New Report: Climate Change Will End Human Civilization by 2050

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 40 comments

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    A new report, published by the Breakthrough National Centre for Climate Restoration, a think-tank in Melbourne, Australia, describes climate change as “a near- to a mid-term existential threat to human civilization” and lays out a scenario where human civilization could end over the next 30 years.

    If you want to be afraid of something, be more afraid of the people pushing this narrative on everyone. It is the official narrative and the only one acceptable anymore. The “powers that shouldn’t be” have narrowed acceptable to thought and critical thinking about manmade climate change, and this is it.


    A harrowing scenario analysis of how human civilization might collapse in coming decades due to climate change has been endorsed by a former Australian defense chief and senior royal navy commander. –Vice

    Translation: a government official in a different government believes other governments’ “official narrative.” Shocking.

    According to the report, the author claims that the potentially “extremely serious outcomes” of climate-related security threats are often far more probable than conventionally assumed, but almost impossible to quantify because they “fall outside the human experience of the last thousand years.” The report warns that “planetary and human systems [are] reaching a ‘point of no return’ by mid-century, in which the prospect of a largely uninhabitable Earth leads to the breakdown of nations and the international order.”

    What a surprise! it looks like a government official is upset that climate change could break up the monopoly on violence government currently has. Interesting. No wonder they felt the need to push this propaganda piece and scare the sheep. In the scenario, according to Vice, in which the Earth warms 3 degrees Celcius, some one billion people would be forced to attempt to relocate from unlivable conditions, and two billion would face scarcity of water supplies. Agriculture would collapse in the sub-tropics, and food production would suffer dramatically worldwide. The internal cohesion of nation-states like the US and China would unravel. (Isn’t’ this all already happening? We have the trade war threatening cohesion, and U.S. farmers are behind on food production this year. Just sayin’; maybe it’s not climate change.)

    Let’s not pretend that the government’s of the world aren’t already destroying the Earth through geoengineering too. Geoengineering: Waging Weather Warfare on World Populations

    “Even for 2°C of warming, more than a billion people may need to be relocated and in high-end scenarios, the scale of destruction is beyond our capacity to model with a high likelihood of human civilization coming to an end,” the report noted.


    Of course, this doesn’t mean we shouldn’t try to leave our planet in better condition that we found it.  Personally, I use reusable shopping bags when I get groceries and I recycle and try to leave as little waste as possible. I don’t do these things out of fear of being punished by the government, rather, I personally find them the right things to do. Climate change alarmists are good for one thing: once in a while, they’ll have a good idea about how to better care for the planet if you can get past their propaganda pushing.

    But I’ll leave you with this:



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      1. This is about as likely as me become the world’s absolute ruler, which does sound appealing. My first decree would be to have all the islamic savages, globalist scum, scum sex offenders and American traitors put to death. More decrees to come later.

        • I thought it was supposed to end in 2018 or something?

          • OBESITY
            Prescription drug overdoses
            Automobile accidents

            The above are real and will unfortunately be what kills the majority of the public over the next 30 years,not some fantasy “doomsday” scenario..
            Sad thing is 3 of the 4 are easily preventable..But let’s keep with the fantasy stuff because that’s what gets clicks and is exciting..

            • You forgot the most deadly killer of all, in your mankind doom, Alcohol! It will kill more people then Your cigs, obesity, drugs, and as for vehic. again Alcohol, because the one that gets killed will be hit by a drunk driver. Enough said!

          • I thought it was 12 years, so says the Democratic Genius A.O.C.

            • JS, AOC blows hot air so she does climate change, LOL.

          • If you had been in LA, NYC, Chi Town, or Det. You’d know Civ has already gone. I drive I -80 won’t even stop in Ill except to Pee.

          • The M.I.T. computer projection in the 1970s predicted a massive plunge in human population right around 2030.

            A re-examination of that study, conducted a few years ago, found that real-world events have been closely tracking the projection of almost 50 years ago.

            If the M.I.T. boys are right, we have about 10 years left to get ready.

        • Menz

          I like the way you think

          • Thanks

        • Menzo, if you need help I’ll pitch in.

          • I will need it DR

      2. Aussies have a native food movement (which, for whatever reason, does not usually include the animals.) Any of these things, cultivated for mass use, could have just as easily taken the place of our oranges, tomatoes, sugar, rice, or chicken. (It always tastes like chicken.) There were even sources of nicotine and cocaine.

        None of the lefty alternatives are any more self-sustaining than conservative choices, for calories, energy, and drugs. None of these industries, on either side, nor any of the radical mega-partisans, on either side, can be explained without a 5th Plank credit monopoly, trickling down. It is ultimately futile makework, regardless of the noble lie or choice of materials.

