hat to the newest Zorin 8.1.

          I’ve noticed that since google bought out youtube, the music videos are no longer downloadable, even with the special developer software. I have 100 albums and over a thousand singles. Everything from Country, Rock, New age, classical, Irish folk tunes, and ever genre in between.

          I have about 200 movies.

          I guess I’m an archivist too.

          • Archivist

            I actually have original installation disks for Windows 3.0. They came with a Leading Edge laptop (black & white monitor).

            I have an 20-foot wall with built-in shelves full of albums. I don’t know how many thousands, but they include every kind of music you can think of. I have been to countless yard sales, flea markets, and thrift stores. Very few of my albums were bought new. A lot of my 45s are new because I was buying singles up to 1986, which is about the year the Record Bar stopped selling them. I think the last 45 I bought was either “Kokomo” by the Beach Boys or “Don’t Worry Be Happy” by Bobby McFerrin.

            I download and copy everything I can while I can, because so many things have disappeared in the past.

            RealPlayer used to be able to download from YouTube, but it won’t now. You might want to try splandoo (dot) com. You need Java enabled for it to work. It’s supposed to be able to download from YouTube and other sites.

            I use HTTrack Website Copier to copy entire websites. It’s a free program. When I copy a site, I do it in the wee hours so it won’t cause any problems for the site.

            Get NewsRover and you can download all the music you can store from the Usenet newsgroups. I have used that to get almost every record that ever charted in pop, country, R&B, disco, and modern rock. I also have most of the karaoke that’s ever been released. I have over 30,000 old-time radio shows.

            Get the software I mentioned and learn about it. You can easily build up a really huge collection.

            You might have me beat on the drivers discs though.

            • sixpack

              Thanks Archivist, I guess U need to try harder. Thanks for the software tip, my old apps don’t work now, since google took over youtube.

              • sixpack

                I meant I guess I need to try harder—fat fingers here…

    33. Confederate

      Hey Mac, you sure got a lot of people fired up on this one.

    34. Anonymous

      F*ck that n*gg*er

      • Confederate

        Which one?

    35. Retired Marine

      It’s extremely simple: Divide and conquer, so the people never unite.

      If you complain or question, you are a racist.

      • sixpack

        But, when they buy up our public lands and open their factories here, it won’t be “from China”’ll be made in America, by Chinese fucked up standards…


    36. brad

      America is gone People. Everything is corporate. White People are considered a danger to anyone trying to rid the world of freedom. The pirates that be will use the blacks to rid the world of whites if they can. Much like what is going on in South Africa right now. The Zulu’s are not just shooting the Boer’s which would be merciful. They are hacking them up with machete’s. And the Zulu’s are hacking up the most dangerous of course. The elderly and the infants.

      • sixpack

        God help us.

      • grandee

        that stuff nearlly killed my beautiful American Eskimo

      • sixpack

        When I say “I wouldn’t feed that to my dog”, it takes on a whole new meaning.

    37. eppe

      Loosing your mind??? or marbles??? What are we to do with the time left in our lives???

      (This is a long , but very important message, do yourself a favor
      and read it’s contents, when you’re done you will understand the
      importance and want to pass it along to everyone you know)

      The older I get, the more I enjoy Saturday mornings. Perhaps it’s
      the quiet solitude that comes with being the first to rise, or maybe
      it’s the unbounded joy of not having to be at work. Either way,
      the first few hours of a Saturday morning are most enjoyable.

      A few weeks ago, I was shuffling toward the kitchen with a steaming
      cup of coffee in one hand and the morning paper in the other.
      What began as a typical Saturday morning turned into one of
      those lessons that life seems to hand you from time to time.
      Let me tell you about it.

      I turned the volume up on my radio in order to listen to a Saturday
      morning talk show. I heard an older sounding chap with a golden
      voice. You know the kind, he sounded like he should be in the
      broadcasting business himself.

      He was talking about “a thousand marbles” to someone named “Tom.”
      I was intrigued and sat down to listen to what he had to say.

      “Well, Tom, it sure sounds like you’re busy with your job. I’m sure
      they pay you well but it’s a shame you have to be away from home
      and your Family so much. Hard to believe a young fellow should have
      to work sixty or seventy hours a week to make ends meet.
      Too bad you missed your daughter’s dance recital.”

      He continued, “Let me tell you something Tom, something that has
      helped me keep a good perspective on my own priorities.”

