New York Governor DEMANDS Compliance With His Totalitarian Rules

by | Oct 5, 2020 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announces that the state will enact “aggressive enforcement” of COVID-19 protocols.  Cuomo has descended into a full-blown dictator and says he will close non-compliant businesses and schools.

    Beginning this week, New Yorkers will be subjected to a police state and dictatorship never before thought possible in the “land of the free.” Queens, Brooklyn, Orange, and Rockland counties have all seen recent increases in positive coronavirus cases, which means politicians are taking new draconian measures against the people to maintain their grip on power.  These areas will be the target of direct enforcement,” ensuring businesses and citizens are abiding by mask mandates, social distancing orders, and other regulations in place in the state, according to a report by RT. 

    “Local governments have not done an effective job of enforcement in these hotspot ZIP codes. [New York State] will be doing aggressive enforcement starting tomorrow,” Cuomo tweeted on Sunday after a conference call with members of the press. “As we saw with bars and restaurants when the state initiated enforcement actions compliance greatly increased.”

    As far as looting and rioting go, those will likely be left to destroy whatever they want.  But police will be aggressively enforcing the draconian COVID-19 rules shoved down the throats of the public. This is a sad dystopian nightmare for the people of New York.

    The boot is on the neck of New York business owners, and those who survive this horrific tyranny will be the few fortunate ones. New York City Mayor Bill De Blasio also announced on Sunday he is seeking the governor’s approval to shut down schools and non-essential businesses in nine zip codes in Brooklyn and Queens neighborhoods where there has been an increase in positive cases. 

    “We’re having an extraordinary problem – something we haven’t seen since spring,’’ the mayor told reporters of the uptick in positive cases.


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      1. All that will be required is one New Yorker with balls and good aim.

      2. He has done a magnificent job running the state of NY into the ground. It looks like he actually believes he has dictatorial powers to do anything he wants. There’s lots of lousy governors, but he takes the cake. He’s doing so good that NY leads the US in covid deaths. With his gigantic state budget deficits, and job creation and job losses both tanking badly, and people with their money leaving in droves, NY will be a 3rd world political subdivision in 10 years. Apparently, he and his NY Dems believe every problem can be solved with imposing more taxes and/or more stifling laws, regulations, and edicts. He said America was never great. Well, we can also say NY never was either, and getting worse. One can only conclude there must be a lot of dimwits in that state because they keep voting miscreants like him in office.

        • A lot of that money is flowing to NJ. I’m a Realtor in Central South Jersey. 10 offers for every property.

      3. I think cuomo needs to blow his nose and get that infection he got in texas from swimming,and all that shit that’s up in his head. Might need a lot of toilet paper. Look out another toilet paper shortage. Maybe he’ll disappear. Elbulleheal

      4. Maybe if people ignore this murdering dope @ the nursing homes a lot more would be alive.
        Ignore stupidity

      5. A positive test is not a positive case. No symptoms, not sick, no case. Besides, the test can’t tell if one has COVID-19, another virus or even a bacterial infection. Stop the insanity!

      6. The insanity we are living in NYC(and elsewhere as well) is beyond belief! These so-called “leaders”/tyrants are here just to make our lives even worse than they already are.Try to run a business to survive and they will run you into the ground.No cops around if you get shot or mugged,but,don’t wear a mask for a non-existent virus and the tyrants will treat you like a damn criminal.What is wrong with this picture?The “stats/numbers” they come up with are total b.s. to convince the sheep of a pandemic/casedemic which does not exist.Movie coming soon:Covid 19-The Phantom Menace.

      7. It apparently hasn’t dawned on Cuomo and DeBlasio that they serve at the pleasure of the electorate and that there may come a day when the two of them face life time prison sentences for crimes against humanity, as well as other charges of a shake down and organized crime involving violating RICO laws.

        Andrea Iravani

      8. Where are the recall petitions for politicians like Cuomo, Newsome, Schumer, etc.?

      9. “Demands compliance” says the OGRE OF OLD-FOLKS HOMES. There is a political component to his decision. Old folks often acquire wisdom in their long lives. That wisdom frequently yields a decision to be more conservative. Conservatives tend to vote Republican (even though we may have to pinch our noses to avoid the stench – it’s still better than the alternative). So Cuomo can reduce the number of conservative voters by having plausible deniability in his ignorant decision to place Covid-19 positive patients in OLD-FOLKS HOMES.

      10. So,this guy wants everyone to wear a mask?Well,I want a better governor for NYC and preferably one who isn’t a control freak/dictator.Just remember Andrew,you can’t always get what you want in life.?

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