New Las Vegas Shooter Theory: “Rushed And Unprepared… Could Have Led To Accident Like Shooting Himself In The Head”

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    It should be clear by now that the entire official narrative surrounding the Las Vegas shooting that left 59 people dead and hundreds injured is falling apart. From shooter Paddock’s check-in date and the existence of a second person in his room, to possible connections to a terrorist organization, as well as the the actual timeline of events, everything being disseminated by law enforcement and the mainstream media should now come under public scrutiny.

    In the last 24 hours the Sheriff’s Department has significantly revised the event timeline and a key incident involving the shooting of a Mandalay Bay security guard.

    Originally, as highlighted by The Daily Sheeple, the security guard was hailed as being responsible for preventing the shooter from continuing his massacre because he interrupted him in the middle of the attack.

    As it turns out, security guard Jesus Campos was actually shot BEFORE Paddock opened fire on the concert crowd below his 32nd floor hotel suite.

    As part of the constantly changing story, officials are now saying that police officers who rushed to the hotel room when the shooting began didn’t know a hotel security guard had been shot “until they met him in the hallway after exiting the elevator,” Lombardo said.

    The security guard, Jesus Campos, was struck in the leg as the gunman, from behind his door, shot into the hallway on the 32nd floor. Paddock apparently detected Campos via surveillance cameras he set up outside his hotel suite, police have said. Paddock shot the guard at 9:59 p.m. local time, Lombardo said, shortly before raining down bullets on the Route 91 Harvest festival in an attack that began at 10:05 p.m. and lasted 10 minutes. Police officers found Campos when they arrived on the floor. And Campos did not summon police to the 32nd floor of the Mandalay Bay hotel, according to the timeline recently updated by the authorities.

    What’s also incredibly interesting, is that eyewitnesses claim to have seen security guards chasing another security guard in the minutes leading up to the massacre. The hotel guest in the room next to Paddock also saw “multiple gunmen.”

    The Full Report: The Ever-Changing Vegas Narrative: Gunman Shot Security Guard Before Massacre

    As of today, here is the revised timeline, as outlined by the Los Angeles Times:


    The new timeline has left investigators and researchers with new questions, two of which are extremely important:

    • What happened during the 6 minutes between Campos being shot and Paddock opening fire, and why weren’t the police rushing to the scene immediately?
    • Why did shooter Stephen Paddock stop shooting?

    Paddock had already shot the security guard, waited six minutes before opening fire on the concert crowd, and then shot for a full ten minutes. Police didn’t arrive for two additional minutes after the shooting stopped – which is a full 18 minutes from the moment Campos was initially hit.

    Moreover, did he stop shooting because he was planning his escape from the 32nd floor? Or is it possible that Paddock was rushed and in a state of panic?

    According to links and information shared by Thomas Wictor and a timeline assessment by Twitter user Mr. Alex, the plausibility of Paddock accidentally killing himself amid the confusion, adrenaline and panic is quite high:


    While we may never know the exact circumstances surrounding what transpired in the shooter’s hotel room, the information being released not just by law enforcement, but witnesses to the event who recorded hundreds of cumulative hours of video and audio, now calls the entirety official story into question.


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      1. He wasn’t shot in the head. He took a bullet in the mouth.

        • Q:”Why did shooter Stephen Paddock stop shooting?”

          A: He was dead, shot by the “other gunman” who commenced the firing at the crowd; then tried to make his escape.

          My personal theory is that Paddock was there with so many different guns and different caliber guns because he thought he was arranging a big arms deal. for big bucks, and had so many varieties of rifles in the room to display his merchandise.

          I have still not heard what happened to the new bolt action rifle that he bought the previous day. Where is it??? And why would you buy a bolt action rifle if you were planning a mass shooting ???

          I believe an accountant with a logical mind for detail would bring a couple rifles of the same caliber and STACKS of 30 round magazines of that caliber, if he were really interested in killing as many people as possible.

          This guy had EVERYTHING to live for: lots of money, lots of free time, and lots of hookers. No motive for being the shooter. However, if he was setup to be the patsy by the DEEP STATE, then EVERYTHING falls into place. 🙂

          • 100% agree! The evidence points to him selling guns and being made a patsy.

