New “Transmissible” COVID Variant XE Dominates News Cycles

by | Apr 4, 2022 | Headline News | 18 comments

Apparently, the powers that be have decided to panic the masses once again over another “highly transmissible” COVID variant. This one is called “XE” and reports of this variant dominated the news over the weekend.

MSM Warns: Another COVID Variant Is Coming

This new variant is allegedly a hybrid of two omicron strains and could be the most transmissible one yet. Dr. Anthony Fauci has already taken the time to warn the public that medical tyranny will be pushed upon them again and to “expect” it.

Fauci Warns Americans: Be Prepared For More COVID Restrictions

The World Health Organization said a hybrid of two omicron strains, BA.1 and BA.2, that was first detected in the United Kingdom and dubbed XE could be the most transmissible variant yet, according to a report by Bloomberg. It is estimated to spread 10% more easily than BA.2, which itself was more transmissible than the original omicron famous for its ease of infection.

Meanwhile, in China, the ruling class is claiming that it is experiencing its biggest outbreak since Wuhan. “Authorities” have disclosed two novel omicron subvariants that don’t match any existing sequences. It’s unclear if the infections were one-off events of little significance, or if they may be a sign of problems ahead.

“If the Chinese authorities’ efforts to constrain transmission are ineffective against a highly, highly transmissible virus, like an omicron variant, this could become a threat for the rest of the world,” said Rajeev Venkayya, a former White House biodefense adviser who became the chief executive officer of drugmaker Aerium Therapeutics Inc. in March. “We know that uncontrolled transmission of the virus can lead to more viral evolution and an evolution around vaccines and therapeutics,” potentially making them less effective, he said. –Bloomberg

The new COVID “surge” (which is anything but according to the masters’ own numbers) has made people prisoners in their own homes once again.

Panic Buying In Shanghai As People Once Again Forced Into Lockdown

Be prepared. Never put anything past any ruling class. Could this be the one that does real-world damage beyond people getting a cold? Or is it just more fear so when that actually deadly bug does finally get released people have already written off advice because they’ve been lied too so much? It’s hard to say. Prepare for the worst, hope for the best. It’s all any of us can do at this point.

Keep using your discernment and best judgment. If you feel compelled to lockdown, do so. If you feel you should continue to live your life and prepare for tomorrow, do so. It’s still too early to tell where they’ll go with these new scariants.

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    1. Anonymous

      This is never going to be over.

      I said that in the beginning when the mantra was “two weeks to flatten the curve”.

      And don’t think is is a medical thing, it isn’t. Notice how all those pushing stuff on us claim to have “seen the science” but are completely unwilling to let you see it as well.

      That’s because the science behind it is political science, not medical science, and they are very adept at applying it for reasons they don’t want known.

      • Alien

        Kudos for distinguishing POLITICAL “SCIENCE” from the real thing called (SCIENTIFIC) SCIENCE! The difference is night and day. EVERYONE SHOULD KNOW THE DIFFERENCE BETWEEN THE TWO SCIENCES.

    2. Lies

      Memo to the ruling clASS:
      You psychos are just like the
      month right after June:
      You lie, You lie, You lie

      • Spider25

        They don’t call it Joo-LY for nothing!
        Omg haaa Chew, I got a spring cold I think I’m gonna die! How many lives does this variant theater have? GTFOH, they have lost all credibility with there endless lies!

    3. Yep

      New month, new variant

    4. word games

      It’s yet
      Tactic of fear

    5. Exactly!!!

      More than two years of the
      most destructive “illness” in
      the history of civilization, &
      new and improved variants
      every time you turn around.
      Begs the question: WTF are
      we all still doing alive ?!?!?!

    6. toony loons

      Guess the war is fizzling out
      if they’re back to their good
      old reliable phony 19

    7. Be Afraid

      Here we go again. Another
      “highly transmissible” variant
      of something ( if it even
      exists at all ) which only 99%
      or more of people survive.

      The horror!!!! The horror!!!!
      Run for the hills!!!!!!!!
      Humanity is done for!!!!!!!!
      Lord have mercy on
      our souls!!!!!!!! It’s over!!!!!!!!

    8. Mr. Darwin

      Xe to the rescue! Catch it while you can, shitheads! Have a Covidful day ?

    9. JRS

      Thanks for the heads up. I didn’t hear anything about this one. Should I be worried?

      Asking for a friend who doesn’t watch enough teevee…

      • SuzanneL

        No. If you’re taking your vitamins, Omicron is a couple of days of a phlegmy throat.

      • Anonymous


        Be worried, be very worried.

        About what the the government does in response to it, not about the disease itself.

    10. Darth Skippy

      XE Jinping
      (Not the typical spelling.)

    11. LaurenAncap

      Meanwhile… the criminal biden regime seeks to remove Title 42 pandemic restrictions, to flood the USA with illegal aliens. Ah right, but we are just supposed to then submit to dictatorship lockdowns when the predictable happens? How about they can go F^CK themselves. Completely disregard all future lockdown, masking, injection, and digital identity restrictions! War is coming!

    12. Just Sayin

      XE pronounced “Z”, as in “Zombie”.
      Or, possibly even a gender neutral designation (wonders never cease…).

      Let’s assume the first and go with that.
      XE (Z) for Zombie (which is about what they want to do to anyone other than themselves).

    13. SuzanneL

      What is this? We can’t name a variant Xi, but we can name it XE? Like the difference matters to Chinese speakers??

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