NJ Governor Signs “Rain Tax” Bill; Residents Can Now BE TAXED When It Rains On Their Property

by | Mar 21, 2019 | Headline News | 78 comments

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    In what is one of the most corrupt and vile things to have ever happened to the American political system, residents of New Jersey will now be taxed when something 100% out of their control happens. New Jersey’s governor Phil Murphy signed 19 bills into law on Monday, one of which, was the so-called “rain tax.”

    Unfortunately, there were supporters of this tyrannical and wholly dictatorial law. Dubbed S-1073, supporters call it “flood defense,” and say it will serve as a long-needed tool to manage flooding and dirty runoff from rainwater.  So there are actually human beings on earth who want others and themselves stolen from because it rains.  There is nothing more disturbing that the current political path the United States is currently one.  It’s downright horrifying, actually.

    Government is downright evil and shameless when it comes to taxation. These pillagers of the public just sit around all day thinking and dreaming of events and things to tax. – Judy Morris Report

    “Most importantly, it gives communities a way to access new resources in a fair and equitable manner, and invest in related benefits such as additional green space. We urge the governor to sign it,” said New Jersey Future’s Chris Sturm, who serves as the advocacy group’s managing director for policy and water, according to a report by Patch.

    Some have criticized the bill (albeit, now enough) saying that it would impose taxes “based on the weather” which is an unfair system of stealing the money of others. Obviously, if you have any heart at all.  It also gives the government much more power and more authority to steal more money by expanding what’s already an overly unfair burden (all taxation is “unfair”) on New Jersey residents who were saddled with several new taxes in 2019.

    Assemblyman Christopher DePhillips has said the “rain-tax” bill permits local communities to tax “based on the weather,” and allows unlimited bonding and debt to be placed on the backs of property taxpayers. Not that bonding and debt aren’t already on the backs of the taxpayer, it is, but now New Jersey gets to carry the financial burden when it rains.  “The last thing this state needs is more debt and another runaway tax. Especially one that taxes the weather” said DePhillips.

    The so-called soft socialism of western nations is just an illusion. Western nations are bankrupt, their economies are disintegrating before their very eyes and the promises of lifetime pensions, welfare and healthcare are nothing more than propaganda lies that voters willingly drink. In the end, they will have nothing and be much worse off. Such is the fate of a person who votes for the police powers of the state to steal from another to give them what they want but never earned.Judy Morris Report




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      1. Just as Maryland repeals it, NJ passes it. We live in evil times.

        • Yeah thank goodness that Jack-wagon O’Malley is gone. ‘Course I’m not too sure that the repub we got now is a wolf in sheep’s clothing.

          • To understand NJ politics one omust realize that the Republicans in NJ are Liberals and the Dem’s are Marxists…..
            That is why NJ has become nothing more than a “Marxist run Cesspool”….

            • The sooner the bodies start hitting the floor the better.

              • M: Amen to them apples!!!! When is it even going to happen…tired of waiting and nothing ever happens, same old story.

                • I don’t know CC. I doubt anyone is willing to sacrifice their lives or freedom until it’s at the their door. Most of us have families too. This slow motion shit is killing me and I’m certainly at a loss for what to do.

                  • Rain taxation is freedom???

            • NJ is just the east coast of Commiefornia!

          • They are all wolves in sheeps’ clothing. That’s why they are put in office. None of them are ‘elected’. None.

            Why is New Jersey governor still breathing?

            If the people pay it, they are stupid.

        • There’s a simple solution to all of this. Rip out your driveway leaving a dirt path. Then have the property taxes re-assessed downward on your your home due to the missing driveway.. Add same selling feature to your home citing” NJ Rain Tax Exempt” then just GTFO.

          I guess they figured this would appeal to millennial’s who don’t contribute to home ownership. Guess what? Mommy and Daddy are moving. You can rent the basement from the new owner, or, stay around and watch the place as the rest of the home is AirBNB’ed, if it can’t be sold. Critical thinking is no longer taught in educational circles.

          This bad idea is not going to stem the tidal wave of people leaving NJ.

        • Ignore it, do not comply.

          • Won’t work. Here in Houston Texas they added it to the water bill. (about $5 a month) Rain or shine here. So even if you use zero water you still get “soaked” the $5 for flood abatement!

