Natural Born Citizen

by | Apr 27, 2011 | Headline News | 113 comments

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    Section 1, Article Two of the United States Constitution:

    No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.

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      2. As long as we’re distracted by birth certificates, royal weddings, American Idol, etc., etc., we’re not paying attention to what is really going on.
        My advice, as always, is use “bread and circuses” and “divide and concur” filters when dealing with “big stories” spun by MSM.
        Good luck to all.

      3. That Dept of Health # looks a little (a lot) doctored….  Besides, IT’S A COPY!!!!!!!!  Why isn’t his black & white? 

      4. Comments…..Where’s the rest of this forgery. Where’s the FOOTPRINT?

      5. I am sick of seeing the “Live Birth Certificate”.  This is NOT a Birth Certificate.  Any information can be put on a Live Certificate by anyone, and the information is NOT verified.  Our lying president can make all the birthers go away by simply waving his real, honest to goodness Birth Certificate.  So, why doesn’t he?  Instead of spending MILLIONS of dollars to block all his own personal records.  Obama is bent on bringing this great country down, and by golly, he is doing it.

      6. OK, o’bomama gets to ride the roller coaster too.

      7. Isn’t this exactly what he released before?  A certificate of live birth not a birth certificate?

        I also wonder.  Why did he spend millions of dollars avoiding releasing this? 

        It all seems fishy to me.  Of course everything about the community organizer is fishy so I guess I shouldn’t be surprised.

      8. I am confused…

        I thought his name was Barry Soetoro and he changed it when he was a muslim to Barrack Obama…

        What is the truth?

        Also, why was there an AP Associated Press piece on the “Kenyan” running for senate in Illinois???

      9. Well they have had plenty of time to create an official looking one. Now let’s see his college records, his real ones. If the media had done their job, we would have seen them in 2008. They sure couldn’t wait to tell us that Bush was a C student, but they did their best to cover up for their guy.

      10. Indigo light is certainly right about the MSM throwing a lot of distractions at us (the public). I think the only reason this was  released is because Donald Trump has been flapping and waving and it had an impact on Obam’s poll numbers -too many of the republicans and independents polled either thought Obama wasn’t born in the U.S., or were unsure. That wouldn’t be good during an election, would it?

        I think the “Birthers” are going to say our president’s long form birth certificate is a forged regardless of the release of this document. This doesn’t really change anything if people want to continue on with their prejudice.

        It would be nice if people had something important to worry about, say like, a job or the cost of living and the current stagflation of our economy..

      11. manchurian what?

      12. Comments….. Any document can be faked, I don’t believe he was hatched here in the US.  And releasing it two years after dodging the real document.  Pleeeeze…. He needs to explain his CT SS #. Bottom line, weez got a Prez who wasn’t properly vetted.

      13. Trump is my hero today (his wife too).  Now lets send this BC off to get a closer look before they make a shrine of it.

      14. Ne is the Commander in Chief.
        He can order any 3 letter Agency to covertly do anything incl. create fake documents and back-fill the historical record. I am very suspicious of this document.

        Lets see his travel history when he was a student and what papers he wrote for his university qualifications ?

      15. Whether this document is legit or not you have to wonder why it has been locked in a vault for over years. Barry talks about how much of a “distracton” this has been for the country and how it’s not good (not good for him, that is), however isn’t he the one who created the distraction? There are a few explanations for this whole fiasco, and I’m afraid that none of them are good:

        1. The document is legit and he is just an arrogant S.O.B. who felt he didn’t need to show it until Trump forced him to.
        2. He’s not a citizen, but they just created a fake document to put the debate to rest.
        3. He purposely held back his birth certificate to create this distraction so that he could come out later and show everyone how “racist and intolerant” the republicans are.

        His ratings will get a slight bump upward for this, but unfortunately his many broken promises and inability to create jobs while spending more money than all other US presidents in history combined still linger on the minds of many Americans.

      16. Personally I think this is a non-issue. His first term is almost up, and if he is actually re-elected, then we have much larger problems in this nation than whether or not he was born in Hawaii – if the majority of the population thinks he’s doing a good enough job to keep it for another 4, then we’re screwed.

      17. I want to believe this, I really do.  But I remember seeing a copy of a real birth certificate from a person born in Hawaii (as a comparison to Obama’s COLB), and it looked totally different.  Not the content, but the typeset, clarity of the type, etc.  It looked like it was done on an old ribbon manual typewriter.  This just looks like it was typed out with a brand new Smith Corona and signed yesterday. 

      18. If it took him this long to produce it, pretty good bet it’s not authentic.

      19. I don’t believe this, I really don’t want to.  The anointed one walks on water is why there’s no foot print.  Now let’s get to work faking (organizing) those transcripts & s.s. card for that presidential shrine in Kenya.  Thanks a lot, you hacs up in Chicago.

      20. Trump says he will go after the college records next…..

      21. you people are all illiterate retards.  the opinions you hold regarding legitimate issues is disregarded because of the stupidity you all exhibit on this subject.

        congrats on painting yourselves into a corner of disrespectability.

      22. He is no more legitimate than I would be both of your parents must have been citizens at time of birth. 

      23. RE: redgypsy

        that’s not true.  a natural born citizen is any person born in the USA.  read the 14th ammendment you idiot!

      24. Lets have him raise his right hand & swear these are authentic before he thinks he is a the king.  I think we’re too late!

      25. You’ve ate too many green eggs & ham sam.

      26. Anonymous @ 11:08am is an idiot too.  the expectation that a person who is accused of lying will be repulsed by the idea of lying while raising their right hand is ludicrous.

        you idiots can’t accept that a black man is president.  this is nothign short of an attempt at delegitimization.

        if you don’t agree wiht his policies, as i disagree with him on most issues, than be an actual advocate for policies that you beleive to be proper.

        this birther stuff, is just plain crazy and just plain racially motivated.

