New Obama Policy Would Make “Merely Posting Firearm Information on the Internet” a Crime

by | Jun 10, 2015 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 164 comments

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    The blogosphere is sounding off about a pending new Obama policy that would impact not only the 2nd Amendment, but the 1st Amendment as well.

    As incredible as it seems, individuals would be in violation by “merely posting information on the Internet about common firearms” which “could be interpreted as illegally sharing sensitive information with foreign nationals”

    Applying issues related to “exporting” and “foreign nations” under an international treaty to individual on-line speech (under the guise of improperly sharing technical data about firearms) may seem like a stretch, but it is apparently what is happening, unless public opposition is voiced before this oh-so quiet regulation sets in towards the end of summer.

    While it remains to be seen if such a policy would be enforceable, the mere redefinition of Internet activities – now under FCC regulation – is startling, suggesting that the “bark” about guns may be just as threatening to this anti-gun administration as the “bite” of ‘military-style weapons’ like the AR-15 that so frequently drives media coverage. According to the Washington Times:

    Gun control and control of free speech would be combined in a new Obama administration plan that could send Second Amendment advocates to prison.

    The National Rifle Association (NRA) is furious about new regulations announced last week. The plan uses national security as an excuse to threaten gun advocates with prison time for sharing information about “military-style weapons. The problem is that almost every firearm is considered “military-style” by President Obama and the gun-control crowd.

    These new restrictions involve commonly and legally available personal firearms.

    Under the new proposal from the State Department, merely posting information on the Internet about common firearms could be interpreted as illegally sharing sensitive information with foreign nationals. So Mr. Obama’s plan is two-for-one in restricting constitutional rights: He would combine gun control with control over free speech.

    And the penalty for violating this policy could be drastic if upheld:

    The penalty? 20 years in prison plus a $1 million fine for each violation. Each time that any foreign national accesses the data is considered a separate violation.

    Wow… I guess that’s pretty severe – enough to discourage even chance encounters with loose talk about one of the most sacred items that many Americans own.

    The NRA is charging that the interpretation of language in the proposal would have the State Department treating online speech about firearms in the same way it treats actual firearms when it comes to the regulation of their “export.”

    It’s happening again— President Obama is using his imperial pen and telephone to curb your rights and bypass Congress through executive action.

    […] the Obama State Department has been quietly moving ahead with a proposal that could censor online speech related to firearms. This latest regulatory assault, published in the June 3 issue of the Federal Register, is as much an affront to the First Amendment as it is to the Second. Your action is urgently needed to ensure that online blogs, videos, and web forums devoted to the technical aspects of firearms and ammunition do not become subject to prior review by State Department bureaucrats before they can be published.

    The rationale is technical, but maybe that’s the point. The potential to enforce gun speech all about catching people on the technicalities, and is tied to the history of participation of in the International Traffic in Arms Regulations (ITAR). None of that will stop it from creating consequences for those it would go after:

    With the new proposal published on June 3, the State Department claims to be “clarifying” the rules concerning “technical data” posted online or otherwise “released” into the “public domain.” To the contrary, however, the proposal would institute a massive new prior restraint on free speech. This is because all such releases would require the “authorization” of the government before they occurred. The cumbersome and time-consuming process of obtaining such authorizations, moreover, would make online communication about certain technical aspects of firearms and ammunition essentially impossible.


    Gunsmiths, manufacturers, reloaders, and do-it-yourselfers could all find themselves muzzled under the rule and unable to distribute or obtain the information they rely on to conduct these activities. Prior restraints of the sort contemplated by this regulation are among the most disfavored regulations of speech under First Amendment case law.

    The end run around the 2nd Amendment is nearly complete, giving Obama until the end of his administration to set in place legal hurdles that even a gun-toting, pro-2nd Amendment, NRA- and Tea Party-backed politician would be hard pressed to undo completely.



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      1. I guess we cannot discuss calibers anymore…

        • If I know I’m going to prison for 20 years, the scum that are sent to get me will die and die until they manage to kill me. By the way, I’ll probably use a semi-auto .308 with a night vision scope to blow their fucking brains out.

          • Your tool seems right for the job at hand…

            • Did anyone here actually think the globalists wanted us all signed on to that international UN treaty for our own benefit?

              HELL NO. They planned all along to use IT to nullify our Constitutional rights. That was the point all along. This was to be expected.

              • My constitution cannot be nullified by anything , and if they think other wise i have a 44 mag that says im right

          • The first person how comes to my door to protest my speech gets his or her fucking head blown off.

            Then, I’m going to hang them on my front-yard flagpole by their neck so everyone can see what ACTUALLY DEFENDING FREEDOM looks like.

            If you want to start the snowballing effect, let it start on my front porch.

            Because. I’m. Tired. Of. This. Shit.

            • You’re not alone in Cali…
              Talon1776 lives in enchilada ville…look for the T76 marker when the SHTF.

              Live Free or Die…sorry..but the CSM are a bunch of pussies

            • Yep, that’s how it happens…

              If one monkey peels a banana a certain way, soon ALL monkeys start peeling their bananas the same way– even if they didn’t see the first monkey! Nice thought– what you said about ACTUALLY DEFENDING FREEDOM!

              I just watched “The Matrix” for the fourth time yesterday. I love what he says at the end: he is speaking to TPTB over the phone and says…

              …we know you are out there, we are coming for you… we don’t know how things will end but we know how it will begin. He says there will be no more governments, no more controls, no more slavery, no more boundaries– only Freedom.

          • Zero, I’ll use every member of my ‘ventilation team’ if it comes to that. I’ll be dead before anyone can take me anyplace.

          • Hats off to you Zero, My own tool of choice will be a Springfield SocomII quad rail with Eotech holo-sight,bipod, laser range finder, and about a hundred 20 round magazines of 160 grain HP. Oh and I will be wearing body armor too. The Nazi rat bastards better bring a truckload of body-bags. At that point its time to go to war. If the federales jump that shark then any remaining vestiges of the republic are dead and we’ll need to wipe the blackboard clean so we can try this particular equation over again from scratch. If it is to be victory? Well then I’ll see you in New-Yorktown and we can have a beer when we raise the new flag. And if it goes the other way, well, then I’ll meet you in Masada, and stand shoulder to shoulder with ya until the last of our banners fall.

