New “Geo Fence” Technology Lets DHS, FBI and Apple Command Your Phone’s Camera and Microphone

by | Sep 4, 2012 | Headline News | 228 comments

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    Two noteworthy pieces of information were made available over the weekend which further prove that our government and high technology firms are working together in an effort to expand the scope of the domestic police state.

    First, Apple has been granted a new patent that allows the company to command its devices to shut down camera and microphone functionality on any iPhone or iPad based on its specific geographic location.

    The technology makes it possible for the firm, at the behest of government officials, to create a “geo fence” around any venue or event which is identified as a security priority or sensitive area.

    To put it bluntly, the powers that be could control what you can and cannot document on your wireless devices according to their own whims.

    Given that the major technology companies are set to make wireless connectivity a major feature of the latest cameras, this development does not bode well for photographers and citizen journalists who are already experiencing a major crackdown on their first and fourth amendment rights.

    Second, and quite possibly even more disturbing than Apple’s ability to directly access key recording features on our wireless devices, is the revelation that hackers breached an FBI Regional Cyber Action Team laptop computer and gained access to highly sensitive files that were later released on the internet. In those files were the unique device identifiers, user names, address books, and other personal details belonging to over 12 million Apple subscribers.

    This suggests one of two possibilities. Either the FBI illegally hacked Apple’s subscriber database to acquire this information, or Apple willingly turned this information over to them.

    Let’s be real here folks — 12 million UDIDs (unique device identifiers) is a hell of lot of them.  Are you willing to believe that there was no “official transfer” from “somewhere” to the FBI of that data?

    Occam’s razor leads us to the conclusion that the FBI and DHS are actively working with technology companies like Apple to create a database of subscribers in order to broaden an already flourishing control grid. With access to personal device details law enforcement agencies could then interface with telecommunications firms to rapidly locate any wirelessly connected digital device – and with Apple’s new “geozone” enforcement technology, could effectively shut down the recording capabilities of any phone, tablet or PC on demand.

    Soon, as Steve Watson of Infowars notes, the free flow of information that has made it possible for video to be instantly distributed to millions of people around the world could simply be shut off with the click of a button.

    With direct access to subscriber lists and Apple’s new technology government officials and law enforcement agencies could simply remove the ability of citizen journalists and private individuals to document events like protesters being doused with pepper spray as they sit motionless, police brutality and injustice, DHS harassment, and political persecution.

    All dissent must be silenced.


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      1. This one does not surprise me one bit.
        Looks like they took this one from the Dark Knight though.

        • Sounds like a great time for a tech company to come up with an alternate recording device that can be hooked up to run off your phones battery to continue recording after they hit the kill switch. I still have a flip from a few years ago, maybe I’ll try to have it around more with some spare AA.

          • The lesson is to not rely on your cell phone as a video camera. I just looked at a very small HD camera at Walcorp for about $120. Not much bigger than a cell phone and can not be controlled remotely. Mice viewing screen as well.

            Another lesson is to avoid Apple and other companies that are taking active rolls in unleashing the Police State, such a Google.

            Yet another lesson is to remove the battery from your cell phone if you are going to be involved in anything the corp deems a threat, which is everything.

            A cell phone is a cell phone. A video camera is a video camera. Use your cell phone for business as normal, and your video camera to record the Police State doing it’s business as usual.

            All corporations are criminal enterprises by nature. Treat them accordingly and you will be protected from them.

            • Be advised, removing the batter from your cellphone does not disable it. They can still track you and may be able to use some of the other cellphone features as well.

            • If it has a micro chip more than likely it can be remotely controlled, devices that have USB or Firewire connection seem to be able to be remotely controlled for sure even with out any wire connection. I have had this happen with five different professional level cameras. Only one a digital back had a wireless device built in, Bluetooth.
              I have no idea if this is a requirement made by law that the public is unaware of or just a weakness of all digital devices.
              Land Line Telephones sold in the US must have certain features that allow them to be used as Room Listening Devices over the telephone line. Burglar Alarms can be remotely turned off over the telephone line, I would assume this is also a requirement by law as well.

        • two is one…one is none…

          • Make sure you run that by The Minstry Of Truth…

        • thats at least 10 sales apple lost instantly, and every product they produce from this point on will be on my shit list.

          Smart marketing? Not!

          Interestingly Hitler’s germany waas riddled by exactly the same corporate-govt nexus.

          • Not to mention the other people we can dissuade from buying crapples. Unfortunately, just like Microsoft and PC, Android is Apples so any smart phone will be off limits for those seeking safety and privacy.

            Interestingly, Hitlers descendents and those of his main men are now posing as Americans. Bush was among those, but I don’t think anybody claims Obamy.

            • Sometimes I wonder if you get it.

            • You’re right JustMe, I’ve already wrote this boy off as a know-it-all with no answers and no clue!

            • “just like Microsoft and PC, Android is Apple”

              Huh? Microsoft is a competitor of Apple plus has their own phone operating system, a pc is not even a brand and is DEFINITELY not Apple, and Android is a product of Google (which is not Apple either)

            • I understood his point that no smartphone manufacturer refuses the demands of ZOG.

            • OOOPS, I made an error. I mistakenly thought Android was an Apple OS for phones. Looks like it’s Google’s. I should have known, given that the OS is what will allow the shut down and Google is an open Police State supporter.

            • Hardrock, a PC is any computer or any brand that runs on Windows, or before that DOS for the really old time users.

              I did correct my error about the origin of the Android OS as a Google product. That begs the question, why would a company that does not offer cell phones, or operating systems, create an operating system for a cell phone?

              And why would a company like Apple, that does have it’s own operating systems for it’s personal computers, use one from a different company in it’s Ipads and Iphones?

              Something doesn’t smell right, especially when one understands that Google is the information compiler for the Police State.

              Be careful people. Make sure you don’t say anything with a Smart phone that you wouldn’t say to your mother. Or your Big Brother.

              I think I’ll keep my dumb phone for important business. It doesn’t even know who I am, much less where I am at when it is turned off.

            • So descendants of someone means they are exact clones in every way in your opinion? This country doesn’t have a snowballs chance in hell with such complicit ignorance. So any of you that are descendants of felons you must be texting from prison right? ROTFLMFAO!

            • Gods Creation, you say all corps are criminal…But didnt you tell folks a part of your waive the bennifits plan is to form an LLC?

              Isnt an llc a Limited Liability corp?(Yes it is!)

              So a corp is criminal but form your own LLC?

              I am being serious here. Not trying to bash your ideas etc. Just kinda curious is all.

              Also if an LLC Is a huge part of how you can so to speak drop out of Corps systems etc, dont you have to supply some type personal info or ID etc to form an LLC?

              I ask in all sincerity as I do not know the answer but assume any type LLC or whatever you still need driver lic or soc sec or buis ID or??? Which Can be Traced back to You right?

              Thanks if you answer me.

          • “…and every product they produce from this point on will be on my shit list.”

            May want to ditch Microsoft and Android products while you’re at it.

            About the only device you can trust these days is a jailbroken one.

            • Um, maybe a mirror and some sunlight, or smoke signals…one if by land, two if by sea…

        • Come on hackers; get us some access I’m dying to hear what goes on in the oval office on a daily basis.

          Trust in technology people, it will deliver us from the reins of evil. Trust in God even more – even if the Democrats did remove him from their platform for the first time in history. Trust in man; he will over come this plague.

            • At least they dropped the pretense.

              Now if only they can put up what they truly worship: Power.

            • OQ: Maybe now we won’t have to hear Pelosi try to say something, anything about Jesus. For someone who claims she was raised christian it is bizarre to hear her try to say something about her faith in Jesus. She could not get a coherent thought togeather. Does she not know even ONE fact about him?
              I am sure Obama is relieved. He won’t have to keep skipping his name in prayers etc.
              But power is only part of what some of them worship. Many do actually worship and promote the comming of the antichrist.