      27. All right! Now you’ve gone and pissed me off! And I was having such a nice day, too.
        @sam-Congratulations on using “congrats” since you obviously don’t know how to spell the full word. If you best rebuttal to an argument is to call people “retards” then I must question your ability to competitively engage in any meaningful debate on any topic. Recent polls have shown that over 40% of Americans consider this to be a legitimate area of concern. And rightfully so, if one knows or cares, at all, about our Constitution. Time and space constraints prohibit me from fully enlightening you here but I believe you’ll find many excellent links from shtfplan to do further research on your own. You do know how to read, don’t you? If not get your Mommy to read it for you. Then ask her to explain it. Also, I’m sure you’ll find the readers and commenters here to be well above average in their passion and their ability to rationally defend any position. To put it bluntly: this is a tough crowd here EVERY DAY. If you want to play with the big kids, you’d better have more than personal insults in your intellectual arsenal. Otherwise, we’ll eat your lunch. Now, if you have a logical response as to why this issue (of the president’s eligibility) should be irrelevant, or an opinion on any of the article posted, I say: BRING IT!

      28. Sam, calling other people stupid all the time only helps to make the case for your own stupidity.

      29. The 14th Amendment defines citizenship, not the term “natural born citizen”. They are NOT the same. Sam and Anon are wrong.

      30. Nothing to do with race.  Maybe he can produce a budget while he’s at it……  I’d vote for Herman Cain in a heart beat & probably will.  I’ve earned my right to vote the hard way & I vote the way I like.

      31. He’s still working on his next post Okie.

      32. smokinokie and the other idiot commenters are grasping for straws.

        1) unqualified claims about the type set.
        2) unqualified and incorrect claims about the qualifications for presidency requiring two naturally born parents.
        3) unqualified claims about how this document looks different from other documents.
        4) an apparent ignorance to the existance of color copiers and scanners (“why isn’t it in black and white?”)

        these are all baseless claims by people who lack any expertise in document verification.

        the president is the president.  the supreme court with it’s conservative majority wouldn’t hear the case and issued a pretty clear slap-down to those who continue making legal assertions regarding this issue.  delusional people can never be convinced of their own false thinking, as is clearly evidenced in these comments.

        but good luck being taken seriously in the future!!!  that ought to work out really well for all of you.  being marginalized kind of sucks, no?

        lastly, your comment had at least 4 sentences with poor sentence structure and grammar.  glass houses…

      33. also, the bigger point here is that you all are wasting your time on this issue when real progress could be made on a number of other fronts.  you all are spinning your wheels and looking like idiots while doing so.

      34. Anon- you guessed it. He left the BC with the budget and then lost them both. They’re probably in that same folder with his college transcripts.
        Hope we haven’t scared off sammy. I was gonna have a little fun with him! I had to flame him just a little- hope he’s not too scorched to enjoy more of those green eggs.

      35. No, but raising his right hand would put himself in a corner even further.  Let’s enter this in as evidence.  Congratulations!  Do you think it will let up now?  The day is getting better!

      36. Old easter eggs.

      37. smokinokie: eat my ass.  you couldn’t scare the corn out of my morning poop.

      38. Yaaaaa, we’re still up here!  Send more Tang up this week #2.  The Russians don’t know how to make it. 

        Sam, we lurk up here all of the time.  We are watching you.

        That was a good flame SmokinOkie.  We seen it up here!

      39. Well, Hell. I might as well throw my two cents in. Everybody else has.

        sam, calling okie and others idiots doesn’t lend any credence to your attempt at credibility.

        Also, what ARE your credentials? This will allow us to pay proper respect (if you are due any).

        Next, much of what you call unqualified claims have, in fact, been qualified here or elsewhere.

        Next, using Berra-isms (“the president is the president”. Huh?) will not convince anyone either.

        Ignoring some of your other asinine comments….

        Lastly, no one here is trying to make “real progress”. We’re commenting. Most of us found out a long time ago that the ones making the rules are ignoring us.

        have a nice day.

      40. @sam- And what, exactly, are your credentials as an expert in document verification? Having spent 6 years in military intelligence, with 4 of those in developing anti-counterfeiting techniques (as well as producing a number of counterfeits for the DoD) I can assure you that not everyone outside the wacky conspiracy crowd is convinced about the legitimacy of the document in question. I have not seen an actual paper copy of the alleged birth certificate, so I make no assertion as to it’s authenticity. However, if the images available on line are any indication of what it looks like, I would have serious doubts about it. Admittedly though, with nothing but video images available, I would not make any claim for or against it.
        You still offer no reason as to why this should not be of concern to Americans. All you do is continue to insult the other commenters. And, while insisting that there are bigger issues on which we should focus, you offer no concrete examples of what the issues are or what your specific proposals are concerning them. Sadly, I’m still waiting for rational argumentation from you. I’m patient. I’ll keep waiting…maybe it’ll come to you later.

      41. You just got tea bagged Sam.

      42. @sammy- And being marginalized by an unprepossessing imbecile capable of nothing more than rambling, disconnected, profanity-laced remarks doesn’t suck at all. In fact, it’s quite the badge of honor. Thanks

      43. i don’t have to be an expert or prove anything.  the onus of proof is on those who continue to make claims of illegitimacy.  all that can be offered is further hedging about “having to see the document first hand” or claims about whether or not a 1960 printing press was purchased recently.  what a farce.  anyone with any intellectual honesty could see through these claims.

        clearly, the supreme court saw that the arguments of birthers lacked any veracity.  i doubt thomas, scalia, or alito would have missed a chance to politicize this issue if there were any merits to the assertions at all; but alas, they chose to join the rest of the court in a unanimous refusal to hear the case.

        no one has ever before requested a president to verify his citizenship.  it has NEVER before been an issue.  why now is this president being pushed on this? what is it about this president that is different?

        is it that he’s a democrat?  no, there have been plenty of democrat presidents.  is it becuase there was voter fraud in the election?  no, there were no irregularities in the 2008 election, unlike those of the 2000 and the 2004 elections.  the only thing that separates this president from other presidents is his name and skin color.

