NATO Tells Ukraine To Keep Drafting From The Slave Class To Fight A War

by | Mar 22, 2024 | Headline News | 0 comments

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    Ukraine needs to mobilize more troops via drafting from the class to make up for battlefield losses, Admiral Rob Bauer, the chair of the NATO (North Atlantic Treaty Organization) Military Committee, said on Thursday.

    “You don’t only need new grenades and tanks and armored vehicles, you also need, unfortunately, new soldiers, because soldiers die and soldiers get wounded. And then you talk about mobilization, then you talk about conscription,” Bauer told the audience. While the West can provide money and ammunition, the Ukrainians have to provide the manpower, because their country is at stake, he added according to a report by RT. 

    Speaking on Thursday, Bauer admitted that the NATO response to the Ukraine conflict has been lacking in terms of the production of weapons and ammunition. He advocated the same kind of approach as was employed during the COVID-19 pandemic and vaccine production, arguing that all of society would need to make sacrifices. By society, he means other people’s children, and other people; not himself or the other war warmongers.  “Pessimists don’t win wars,” Bauer said. “And if you look at the facts: there is every reason to be confident in Ukraine’s ability to achieve success.”

    Back in December, Ukraine was discussing the need for 500,000 new conscripts to replenish frontline brigades and form new ones. However, Ukrainian President Vladimir Zelensky later said there was no need to mobilize quite so many. The Ukrainian parliament has yet to vote on amendments to the mobilization law, which has sparked intense debate.

    Zelensky Should Conscript MORE Young People And Force Them To Kill Or Be Killed

    These rulers talk about how they will force people to die in wars but won’t ever send themselves. We are going to have to start standing up to this forceful and violent war machine if we expect humanity to continue. Right now, we are doing the damage to ourselves by thinking we should be ruled over, controlled, and killed whenever it suits the masters.


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