New York Rolls Out “COVID Passport”

by | Mar 4, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

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    AP Photo/John Minchillo

    New York state has launched a new Covid-19 “passport” program at major event venues. This means spectators will be asked to use a phone app to prove they’ve been vaccinated, as mandated under state guidelines, or be banned from the event.

    Tyranny is here, and no one seems to notice or even care that much. The “Excelsior Pass,” as it is dubbed, was tested for a second time at Madison Square Garden on Tuesday during a New York Rangers game. This “pass” functions like a mobile boarding pass that conveys attendees’ vaccine and testing status. While it made its debut at the Barclays Center late last month, Governor Andrew Cuomo unveiled the project in an announcement this week, insisting the data on the pass would be kept “completely confidential,” according to reports by RT. 

    This could not only be an attempt by Cuomo to not only expand his power over the ignorant willful slaves in New York but also a distraction from his numerous scandals such as “unwanted sexual advancesand the murder of the elderly to boost the COVID-19 numbers last spring.

    Cuomo’s tyranny has far surpassed most other governors’, except for perhaps Gavin Newsome in California. This all a ploy to distract, deceive, and divide.  It’s also a test to see just how many of the slaves Cuomo can get to willingly participate in their own enslavement.

    The tyrant even said the “COIVD pass” is “voluntary” for now. “The Excelsior Pass will play a critical role in getting information to venues and sites in a secure and streamlined way, allowing us to fast-track the reopening of these businesses and getting us one step closer to reaching a new normal,” Cuomo said.

    This “new normal” is looking a lot like slavery and yet, people cannot be bothered to even ask the questions.

    As of February 23, New York’s pandemic restrictions require venues with more than 10,000 seats to ensure all staff and spectators receive either a negative Covid-19 test within 72 hours of an event, or to prove they’ve been fully vaccinated against the illness. The guidelines also force organizers to collect contact information from all those in attendance to help inform contact tracing efforts,” though that is done separately from the new Excelsior Pass. -RT

    Wake up. It’s here.  This has been the goal from the beginning of this scamdemic.  It’s never been about health.  It’s been about power and control. It’ll get worse from here, as not nearly enough human beings have figured it out yet.


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      1. As you mentioned,this is most likely to distract from Cuomo’s own “issues” at the moment.Imagine all the poor New Yorkers having to show a covid passport or missing out on the privilege of watching in person all their consistently “winning” sports teams – oops,never mind?

      2. A)Not get a potentially life ending vaccine.
        B)Get the vaccine and be able to see some meaningless sports at venues but possibly die.
        Um,call me crazy if you will.
        but I choose option A.?

      3. “getting us one step closer to reaching a new normal” Cuomo said.Wake up people!Absolutely nothing about this covid bullshit has EVER been normal.This is what these assholes have wanted from the beginning.To control EVERY single aspect of our lives.If there is anyone left out there who still has not woken up to that fact- that person cannot be helped!!

      4. On a side note, I wonder if any of Cuomo’s female accusers have received their phony 19 Vax? For his sake,
        I certainly hope so because knowing Andy he’s probably
        worried sick about them catching the phantom menace?

      5. Q.What’s the difference between a prostitute and governor Cuomo?
        A.One is bought and paid for while doing humiliating and disgusting things on a regular basis that tear apart the fabric of our society while the other earns an honest living as a sex worker.

      6. Imagine needing a special “passport” just for the honor of being able to travel within the hellhole known as NYC?

      7. I wonder if those covid passports will be transferable once the original
        owner eventually drops dead
        from the vaccine??

      8. LOL! I bet I can hack it! LOL! I bet I can CHARGE people to hack it for them.

        …actually, I bet I can hack THEM. Its easier to hack people than it is computers. People don’t follow rules. Computers do, mostly.

      9. ban? how about boycott! don’t threaten you pieces of cuomo.

      10. hmmm, committed murder, harassed women, rolls out his personal version of the yellow star freedom bracelet, what’s next?

      11. Just imagine a race between Gruesome Newsom and Randy Andy. No matter who won – the loser would be us.

      12. Who the hell cares about all these entertainment venues? There’s other things to do that’s free. They can take their vaccine and shove it.

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