New Patch for U.S. Troops Fighting ISIS… Looks Like ISIS Logo

by | Sep 29, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 96 comments

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    Believe it or not, American soldiers fighting against ISIS in Syria and Iraq will actually be wearing the emblem of ISIS – the infamous crossed-swords logo. Well, almost.

    Controversy has stirred because many think the patch looks too much like our boys are fighting for the enemy… just another sign of confusion about the counterproductive Obama-led war against the notorious and shamefully exploitative jihadist army.

    The Military Times noted that:

    “A combat patch worn by U.S. soldiers who served in Iraq on the mission against Islamic State is drawing flak from service members and veterans who say the patch — with its palm wreath, stars and crossed scimitars — looks like something the enemy would wear.”

    Site like JihadWatch are arguing that the:

    “new U.S. Army patch for fight against the Islamic State closely resembles Muslim Brotherhood logo.”

    While the Islamic State is using barbaric tactics to remake the Middle East closer to its own vision of a Caliphate, the United States and its allies also seek to remake the Middle East, and use the  specter of terrorism to aid in regime change in Syria and elsewhere.

    The triangulation and cross-purposes are both confusing and aggravating to many Americans.

    According to USA Today:

    Soldiers in Iraq will soon have a new shoulder sleeve patch to signify their service in the fight against the Islamic State.

    All told, there are about 3,335 troops in the region training Iraqi troops, providing security and conducing bombing missions on Islamic State targets in Iraq and neighboring Syria.

    The Army’s patch features crossed scimitars, a palm wreath and stars. The scimitars, short swords with curved blades, are meant to symbolize the twin goals of the U.S.-led coalition: to defeat the Islamic State, also referred to as ISIL, and to restore stability in the region, according to Army documents.

    Arguably the “twin goals” of Operation Inherent Resolve – better known as the fight against ISIS / ISIL – is fitting with the War on Terrorism in general which always, like a double sword, cut both ways. Symbolically, the double sword cuts both ways, and plays of opposite goals, and embraces conflict, which creates chaos, and begs for a savior and a solution.

    But the U.S. has, in fact, created and breathed life into the TV villain known as ISIS. From. the. beginning.

    The naked hypocrisy of the U.S. effort to fight ISIS is that the West has been building up and unleashing terrorism upon the Middle East region in order to facilitate chaos and regime change – and give the United States a pretext for stationing troops there, funding budget and spewing rhetoric across the media.

    President Bashar al-Assad himself recently called out the United States and other Western allies for actually fostering terrorism – and providing arms, funding, training and soldiers for ISIS and other groups. Assad stated bluntly:

    But as for Western cooperation with the al-Nusra Front, this is reality, because we know that Turkey supports al-Nusra and ISIS by providing them with arms, money and terrorist volunteers. And it is well-known that Turkey has close relations with the West. Erdogan and Davutoglu cannot make a single move without coordinating first with the United States and other Western countries.

    Al-Nusra and ISIS operate with such a force in the region under Western cover, because Western states have always believed that terrorism is a card they can pull from their pocket and use from time to time. Now, they want to use al-Nusra just against ISIS, maybe because ISIS is out of control one way or another. But that doesn’t mean they want to eradicate ISIS. Had they wanted to do so, they would have been able to do that.

    Meanwhile, Putin put in a “call” at the global poker table, vowing to take on ISIS and defend Assad with its own fighter jets, tanks and military equipment.

    In a taunting and vexing spin on the United States’ own mission in the Middle East, Putin invited the West to join hands and eradicate ISIS once and for all, as SHTF recently reported.

    Moscow, realizing that instead of undertaking an earnest effort to fight terror in Syria, the US had simply adopted a containment strategy for ISIS while holding the group up to the public as the boogeyman par excellence, publicly invited Washington to join Russia in a once-and-for-all push to wipe Islamic State from the face of the earth.

    Of course The Kremlin knew the US wanted no such thing until Assad was gone, but by extending the invitation, Putin had literally called Washington’s bluff, forcing The White House to either admit that this isn’t about ISIS at all, or else join Russia in fighting them. The genius of that move is that if Washington does indeed coordinate its efforts to fight ISIS with Moscow, the US will be fighting to stabilize the very regime it sought to oust. 

    But Putin won’t be holding his breath. Neither should we.

