New Study On JFK Assassination Unsurprisingly ‘Confirms’ Official Narrative

by | Apr 26, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 35 comments

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    New calculations in the ongoing effort to uncover what happened to President John F. Kennedy shows he wasn’t shot by a “grassy knoll” gunman.  The new paper “confirms “JFK was shot from behind and the official story, but is that “case closed?”

    It has been 55 years since United States President John F Kennedy was assassinated. Countless theories have, since then, surfaced in an attempt to explain how the events really went down, but many understand we aren’t getting the whole story. But most still say Lee Harvey Oswald is to blame.

    According to The Daily Mail, this new evidence suggests Lee Harvey Oswald was a “lone shooter.”

    New calculations based on the video recordings of the assassination indicate that the mysterious movement of the president’s head after being shot – a crucial detail in the grassy knoll theory – was the result of a recoil effect. -The Daily Mail

    The videos further show that the fatal bullet impact was immediately followed by a forward head snap, adding further evidence that JFK was shot from behind, as the official autopsy (government approved opinion) indicated. “Rather than gloss over this fact, as has been done by most previous authors, including anti-conspiracy authors, I chose to study and model it explicitly,” said Nalli, Senior Research Scientist at IMSG, Inc.

    According to the study’s author Dr. Nicholas Nalli, this initial forward movement can be seen in the famous footage captured by civilian Abraham Zapruder, who filmed the doomed Dallas motorcade on November 22, 1963, using an 8-mm home video camera, and inadvertently recorded the assassination.

    The widespread grassy knoll theory centers on a number of oddities in the initial findings and footage of the assassination itself, which showed that the president made a “back and to the left” movement just after being shot.

    The new study published in the journal Heliyon, Nalli uses one-dimensional gunshot wound dynamics models to investigate these previously “glossed over” events in greater detail.

    The force calculations include known information from the crime scene, including bullet mass, speed, and diameter, as well as the camera shutter frequency and autopsy measurements and according to Nalli, the footage of the event supports the conclusion that Kennedy was shot from behind.

    According to the analysis, the bullet deformed after colliding with the skull, transferring most of its kinetic energy to the head.

    Some of this energy would have driven an impulse force immediately after, propelling the target forward about 2 inches (5 centimeters) over the course of one shutter cycle.

    The rest of the kinetic energy would have gone into the soft tissue, Nalli writes.

    A second backward acceleration seen in the President’s upper body after the shooting was likely a nervous system reaction to the “massive brain injury.” –Deacon Chronicle

    But did we really expect someone to come out and “change the narrative” we were spoon fed about JFK’s assassination? Notice what’s in bold print above. “Was likely” meaning he doesn’t know that for sure, and can’t explain it with his theory either, he’s just wanting us to all believe it.

    We are still being told what we are always told: this is how it happened, stop questioning the official narrative.


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      1. JFK Was targeted by at least 5 to 7 assassins in Dallas That day, not just Oswald the patsy. The Death shot came from the sewer street gutter, where a mark was placed on the curb to mark where JFK’s Limo was to stop so the final murder shot could be taken from the sewer curb hole. JFK also was wearing a back support brace so he had no chance to lean over to avoid being shot. It was a conspiracy to murder JFK and those like GH Bush and Lyndon Johnson was in on the plot, and all met in a secret meeting days before the murder assassination. The Deep state Hijacked our Government that day and its been down hill since for America.

        Actor Woody Harrelson’s father was also one of the assassins in Dallas that day to kill JFK. Al this info is out there if you look. Ytube has some vids on all of this.

        • Why does anyone care about this piece of history anymore, the theories, ideas, and conjectures about what happened?

          Now then, FDR knowing the attack at Pearl Harbor was coming and doing nothing about it, looking for a reason to get involved in a World War, now there is something worth investigating.

          • “Why does anyone care about this piece of history anymore . . . .” ????

            Because history is alive.

            The problem with terrible, horrific things happening is if you don’t catch the person responsible right away and hold them to account then the window closes on justice forever.

            Try disciplining the family dog for chewing up a favorite shoe a whole day after it happens. Feel kind of foolish, right? Try disciplining a child something they did or didn’t do after the fact. Same feeling, right?

            With the assassination of Abraham Lincoln the perpetrator was caught, practically in the act.

            When Pearl Harbor happened nobody held FDR to account. The guy took an oath to protect the United States from all threats foreign and domestic. Nobody held FDR to account. Nobody. So the whole thing just kind of lingers on, mainly because of one question: Who could possibly be so cold-hearted as to let something like Pearl Harbor happen if they could have stopped it?

            World War II was coming. By 1941 everybody knew that. The whole world was at war by then. However, the lesson of Pearl Harbor was not lost on the bad guys. Because the assassination of JFK happened.