        • Discuss calibers, parts, and guns all you want. ITAR is about military hardware, not civilian stuff.

          Tempest in a teapot.

          • Oh, so we can’t talk about what THEY use? Horsehit; I will say anything I like anywhere I want. Because THAT is what free speech means.

            Ideals Mastering Power Creating All Life GOD IS

          • That was then. This is now. What they want to do is redefine the rule to include all private arms, ammunition, etc. THAT is what the noise is about.

            I can just imagine the “high-fives” in the White House when some psychopathic underling suggested this to the psychopathic overlords.

            • Wet dreams for everyone… well not the underling of course are you mad… hahaha

        • It doesn’t matter what we discuss, eppe.

          If we are not talking the liberal socialist language that “they” want to hear, then we are traitors to their tyrannical system.

          “They” like to spread fear, and create more chaos and backlash, so “they” can then make anyone look like a terrorist.

          Remember, we have voted in politicians that hang on to that “anti terrorist” rhetoric that is spoken of in the Patriot Act.
          The wording doesn’t say you must be a muzzie or a muzzie supporter, to fit the categorization as a terrorist.

          In their minds, anything patriotic like Guns and Bibles are used as key words in separating the anti-establishment, extremist, and terrorist from “their” supporters/followers.

          Also know this, the NRA has loaded up it’s coffers by using the anti-gun rhetoric for decades. They will not let a good story go to waste in order to keep the $$ flowing.
          It’s kind of like the Jesse James Jackson and Al Sharptongue type camps, they jump on the racism stories with both feet so as to rake in the benjamins.

          It is all a big hoax to suck $$ out of our pockets, while slapping us in the face with our own laws. The USSAG constituion is mere words when the lights go out.

          Speaking of lights going out, I just heard about the newest weapons to be unveiled from our Air Force. They can now fire small emp weaponry from a plane, that will shut down sections, (don’t know how broad of an area), of electronic service.
          If this is correct, a large city could be squelched in an instant.

          Things are ramping up for sure. I see many tough days ahead, just on the horizon. I can’t fathom how the majority of people have buried their heads in the sand and continued to ignore the signs. What is really disturbing is just how many so-called christian churches/pastors/leaders, have decided to stay aboard the pre-trib rapture trains, and not warn their people.

          Their message continues…”Just keep working and putting $$ in the collection plates, and it will all come back to you tenfold. You are the church of the bible and you have nothing to worry about because Christ is going to remove the church from the earth before tribulation/all hell brakes loose.”

          I see the great falling away/apostasy, right before my eyes, and the people can’t see it for all the brown fecal matter clouding their eyes. They have been pumped full of it for decades, and blurred the lines between reality and deception.

          Well, my friends; the deceived are getting ready to see a big dose of reality very soon. Very possible before the clock strikes 2016.

          It has been said by many, that a domino effect of the crashing of the house of cards on Wall Street, will take about four months to fully take affect and sink in among the sheeple.
          Coupled with other events, some orchestrated by men, and some allowed by our Creator, that could set the stage for a 2016 period of martial law and total chaos. Coupled with a few more disease pestilences, and we have the recipe for a tribulation cake.

          That cake will be tasted by all. I for one, can’t wait to taste it, because it means this mess is soon drawing to a close. The majority will try to spew it out of their mouths, but it sticks like gorilla glue.

          If the calculations are correct, we have about ninety days of prepping, before all hell breaks loose and the grocery store shelves are cleaned bare in a matter of days. It could be a few weeks in some areas, if the dominoes fall slowly. But, the big cities have such a shallow supply chain, if it gets disrupted by anything major, you are at the mercy of your preps.

          I wish I was not the bearer of such bad news, but I feel led to say these things. If, and it is a big “if”, I am off on the timing, then “great” if it is delayed, but woe, woe, and woe, if it comes sooner than middle sept.

          Everyone has to sail their own ship. But I have always remembered the saying….let a word to the wise, be sufficient.

          • Passin, it feels like an ultra slow motion train wreck…

            • You got that right. Especially for those of us that have been preparing for over ten years.

              • PWTH


              • How about approaching 20 years?

                But I went Galt about 11 years ago. I got tired of micromanagement by ignorant people. So I “retired.” Even got my profit-sharing and a “retirement” party and present.

          • Speaking of lights going out, I just heard about the newest weapons to be unveiled from our Air Force. They can now fire small emp weaponry from a plane, that will shut down sections, (don’t know how broad of an area), of electronic service.
            If this is correct, a large city could be squelched in an instant.

            What? That old thing?

            They prolly tested that on the southwest a couple years ago and blamed it on a single guy grounding something out in the deserts of AZ somewhere.

            • Oh, now I understand why socialists Detroit hasn’t been working for years and years. They must have used a socialist EMP weapon on it.

          • Ninety Days?

            When you’re hot you’re hot. And when you’re not, you’re not.

            Jerry Reed.

          • PWTW, I couldn’t have said it any better. I’d give you a bunch of thumbs up if we had the thumbs back. That was a damned good post.

            • Thanks for the vote of confidence, Braveheart.

              Most folks don’t want to hear truth. They just want to be fed spoonfuls of sweetened up, ear tickling messages. The truth, to the non-christian ears is like nails across a chalk board.

              Sometimes, i feel like i am “preaching to the choir” on this site.
              Most of the regulars here know what is coming. However, most don’t want to accept that things are gonna be way worse than we can imagine. They see another 2007, ’08,’09, situation possibly unfolding, and then maybe a slow trickle back to life as usual.

              Sorry to burst their bubbles, but we, as Americans have allowed to many liberals to dictate our futures.
              Just two weeks ago, the SCOTUS, a group of hand picked liberal advocates for them, have passed laws to allow them, to interpret the constitution any way they want.

              The first amendment, was basically…”amended”, and if you speak out with any comments that “they” construe as hateful or threatening, you are then charged and must somehow prove your innocence. That’s right, free speech is no longer free.
              Especially on the internet.

              Many posters here don’t realize it yet when they post about doing away with politicians and gov leaders, but according to the scotus, that is now a felony.

              As days and weeks go by, the stories of people getting a knock on their door at 3:00 am will increase as they pursue these hateful/threatening talkers.