            • @c:

              Hearing her claim to be Catholic is cringe-worthy beyond belief, given her atrocious anti-Catholic voting record.

              Yeah – it would be refreshing to see her proclaim her true idol for once.

            • KY Mom, God dropped the democratic party long ago. It is kinda like the guy who gets fired telling the company he quits.

            • Now what on earth , does that have to do with ANYTHING on “GEO FENCING” Ms busy body ? Stay focused, let Mac “NASTY” Slavo serve up the meal!

          • Great
            Now WE THE PEOPLE, are supposed to believe that AN IMAGINARY BEING will help us out of this quandry that WE THE PEOPLE put ourselves into in the first place because of all of the INTELECTUAL IDIOCY and STUPIDITY. My question is WHERE THE FUCK WAS THIS SO POWERFUL BEING WHEN ORDINARY PEOPLE LIKE HITLER, MOUSOLINNI, PO POT,were screwing up this planet? Keep wasting your time on that IMAGINARY BEING OF YOURS OH YEA LET ME KNOW HOW THAT TURNED OUT FOR YOU.

            WAKE UPAMERICA


            • Grover, I suggest you read some Dostoevskij — start with The Brothers Karamazov.

            • Mr. Grover: Our battles are NOT with flesh & blood!

            • Personally, I think God is cool *because* he/she gives us exactly what we ask for… It has been said that God helps those who help themselves. Methinks this is true, and certainly worth a wholehearted try on our part… time will tell…

          • Did you not see the pledge of US to start the campaign for the Democrats? Me thinks “Trust In God” was in there somewhere!!

        • What surprises me is that this article sounds surprised that corporations and the G are working together. The CIA worked with Hollywood and Western Union and these are the ones we know about.

        • Really folks and this took you by suprise??? Damn wake TFU people it is only going to get worse..


          • Already worse- a direct reflection of America’s present state of numbness/apathy/(insert your malady here) Our best and perhaps only hope is for each of us to be personally responsible for our own personal conduct and by setting a good example in our daily lives for those who we are able to influence…or not… the rest is just excuses and whining- get over it!

        • Can anybody think of a GOOD use for such technology?

          • “””Can anybody think of a GOOD use for such technology?”””

            To spread as many false leads and false information about yourself as possible.

      2. This is horrible. Think I’ll stick with an old Brownie camera (there’s one in the attic) and an APPLE product will never cross our threshhold, although I really feel Bill Gates is worse. What do you think the chances are that Romney/Ryan, or any other politician, will be able to resist a data mining treasure like this? All politicians, even the better ones, are power/control-mad, and I don’t think any of them could ignore this little jewel. Technology will enslave all of us.

        • Bad news – odds are perfect that Android and Windows Phone have the same things socked into them, and that someone has those bits as well.

          • While it certainly is possible to do this on Android phones, their ‘open source’ nature allows for anyone with a bit of will power and tinkering to install their own OS onto the device therefore eliminating the threat.

            Apples proprietary system however does not allow for this option. This is the primary reason why android is WAY better than Apple besides being much more versatile.

            • If you can jailbreak it, certainly.

              Otherwise, good luck with that. Most carriers used to seek out and ‘brick’ jailbroken devices on their networks as they came across any. It wouldn;t take much to reinstate that.

              Besides, given the massive ass-reaming that most carriers are perpetrating with their new “shared data” plans, you may not be able to afford to use the things for data much longer anyway.

            • @Timothy: “While it certainly is possible to do this on Android phones, their ‘open source’ nature allows for anyone with a bit of will power and tinkering to install their own OS onto the device therefore eliminating the threat.”

              Really? Read this and tell us if you still believe that…


        • “”Technology will enslave all of us.””

          Not if you don’t become a slave to technology.

          • It truly is TEOTWAWKI. I know one thing, there is only one true king and he is not taking this lightly. I pity those that think like this.

            Thumbs down not for you, but for the idiots doing this.

          • and in the end “they shall be lovers of themsleves” what is funny is NC is the Bible belt and yet nobody really knows what the Bible says about false Gods and prophets…go figure the irony is killing me

      3. Everyone can be tracked especially now that most carry a smart phone….Isn’t technology wonderful…

        • No one takes their freedom. They voluntarily exchange it for bells and whistles and thus enslave themselves. If people would stop buying these products they would be rendered useless. I’ve lost count of how many times I walked out of a grocery store because I did not want to pay extra for not having a card to track my purchases.

          • “I’ve lost count of how many times I walked out of a grocery store because I did not want to pay extra for not having a card to track my purchases.”

            I have store cards for everyplace….all of them in the name of John E. Cash, 123 Main St, Anywhere, USA.

            Guy at Radio Shack was so insistent I give him my name and address to buy a pack of batteries I finally asked him “Given a choice of collecting information or selling stuff, which one are you going to pick ? “

            • observing- i agree , i will not give out information at the check out lane . when they ask i say “cash sale” and nobody really asks after that. radio shack is one of the worst .

              i do not own and wont ever own a smart phone , a flip phone seems to get me through the day. soon i am afraid i am gonna tell customers to leave messages on my hard line answer machine. this sort of tracking and recording is getting to be a bit repressive , don’t ya think ?

            • “Given a choice of collecting information or selling stuff, which one are you going to pick ? “

              That made me laugh 🙂

              and will have to try it sometime, but am wondering where is it they’re asking for this information to make a purchase. Also, where is it they charge you for not using a card? Very curious…

            • Same story here. I gave all the stores all the fake info they can stand, and I still get to use the cards for the discounts.

              If they actually followed the logical address I gave them (for a pseudo addy way off in Astoria, Oregon), they’d end up somewhere about 3 miles offshore in the Pacific Ocean.

            • Hey, I did that at a game store when buying for my kid. Same question and same result. Fewer seem to ask for that these days. Might be because the snooping has gotten better?

          • Agreed PP. One of the best days of my life was when I watched my ‘ball and chain’ slip out of my pocket while I was working on HID lights and fall 60′ to its death – it burst into pieces when it hit a concrete slab.
            My wife has tried to get me to replace it – “..not even on a bet!”. The freedom is wonderful.

        • Tina, it’s all for your protection, “they” don’t want you, they are going after terrorists….. (HEAVY sarcasm)…

          • Oh, I’m just a friendly, loving Anarchist. The meaning of that term is “without ruler”. I despise terrorists; my first wife was one to me. lol

            Any other original Anarchists here?

            • For years, I have classified myself as a “benevolent anarchist”. Does this qualify?

        • Isn’t it wonderful. Our love of high tech gadits have given big brother total access to everything we do and say. That’s why I have a stupid phone.

          • Maybe it is time for more then just a few to return thier favor. They do not seem to like it when it is done in return. IE:

            The Guantanamo Files: 779 classified prisoner dossiers revealed from the world’s most notorious prison.

            The GIFiles

            Syria Files just a few.

   Return the favor.

        • I don’t have a cell phone.

          My internet connection is piggy backed off someone else’s account.

          Are they still tracking me ?

          • Thank-you for alerting us of your status,…

            Updating dossier,….

            Have a nice day,…

          • My I.T. guy says yes. Says each computer has a “signature”. Squatting on WiFi (?) or another router just makes it a bit tougher to nail down exact location. His words , not mine.

          • They can easily track ANY Internet connection… WiFi router has your unique MAC address and all they have to do is camp around the location of the router and follow your signal. If using wires, that just means they will follow the wire after they bust the router with the suspect IP number.

            Oh wait a minute, if you have been using a WiFi connection, they probably already have you from the Google Street View scanner they already sent down your street. Isn’t technology great?

        • I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but I have to say something. Being in the technology industry since the late 80s, I can assure you, this level of access into your cell phones was built into the design plans of the devices before they ever really caught on. This isn’t just smart phones, this is every cell phone.