      And that’s when he began to explain his theory of
      “a thousand marbles.”

      “You see, I sat down one day and did a little arithmetic. The average
      person lives about seventy-five years. I know, some live more and
      some live less, but on average, folks live about seventy-five years.”

      “Now then, I multiplied 75 times 52 and I came up with 3900
      which is the number of Saturdays that the average person
      has in their entire lifetime. Now stick with me Tom,
      I’m getting to the important part.”

      “It took me until I was fifty-five years old to think about all this in
      any detail,” he went on, “and by that time I had lived through over
      twenty-eight hundred Saturdays. I got to thinking that if I lived to
      be seventy-five, I only had about a thousand of them left to enjoy.”

      “So I went to a toy store and bought every single marble they had.
      I ended up having to visit three toy stores to roundup 1000 marbles.
      I took them home and put them inside of a large, clear plastic
      container right here in my workshop next to the radio. Every
      Saturday since then, I have taken one marble out and
      have thrown it away.”

      “I found that by watching the marbles diminish, I focused more
      on the really important things in life. There is nothing like
      watching your time here on this earth run out to help get
      your priorities straight.”

      “Now let me tell you one last thing before I sign-off with you and
      take my lovely wife out for breakfast. This morning, I took the
      very last marble out of the container. I figure if I make it until
      next Saturday then God has blessed me with a little extra time
      to be with my loved ones…

      “It was nice to talk to you Tom, I hope you spend more time with
      your loved ones, and I hope to meet you again someday.
      Have a good morning!”

      You could have heard a pin drop when he finished. Even the show’s
      moderator didn’t have anything to say for a few moments. I guess
      he gave us all a lot to think about. I had planned to do some work
      that morning, then go to the gym. Instead, I went upstairs and woke
      my wife up with a kiss. “C’mon honey, I’m taking you and the kids
      to breakfast.”

      “What brought this on?” she asked with a smile. “Oh, nothing
      special,” I said. “It has just been a long time since we spent a
      Saturday together with the kids. Hey, can we stop at a toy store
      while we’re out? I need to buy some marbles.”


      • PKLauLau

        Eppe: Thanks….that was awesome…


    38. Sierra Dave

      The next Constitution needs to take the best of the old and add a few more things like. The FedGov isn’t responsible for making you like or associate with anyone. People have the freedom to associate with whomever they want. And people have the freedom to protest if they are excluded.

      It’s a big scam. All these discrimination lawsuits and affirmative action.

      • PO'd Patriot

        I agree with you SD. But in reality two hundred years later after folks became complacent again, we’d be right back where we are now. Its just human nature. Some folks just love to be told what to do and some folks feel the need to be told how to live. Then there’s us……..we don’t need a whole lot of nobody. We think and reason for ourselves and wish to go about our business and not be trifled with. I know some here feel that this is taking a long time to come about. Use the time wisely. I know sometimes I get impatient, however I try to use the lull in my favor. My best to you.

      • Slick One

        The FedGov isn’t responsible for making you like or associate with anyone.

        Id have to call BS on this one, after being bussed into the ghetto for high school. Being forced to hire ape affirmative action negroes. Having section 8 housing negroes move into my neighborhood. Seeing news biased against white males. Having to support subhuman ghetto scum by the Fed’s taking money out of my pay check for same. I could go on and on. Yeah the Fed isnt responsible for making you assocaite with and like negroes. As for the white kid who was told to leave, why would he want to hang out with negroes?

      • sixpack

        Actually, that’s already in there—for all the good it did us…

    39. grape ape

      i just love p.c. forced desegregation and affirmative action.

      the american blacks, mexicans and american indians social agenda politico machines are learning new tricks from the jewish global propaganda media brain wash machine.

      all victims of the “white mans” continuous global genocide campaigns for the last 300 years.

      the “white man” is now on the “endanger of extinction” list.

      as this cycle continues the failed amerika social melting pot experiment will become more tribal centered by color and religion.

      And whites will suffer socially economically victimized more and more for just their color.

      there is a very real danger of whites becoming an endangered species.

      got gun? cause your gonna need it for protection more and more in the coming years if you’re white.

      being a hetero-straight white male is now a crime with a possible death sentence in amerika.

      if you aren’t “carrying” your victimization and possible even death at the hands of “new amerika brown power” is on you.

      grape ape

    40. WhoWuddaThunkIt

      America is very “Ripe for a Reset.” Its time to pick up America up by the ankles and shake all the rift raft out of this country. Every parasite, and hooligan draining our financial system. OK Folks, start the list. You know who they are….