          • I said he was a patsy from the first.

            deduced all that from my soft chair in front of the boob tube.

          • You and I finally agree on something. I have said all along, he was dead long before the shooting started, to be the patsy. And those involved were black ops professionals.

          • From my blog:

            It makes absolutely NO SENSE for Paddock having all those weapons in his room. None whatsoever. Maybe 2, maybe 3, in case of weapons failure. Not 23 weapons, or whatever the official count is now. Why would he take the chance in transporting all those weapons into his room over a few days, if all he was going to do was be a “Lone Wolf” gun-man, shooting from the 32nd floor, into the crowded concert grounds?

            It makes ZERO sense. And I am extremely dubious about the claim that Paddock set up a bunch of Security Cams… THAT WEREN’T WORKING, as they claim. Now, why else would someone want Security Cams? Maybe the f**king FBI/Intel? Why else would someone want a 2nd room? Maybe the f**king FBI/Intel? Can you think of any reason AT ALL why the FBI/Intel would want Cam’s and a 2nd room? It is not quantum physics folks.

            All the “evidence” points to “normal guy”. But wait! Leak after leak after leak are now telling us he was not just a “normal guy”! He was CRAZY. He had RAPE FANTASIES with PROSTITUTES. He would lay in bed SCREAMING and MOANING. He was on a sedative-hypnotic drug called Diazepam. He talks to IMAGINARY people. He had a SECRET life.


            Tactical Misdirection. Deception.

            Update: He was part of an FBI/Intel Op/sting gone wrong and was killed and is now being burned as a cover-up. Or, he was set up from the very beginning and is the patsy.

        • Musta been after he fell on his knife several times. Sheesh……….

          • Speaking of being shot in the head….
            Can you name 2 people that were shot in the head in a theatre?

            Stinkin’ abe lincoln and they guy in front of pee wee herman!

        • Either the media is totally incompetent or the investigators are looking at all the wrong clues … it may be months before the “civilian investigators” have this figured out. Count on many counter stories from the media in the meantime.

        • uhhh, Curtis – the mouth is on the head. Right below the nose.

          • Uhhh, Heartless – Shot in the head by suicide insinuates, to most people anyways, that he shot himself in the temple, or any cranial space… not in the facial area through the mouth, or under the chin.

        • And, that picture that somehow was taken of the guy after he had been ‘suicided’ – and then uploaded to the Internet – did anyone besides me find a few peculiar details in it?

          Like those .223 brass shell casings that were shown sitting on top of the pool of blood behind the head of the dead guy.

          If one assumes that the guy did commit suicide, and the revolver seen on the floor above his head was the weapon he used to kill himself – he probably was sitting down on the floor when he put the gun in his mouth and pulled the trigger. This would mean that force of the bullet would have propelled blood, brain tissue and skull fragments out the back of his head – and, if those .223 shell casings were already lying on the floor behind his head, the blood, brain tissue and skull fragments would have fallen down on TOP of them. Right? But, in the picture, the top, visible portion of each of those shell casings was clean as a whistle. How can that happen?

          It could happen if those shell casings were placed in the pool of blood by someone else, after the alleged shooter was dead.

          Remember – the evil, alien ruling (((elites))) are obsessed with demonizing those AR-15 sporting rifles and trying to get them banned – so, despite the fact that the standard AR-15 was not a very effective choice of rifle to use at the distances in question – they still wanted to implicate it in this false flag event, so as to add it to the list of weapons they want to take away from private citizens.

          Also, in the other pictures of the room where the shooting supposedly took place – there weren’t any shell casings scattered on the floor. Did the cops sweep them up before the pictures were taken and then leaked to the Internet? Why would they do that? Wouldn’t the forensics team want to check those casings for fingerprints?

          • ” …. despite the fact that the standard AR-15 was not a very effective choice of rifle to use at the distances in question …. ”

            Gotta disagree with that statement. I had an “old” AR-15 sport rifle that had an effective range of 600 yards; maximum range of 800 yards.

            New AR’s are better precision rifles than the older models. Most of Paddocks weapons were bought in the past couple of years.

            Besides how much “precision” do you need when you are firing down into a crowd of 22,000 people 400 yards away ??? 🙁

        • mouth: Part of the region known as the head.