      44. i’m done.  i’ll leave all you delusional losers to your delusions.

        this ain’t Oz.  i can’t ask the wizard to give any of you brains.

      45. I’ll bet y’all anything Sam is a 13 yr old sitting in his mama’s basement, looking at “bad” magazines and wishing he could be as intelligent as SmokinOkie!!! Way to go, Smokin…..<clapping my hands in admiration>

      46. Bead window Sam.

      47. @sam- You’ll find that the sarcasm and caustic wit runs at about 99% here all the time. Please don’t take it personally (and you know I don’t mean that.) By the way when you get back to Oz, ask the wizard to give you a sense of humor! 🙂

      48. Our founding fathers felt that the unofficial fourth leg of protection of this government was the free press. With the press watching over the dealings of the other 3 arms of the government(legislative, judicial and administrative), there could be less dirty dealings being  hidden.
        And the socialists took care of this problem. The bought up the TV networks and the major newpapers so that there are very few actual journalists left. Those who work at the networks work for the far left propaganda machine and craft and sell the party line just like Soviet and Chineese new agencies do.  No facts need be used.
        The networks and newspapers ran  the Obama campaign and have fully supported every empty word out of his muslim mouth to this point. The only person who can’t see that is the one who does not want to see it. That person wants to believe in a dream that some one else crafts and makes come true. Hence the 52% who don’t pay taxes. It is hard to live in the real world and it appears many don’t want to try. So they throw away their freedom ( and ours) for a false dream that will soon enslave them and us. WOW

      49. Which part of transparency doesn’t sam not see?

      50. Being a master of the obvious, I decree that this is fake. all it takes to see that is to open your eyes and watch the attempts at obfuscation on all fronts.

        Sadly, the believers are right on one point. Ubumu is president and will only leave office early (maybe ever) literally at gunpoint. In 2008 Umurikums saw what they wanted to see. How many still-unemployed college grads still believe?). I hope the “yes we can!” crowd are proud that they “made history (as did Hitler and Stalin).

        On the 14th amendment, I have always heard that it was for the express purpose of granting citizenship to freed slaves and their offspring. The current practice of using it to grant citizenship to offspring of illegals is a court perversion (I see a pattern of this). Read the writings leading up to the adoption of this amendment.

      51. I miss sam already. 

      52. not sure if it was mentioned..

        but back in those days Caucasion wasnt widely used…it was “White”

        and African would have probably been “Negro”…and the name thing too..

        still stinks, and to those who say it doesnt matter need to leave the sure as fuck does too matter…rules are rules, and thats why we have we dont end up with the dam Fox in the Hen house

      53. Obama just released this “document” because his poll ratings have dropped.  Plus there was the little pesky poll a few days ago that said only 38% of Americans believe he was born here.

        Regarding the post by Sam who says “you idiots can’t accept that a black man is president”.  Nice try throwing out the race issue.  Now we are either racist & you are right or we will bow down to you proclaiming that we are not racist, kissing your butt like you want us to.

        I’m not biting either way.  Go away.

      54. Houston, that was a confirmed non-firing flame.  Standing down.  I say again, standing down to defcon one.  Roger out.

      55. Sooo…. Why did it take so long to release the long form and why now?

        This could have all been cleared up years ago maybe during one of many vacations so as not to distract the president from important presidential duties.  

        Anyway, BM may have added a couple of on the fence voters but most people probably made up their minds one way or the other as to his eligibility/unique history awhile ago.  

        The pro OB’s look at it like it’s a racial attack and the anti OB’s look at it as suspicious.

        Hopefully any future candidates get serious vetting and serious disclosure and serious independent investigation.  The more we know about the candidates the more informed a decision can be made instead of relying on vague unsubstantiated, unaccountable hopeyness.

        A president in office tends to stay in office.  The dems have there candidate, now the republicans have to trash each other to get a chance just to run.  Donald looks like he will be good at trashing people, but is he really electable?  The current president was electable, at least at one time.

      56. I think BHO better fire his forgery team. Sorry to inform all you Obots out there but back then the race of a person of color was not listed as “African” it was listed as “Negro”. African is not a race, just as Chinese, Italian, Russian, Brazilian, etc… are not a race. If there are others out there like myself, have you questioned why his father’s race is African? My birth certificate states otherwise and I was born after he was! Open your eyes people, this birth certificate thing is not the distraction, BHO’s lies are!

      57. You can fool some of the people all of the time, and all of the people some of the time, but you can not fool all of the people all of the time.Abraham Lincoln, (attributed)
        16th president of US (1809 – 1865)
        A certificate of live birth is not the same thing as a long form birth certificate.  Show me the footprint…I’d bet if you looked at your’s you’d find the print…I have one on mine.

        More smoke, more mirrors…anything can be put on paper, just look at your fraudulent reserve notes, and you all believe their worth something?

        GMAFB – nope, nada…no apologies


      58. Valid point about the footprints. Why are there no foot prints?

        Also, being born in the United States does not mean you are a citizen if your parents are illegals and citizens of a foreign power who have jurisdiction over them. If one of your parents is an American citizen and you are born in America, you are a natural born citizen.

        Its time to sue Mexico for the damages and crimes that their citizens have committed in America! Who votes for THAT?

      59. LOL got love this site.. The oz thing just makes my day..

      60. I’d vote for that. maybe we could even send my neighborhood back to mexico.. I LIVE AT THE ALAMO

      61. “Time and space constraints prohibit me from fully enlightening you here but”

        We didn’t know you studied physics.  Time to join the winning team here SmokinOkie.  NASA will be knocking at your door for a look.   We’ve got some over sized GPS tracked TS weird objects we would like you to move around NV at night.  Your code name will be Blazer.  You’ve just been erased.  Mac, erase this when Blazer receives this coded msg.

