Nationwide Ban On Personal Body Armor Proposed In Congress: “10 Years Imprisonment” For Possession

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    In the wake of the Sandy Hook school shooting politicians from coast-to-coast attempted to push through legislation that would ban a host of guns, magazines and accessories. Though their efforts failed for the most part, those who would take away our ability to defend ourselves always have another tyrannical card up their sleeves.

    They latest efforts to attack personal defense as a natural birthright comes from distinguished Congressional representatives Alcee Hastings (D-FL), Robin Kelly (D-IL) and Danny Davis (D-IL) and takes aim not at your ability to possess a firearm, but rather, to protect yourself from criminals who own them.

    HR 378, dubbed the Responsible Body Armor Possession Act,  would make it illegal for civilians to own “enhanced body armor” such as helmets, shields or armor plates that meet or exceed Type III protection. The bill would exempt law enforcement officers and other government officials.

    The co-sponsors of the bill believe body armor in the hands of private citizens to be so dangerous that they intend to impose a 10 year federal prison sentence on those found to be in possession of the contraband.

    The new law would still allow Americans to own Type I and Type II protection, which are designed to stop calibers ranging from .22 caliber to .357 Magnum respectively. Type III body armor is designed to stop higher velocity hand gun rounds like a high-velocity 9mm or .44 magnum and rifle rounds like the AK-47’s 7.62x39mm. Type IV, often reserved for special law enforcement response teams, is capable of stopping even armor piercing rounds from rifles.

    Should such a law be passed, Americans would no longer have the ability to determine for themselves which type of body armor is best suited for their needs. Instead, we would be limited to protection from only a handful of calibers. And, as we well know, as soon as criminals with ill intent get wind that their victims probably won’t own body armor that’s able to stop a .44 or high velocity 9mm round, they’ll quickly switch to new weapons capable of ripping through “legal” protection.

    Portions of the bill are posted below:

    To prohibit the purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians, with exceptions.

    This Act may be cited as the “Responsible Body Armor Possession Act”.


    (a) In General.–Chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, is amended by adding at the end the following:

    Sec. 932. Ban on purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body armor by civilians

    (a) Except as provided in subsection (b), it shall be unlawful for a person to purchase, own, or possess enhanced body armor.

    (b) Enhanced Body Armor Defined.–Section 921(a) of such title is amended by adding at the end the following:

    (36) The term `enhanced body armor’ means body armor, including a helmet or shield, the ballistic resistance of which meets or exceeds the ballistic performance of Type III armor, determined using National Institute of Justice Standard-0101.06.’

    (c) Penalties.–Section 924(a) of such title is amended by adding at the end the following:

    (8) Whoever knowingly violates section 932 shall be fined under this title, imprisoned not more than 10 years, or both.

    (Full text)

    But not to worry, says Dan Cannon of Guns Save Lives, because there’s probably no chance such a bill will make it into law. The audacity of the bill’s co-sponsors, however, is clear :

    Fortunately, with the GOP solidly in control of both houses of Congress this bill will likely never see the light of day.

    That said, it’s a great insight into how little some members of Congress care about the personal safety of their constituents.

    (via The Daily Sheeple)

    Though proponents of such legislation say that it protects police officers, the fact of the matter is that there were 126 police officers killed in the line of duty in 2014. This fatality rate is actually quite lower than jobs like being a fisherman or garbage collector.

    Though tragic, it is inconceivable that this fatality rate should be use to justify a nationwide ban on body armor for 300 million Americans. Thus, the motivation must be either symbolic, or part of a greater plan to disarm and neuter the rights of the American citizenry.


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      1. Well yeah, they want to make it easier for themselves when the shtf to maintain their control.

        The bill won’t go anywhere but lets you know who the enemies are.

        • CrackerJack, the GOP will only put on a show of trying to stop the bill. The bill will pass and the African virus will sign it into the law. Nothing they do has any legitimate basis so I won’t follow it regardless. I always knew all 535 members of Congress are our enemies, anyway. Bring on the reset.

