New Zealand Fights A COVID Outbreak In Spite of 77% “Vaccination” Rate

by | Feb 14, 2022 | Headline News | 9 comments

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    In spite of over 77% of the population getting injected with experimental mRNA gene therapy shots, there is yet another outbreak of COVID-19 in New Zealand. The country is now reporting near-daily record case numbers.

    Following the rend already set by Israel, New Zealand is set to have a record number of people infected with COVID even though a large majority of the population is fully “vaccinated.” The master in control of the slaves populating the nation said this new outbreak is “like nothing we’ve experienced,” according to a report by The Guardian. 

    New Zealand’s prime minister master, Jacinda Ardern, has warned that the country is entering a new phase of its pandemic response that is “like nothing we’ve experienced to date”, as case numbers begin to explode. “We are embarking for the first time in the two years since the start of the outbreak into a period where New Zealanders will see more Covid in the community,” Ardern said on Monday.

    How is that possible when the majority have already obeyed their ruler and complied with shots that were supposed to prevent this? Look to Israel for the answers:

    Israel’s Vaccination Program Is Failing: 6 Month High In New Cases

    Additionally, documents released by the ruling class in the United Kingdom show the “vaccines” are actually giving people AIDS, the “vaccine” induced form of the deadly disease.

    Comparison of Official Government Reports Suggest Fully Vaccinated Are Developing Acquired Immunodeficiency Syndrome

    We know the masters need to keep the slaves in a constant state of fear and prevent them from seeing the truth. But they should be more concerned about what these forced injections and their masters are doing to them instead of worrying about getting a cold.

    New Zealand has been reporting near-daily record highs in case numbers, as infections begin to hit an exponential growth curve. On Monday, officials announced 981 cases in the community, up from previous all-time highs of 810 on Sunday and 454 the day before. The latest additions mean there are 4,960 active cases recorded across Aotearoa – but experts say the true number is likely much higher, given the lag in test results, and the fact testing is only advised for those with symptoms or who have been a direct contact of a case.

    Reuters has reported that New Zealand’s cases are at record highs now, and increasing. Aren’t we glad these “vaccines” are working? Reuters also reported that New Zealand has administered at least 10,113,614 doses of COVID vaccines so far. Assuming every person needs 2 doses, that’s enough to have vaccinated about 102.8% of the country’s population.

    As people begin to figure out what’s really going on and that these shots are not about health, the rulers will become desperate. They already are and it’s showing. They need us all to remain afraid until they pull off another scam, and this one might actually be real. Let’s stay alert and be aware. No master is willingly going to let their slaves go. Be cognizant of that, and prepare for it.


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      1. The vaccines were never promoted to prevent the virus infection or its spread, only to make it less severe and prevent most hospitalizations and deaths when you did catch it.

      2. With the effect (unintended
        or not) these alleged “vaccines” are having on the
        number of covid cases in places with such high “vaccination” rates – one wonders if changing a few words in your headline would provide us the real answer:

        New Zealand fights
        a covid outbreak
        caused by 77%
        “vaccination” rate

      3. Not that anyone needs yet
        another reason not to get
        any of these vaccines but I
        recently read something
        which should solidify that
        position. I’ll try to write what
        he said as best as I can remember. Henry Kissinger
        speaking on the topic of the
        worlds population said something to the effect of
        that the best way to get rid of
        the greatest number of people was “to inject them
        with contaminated medication.” We are truly dealing with some evil fucks
        here folks.

      4. Does that include the sheep.

      5. Well NewZealand….Here’s your sign…vaccines are not the way to go……nor are lockdowns….now, your going to suffer the consequences to that decision on your people….God help you….

      6. I have a friend and his employer asked him if he was interested in going to NZ for a couple of years. He would be paid extra but doesn’t know what to do and asked for my opinion. I responded I would never give an opinion what he and his family should do. However, based on articles I’ve read I did tell him the situation there. NZ is under the control of fanatical covid nazis. The gov’t is zealous vaccinators, and want 100% vaccinated. There are various locales always in conditions of lockdowns. Publicly speaking against vaccination or stating something contrary to the official covid narrative can get you in legal trouble or in his case expelled. He and his family will have to be fully vaccinated and with boosters and have it all documented before entering the country, and have to wear masks basically 24/7. Even so, with all the social restrictions they still won’t be able to travel about freely or enjoy the country as before this covid business. And that’s not counting what his kids going to school would be like or the covid conditions at his job. That it likely would not be the experience he and his family would expect. He said others in his office have also turned down the opportunity, so I told him he should ask them why.

      7. Actually our lying media/govt are trying to tell us we are 95% jabbed. When omicron started they forecast by early feb 80000 cases per day but if we got vaxed and wore masks, locked down etc it would be only 50000 per day. The bullshit is coming so fast now it is hard to keep up with.

        Now they have started closing bank accts of activist leaders, in lock step with Canada. Soon that will be anyone who dares to speak out or not bow down. Mark of beast on our doorstep. I hope you are all seriously preparing to live completely outside the system.

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