              Even if it is just a keyboard commando speaking trash out his ass, he can find himself in deep shit.

              The stage is set for the Gestapo NWO Army, and it is coming to a neighborhood near you.

              • PWTW.

                You said.

                Sorry to burst their bubbles, but we, as Americans have allowed to many liberals to dictate our futures.
                Just two weeks ago, the SCOTUS, a group of hand picked liberal advocates for them, have passed laws to allow them, to interpret the constitution any way they want.

                That is the truth.

                Then again.

                Many posters here don’t realize it yet when they post about doing away with politicians and gov leaders, but according to the scotus, that is now a felony.

                As days and weeks go by, the stories of people getting a knock on their door at 3:00 am will increase as they pursue these hateful/threatening talkers.

                We can only hope that those that are visited or detained, can get the message out that these offenses by government are beginning to happen.

                It will change everything.

                • Yea, I should have worded that a little different.

                  It should read, “As days and weeks go by, “after martial law is enacted”…..

                  I agree with it changing everything.

                  More than likely, they won’t be able to handle the backlash if it started getting out before the internet and most cell service is halted.

                  Right now, when doing a little shopping at Wally world, it is kinda hard to fathom that things could ever turn bad.
                  But, as we know from 9-11, things can be turned up-side down in a New York minute. That day is like a full color slide show in my brain. I worked that day, and was outside on a job when the word came over the radio. After leaving work at 3:30, I went straight to the lake since it was a beautiful day, and soon the warm afternoons would be over. As I was laying on a float, behind my boat, not a soul was on the lake, and not a sign of a plane in the sky. Nary a contrail to be found and the sky was a deep rich Carolina Blue. I will never forget that feeling and the deafening silence.

                  I believe there is something big on the horizon for the upcoming 9-11 anniversary.

                  I see a possible scenario, whereby a series of North American terrorist plots come into play, and then the dominoes start falling over that weekend. Monday could dawn with an apocalyptic series of events unfolding, or not.

                  Hopefully not. I’d like to have a couple deer in the freezer and jerky, before then, but it is just too warm in our neck of the woods. Late October is better.

              • good luck to them…4 years as OPFOR training our own soldiers in 4th gen warfare so yeah… good luck to any NWO types.

          • Well said.

        • Well, lets.

          Our President is of a lesser caliber than our last one who was a lesser caliber than the last…

          Wow, what a high caliber douchebag or President is.

        • Nobama, I’m the same way. I’ll discuss what I want also. If they come to me looking for trouble, they will damn sure find it.

        • obama must be a complete Fool to think anyone would comply.

          • I see this….sheeple arent ready so fema introduction trucks roll around and you get on truck and they get your info then later at camp they come get you and say you had bad things in your house we found and also you said this and this and looked at this and you broke so many laws that you never knew were laws…. trouble maker you are…. oh and we killed your dog hiding under the bed and wouldnt show its hands…. you should of taught the dog how to do that….

        • Or trade pacts eppe. The tyrantocracy on Capitol Hill is beyond belief and only exceeded by the lethargy of the people. The country has been stolen. That statue on Liberty island supposedly indicating liberty enlightening the World is in disgrace and now is a total farce.
          Obamacare, vote before you can read it. TPTP, read it in secret with no disclosure. TISA you can’t read it at all. Authoritarian decree is the next logical evolution of this process. Caliber can relate to ammunition or the qualities of a person. Can’t talk about either.

          • Soon Congress, led by neocons seeking the job of next us prez will authorize a spending bill to replace that statue of liberty’s Flame…With a Huge Menorah(devils pitchfork) to Match the menorah display on whitehouse lawn which replaced the Former christmass manger scene…Used prior to the jewish occupation of usa-fed govnt-msm-schools-univ’s-congress-us supremes & most all lesser ct’s- etc…

            While they usually do massive coverups to keep it all well hidden…At same time…Their massive egos and arrogance forces them to create such grotesque (sp?) displays of their many jewish-hyjacking’s, such as the current Nation Wrecking job caused by said jewish occupation.

            YOU/We are ALL Palestinians now, in Their eyes! And we have the Mossad and IDF Trained cops, Police State as Proof!

            An Easy task once they had replaced the Former White European Christian based Constitution as chief law, with their jewish Talmudic “laws”…That makes for Any/All types and forms of the most crazed and lunatic sounding us supremes decisions to come forth with which to further and speed their efforts of total Nation Wrecking! For when any questions are based upon talmudic solutions for end answers…They Can and Will Justify EVERYTHING!

            With the Only exception always being..”Is this or that Good for jews?…Good for Israel state?” If yes…Then of course they will screw You Goys everytime.

        • Guess the Glock vs. [insert polymer pistol manufacturer here] debates will cease along with the caliber wars…

        • There is a great link over at Survivalblog to Grabcad. It has the Solidworks CAD files for an auto sear assembly that will drop in your AR-15s. Just machine up a little bit of Starret flat ground stock and some heat treating and off you go.

          I will need much more ammo!!!

          Share the link with everyone and flood the world with the drawing for full auto AR-15s. Try and stop it you fool of a tyrant. You poser, loser POS. Luckily,we use Solidworks for our designs and drawings where I work. Gonna have to switch it into AutoCAD DXF or even DWG files for most people to use it.

          It also lists the McMaster-Carr Part #s for the springs and roll pins along with music wire specifics for winding your own springs. Brings new meaning to the phrase “roll your own”!!!

        • Better get copies from Rifleconnection before their banned

      2. This country makes me sick anymore.

        Come and get some…

        • Vet1,
          YES most of us are SICK of this government ! we need our OLD government back and hang all the current scumbags that are in office! hanh-em all and let GOD sort them out! AMEN

          • I don’t think there’s a going back. I think this is one big sh*t sandwich
            and we’re all gonna have to take a bite…

            • Vet1, they have to get their hands on you first before they can do anything to you. They can take that new policy and stuff it. Nothing they do has any legitimate basis to it.

            • Please pass it around, I haven’t had a bite in days.

            • Does this mean Anne Margret is not coming?

          • Our old what back? And who would that be?

            While the founding fathers may have said or done many good things it is for sure they were a part of the nwo to come.