        • Whatever happened to No Taxes without Representation. Time to have a national Dipute on State Taxes without Cause.

      2. When I read this new I think was a joke, but suddenly I remember that in some state citizens are banned to recolect rain wáter and they have to pay fines in they do it.
        Seriously, USA seems a country from a dystopic movie…

        • Oregon is the state you’re referring to.
          Here in Hawaii I live directly off rainwater.
          There is NO government or private utility
          supplied drinking water available. A well
          on my land would not hit water till 1,000 feet
          and as I’m close to the ocean it would
          likely be brackish.
          I have 34,000 gallons of stored water,
          run-off from my roofs.
          If SHTF I’ll have plenty of water as
          do my neighbors.
          Our Democrat bastards would tax it if they could
          figure out how to do it, but they would
          not live long. This may be a blue state, but
          outside Honolulu we have our ways of dealing
          with the city folk.

          • Hello, rellik–I always enjoy reading your posts, and I envy your homestead in Hawaii. A question: do you filter (and/or have you tested for purity) your rain run-off in any way?

            According to weatherwarfare101, there is a massive geo-thermal energy facility in the islands, which is the manmade source of the anomalous trough of heavy precipitation that starts high above the islands, and makes a beeline for California and the rest of CONUS eastward.

            The MSM talking heads (Roker, et. al) have dubbed the rain pipeline “Pineapple Express,” which is also presumably responsible for the rain that falls on Hawaii.

            Given the extreme geoenginnering measures being taken elsewhere and the resultant particulate matter of heavy metals in snow and rainfall over much of rest of the US, I’m curious whether Hawaii has somehow been spared. Appreciate your response.

            • Stan,
              I filter and use a UV sterilizer on my drinking water.
              I use two filters, the first a twenty micron and the second a 5 micron filter. I have never had the water tested. University of Hawaii has a really good manual on the subject. duckduckgo it and you will get a wealth of info.
              Anecdotally I know very many that grew up and live on catchment systems way more primitive than mine and I’ve never, nor have they, heard of anyone getting sick from the water.

              • Thanks!

              • Most of the rural population in South Texas use catchment systems. Much of West Texas also. Considering the arid climate, they work extremely well.

              • Rellik, my BOL and the other relatives homesteads have catchment systems with filters on them. Our property also has nice deep well and borders on a year-round creek on one side. No one has ever gotten sick from the rainwater. As long as it’s filtered there shouldn’t be any problems.

                • They wouldn’t dare try anything like that in GA. Everyone would march on Atlanta.

          • That’s all well and good, as long as you guys aren’t all talk and no action. Right?

        • Here in Washington state, it is illegal to capture rain runoff from your roof. Some of us do, to water gardens during no rain periods. So the water goes back into the ground where it would have gone to begin with. We also have “storm water runoff” fees, just another couple of fingers in our wallets.

      3. NJ has the highest property taxes in the nation, and now this.

        Unless you live in an area that is not well maintained or with high crime, the property taxes are horrendous. My elderly aunt pays $900 per month for property taxes for her 1200 sq ft 2-bed/2-bath Craftsman bungalow on a cul-de-sac, on regular lot, in a residential town and no-flood zone.

        It is not at all unusual for the average NJ homeowner to pay $1000-$1200 per month in PT, and upwards if they are in a town with a real good school system and low-no crime and their house is larger than 1400 sq ft. When the home sells and changes hands they raise it again and the new owners are faced with a substantial PT increase.

        But now this latest ‘rain tax’ is a bad sign of things to come. Glad I left that state years ago.

        • “””My elderly aunt pays $900 per month for property taxes.”””

          Damn, most of us pay that for our mortgage, homeowners, and property each month.(mine is a little over that here in Ky.)
          I can’t even imagine a life that would tie me to that kind of mistreatment.
          That money could be put to use so many humanitarian ways. GOSH!!!

          • Why the hell is ANYONE stupid enough to live there? Are you all insane? You deserve it for being there.

            • Genius

              Wages were high. I’m retired but what I did pays $45/hr. Add in a bit of OT and you early bread 100K / yr. I had friends in insurance making well over that.