      62. Isn’t it interesting that if you look closely at the document at full size, the text that has been supposedly typed into the cells have none of the background green/white printing behind them?  I wonder how one would be able to type with a 1961 IBM Selectric typewriter on a form like this, and wipe out the background color (green)?  It looks like it has been over layed, one document copied onto another, or digitally, just over laying text onto something that would lend credence (green/white offishul lookin’ paper) to give it that supposed credibility.   Just wondering, what do you think?
        GMAFB – heehee…

      63. @Major Tom- I was just having a little fun with sammy. Hope he didn’t get mad and leave for good. Anybody that visits shtf often would quickly learn to appreciate the smart ass attitude, and the humor of so many of the folks here! My motto is “when in doubt- turn up the verbiage” Seems to work for politicians. Heck, I got a migraine just trying to create two long responses with lots of multi-syllable words.
         Oh, and if I do join the team can I get one of those cool silver colored jackets with my name embroidered on the front? Sign me up! Blazer-out

      64. Announcement from the principle SmokinOkie is to report to the office, Seems that Sam has turned him in for being a bully and will have to serve 8 days of after school detention. 

      65. Right now some obama technology person is scrambling trying to figure out how to take his current footprint & shrink it down to infant size.  They probably inked it earlier and took several imprints.   LOL!

        In the meantime, the community organizer is in Chicago fund raising with oprah and then he’s media whoring at the space shuttle launch – sponging off of Congresswoman Gifford’s tragedy. 

        All of this while America falls apart on his watch.  Economic Terrorism my friends. 

      66. Yes, he told us in advance what he planned to do.  Few were listening.

        The following is a narrative taken from a 2008 Sunday morning televised “Meet The Press’. 


        From Sunday’s 07 Sept. 2008  11:48:04 EST,  Televised “Meet the Press” THE THEN Senator Obama was asked about his stance on the American Flag.


        General Bill Ginn’ USAF (ret.) asked Obama to explain WHY he doesn’t follow protocol when the National Anthem is played.


        The General stated to Obama that according to the  United States Code, Title 36, Chapter 10, Sec. 171…


        During rendition of the national anthem, when the flag is displayed, all present (except those in uniform) are expected to stand at attention facing the flag with the right hand over the heart. Or, at the very least, “Stand and Face It”.


        NOW GET THIS !!


        ‘Senator’ Obama replied:


        “As I’ve said about the flag pin, I don’t want to be perceived as taking sides”. “There are a lot of people in the world to whom the American flag is a symbol of oppression..” “The anthem itself conveys a war-like message. You know, the bombs bursting in air and all that sort of thing.”




        Obama continued: “The National Anthem should be ‘swapped’ for something less parochial and less bellicose. I like the song ‘I’d Like To Teach the World To Sing’.  If that were our anthem, then, I might salute it.  In my opinion, we should consider reinventing our National Anthem as well as ‘redesign’ our Flag to better offer our enemies hope and love.  It’s my intention, if elected, to disarm  America    to the level of acceptance to our  Middle East Brethren.  If we, as a Nation of waring people, conduct ourselves like the nations of Islam, where peace prevails – – – perhaps a state or period of mutual accord could exist between our governments ….”


        When I become President, I will seek a pact of agreement to end hostilities between those who have been at war or in a state of enmity, and a freedom from disquieting oppressive thoughts. We as a Nation, have placed upon the nations of Islam, an unfair injustice which is WHY my wife disrespects the Flag and she and I have attended several flag burning ceremonies in the past”.


        “Of course now, I have found myself about to become the President of the  United States and I have put my hatred aside. I will use my power to bring CHANGE to this Nation, and offer the people a new path..My wife and I look forward to becoming our Country’s First black Family.  Indeed, CHANGE is about to overwhelm the  United States of America “


        WHAAAAAAAT, the Hell is that???

        Dale  Lindsborg ,  Washington Post

      67. Yes, but he has detention with silly sally.

        This is all silly, I’ve got work to do.  Fund raisers to attend, dollars to collect. 

      68. All I can say about the comments section on this topic today is WOW. I just read through everything here since I checked in this morning and all I can say is that I’m sure glad no one who visits here is afraid to speak their mind LMAO! We sure do use our freedom of speech rights on this page!
        I really like reading all of the different viewpoints, it truely makes my day. Too bad our “elected officials” can’t have the open and honest expressions like we do here. If that happened maybe our nation wouldn’t be in the shape it is in!

      69. It looks like they used ‘green official certificate’ paper for the recent photocopier (which the state register alvin endorsed) and copied the original document onto it which looks like it was just plain white and black.

        But the white around the letters and numbers is interesting, might be a product of scanning it into pdf.  And look at what appears to be faint penciled numbers on the original 2, 9, 1, 1, etc.

        Eek! It’s the mark of the Beast

      70. Yep the change is overwelming… Just went to the store and hoped that I might have some change left in my pocket…. But the good news is gas drop 1 cent today…Wow that calls for happy hour.

      71. This is quite a crowd……  Thanks Mac.

      72. Meet the press archives does shoe BHO appearing on Sept 7, 2008!

      73. One more time.  A certificate of live birth (colb) is NOT a birth certificate.  It is a document given to the parent(s) at the hospital which they then take to the appropriate government office to recieve a Birth Certificate from that government.  How do I know?  Because my parents were lax in this regard and never got a Birth Certificate for me.  When I went to get my passport all I had was a colb, which was insufficient to say the least.  I had to (actually, my wife had to, bless her heart) jump through a bunch of gov’t hoops, run down a bunch of old documents etc to get them to give me a Birth Certificate so I could get my passport.
        A COLB is a hospital document.  Its purpose is to keep a record for the hospital, and allow you get a Birth Certificate from the gov’t.  A Birth Certificate shows you are a citizen.