            1. Economic failure in america
            2. Guns rounded up
            3. Economic failure across world
            4. 10 world leaders will come forth
            5. They will make one man world leader
            6. He will put forth a treaty of peace of 7 years

            A. Hes a roman
            b. Has no feelings towards women
            c. Wears a sash
            d. Can go to all the elite places of the world peaceably

            has a harlot who’s coming with him….

        • I hear ya, whats bad is crap like this has lost all of its shock value, they are gonna ban this gonna ban that, nobody cares as long as the tv works. They must maintain an illusion of control, when in reality they have lost control and dont want to admit starting to think they dont really want a disaster, unless it controlled like maybe a war. If we did have a major disaster government would effectively cease to exist, and once the feds tried to”assist” months or years later, the survivors who restructured local government would not take kindly to their”assistance”

          • Squirrel, they can take their ‘bans’ and stuff them. I’ll have whatever I choose and that’s that.

            • I hear ya braveheart, i am so sick of arbitrary orwellian regulations.

          • I would like to agree with you ss, that they are so vulnerable as to handling any catastrophic situation.

            The fact remains that they are not in control of their own devices, but they do have the authority to cause much pain and suffering.

            They have planned for just about every contingency possible, and truth be known, will be instigating the majority of them.
            The worst scenario, of which they are expecting, and possibly instigating, is the overnight switch to martial law.

            I believe it is coming as sure as the death and taxes part.

            • Pwtw
              You are spot on man,,, and i believe, like you that martial law
              Is the way they wanna go. At present time i dont think they could gain complience, but with the right event as a precoursor they possibly could do it.

              • They could TRY it. Don’t think many Americans will be good Nazis and comply, the majority will but enough will not. It will be Avery hot time in the old town when it goes down.

        • No, say what you wish – it’s your right.

          These sociopath politicians love it when people are afraid of using their right of free speech.

          By your comment tayron, it would appear that you have deprived yourself of your 1st amendment right. Assuming you’re an American that is…

      3. Subversion of the Constitution is treason.

        • So what? Who is going to do anything about it except whine on an internet site. Both parties are in on it so there is no redress possible. The dopes that make up the American public will be getting just what they deserve, hard and deep.

          • Fuck you and eat shit, cock sucker john w

            • Zero – That’s pretty rough on someone basically saying what is true. He’s right. We’re fucked and we all know it. No one is going to do shit about it.

              • oh horseshit, we are not fvked. THEY are fvked and they know it. look at the bullshit laws passed in Connecticut and how the people said fvk you come take them, The cops told fvkhead Shumer of newyork to take a hike and confiscate the guns yourself asshole.every time they try to make guns look evil everyone rushes out and buys more. quit being a pussy, man up and when tshtf go fed hunting.

                • Wrong
                  I wish your words held no truth.
                  God damn me for thinking otherwise.

                  Must the warrior lay down his armor
                  in the face of overwhelming odds.

                  Should we lay low the God given rights
                  to mankind in deference to tyranny.

                  I don’t know anymore.

                  I have spent a lifetime in pursuit of
                  the truth.

                  To succumb to the antithesis of truth
                  makes my life a futile and irrelevant
                  masturbation in search of man’s destiny.

                  • A warrior doesn’t “lay down his armor in the face of overwhelming odds”, he seeks a way to change the odds or retreats to fight another day.

                    An intelligent warrior does that before it happens.

                • .02, good to see you back, and I agree, we’re NOT screwed.

                  • We MAY BE screwed, but I’m no virgin, so I’ve been screwed before. I’m still standing. It probably won’t be the last time we get screwed, so we need to just pull up our drawers and go on. It’s gonna take more than that to keep me down.

                    • Without divine protection, you are like a fish out of water to them.

                      They will tell you when you can pull your bloomers back up, and if you don’t believe that, just look at who deposits your monthly stipens.

                      Where would you be without those deposits? They control you when they want to, if you are on the gov payroll.

                • Agreed .02
                  these are actions of an afraid regime . you dont act like this when your 100% sure you can kick everyone’s ass ,, they know they are gonna fail and thats why all the psy-ops, false flags and gads of propaganda

                  they are hoping that they scare enough of us into no action .. hate to tell em , it aint going down like that and I aint going out like that either

                  • I agree that it ain’t gonna go down like they wish it would. There are plenty of us out here that swore an oath and are prepared to go “camping” and make them find, then kill us, one at a time or in small organized groups. They know who they are dealing with and they are scared to death over it.It’s too late…we are ready.

                    Asymetrical warfare has them shitting their britches. One shot and then we dissapear into the shrubberies and then show up miles away and take another shot on another random day at a random time. They don’t have anywhere close to enough “soldiers” for that type of war here in the USA.

                    Look at NY this past week. They have launched a MASSIVE man hunt for only two guys and they will only stumble and bumble and MAYBE luck on to them. These guys have no preps in place and no traps set. Almost two weeks and nothing but a bunch of inept storm troopers thrashing about in the woods and finding NOTHING.

                    Good luck out here, where for every 100 they send, maybe only 95 or so come back. It won’t take them long to move on to the “easy” targets like the sheeple in the hoods.

           govt toadies.
                    I just ordered another batch of components to load. Lapua .308 brass and Lapua 167 grain scenars with RL-15 and CCI primers. The dumbasses will never even hear the shot. They should count on it.

              • Change doesn’t happen in the initial stages of tyranny.
                The American revolution only happened in degrees.

                There is a push to bring America to that point again. It is going on at this very moment.This is what TPTB want.

                Their dilemma is they understand Americans will not surrender their arms. Even in a democrat state they couldn’t get many to register their high capacity magazines. Look at history and tell me where we are headed when you look at today’s headlines?

                TPTB have global interests and I believe could care less about America’s suffering…we are in for dark days indeed.

                The day of armed resistance is being foisted upon us…unless of course they should loose control along the way to Armageddon…

                • they have already lost control. bundy ranch was just the beginning. directly after, harry reid gets the living shit pounded out of him. go take a look at the beating that fvknuts took, the pics are online. he lost sight in one eye. make no mistake, there are some among us that are retaliating as i type this.

                  • They changed tactics since then, that’s what the biker bust in Waco was about.