          • Mouth: Part of the region known as the FACE.

      2. Well……….. I wonder when they’re going to ‘splain’ about the 2nd suicide shot they heard. But all b.s. aside – it took what? some 72+ minutes for the SWAT ‘heroes’ to get to the door? Say what? Yet they can go sec by sec on some hotel security guard who stuck fast and tried to save people even after being shot? Yeah – “I swear Ya ‘Onoar’, I dun hear-ed that Paddycock guy do a double-tap on his own noggin’… yassuh, I surely did”.

      3. Heartless, all any of us will hear from these people is BS. about the Vegas Massacre. Rushed and unprepared? GMAFB!

        • this whole vegas incident is going to blow up in their faces…changes by the day as information is leaked then it becomes oh by the way there was a slight mix up in the facts caused from the heat of battle…I wonder how many people are going to die because they know or might know or witnessed something they should not have…makes ya wonder what in the hell they have planned for those protest on nov 4th…even though they royally screwed this up I don’t believe they can help themselves but take advantage of the nov 4th protest…

        • Lombardo might as well be a fed, he is up their ass far enough.

          • Who do you see at every presser? The same fed… drilling his eyes on the Sheriff… reminding him that this is a… NATIONAL SECURITY matter.

          • Who do you see at every presser? The same fed… drilling his eyes on the Sheriff… reminding him that this is a… NATIONAL SECURITY matter.

            Okay, this blew me away. Ya want to think coincidences, right? Well…

            “Blood Bath At The Casino, Good Choice, Going To Be Expensive”

            Fast forward to 13 Minutes, play.

            Season Premiere: Day 1 – 10/01/17 – 10 P.M.


            You gotta be frikkin kidding me… right?

      4. Just more rubbish from the media and the gubmit.

        • I agree Press 9, this WHOLE STORY, and that’s what this is, a story, STINKS!!!!! Law enforcement knows why he shot all those people, they just aren’t telling us the TRUTH!!!

      5. Mac, according to Paul Craig Roberts and the experts who wrote in to his website, this was another false flag event. Hope you read his articles on this!! They are pretty convincing!

        • Yep and the offical story is UNBELIEVABLE!


        One reader made an excellent point. According to mainstream media reports, 59 people were immediately killed in the shooting and 527 were wounded. Among those 527 wounded, wouldn’t some of them have died from complications, blood loss, trauma? How come none of the wounded, people allegedly hit with military rounds, succumbed?

        I agree. This does seem to be inexplicable.

        And then I received via email a letter that purports to be from a general surgeon who dealt with gunshot wounds in military hospitals. He links to a video of an operation on a real leg gunshot wound, its life threatening nature, and the incapacity that it inflicts for a long time even if the operation is successful. He compares this to the rosy-cheeked laughing alleged victims shown on YouTube with gunshot wounds in support of the official story and says without equivocation that they are actors, badly acting the part.

      7. We are never going to know the complete truth about what happened in Las Vegas.
        Operations are always compartmentalized, and I’m sure some of the people involved in the Las Vegas shooting are already dead or marked for death.
        The elite know they can simply discredit any information as “conspiracy theories” since the truth movement is so popular now.
        The only conclusion we can make based on the history of the U.S. government is that we are not being told the truth.
        The JFK and RFK assassinations.The 1993 WTC bombing.The Oklahoma City bombing. The attacks on 9/11. The Wars on Terror and who Osama bin Laden was.
        And many other events that involve the U.S. government.
        We will never know the complete truth about all the events I have mentioned.

        • Ya, oklahoma city,,, no way in hell that truck bomb collapsed the whole front of that building,,,
          Wasnt good old billy clintn the pres when that happened?

      8. Paddock was in that room to do a covert government arms deal with a terrorist cell and it went bad. They killed paddock and shot into the crowd. Where is the security camera images? Can Anyone say FAST AND FURIOUS.

      9. A covert government sponsored arms deal gone bad.

      10. So… My question is.
        What’s to be done about this and all other false flag events.i mean we I ow that happen so what’s to be done????

      11. So he shot himself by accident in the mouth with a double action revolver?

        Happens all the time….Now move along, nothing to see here.

