New Yorkers Offered $100 To Take The Booster Shot

by | Dec 22, 2021 | Headline News | 18 comments

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    Citizens of New York City are being offered $100 to take the booster shots for COVID-19. Outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the move during a Tuesday press conference, saying the cash-grab is a “limited-time opportunity” and will be “by far the biggest booster incentive program” created in the United States.

    “We want everyone, right now, as quickly as possible, to get those boosters. And we’re going to make it even better for you with a new incentive and an incentive that is here just in time for the holidays,” the mayor said, adding that the rewards will be offered at any city-run vaccination site and certain partnered locations. “As of today, we’re announcing a $100 incentive for everyone who goes out and gets a booster here in New York City, between now and the end of the year,” DeBlasio said.

    The new program mirrors a similar initiative unveiled earlier this year, in which officials also offered $100 to residents who received their very first vaccine dose, though the prior attempt did not appear to have a major effect on immunization rates in the city. –RT

    People are going to willingly line up for their booster shots to receive their $100.  Never before in history has there been such a push to inject everyone on this planet. If not enough take these shots, punishments will be doled out as well.  We have already seen just how far they are willing to go to get everyone injected, now we will see how far the population will go to either obey and take it or disobey and not comply by refusing to take the shots.

    Medical Journal: Get The COVID-19 Vaccine, Or Be Punished HARSHLY

    Resisting Tyranny Depends on the Courage to Not Conform

    Stay alert and remain prepared.  Things haven’t stopped just because we are in the holiday season.  Their goal remains the same: get as many of these shots injected into as many human beings as possible.


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      1. New Yawkers should hold
        out for more. $100 will hardly
        cover their eventual “vaccine”
        induced funeral.????

      2. Let’s see: A hundred dollars
        or remaining healthy??
        decisions….. decisions…..

      3. Anyone stupid enough to
        fall for this had best get that
        money before the booster,
        as you may not be around
        to collect it after.?☠️?☠️

      4. Outgoing Mayor Bill de Blasio announced the move during a Tuesday press conference, saying the cash-grab is a “limited-time opportunity”

        Considering what’s already
        happened to so many folks
        who’ve taken the “vaccine” ,
        I’d say this certainly qualifies
        as a “limited – time”
        opportunity – limited time
        being the key words there?

      5. How many hospitals, fully staffed ones, are turning down covid patients because they don’t have any room for them?

        And if any partially staffed ones with empty beds available are turning them down, why?

        Where I am I’m not seeing any problems developing in spite of the huge amount of alarmist scare talk that seems to predominate the news and radio talk shows lately. But there must be some real basis for all that talk somewhere or people would notice it.

      6. Ha ha ha, these stooges will be great targets for muggers! Imagine them going to the projects with thousands of dollars to give out lol. How stupid, even if it’s gift cards. Unleash the knee grows!

      7. I’ve been around for you
        I’ve been up and down for you
        But I just can’t get any relief
        I’ve swallowed my pride for you
        I’ve lived and lied for you
        But you still make me feel like a thief
        You got me stealin’ my rights away
        ‘Cause you never give them
        Peeling the years away
        And I can’t relive it
        I make you laugh
        And you make me cry
        I believe it’s time for you to die

        You said we’d work it out
        You said that you had no doubt
        That deep down I had nothing to fear
        Oh, but I’m tired of holding on
        To a feeling I know is gone
        I do believe that I’ve had enough

        I’ve had enough of the falseness
        Of a worn out relation
        Enough of the tyranny
        And the intoleration
        I make you laugh
        And you make me cry
        I believe it’s time for you to die

        Time for you to die
        Oh, I’ve got to set myself free
        Time for you to die
        And that’s just how it’s got to be
        I know it hurts to say goodbye
        But it’s time for you to die

      8. Maybe warren wilhelm will be mandated to pay back his wifes charity.

      9. gates donated the funds for the $100 for a booster tax right off.

      10. The conventional weapons industry was never so crass in robbing the public treasury to subsidize sales.

        Hopefully the pandemic ends in a massive wave of Omicron mass herd immunity.

        As soon as the pandemic appeared, mRNA vax tech just happened to be ready and waiting to save the world in less than a year.

        Now they’ve got two dodgy COVID pills, and a Swedish tech company ants to market a vax passport microchip.

        There’s even Omicron-specific vaxxes.

        COVID-1984 became a trillion dollar money-hole industry overnight, but could end just as quickly.

        • Consider this; The vaccine was not brought in to handle covid. The covid was brought in to promote the vaccine. Chaos by design.

          None of this is coincidental.

          For the $100 payment, um, that’s taxation without representation.