                    They learn from their mistakes and there are more on their side willing to attack than on ours since they face no penalty for it and almost everyone on our side is basically a law abiding and peaceful person at heart.

                    The big mistake at the Bundy ranch was allowing press publicity to grow large enough to attract attention before they did anything, they don’t like cameras and records of their actions the way cockroaches don’t like the light. I doubt they’ll make that mistake again.

                  • Right On .!!

              • If I could physically beat his eyes shut I would do so. He was stating contempt for all of us. He’s probably a scum foreigner, or a fedpig.

          • dry too

        • Fear tactics don’t work on people who do not fear the truth.

      4. I guess it would be wrong of me to upload every firearms technical manual and every set of printable plastic gun plans I have to every one of my websites and then link to it from Facebook and every website I can leave messages on.

        • Archivist,
          That is exactly what everyone needs to do. They can’t lock up 100 million or more gun owners?

      5. This makes me wanna puke.

        Why dont we just let ISIS waltz into dc and do get rid of him for us!

      6. Welcome to national socialism.
        Where are the brown shirts??????

        • They’re streaming in across the wide open southern border.

        • In their American incarnation they are called Democrats.

      7. The beauty of a global Internet is that at least we will still be able to get to Russian and Chinese web sites containing gun information!

      8. Was she a victim of simple assault, we pondered.

        Thirty eight special needs children were included in the event.

        When Chester gets back, we will eat.

        When I gun the engine, it sounds cool.

        What is the caliber of their intent?

        During the bus charter, arms are to be kept inside the windows.

        Da bull et all da hay.

        I had to stop and piss, toll road or not.

        After they hit the kangaroo, Gertrude lost her lunch.

        The field where we play ball is tick infested.

        I ammo sure today than yesterday.

        Before a fire, arm the detectors.

        I don’t feel tardy……BA.

        • Had to search to find “Ruger.”

        • “Ammendment to Executive order currently awaiting implementation”-

          “…and no taking in code…”

      9. I wish Antarctica had fire wood. That continent is looking might good right about now.

        • Come to TEXAS and make your stand!! We got lots of land and a bunch of wood!!!

          We’ll do the Alamo proud!!!!

          • Maybe i would, but I hear they don’t like Californians.

            • Jerryf,
              True, we are not fond of Commiefornians here in Texas, but we do still judge the individual here. If you are God fearing, gun toting and self-sufficient and don’t try to change Texas to the shit hole Commiefornia has become, I think we may welcome you.

              • God fearing? Why do you fear God? You afraid he’d going to kill you if you don’t worship him and give your money to fraudulent churches? Learn this: bibles, praying, churches; it’s all a fricken scam.

                • You’re entitled to your beliefs. Don’t infringe on mine, and I won’t infringe on yours. Infringe on mine and you just may become a believer because you will meet your maker. I am not a bible thumping nut or a regular church goer, but I do believe in God. Look up at a star filled sky, pristine forests, the mountains, or any of the other wonders of nature. Do you really believe that it just happens to exist?

                • The term “fear of God” is an old term that means extreme and total respect for God and his laws. Language has changed over the centuries and people don’t understand this as much now as when it came into being.

                  Further, it is an acknowledgement that God’s will is supreme and will be done even though he has given man a free will of his own to decide how to carry it out (Man usually takes the most difficult and destructive way to do this, for some reason, without even realizing that’s what he’s doing).

              • There has been people I know with those values who have moved to Texas. I have those values also, I’m sick of California radical liberals destroying this once beautiful state.
                California has such beauty, mountains, deserts, coasts etc. But the people who run this state cater to illegals (I’m American Hispanic), unions, and the welfare leeches.
                There must be 5 million illegals here. They’re piling into our hospitals, schools, everywhere. This state is doomed as they will vote for democrats (not that republicans are any better).

          • I appreciate the offer. I will keep operating behind enemy lines in Wisconsin.

          • Texas is like Ca now…full of ebt card illegals. It will be “blue” in a few more years. Ca had RR as gov. now look at it. The wrong people are migrating to Texas.

        • I guess you missed the memo, Kfilly.

          The cities of the UFO aliens are under the Antarctica ice sheet.
          They have been spotted coming and going from under it.

          How long they have been there is anybody’s guess. Probably soon after the flood of Noah.

          Hell, which is within the bowels of the earth, must have got to hot for the little heathen bastards. Better enjoy your last days you little extraterrestrial fuckers, that tried to chip me back in the early nineties, My Heavenly Father protected me then and your days are numbered. bye,bye!

      10. We will once more bump our gums, whine, complain to high heavens and that will be it. D.C. knows this all to well and will proceed with their hearts desire’s to take away more freedom from us. There will be no march to regain freedom, because we are not and will not get organized to put an end to this BULLSHIT they know it and HELL we know it to. Time to do anything has come and gone long ago, just be honest with yourselves. You will live as long as the LORD says you will. Prepare to make your last stand where you stand. When the hammer truly falls that is just where you will be, STANDING ON THAT SPOT, make the most of it.

        • Copperhead.

          That is the truth. Last stand is where you are standing.

      11. I am not too concerned. Of course this idiot and his minions would LIKE to pull this one but it will be laughed out of court. Publish anything you like about guns and don’t worry about it. No Federal prosecutor is stupid enough to take this one on and get reprimanded by the judge.

      12. Anyone who is willing to defend those politicians and these unconstitutional laws with their life, deserve nothing less than death.

      13. Are the earthquakes and/or Jade Helm connected? A friend who is a rock hound ask me, now where did all the equipment that is pouring into the Jade Helm A O coming from, the bulk is coming from east of the Mississippi River. He made a compelling statement of why he thinks a huge false flag with cause one or two things or both to happen. That being a nuke detonated to; one close down everything east of the Mississippi River and or cause the New Madrid to go and that will truly stop anything from the east going across the river. If China is our major threat they will come by way of the west coast so it is only wise to have your assets where they will be needed. I still say nuke in Michigan, Northern Indiana, or Northern Ohio, but to trigger the New Madrid it will have to be St. Louis or down river from that point. USGS have been very busy drilling Monitoring Wells (?) over the last few years. Some just may be large enough to place a good size nuke down it one or more. What comes our way will be from the north and/or east. Jade Helm just may be the save zone when everything is placed under Martial Law east of the Mississippi River not Jade Helms A O. It will be east not west that will go first. Be careful my friend’s trouble comes our way. No matter where you live.