        • Anybody ever tried an I.O. AK? American made AK (mossberg barrel, tapco trigger, mil spec reciever, all US made. Supposedly has 2 inch groups at 100 yards and very sturdy construction. Comments?

          • 2″ at 100 yards?
            My rifles will all shoot through the same hole at 100 yards

            • I am talking about an AK lol NOT a bolt rifle. 2″ is very good for an AK.

              • I dont have an AK,,,,
                But im talking AR15/10 dont matter, all are super accurate, generally more accurate than me,
                But i get why peeps like the AK,, i was looking at geting a PTR91, but just dont like the recoil on these types of rifles, my 7.62×51 with an aftermarket brake has virtually no felt recoil, pretty amazing really. And dead nuts accuracy,

                • I shot my bud’s HK .308 with no brake and damn that thing would rattle your teeth loose lol. Never shot an AR platform .308 yet. I figure a good AK will keep the critters at bay till I get to my bolt guns. Then they had better run for their lives cause they will be droppin like flies….

                  • Even a good DPMS 7.62×51 AR is good, and you wont need to get dental work, had a gunsmith bud build me a 300WM bolt gun,?recoil is almost non existant because of the brake, after i got that i had him work my 308 Win bolt gun and ordered brakes for all my ARs, huge huge difference, the ARs are super friendly, my significant other loves em now because other than the sound they are soft running,
                    If you ever get a chance to shoot a NEMO OMEN do it, you will sell your kid to buy one,,, i would have but shes too old, ha!

                    • I recently got my hands in a cz 858 or vz58 same ammo mine is check made and other then not have a chrome lined barrel it shoots 5cm groups at 150 meters. Or 2″ groups at 148.7 yards. Remember the 7.62 x 39 is an intermediate round designed to do one thing and that is hit center mass at 200 yards.they were never intended to for much else. Accuracy dictates a decent bolt with a .30 cal. Cartridge.
                      Just my opinion

                    • The AK is one of those drag em through the mud guns too, definitely better in harsh conditions, at least right out the box,

          • I.O. doesn’t have a good reputation. Shoddy work. Better off with a East Europeon model

      12. Rap going around – he was shot by Jesus or another shooter in the gut, choked on his own blood – face shot shows no mouth shot? shows bvlood in mouth and around him. Also, clean shell casings ON TOP of the blood – clean. He was hit – by whom?

      13. ALL parta teh (CIA) Company CoverUp story.

      14. I maintain that the “security guard” either shot paddock, or he knows who did. From the looks of Paddocks head….if it was real….the shot was to the mouth up thru the top. I thought it was funny that part of the blood on the carpet looked fairly dry and another patch looked bright red. That would indicate fresh blood and old blood. A small pocket hand gun laid about 2 ft. above his head. His hands were down by his thighs. But he was wearing heavy gloves, which seemed very strange to me, if the tiny hand gun was put into his mouth firing the fatal shot. Everything in the
        picture looked staged. It looked to me like he had been stabbed in the chest, as well.

        This whole thing stinks to high heaven. This is a set up for a bigger cover-up? The first presser I thought the sheriff was overly stressed, tripping over his own words when asked questions, looking always to the fellow to his left before answering.

        More than 100 muslims work in that building. The top 4 floors are muslim owned. And the “security guard” was named “Jesus” ?
        Anyone can wear a uniform, fits the plot, right?
        No this is total BS. If a big enough bullet went thru that solid core door and hit him in the leg
        He would still be in the hospital with a torn and broken leg, not running around.
        He would be my number one suspect murderer.