    Should we view the patch as a U.S. “resolve” to stop ISIS, or as part of the “inherent” contradiction that serves the larger purpose of terrorism and U.S. foreign policy at the expense of U.S. troops, U.S. taxpayer money and U.S. sovereignty?

    And is WWIII near when the U.S. and Russia lock heads so pointedly as they are right now? And who is the real enemy?

    Read more:

    ISIS Fires American-Made Missiles At Syrian Army: “U.S. Funding, Arming ISIS From the Beginning”

    Putin Deploys 28 Combat Planes in Syria, Taunting West to “Join Forces Against ISIS”

    Putin Asks U.S. to Help “Wipe ISIS from Face of the Earth”

    Assad Blames U.S. for Syrian Exodus: “Worried About Refugees? Stop Supporting Terrorists”

    “ISIS Is a Vastly Overrated Villain” But It Will Dominate 2016 Elections Anyway


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      1. This world is in trouble…

        Be well all.

        • Frankly, I’ve had enough of this &%#@

          • Global ‘Wealth’ Destruction – World Market Cap Plunges $13 Trillion To 2 Year Lows

            “Since the start of June, global equity markets have lost over $13 trillion.

            World market capitalization has fallen back below $60 trillion for the first time since February 2014 as it appears the world’s central planners’ print-or-die policy to create wealth (and in some magical thinking – economic growth) has failed – and failed dramatically.

            To rub more salt in the wounds of monetary policy mumbo-jumbo, despite endless rate cuts and balance sheet expansion around the world, the last 4 months have seen an 18% collapse – the largest since Lehman.”


          • I guess it does look like the muslim brotherhood emblem…here’s the link:

            ht tps://

            • If you can’t beat ’em….

              • Well since the players are now taking the place of the proxy armies they’ve been using, may as well use the logo…

        • Yes it is eppe, but as Christ said…”for these things must first come to pass”.

          Ignoring the facts will not slow it or stop it. The new timeclock has started ticking and we will just have to accept it and prepare, or ignore it and have it slap us in the face when it all culminates.

          As I predicted by what I was seeing through the Holy Spirit back in May/June, an event would transpire in September 2015 that would lead to many deaths. The physical deaths are not as important as the spiritual deaths that will come from this new world we have just entered in to. Most will follow it.


          “History shows, that regimes who fear their own people eventually crumble.
          Correct me if I am wrong, but isn’t that exactly OPPOSITE of what Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers said when they wrote the very framework for this experiment of a nation?”
          end quote.

          This was our illustrious potus at the address to the United Nations on Sept. 28th. By muddying up the waters concerning our US Constitution and Bill of Rights, he spit on America and kicked off the NWO agenda 30.

          Before the end of the next 13 months, all that have eyes to see and ears to hear, will know if this agenda 30 will be fast tracked or continue as a slow burn.
          Evidently, there are nearly two thirds of American citizens of voting age that don’t have eyes to see or ears to hear.
          Because; if the stats are correct, that is how many Americans think there is nothing wrong with continuing to fund the baby killing/butchering clinics, with taxpayer dollars.

          • Truly shocking passin.

            I didn’t even have a clue about agenda 30, thanks for the wake up call.

        • AMEN BRO.

        • American madness! The insanity of this administration will not end well.

      2. The swords are the only resemblance I see. Who cares really anyway. Shit does everything have to be controversial or what.

        • Looks like a cross between the ISIS patch and the UN logo.

        • Go roll another one, turn over and go back to sleep

      3. Putin made it abundantly clear that the only countries fighting ISIS are Iran and Russia. The USA is missing in action.

        The sad thing about this is that I believe Putin more than I believe our own government.

        • “And who is the real enemy?” the article asks. The US government under the control of the City Of London, Rothschilds, Wall St., Military-Industrial Complex, CIA, etc. THAT is the real enemy! Putin and Assad speak the truth.

          • Braveheart. AMEN.

            • And “those people” love to make fun of us ‘Mericans by doing such things as giving them Islamic patches to wear and see if we’re too stupid to even notice.

              Reminds me of watching a Shriner parade during the “second gulf war” and seeing a bunch of dumb idiots whose sons were fighting over there while they were wearing muslim symbols on their muslim hats. Hilarious…and not.

          • YES. Exactly BH.