        To the red flag team (orange, purple, pink, or whichever color, idgaf):
        Let it be noted, if your choices can never physically be touched by you, personally, are not under your personal control, nor can be obtained without a statist nanny, why lecture the other guy, for his tyranny, then.

        Saying that all of nature is passive, without human intervention, and needs you, in order to sustain itself, is basically coming full circle and proposing agriculture and industry.

      3. Climate change believers, geoengineering believers, and flat earthers are all wackos. All looking for a boogeyman to blame. Nothing you can do about any of it. Better get out in the sun instead. Yer all gonna die soon anyway when the trucks stop running.

        A peak oil wacko

        • Long before there were any trucks, the inspired King Solomon stated Ecclesiastes 9:5 ” For the living know that they shall die: but the dead KNOW NOT ANYTHING, neither have they any more a reward; for the memory of them is forgotten. ” So go have some fun while you can.

      4. They are trying to terrify you into agreeing to a huge international tax. The tax will be on you and me. The money will go to the third world. And the climate will not be affected by the tax, either way. Always follow the money.

        • Him;

          You said it; FOLLOW THE $$$$$$..
          I called BS on GW/CC when I witnessed a Hollywood celeb who is one of the biggest supporters of GW/CC,fly into my state in a Lear Jet,and arrived at the event in a gas guzzling Limousine..When she was confronted by several in attendance about her lavish lifestyle she became rude, and arrogant and said she was able to live however she wanted..When a guy asked her why wa

      5. You Commies had to raze the bush to bare Earth; don’t blame the climate. Then, I see it growing up through the concrete.

        Try being more resourceful and less needy. This is annoying. It feels like giving bored kids stuff to do.

      6. This gives the Bilderberg crowd a reason to de-populate the planet to 500 million. Its in their literature. No more costly bennies and wages. Robots will do the scut work and the elites will run the show. Georgia Guidestones anyone? Not on my time on earth…..

      7. And on July 1st, the new state gas tax in Illinois will be 38 cents per gallon. That does not include federal and local taxes on gas.

      8. This has been the prediction, in some variation, since the mid 70’s. First it was Global Cooling… we were all going to freeze.. then it was Global warming.. we were all going to roast. Since neither of those things happened now it’s Global Climate change. How about we call liars liars and stupid stupid ? They try and push this stuff to take away our freedoms, our wealth, our national and personal power and institute their ideas of Utopia. Which only remotely resembles utopia for those at the extreme top of their self designed food chain. I utterly detest these yahoo’s.

        • You left out the hole in the ozone. Lol. Another hoax.

      9. “Smart” is code for the elite ruler’s belief that they are smart and we are all morons and by accepting this smart device, idea, etc. proves it.

        Smart cities is the reason, besides taxing us, that the ruling elites are pushing climate change.

        They want us in cities that are overpopulated. No private transportation. High rises on concrete. And huge distances between cities.

        Wildlife will be free to roam. Elites will have the freedom to travel and live well. Everyone else will be their cattle. That is the goal.

        Climate change just another hoax perpetrated against humanity.

        Do you feel guilt. It’s intended to create guilt. Guilt is a tool. It makes you easier to manipulate, easier to control. They love running a guilt trip on you. Think, white privilege, Jim Crowe, slavery, and the biggest one, the holocaust. It is a guilt trip. All onboard.


        • Nope. Not feeling an ounce of guilt. Zero, zip, nada.

        • Honey,
          Sounds like you’re describing “Hunger Games”.
          We don’t need or want that shit.

          • If you haven’t seen it before,check out the 1987 film “The Running Man” starring Arnold Schwarzenegger..You will notice some things in the movie that are actually taking place in reality today.
            The movie was portrayed as taking place in the distant future between 2017-2019..IMO,one of the best movies Arnold has ever starred in..

            • “WHO LOVES YOU, AND WHO DO YOU LOVE??”

              “Its time to start… RUNNING!!!!!!”

              great flick, even if its very 80’s.

              Ever see the original ‘Rollerball’ starring James Caan?
              Frighteningly accurate in a lot of predictions as well.

        • All true. The only major cities I have been to where people behaved well and they were clean were in Japan, Europe, Australia and Canada.

          It is a cultural issue. Everywhere else I have been those cities have been festering holes of humanity swimming in garbage and feces.

          Think of India, absolutely the worst I have seen for filth. Or anywhere in Africa apart from South Africa. African cities are all disorganised, dirty, violent.

          Any attempt to further gather people in these places will end badly. But maybe that is the point.

      10. AOC said we had only 12 years left but this other report gives us more time. So who’s blowing hot air now? Hey I think that qualifies for climate change, LOL.