          Not only is our own money being diluted as they print the cash subsidy payment to the pharma companies for production, now they’re going state specific spiffs to accompany the cost. Ultimately this will all roll back to federal subsidy monies too. Because the majority of money is now in digital form, adding trillions is as easy as a press of a button. First receivers of this money get all the benefit and the rest of us pay the price in the form of reduced monetary value.

          Cost of each individual shot is just short of $300 dollars and every time someone gets ‘a free shot’, that much of our money supply is diluted. Tag on the stimulus and pandemic relief trillions, there is your inflation we are all experiencing right now.

          People taking this shot have no standing to complain about inflation, as it is the direct consequence of their acceptance of taxation without representation policies as well as the ideological standing that the state owns our bodies and can therefore demand we consume for profit products of any and all varieties from medicine to insurance.

          Don’t get me started on the concept that medicine should be treated like water, a public benefit which should not be monetized and bet upon. The whole must be for profit to promote innovation argument fell flat about the time they spent more time and energy researching viagara than the combined research of almost every other medical innovation in history. The energy and resource expense on viagara alone could have already taken us to mars and back again. Covid however, stands to win this race of wasted man power and wasted energy.

          What if i told you a group of ultra rich people counterfeited trillions of your dollars and gave it to all their other ultra rich friends…. Audit the fed. None of this could have been possible without the federal reserve. Because otherwise there would need to be market acceptance and people willing to shell cash out of pocket to pay for this.

          Fiat money is one of the most deadly and dangerous ideas in history. It is in fact why we had the American revolution in the first place. As the rulers of England at the time demanded we pay usury fees for debt based money supply, refusing us sound currency. Which was when Jefferson refused to renew the bank charter and coined the now infamous phrases such as ‘den of vipers’ and ‘revolution by morning’ (should the people become aware of how this monetary system worked.) When nixon closed the gold window in the 70’s, it was on again.

          The velocity of money has been out of control ever since, the comparative price of gold over time proves it. Can you imagine if every time the government needed more money they demanded the miners get back down in the hole and extract more silver and gold? The reality of how dangerous our fiat money supply is escapes most people. If you want to fix our world and our country, there is no other conclusion or resolution than to audit and abolish the fed, demand a return to sound currency. We’re all living on continental dollars, once again. The structure of our monetary supply is in fact; the root cause of every major problem in our lives today. Otherwise the invisible hand would be at work guiding society through free market principals of supply and demand, to the peoples wishes, rather than being steered by the first receivers of fiat money supply.

          Article 1, section X; No State shall enter into any Treaty, Alliance, or Confederation; grant Letters of Marque and Reprisal; coin Money; emit Bills of Credit; make any Thing but gold and silver Coin a Tender in Payment of Debts; pass any Bill of Attainder, ex post facto Law, or Law impairing the Obligation of Contracts, or grant any Title of Nobility.

          Do your homework. Be able to explain in detail the following language; confederation, marque, reprisal, emit, tender, attainder, ex post facto law, obligation of contracts, title of nobility. Armchair activism and clever quips on the internet is not cutting it. We’re going to need more out of every one of you if you truly want to make a difference. Arm yourself with the knowledge of history.

          Here, listen to this. It’s about an hour but will be possibly the most important hour of educational content you will ever listen to. On the American revolution and fiat money supplies, education to governance all the way to war and national relationships of countries. Your history. Your American birthrights.
          “All wars are bankers wars” (video title)

      11. Protection from the Vaxx don’t Work variant.

      12. They did this in New Mexico MONTHS ago and the sheeple fell for it at 75% and now we have higher covid rates than we have ever had! Yet the sheeple stay stupid!

      13. Jimey,? from the block… on economics.

        1. compliant ? ‘s get ?for getting a shot.

        2. the ? ‘s then give that ? to Jimey and in return he gives them a Jimey shot.
        (to be self administered)

        3. Jimey thinks now maybe he was wrong about balance in exploitative , imperialist, crony capitalism ?

      14. It’s beginning to look alot like genocide song —

      15. The boosters are the kill shot. Every booster degrades the immune system until your body is unable to fight off anything. Eventual death will not come from a flu virus, but a multitude of cancers & clots. The die off will start slowly (as it is now) and accelerate until every human injected will be dead inside 3 years.
        This is an extermination of a large percentage of the human race by the Godless elites. They have already told us, agenda 2030 is a world population of 500 million. With trans humanism (i.e, AI, and robots)…..we will not be needed. The remaining compliant humans will be RFD micro chipped in the right hand, to be under complete control by the elites. The holdouts will be hunted down and eliminated. This is the future of the world.!

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