              • easily break not early bread

                Got to proof read…….damn

        • @ Get Real… Those high rates are needed for those high paying salaries for school teachers, administrators and all the free stuff the Gov.”Officials” hand out to everyone including Illegals. I think that’s their priority, and they don’t care if the taxpayers can afford the added rain tax. You better Pay up or get evicted from “your property”?

        • Don’t pay it. What GOD provided for us, cannot be taxed.
          DO NOT PAY IT! ‘the powers that be’ want to see how stupid we are.

        • What’s the best state to move too we want out of NY!!

      4. Wow. What these bastards won’t think of. It’s time for a civil war

      5. Wow. Just wow.

      6. Insane, but I can believe it of NJ. My second ex-wife was from there.

      7. Now you know why the Politicians want your guns.

        • And now you know why you bought ’em.

          • Amen, brother…. And pass the ammo.

        • To paraphrase Glinda the good witch:
          Hold tight to your AR-15s. Their magic must be very powerful, or they wouldn’t want them so badly.

      8. Although this article doesn’t really go into ANY details of this crazy new law, I believe I read about this recently and residents will be taxed when it rains based on the square footage of ANY pavement on their property. They say driveways have toxic fluids on them, so when it rains, those toxins are washed down the systems and are bad, bad, bad. So basically, the bigger your driveway, the more you are fined and I believe this also was going to include businesses. And they wonder why people are fleeing in droves to other states…

        • You’re right on the money.

        • TST,
          The entire law is linked in the post and I read half and scanned the remainder of it. It’s there.

        • TST, I’d like to see how they’ll enforce something like that.

        • Not really about the toxins even. Hard surfaces send a lot of water downstream quickly that is a pain to deal with and than can exacerbate floodinging conditions.

          A hard surface tax is not that uncommon. What is uncommon is it being charged on a per rainfall basis.

          You should be able to offset with catch basins or rain gardens though.

      9. I read about one half of the law and scanned through the ” pound of flesh” part. This is not new. Perhaps the specific way they pay for flood control is, but this taxation has been going on for a lot of years. When I was a kid, I played in the San Gabriel river bed. It had sand, snakes, birds, rabbits, bugs, and the barest hint of a river. This is in So. Calif.
        The Army Corps of engineers converted that into a concrete storm water drainage ditch. Lifeless except for us now trespassing, kids and the homeless that lived under the overpasses. Somebody’s taxes paid for all that concrete. Somebody paid for making what used to be free places to play into a “no go zone”.
        The Beatles song “Taxman” was not a prophetic work, it is more of a history text, and this tax thing is only going to get worse.
        I do have a solution. Ki ll all the Democrats.

        • When I was a kid a group of us would grab our air mattress and ride down those storm ditches when it rained. Nobody ever drowned or got hurt. We would ride for several miles and then paddle over to the side and walk home. What fun.
          Now they call out the “Swift Water Rescue Team” with all their silly get-up. Glad I was a kid when it was fun.

      10. Sure, they say it’s to manage and repair storm water runoff systems. In reality, New Jersey, along with Illinois, Kentucky, New York and California are functionally bankrupt. They have to cut back on services and repair of infrastructure because the pension systems are eating them alive and they cannot be changed. They will rob the public through taxation in order to pay the costumed clowns a cadillac pension and healthcare while the private worker gets nothing. Well, I guess he gets dry humped by public unions and a corrupt government.

      11. The citizens there keep voting liberals into office. They got what they deserve.

        I’ve been living out west most of my life, but from what I read I would never even visit NJ. Besides taxes on everything their gun laws are the worst. Well, maybe NYC’s gun laws are worse but not by much.

      12. it will not be long before we will be required to give all our money to the state.
        The State in turn does everything for us Wow how great is that!

        • This is exactly what they intend to do when cash is banned and money goes digital.

      13. NJ is a city state, a literal extended suburb of NYC and Philadelphia. It has continually become more authoritarian over time as the population grew. The mindset of the population largely accepts corruption being if not acceptable at least tolerated. I believe the heavy influence of the large Italian population who lived with corruption as normal in the old country has something to do with it. NJ is worse than others but it’s also the most densely populated. This population is also clustered and holds the political power. The population of roughly 7.5 million has 6 million of them in the NE section. It’s a fine example of the downfall of a “democracy” as the more rural counties are run roughshod by the cities. An example is the registration on pick up trucks being multiples of a car. It’s squeezing the people with little political power and a warning about the Electoral College.