    41. White Fox

      Just bullshit and say you’re not “white”, you’re Native American (tribe here). Challenge them if they have a problem with that.

      It’s really no secret that blacks are generally more racist than and towards whites, and that their racial crimes are downplayed or hushed by the mainstream media. All other races can have their race exclusive clubs, pride, identity, and be as racist as they want but not whites. And this is okay to those (by those I mean liberals) who preach equality and tolerance from atop a mountain. Political correctness censors and persecutes those not a protected minority. It’s not just balkanization of the races to divide and conquer, it’s Cultural Marxism and it’s destroying the west.

      If you are a straight, white, male, gun owning, Christian, who loves America or any combination of the above, you are the number one enemy of the establishment. Bonus points if you also happen to believe in “conspiracy theories” and/or are a veteran.

    42. YAWN

      Right or wrong……..looks like the shoe is on the other foot…….Besides those blacks had 300 years of beatings, lynchings, killings, and discrimination, look what they have become….what goes around, comes around, it cyclical and that’s just how the universe works…..its another group’s turn………….somebody has to carry the tradition of evil on………Blacks had their turn, Native Americans, Irish, Catholics, Japanese, Mexicans, Mormons, Germans, Chinese, Dutch and all here in this nation….its someone elses turn that all…fomented and brought to you by your masters.

      • YAWN

        The U.S. Supreme Court Dred Scott decision……lynched blacks on postcards traded like baseball cards, the list goes on and on….I dont get emotional, I just state facts……its another group’s turn to be victimized.
        425 million people died, of all colors, majority african due to slavery…..its evil, period. The 35 million dead native americans would disagree with you too…….you need to study more history, and stop focusing on the KKK pamphlets… p.s. Divide and rule is well alive in you……….yawn.

        • the renegade braveheart

          YAWN, go somewhere else with that commie propaganda.

      • the renegade braveheart

        YAWN, you’re a f#$%ing liar!

    43. aljamo

      Most whites dislike blacks because their parents did, it was taught from an early age. Same with voting either political party. The younger people are breaking away from this thinking, I call it brainwashed. The way it’s going whites will be the minority in the not distant future. Half white, half black or another race is the future of the world. I’m glad I won’t be around to live it. Hey, where’s the white women at? Time to cue up the old Amos and Andy reruns for some good laughs.

    44. PO'd Patriot

      Do you all here, really think for one minute that from the time folks have lived together, and the amount of wars they’ve waged against one another, that racism and hatred will just……disappear. As long as we’re still in the flesh, an imperfect species, it will continue. Frankly, I could care less about the white guy getting shown the door. Had I been him I would have been somewhere else and doing something worthwhile.

    45. Satori

      party time is OVER

      Texas: 34 Communities Have 90 Days of Water Left, 12 Have Just 45 Days Before They Run Dry

      ““We have sort of taken water for granted for a long time. And I think that time is over.”

      ain’t that the truth

      and are they gonna use water to frack with or to drink ???

      100% of California now in ‘severe’ drought or worse

    46. wormdirt

      This administration is doing irreversible damage in the way it is trying to program the sheeple. The fact of the matter is that equality SUCKS. It really does. You may or may not get what you deserve. You may or may not get what you worked hard for. You might get passed over for a bs reason, but that’s the way it is. The problem is that the fool -n- chief and his administration are trying to brainwash people into thinking the opposite is true. That’s not equality – it’s called priviledged. Now Michelle O is trying to get kids to report on their parents? Really? Michelle, I never really had much respect for you before, but now I think you are a silly, stupid, intellectually defunct bitch. What a completely ignorant thing to teach youth. The way that will be deciphered is to think that if you don’t get your way, then complain on someone. If you don’t like what someone said, then fuck the first amendment and report them. Don’t work hard at your goals, just bitch, moan, complain, cite racism or any other lie to get what you want. The REALLY sad part about this is that when there is a serious account of racism that needs to be investigated, everyone will just roll their eyes and think, “oh, here we go again.” Our nation is truly, truly leaderless, and I fully blame the progressives who try to interfere with every aspect of our daily lives. If it ain’t broke, don’t fuck with it you liberal trash.

