New Fissure Near Yellowstone Supervolcano Causes Teton National Park Closure

by | Jul 17, 2018 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Emergency Preparedness, Experts, Headline News | 43 comments

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    A 100-foot-long fissure near the Yellowstone supervolcano has prompted the closure of parts of Teton National Park. Coupled with the Steamboat geyser’s newly active status, fears of an eruption at the Yellowstone caldera are increasing.

    Teton National Park has issued a statement regarding the newly opened up fissure, according to WoodTV.  “The Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point areas are currently closed due to elevated potential for rockfall. The area was closed to protect human safety on July 10 after expanding cracks in a rock buttress were detected.  It is unknown how long the closure will be in effect. Geologists are monitoring the buttress for movement and have initiated a risk assessment for the area.”

    Although scientists continue to tell the public the possibility of a major eruption is incredibly small, they also believe it’s worth the effort to constantly monitor the area. Hidden Falls and Inspiration Point are both closed and both are located in the popular Jenny Lake area. They are among the park’s busiest attractions. Other Jenny Lake attractions, including the ferry, remain open.  There is no estimate on when these locations could reopen.

    “We’re really going to need a few more days of data to make a solid determination if the rock is still moving,park spokesman Andrew White said Friday according to Strange Sounds. Following data collection, park rangers will conduct a “risk assessment” to determine if the area can be reopened, he said.

    The huge fissure the fissure on the buttress above Hidden Falls was discovered by Exum Mountain Guides on July 9  while training guided climbers for Teton ascents. By the next morning the gap had widened, so the closure followed citing a potentially dangerous “rockfall.” But a report from July 3 stated that Yellowstone’s magma chamber is “more powerful” than scientists had previously known.

    Using a new way to track heat flow under the park, researchers now estimate Yellowstone’s magma chamber could be recharging from deep within the Earth twice as fast as previously thought. But there’s still no cause for alarm, even though all this news comes as the largest geyser in Yellowstone, the Steamboat geyser, becomes more active. It has now erupted for the eleventh time.



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      1. The news media and the controlled opposition went crazy yesterday after Trump said he believed Putin, over accusations from the Intel community. Remember, the so called Intel community was and still is staffed at the top by Obama appointees. Why the President hasn’t cleaned house is a mystery to me. Former head of the CIA under Obama was John Brennan. Who is Brennan? Brennan voted for Gus Hall, communist party candidate for president, back in the day. Brennan is a Muslim convert. Obama appointed a communist Muslim to head the CIA! And Trump said he didn’t trust them. Trump gave the correct answer. Sorry, I had to post this here.

        • Him – So you’d believe Putin over an Irish American? Putin who was a Lt Colonel in an organisation (KGB) that subjugated and terrorised Russian citizens. Putin who has amassed an absolute fortune through bribery and corruption and enriched his henchmen at the expense of his people. Your village is obviously missing it’s resident idiot.

          • You did read the part about Brennan, right? That wasn’t from Putin.

          • Anonymous

            The simple fact is both Putin and US Intelligence cannot be trusted. OBTW where are those WMDs in Iraq? US Intelligence has aided dope dealers then. (Air America) and now Afghanistan. They have armed ISIS to overthrow, quite unlawfully I might add Syria.

            ISIS Support, its A Fact.

            h ttps://

            “Your village is obviously missing it’s resident idiot.”

            Spare us the insult and buy a mirror.

            • Kevin, very true. When people have to resort to insults, it means they’re points won’t stand up to the truth.

            • Kevin2, sad but true. CIA drug-running dates back to the Eisenhower Administration. Anonymous needs to look into a mirror and get educated.

              • Kevin2, BTW, Anonymous sounds like he’s from a NEOCON village. A village like that is nothing but idiots.

                • I do wish the Neo-cons were idiots. They’re sinister, cunning and utterly ruthless devoid of empathy subscribing to, “the ends justify the means”. What is even worse is that their “ends” are no damn good either. There are exceptions that are idiots and inherited their spot like GW Bush but they’re not in policy. GH Bush on the other hand was likely in a policy making position.

          • So you’re going to believe intel services neck deep conspiring to remove a sitting President and those that have amassed wealth using the same Russians they’re whining about?

            You’re obviousl well embedded into your village, idiot

          • So you’re going to believe intel services neck deep conspiring to remove a sitting President and those that have amassed wealth using the same Russians they’re whining about?