          • +1

            • +2

              • In the words of Nancy Reagan:

                Just Say No!

                A.k.a., I withdraw consent.

                μολὼν λαβέ

                • I probably won’t comply, I even tore off the
                  ‘Do Not Remove’ tags on my mattresses.

                  • outwest,
                    i agree, look at the other things a $500.00 fine for stepping outside your home while the NYC was shutdown, or look at Seattle now rumaging through your trash and if you have more than 10% food then you will be fined and put on a public embarresment list! how much more stupidity is the American people going to stand for! i am done with all this crap! time for a new government of the people for the people!! HMMM, sounds familiar!

                    • We need to fight soon. We have to get the police and all normal low abiding people on our side. We can’t ever let criminals control us and use the police to deal with us. I have it and ar-500 plates with a carrier and also 2 ar-500 plates to cover my femor areas. Want to make some type of neck device out of steel not level 3. They can go to hell. Its our right and I will not be told what to do while a criminal organization does what it wants at will. I hope you get your protection against these people. Remember when the world is burning and riots are here in america, politicians will hide but they cant hide forever. We need our constitution back. They are the criminals not us. I need to find out who proposed this illegal law.

                  • I tore my mattress and sofa tags off and burned them in my evil woodstove, causing plastic fumes to cause GLOBULL WARMING !!

                    WHOOOMAAHHAAHHHAAAAAA !!!!!!!!!!

                  • Holy Christ! You had the opportunity, and you seized life by the freaking balls! Go you!

              • I can’t believe anyone is still pretending that this has anything to do with your average street variety of thug.

                They mean to keep us from protecting ourselves from THE GOVERNMENT ENFORCERS THEY CONTROL. It’s that simple.

                • Yes, but that is the fiction we all employ to avoid saying the obvious, “the thug on the street.”

                  But what happens when society says ‘thug’ but means to say ‘police’?

                  Whats the best way to know you live in a police state?
                  Do they wear jackboots?
                  Do they act violent and lawless?
                  Do they spy and level accusations, treating people guilty
                  unless proven otherwise?

                  No, none of these are the top way of determining if you live in a police state.

                  The best way to determine if you live in a police state, is to ask, if your average citizen, lives in a state of fear..

                  which is to say, a state of terror–both the emotional variety, and the variety enforced by terrorists–those who use fear, intimidation, coercion, threats, force, torture, and other means to enforce their ‘law’.

                  The best way to know if you live in a police state, in a state of fear?

                  “Even though you have done nothing wrong–does your butthole pucker even a little bit when a police cruiser passes you?”

                  This is society’s gut check. And right now, millions of Americans buttholes collectively pucker when an officer drives by them..even though those citizens have done nothing wrong.

          • Correction, Half rican remember donkey is an oreo

            • This article looks like a fishing expedition to me. Trekker Out. Free Men Own Body Armor, Slaves Don’t!

            • That’s an insult to Oreos, dammit!

              • I know, i apologize to all those good oreo cookies out there,
                The oreo in chief,, stuff it!

                • Kulafarmer, I EAT oreos on occasion. I still say Obama is the African virus and won’t apologize for it.

                  • No need for sure

            • If I know you are attempting to put me in prison, expect to die when you show up to do so. I’ll be wearing my armor.

              • FP, I’m the same here. Come to me with ANY kind of bad intentions and expect to get “lead poisoning.”

                • same here, they can drop dead. I will not comply and you can record this all you want NSA. You should be spying on Obama and putting him in prison for accessory to murder for letting people die in benghazi,fast and furious and also letting illegals out and they just recently killed our people. You Obama are the enemy to americans and are a corrupt pos. You need to know people are not going to give up their rights.

                  • One should not TELEGRAPH THEIR INTENTIONS. I feel your pain and “empathize”, significantly. Keeping your powder dry, sometimes means “keeping a lower profile”. Just sayin. It’s not chickenshit to plan on fighting “another day”, when it might have more meaning.

          • This is a major insult to the American people. Body armor is purely a defensive measure, no offense at all. There is a company that makes body armor back packs so kids can shelter behind the backpack during a school shooting scenario.