        • JS…….You are correct about put in’s comment and indeed is the truth. However US is not missing in action rather is working very closely with the masters in Tel Aviv and the Saudis and the rest of useless arab nations and the Turks to empower the barbaric sub humans of the so called ISIS.

          p.s. Israelis actually treating the ISIS fighters in their hospitals.

          • Not only is Isreal treating the ISIS fighters in their hospitals but they shoot jets down when they go to attack ISIS on the ground.

            You would have to be blind not to see who is behind ISIS or who did 9/11

            Pit-bull fights would never happen without the money behind the bets, bankers own the money and this is what we get

            • Big Insurance, was in on the whole deal as well. The proof is in the records of who and just how many increased insurance coverage prior to the event. yes, many big real estate owners/stock holders also benefited.

      4. Looks like they just poked the bear again, keep pokin that bear washington. 40 million former military in the US and armed to the teeth. Sworn to uphold and defend the constitution… from enemies foreign and domestic. Keep pokin that bear.

        We are the friend of Isreal, the rest of them over there are enemies, some worse than others. With the exception of maybe Jordan. And they are putting this crap on the sleeves of our US soldiers!

        • The dysfunctional foreign policy of America is courtesy of neocons. They are predominately dual citizens of Israel and the US. The “war on terror” is absolutely nothing more than Israel’s foreign policy to destabilize the middle east. By pretending this is legitimate American policy, it saddles American taxpayers with the Multi-trillion dollar bill. As in Iraq and Afghanistan 5,000 American men and women came home in body bags. Close to 50,000 are injured. Young men that should have been starting families are instead confined to wheel chairs. By pretending to fight terror, it obligates more Americans to go fight in the sandbox. Not only is this destroying the American economy and the ME, it’s destroying Europe by repopulating it with 3rd world Muslims. I may be tarred and feathered for saying it, but Israel is not our ally. Remember the USS Liberty.

          • Uncle-

            We can have a conversation about whether or not the wars in the middle east were justified. But, if you think Israel is our enemy you arent paying attention. Israel will not stand by and be attacked without defending their nation. And neither would we…. If Mexico was lobbing bombs over and throwing suicide bombers at us we would have made them a state long ago. The amazing thing is that Israel has been so restrained. They have had the power for decades to level their enemies and they have not. These migrations are people escaping tyranny and trying to get to a better place when they see the chance. Except for the terrorist plants…

            with respect…

      5. In honor of this patch i’m gonna buy some more ammo tomorrow. 5.5 M855 Green tip.

      6. Hellsfire! What do you want with a Muslim-Infested White-House?

        So it’s come to this–our boys wearing a patch and logo darn equal to the enemy they are fighting.

        And all the bally-hoo about the “Stars and Bars” we heard 24/7. Governors and political whores applauding the ban of the “Stainless Banner.”

        Yet these same political whores and their devils in the media will see to it that our boys wear some demon-inspired patch. God is patient, but how much more can we take?

        Lord–help our poor country to see your face and to honor You again!

        • So maybe they’re trying to confuse the Russian forces, maybe get them to fire on U.S. troops by mistake. What a devious way to get that war with Russia. I can’t see any other realistic reason why the emblems should look so similar, especially at a distance — OUR emblems should look nothing like those of the frienemy, er, I mean enemy…

          I don’t believe in coincidences.

          It would not surprise me if ISIS changed to wear the same patch. There will be such instances…wait and see. I’m betting it’s part of the plan.

          I bet they already knows and are doing some planning themselves.

          • Here’s a link: “US would welcome Russian actions in Syria if directed at IS”

            ht tp://–politics.html#

            It doesn’t get much clearer than that.

      7. I guess this is a perverse form of “truth in advertising” eh?

      8. Weather-resistant shells are non-waterproof, highly breathable, and windproof. You should be wearing this type 95% of the time, even in light precipitation. They come in four varieties:

        Cold weather:

        1.Down jacket. This has the highest known heat to weight ratio. The highest overall heat outfit is to dress in loose furs. Loses all heat retention when wet.
        2. Synthetic insulated jacket. Retains more heat when wet, lower life span than down.

        Cool weather:

        3. Wind shell. Uninsulated thin nylon shell layer. Dries immediately. This is best for multi-day outings in cool weather.
        4. Softshell. Polyester, heavyweight. Takes a long time to dry when wet but much more weatherproof than the wind shell. Much warmer as a stand alone than wind shell. This is best for one day outings in light or no precipitation.