      • Them Guys

        Wormdirt: the real truth is that there is NO such thing in ALL of Creation of Equality!…NO two tiny snowflakes are the same…NO two birds, trees, flowes, plants, weeds, fruits, Animals, NOR any two Humans equally the Same. Even the Most look alike identical twins are Two diffeent persons with seperate different fingerprints, DNA’s etc…

        Nothing in the Entie Universe of Gods vast creations is an identical equal period. Every Star, planet, moon, clouds etc are different even if only in small ways.

        Equality is just one More Marxist based fraud idea that by design creates massive troubles when foolish folks attempt to Force equality into being. Its totally going Against God and creation. Therefore equality is an absurdity and can Only exist as far as Laws or Rights goes. Euqal Rights Yes, Equal Law for ALL persons, Yes..And Thats where equality begins and ENDS!

        You can Locate how/who such false equality was planned by, by reading the protocols of the Elders of Zion writings…You will find the protocals writers Gloating on how absured equality really is and they agree that NO such thing ever existed in all of creation.

        Its a Marxist kommie Plot/Plan to further Guilt whiteys into handing over Power, Cash, controls to Inferior dark races…And so far its worked like a charm eh…Stupid whiteys.

      • sixpack

        I don’t believe a word of it. They can’t/won’t give ANY specifics, plus the language they use, “may have”, “might”, “could”…all used for plausible deniability.

        It’s fear porn, BS. It will be used as an excuse to curb access to the internet, or add more surveillance. False Flag comes to mind.

        Or another FBI “sting” that they lost track of.

        • sixpack

          The article rightly says they don’t usually report/publish these events…that tells me that my nose is probably right — it stinks of FF.

          You don’t have to have dead/mangled bodies for it to be a false flag event.

    47. slingshot

      Destroy the Family by no other than a Obama/Hitler youth to inform the government.

      More executive orders. He thinks them up on the golf course. The Guillotines await us.

    48. Grafique

      The spirit of antichrist is in your words. I reject them in the Name of Jesus Christ, Sanballat!

      • Them Guys

        Christ commands YOU learn Discerment. It Is whats necesary prior to reproof or rebuke! so GET Some before you spew nonsense please.

        And Your Cast first stone post nonsense is totally wrong way thinking!…Christ never meant That verse to be interpreted like you do!…He was speaking to a Group of Men all of whom Had paid for sex with the prostitue women they were ready to stone to death…When Jesus said, “He who has Not sinned,,,Cast first stone” Christ was refering to which of you men never Paid for sex with her? Then YOU can cast first stone! and THATS why all them men acusers Dropped their stones and Left..

        That verse has NOTHING at all to do with a christian properly Outting evil doers, wrongs being done etc. And Thats precicely Why YOU need first Learn Discernmant foolish one! so You too can Then Properly rebuke someone.

        You are a Typical brainwashed evangelical that has allowed way too much falsehood preacher spew to invade your mind and thoughts…And just Look how You turned out due to That mistake eh!….Now Go Learn Real truth.

        PS do You Know what it means for a NEW Creation Christian to have the MIND of Christ?….That is Precicly What allows for a True christian person to rebuke Other folks wrong doings etc…Because AS a NEW Creation IN Christ and by Possesing the Indwelt Holy Spirit within That christian, it Grants him or her the RIGHT to correctly rebuke others…Spend Less time on phony non existing “bless the jews’ verses that are nowheres in the bible, and MORE time learning what the new covenant or new testement of it teaches You to be like…Then perhaps you too shall become jewized-Up also!

    49. Ricky

      What a site full of haters. You deserve each of other.

      • Mountain Trekker

        Ricky, are you talking about here, or at the White Privilege Conference. I know your talking about the WPC, and I must agree. Trekker Out.

      • the renegade braveheart

        Ricky, f#$% you!

      • Slick One

        Yes Ricky we do deserve each other because:

        #1. We marry and form famlies and support our by working not EBT cards.
        #2. We buy or rent homes but we dont use section 8 vouchers too do it.
        #3. We eschew crime and do not have a nosnitch policy for criminals.
        #4. We obey laws not break them.
        #5. We dont consider drug dealing a legit business venture.
        #6. We dont tend to have 6 kids by as many sex partners, for us this inst right.