            The only reason to pass such a measure is to kill Americans.

            • @John Stiner

              Duhhhh…… Ya think…

              Same reason they pass gun laws. When in the hell will we all wake up…. Oh I know…When it’s too damn late. I know this may go nowhere for now, but you and I and all of us know that unless we RESET them now, it wont be long before they pass something ridiculous like this, and of course we’ll let them, while we bitch about it and they kill more Americans. Just wait till some racist republican prepper “ALLEGEDLY” shoots up a room full of people whilst wearing body armor and unable to be taken down by our brave “protectors”. Bada Bing Bada Boom, now you have problem, solution, Legislation……. Makes me wanna puke. Maybe we should outlaw goggles too, you know for pepper spray, hell and thick leather jackets for tasers, hell why not this is America aint it….. O’er the land… of the freeee……..

            • That’s exactly correct, John Stiner! In fact, armor, even borne by criminals, does not give the bearer an offensive advantage.

              It might only allow the criminal to be captured without being killed. Isn’t that a good thing, since we’re always exposed to poor ol’ cops crying about killing their “suspects”?

              It does, however, give victims a defensive advantage. And, THAT’s why the powers-that-be want to prohibit (at least those who comply with their demands) the public from having any defense from GOVERNMENT’s criminal intentions against them!

          • Maverick, look at the red thumb commies. Commies everywhere. Commies want to kill you and they don’t want you wearing body armor or owning weapons of any kind.
            f em.

            • X on a commie’s door, welcome, and I can’t dispute what you’re saying. If they come to me looking for trouble they’ll get “lead poisoning”. Again, welcome aboard.

            • X….

              The red thumbs is because Maverick called their favorite ‘commie’ an African Virus….

              Don’t know where Maverick dug that one up but it sure made me laugh.

              • POG, good evening. I got that from one of my co-workers. I fell out of my chair at the time. At least the African part is true since he’s really from Kenya. They can red thumb me all they want. I’ll NEVER subscribe to political correctness.

                  • Sixpack, A WARM AND HEARTY THANK YOU FOR THAT VIDEO. That was a perfect ending for an otherwise lousy day for me. I think the video is for all of the good people here. All the red thumbing trolls can kiss my politically incorrect ass. Again, many thanks.

          • Next they will ban smoke detectors bcause they will wake you up when they burn you out to shut you up.

          • @Maverick

            Why did you change your name from renegade braveheart to maverick if you don’t mind me asking?

            • Hi, Richard. I had some sort of issue with my laptop where my posts would no longer go through so I had to change it. I’m getting my IT guy a work to take care of the problem for me so I hope to change back soon. been reading your posts and you sound good. I apologize but now I’ll give you an overdue ‘welcome’ to our community.

          • Any bill such as this that would exempt law enforcement officers and other government officials is pure tyranny.

            Of the people, by the people, for the people. What part of that does .gov not understand?

            The big reset is way overdue to squash these cocksuckers.

            • Amen Brother

          • I fail to see what possession of body armor has to do with interstate commerce and how Congress has the power to regulate possession or usage.

            and thats how thats played people

        • I don’t see it going anywhere either. Frankly I’ll take my chances without it however.

        • “They latest efforts to attack personal defense as a natural birthright comes from distinguished Congressional representatives Alcee Hastings (D-FL), Robin Kelly (D-IL) and Danny Davis (D-IL) and takes aim not at your ability to possess a firearm, but rather, to protect yourself from criminals who own them.”

          Please notice the conclusive pattern here. They are all Liberal Democrats. The Libs are the ruination of this nation.

          • FreeSlave says:

            “Please notice the conclusive pattern here. They are all Liberal Democrats. The Libs are the ruination of this nation.”

            And when Republicans fall in line, as they will, what will you say then?

            Let me guess: “The Libs are the ruination of this nation.”

            • Makes no diff,
              6 of one hald dozen of the other
              They are ALL domestic enemies

              • +100

              • Yup, our country will continue the slide into totalitarianism with republicans in charge or dems. No matter who is “elected” government will grow, rule of law will diminish, and liberty will recede.