          The early systems were not as elaborate as they are now, but the idea to track and record has always been there. I hope this doesn’t come as a surprise to any of you. Do you think the magnetic strip implanted into FRNs in the 90s wasn’t also a tracking device? How about that OnStar in your car? How about that cable box in your living room? Every aspect of your life is logged, computer analyzed and if the computers decide your activity warrants it, a review and possible investigation by real human resources.

          Welcome to the New World Order. It’s nothing new. There is no order. It is definitely about controlling the world. It’s been here since Sumer and now enhanced by technology. The only solution is rejection.

          • I agree and there goes the reason that EVERYONE should have one even if you can not afford it, one will be provided to you absolutely free of charge….compliments of your government…because we care!

          • That is true JoeR. The push to get everyone to use the “Cloud” and eliminate their hard drive is to make the Corp’s access to all of your private data even easier.

            Nothing on your hard drive folks. Refuse the “Cloud” and use data sticks to store your info.

            If WE do not engage, they will make US slaves.

        • One of the reasons i dont have a smartphone.
          And sometimes i travel with the cellphone´s battery TAKEN OFF.

          Track my ass !.

        • Wrong, Take out Battery, Wrap phone in heavy duty aluminum foil, no tracking no nothing

          • So sorry…I hit the wrong button..I was giving you a thumb UP

          • My Nokia 6233 doesnt have a chip for passive tracking.
            But else a portable farayday cage / metal cigarbox / alu foil would be nice.

            Also think that some of your cards in your wallet could be tracked by the comming RFID scanners.

            • John and Bert G: Since I’m an older low-tech to almost no-tech kind of guy I have a question or two. Do the “Throw-away” phones you buy at Walmart, etc. have cameras and keypads for texting? If so, couldn’t these be used as backups to get around some of these tracking problems since the owner of each of these is annonymous? And of course, using a portable faraday cage as suggested for your primary unit(s) would also help, right? Man I need to catch up with the 21st century!

            • I don’t carry a wallet, nor an ID, nor a debit card, nor any FRNs. If they kidnapped me and searched my body, all they would find is two silver Dollars. Wouldn’t want any trumped up vagrancy charge, and I would have more money on me than anybody else in the room.

              I wonder if they can track my ass? At least when they catch up to it they would have something to kiss.

            • @Gregory8

              Most of the Preppers I know here have a disposable pre-paid just for emergencies. They can still track you though. Every one of those phone owners keep their phones in a Faraday cage setup & use them sparingly. None ever give out the number to the phone. I do know they just do a preliminary phone check when first bought & then don’t use it until necessary. If there’s a suspected leak of info because of the phone, the phone gets terminated with thermite inside the cage. Seems to me to be a rather expensive termination; that’s why I don’t own one.

              Best to the Preps.

        • Satelite radios and car navigation also allow them to track you. So called “smart” electronic devices including kitchen equipment, stove, dishwasher etc are suggested to be able to monitor electric useage, time of day and amount but also may be able to monitor noise/voices inside the home per some insiders in the industry. I don’t know if that is now or comming but the smart electric meters are already being installed on homes accross the country and those emit radio signals that many find damaging to their health. Those meters are designed to know which electric devices are in use at any given time when we use smart devices in the home. The smart deviese send signals to the smart meter and it signals whoever is nearby with a reader.
          Amish anyone? 🙂

          • Sat radios are RECEIVERS, car navigation systems are RECEIVERS.
            You can’t be tracked unless you TRANSMIT.
            “Smart” meters talk to the utility company over the power lines, they are NOT RF transceivers.

      4. This is very disappointing being one of Apple’s first customers. The bigger a company becomes, the more evil it becomes.

      5. More control. Moving the line further toward Agenda 21.

        This reminded me of this article about control.

        Full Spectrum Dominance: 8 Examples Of How The Government Is Attempting To Take Total Control Of Our Food, Our Health, Our Money And Even Our Dignity

        “Today, the government seems to have an insatiable hunger to watch us, track us and control us…

        This is in direct contradiction to the concept of a “limited government” that our Founding Fathers tried so desperately to enshrine in our founding documents. The American people need a big-time wake up call.”

        • I have not gotten a favorable response from anyone on “wake up call”. Many walk away, some are polite but unbelieving or uninterested and most just think “crack pot”. I still keep trying because I am on this ship too and if it goes down because of stupid people at least I know I tried. Glub glub glub.

          • Look again, you are valued.

      6. With a society that supports apps like 4 Square, this newer form of govt control will go un noticed by the modern day sheeple.

      7. Luckily the EMP will level the playing field.

      8. Why is this a problem? I do contracting for the government and some of the areas I go into have top secret information and documents. Shutting down the phones in that area just add another layer of defense to those documents.

        Who cares if they can “tap” into your phones camera or mic? They would need a warrant for that and they wont get one unless you’ve done something worth their time and resources.

        I dont mind my phone being on a registry as I would know people who need to be watched is on that same registry also…

        • They don’t really need a warrant anymore…that’s the problem…

          And insofar as “who cares if they can tap your phones or camera,” i guess my response to this would be…. would you care if they were standing in your living room 24 hours a day? there’s no difference between the two as far as i am concerned.

          • Mac, some people take great pride in their slavery and it is pointless to discuss it with them. Especially those that contract with the government and depend wholly on the equal rights of slavery for the rest of us.

            They will not be needed in the fight for freedom. It’s not what they want anyway.

            • “some people take great pride in their slavery”
              No. Some people are not aware of what is really going on around them. They still see what they are saposed to see. Instead of insulting them, try to help them to see. We do need everyone we can wake up!

            • c. I do my best to help them. Perhaps if those who will not listen to reason feel insulted or belittled, their brain may start to ask why.

              Our job is not to convince them, but to make them ask the questions that will force them to convince themselves.

              Absolute “political correctness” is a big part of the problem. Nobody should feel insulted in a perfect PC world. A little “political incorrectness” may be just what is needed if there are still a few functioning brain cells that desire the truth.

              And yes, there are many who take pride in their slavery. They have willingly abandoned the Law in favor of appeasing their masters for favors. They would rather have the profits of a corrupt system than their freedom.

              The elite planned on two groups they would have no problems with in their fiat system:

              Those who are taken by it’s profits, and those dependent on it’s favors. It was all planned and detailed long ago, and the plan is working as expected. It is high time to insult anyone who is knowingly aiding and abetting the criminals.

        • Oh Yea….who cares as long as you aren’t doing anything wrong…the same mentality as “it’s ok to search me as long as I have nothing to hide”. When are you going to get it?

          They are numbing you down to accept the way of life they are choosing for you.

        • This is exactly how we go from,

          “Sure, I don’t mind having a social security number”


          “Sure, I don’t mind if you track my every move, I have nothing to hide”


          “Sure, You can put a camera on every street corner”


          “Sure, you can put a camera in my house”


          “Sure, you can implant a RFID chip in my arm”

          Sorry man, your logic is flawed. When is the last time you read the Declaration of Independence or the Constitution for the united states?

          • Thanks Joe, I couldn’t have said it better myself.

          • i can’t believe the more i learn about what supposedly free governments are doing in tandem with many corporations.

            those people that live in the appalachain mountains, are poor as dirt, as educated as dirt and may not have all of their teeth are starting to look better and better. they dont take kindly to anyone from the government showing up.

            • If’n I haz ta chuz twixt havin muny n alls muh teath n bein egikated… OR being free n shootin et gubbmit polkats…I chuzs FREEDOM! 😉

            • I still have most of my teeth! 😉

            • Lena, here’s a hill country story:

              Revenuer drives up the lane to the porch where a kid sits whittlin’. Says to the kid, “I’ll give you five dollars if you tell me where yer pa has his still.”
              Kid holds out his hand for the money.
              Revenuer says, “You’ll get yer money when we come back.”
              Kid says, “You ain’t comin’ back.”

