New Variant: Is This One More Fear? Or The Real Deal? “NeoCov” Has A “High Mortality Rate”

by | Jan 28, 2022 | Headline News | 36 comments

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    According to Chinese scientists, a new COVID-19 variant has a “high mortality rate.” This new variant called “NeoCov” a new variant of coronavirus is also said to have a higher infection rate.

    As the mainstream media, a ruling classes continue to stoke the fear of getting sick, more and more variants continue to come out.  This will continue for as long as the rulers need it to:

    Ruling Class: The Scamdemic Won’t End Until The WHOLE WORLD Is Vaccinated

    The NeoCov variant was discovered in South Africa and it is claimed to be related to the respiratory syndrome MERS-COV.  However, NeoCov is not entirely new because it is linked to the MERS-CoV virus and its outbreaks were previously discovered in the Middle Eastern countries in 2012 and 2015.

    Chinese researchers weighed in on the mortality rate stating that “one in every three infected person dies”, highlighting the higher death rate, according to WION News.  If this is true, this could be the one we have been concerned about from the beginning. And now that the immune systems of many are weakened from reported mRNA injections, this has the potential to do some real damage in our society.

    Analyzing the study, the tendency of NeoCoV appears to be similar to the SARS-CoV-2, which causes COVID-19 in humans. Scientists have said that NeoCoV was discovered in a bat population.

    However, an unpeered study published on the bioRxiv website, mentioned that NeoCoV and its close relative PDF-2180-CoV can infect humans.

    A part of the published report read: “Middle East Respiratory Syndrome coronavirus (MERS-CoV) and several bat coronaviruses employ Dipeptidyl peptidase-4 (DPP4) as their functional receptors. However, the receptor for NeoCoV, the closest MERS-CoV relative yet discovered in bats, remains enigmatic.” –WION News

    There are so many strange things about this NeoCoV variant. The Russian State Virology and Biotechnology Research Center issued a statement on Thursday (January 27) saying: “The Vector research center is aware of the data obtained by Chinese researchers on the NeoCoV coronavirus. At the moment, the issue is not the emergence of a new coronavirus capable of actively spreading among humans.” 

    Then why are they even talking about this? Are they ginning up fear? Or is this a signal that it’s about to get real beyond getting a cold? Are things going to take a more sinister turn? Who knows. Only time will tell at this point.

    There is little that makes sense about any of this. SARS-CoV-2 is a new virus, that reared its head in 2019, how exactly is this a “variant” of it if it’s a variant of the MERS virus? MERS is also a coronavirus. So did these two different coronaviruses merge? What exactly is going on here. People are simply unwilling to apply critical thinking to anything anymore.  Also, why doesn’t this variant or “stealth omicron” have their own Greek letters yet? More importantly, does it even matter?


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      1. At least the Chinese have moved their viral enhancement research from Wuhan to South Africa now so it can’t be blamed on them this time.

        • Covid Scam-demic is a total Sham. You want to know what caused this fraud Plandemic? The massive fraud false positive PCR tests that are 95% designed to reflect false positives..

          Fauci is a Murderer

          Here watch this: Justice Coming for Victims of COVID Totalitarians & Murderers: Dr. Fuellmich
          ht tps://

      2. Why are these alleged variants always “discovered”
        in some far away country?
        Funny that.

        • Because that’s where the labs that create them are located.

      3. More fear porn from the psychos in charge.


      4. Neocov?
        Isn’t that the matrix covid that made Keanu sick?

      5. Blah blah blah.

      6. As you mentioned, it doesn’t
        even have its own Greek letter yet. I refuse to panic and hide in my basement until that happens.

        • The Delta variant and the naming of it – had nothing to do with the Greek alphabet; if you recall the original reports were “a new Indian variant has appeared”. The name was changed in the news cycle immediately to the ‘Delta variant’ – as in the fact southern India is a classic alluvial fan known as a DELTA, formed over eons of silt deposits from the multiple Rivers that formed the DELTA.

          The entire narrative has been a a 2 year “made for TV pandemic”; the next make believe variant should be named “YAGDWFD” (You’re all gullible Dumbshits Wearing Face Diapers) variant.

          • I read a thing the other day with pics of what delta, omicron and the other one were. Put together they made a pyramid with the all seeing eye and the rays around it. Just like on the back of the fiat dollar. Pretty spooky stuff. Look it up!

      7. Another day another variant.

      8. I myself have no time to focus on some new variant
        as I am currently in the battle of my life against the unstoppable monster
        known as omicron!!!

      9. No doubt Pfizer has already
        created a safe & efficient
        “vaccine” that will tackle this
        variant and make them shitloads of money.