            You’re obviously well embedded into your village, idiot

          • “So you’d believe Putin over an Irish American?”

            Western Orthodox, vs Eastern Orthodox, if that is your orthodoxy.

          • I don’t believe Putin or our 17 intelligence agencies.Think weapons of mass destruction in Iraq.When Schumer warned Trump not to say anything negative about the cia because there are a hundred ways they’ll get you , I finally realized the president isn’t the commander in chief, the CIA and the deep state are.

          • LOL.I’d believe Putin over most in DC.Den of liars and thieves

        • Him, I have to agree about the ‘intel community’. The CIA is the world’s largest drug cartel and is originally responsible for our nation’s drug problems. The intel community has always been working to undermine and destroy this nation. Trump is RIGHT not to trust them. John Brennan can go f#$% himself. He doesn’t have a leg to stand on. Michael Hayden is one that REALLY gets under my skin. He’s one of the WORST of the neocons having run both NSA and CIA. He swears up and down there’s nothing wrong with illegitimate, illegal spying on everyone. He would even spy on his own mother.

      2. Pay attention. An attempted coup d’etat is in progress.

        • 2 Dumbocrats advocated a violent coup yesterday.

          One a military coup and the other a shadow govt coup.

          • NB, the libturd who advocated the military coup is Congressman Steve Cohen {D-TN}, from MY area, I’m sorry to say. One of the biggest dickheads in the whole Congress and he’s also part of the antigun crowd. I would love to at least hear about him having an ‘accident’.

            • I really wish Cohen would go away. He and his supporters have never done anything good for this city. Although it was great to see both Strickland and Luttrell snub him earlier this year.

      3. I’m figuring the next major seismic event will be major earthquakes along the New Madrid fault line.

      4. Imagine what could be brought in or taken out, if you close a park that size down…

      5. Him: Trump is using the Corleone Family tactic of keeping his friends close, and his enemies closer. Just a movie thing, but if you read your Sun Tzu regularly, you’ll see that Trump is playing by those rules, which predate the mafia by a couple of thousand years. Trumps enemies in DC never expected him to allow them to hang on to their jobs after he took office. He keeps them there for his own intel and strategy reasons. A wise General always knows where his enemies are, and what they are doing.

        • Yep….you got that Right! Say whatever you want about Trump, That man is very smart.

      6. Back to the magma, Yellowstone Caldera could also slowly come to the surface again, over a period of years, instead of the Hollywood explosion. We see things in movies and are led to believe that that is what will happen, in that particular way. Sensationalism is what used to sell papers, but now it gets views and advertisers flock there. I would pray for a slow emergence of Yellowstone, instead of the enormous explosion and catastrophic amount of destruction. At least we would have time to adjust and get lives out of the way. Remember that in all these natural disasters, our enemies are closely watching us, and measuring our defensive posture at the same time.

        • I can see a “slow” eruption every day. Our Volcano national park is mostly closed, due to danger from explosions, Earthquakes, and land collapses. People have been hurt by “Lava bombs”. Thousands of lives have been displaced. I consider us to be lucky. Yellowstone traditionally explodes. Having lived through Mt St. Helens I can tell you it will be a mess if even part of Yellowstone goes off.

      7. I assume that you’re blocking public lands, from public use and monitoring, and, on any given day, the rocks move.

        Too-big-to-fails are for dual use (and busywork and specious, social promotions) and, when you see presumptive developers there (not really in a free market) they can be used for monitoring purposes.

        In spite of conspiracy theories, you don’t need a literal tarmac, and don’t have to go 100mi outside of civilization, to scratch eachother’s backs, per se. You just couch whatever is illegal for civilians, in more-officious language.

      8. Indict that volcano before it’s too late .

        • Russians and Jews did it.

      9. George, the volcano sounds like a good place for our libturds, LOL.

        • Nah, there’s not a virgin among them for sacrificing to the volcano god.

      10. This was obviously caused by Putin himself! He has been caught interfering with a super volcano, and hacking the seismic activity!
        This will cause damage to our nonexistent democracy, and I demand that we start WW3 over this! ):

      11. “…the possibility of a major eruption is incredibly small…magma chamber could be recharging from deep within the Earth twice as fast as previously thought. But there’s still no cause for alarm…magma chamber is “more powerful” than scientists had previously known…” FAMOUS LAST WORDS!!