        See Ricky you want everyone to love you, associate with you, ask you for advise, give you their hard earned dollars…..I have the right to associate with people I like, and not to associate with people I dislike.
        As far as your hurt feelings understand this, free people speak their minds,and hurt feelings or not this is a God given right. After having been bussed into the ghetto for high school where I was constantly under attack by yo brothas, your people taught me to hate them.
        As an adult I will never willingly associate with yo peeps.

    50. Just Me

      When I was in high school I saw a boy who worked hard his entire school career and was in every AP class so he had over a 4.0 GPA. He applied for a financial scholarship that was the only way he could attend the college of his choice. There was another boy who was not in one AP class and had a GPA of 3.2. Who deserved the scholarship more? Most would say the boy with the 4 GPA. The boy with the 3.2 received the scholarship. It was a privilege granted because of the color of his skin.

      Let me jump ahead in the future and state that the boy with the 3.2 dropped out of school in that first year. He currently works as a fast food cook, has multiple kids with multiple woman and collects multiple checks from government assistance. The first boy with the 4 worked 2 jobs and went to school full time so he could eventually go to the school of his choice when he was financially able to do so himself.

      What’s the point in this story? I sat there with the first boy while he cried because every thing he worked for seemed to be taken away. I read the letter that stated they were impressed with his credentials and determination but unfortunately the scholarship was reserved for a minority. The boy with the 4 was white and the boy with the 3 was black.

      So Miss 8 y/o White Ally the privilege in this situation was not given to a white but to a black. So no we are not equal because of the minority card. Regardless of what people tell you to think whites have to work harder and don’t get as much handed to them as some would have you believe.

      Is this a true story? Unfortunately yes it is.

      • Them Guys

        There are 8-Million stories in the,,,Naked City…And,

        Unfortunatly Twice as many Negroe africans in the same city!!

      • PKLauLau

        VRF: Pretty sure it’s satire…got my blood up for a moment though while I was looking….


    51. WIprepped

      I have to bring this up!! Mac’s last 2 articles came out of Wisconsin. I’m sure many here think this state is the worst. One article was from Milwaukee, the other Madison. Milwaukee is mostly blacks and Madison is extremely liberal. The rest of the state is white, conservative and extremely hard working and family oriented.

      We have concealed carry, the castle law, and governor Walker is working to lower taxes and give more power back to local control.

      If these 2 cities don’t kill themselves off before, when shtf we will be in pretty good shape.
      molon labe

      • Former Cal Girl

        We know WI, most of us live in states with similar “pockets of stupidity”. WI is a great state with many great people and resources. Good luck to you.

    52. Anonymous

      So let me get this straight ———

      Moocher Michelle announced that American children should report on their parents if their parents make racist comments at home??!!

      Combine that with the plan to open up 600,000 acres in New Mexico on the border with Mexico as a national monument, thereby excluding the U.S. Border Patrol from patrolling the border in that area


      hiring a criminal lawyer when the House of Representatives announced that they are moving forward with a special investigative committee on Benghazi


      telling the Pentagon that they should allow illegal aliens into the U.S. military


      spending taxpayer money hand over fist on personal trips and unnecessary trips to make irrelevant speeches


      gearing up for biosurveillance of every American who ever goes to a doctor for any reason


      ripping perfectly satisfactory health insurance from the hands of millions of Americans who were lied to, bald faced and deliberately


      refusing to approve the Keystone pipeline so that China has an increasingly better chance each passing day to get its hands on Canada’s oil


      using the IRS as an instrument of political attack


      the list goes on into almost infinity.

      I fear this country is headed for confrontation. This minority of Obama-ites wielding and abusing their power over the rest of America are stirring up a hornet’s nest. They MUST know that America will not stand for what they’re doing and what they’re attempting to do. And the harder they push and the faster they try to implement their plans, the faster we are being propelled toward confrontation.

      This just doesn’t look like it is going to end calmly.

      • Piper Michael

        Wait until “The Knockout Game” becomes acceptable, as long as the victim is white…

        Its almost there now, because our media is wetting their pants scared of blacks, Mooolsims and anybody they perceive as having a violent character or culture… cough cough, whites, are ‘passive, lawful, and cowards’.
        (They don’t say that, of course, but, there it is.)

        This culture is entering into the end game as the darkness envelops us. I don’t want to go all ‘religious’, but this was predicted, only if you can put the Roman translation of the Canon aside, and look at the source documents. In the original Greek “nation shall rise against nation” was mistranslated in the sense of ‘Indian Nations’… the original text was written ‘ethnos shall rise against ethnos’.