            And after JFK all kinds of outrageous shit started coming down. Bobby Kennedy. Martin Luther King. Chappaquiddick. The Landing on the Moon. The Vietnam War. 9/11. WMD. The Iraq War. Tanks patrolling down American streets in Boston. Assad using chemical weapons on his own people over and over and over again.

            Why? Because people knew they could get away with it.

            When justice isn’t swift or doesn’t bother to show-up at all then that’s it. Cultures become invalid. Societies fail. People lose faith in their institutions. Civilizations crumble. Empires fall.

            • By today’s standards, old Jack would be called a Reagan Conservative and totally ignored by the fawning media. Perhaps the release of this “new” research is cleverly timed to take the narrative of old Ted and Chappaquiddick out of the news cycle. How’s that for a conspiracy theory?

              • The Kennedy family is obsessed with history, mainly their place in it.

                • And because Oswald started yapping while in custody he was set up for the Jack Ruby /strip club owner to shoot and slaughter the singing canary.

                  BTW/ Jack Ruby’s real previous name was (((Jack Rubenstein))). That right (((them))) again. And then LBJ abandoned the Silver Certificate where JFK Presidential EO 11110 initiated it, to get rid of the loan shark bankers called the Federal Reserve with a competing currency worth something. The Fed did not want any competition. So they had a motive to Murder JFK also.

                  And that POS George H Bush Scum and his role in JFK’s Murder. Insider Deep State New World Order POS.

        • Pretty much nailed it.

          If the PTB keep repeating keep saying the same thing, the sheeple will believe it.

      2. The back of his head blew out indicative of a front entrance of the projectile.

        • You know Kevin, I happen to own a Carcano. Same rifle as supposedly Oswald used. Anyone here ever rack one? Stiffest damned bolt I swear. Add in the scope and the effect of its placement with respect to the bolt handle and rechambering another round in terms of delay….. I question the report I’ve read as to the accuracy and conclusion it reached. Was it possible? Maybe. First shot, undoubtedly. Subsequent rounds…. Oswald was a Marine marksman. Just 2 points above that qualification and his accuracy rating had deteriorated since that point in time when he qual’d. Again, possible. Do I believe that the story is true? No. Why? What I found odd is why he chose that particular rifle in the first place. WW2 battle rifles then in ’63 as now were readily available. No record of live-fire practice exists I’ve read. Bottom line – we’re still being lied to.

          • I have held them, cycled the bolt and found it awkward as hell. My test won’t even include a moving target.

            Interestingly my interest in all of this started with the book “Best Evidence” by David Lifton. Realizing that something or someone was larger than the system we were taught in civics I graduated to “None Dare Call It A Conspiracy”. That started the educational journey that still continues three decades later.

            I have over the years established a policy of believing nothing from official sources unless it can be proven and to question the validity of such approval. We’re all being lied to on such a scale that George Lucas “Industrial Light And Magic” has nothing over on “World News Tonight”.

            • Giving it a thought a piece of plywood 12″ in diameter pulled across a cable with eye bolts attaching it might somewhat reasonably simulate the event. I’ll go out on a limb and guarantee that the bullets I fire will strike terra firma earth but thats about it. Moving targets are for shotguns.

      3. In other news……..The London Bridge is now officially up for sale, as well as some prime real estate in the Everglades.

        Don’t miss out.

      4. somewhere on youtube is the then live newsfeed that caught the sound of the shots there are FOUR shots audible.

        This has been explained away as an echo, but if so then we should hear six shots, if there were only three as the official narrative goes, shot + echo, shot +echo, shot + echo or at least there should be a blurring effect of some shots, as a shot overlaps the echo from the previous shot. there is none.

        there were FOUR shots, regardless of which shot killed him, and however near impossible it was to get three off with that lousy rifle and Oswald a bad shot, four is impossible if the official narrative were correct and Oswald the only shooter.

        Even if one of his shots killed JFK, THERE WAS ANOTHER SHOOTER.

        • Justina

          I was in the 5th grade back then but I FELT THAT THERE WAS ANOTHER SHOOTER or SHOOTERS waiting for JFK.


          If they missed the first time you best believe HEAVIER ORDINANCE was waiting for him.

          Either way that was the start of AMERICA’S DECLINE

      5. I wonder if the I$raeli cockroaches danced in the streets that day like they did on 9/11. After all, it was all for them and the military industrial complex. Also, Kennedy was going to get us back on silver and disband the CIA, all of which prompted the “chosen people” to take him out as a disruption to their growing power.

      6. JFK’s assassination proved only one thing. You can kill anybody, and if you’re powerful enough you can even get away with it.