            • Yaaaay! lena, I’ve already admitted being a hillbilly in a earlier post. So I guess that’s why I’ve NEVER trusted politicians or Gov’t.!!Must be bred into me! I was 14 when I bought my first gun and became aware of what I called ‘Stuffed Shirts’.I knew the only time they told a lie is when they opened their mouth!!And I have to ADMIT ,I have all my teeth!!!(cost me $800.oo)

          • Roger that Joe 🙂

          • Most excellent, Joe. Normalcy Bias hard at work every chance it gets. On the other side of the fence some may complain, get frustrated, might even write your congress-critter…etc.
            Me, I’m the lucky one;I don’t let it raise my blood pressure and constantly assure the 20-something kid … “I’m just old; I don’t need a new-fangled thing-a-mig-phone”. Heck, my record cell phone bill was 35 minutes just last month” “You’re kidding”… “Nope, had to call your Dad four extra times to remind him to not forget the milk or bread or more batteries”. I did try to text the kid last week. It took 15 minutes and was so garbled when I somehow hit ‘SEND’ by mistake because I couldn’t figure out the delete the garbled crap.. he had to call to ask “What did that mean?” I said it meant “this is why Mom doesn’t text”.
            I’m officially unqualified to operate fancy equipment. I’m just dang glad I am an old peep! otherwise I’d be very concerned. /sac off. I truly hate what the next generations are facing. While somewhat trite as it’s been said for 50 years to young’uns, my granny didn’t see these things coming to fruition that we speak of.

            ~keep preppin’ because you know better than most. Wee ~..~

        • I smell a troll. Good try though.

        • @proud:

          ” who need to be watched”….who would that be ?

        • Herein is the entire course outline for “Prep 101” folks.
          If you disagree, just say “no” and carry on with a simple life, much like much of the world has for millenia, and no doubt will throughout the future of the human race on earth. Ultimately, a family/tribal lifestyle has proven to be quite efficient and robust/sustainable, and able to recover rather quickly from many forms of disaster. In a scenario where outside forces wish to exert control, a smaller structure is harder to find or infiltrate, and even if successful, of limited usefulness and effect in the overall scheme of things. Individual and local responsibility begets individual and local liberty. Simple, really… there’s not much worthwhile on TV anyway…

      9. I’ll get flamed…
        This is just adding to the reasons not to have one of those things. I contemplated getting one, be see people paying a lot for just a endless pain in the butt & in my area cell coverage is limited. I know they have others ways to track & confirm whereabouts, listen to conversations, but to pay for this government intrusion is absurd. Besides, for the cost of the rates in my area, I can add substantially to my prep supplies & still run a fair base station.

        Best to the Preps.

        • Apologies for the grammar mistakes; sticky keys.

          • Stop lookin at porn

        • But if not that…then the black box you have in your vehicle. They are everywhere….BOY…I’m really starting to sound like a nut job…aren’t I?

          • No. Don’t forget the “Smart Meters” too.

          • The black box in your vehicle?
            There is NO black box in your vehicle.
            Seriously, there isn’t.
            On-Star is another thing entirely.
            The only “black box” in your car, and I’m assuming you mean some sort of device that “tracks” you, is the one you installed on the OBD-II port from your insurance company so you could save a couple dollars per year.

            • Ummm….you do realize that it has been mandated that by 2015 all new cars will have EDRs, right?

            • And you understand that the Event Data Recorder will record a maximum of 30 seconds of data, starting at “time zero”, when the driver’s air bag is triggered, right?

          • With all the drones in the sky, I don’t think it really matters what devices you have that they can track you with, they only make it easier. If they want to find you they will. OR, am I starting to sound like a nut job too?

            • I don’t think drones are in leu of using a device to track and monitor someone they are interested in, they are more of a supplement. With the number of drones they have, they certainly reserve them for things they are really curious about, vs taking aerial photos of Grandma going shopping on Wednesday morning again.

            • I’ve been more worried about their UFO’s that exemplify their more true technology.

        • Most of the time invasive technology doesn’t have to be forced on the masses. They BEG for it…and pay for their own destruction.

      10. All those who defend the constitution & are pro-freedom are terrorists in the elite’s minds.

        How long before Americans realize that the people in the Middle East are fighting the same evil US government that will turn against Americans? How long before Americans realize they’ve been suckered into killing those people to steal their oil?

        The Bush Admin. even called the initial Iraq invasion “Operation Iraqi Liberation” = O.I.L.

        • Now this is true, the only problem is that if the people do wake up, most will realize they were complicit the whole time. Not wanting to admit to their mistakes will cause them to revert back to sleeping as no one will want to fess up to the fact that they cheered the killers on as the families in the middle east lost everything they had worked for in the name of “freedom” (billions of FRN’s (future childrens slavery) and millions of lives later… We didn’t even get the number one contract for the oil we were after) I can already see this in some acquaintaces and friends. As certain subjects arise from time to time, I notice that even if they have a slight notion or objection on the subject or hear someone that does, they seem to hold their tounges, not in fear of TPTB coming in their homes and taking them away but fear of how they will look in the eyes of their peers who still so willingly decide not to look in to the matter beyond what the msm decrees them to believe. This is one of the biggest issues I see that will take something very large to wake them up. Then again 9/11 is so obvious that if something like that hasn’t done it, I doubt that anything will.

          • Another question (not) to ask… If the government bombed the WTC, sending young Americans to fight for big oil companies, calling citizens who only want freedom “terrorists”, trying to tell you what you can grow, or how you can drink your milk, ect…. Then in what way havent they declared war on the people of the US? And if they have declared war on us, what has been our response? What will you do(or have you done) to fight back?

            • War was declared on you decades ago. Your potential responses have been managed and/or nulified.

              I often wonder if there is such a threshold that people will stop at, and quit being herded along. But, it seems that the changes are so slow, and subtle, that most people barely notice. One day, probably sooner rather than later, the masses will be told to take the chip, and they will meekly comply. Then, you can kiss freedom, and the US Constitution goodbye, forever.

            • Just Me: “one day soon the masses will be told to take the chip and they will meekly comply.”

              When that day comes what will each of you do? If you can’t hold a job or make mortgage/rent payments or pay land taxes etc, what will you do? If your kids can’t eat or are taken away because you won’t allow them to be chipped what will you do?
              I wonder how I will respond and feel I should mentally prepare but for what? What will it entail? What can/should be done? Any ideas?

              MAC an article on this with peoples responses might be good to get us all thinking. Prepping is one thing. No income, no ability to by or sell or pay taxes on your home is another. You could not register your vehicle or have a valid liscence to drive it. Think of what if would mean if you suddenly had no name, no form of id and cash was outlawed. No far out there theories please. What would a middle class or poor but law abiding type american do?

            • C,

              Bear in mind, the concept of “The Mark Of The Beast”. The reason it is called that, is because the people who think they are lords over everyone, and think they own Earth, consider people other than themselves, to be thier “animal property”. They consider you to be “soul-less cattle”. Thus, they want you to have thier version of a “cattle brand”, so you may be controlled, and directed to serve them on thier whims.

              When this comes, you must choose, you must make the hardest choice you will ever make. If they succeed in forcing the chip, the rest will be over, freedom will be gone, and you won’t ever get it back. We are on the brink of slavery, please understand the gravity of that. Bear in mind, the people who enforce “the Law”, bend and break it regularly to suit thier ends. Are you ready to kneel for them?

            • Just Me:
              I have made my choice and I hope I will stand firm because the alternative is unthinkable but I am not looking at watching my children starve etc. The longer we can hold out without the mark the more people will hold out. So this is a type of ultimate prepper question. If you don’t take the mark, and therefore can’t pay property taxes or rent or whatever, then what? Then what people? You can have 7 years of preps set aside but you can’t haul them and where would you go? The longer you can avoid their chip, you win and they lose.

      11. The government will start treating smart phones like the bankers treat your money in reverse. If you have money in their bank it can be used for anything they want and it is not protected, same with smart phone if you have it on your person and agreed to terms they (TPTB) can use it any way they want.