        This is pretty simple to see through, ethnos = ETHNIC.
        So, to translate properly into modern parlance you get;
        “ethnic shall rise against ethnic”.

        We’re getting there.
        Pretty soon our ‘deranged minds’, will take over, and logic and reason will be thrown aside(which always happens during times of ‘blood feud’)… oh, hmm, its already starting down that path, and it will probably not, end calmly…

        I have now adopted the philosophy of reverse racism, having never been racist, yet, being accused of it just because I’m white… ok then, this is a ramping phenomena, ramping upward. (Even the Black Caesar and his queen are getting in on the act, as they have demonstrated from the beginning of their Reign.) They hate me because I’m white… I’ll hate you back, but not because you’re black, but, because you’re dangerous, and I’ll need that hate in order to pull the trigger first…

        I have found, that to carry forward the emotion of hope, in a hopeless situation, is folly. Causing one to keep their guard down too long. Religions twist The Lord’s words into separate ‘doctrines’ instead of combining them into a Warriors Philosophy… He was not just a teacher, but a warrior and a revolutionary. He not only said to turn the other cheek, as a demonstration of the warriors superior character and ability to absorb minor evils, but, the warrior knows when evil becomes death, to sell the coat(of comfort) and buy a sword(of truth), in the sure and certain knowledge that defense of the innocence is righteous.

        God, above all things, desires justice, which demands equality under law. When the forces of ‘darkness’ demands something else, then we have abandoned reason, and now descend into madness.

    53. Spook89

      This is why I stay out of towns. A bunch of crazies!

    54. grandee

      You’ve got to be taught
      To hate and fear,
      You’ve got to be taught
      From year to year,
      It’s got to be drummed
      In your dear little ear
      You’ve got to be carefully taught.

      You’ve got to be taught to be afraid
      Of people whose eyes are oddly made,
      And people whose skin is a diff’rent shade,
      You’ve got to be carefully taught.

      You’ve got to be taught before it’s too late,
      Before you are six or seven or eight,
      To hate all the people your relatives hate,
      You’ve got to be carefully taught!


    55. Iain Yuile

      The push to divide blacks and whites begins at the educational level. Hence all this type of nonsense going on throughout North American universities. Political correction gone wild is a perfect way to distract,anger and divide people, making it very easy to control the masses. Just ask the Jewish media and educators, they are masters of divide and conquer.

    56. Ed Ski

      Get to the back of the bus, whitey! Clearly this is reverse-racism.

    57. knotjammin@

      75% of all homicides are black on black and they worry about one white guy? Who are they trying to kid. This kind of thinking will keep them on the plantation and in our back pockets.

    58. Backlash

      As a white IT guy.
      I noticed that the blacks cannot cut IT.
      So the companies have to hire indians to meet their affirmative action quotas.

      I’l just say this.
      Remember when all the white men ran everything…we had a great economy.
      Now… women and minorities.

    59. little old white me

      This is off a blog I’m reading about how the white guys are still running IT in companies..

      Very intresting…

      At my company the HN department is now 100% women.
      It’s like they go on a witch hunt for any white guys who step out of line.

      So anyone that fucks with our happy little band of misfits…we slow their projects down.

      Sorry women and minorities…
      The white guys still have their hands on the tools that get the work done.
      You are our bitches.

      You just think you are in power.

      One lady was giving me shit.. I stalled her project over a year.

      To survive the commie liberal economy.. you get your hands on the tools.
      You build your own crew of guys. You master the red tape.
      Constant lunches to bring in new guys….
      Then we hold dinners to see whose projects will get done and who gets stalled.

      Just saying…

      Seems the entire society is trying to beat down the white guys.
      But you cannot. We run the machinery, built the processes.

      This one lady was giving me I wrote a program to check if it’s her..then all her software slows down.

      I knew one guy that let the n word slip.
      They fired him after a 30 year spotless career.
      So we slowed things down to a craw and fought to get him back.

      They can hire all the MBA bitches they want and they can hire all their minons to create oceans of project plans and so on. That is not real work.
      Planning is not work. It’s not real until we make it real.

      Any questions.

      The latest thing is all our guys are creating this hidden company that we crank.


      End quote.

      Wow… Powerful.
      See… you do NOT fuck with the guys who run shit.