      74. The Constitution is the basic agreement for the citizens of the United States, agreed by our Fathers more than two-hundred years ago.
        Yes, my fathers were here at that time – some fought, some died, all put their heads on the chopping block (except that branch that fled to Canada until the heat was off but I digress).
        The Constitution clearly says the president of the executive branch of the federation of the United States must be a natural born citizen.
        Many fools here and among the talking heads (deliberately?) confuse “natural born” with “native born” or even “mere”” citizenship.
        The words have plain meaning and, as the beneficiary of an Ivy League graduate degree and membership in Mensa, I will not stand and allow them to be perverted for reasons of propaganda and intimidation.
        More to the point:  if the Constitution is no longer respected, or considered a quaint anachronism in the same way the Episcopal church views the Bible, and the Ruling Class feels no longer obligated the abide by its rules and limitations …
        This is not good.  But perhaps the common American is coming to understand the true reasons for our national decline, witnessed in the span of a single lifetime.

      75. Zero has to make a counter-move as Trump pushes the envelope and education of the populace increases on Zero’s NBC legitimacy problem! LOL
        Zero’s goal today was a media propaganda blitz, little else on substance, and willing hack media that carry’s his B.S. Over? LOL It’s only going to intensify.
        A document was shown:
        What the heck is this supposed to be? LOLOLOL
        What is with the curled page set on top of another page? And the green security paper pattern lined up for the background? So a photocopy on top of another photocopy. This is not the original long form birth certificate. border? Where’s the raised seal?
        yeah right! LOL
        And now looks like a very poor forgery that was done with layers when the White Hut originally released it! LOLOL (Now there are no layers showing, cover up mode)
        Why does a supposed scanned document have layers?
        Was manipulated by adobe or other program to piece together a document and never flattened before being put out by the White Hut! Incompetent fools!
        Yes, this will indeed be fun to watch!
        In addition, Zero’s BC# and “date filed” are still not compatible with other birth certificates found during this tight time frame.
        Some background:
        Zero’s online short form bc# was compared to the Nordyke twins, HI gals born at same time period, we have their long forms.
        10641 is the serial number on Barak Obama’s certificate.
        10637 is the serial number of a woman, Susan Nordyke, born one day LATER than Obama, but at the SAME hospital, her twin sister’s is 10638
        Zero’s BC numbered on Aug 8, should have a lower number than one numbered on Aug 11.
        This is the same problem on Zero’s short form image he put up early 2008.
        There is still no note of the 2006 amendment that the HDOH indirectly confirmed was made to the birth record either.
        PLEASE EXPLAIN the forgery.
        Oh and dear media hacks and Obots, we were told by the uplifting and glorious news agency CNN that Zero AND THE ENTIRE POPULATION OF HAWAII COULD NO LONGER GET THEIR LONG FORMS? How is it now Zero obtains one? LOL
        Yes, and then we have former Director HI dept of health Chiyome/Fukino statement that it was half typed and half written b.c. Where’s this document? She supposedly examined the records right? LOL
        Finally, Zero, addressing the White House press corps, said today [about his previously shown short form images online]:
        “We posted the certificate that is given by the state of Hawaii on the Internet for everybody to see. People have provided affidavits that they in fact have seen this birth certificate…..”
        Wow, 2 blatant lies — where’s the official who verified Zero’s online images? NONE. Affidavits???? LOL B>S> You mean 2 hacks from chi-town’s factcheck who saw the document? Never submitted, verified or affirmed by any HI official or any official.
        What poor way to start a press conference, but when you’re lying fraud, it’s a normal day at White Hut.

      76. That is just amazing, you can do that with photoshop?????!!!!!?????!!!!!!  The quality is so poor.  What do you think sammy?  Leave the race card at home because he didn’t get in with the black vote.  There’s not even a bend on this transparent easter egg doctored document. 

      77. 1. In Virginia, Obama couldn’t use this certificate to get a driver’s license without the seal (which is missing, BTW) stamped over the signature at the bottom of the certificate. It has to have a signature AND a raised notary-like seal to be acceptable.

        2. Why did it take 4 years (2 as president, 2 running for it) to be able to finally see this certificate?

        Nope – I’m not impressed, and yes, I do think it is an important issue. It’s not the birth certificate so much as it is the deceit and suspicion surrounding it. When Obama builds a presidency on the foundation of deceit, that is an issue.

      78. Thanks Smokinokie …well done!
        All I have to say is why did he wait nearly three years and spend a pile of loot trying to dodge this issue if he had a real one available,now all the sudden we are supposed to believe that this “copy” of a supposedly existant document is reason to just accept barry at his word(which can be documented to be worth less than nothing) and just shut up?
        You can go to “certain” people in “certain” places and for a price purchase a better looking “document” than this one,and this prez runs the CIA  and how many other depts who produce perfect counterfeit papers daily…like say the federal reserve?
        Finally as someone may have alluded to before…if you take this nation seriously and are offended at any deviation from the founding principles then you cant just ignore this issue…if down the road we find out he isnt legit it will perhaps set a precident…like allowing ole “Arnie” to run for president or some other person from “outside” someone who could be even worse than barry and his merry band of misfits(if thats possible) just sayin’….thanks!

      79. An interesting read, this one!
        Let’s see…
        I am no racist. And this document is a fraud. And saying that does NOT make me racist. People who throw the racial accusation without even knowing the person they are accusing are in fact without logical and intelligent argument. They have no recourse but name-calling. Sorry, sam, you’re out of your league here.

        The points made about the term African are well-founded, also.  Someone used current PC terminology; probably too young to know different!

        A poster over on zero hedge had another good point. google or research the hospital. Seems when Obama was born, there were two separate facilities that later merged in 1978, at which time the names were combined. in 1961, the name was different. So why would this BC have the new name?

        And lastly, wasn’t his original name Barry?? Why then does the BC show him as Barak?? I thought that came much later.