        Cotton: Fuck you. Don’t ever wear cotton on an expedition except in the desert in the height of summer. Cotton kills.

        Polyester: Wicks best but fucking reeks of B.O. Best for single day outings.

        Merino Wool: Excellent odor resistance. Modest wicking abilities. Cannot be knitted in light weights. This is best for multiday outings.

        You may think talking about clothing is gay. But if you ever spend more than one day in the woods at a time you’ll soon learn it makes all the difference in the world to be miserable out in the elements.


        p.s. learn to treat blisters on the feet. Get some leukotape.

        • Take a poncho or rain suit. 🙂

        • Talking about clothing is not gay, unless you’re a big Abercrombie & Fitch fan…

        • Acid Etch.


          I am going to remember that one for sure. Takes away all the excuses.

          • Ha haaah, good man sling.
            Acid sure knows his shit when it comes to kit.

      9. Checkers is an all together different game than chess, I will leave you to decide whom is playing which…and for the first time the lady is proud of her country….real proud

        • Obamalek’s not trying to play checkers. He’s busy pumping carbon monoxide into the room of the people trying to play chess.

      10. Maybe if those swords were stuck through an image of a pig it would solve the problem?

      11. Maybe if those swords were stuck through an image of a pig it would solve the problem?

      12. Better yet–Two toilet brushes en-circulating Star of Davids

      13. Braveheart, you got that right. Just the fact that Obama and Putin are appearing together is very strange to me. Russia wants to defend Assad, Obama wants him gone and that has been the goal of the neocons for years. The neocons took out Ukraine’s elected government and installed their puppet on Russia’s border. Netanyahoo visited Putin recently. There seems to be collusion in all three governments. I don’t trust any of them. None of them are American’s friends. The TPP is closer to reality, vastly more American jobs will be lost. Banker puppets on the loose protected by the largest and most deadly military buildup imaginable.

      14. Hey Mac your site is failing from posting all this Alex jones chicken little shit. Bring back prepping and survival tips and techniques. Address the emotional aspect in survival and shtf moments.

        • Ain’t nothing stoppin you from bitching, and starting talking prep/survival, tips/techniques. Most of that stuff is common sense anyway, but not everyone can be as blessed.

          I don’t think you have anything to add anyway….troll.

      15. that was a “Fuck You/ Suck my Dick moment. Putin is calling us out on every move.

      16. I’ll bet our Muslime POS Prez designed the patch!!!!!!

        • If Obama had designed the patch it would have rainbow colors in it.

          • ❤❤❤

        • O’Traitor has been Arming & Funding ISIS, now he’s just letting the world know about his support for these baby raping POS!

      17. I agree with you Braveheart.

      18. Why would anyone in their right mind go to fight any of these wars. There is no draft. And even if there were, take the lead from Clinton and evade it.

        When you come home after being blown up on the battlefield, nobody is going to even care enough to give you an aspirin.

        If you are thinking about volunteering to have your brains sprayed all over your nice new uniform; go rent the movie, “Born on the Fourth of July”. Tom Cruise…

        Same Shit – Different Geography

        • What would they do if 99% of the military refused to pin that bulls eye on their uniform?

          Because that’s what it is, a bulls eye for any other foreign force fighting ISIS. They may not be able to tell the difference, and if nothing else, the other forces will not attack for fear of hitting U.S. forces instead of ISIS.

          In battle, HESITATION gets you killed. This emblem will cause hesitation and U.S. forces should refuse to wear or display it in Syria.

          • What would they do if there was a war and nobody showed up.

            War is stupid.

            When will they ever learn.

      19. I just signed the campaign: STOP the University of California from Banning Criticism of Israel

        I ask you to add your name to this important issue. Every name that is added builds momentum around the campaign and makes it more likely for us to get the change we want to see.

        Will you join me by taking action on this campaign?

        After you’ve signed the petition please also take a moment to share it with others. It is quick and easy – all you need to do is forward this email.

        Thank you!


        • Rabi aka bri. I tried to sign the petition but got re-directed to another petition related to to just nuke the Israel. And I did sign it.