      12. They can take a picture of themselves KISSING MY ASS

        • Barney Frank says he’d like to be first!

          • lmao ok barney

        • They can take a picture of us shooting back!

      13. Wanna know how to stop this? quitbuying apples shit..when they go out of buiz, and they wonder why.. we can all tell um to shove their i-pods where the sun dont shine

        the government is just one contract… We the people are funding that contract. and We are a much larger user of thier devices..
        Somewhere in time we just have to quit putting up with the bullshit, but until then, we will get fucked and like it

      14. I bet a lot of americans would like to have this same resource to check up and monitor their congressmen and women,as well as other elected officials. My gut tells me this will be used to conceal activities already planned and being set in motion. The best to all.

        • Government officials have the right to privacy.

          • Government officials have the PRIVELEGE to OBEY OUR LAWS!

          • Most government officials have the right to rot in prison where they belong.

      15. My implants have tracking numbers.

        • Yes they do. All hospitals have to fill out implant cards on every patient that receives an implant of any kind. That infomation is then sent back to the mfg.

          The problem now is the new healthcare reform requires that all patient info (not just implants) are to be accessible to the govt.

          Well…Who do you all think will be implanting the general population when the time comes for your chip…the hospitals of course? It will all be documented for the govt to see who has and who has not.

          • The truth is that all someone has to do is to jab you with a implant tool, and the chip can be implanted anywhere you happen to be. This is usually done in a crowded area, even public transportation as you step up into the bus, it just feels as though you have been bumped in the butt, or even the triceps area of the upper arm.

      16. The dangers of nano technology are all around us.

        Nano, Nano. as Mork would say.

      17. I was receiving really awesome text messages from my government while Isaac was hitting. Sure made me feel “safe”.

        • Were they from the President?

      18. when i was kid george orwells 1984 was mandatory reading in my high school. i loved it. now i look back and think he must have been a prophet. everything he wrote about seems to be coming true and i remember back when i read it first thinking its a great story but this can’t happen in america. the people would not stand for it. what a nightmare.

        • I wonder if the book is banned now? Should be, giving kids ideas and stuff, with things of sorts and the like…

          • Jimbo: It wasn’t so much that Orwell was a prophet as much as it was that he was a really bright guy who gave these draconian ideas to pointy headed bureaucrats, who are basically morons, and they ran with them.

            There is probably just one guy behind “See Something, Say Something” who spoke up and said, “Hey I saw this…” and the next thing you know the control freaks in DC were using his words in a campaign to spy on US all.

            Engage these MF’s!

            • This has been orchestrated by one much larger than a “pointy headed bureaucrat”. The most powerful and powerhungry people on this earth are all working togeather to bring about the one world government. THEY ARE WORKING TOGEATHER, not tearing each other apart for a bigger piece of the pie. Now what does that tell you? They are under the direction of one who is more powerful than all of them.
              Orwell dig not give them ideas. He got them from the game plan. Look back at the late 1800s and follow their routes. They tested out marxism in various locations. They tested out taking control of the US and kept running into the Constitution. So they decided to take control of the money: in comes the Fed which is a private group of bankers not government employees and was drafted by European banker types who came here to craft a way into the control of this government. Slowly they wormed their way into the financial sectors and affected the laws in that arena. They started talking about global warming and the green movement so that more laws could be changed to better fit each nations legal system to takeover by the one world government. They continued to have trouble with the US due to our pesky Constitution and systems of checks and balances. But part of their plan was to put a person into every meeting or group that they heard about. They would know what was going on and work to stear that group. They enlarged their followers ( or those who were bought/just went along to get something) until they had reached a peak moment and mass that allowed them to gain enough momentum that they no longer feared being outed or stopped. We are at that place.
              They don’t try to hide what they are doing? Look at this administrations flaunting of the laws and the Congress just lets it happen. What happened to the Supreme Court and Justice Roberts regarding ObamaCare? Look at the in- your-face garbage of the Republican Convention. On camera and live but they knew that they had enough control of the media and the system that they could do it IN YOUR FACE and no one could stop them. The use pointy headed bureaucrats to do their bidding and soon they will happily have the for lunch.

        • “Do you remember writing in your diary, freedom is the freedom to say that two plus two equals four? How many fingers am I holding up…?”- O’brian, 1984

          Unless Americans awaken to who is behind thier demise, and are willing to stand up and put a stop to what is coming, they too will meet O’brian.

          DK, I have to disagree, George Orwell was indeed a prophet, and he knew who the real power is in England and America, and he tried to tell people in a very subtle message, that people still don’t get…

          • JustMe: More often than not, life imitates art.

        • Instead of a prophet,Might not he have been just a plain old everyday time traveler that was a good writer? If we went back 1000 years ago any one of us would be called such, No?

      19. Is this why the courts are attempting to hand Apple a monopoly on smart phones? Say what you will about Google, but at least Android and the Dalvik VM it’s based on are open source technologies. There is no hegemonic control of its implementation as there is with IPhone. The solution is easy: Boycott Apple. This just adds one more reason to avoid them like the plague.

      20. The incident raises many questions, not only about the security of federal devices, but of WHY AN AGENT MIGHT HAVE BEEN carrying a database of Apple UDIDs, which the hackers said also contained “user names, name of device, type of device, Apple Push Notification Service tokens, zipcodes, cellphone numbers, addresses, etc.” of iPhone and iPad users. They claim to have stripped this information for publication.

        • Drone Targeting Data ???

          • The recent census takers already got that info on the steps of your front door with their GPS PDA’s they all had.

            • They never got near my door,nor did I respond…they want you to think they did but not all of us complied 🙂

            • “They” were at my door a few years ago. A woman, whom I had never seen before, knocked on my door and told me she was here “just locking in my coordinates” and proceeded to point a device at my house and then left. I don’t recall her asking permission to do so. The whole conversation took less than 10 seconds. So, my guess is it wouldn’t matter if you were there to witness the “locking in” or not. Your physical location coordinates have probably been “locked in.”

      21. This is ,ore evidence that the government thinks it owns you and your property. The USA is becoming one big government run plantation with themselves and their supporters the masters and the rest of us the slaves. The only difference is that back before the Civil War slaves were controlled with iron chains, and today the chains are invisible.

      22. i used to think it would be another 20 years before the state owned you 24/7, not matter if you liked it or not and it would happen without your knowledge.

        after i started reading sites like this, i bumped that up in the US to 5 years.

        coming faster than i thought. if obama wins; under 5 years. if romney wins, longer term but still coming.

        but real freedom is basically over anyways.

        unless you have a car at least 10 years old and are carrying a cell phone at least 5 years old and are using cash all the time, the government can find you if they want.

        • Meh, who cares if they find you… Then what? Catch a hot one in the ass if they make a wrong move or say anything that threatens my freedom? Also, real freedom isnt over, it just got started. Please stop thinking these idiots have any power over you or your family, its that exact thinking that got us (the world) exactly where we are today. No one person,or a million has power over anyone else unless you’ve given it to them. Please please please stop thinking that what they say or do has any merit, or weight to it, it really doesnt and is a sick and delusional thought.

        • I do have an very old pickup….no phone or other such device and always use cash…and they could still find me if they want to..they may wish they hadnt after they do but right now they dont understand that small detail. 🙂 “Live free or die tryin”

      23. So what happens when you put your “smart” device in airplane mode where it is not supposed to be able to send or recieve a signal? Is there an override to shut down camera and mic functions?

      24. “obedience phrases”

        ever hear any of these ?

        “(NaturalNews) Tyranny is upon us. But tyranny isn’t put in place by some all-powerful evil force that suddenly assaults our freedoms; it’s ratcheted up one day at a time by the People themselves — the government workers who are willing to do anything as long as they’re told “it’s the rules.”