        Well, one more thing…we have more laws and regulations in this country than you can shake a stick at. The one concerning the eligibility of any individual to serve as president serves as a protection both for the nation and the citizens. In fact, the issue of citizenship has been blurred not only for the presidency but also as pertains to the millions of illegal immigrants in this country. The really gut-wrenching truth is that the majority of the people in this country are too involved in the “distractions” to realize that we are no longer the America we were just 10 years ago! But no matter what, certification of the legitimacy of the sitting president  is a VERY important matter. And, no, it’s not settled yet.

      80. Comments…..i don’t think trump is gonna let this birth certificate pass..there are just too many discrepancies on it…race being one and a major mistake at that. that being said, trump has the money to make a fuss about it…and frankly, at this point who the hell cares! obama and his cohorts are all liars and thieves anyway…and the only way to get rid of them is to show up at the polls and vote their asses out. and while we are considering that, we should be listening and watching very carefully who we want to step in there and clean up the whitehouse, and all those damn federal departments!

      81. Birtherist response highlights racial undertones of ‘debate’

        During the 2008 campaign, questions about John McCain’s birth in the Panama Canal Zone on a U.S. military base prompted some to ask whether McCain was eligible to be president, since the Constitution stipulates that anyone not born in the United States is not eligible to be president.

        Amid a flurry of news reports, McCain’s own campaign announced in February 2008 that it was conducting an investigation. When a bipartisan pair of lawyers announced the following month that McCain was indeed eligible, the issue virtually died–apart from a Senate resolution that pretty much laid the question to rest by attesting to the facts surrounding McCain’s birth and citizenship.

        But the winner of the 2008 election, Barack Obama, has faced a relentless campaign questioning his U.S. citizenship–and thereby the legitimacy of his presidency–that has disregarded the facts.

        Questions regarding Obama’s birth certificate have persisted for more than two years, as the president noted Wednesday at a press conference announcing the release of his long-form birth certificate. A vast array of evidence attests to Obama’s citizenship–including a certificate of live birth, signed affidavits from people who viewed Obama’s long-form birth certificate, confirmation by Hawaiian officials, and independent investigations by news outlets. Nevertheless, “this thing just keeps going” as Obama said this morning.

        Even after the White House released the long-form certificate of Obama’s birth, birther leader Orly Taitz—who has filed unsuccessful lawsuits seeking to obtain access to Obama’s birth certificate—sought to cast doubt on the document’s authenticity, suggesting that in 1961, Hawaiian officials would have classified Obama as “Negro” rather than using designation “African,” which suggests, in her view, a more contemporary concern for “political correctness.”

      82. This document is from 1961. I rate it MS70. It’s worth $3,000,000,000,0000.Comments…..

      83. Just got out of detention. Man, talk abot a tough crowd. They beat me up and stole my lunch money!

      84. two words……..    Adobe Illustrator

      85. A natural born Citizen would be a child born of 2 citizens.
        There is quite a bit of legal precedence in this matter.
        The 14th Amendment only outlines citizenship.
        If the 14th was to be followed then Arnold could be president.


      86. Folks, very simple here…

        This Certificate was faked on purpose.  I won’t begin to get into the many Adobe Illustrator experts that have offered overwhelming proof regarding the many “levels” & “elements” this document contains, nor will I delve into the fact his birth name was actually Barry Sotero changed later to Barack Obama…

        I’m just going to focus on the fact that the name of the hospital listed within the BC where he was allegedly born did NOT exist under that name until 1978 and even then they have it wrong!!  (Actually, the names of the two independent hospitals that ultimately merged in 1978 were:
        Kapi‘olani Maternity Home (est. 1890)
        Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital (Est. 1909)
        Kapi‘olani Medical Center for Women & Children(est. 1978)

        No where is the name Kapi’loani Gynological & Medical Hospital ever referenced regarding the historical naming of these two hospitals that merged.
        He was either born in the K-Maternity Home or the K Children’s Hospital. Period. 

        You can read more about the two hospitals merging at their own website, but please…Such an oversite as obvious as typing in the incorrectly merged name of the hospital 17 years before that merger took place and all done in PLAIN SIGHT!  Please…

        We all know this cert is a fake (otherwise it would have been systemically produced 2 years ago as part of a Constitutional SOP for any candidate seeking to be POTUS), the question is WHY did they fake it on purpose and release it now?  

        Remember, always look away from the obvious left hand in plain sight, when its the other hand masquerading around in the dark that will carry out the deception.  Only question left to answer is what are TPTB trying to accomplish by releasing a document that will be systematically debunked? (impeachment, race war, political chaos…?)

      87. barack obummer – barry sotoro is an illegal alien false president and a CIA CONTROLLED PUPPET …

        Just like every other prez since WW2… get it???

        silly rabbits… wake up and smell the Fascism!

        your all living a lie!

        america is under martial law and the prez is a tool for the CIA!

      88. Are we missing something?
        No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President
        It looks to me like none of us are truly eligible because nobody alive today was born at the time of the adoption of the Constitution.
        Furthermore, Citizens of the United States are no longer recognized. now there are only citizens of the United States.  Citizens with a capital C are sovereigns.  Citizens with a little c are corporate creations of the United States.
        Applying the Constitution to the corporate structure of the United States does not work.  The corporation does not recognize Citizens of the Constitution, only its own corporate citizens.
        Leave the corporation.  Adopt the Constitution as YOUR law and introduce it into evidence in any encounter with any corporate officer.  Quit using corporate numbers and identifiers for yourself.
        Freedom is there for those who are willing to take it.

      89. Oh, and if you want to verify at another source, that would be great.  Just don’t use wikipedia, as they have been sucking off Obama since before he was elected and probably have already rewritten their articles a la Minitrue.