      11. Man made and Man Mitigated Glowbull Warming (now climate change) is a money making bullshit scam. Certianly we are seeing dramatic earth changine events because of the on going magnetic pole shifting. Its not a extinction event. Its not mans fault. Its not the hand of God. Its not revenge from mother earth. It simply an end of an age magnetic Pole shift. something that occurs on a regular basis. Its believed by many we had one during Noah’s time and again during the time of the EXIDOUS? claiming mans activities cause bad things is absurd. For every action there is a opposite and equal reaction.. Thus for every percieved bad result there will a opposite and equal perceived good result. Everything in on or about the planet is a natural thing. You cannot make something from nothing. likewise you cannot make something into nothing. Man cannot create any new tangible thing. al man has done is take natural things and combine then into other percieved useful things. There you are a simple logical argument that follows the rules of Phyiscs.

      12. Everyone on this planet can fit inside Texas with a house and decent size yard, FACT. Population to big my ass! Typical so called elites trying to keep the sheeple scared! Past time to cull the so called elites, they are scared…

      13. Anyone with half an ounce of brains needs to ask yourself two questions about climate change/globull warming: 1. How does a gas that comprises 0.0391 percent of the atmosphere effect earths temperature to the degree that is being foisted on us by the globull warning crowd? 2. the medieval warm period, as documented by scientific observation back then and corroborated by modern scientific analysis of tree ring and ice core date BEFORE all of the hocus pocus with the temperature record, was several degrees warmer than today’s average, with world wide population at that time estimated at ten percent of today’s and without power plants, automobiles, airplanes and a whole host of other carbon and heat producing elements of modern societies.

        So, how was it warmer then? Short answer: it was the sun. We’re about to learn just how much the sun influences global temperature in the next couple of years with the approaching solar minimum in 2020 and with forecasted decreased solar activity for at least the next solar cycle and perhaps as many as the next three cycles.

        As a personal anecdote, I’ve lived at my present address for 26 years. That’s two solar cycles of time. In that time, I have NEVER had to turn the heat ON in my residence in May until this year. In fact, in most prior years I turned it off on April 1st and the balance on April 15th. I live about midway between the 40th and 45th parallel in the northeast US.

      14. The Australians had a mass shooting and in very short order banned and confiscated semi auto and repeating arms. I pay no attention to them or British on anything.

        • Absolutely right.

      15. Their is no climate change, Its just a lie like evolution, it never happened. If you hear this crap long enough then you start believing that the lie is true. The globalist want global socialism so they are just trying to scare us sheep in believing that the sky is falling, again. With all of the extreme weather we’re having this spring, I believe that Gods judgement on the U.S. is happening now. Not climate change, or global warming or anything else man thinks of.

      16. I will not be here in 2050 that’s good.

      17. You can’t talk about climate change credibly without talking about population, yet nobody does. Has AOC ever talked about how there are too many people in Africa?

        And why on Earth would you increase the population of a failed place, ie: Africa?

        More people means more problems and more crises. It is the third world that is now chewing up resources and doing it the dirtiest way possible. When they can’t take their s-holes anymore they move to the West and despoil things there. Have you ever seen a black person front and environmental group or talk about saving the animals? They don’t care. Saving the environment is a white thing. Nig#as care only about getting rich, or dying trying.

      18. If one reads God’s word You will see that we have up to 2068, but That does not mean He will wait that long before He returns! It’s in the book, read the book. From the the Time Israel becomes a nation, The Year of The Fig Tree, which they did so back in 1948, + the year’s of man, 120 years, which totals 2068. So 2050 really is close! But who knows right? Only God! knows the time and the season! But to look at what is going on in the world today, with which we have another Sodom and Gomorrah! going on, only worse along with all the other things going on that the Bible said would come to pass, we will be lucky if we do have 12 years left. Who knows the Crazy DC Democrat lady could be right? but it won’t be from no global warming, it will be from God Almighty! himself with saying He has had enough!

      19. Global Warming became Climate Change caused by the overuse of fossil fuels which produce carbon dioxide which is a greenhouse gas. They said certain things would happen but they haven’t. We have had major changes in the climate but these are due to solar and lunar cycles. Now they are trying to claim all of these events as being due to the use of fossil fuels and carbon dioxide. Further they want to tax and regulate us even more than they already have. Reducing the use of the fossil fuels won’t change anything.

      20. The key to survival is to adjust how you grow food to the changes in our environment. The changes that are occurring are not due to burning fossil fuels which raise carbon dioxide levels. Imposing massive carbon taxes and establishing a global government to regulate fossil fuel use will not prevent the changes that are occurring in the weather. The cause lies in the field of astrophysics and is beyond human control. Also, 97% of “climate scientists” do not agree with climate change being the result of fossil fuel use. Instead, it is 100% of greedy politicians and wealthy billionaires who want to get even more wealthy that agree on global warming.

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