                • @Rebel in Idaho:

                  Do you vote?

                  • True voting in this country is illegal , didnt you get the memo?

                    • Explain “True voting.”

                    • true voting is WHEN YOU VOTE FOR WHO YOU WANT, not when they only let you vote for the one they picked out . we have been screwed for years over there way of voting! sorry to Butt in could not wait to see his answer!

                    • thanks apache54

                      Im not going to answer , wasnt planing on ever answering
                      it was a trap to further the argument .. I was married to someone like this before I can see it coming

                    • Please explain how it is that you can’t vote for whom you want? It is a two party system. That’s the way it works. The biggest problem is that people DON’T PARTICIPATE IN THE SYSTEM AND THEN THEY BITCH. If you don’t go to the precinct meetings after ANY election, then you are not participating. VOTING is not all that you need to do. The precinct meetings are where “shit happens” in the party. If 5 people showed up with a particular POV, they CAN CHANGE THE WAY THE PARTY WORKS. How many people show up at the precinct meetings? NOT MANY. Ten, 20, 25…how much influence do 5-7 people have over 25. Do the math. If you show up with 5 more people, you have an edge. Don’t bitch that it can’t be changed, WHEN YOU WON’T SHOW UP TO CHANGE IT. If you have showed up at the GOP (or even the DEMs) precinct meetings for the past 10 years and you haven’t gotten any traction, THEN give up…BUT IF YOU HAVEN’T, YOU HAVEN’T PARTICIPATED. HOW MANY OF YOU HAVE SHOWED UP AT A PRECINCT MEETING? Yeah, most of you are going “what’s a precinct meeting?” When ever there is a general vote, the “party” (either one) has a “precinct meeting” (all you have to do is call the party HQ and ask where the precinct meeting is going to be AND SHOW THE FUCK UP AND BRING PEOPLE WITH YOU). This is where the “party” conceptualizes “their” view of what the party stands for and how they want to do things. IT DOESN’T START IN WASHINGTON D.C. IT STARTS AT HOME IN THE PRECINCT MEETINGS. This is the SECRET PLAN that most of you don’t seem to know. If your answer is that “voting doesn’t matter” you’re full of shit. VOTING IS THE LEAST OF WHAT YOU SHOULD BE DOING…UNLESS IT’S TOO MUCH WORK FOR YOU. The precinct meetings (and yes, I didn’t know about this until I was 50-something, but now I know) are the defining factors for the party. Ron Reagan was elected by some 10-15 votes per precinct, NATION WIDE. A landslide. YOU CAN MAKE A LANDSLIDE….if you want to. Be Well.

                • Garden Valley Id?

              • @kulafarmer

                Though I do agree with it makes no diff dem/repub. The politicians are the same. Though the difference is in the people that vote for them. Those that vote in a repub would sure as hell vote them out if they proposed such a bill. Those that vote in a dem, would gladly support such a bill, and that is the problem. That is why still vote and stay active in every election I can. I know many here have given up on voting. To me its not about party politics. I’m just voting against the idiots that would vote for such laws that would further degrade my natural rights.

                • I do too, doesnt seem to matter, but still do it,
                  Someone said if you dont vote dont grumble,
                  Makes sense to me, have wasted way more time on far more frivolous adventures.

                  • @Kulafarmer, and dick head; See my post above. I’m astonished at what I’ve discovered about the “precinct meetings”, that take place after the elections (for any general election) and the fact that 99% of people have no idea that these meetings take place. WE are ill educated in our “political system”. I asked my uncle (84 yo) and he goes “hell yeah, I always went”…..??? And I’m going “what?” I never knew anything about precinct meetings. NOW, having said that, be prepared to be the FNGs at the meetings. That’s why you need to go all the time there is an election or meeting. So people will know who you are. So that you understand the things they do and how they do it. If you don’t get “into the flow” of the meetings you are still an “outsider” and can’t be effective. To fight the system, YOU MUST UNDERSTAND THE SYSTEM. That’s simply Sun Tzu’s “to defeat your enemy, you must understand your enemy”, philosophy. I hope this is useful information. Otherwise I have wasted my time trying to explain this. It is important to fight back the easy way. TRUST ME, I’VE SPENT 38 YEARS DOING IT THE HARD WAY IN THE MILITARY. The people that call for “more reactive measures”, HAVE NEVER DONE THAT AND DON’T UNDERSTAND. The easier way, is ….well, the easier way. A rifle is harder….MUCH HARDER. Be Well.