      90. Eh, when I checked it out at another source, I found it has been called “Colony of Kenya” from 1920-1963.  Sorry.

      91. Ever since the release of this document something has been bugging me.  If he just so easily released it to put the argument to rest why did he spend millions hiding it for these last few years?  Also, if his father enrolled him in an Indonesian school he would have had to given up his citizenship in the USA because at the time Indonesia did not allow dual citizenship.  Something still isn’t right, hopefully people won’t be fooled by this attempt.

        This is such a non issue that it hard to believe that some folks would be clinging on to it. I am just thankful that the Pubs did not get elected.

      93. Why are you commenting on it then?  I’ll bet you didn’t donate extra money on your W2 form.  The president will go down in U.S. history as our worst.

      94. Comments…..What a bunch of losers you are.

      95. Tang is loaded up Rocket Man for expected big bang @ 1147 Zulu.  #1 (Big Cheeze) on location to see it off this afternoon.  Expect intercept tomorrow and off load.  Waiting for first-natural-born out of this world from your end up there.  Keep it American and keep eyes open for flamee’s.  We have your back, get with the program.  Out of Mt House freeze dry.  Good luck.

      96. Correction Rocket Man push time for 1947 Zulu.  Reset clock now.  Mark time, mark. 

      97. Canx shuttle Houston, #1’s head ran out of blue juice.  I say again, porcelain throne is down.  It’s about time that I get to be one hundred. 

      98. Rocket Man this is Space Trooper 1. Pull that thing over and park at the next asteroid! I’ve been following you for six orbits! Did you not see these blue lights back here? Mister, I clocked you at point 7 warp and you know this is a one quarter impulse power zone…what is this liquid splattering on my space cruiser? Rocket Man, did you just flush? Boy, you in a heap o’ trouble now!

        and being 101 aint too bad either 🙂

      99. My boy Elroy that was Astro.  What are you doing Dave?  I’m afraid.  I’m afraid Dave. 

      100. Do you like green
        eggs and ham?”
        “I do not like them,
        I do not like green
        eggs and ham!”

        “Would you like them
        here or there?”
        “I would not like them
        here or there.
        I would not like them

        “I do so like green
        eggs and ham!
        Thank you!
        Thank you,

      101. Alan Keyes has a good piece on this issue in today’s World Net Daily. The reality is that Obama’s father was not a citizen of the United States when Barack was born therefore, according to Vattel’s defenition of natural born citizen Obama is not constitutionally able to hold the office of POTUS. The purloined letter that is hiding in plain sight is that we know he is not eligible and we also know that no one is going to do one damned thing about it. We have been told that the constitution is a nice little giude or suggestion on how to run this country but it is NO LONGER the highest law in the land. We are being trained to give up clinging to our God, our Guns and our country.

        Welcome to the New World Order, comrades.

      102. I like the number one hundred.  It’s a good round number for silver.  But, one hundred and one is good too!

      103. Dolts

      104. “Watch what people are cynical about, and one can often discover what they lack.”


      105. Zero’s toast. 

        Definitive: Obama Birth Certificate Fake, Fraud, Hoax-100% Proof, Adobe’s OCR Debunked Exposed by Karl Denninger
        So the smoking gun is NOT that it has layers, but that some of those layers are monochromatic; that is, there is no chromatic abberation — or distortion AS if that piece of image was obtained from a black and white scan of something else

        The PDF has no chromatic aberration, so it is not scanned.
        We were told that Obama’s lawyers went to HI to collect two certified hard copies of the bc. The hard copies were created, then stamped, then given to the lawyers. If the document had been rescanned after the stamps were affixed, it would show chromatic aberration, since it had to be color scanned.
        The WH screwed up when they placed a pdf online that had never been scanned, as it would have had to be after getting stamped!
        In addition……
        Zero’s new forgery (as his purported short form image) comes the problem we’ve known about for years — we being the investigators — his birth certificate number DOES NOT match date filed, compared to other birth certificates found.

        10641 is the serial number on Barak Obama’s certificate, purported at Kapaloni Hospital if true.
        10637 is the serial number of Susan Nordyke, 10638 for Gretchen Nordyke, twins born one day LATER than Obama, but at the SAME hospital.

        How does Zero have a higher number than the Nordyke twins a day later? It’s in ascending order.

        151-61-10637 (Nordyke)
        Birth Date: Aug. 5, 1961 2:12 P.M.
        Date of Parent Signature: 8-7-61
        Date of Doctor Signature: 8/11/61
        Date Accepted by Local Registrar: AUG 11 1961
        Date Accepted by Local Registrar: AUG 11 1961

        151-61-10638 (Nordyke)
        Birth Date: Aug. 5, 1961 2:17 P.M.
        Date of Parent Signature: 8-7-61
        Date of Doctor Signature: 8/11/61
        Date Accepted by Local Registrar: AUG 11 1961
        Date Accepted by Local Registrar: AUG 11 1961

        151-61-10641 (0bama)
        Birth Date: August 4, 1961 7:24 P.M.
        Date of Parent Signature: 8-7-61
        Date of Doctor Signature: 8-8-61
        Date Accepted by Local Registrar: AUG -8 1961
        Date Accepted by Local Registrar: AUG -8 1961

        A BC numbered on Aug 8 should have a lower number than one numbered on Aug 11.
        The facts, in time, will show Zero never had a birth certificate but a late filed document incomplete, not prima facie evidence of HI birth.  In addition, adopted Indonesian his current status and illegal alien.
        This should go over well.

      106. Praytell, B.O., why is you certificate green on white paterned and all others simply black and white. Oh, you claim that in the transition to computerized records, it was destroyed. Out of the millions of birth records transitioned, your’s was destroyed? If it was indeed destroyed, then where did the information you present come from? Why does it list your father as “African” when the term used in 1961 would hasve been “Negro”, or “Negroe?” Political correctness did not exist in 1961. *African is not a race since many caucasions have been born in Africa; are they too of the “African Race?” No they are caucasion, not Negro.