      20. Yes it is the emblem of the Muslim brotherhood (the right hand side emblem), I can read Arabic and I know that emblem.

      21. The syrian flag has 2 stars the 3 stars are the opposition flag symbols

      22. Badges, Badges!
        We don’t need no stinkin’ badges.

      23. but… but …. but …. the USA is behind ISIS and uses Turkey to supply them and Saudi Arabia to hand out the cash and this is why they are upset about Russia going after these terrorist for hire.

        The USA spent $500,000,000 on training “rebels” in Syria and for that they only got six active fighters on the ground and the rest all joined ISIS because it must pay better.

        The jews are trying to exterminate muslims so number one target for any muslim terrorist group would be Isreal so ask yourself why ISIS has not attacked Isreal.

        Our puppets at the UN have not agreeded that it is legal to attack Syria but then again they say nothing when Israel kills children in the street

      24. The British had a TV programme filmed on a US carrier in the Gulf. It was to show what a great job America was doing fighting ISIS. But what they found was this: the pilots admitting when they are sent up on a mission they very rarely actually do anything. They burn up gas waiting for a strike order and end up in a NATO ‘stack’. The strike orders are so complicated and convoluted, it is rare they ever get permission to hit anything.

      25. When Russia takes up the fight against ISIS it should disclose all it finds out about US, Israeli and all western involvement with this murderous group; documents, weapons, satellite phone numbers, code books, intelligence links, video production scripts et cetera. Prove to the world without doubt that these murderers behead for the west, mostly US and Israeli foreign policy.

        • Russia bombing Syria.

        • Nice idea……but the MEFIA IS COMPLETELY OWNED!!!
          99% of the imbecilic population of The West only believe something if “The Media” bring it to them ans point it out.
          Western FILTH will NEVER be exposed.

      26. B I agree why would anyone sign up to fight for this joke of a nation that is corrupt. Fools if they want to that’s their business. I’d avoid it all myself trying to survive not end up with brain damage or blown up for a gov that’s hates me and claims I’m priveleged for being white. I went from proud to be American to ashamed. Took all my flags down. War is needed sometimes but not gonna fight for a nation that no longer stands for what it used to.

      27. The Army has been making horrible decisions in the area of uniforms and uniform items for 10 years at least now. The black beret for legs, the ridiculous pea gravel ACU pattern, the clown suit blue service uniform and the “improved rucksack” that is a ruffle bag with padded straps and plastic frame.
        Despite all this they have tremendously improved training and equipment in marksmanship, medical, lasers, night vision, optics and quality physical training programs. The modern soldier is better trained but dresses like a clown.

      28. Vlad’s finger getting awfully close to the Big Karma Button now.

      29. The National Hurricane Center has just announced that Joaquin is now a hurricane, 75 mph, and expected to get up to 110 mph by Saturday. The hurricane center has also revised the track to put it closer to NC and perhaps landfall around NJ or NY.

        I guess I’ll go get some more bread and milk tomorrow. We have plenty of everything else of course.

        • Accuweather is predicting major flooding along the east coast during the next few days, partly from Joaquin and partly from another weather system moving through. The weather service has my town getting possibly 5 or 6 inches of rain in the next few days. Watch out for driving in the usual low lying areas.

          • Same here. Was hoping to ride to Chincoteague for the weekend but that is a wash. Gonna get out the portable generator and fire it up for a test. Might have to keep the freezers going.

            • Some of the computer models have Joaquin making landfall around Elizabeth City, NC or Norfolk, VA.

      30. Would the 3 stars on the patch represent the 3 city states – vatican, city of london, district of columbia …..

      31. They have time to make PATCHES?!?!?
        They are recording YOUR phone calls, e=mail, snail-mail….
        BUT! Military INTELLIGENCE —- CIA-NSA-DHS —– The JERKS who :”did not see” ISIS until it controlled huge territory …… Amazing how American “intelligence” “could not see” miles long parades of their own equipment, complete with hundreds of flags to leave NO DOUBT, on CLEAR, DRY SUNNY days. Damn RIGHT ISIS is an ISISraeli front group.
        They are stealing $BILLIONS from US and they cannot find their own BUTTS with a FLASHLIGHT.
        Now they “could not see” MILLIONS of refugees/INVADERS>!>!>!> DO NOT feed me that Krap. Our “leaders” are Our ENEMIES,
        YOUR standard of living is being destroyed by “your” representatives.
        You were told Communists were a DEADLY ENEMY because
        they were going to take your JOBS, your HOMES, your WAY of LIFE.
        MAKE every SOB who wants these INVADERS ——- PAY for them. TAKE the money from all who insist we welcome them. TAKE the money from the Bush, Merkel, Reid, Cheney, Pelosi, Rove, Graham, McCain, the POPE, etc. families who CAUSED this mess. TAKE their family wealth, they can live with the INVADERS they love so much.