        • Copperhead, I’ll grant you that is a plausible scenario, but the Jade Helm AO is part of the area with water issues. Let’s not overlook that one. To lockdown just the entire eastern US would be geographically impossible. They won’t have enough manpower for that. My current home and BOL are in eastern US so that is where I will remain. No water issues in eastern US, especially where the BOL is located. the family and I expect trouble to come our way eventually and we will be prepared.

        • A nuke about 45 miles North of Memphis and the whole New Madrid fault would go. If it goes America as we have known it is gone as well. Our economy AND our government would not survive a major earthquake there. Because of the nature of the plates in this area it would cause MUCH more damage than a similar quake in Cali.

      14. Who cares if they wanna criminalize people for putting information on the web. We all know there is info to convert weapons into full auto it’s not new news. Why anyone would do it is stupid to me. Be a better shooter and you won’t need to waste ammo. What kind of guns you wanna have is your business though as far as i see it. But folks we gotta remember when the second amendment was written the guns of that time were black powder. We now have smokeless cartridge and high cap semi auto. I’d say we are more free than the founders who wrote the constitution. Let’s face it there are nut bags that do crazy shit to innocent people. I’d rather see them have a harder time to get guns that can mow down a crowd of people. I don’t feel that some regulations are out of the question. I know I’m gonna get hell from you all about my viewpoint and that’s fine. But I feel it’s your right to buy whatever you want so get the full auto mp5 if that’s what you feel you need to protect you interests. I just don’t feel I need that. I don’t support the NRA because I feel they are trying to make $ of all the gun controversy. I won’t put a sticker on my truck that says what kind of gun I own that stuff is stupid I will quietly assert my right to keep an bear arms. I’m not gonna play some political crap being a loud mouth for gun rights. They can make any laws they want I’m gonna have a gun period. You do what you want.

        • “I’d say we are more free than the founders who wrote the constitution.”

          I don’t think so. Back then, it was legal for any private person to own any kind of weapon equal to what the military had, which was pistols, rifles, and cannons. Now you can’t have automatic rifles, rockets, or any of the other gear the military has.

          • Hell, they had more than that.

            They had full fledged armed warships.

        • Asshat, I’m with you on the NRA and will take that even further. They are NOT a true pro-2A organization. they always work with govt. agencies to UNDERMINE the 2A. never given a dime to them and never will. Join groups like gun Owners Of America or Jews For The Preservation Of Firearms Ownership. They are TRUE pro-gun champions as they don’t compromise on the 2A like the stinking NRA. NRA can get f#$%ed. and are well worth your time.

      15. Sheeeeyit. My AR-10, chambered in .308 Winchester, achieves a muzzle velocity of 2800 feet per second pushing a 155 grain soft point bullet bought off the shelves of my local hardware store. When I load my own, I can tailor them to specific needs. In 30 seconds, I can dump a 20 round magazine engaging targets out 500 yards with a very high degree of accuracy. Alone with my weapon in a secure position, I can stop, pin down, and pick off a column of men.

        This is my rifle. There are many like it, but this one is mine. It is my life. I must master it as I must master my life. Without me my rifle is useless. Without my rifle, I am useless. I must fire my rifle true. I must shoot straighter than the enemy who is trying to kill me. I must shoot him before he shoots me. I will. My rifle and I know that what counts in war is not the rounds we fire, the noise of our burst, or the smoke we make. We know that it is the hits that count. We will hit.

        My rifle is human, even as I am human, because it is my life. Thus, I will learn it as a brother. I will learn its weaknesses, its strengths, its parts, its accessories, its sights and its barrel. I will keep my rifle clean and ready, even as I am clean and ready. We will become part of each other.

        Before God I swear this creed. My rifle and I are the defenders of my country. We are the masters of our enemy. We are the saviors of my life. So be it, until victory is America’s and there is no enemy.

        • You are a frikkin dreamer there Walter. You get a column of men who know WTF they are doing, they’ll engage you in direct fire flanking one way, while your ass is being flanked the other way scooting in on you. They will DRAW YOUR FIRE and flank your ass. Hell, I guess you think they are going to play static pop-up target because you got’em pinned down shooting at them. Damn porch sniper. You are in for a rude awakening. I encourage you to WTFU now, before you get your ass in that position and a bullet in your ass.

          If. A big IF… if I were to play your game, I’d take on shot and move my ass out of there.

          • have to agree if alone

            • Curtis ,
              Google one shot paddy ,
              What’s to come is going to resemble the troubles , but by a factor of 5 ,
              Low intensity conflict , hearts and minds people provide what the regime cannot , form an auxiliary for support . Remember that 90 day time frame it’s not hype or paranoia .

              Fortune favors the prepared

              De Opressor Liber

              Semper Fi

            • 1vet.

              At this time I will be going it alone. Whether I make it or not depends on a lot of variables. How well I can fortify my position. Conditions of the battle area.
              Who is my adversary to name a few,
              If I am to engage the average idiot “OG” he may be surprised at what he may encounter. One advantage is that I already know the area. Where he can hide or advance on me. What material can be penetrated by rifle fire. The battle area can change as he may use parked vehicles in the neighborhood as cover.
              I have two vacant homes on my cul de sac. Each side of the entrance. I can use them as backstops.
              Made out brick and painted white. Dark images against white backgrounds. Hmmmmm.
              I know that projectiles will enter my home. Have to deal with possible fire. Even if they try to run a vehicle into my home.
              Now if they run a MRAP down at me. Game over.

            • Asymetrical warfare is their biggest nightmare. We hold the high ground and ranges are known. 1 shot and move along to another position/cache and fight another day. It’s a “war” of attrition. If you don’t already have the right plan and the stuff in place for “camping” you are in for a world of hurt.

              We have had years of time to prepare and plan. They better be good enough to already be where I’m going before I get there. I doubt they are that good. I’ve ran these woods my whole life and know the region like the back of my hand.

              Be very, very quiet…I’m hunting wabbits.

        • Well,gunny, you won’t have unlimited re-supply of ammo for your .308 unless you’re still in the Corps.