      10. I am so looking forward
        to the Pokemon variant.

      11. Freaky! So many speculated the big release would be smallpox.

        I mean, given the similarities, did they finally decide to release the actually dangerous one from the lab?

        We need better checks and balances. All funding for viral research should be pulled and held for some time. If it were to be re instated, the funding should become far less centralized and much more transparent.

        We need to re examine what not for profit means. Some of the most successful companies around are not for profit. Fines based on income may be helpful too.

        I’m not buying it, they had fraudulent statistical models before original covid hit too. The hit’s keep on coming. The floggings will not stop until attitudes improve.

      12. No one can possibly believe
        any of this b.s. anymore.
        For those Covidians who fell
        for all of these blatant lies,
        here is a comment someone
        made somewhere which pretty much sums it all up:
        “Never have so many been
        so stupid for so long.”

      13. Maybe they meant 2
        years to flatten the curve
        not 2 weeks.

      14. “Expert”recommendations of more “vaccines” in 3, 2, 1

      15. When they said it came from a BAT virus AGAIN, that’s not for me to believe. It is one they cooked up in a lab since it carries the spike proteins, oh, and yep, humans can get it, they will make sure they do or else they are making it all up to scare people into taking the vax.

        Remember, the Chinese and Biden’s puppetiers want us dead, no matter what the method they kill us.

      16. Row damnit, row. The small club wants to ski.

      17. What is it with all these “new variants” coming from S. Africa? Seems a little suspicious to me.

      18. The government found a way to take a huge liability off their backs and rob the American people.
        Create a virus that will clean out the nursing homes and have a 50% inheritance tax.

      19. You guys are missing the point, The mRNA shots are also shown to have MIND altering capabilities and so those who get the death shots, (not all these vaccines are the same, some vials have other things in them) and so some sheeple will DIE and others will become better slaves to the NWO.

      20. Mers and Covid can’t just mix in a bat and wala you have NeoCov. This is a lab grown monstrosity. MERS already has a vaccine, but you have to be military to get it. (They started trials in the military)

        This is a concerted effort to destroy humanity. They are just now releasing ALL the restrictions and we hear about this. I promise no mainstream new will pick it up until it has been spread far and wide. The economy will crash. People will die in droves. Folks will rush out in a panic to get the vaccine, ANY vaccine, because it MIGHT help. It won’t. This will be the herd stampede to death.


      22. Do do do do do do do do Batman … Batman …. Batman … Batman do do do do do do …..Poo Whap… BAM …. Batman.

      23. There is something called cross immunity as many carona respiratory viruses are similar and your natural unaltered immune system will recognize the disease as it’s similar to the previous carona virus you may have suffered from and you will likely not get sick from previous infection.
        The thing we should really worry about are our moronic governments doing more Gain of function research with Ebola and bird flu which have fatality rates grater than 50 percent. This truly would be the Apocalypse.

      24. The WORST part of al of this is the SHEEPLE just keep buying into this SCAMDEMIC!! The test to see if they can be controlled is over and they won. for now anyway.

      25. Oh Scariant Scariant Blah Blah! Ever heard of cross immunity? Yeah it’s been around since we got or immune system, now kindly FOAD big pharma.

      26. They named a scariant “New Covenant” ??

      27. Everything going according to plan I say. Now that most of the world including the US military is vax’d you release a “variant” with a higher mortality rate. It’s not new. It was developed for this purpose. It works with the jabs. Anyone jabbed will die. They needed the pandemic fear to get so many to take the shots including Israel. Kiss them goodbye. The most vax’d of any country.

        There was a reason after all they wanted whatever is in these jabs in as many people as possible.

      28. Camels, aka ‘ship of the desert’, provide the feral Islamists with a source of fluids and hormones. Where literally nothing else exists, the urine is used in cosmetics and drank in their milk.

        CDC said, “In experimentally infected camels, infectious virus and RNA was detected in nasal swab and oral samples but not in blood, serum, feces, or urine. MERS-CoV RNA has been detected in raw camel milk collected using traditional milking methods, including using a suckling calf as stimulus for milk letdown…”

        But, the WHO says, “to avoid MERS (Middle Eastern Respiratory Syndrome), don’t drink camel urine.”

        • Because its mentioned in Hadith Sahih Bukhari part 2 [Compilation]…

      29. This is not a variant. Neocov is a NEW coronavirus that as of yet is unable to spread to humans. The reporting here is half assed at best.

      30. Next Variant will be called politudes-repellent,
        It only goes after liars and thieves!

        • @Spider25 great comment
          You mentioned the new variant will go after liars
          and thieves – so basically
          everyone involved with
          this covid scamdemic
          will be a target.

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