        Somebody signed the soul of this country away forever on November 22, 1963.

        I was in Dallas in January of 2014. I went over to Dealey Plaza to pay my respects. The four city blocks surrounding the site have been nicely preserved.

        When I went, it was a cold, rainy day. There had been a pretty significant ice storm the day before. Still, when I arrived, there were hundreds and hundreds of people already there. Many different languages from many different countries were being spoken. The assassination had taken place over 50-years ago, and yet, the place was packed.

        The Texas School Book Depository has been turned into a very good museum. The people of Dallas deserve credit. The sniper nest has been preserved. I stood there and looked down at the kill zone. I consider myself a fairly good shot. There is no way Oswald killed Kennedy. He was too far away, using an Italian-made, piece of crap, mail-order rifle.

        The assassination had taken place over 50-years ago and still the people come.

        • I have been wanting to get a relative duplication of the alleged rife / scope used or one as close as possible and try to duplicate the timed shots at the range. I have no doubt that I can’t do it but I’de like to get an idea just how difficult and therefore implausible it really is.

          Its not that they, TPTB had the capacity or could cover it up but rather the scope of involvement before and after the fact. Its almost like the comedy movie “Men In Black” for its reach well beyond government. The Media is a facade. The Soviets had to have seen this and marveled at how well “the capitalists” can deceive the public and make it truly believable. The communists were thuggish amateurs with propaganda.

        • @the blame-e

          I have been to Dealey Plaza as well.

          As I surveyed the scene, it became apparent to me that Oswald’s best shot would have been when Kennedy’s limo was traveling west on Elm Street before turning onto Houston Street. He would have had a much more direct line on the target, and since the vehicle was moving toward him, more time to make repeated shots, since the only way out of the kill zone would have been for the driver to continue west on Elm. That is the shot I would have taken….not waiting until the car turned onto S. Houston Street. That shot would be MUCH harder to make.

          On the other hand….if you are behind the grassy knoll….taking the shot after the limo made the turn onto S. Houston St. makes perfect sense.

        • Blame e
          The HoloHoax never happen, and they got Living victim museums all over the place, still begging for money and sympathy, 75 Years late,r still playing the poor me – victim card.

          The Russians lost over 20 Million people in WW2 and you don’t seem them begging or playing victim. (((Somebodys))) needs a fat boot in their asses.

      7. Migrants’ ‘Caravan’ Challenges Americans’ Right to Border Security, preparing for mass crossing this weekend

        Not sure about the actual current numbers of this “caravan”, various sources differ.

        US warns migrant ‘caravan’ against trying to enter – 4/26/18
        —–“The US has threatened to arrest around 100 Central American migrants if they try to sneak in from the US-Mexico border where they have gathered, prompting President Donald Trump to order troop reinforcements on the frontier.

        Two busloads of migrants arrived Tuesday in the border city of Mexicali — which sits opposite Calexico, California — and paused for a rest stop before continuing on to Tijuana.

        They are part of a caravan of more than 1,000 people who set out from Mexico’s southern border on March 25.”

        Migrant ‘caravan’ at U.S.-Mexico border prepares for mass crossing – 4/26/18
        —–“Hundreds of Central American migrants from a caravan that crossed Mexico reunited in Tijuana on Wednesday and planned to cross the border together this weekend in defiance of threats by U.S. President Donald Trump to repel them.”

        “Busloads of migrants began arriving on Tuesday at a shelter that was a five minute-walk from the border and within sight of a U.S. flag waving under an overpass connecting the two countries.”

        Migrants’ ‘Caravan’ Challenges Americans’ Right to Border Security – 4/25/18
        —–“The migrants want to show that Trump’s opposition cannot stop them from walking through the asylum law legal-loopholes in the border. Those loopholes can be opened by people who claim a “credible fear” of danger if they are sent back to their homeland — such as persecution by criminals of governments.”

        “Trump’s Attorney General Jeff Sessions has warned the migrants that their claims for asylum are undermined by the decision to decline asylum in the legally safe country of Mexico. The U.S. immigration judges on the border can reject asylum claims by the Hondurans on the legal grounds that their rejection of Mexican asylum shows the migrants are actually economic migrants ineligible for asylum in the United States.”

        • A country without strong and secure borders can make no claims of sovereignty. Simple as that.

          This is it folks. If this nonsense isn’t stopped then that’s it. This is when the United States falls.

          The migrant crisis in Europe is nothing compared to what has been going on here in the United States. The “New York Times” has been bragging about how many “migrants” have been making their way into the United States.

          What the current caravan crisis means is that the whole immigration flavor of the week — “DACA, dreamer, migrant, refugee, illegal, undocumented, asylum seeker, unescorted child (escorted by their mommies), the George Soros sponsored boat people and caravan people) — is about to cross another whole other kind of border.