      14. What if you put water barrels under your gutters? Is that illegal too?9

      15. All fingers point to —-> ht tps://www.epa.gov/npdes/npdes-stormwater-program

      16. Wait til they tax sunshine…

        • Wait til they tax sunshine…

          Nope. Not yet. Air will be first (under the guise of Pollution).

        • That will come in the form of solar power.

      17. Wow, this country so completely deserves to FAIL!

      18. That’s right Jim, cause the solar panels are stealing the sun’s heat which affect their putrid beaches. Oh the Humanity!

      19. What would you expect from one of the most corrupt nastiest states in the US who elected repulsive giant gasbag Christie? The true definition of a shithole.

      20. If we could tax politicians for stupidity the deficits would end overnight.

        • Actually, all we really have to do is hold them accountable for their required Oaths. No, there is no political body that can lawfully excuse any who serve within our governments from being required to take and keep the Oaths because the supreme LAW of this land makes it a requirement for those who serve within gov.

      21. Based on this piece (and others over the years) and the comments here, I can say this: water management is one of the least understood, but most important, functions of government.

      22. Hey dummy(s). You voted for this political structure

      23. Nothing new here. Oregon has been taxing rain for over a decade. Before I left I had to pay $800 per year in rain taxes based on square footage of hard surfaces like driveways, roofs, etc.

        Colorado fines you if you collect rainwater.

      24. Apparently, there is a shortage of tar, feathers, and wooden rails in New Jersey. Do you folks in New Jersey need some of the above? How about rope?

      25. In other news, business is booming for the makers of giant domes that shield your entire property from rainfall.

        “It’s great!” Says owner John Smith. “The domes have a series of rain barrels that sit on the city side of the sidewalks and all that rainwater can then be used to water your plants. Not a single drop of rain actually touches your property.”

      26. Well not so shocking to me I live in the biggest Liberal Shit Hole on earth Kalifornea as Arnie would say. Drug attics, needles, human shit on the side walks, human mutations, public servent child molesters, CALPERS, etc. This nation is going to be so severely judged just as God has warned! Where do we go? Our entire nation is broke thanks to loosing our coining of our own money Gold and Silver to the Federal Reserve in 1913.

        Go to SteveQuayle.com. Many answers to many questions.

      27. People are freakin stupid. CA they voted for a gas tax. They voted for props that let criminals out of jail. They voted that you can steal 900 dollars or less from a store or house and you get a ticket. We need to test people to make sure they can at least read and write before they go to a poll.

      28. 10,000 of you should pull that farker out of office and pour tar and wood chips over him.

      29. To remedy this… the tax base needs to move from New Jersey. No people… no tax. No rain tax, property tax, income tax,car taxes, nada!

        • The human population if NJ moving out en masse is a terrible idea. You’re suggesting that the very people who voted themselves into this high-tax hellhole should move into more sensible places and destroy them. That’s what socialists like; spreading the misery over as large a population as they can capture.

      30. Do ppl that live in apartments have to pay the tax. Do all 50 apmts have to pay this rain tax.

      31. Elections have consequences, morons.

      32. Imagine what would have happened if the state of Nebraska had such a water tax. They suffered a lot of property damage and have delayed planting, but they would have received a huge tax bill on top of it.

      33. Sooner or later, solar power will become competitive with the grid. It might even get to be considerably cheaper. If that happens, the electric companies will be providing electricity to a shrinking customer base. With a large infrastructure that must be maintained, electricity from the grid will become extremely expensive. If they can tax rainfall, they will probably start taxing the energy produced by solar installations at the residence level.

      34. just another way to generate extra revenue. Instead, the govt should penalize the lawbreakers. Simply place an extra tax on these people for each offense. 1st offense= 3% increase, 2nd offense= 5%, 3rd= 10%. 4th offense= you lose your citizenship and we kick you out of our country. The Govt can use the tax money to pay down the national debt. Hell, just Chicago alone and we’d be outta debt pretty damn quick.

      35. Here in Des Moines we have an “impervious surface” tax.

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