      25. Evening
        Zero hedge have put up the instructions of how to find out if you are one of the 12 million apple users on the FBI list.

        A hacker group got in and have a very very long list of names apparently off to try it out.

        Take care

        • Yes…and once you put your name in to search….you are NOW on their list.

      26. I have a smartphone, I don’t have it in the room when I change clothes, have sex, or shower. I am saddened by the overuse of technology. “It makes our lives easier ” no it doesn’t. What happened to reading a real book? Going to the library to do research? Having a real conversation?
        Unfortunately I have a GPS, I get lost really easily and have a hard time reading a map. I know my GPS is tracked, so I only use it when I really have to. I am learning to read maps, thankfully I have always been able to find my way home.
        The point is, there is way to much technology and it is destroying us.

        • Your GPS is NOT tracked.
          Your GPS is a RECEIVER, not a TRANSMITTER.
          Don’t get me wrong, I don’t trust the government 1 little bit, but some of you people are WAY over the top.

          • Anonymous is right, GPS only receives signals from satellites, to figure out the position by calculating the data received.

      27. *** all you have to do is i buy a lockable small metal box … go to home dippo buy some lead roof sheeting and line the box with it … and keep the phones gadgets in it till you need them . you can hide a gun from dhs hwy road check point mobile xray scan the same way . just wrap the gun in lead roof sheeting and hide the gun by the engine block .

        ;0) it does work .

        *** personally i threw my phone out in 2004 and never looked back , its just like cable tv – a big waste of money . if i even had a phone i’d just shut it off pull out the battery till i really needed to use it ! they can track you by the cell towers even if your cell phone is turned off . check your passports credit cards clothing shoes for hidden rfid chips . their goal is too rfid chip EVERYTHING ON EARTH AND I MEAN EVERYTHING !!!



        • What you recommend is true except for one. You have obviously have never been through military check points. And I don’t mean a check point that’s set up by the local Petticoat Junction Barney Fife.

          • @Roland the Thompson Gunner = un nwo zog fedgov troll

            *** i use to do those vehicle checks for the zog fedgov as one of their soldier lawdawg slaves .

            you give the very intentionally zog fedgov dumbed down drugged up soldier slaves way to much credit … remember most enlisted personnel of the military clinically suffer from some form of mental health social disease or chemical dependency , hold either G.E.D’S or high school diploma’s and couldn’t pass the college entrance exams and struggled even passing the military ASVAB testing !

            *** use your imaginations intelligence patriotic prepper people EVERY SECURITY SYSTEM IN THE WORLD BUILT BY MAN CAN BE UNBUILT DEFEATED BY A FREEMAN/ FREEWOMAN/ FREE AMERICAN PATRIOT !!!

            FREEDOM IS NOT FREE … FREEDOM MUST BE EARNED PROTECTED DAILY with heart courage and intelligence !!!


            • tell us nina, how many peoples lives did you make miserable and how many people did you imprison when you were doing your searches for the zoggov? and when are you and your buddies going to do your real duty and arrest and imprison these animals? ( tptw )

        • Remember…RFID chips are smoked by microwave ovens very, very quickly.

      28. I am smart, like horse.

        My phone, not so much. It can only call and text. I have 300 minutes a month. I use five to remind my wife go get beer.

      29. Momma don’t take my Kodakhrome and leave your boy so far from home.
        Momma don’t take my Kodakhrome away!

        -Paul Simon.

      30. The goverment is scared to death of the people (not the sheeple). They know all to well that what is coming their way and it is not good for them. They are going to do everything they can to stay in control. I for one am telling them your F–K’N days are NUMBERED. This old tired vet is sick and tired of this goverment and I MEAN ALL, BOTH SIDES, of PISSING on the graves of the vets who gave their lives so they can get elected and pull all this SH-T that they are doing. We are feed-up with this BULL SH-T, and I don’t think we will take much more of it. They know that when push comes to shove, the people will make them pay DEARLY. As ISRAEL’S PM said, THE TIME FOR TALKING IS OVER. We need a leader to step up to the plate now and say come on, let’s take it back. Like I have said before they are sitting up an ambush, we know it, so we need to take them out before they get into place to spring it. Every day we wait it is in their favor not ours. THE TIME FOR TALKING IS OVER!!
        Thats just me.
        Copperhead out

        • @Copperhead…Are you stepping up? are right..most Americans I know are waiting for the same thing you speak of. We know it’s coming, why do we sit and wait for whatever they have planned for us?

          • NW: I’m an old country hick, but I will follow the one thats steps up to plate with my life. My whole life I’ve been paid from the shoulders down not the shoulders up. We need someone who alot of people know on the national level that is feed up and say’s come on. And yes I would step up if I had the resources to do so. We know that freedom is not free, and we must give up somethings to keep it and that is including YOUR LIFE, so if you are not willing to give it your all sit down, shut up and go play with the dog. I FOR ONE WILL DO ALL THAT I CAN TO STOP THIS, IF IT TAKES MY LIFE SO BE IT!

      31. “Your cell working”? “Nope”. “Mine either”. “I guess the cops are working someone over around the corner”.

        • “You hear that sound overhead?”


          “Up th…” BOOM

          Was the thing they heard, as the Hellfire missle, launched from the Predator Drone, which locked onto thier cellphone signal, impacted thier position…

      32. Looks like I may be getting rid of my iphone.

        • Walt Kowalski

          I had a Star Trek type flip open cell phone. My wife “upgraded” me to this smart phone THING.

          “New and Improved” often is neither.

      33. What is the problem if you have NOTHING to hide?

        • “What is the problem if you have NOTHING to hide?”

          How about if your kid is getting the Bristol Stomp done on him by the authorities and the witnesses can’t record it? They cannot call anyone and tell them. People sympathetic to your plight wish to hold a rally but unfortunately are frightened out of fear of discovery and retribution from the authorities.

          Think it can’t happen? It has happened. Read some history regarding the Civil Rights Movement.

          Your either trying to push peoples buttons or have brain damage. You type too well for brain damage.

        • kev

          Given the technology described above the 18th Amendment might very well still be the law of the land today. Oops, don’t mention BEER on a text or trouble is coming to you. The civil rights movement and the Vietnam protests could have been effectively crushed with this technology.

          It’s all about conformity and obedience which fall under the much broader power and control.

        • kev. what if, what you think is NOTHING, is actually something to these thugs?

      34. This is exactly why I don’t buy into this new technology. My computer is a newer tower, but everything else is dinosaur. I cannot stand how they want you to pay your bills via letting these companies, most of which have overseas representatives, have your bank numbers and pay automatically. I say pay your bills using money orders, even because there is so much fraud with checking accounts now. I HATE credit cards, cash is really the only way to go, phantom money has never appealed to me. It is amazing how many people charge things that they don’t need, but this is the plan.

        Cell phones and wireless is asking for it when the government really wants to crack down. The old landline is still the safest way to go. Besides all of this, the more dependent that someone become on all of this technology, the harder the fall will be when it is swept away from everyone. The closer you can try to live to the way things WILL be, the easier the transition and more adaptable people will be WHEN this is all gone WHEN TRUE SHTF.

      35. Where are all the “oathkeepers” who have supposedly sworn to
        defend the US against enemies both foreign and domestic ??!!?? What? No warrant needed nowadays? What? They can take over my private property without my permission? Come on, all you Wal-Mart shopping,GW Bush voters!! Freedom isn’t free!! Remember?? Why is it when I yell this out all I hear are echos?? Where did everybody go? I guess the “blood of the patriots” that is needed to “water the tree of liberty” is always someone else’s blood!! Long Live N.O.!!!

        • So SD Mule, please tell us all what you have done to stop Obama’s tyranny?……All I hear is echos?