          And once again the American people are sitting idly by as they lose their country.

        • Obviously, these migrants were driven in. They did not walk. They are not refugees. They want money. Soros and his clan want votes.

          Bravo Trump. Jeff Sessions is right. Send them back where they came from and arrest the traitors who use migration to destroy our people, our culture, our families, our safety and economic security.

          __ America is not up for grabs. No, the people will not lay back and do nothing.


      8. To get three shots in 5.8 seconds, they must be evenly spaced. But, the “three” shots were not evenly spaced. Therefore, at least one more gunman was in town. I do wish my conspiracy brothers would get wise: We know Oswald was part of the problem, because he was assassinated too.

        • It’s like the guy who stole your paid-for car showing up to offer condolences. “Too bad about your car, bub.”

          “Too bad about your country, bub.”

        • Oswald said it himself….”I’m just a patsy”.

        • Maybe Oswald’s gun had a bump fire stock. It was really 3 bullets, all shot in 1 second, and why everybody thought it was just one shot. I think Oswald used his belt loop when rapid firing his 30 round magazine. lol

          Ytube Keltec PLR16 AR15 Pistol shoot 100 round drum in 8 seconds, bump firing with a belt loop.

      9. I was born 16 days after the JFK assassination and have always had a preoccupation with the event. There were too many people that wanted him neutralized to pinpoint a definitive conclusion. I believe that Oliver Stone and Arnon Milchan’s film JFK was disinformation to cover for Israel’s involvement. Kennedy was all over the Zionists about Dimona and the American Zionist Counsel among other issues. Look up Michael Collins Piper if you want a very eye-opening account of the conspiracy.

        The Zapruder film was altered before it was seen by the public ( …. so it has to be viewed as tainted evidence.

        The limo-driver SS agent Bill Greer WAS involved – no doubt about that. Other Secret Service agents/supervisors HAD to be involved. Individuals on the Dallas PD, County Sheriff’s, Dallas Mayor and U.S Military and FBI/CIA. The Bronfman’s, Byrd, Murchinson, etc etc …But the primary plot came from LBJ and his Zionist operatives in the CIA, starting with Cord Meyer.

        Israel is the No 1 enemy of the AMERICAN PEOPLE….. Period.

        • Lot’s of people had reason to want Kennedy dead…

          Personally…I believe it was the mob…with the cooperation of the CIA.

          Both wanted Kennedy dead. The mob because Kennedy was going after them via his brother Bobby, the Attorney General. And the CIA because Kennedy double-crossed them in regard to the Bay of Pigs. AND….the mob lost out big time when Castro took over. So Kennedy’s failure to support the CIA operation at the Bay of Pigs put the screws to them as well.

          Also…..Kennedy was looking to get us out of Vietnam and he was attempting to get our currency tied to REAL money (i.e. precious metals)… he had the Military Industrial Complex and the globalist bankers with motivation as well. However….they were content to just let the mob and CIA handle it…or perhaps they actually ordered them to do it.

        • I was born one day after President Eisenhower gave his final farewell speech to the to the Nation, warning all of us about the Military Industrial Complex Mafia’s scam for Needless perpetual war agenda. And 2 days later on Jan 20th JF Kennedy was sworn in.

          I was brought here for a reason folks. To Get the Truth out. Never let up, never surrender and never give up your arms.

      10. Today is Trumps 6 month deadline to release further CIA info on JFK’S assassination as Trump stated he will do. Nothing relevant will be released obviously by the swamp peddler.

      11. If all this is true then why the cover up and white wash for 55 years? However, now that I read this I can start believing everything my Government tells me again.

      12. I remember as a small lad of 4 years old when JFK was killed. My father said something odd and it stuck in my mind all these years.
        “I know of only 3 people capable of that shot and one of them is dead already”

      13. As someone who has studied the Kennedy Assassination in depth since 1975 (and continues to do so) this Dr. Nicholas Nalli stooge perhaps needs a psychiatric evaluation, first to ascertain he is for real and sane, and secondly, to determine if his brain is working correctly.

        And Wilson, as to your question, the answer is because those who fail to remember the lessons of history are condemned to repeat them.

        You capesh?

        The new world order still gleam when they killed JFK: one JFK dollar equals $12. of your present dollars.

        I guess you don’t understand all the reasons they killed him. That’s sad.

        But what fills me with joy is that out of 7.5 billion people on our planet, you are just one of a measly ten thousand who believe what you do.

        You (and Dr. Nalli) will get no currency here, sir.

        As Gandhi said, “Truth needs to be repeated as long as there are men who disbelieve it.”


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