      • MongoPissed

        You must be my secret brother (I once programmed an idiot’s keyboard to log him off whenever he typed in my userid to spy on my work – took a month before a subordinate of his figured it out). I worked in computer ops in the ’80’s, before becoming a programmer. My company fired a Black woman for wiping clean 57 reels of mag tape – the input to a day’s billing run. Every tape she deleted had required her to ignore a warning message and issue an override command. The IRS hired her and sent her to Fresno CA. That was the same year the Fresno center had a major data loss!

        • Archivist

          I once set up the manager’s computer so that a wanted poster with his face on it would come up when he turned his computer on in the morning. When the IT person came in to see what was wrong, he touched the keyboard. I had it programmed to wipe everything back to original with no traces. He couldn’t figure out what had happened. But he knew I did it because there was no one else in the firm able to do it.

    60. joetentpeg

      “…check your privlege.”

      Your reply:

      “Check your Brown Shirt.”

    61. Anonymous

      Irrational fear is one form of what is universally recognized as mental illness.

    62. MongoPissed

      The issue is that Blacks feel inferior to Whites, despite endless efforts by Jewish media to portray them as superior. I had a White friend who enrolled in one of the first Black-Studies programs in the nation – to stay out of Vietnam. His reasoning, correctly, was that he would be able to slide with minimal effort where he had no real competition. He was class Valedictorian! In the 70’s, I was tasked by a major corp I worked for with mentoring a Black to survive as a manager. When I reviewed documentation of his that said “Melinda cannot do her job because she is Samoan”, I went with it two management levels higher and said “take this idiot and give him to someone else to babysit, or I will pass this to the L.A. Times”. Abe was given a new babysitter.

      • Piper Michael

        Look at an African black, and an American ‘black’. American blacks are not even accepted by Africans. Why? Because, they are not BLACK. They are chocolate.
        Most of the black race in America have polluted genes, polluted by white men when they were slaves. This pollution, is what enables them to function with any intelligence whatsoever.

        IQ studies have proven conclusively, that the black race has the lowest IQ of any of the races. This has to do with the ancient ‘myth’ of the Spirit Gifts of Earth, Air, Fire and Water.

        The White race, is referred to as The Chosen, because they were given the gift of fire. This is the Gift of the Holy Spirit, creativity in fire. So, who is it, that is responsible for most of the scientific and technological civilization we currently enjoy?

        It is not that blacks haven’t contributed, like all races. But, the break throughs, the original thoughts, the ideas that brought forth the technology, was mostly all white.

        Now, the Animal wants to tear it all down. We let them because we are ‘skeered’ of them. F* that. Don’t be skeered, stand up to them and their politically correct bs, it is the dark force of The Beast.

        • Archivist

          I believe it was a black person who invented the traffic light. Of course it was white people who invented the traffic and the light bulb.

        • Archivist

          When I was growing up in eastern NC, black people were really black. I didn’t see any lighter ones until they started moving down here from up north. If you saw one with red hair and freckles, you knew they had moved from up north. There are still a lot of really black people here, possibly because there were so many free blacks here from the 1700s up to the Civil War.

          That’s just my observation. It may have been different in other states.

          • Piper Michael

            I too am from eastern NC… and you are not comparing apples to apples.
            Look at a black from Africa, then tell me who is black and who is chocolate. Even dark chocolate, is still chocolate.

            I have known many blacks, and even called some ‘friend’. I have never been ‘racisssss’, but to say there is no difference between the races, in how they think, is ignoring all available evidence, studies, and observation. There was a recent study, that showed IQ charts for the races, and the black was at the bottom. But, that also has to do with how the tests are constructed. I’m sure, if there was an animal IQ, and a jungle survival IQ test, they would rate higher than us.
            But, IQ tests are based on ‘white mans knowledge’. The knowledge of fire and technology.

            • Kevin2

              I don’t buy the inferior label. I knew a couple of Mechanical Engineers that were very sharp. Speaking to them they came from educated parents that stressed education.

              Its their culture and that culture is dragging down others that emulate the street thug mentality which for some reason seems to be a high priority of the entertainment “Industry”.

              I hate using the term INDUSTRY to describe anything other than manufacturing.