        • kay123… what you see on his hands are the bags used to preserve evidence at the scene…probably the only legitimate thing in that photo…

      15. this is distraction. The Clintons and Obama are experts at it. We are being distracted by this tragedy….while the world is going down the toilet. We are being distracted by Russia allegations w Trump, when no body…I mean NO BODY ever mentions the fact that Hilary Rotten Clinton signed away mining uranium rites in America to a RUSSIAN company?!?!?…Not one word in the media…Oh, the latest on Clintons…..Next week a Haitian politician was going to give testimony against the Clinton Foundation. According to him, who manged the money raised to help the hurricane victims…less than 10% of the money was given out to victims…90% of the money disappeared to Clinton companies…HE was found dead this week; an apparent “suicide” at age 50…….SURE….and we get all these false flags to keep the sheeple occupied while the 1%ers continue to rob us blind and prepare for the nuclear war they are supporting because we all know the military industrial complex companies make a windfall in war and preparations for it…..!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

      16. Ballistics would prove it all and what is happening to the evidence? Hospital sources say protocol was not followed and unknown persons made off with it from the hospital. Anything in police custody is a goner. You cannot believe anything the FBI says or does because corruption is hiding the truth here and everywhere. We should be immune to that by now but my injection site is starting to fester. Follow what happens to the evidence. Learn from their excuses why they keep us from knowing. The evidence is key and they will protect it with their careers at least. Follow their methods, building 7 was destroyed for what it contained, hard copy evidence. They take its control very seriously, perhaps, a little too seriously.

        • Hospital sources say protocol was not followed, but the Protocols were followed. . .

      17. The official story is wrapped up tighter than Dicks hat band. One of my mothers often said cliches.

      18. The whole thing smells of bulkshit, just like when a criminal changes their story you know they are full of it and cant trust anything out of them,
        Brought to you by the crookedest government money can buy

        • A lot of them aren’t bought, they are blackmailed with pedophilia etc. Many skeletons in their closets and they are put there by their masters.

          • It really seems like something happens to these people after they go to DC, like you say most likely blackmail of some sort, and if that doesnt happen they get blackballed by MSM and the political machine.

      19. Two videos by Mike Adams: Exclusive: Forensic acoustic analysis confirms existance (and range) of second Las Vegas shooter. Three possible spots and the exact spot can be determined by more recordings of the event.

        • aljamo, sorry but that will never happen. In times of deciet, the truth is a dangerous thing.

      20. The above can be found at or at

      21. The guy was a F@#$ing coward that would fight with an armed person. So the Bustard shot himself.

        • I doubt “that guy” had anything to do with pulling the trigger on those people. Examine the evidence some more.

      22. The new timeline just screams that there was somebody else in the room. How did they get out? Perhaps through the other broken window, the window that shots were fired out of at the fuel tanks perhaps? I’m guessing that Paddock may not have even fired a single shot, and he may have died before any of this transpired. The other window was broken out as an escape route, and a few shots were popped into the fuel tanks to explain the broken window. The delays in the timeline were used to clear the room. So did he/they go up or down?

        BTW, breaking windows out of a high-rise is the hard way to do this. It would have been much easier, and more sensible to do this from higher up, or even from a different “nest”. Perhaps this room was just a diversion.

      23. How does a person “accidentally” shoot themselves in the head with a rifle?

        Even Barney Fife wasn’t that bad.

        • Not really sure but theres all kindsa stupid floating around out there

      24. Clinton was President when the Oklahoma City bombing happened. There is much information that shows the bombing was a government operation using Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols as patsies.
        Pizzagate proved that the D.C. politicians are being blackmailed by engaging in pedophile acts.
        If you research missing children you will find some interesting information.
        Hollywood is full of pedophiles as well.
        Pedophila is the common link between politics, Hollywood, and the elite.
        I read Anthony Weiner was very eager to ivestitigate 9/11 and I think it’s no coincidence his career ended in shame.
        The Bush and Clinton crime families have a long history of killing people, but they are low ranking peons on the NWO power structure.
        If you all have a chance read the book 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA.
        In the book you will learn much about the CIA, MI6 ,and Mossad having terrorist agents operating around the world.
        The book discusses the 1993 WTC bombing and Oklahoma City bombing and many other important stragties used by the elite to implement their NWO.
        After reading 9/11 Synthetic Terror: Made in USA you can see how this Las Vegas shooting could be used by the elite.

        • P-51 Mustang.. I read that Weiner is a Mossad agent. Also Diane Feinstein a Mossad plant who has held office in some form of government for 45 years.

      25. Kinda reminds you of the Kennedy assassination doesn’t it? We still don’t know all the facts on that one and doubt we’ll get them on this one.

      26. The so called shooter had gloves on, where is the ear plugs at or hearing protection? noise level would be high in a closed room .