      32. Badges?
        wtf is the point of those stinking Badges

        stupid ass boy scout shit and they suck it up
        S M D H

      33. Drudge is saying Sept 30 is a bad day for the Stock Market but the Dow Futures has it at Plus 170 pts.

        Watching the Hurricane. Your can bet if the hurricane hits Florida with has had plenty of rain, many tree are going to uproot in the winds. New York and New Jersey might catch another Sandy.

        Guess Congress will avert a government shut down.

        I think all the supernatural stuff is over. At least for the time being. Tomorrow I will stand down. Get back to doing things more, instead of typing. Be more of hanging around. Have a couple of projects that are enhancement to survival but not essential.
        Tempest Fugit.

        • sling.
          I’ve enjoyed your company.

          Enjoy workin’ on your project.

      34. Russia has started bombing ISIS and the US to get the hell out of Syrian airspace. I guess these patches tell whose side the US is going to be on in the coming war.

        It’s like you are in a bar, there is bully picking on a young woman, your ‘buddy’ keeps making excuses not to do anything, until, eventually, you just push past buddy and go at the bully. Russia just pushed the US out of the way.

      35. No such thing as coincidence.

      36. Another possible hurricane steering away from Florida. I’ve lived in the Tampa Bay area most of my life having been born in Plant City. The last hurricane coming even remotely close to here was Hurricane Donna in 1960. A couple of bad ones early in that century, but rare here in a long time… On the patch, I bet American taxpayers paid for the ISIS one.

      37. Reminds me of the scripture where Jesus said “He who lives by the sword will die by the sword”.

      38. display it upside down as a sign of defeat. get a red marker and put dripping blood on the blades. The message would be clear enough. We have a government who is responsible for the deaths of many of our heroes because they put them in a war with so many restrictions. Why do they not want us to win the war? We have the talent and the leaders that could end this quickly but then no one would make any money would they. It is time to find who profits from these wars and we need to publish the company names and who they donate to Most could see who was really on Americas side.

        • Grandpa-

          I agree 100%, and lets never forget what happened to Seal Team 6. Our government has been infiltrated.

          Also, they didnt learn anything from vietnam. Same old crap. No country can stand toe to toe with the US military if they we allowed to fight like we did in WWII.

      39. The ‘supreme crime’ of international law is the Crime of Aggression. America is the greatest international criminal in the world. How did America become so blood thirsty? What happened to the America that believed in the ‘Golden Rule’? (Matthew 7:12) America now has a generation that knows of nothing but perpetual war. America abandoned God. And we wonder why America is bleeding out?

        • Diane
          Don’t say it like that you sound as if you commited these crimes and thats what thay are you are right on all accounts save one: thd fact its your governmrnt is the gulty party lawyrs muzzies lgbt have all played apart in bringing down the usa the election prosess is so completely rigged there is no way that could come back on you as a citizen. The Germans suffered similar guilt after WWII about the Jews and what their government did. Don’t feel guilty no one of us was ever going yi stop it. Do your part hold the faith

      40. ISIS, the best ‘terrorist’ CIA money can buy. Honestly, what is the moral difference between what ISIS does and what the US military does?

      41. Hey SOCOM you need to CORRECT THIS. What vile puke. Looks to me like
        someone is trying to destroy troop morale. Just WHOM is the DUMBASS who
        came up this this TREASONOUS patch / idea. They need to go bye-bye with
        their head down in disgrace.

        Kilroy was here and boy is he PISSED OFF.

        Talk about FUBAR…
        Who was it that said if America falls it will not be from an outside force / enemy. It will be from a ENEMY WITHIN. ?