          • Your ignorance is showing. The tyranny began long ago and is well represented by both parties. I buy American made products (a lot harder to do now than 30 years ago, thank you Wal-Mart shoppers), I don’t blindly follow political parties when evidence is presented daily of the hypocrisy of their words, I don’t blindly support propping up the state of Israel at the expense of American lives( both parties except for Ron Paul), I don’t blindly support the intrusion into foreign lands and the pillaging of their natural and human resources for corporate gains or American comfort( see Smedely Butler), I don’t blindly support the military when they act as the muscle for corporate America ( pick a war), I don’t support private profits and socialized losses for corporations (Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley), I don’t support illegal aliens from any country (both parties, Bush did not close the borders after 9/11, Obama/Clinton did nothing), I don’t step on other Americans for financial gain, I don’t cheat people of money or property, I work and take care of myself and my family without handouts from government or the private parties, I am proficient in my occupation, I don’t blindly follow ANY form of media (Rush Limbaugh,Hannity ,ect. ) I don’t support legislating away my freedom for a false sense of security(Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice selling the American public on WMD’s), I don’t come on this or any other site talk a bunch of armchair John Wayne/Rambo BS., I allow you your liberty and I will have mine. I only question the need to have an alligator mouth and a hummingbird ass. Why say anything? It’s okay that you mouthed some words when you were young and didn’t grasp the full effect of what you were saying. We have all been there in one form or another. Good luck!

            • Lots of BIG talk, but you have not answered my question. So I guess your answer is nothing?

        • SD Mule.

          “Old age and treachery will overcome skill and youth”.

          The bloodletting will come soon enough.

        • Some & soon all will probably locked in a mental institution because they have spoken out about the Criminal acts being done against the U.S. Constitution by the government Tyrants.

          My question to you is what are YOU going to do when they can’t/won’t step up to defend YOUR little comfort zone? Have you made ANY contingencies/preps/POA (Plan Of Action)?

          I see this whining “save us” demanding attitude becoming more prevalent in people everyday. Fodder for the Camps & Slaves for the Elite.

          Best to the Preps.

      36. My theory is that DL and his gang of marxist thugs are attempting to stay below the radar until after Nov. 2012. This explains why Brandon Raub was let go, amoung other things.

        This buying of massive amounts of ammo and the Executive Orders giving him unlimited powers are in place for the next 4 years to come.

        Should he get elected again, I predict that the gates of Hell will open up on the American People.

      37. How about we have a National cell-phone burning? While we are at it, we can toss in all the other “smart” appliances and meters. Without this technology, which we willfully participate in, they would be less able to control us, just as it was before this crap came down the tubes. You know. When we were FREE, or relatively so.

        I have on old flip phone that is about six years old. When it fianlly gives out, that’s it. We need to all get back on the land lines and start visiting and hand writing letters and typing out correspondence. It would flood the system with paper again and save the USPostal service! And it would really, really mess with their minds!

      38. I’m sure it’s hidden in the service agreement you signed. No one reads the fine print on anything. “They wouldn’t do that to me.” These providers ALWAYS cover their asses. The sad thing about this is that they have the power to cut off the flow of information whenever they want to. It is not so much them tracking us…it is the ability to communicate that has lead to the so-called “internet reformation” being a threat to their power structure.No communication…no threat.

      39. Time to go back to 2 soup cans with a sting in-between!!

        On a serious note.. the passing of a wiritten note and once read by the recipient – burn it in a ash tray!! No one can listen or know what your communicating then!!

        We are just getting to darn lazy.. Making it too easy for them!

      40. Its crap like this that makes me want to go off the grid. I haven’t had cable (or satellite, dish or whatever)TV in almost ten years. I like the internet for the wealth of information. Its like going to the library without having to leave your house and its open 24/7. But I’m well aware that TPTB know everything I do on here.

        I prefer when I find info I want to save to just copy and paste the data to my hard drive. But now I’m thinking of transferring straight to a flash drive.

        I have a cell phone, mainly for emergencies. I’m not chained to it. When I go to work it goes in to the desk drawer and I check it at lunch. When I get home it gets turned off. If you know me, you know my home phone.

        I don’t know how much time we have left before TEOTWAWKI, probably not much. I wish I started five or even ten years ago, because I’d be off the grid by now. Right now I think I’m about three years away, but it doesn’t mean I’m gonna stop trying.

      41. arco: Same here NO TV OF ANY KIND, for us it’s been 5yrs. Don’t miss it one bit. As for a phone we go prepay no contract, no name, address, nothing. Stay safe!

      42. So does carrying your phone in a regular mylar or anti-static bag really make your phone off the radar? Even if it’s on?

      43. There also exists technology that allows the government to use your cell phone, even when powered off with the battery in it, to be powered on and the camera and microphone used against the user for remote viewing of you inside your home. When i power down my phones for the night, i take the batteries out, charge during the day. Nothing is safe. The best defense against cell phone tracking is to buy a cel phone jammer and when you drive around, jam your own cel phone. Conveniently, cel phone jammers can also shut down police cruisers – their radios and on board wi-fi/laptops. Order these online from hong kong, no patriot revolutionary should be without one. Make sure you buy the one that jams 3 bands, they dont make one yet that can jam 4G. Mine blocks 3G, wifi and sat signals.

      44. the point isn’t they hacked the fbi but what is the fbi doing with information without an open investigation or probable cause ……n oh that’s rite I forgot where I live the former USA now known as the united soviet states of america

      45. I hate to tell ya but everything is being watched. They have satellites that see INTO your house…yep and they have been tapping land line phones for a looooong time well before 911. If you think for one minute you are not seen think again. Yea you can keep low but you can not really hide. I never had a facebook account. Why? I do not have the time to sit and mess with that stupid shit to be honest. This is ny nost time consuming thing I do on the computer. Do you know if you do not have an acoount you are suspect to TPTB? Yea! Can you believe that poop. I am too old and to busy to be adding peeps to me friend list. I heard through the grapevine if it is digital ( including even a microwave oven) they can see you somehow. Then a few months later I beleive it was judge Napolitano on Fox said this also. Yea be afraid of your toaster now, I am. Geez it is crazy that you hear this stuff and my initial reaction is “Naaa thaqt is toooo off the charts crazy” then I am proven stupid for not believing it…technology is it not great? It is suppose to make life easier and happier.

      46. Prepper Parents might want to Read this Book … pretty good and factually professional home school educator written .

        Education After The Collapse

        The year is 2018. Looking back, everything in the good old days of 2011 and 2012 seem like a distant memory. And yeah, at the time those good old days did not seem so good. But now they do. Why? The world and society as we knew it are long gone and we are left with a new world, a world without conveniences, without power and without a consistent and reliable food supply.

        What I have described above, in my own words, is the scenario described in a new free eBook written by Todd Sepulveda, the chief editor at the Prepper Website. In his book, titled “Education After the Collapse”, Todd describes a fictional community surviving in the aftermath of an economic collapse. It is not a pretty picture and most certainly it will make you want to sit back and think (as well as ratchet up the preps more than just a little bit.)

        *** note when downloading book it asks a scrambled word ??? it is upper lower case sensitive – be patient its worth the wait to download read .

        pls see below …

      47. I’ll bet there is also software and a government grant to have Apple and Android to have the capability to turn on your camera and sound recorder on any phone, so they can spy on you while at home, or anywhere else.

        We are slowly getting surrounded and the majority of Americans are completely unaware…. pathetic.