              • Piper Michael

                Nobody ever said ‘inferior’, just ‘different’. As in the races were designed to complement one another, that’s why the Earth, Air, Fire and water monikers are used. You can’t have a society, or civilization, without multiple specialties, can you?
                Same thing…

                Their ‘culture’ is not a ‘black’ culture, it is a Gang culture, a culture that did not exist before the concept of welfare was introduced by LBJ. Then, it became more profitable for the father to not be in the home, but to be on the street, hustling. The concept of the father supporting the family went out the window.

                I saw this with my own eyes, and I still think the black ‘culture’ is a misnomer… it is a culture of The Animal, tribal, the urban jungle. I remember a story a long time ago, about a young black ‘youth’, who was attacked by his own tribe, because he was intent on learning “white man’s knowledge”. They still have this attitude. The Knockout Game is an example of animal herds.

                There are plenty of good black folks, smart, hard working, but they are called what? Uncle Toms.
                The culture of animals is anti-white, not just black and white. It is based in hate, not fear. It is an anomaly, it is the true evil, not our differences.

    63. Peter

      What I find interesting, is the direct intentional failure of a majority of Blacks, from having Eye Contact with Whites, on the street or in public, that they do not know. If you pay attention, and like I am, an open and friendly person, who smiles at people I meet, coming and going in my life, I find a great majority of Blacks will not look you in the eye, and actually look away from any eye contact with your face. I feel this is intentional and sad.

    64. L G

      Seriously? Wow! If one race isn’t showing how racist they are, another one is!! We will never stop racism until we recognize what it truly is and not what we think it is.

      I have felt and seen racism and I was indeed the victim and as you know, I am indeed white! Do not tell me whites do not experience it. I, for one, know only too well whites do!!
      Blacks do not hold the only “race card” for having their race held against them. I find this group of people offensive in thinking so, and I find them holding back progress to get rid of the racism in this country!

      As the author stated, like it or not, we are all probably racist somehow, in some way….but only if we are honest with ourselves. Well, I suppose we are still racist, even if we do not admit it. We just might not be blatantly racist so think we are not. If you do not admit it though, like this whole group of people, how can you change something you do not believe exists?!

    65. FreeIllinois

      Beware… the following will offend some people…

      To address this issue of white privilege, I worked my ass off 70-80 hours a week for 15 years so I could have a home.

      When I was 9 my mother got sick and by the time I was 12 it just about broke our family.

      The summer I turned 12, I didn’t have shoes to wear, so my uncle went to goodwill and brought back a sack of cloths and an old pair of men’s shoes so I could have shoes to wear for the rest of the summer.

      So when I hear someone talk about how some one like myself got ahead in life because of white privilege they can stick it up their ass!

      • Archivist

        Same here. When I was growing up, I didn’t have shoes at all during the summer. It was either 10-cent flip-flops or go barefoot. And we didn’t have a Goodwill or similar store where we could buy used clothes. Before school started, I would get 3 shirts and 3 pairs of pants. I had to wear the same clothes 2 or 3 days in a row every year until I graduated from high school.

    66. DaveM

      Madison, Wis. has been one of the true buttholes of the Liberal Insanity for at least 50 years. As infuriating as this garbage is, keep in mind where it comes from, and that it does not represent the thought process of any balanced individual. When this junk is written out and blogged and commented ad nauseum, it seems more than it really is. The purveyors of filth like this have always been with us, and likely always will be. Don’t let it be more than it is, don’t let it get you down.

    67. Willy

      No way would be where I’m not wanted !!

    68. Sabado Robles

      The sooner the race war starts, the better!

      • John Q. Public

        Why would you want to do EXACTLY what the banksters want?

        The banksters have committed genocide and economic crimes against humanity. Most of the defects observed by race are due to the heinous policies of the banksters. The banksters would love it if their victims fought each other and left the banksters to count their shekels in their gated mansions.

        Why not bring the banksters and their accomplices to justice and leave their victims alone?

    69. Wink

      Sorry to say but IMHO, religious bullshit doesn’t belong on this site. What the hell ever happened to SHTF stuff? I’m more interested in trying to survive the takeover of my country.

    70. 41MagMan

      “And it’s not because you’ve done anything. You seem like a perfectly fine person, but it’s because of experiences they’ve had with others.”

      Isn’t this the same racist BS that “people of color” have long complained about? What a twist of irony / what goes around, comes around. Racism will never die the ugly miserable death it so richly deserves so long as there are people in this world with a vested interest in keeping it alive. 🙁

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