        Next up is your Connecticut issued SSN, which in 1961 had to be issued at birth or issued to an immigrant upon application.

        If you don’t have the fortitude to answer these questions promptly, then any subsequent delayed answers are suspect of, and probably are, lies on falsified documents.

      107. Notice the wording in the stamped certification on this Certificate of Live Birth.
        … or abstract of the record on file…

        Yes, that is correct, abstracts are not the full content.

        Dr. Orly Taitz on her website, has an article pointing this out.
        2. Nordyke birth certificate has defined borders. Obama’s birth certificate does not have borders.

        3. Nordyke birth certificate contains an easily identifiable seal; Obama’s birth certificate does not have a seal.
        4. Nordyke birth certificate contains certification, that the above is a true and correct copy of the record, while Obama birth certificate states “…record orABSTRACT of the record”. (emphasis added). Since abstract of record can be absolutely anything, including old wives tales, literary, there is a need to inspect the original birth certificate in the health department.


        Yes, even more problems with this obviously altered document.

        Also, you can watch any of 30 or so YouTube videos where people have downloaded the Certificate of Live Birth from the government website and opened it in Adobe Illustrator and found over 50 layers!
        Obama claimed it was a photocopy.
        A scanned photocopy image should have no layers so this is a computer generated image.
        For good explanations see:
        Obama Birth Certificate Faked In Adobe Illustrator – Official Proof
        Obama Birth Certificate Scam? 2011-04-27 Obama.mp4
        Everyone is perplexed about why Obama would release such an obvious forgery, it is a complete fiasco.

      108. Keep scrolling on down and read the 14th amendment. Pay attention to the term “anchor baby.” Then understand that the court decision regarding “natural born citizen” was rescinded three or four years later.
        Orly Taitz was on MSNBC last week. Laurence O’Donnell told her “You’re wrong. You are a liar. Now take your toys and go play with Donald Trump.” and threw her off the show. There’s a reason Donald Trump and Rupert Murdoch didn’t start with a fleet of attorneys, an airtight court case, and a court room in the background. In three years, the Republicans have failed to come up with anything that will stand up in court. Burden of proof is on them and they ain’t got any.

      109. Sam,
        No, the burden of proof lies with Zero.
        Zero has NEVER released clear, certifiable, and unambiguous documents that would prove his natural born citizenship.
        Simple question:

        Monday May 2nd, there was a hearing for oral arguments at Ninth Circuit Court in CA,0,3922827.story

        on another lawsuit that’s made it’s way on Zero’s NBC eligibility.   Orly Taitz represents Alan Keyes, 10 state representatives and 30 members of the military. There have been early 100 lawsuits concerning Obambi’s eligibility around the U.S.:

        Not that this would be newsworthy to lamestream hack media of course.

        Anyway, now that Zero has shown his “birth certificate” as he and his hacks in the press and corrupt HI officials tell us, all signed and ready…just curious…

        Why did the Department of Justice attorney, who’s being funded BY WE THE TAXPAYERS to defend the Office of the Presidency, representing Zero, once again go on dismissing the case based on standing, and not show the long form birth “document”?

        Court fees and legal fees could end by showing it, provenance would be established for other cases as well. So why did Zero’s counsel not present his “birth certificate”>?

        Please explain why not end this charade, why is a tax funded attorney of the government not showing the new “proof”, instead continuing to waste legal costs for the public? Why is it not shown?

        We know why. Do you? 😉
        And Zero has been represented by Kirkland and Ellis, Williams and Conley, etc all directed by his lead counsel in the White Hut, Robert Bauer to handle this national operation — leading constitutional lawyers centrally managing all local counsel through lead counsel, vetting every single document that goes out in every one of these proceedings in every jurisdiction against Obama and the DNC. Imagine that.

        And to avoid any opposing legal result, preliminary result on a motion, or discovery order, or precatory action that may affect other cases or facts that will be relevant in an ultimate case that reaches the merits he maintains the employment of the national firms at every jurisdiction, and that’s big money.

        Much more than $2million Trump has quoted or often quoted online.  Conservative estimate $6-10 million.
        So that’s how common sense (should) tell you his online short form image for the past few years was a forgery, never seen in court.  Now the same fiasco with his purported long form no court will ever see.
        And in the meantime, we have Lt Col Lakin who’s been in prison for 6 months railroaded by military tribunal for questioning Zero’s eligibility in order to obey an order from a lawful Constitutionally eligibile Commander in Chief.

      110. John Jay wrote to George Washington, then Presiding Officer of the Constitutional Convention, on July 25th, 1787:

        “Permit me to hint, whether it would be wise and seasonable to provide a strong check to the admission of Foreigners into the administration of our national Government; and to declare expressly that the Commander in Chief of the American Army shall not be given to nor devolve on, any but a natural born Citizen.”

        The Irrefutable reason for the natural born Citizen requirement is to prevent foreign influence, yet Obama has ADMITTED to being born a British Citizen, of a British Subject father. Here is the relevant admission at Fight the Smears, his campaign website:  

        “When Barack Obama Jr. was born on Aug. 4,1961, in Honolulu, Kenya was a British colony, still part of the United Kingdom’s dwindling empire. As a Kenyan native, Barack Obama Sr. was a British subject whose citizenship status was governed by The British Nationality Act of 1948. That same act governed the status of Obama Sr.‘s children.Since Sen. Obama has neither renounced his U.S. citizenship nor sworn an oath of allegiance to Kenya, his Kenyan citizenship automatically expired on Aug. 4,1982.”   

        How could it be possible then, that Obama is a natural born Citizen, eligible to be POTUS?  He isn’t eligible, even if born in the White House. A natural born Citizen is born w/ no allegiance to any other foreign power, and needs no naturalization. Only those born in the US of 2 US Citizen parents need no naturalization. EVERY other combination is naturalized, either by statute or oath. Obama is committing treason.

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