      12. Well if you are a Christian and know your Bible, then the USA being the largest nation of Christians coupled with military power is the obvious target by the Antichrist. Likewise Mystery Babylon is destroyed by fire and nuclear bombs or Yellowstone could both destroy us in an hour.

        I urge folks to watch the BBC Supervolcano tv movie. While the acting is a little weak, the depiction of Yellowstone blowing a d the GLOBAL result is horrifying.

        It would cover the western half of the USA with volcanic ash and poison the water with sulphuric acid. That would annihilate much of our crops and then totally alter weather patterns and we would lucky to get one growing season instead of three per year. This then dooms the globe as we feed everyone. Then the ash cloud would plunge global temperatures and create a nuclear autumn (formerly mislabeled nuclear winter).

        For the Antichrist to seize power, he just about has to wrest away military power from the USA. But the Abomination of Desolation must come first. See Matthew 24.

        • Combine this with the impending solar minimum which brings on its own global cooling… Well, not much time left to prep.

          • If we experienced a mini-Ice Age as folks like the UK experienced in history, it will cause a SEVERE famine as the harvest yields will be small. This alone could cause war over resources.

            I just rewatched Red Dawn (1984) and indeed a famine is what touches it off.

            People worldwide presume the USA can feed everyone which is reminiscent of the Fertile Crescent Valley in Egypt feeding everyone in the Roman empire and then some.

            Now Yellowstone would take out NORAD most likely as having any effectiveness though they would survive. That is where NORTHCOM is commanded from. It’s one of the reasons a Yellowstone eruption would be so bad coupled with total destruction of California and Great Plains agriculture. And even if not bad it ruins the water supply that California does not possess from its internal aquifers.

            Three times in history the blast effect was IMMENSE and in worse case scenarios it would cross the Mississippi River and potentially affect the Ohio Valley. That would totally disrupt river barge traffic that is vital for transporting goods from which trucking and rail counts upon.

            Did you know some dolts among the scientists are considering bleeding it off? That alone could cause a rupture.

            If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

          • “Well, not much time left to prep.”

            “Time?” If Yellowstone goes BIG there might not even be a reason to prep!

      13. As a person who has spent years climbing in the Tetons, there are are always rock cracks and rock fall. This area happens to be located near a popular tourist area and climbing training area so the NPS is being cautious to mitigate the danger of tons of rock falling on tourists. Yosemite had rock call last year that killed several.

      14. If you know history then you know that the Neocon movement began with former liberals in the DNC who realized how they had been played by the USSR and Chicoms who had funded the Student Free Speech movement, the unions, civil rights, abortionists, feminists, free love proponents, etc.
        In response they became ardent Cold Warriors but lost their souls by merging with satanic globalists and technocrats.

        Reagan was not a neocon but ended up surrounded by neocons. It infected the Republican party.

        Whereas old time conservatives often became John Birchers among Republicans. I would bet that many who are in this community would heartily agree with old school John Birch society politics.

        You can find speeches dating back to the late fifties and sixties on youtube.

      15. This comes under the distress of nations heading, along with sinkholes.
        Luke 21:25 And there shall be signs in the sun, and in the moon, and in the stars; and upon the earth distress of nations, with perplexity; the sea and the waves roaring; Cutting edge, witty, clever, flippant, commentary. Thank you for clicking here.
        Or catch up with me on YouTube

      16. If only the caldera was under Californication (sigh)

      17. Are Grand Teton and Yellowstone really related? I think this is a misleading headline and article.

      18. I trust Trump’s judgement of ANY situation WAY more’n the luciferian deep state infested “intelligence” community.

      19. If Yellowstone only nominally blows, it likely will ruin grain production. This will be like during the time just prior to Cleopatra seizing power and the Roman Empire HAD TO intercede because grain production in the Fertile Crescent affected All of the Meditterrean region’s economies.

        After she took power with Mark Anthony, Rome was willing to pay five-ten times the normal rate for a time, but eventually Rome was at war with Egypt.

        Famine causes war even monumental war over resources.

        If the tarriffs go into effect, like on soybeans, then in the long term China cannot afford to resist, yet they might think their only two options are drive down the yuan abysnally low, or start a war. And if they do drive down the yuan abysmally low, then that alone might start a war.

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