          Shoot that f’er single shot and make every shot count. Have reloading supplies, lots of it.

          Have caches of .308 ammo every where.

          Semper Fi

        • A real shame this guy, a petty shoplifter, didn’t have you around to advise him: ht tp://

          He would have surely emerged victorious if he had followed your advice.

          FWIW, Greenwood Village is a little bitty town with a population of about 15,000 that’s been absorbed into the area considered Denver that is best known for its bars, restaurants, and partying and their police sort of looking the other way whenever they can to support it, it isn’t some totalitarian major city or something.

          If you’re a warrior you know when and how to fight and more importantly when and how not to. If you’re not don’t even bother with those Super Rambo fantasies, you’re just wasting time that could be put to good use elsewhere.

        • You better retreat DAMN quickly after that 30 second burst if you open fire on a full column of experienced soldiers, unless you goalie suicide.

      16. There isn’t enough FEMA camps and prisons to hold all the people that violate that executive order. Go ahead,send somebody to pick me up…who is willing to take a bullet?

        • They don’t need FEMA camps. They won’t take us alive. They need to bring body bags for themselves. Got shovels?

          • Nobama, forget the shovels. Buzzards gotta eat too. Like Clint Eastwood once said.

            • BH – Watching Josey Wales right now. Love that quote.

              • Nobama, Josey Wales was one of Clint’s BEST movies.

          • Try backhoe

      17. I can live will that as long as I can still refer to him as an egg sucking pig

      18. the gov is becoming totally irrelevant. the main stream media is getting turned off and their viewership is plummeting. anything they try to do and everything they say has now become a total joke. if these stupid sombeetchez think they can tangle with 300 million firearms buying 2 billion rounds of ammo a month, they are way more stupid than i think they are.

      19. Screw obama and his “policy”. In order to pull this off the 1st amendment would need to be stricken totally from the constitution. Come and get it Kenya boy.

        • Obama is too much of a pussy to come and do any dirty work. They are all. Can you imagine a collapse and friendly troops round up Boehner to try him for war crimes against the American public. He would be crying his ass off for mercy. I don’t know what Obama would do. He would probably be high on something jacking off to midget porn or some sick crap.

      20. FOAD

      21. None of the Liar in Chief’s Executive Federal Orders are enforceable outside the 10 mile district of DC, Federal Buildings and Military bases. All of it is just a huge pile of Bovine Excrement to keep the uninformed sheeple scared.
        Basically, the Federal Government is null and void because it is a foreign owned corporation that does not represent it’s citizens. I can go on and on but, there is a character limit….if any of these fools try to enforce this fake stuff by force, they are not going to see their families at dinnertime or anytime else for that matter and they know it.

      22. “Come and Take It!”

        * pack a lunch and for your children sake, sign your last will and testament prior.

          • Strike when you are certain of victory
            ht tp://

            Live Free or Die…never let them see you coming

      23. Durango Kidd….what’s your takeon this? ht tp://

      24. Well, why not make it a crime. Every freaking thing else in Obungler’s police state is a crime. Land of the Free? When the First Congress enacted the original Crimes Act in 1790 (see ), there were only 17 recognized Federal crimes, and it was reasonable to assume that as long as a person was a law-abiding citizen, he was not at risk of arrest. Today, though, there are more than 4,500 Federal crimes — and many are so obscure that they are nearly indecipherable. In addition to the 4,500 Federal crimes, there are tens of thousands of Federal regulations. Many people commit criminal acts daily without even knowing they are doing so.

        The Federal Register – full of laws which apply to YOU, and is comprised of government agencies’ new regulations, proposed rules, and presidential papers – is, according to and Rep Randy Forbes (R—4th) 34,000 pages in length, and weigh 340 lbs. The Government Printing Office stated on June 14, 2011, the actual number of pages was 34,844 (but then, as pages are added every day, whose counting!), but that was actually just the running tally of the number of pages published in 2011 to date. According to Jim Hemphill, Ass’t to Dir. of the Federal Register, the 2010 total was actually 81,405 pages, of which “only” 46, 758 were dedicated to rules or proposed rules (whew! I was worried there for a minute!). The rest were agency hearing, meetings, investigations, etc.

        But, please note! Our politically correct government is trying to save trees, so the 34,000 pp. document – printed on double sided paper – was only around 17,000 pages, thankfully (of course, under Obama, even double sided is now probably back around that size). One source for this (so you can verify) is at ( )

      25. … and as a side note, for your reflection:

        “If the whole universe has no meaning, we should never have found out it has no meaning; just as, if there were no light in the universe, and therefore no creatures with eyes, we should never know it was dark. Dark would be without meaning.”
        – C.S. Lewis

      26. its not constitutional

      27. Black Lives Matter? Really?

        16 strong Black Gang Assaults a White Family, Tazes the Father, tries to Lynch the Son and Shatters their Vans Windows as the Mother tries to protect her baby from the Gang of Black Teen’s.

        wtf? is going on in the Southern states of Zog Amerika?

        Florence , Alabama – at ‘First Fridays’ under investigation, white victim calls attack a ‘white hate crime’


        • Entire family attacked in racially motivated lynching in Alabama

          A Florence, Alabama event known as “First Fridays” turned into a horrific racially motivated rampage. A father and his fourteen year old son were attacked and lynched by a large group of young blacks. The perps beat them and zapped the adult victim with a taser. He was hospitalized because of his injuries. Then they turned on the mother and a four year old. Smashing the windows of the family van where they had taken refuge. The perpetrators were yelling racial slurs the entire time.

          Local media is CENSORING the race of the attackers. Even WHNT Channel 19, which admitted the attackers were using racial slurs, refused to state the race of the attackers. The Times Daily reported a mob attack, but completely censored all mention of race and the racial slurs. WAAY, the local ABC affiliate, did not report the attack at all.

          If the races were reversed, this would be the biggest news story in the entire USA. Instead it is a “hush crime.”

          For several years now, America has seen a nationwide epidemic of racially motivated attacks on white people. This website has documented hundreds of them. It is only getting worse. The black leadership is refusing to condemn the attacks. In fact, a high profile black pastor from Texas recently green-lighted attacks on white people on national television. He threaten terrorist attacks on white police and white authority figures.

