New Respiratory Virus Discovered In Bats Is “Vaccine Resistant”

by | Sep 28, 2022 | Headline News

A new respiratory virus discovered among Russian bats, known as Khosta-2, is covered in spike proteins that can infect human cells using the same entryways as SARS-CoV-2, the virus that causes COVID-19. But not surprising at all is that Khosta-2 is reportedly “resistant” to the “vaccines” already available for COVID-19.

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This new respiratory virus cannot be neutralized by our current medicines including monoclonal antibodies either. What perfect timing. Now big pharma and the ruling class can work together to create yet another injection they can use fear to force on the public again.

Scientists warn that another pandemic might be triggered by a deadly animal virus spilling over to humans. And based on writings in the medical journal Plos Pathogens, authors want to begin creating another vaccine. “Critically, our findings highlight the urgent need to continue development of new, and broader-protecting sarbecovirus vaccines,” the authors wrote.

“Genetically, these weird Russian viruses looked like some of the others that had been discovered elsewhere around the world, but because they did not look like SARS-CoV-2, no one thought they were really anything to get too excited about,” explains virologist Michael Letko from Washington State University. “But when we looked at them more, we were really surprised to find they could infect human cells. That changes a little bit of our understanding of these viruses, where they come from and what regions are concerning,” Letko added according to a report by Science Alert. 

“Right now, there are groups trying to come up with a vaccine that doesn’t just protect against the next variant of SARS-2 but actually protects us against the sarbecoviruses in general,” Letko says. “Unfortunately, many of our current vaccines are designed to specific viruses we know infect human cells or those that seem to pose the biggest risk to infect us. But that is a list that’s everchanging. We need to broaden the design of these vaccines to protect against all sarbecoviruses.”

Not only that, but the “vaccines” these experts continually mention don’t actually work and won’t prevent an infection.

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An excuse for more injections is being crafted right now. Its going to be up to us whether we accept that we’re pincushions fro the ruling class, or free beings capable of managing ourselves.


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