      27. This story is rotten with confusion, and misinformation. Everything over police radios and LEO cell phones is very accurately time stamped. Police repeatedly revising time stamps is either negligence or intensional.

        A mass shooter and police just sat and waited nearly an hour before breaching?

        The shooter it seems bought all his guns in the last year, I’ve been shooting since I was seven. I can’t imagine someone proficiently using firearms in just a few months without someone training them. They say he wanted to shootout fuel tanks, but of only three rounds that hit only one penetrated. He was obviously using the wrong caliber. The bump stocks he had are difficult enough to work, has anyone tried shooting one at a 30 deg down angle? They also claimed bump stocks were installed on rifles with bipods, bump stocks don’t function with bipods like the ones pictured.

        They claim that they can’t find a motive? Sounds like they don’t like the motive they found. By now this guys autopsy is complete possibly shy of some drug testing. I imagine they scraped up his brain splatter and looked at cells for signs of a tumor. Initial reports said he had ANTIFA litterateur, is that the inconvenient motive, the guy was a flaming liberal whipped up to kill by CNN and MSNBC.

        Remember where this occurred, in Vegas, a liberal bastion that everyone refers to as “sin city”. All of the power in Vegas resides in the hands of Globalists, who hate the truth in this case, and would prefer a lie.

        • PTPO,
          As information continues to be released this whole crime
          becomes more and more bizarre.
          I hate and mistrust the government, but I’m not a
          conspiracy nut. I don’t think we will ever get
          truth from this. Anytime you are dealing with Democrats
          all you can expect is lies and deception.
          Most cops are Democrats. Most of Clark county
          Government is Democrat. Most of FBI is Democrat.

      28. You would think with all of those security cameras/spy cameras that the hotel date stamps would be correct. But they say they are not. Usually you have a Dateline NBC interview by now of the “hero” in the story, but …nope. Why did he not reveal he was shot right away? Too sketchy. Most people would.

      29. THE initial reports about Antifa and leftwing politics were based on the assumption that the shooter was the ex-husband of the girlfriend. Turned out to be a different guy entirely, who was “not political” by report, but we may never find out exactly what his thought process was.

      30. Where are the hotel security cameras? The security guard had no radio to call for help? He was shot before the shooting and was just laying there? No yelling for help? I know,just dumb questions……

      31. Yea, shot himself in the head on accident…. F*cking laughing my ass off at that one! Just like I laugh at the missing 1000+ empty shell casings, and the missing empty magazines, and the body missing the “13” tattoo on the throat…. Whole story is one big F*cking LIE!

      32. aljamo
        That’s interesting information.
        It does make you wonder why Benjamin Netanyahu addressed U.S. Congress and why the U.S. is always providing support to Israel.
        The fact that authorities arrested many Mossad agents working within the U.S. after 9/11 proves Israel has control powers within the U.S. government.
        The U.S. has had moles and spies working within the government for years.
        I read there was someone leaking information about the Manhattan Project to the Russians which they reverse engineered to create their hydrogen bomb.

      33. Just watch, or more accurately, listen to the first five minutes of the female cab driver video…at least 4 different gunshot locations can be heard. One was very close to the cab location and later two guns can be heard going at the same time. Once you can differentiate the echoes from the actual shots you can really hear all the different locations. Since there is no mention of this glaringly obvious timeline inconsistency Mr. Sheriff, I call all “evidence” being produced nothing but b.s..
        He claimed today that the timeline has changed because of the security guard and could change again. Yes, as soon as and if caught in another lie I have no doubt they will change their timeline again.

      34. The gunman stopped shooting because CIA-like instigators told him (in his drugged condition; drugs that CIA-like operatives are well-reputed to have with which to control the subjects they recruit for such operations) via electronic communication (confiscated, of course, by sister Deep State agency, the FBI) to kill himself to avoid being interrogated by local cops which would potentially have revealed his CIA-like instigation to massacre a bunch of unarmed and unarmored soft targets so the Deep State’s mainstreamers could pounce on it and use it to orchestrate the usual chorus of bleaters to demand “disarming of the American public” in order to make them (the last large, armed population) unable to resist totalitarian takeover?

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