          “NEVER GIVE UP YOUR GUN OR YOUR RIGHT TO CARRY AND PROTECT YOURSELF OR FAMILY FROM THE ZOG FINANCED MARXIST AGENT PROVOCATEURS!” I.E. acorn, blacklivesmatter, nationofislam, etc etc. beware the WSJW – white social justice warrior, they’re ignorance of the zionist forced race mixing agenda is their own families destruction.

          • ” A father and his fourteen year old son were attacked and lynched by a large group of young blacks. The perps beat them and zapped the adult victim with a taser. He was hospitalized because of his injuries. Then they turned on the mother and a four year old. Smashing the windows of the family van where they had taken refuge. The perpetrators were yelling racial slurs the entire time.”

            Better not pick the wrong fella. I’ll be putting the third clip of 230 grain hollow points downrange before you can say cracker…

            • 1vet, if I had been that father, there would have been a bunch of ‘Michael Browns’ laying in their own blood.

          • USA, black-on-white crime is still only a small percentage of overall crime in the US, but it has been increasing ever since the african virus first got into the WH. Black teenagers are very dangerous people. Black males commit 75% of all homicides in the US. That is FBI and DOJ statistics.

            • there as not been 1 black on white crime in my whole 1200 square mile county….not one. The 29 (2010 census) that live here are hard working people.

              • Go toanyAmerican prison and look at the racial make up of its population. It ain’t due to racism and it is NOT an accident.

      28. We’ve All have been Lied too, Daily from Birth to Death!

        It ‘All’ is a well designed Fraud and Deceit based on one simple Goal – Zionist Control of Your Mind!


        ZEITGEIST: THE MOVIE | 2007 (HD)

      29. These people all belong to the pedophile crime ring that rules the planet by proxy through them. Defend yourselves, your children, and the nation.

      30. In the hypothetical event of President Obama taking over through martial law. Would not the smart thing be to storm the head of the snake and not mess with his minions. Take back our government and let him flee on Air Farce 1?

        There is no logic in getting bogged down all over. If hundreds of thousands made a beeline for the cap. They could not stop us.

      31. I love clearly unconstitutional laws, it gives free citizens an opportunity to force the fascists in our government to be caught committing legal fraud.

        There should be a penalty for any politician that offers or sponsors a law found unconstitutional. They should be removed from office and forbidden from running again for one term of their last held office, as well as blocked from practicing law for the same period, after a second offense they should be barred from politics or practicing law for life.

        Let them clean toilets!

        • There is a penalty.

          It is being voted out of office.

          It is rarely to never applied by those charged with enforcing it.

          • Someone should set up a web site that tracks unconstitutional laws, and the politicians that authored or sponsored them!

            It’s time for some accountability!

          • They aren’t elected, they’re selected.

        • or allow them one fuck up, and than its the rope

          or if they actually do get one of their stupid laws passed( on the books enforced or not) , firing squad at noon

          give them some incentive

      32. Here is the deal. No one wants to be first to fight the Cabal who is well funded and armed to the teeth. Once they start killing in public, it is game over for them and they know it.

        The targets of opportunity will be them and a lot of us will will perish too.

        This is no longer about fighting for America, that is history, we are fighting for our right to survive now.

        We can go quietly in the night or try to make a better world without the Cabal.

        The masses will be eliminated. To many takers who do nothing but take and survive of a free gift from the corporate gv and they will for 30 days be a major problem.

        I for one will not fight and risk my life defending Wallmarters.

        • I have come to realize the same. Sad to say it but, America is history. Its only a matter of time now. I agree, protecting my family is my priority.


        YOU ALL GOT IT

        GOOD BYE AMERICA………….

      34. Once you give up your Gun Rights, Your Right to Defend yourself and family, who is left to Defend you from the Zog???

        The U.N.???

        How much Do You Can You really Trust the U.N.?

        Do you trust the U.N. enough for them to Care for your Children during Zog Martial Law when you are placed in Camp Fema?

        maybe you shouldn’t trust them at all…

        * Report: Hundreds of Women & Children Forced into Sex Slavery by United Nations “Peacekeepers”!




          A report from the UN Office of Internal Oversight Services (OIOS), indicated that “peacekeepers” working in Haiti were guilty of raping Haitian women at an alarming rate. The report also indicated that a large number of the victims were underage.

          According to the report, there were 231 people in Haiti who claimed they were sexually violated by UN peacekeepers, and were forced to perform sexual acts in exchange for food and supplies that were intended as relief packages.


      35. Treaties -and their quasi counter part “agreements” that are passed as simple laws since they can’t get enough support to pass as a treaty even if they really are- are twisted and distorted to use as a weapon against the American people to void their Constitutional protections.

        That’s why it’s so very important to the ruling Obama/Republican gang to get the secret TPP thing through with all the details kept secret. They -Obama and the Republicans- have major plans to use it in a manner that isn’t even close to what it is claimed to be about and have to keep it top secret till it is instituted to get away with it.

      36. I agree 100% John.
        Where were all these whinnying “Ramboes” when Wacos and Ruby Ridges were happening?
        Civil disobedience is working very well, (so far) but when the tanks are on the streets its very easy to single out those “Ramboes” here and there if they’re not organized and structured into some kind of chain of command.
        I believe that when tanks are on the streets public will react just like they did after Boston incident, and 90% of those expressing their constitutional (yet) rights on this “blog” will join the fever…

      37. Would someone Please hit the reset button!

        • I have tried but the Government has disconnected it.

          I can not find the new codes………

        • I have tried but the Government has disconnected it……..

      38. the second amendment was not written to protect us from criminal action of civilians but from a tyrannical government. We The People can and should arm ourselves with whatever weapons we can.i myself have several firearms and a couple bows and hundreds of arrows and can use both very well. buy em ..learn em and when necessary… use em. don’t shoot to injure.. shoot to kill or you may be the one in a bag.

      39. Enforceable only if the net brought down,going to get on disc/thumb drive a lot of info. off of the good firearm sites,will post continually,fuck it,nothing to lose!

      40. Obama can suck my kock.

      41. best get all the technical drawings you can from to keep incase this ban goes through!

      42. if you don’t go vote for trump, you’re part of the enemy.

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