      48. SD Mule, I’m with you all the way, but the tyranny started way back with the Abraham Lincoln administration. Copperhead, I agree with you totally, but let’s remember to let them fire the first shots which I believe they’re going to do anyway, then we can respond in righteous self-defense. TPTB need to be thrown to the curve and more with all this surveillance crap.What is that phrase cops are always using; “If you have nothing to hide, you have nothing to worry about.”, I think that’s how it goes. WE HAVE ALL BEEN TOLD when we were young that police serve the public, you can always depend on police if you need help, etc. WRONG ON BOTH COUNTS! Check out a book called “Diall 911 and Die” written by attorney Richard W. Stevens and with introduction by James Bovard. The book reveals the best-kept secret about law enforcemnet in the US; according to state and federal supreme court rulings, police HAVE NO OBLIGATION TO PROTECT CITIZENS. THEY SERVE AND RISK THEIR LIVES FOR THE GOVERNMENT, NOT THE PUBLIC; i.e., you and me. THERE IS NO SUCH PERSON AS A PUBLIC SERVANT; NEVER HAS BEEN AND NEVER WILL BE! When any of us are put into a situation where we are face-to-face with someone with evil intentions toward us, regardless of where we are at the time, we are literally on our own and have to fend for ourselves. When I’m faced with that situation, I act accordingly, using my God-given right of self-defense, doing whatever I consider necessary to survive the situation, and I’m not concerned about any legal consequences after the fact. It’s always been up to the individual to look after himself all throughout history. LE doesn’t even care about the public. Especially these days, they’re a bigger threat to the public than gangbangers. Since 9-11-2001, look at all the things the feds have brainwashed them with. They’ve been taught that the public are “the enemy”; you heard me, we, the source of their salaries, benefits, pensions, etc. Yeah, right, that really makes sense, doesn’t it? When TSHTF, they’re going to be overwhelmed in short order. If/when an EMP hits, all their electronic toys along with the military’s will be fried unless they’ve got them protected. Fasten your seatbelts; we’re in for the most exciting ride of our lives. Take care and keep prepping.

      49. DNC Video: “The Government Is The Only Thing We All Belong To”

        That about sums it all up

        Surprised the RNC didn’t have a similar video

        or maybe they do..subtly


        • That’s too much. The narrator should have gone ahead and praised Karl Marx, too.

        • thx iowa, am checking it out now

        • watched the video and damn near spit my coffee on the keyboard…….thirty something yearolds and looked like they needed a bath for everyday of it. But they were funny.

        • oh that was real nice

          the American public at its best

          looks more like a People of Walmart get together

      50. Health Ranger releases new video on the criminalization of rainwater collection by misguided government

        September 4th, 2012

        (NaturalNews) – The Oregon government’s criminalization of rainwater collection is exposed in a new mini-documentary by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger. The 14-minute video (see links below) reveals the “collectivism” agenda behind the absurd idea that the government owns the rainwater that falls on your own property.

      51. precisely why we have a separate dual-media video recorder… it can record on a mini cd or sd chip… as election day gets closer, i will resume carrying it in my truck – along with other items needful for tempering what might become suddenly worsening conditions… they can’t stop us all all the time… stay alert, watch your 6…

      52. When the S hits ,, you ditch the cell phone-Ipod pad, laptop PC etc.. take it apart , disable it..and take any chip and stuff it in Coyote feed

        just be sure to disable it as soon as you decide to off grid and get away from it entirely

        • What a lovely thought; the fully charged phones of 12 million patriots being FedEx’d, UPS’d, and USPS’d to Pennsylvania Avenue all on the same day….

          May we all live in interesting times…and have fun with it.

      53. a cell phone

        think of it as a tracking device
        that just happens to make and receive calls

        and Australia

        going full out police state

        its happening folks
        EVERY single day you see stories like this

      54. The ministry of truth, has another tool…

        The Watcher

      55. Does the government really want to start a society of individuals wearing undetectable micro cams to record what they do and say? Big brother better watch out the recording goes both ways. Coming to a hunger game near you. P.S. little brother is watching you to Big brother.

      56. Personally, I’m going to keep my smart phone. I won’t use it to search for things that might be questionable to the govt or to talk about anything that would raise a flag, but normal day to day humdrum, Yup, I use it. My preps are stored for “just in case”. I have 4 kids to look out for, so when big bro starts looking for the rebels and troublemakers, they won’t be looking for me. I look like, act like, and sound like any other American sheeple, and they won’t see me when they’re raiding you.

        • Sure…but once they get most of us…theyre comming for you…its about control,of everyone and everything…just sayin

      57. It’s clear that a LOT of people who’ve already responded to this see evil intentions in everything the government does. It’s not quite THAT bad–yet anyway. As a former DoD employee till I retired last year, I had a very high level security clearance, and I can tell you that one of the biggest issues for government has been the proliferation of cell phones with built in discrete recording devices and cameras–not because of people trying to use them to steal government secrets, but simply forgetting to shut them off when entering spaces that contain the most sensitive classified information. This has resulted over the last fifteen years with many, many good people who were written up for security violations that would impact their careers. You normally did get a stern warning only the first time if it was your own agency where the offense occured, but if you went elsewhere, you were dead meat. Security officers hate having to do this as it requires an investigation and lots of paperwork each time, and normally it’s for someone who is a good person but simply too busy and harried with a tight schedule, not someone intending to do harm. As a result, more and more Federal agencies that store classified information (most all of them) are now using metal detectors to pick phones and other devices (or weapons, like your big jackknife) off at the guarded entrances and forbid all wireless devices within their facilities. The intention is to both deter those who WOULD cause harm and to prevent those who simply forgot. Such facilities have lockers to put such devices in that the individual takes the key for while at the facility. So if your intention WAS to break your oath to protect such information or you simply were too busy and forgot–the event won’t occur.

        The UID situation is another case where I can see where the FBI MAY have had good intentions, figuring that bad guys use iPhones too in some cases, but I see NO reason for them to have such a huge block of UID numbers, and can’t imagine a judge that would let them have a search warrant to take such a dragnet approach (I used to be a cop before I was a Fed–and even with the Patriot Act, judges really do care about what’s being sought by the police and make them thoroughly justify requests to cover their own six). You actually don’t need th UID to effectively target cell phones for incriminating material (and it isn’t the FBI that worries about that, it’s NSA–who if they found something specific would share ONLY the information specific to the case with the FBI for prosecution}. In short, in this case, I think the FBI does need to do some serius explaining because having this information in itself can constitute a crime.

      58. This is no shock or surprise to me, nor should it be to yall (meaning the whole world) . Its time for us to get our stuff together, BC you never know what’s gonna happen soon. I don’t need no grocery store to survive!!!!!! Yall understand what I’m sayin? Protect your families, & our rights!!!

      59. Let me get this right. You’re worried about what a cell phone producer, that “commands” only 10% of the cell phone market, is doing with one of their apps?
        I’m sure Apple would love it if they controlled 90% of the cell phone market, but Apple only makes one cell phone. The free market will decide Apple’s fate.
        Is this more than a little upsetting? Absolutely. But about 10 years ago, their was no such thing as a commercially available camera phone, but we managed to get by somehow.

      60. This has happened to me! I hear my iPad clicking as if a picture was taken! I now leave messages randomly as to let them know I am aware. The computer is not to be trusted!

      61. Look at the symbolism! An Apple with a bite taken out! Go to the story of Adam and Eve! It’s so obvious to me! Evil!

      62. root the phone and take away all their app control

      63. You guys make me laugh: I saw this coming 10 years ago. am been “off the grid” since then (means that I do not own a cell, have no digital footprint, no bank account, nothing registered under my real name).
        I live a normal simple life, but yet, do not exist as government goes: I won.

      64. This is why I don’t use a “smart/spy phone”. All I need is voice, thanks.

      65. Thanks for the disinfo that might possibly revive sales in our blackberrys, sony, etc etc etc. We really could use the help right now. Keep up the good work!


      66. I have used professional level digital cameras every since 2001. Starting with the first SLR that was six million pixels, to todays digital back that is thirty three million pixels.
        Six Million, Ten Million, Fourteen Million, Eighteen Million, and Thirty Three Million, that is five professional level digital cameras. How many images? over twenty thousand in the last year alone.
        The settings on digital cameras the date, the time, the numbering of images, and whether or not the photographic file is recorded seems to sometimes be controlled remotely by some force or person around me.
        It seems certain people are able to prevent the camera from recording their image. The only way one can photograph these people is with a film camera.

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