        Bring back term limits so we can purge the corruption and the enemies within.
        special interest groups from donating to all politicians. They are not ”
        We The People ” and they have no right to be involved in Americas
        politics. Same with the Bankers / Corporations. Soros, Rothchilds, CFR,
        and all those like them need to be brought up on charges and prosecuted.

        ” We The People Of The United States ” are the rightful owners of the United States. We paid for it in blood.
        You power hungry, greedy, sick MFers need to go away.

        keep pushing us Americans into a corner. Sooner or later the Lion will
        awaken and there will be no place on / in this earth or off of it that
        you will be able to hide.

        hidden technologies will be ours and we will not rule / profit from
        them but we will use them for the benefit for ALL MANKIND and not for
        power or greed or profit.
        All technology is a double edge sword.

        We good people of the earth have awakened. We are watching.

        What is that old song about a tall oak tree ?

        Whistleblowers post. It is a Duty with a high price. But it is a DUTY.
        The knowledge and technology that they are using to enslave planet earth and all her people WILL BE THEIR UNDOING.

        will bet that there are good people who know and have access to these
        technologies who could help all the people of planet earth and the earth
        Help us down-trodden bring these evil criminals to JUSTICE.

        us show the evil ones the other edge of the sword on these hidden
        technologies. The enemies of Freedom, Liberty, and Justice have stuck
        their heads out of the rabbit hole. We know who most of them are.

        I know what I would do if I had the technology and given a chance.
        Do You ???
        Would you go along to get along or would YOU MAKE A DIFFERENCE.
        Whistle-blowers… WE NEED YOU NOW… May Honor and Righteousness guide your thoughts and your deeds.

        The Grand Awakening Is Happening
        It Can Not Be Stopped
        It Will Not Be Stopped
        The Grand Awakening Has Begun.

        • Wow.
          I’ll go with that.

          Death to traitors should be the norm.

      42. .

        Putin is the secret power behind ISIS [which is a psy-op.]

        Putin just conducted airstrikes against US-backed anti-Assad rebel groups… not ISIS.


        • .

          Pentagon briefing said Putin did NOT hit ISIS.

          Putin hit US-backed anti-Assad rebels.


      43. Why do they need a patch anyway?

      44. …note: what do you get if you put the two ends on the western one- of the handles to protect the hands on top of each other-?*

      45. We saw a real world leader today and it was not the US. Russia is yet again showing itself to be the real world leader. A country that takes out the garbage but also works within the international system and understands what concerns the rest of the world’s countries. Russia shows no patience for terrorists and fights to win. There will be no orange jump suits, adult diapers, Burger King and pizzas, or other Western niceities for the ISIS crew. They will just taste lead, cordite, fuel-air bombs, TNT and phosphorous. Happy eating, Islamo-fascist mo-fos!

      46. Copying or mocking?

      47. Well, on day 1, Russia has been bombing Obama’s “moderate terrorists” and has not been bombing ISIS. Putin’s just another liar like Obama. Took all of 8 hours to figure out Russia is not there to wipe out the Islamic State any more than the U.S.

        • Try again. IN LESS THAN THREE DAYS, Russia just took out key ISIS-held positions, vehicles and warehouses that belong to ISIS militants.

          THAT’S MORE THAN THE US HAS DONE IN THREE YEARS. The west is pissed that Russia is taking out their best patsies.

      48. This is really sad but also really funny. The war profiteers do have a very dark sense of humor. And at every turn they are constantly telling the foolish public who they are and what they plan on doing and yet the public remains in eternal darkness. The US forces have been and still are basically fighting themselves. In WWII Prescott Bush in the US was handling Hitler’s finances while IBM was assisting in Hitler’s strategies. Today the queen of the Egyptian underworld, ISIS, is fighting the “good” forces of the US. All made up nonsense and innocent people continue to die while Central Bank counterfeiters continue their power grab for world domination.

      49. I don’t buy the same old anti-capitalist pap that this war is just about money. World War II wasn’t about money, it was about good vs evil – the same evil we are fighting today: Islamic anti-semitism and supremicism. The anti-Capitalist, Occupy Wall Street Leftists put this muslim brotherhood terrorist in the White House, and he has been doing exactly what he said he would do in his book: standing with the muslims. Obama was arming the terrorists (who later became ISIS) in Benghazi when that attack occurred, and he got caught red-handed lying to cover up that illegal if not treasonous arms transfer. It’s not about money! Wake up!

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