              • You sir nailed it and win the internet tonight

              • No. You are incorrect. They are not all the same! Out of you two half dozen,

                4 try to steal your freedom through open confrontational means.
                4 try to steal your freedom through back room deals.
                4 dont give a toot as long as the get paid by lobbyists. Freedom, no freedom, dont care.

                Group 1 are primarily demonRATs. Group 2 are primarily republiCONs. Group 3 is a mix.

            • YMW not liberal they are progressive,most of todays dems are sociolists or commie

          • Thanks for the LIST!

          • Liberal Democrats aren’t Libs, they’re like their republican comrades, they’re commies. All of em and many commies give red thumbs on this site.

          • So many targets so little time.

        • When the come for your Guns and Body armor, Shoot them in the balls. Any way to stop them from Procreating is a good thing.

          • they aint got any balls.. they are the other pink meat

            • Enemy of the state,
              YUP, cannot shoot off what they don’t have!!!

        • I am so apoplectic I don’t even feel like writing it down I’m just gonna say have a nice night Braveheart Sgt. and other oldies; see you tomorrow.

          • Apoplectic is defined as the loss of the ability to speak as a result of being mad.

            Someone who is apoplectic is not just mad — they’re so filled with rage, they can barely communicate.

            Poor Acid~maybe you’ll feel better tomorrow.

        • Talk about a way to spur body armor sales

        • Not surprising at all, given these three Congressional representatives “constituency”, not surprising at all. Of course, they don’t mind it at all, if “their people” are armored up, gunned up, doped up, EBT-dependant,etc.
          This is clearly an attempt to prevent good decent people from protecting themselves against their own thugs.
          I am surprised that Alcyee Hastings hasn’t been canonized by the thug culture yet. he could very well be their first congressional saint, he certainly is for “sale”.
          Sorry folks, already have it, and not worried about you all finding it. Stupid, stupid congressional representatives.(but typical hypocrisy oozing from them)

      2. they never f*cking quit. these “representatives” are insane. seriously, i think they are insane.

        • and if they are insane, by their own doctrine they should be disarmed

        • It cannot be any clearer, they want to make us helpless before them. Body armor is clearly defensive and has NO offensive capabilities.

          If you can’t protect a thing, then you don’t own that thing. If I can’t protect my life, I guess it’s not mine. Then I am a slave to the state?!?!

          • Justice, I’m going to get some body armor while I still can and anyone who tries to take it from me will get “lead poisoning”.

        • They aren’t insane any more than stalin was insane. They’re commies and they’ll kill you if you let em.
          Besides, stalin was fdr’s buddy.

        • Well, if we define insanity as being paid very well by AIPAC for their vote………

      3. Leo’s are citizens. If they can have, I can have it.

        • The most suspect part about this whole proposal is that felons are already banned from owning this kind of equipment.

          So they’re intentionally, specifically, targeting lawful citizens.

          • yeah, this sort of attempted legislation really lets everyone who actually pays attention know exactly how the list of priorities go for these “people”. we have uncontrolled unemployment, uncontrolled drug abuse (im talking the hard stuff), hard working people going under while still working just as hard as they ever have, and our own protection (or lack thereof) is so important, that even though theres (hopefully) no chance of this thing breathing on its own… they gotta put it out there. just lettin us concerned citizens know whos got our best interest in mind. i liken this demonstration to congress being completely overwhelmed and feeling the need to do something about gay marriage or legal pot (regardless of where you stand, theres bigger fish to fry), while at the same time illegals are freely coming into this country, the economic bottoms falling out, massive racial tensions are rising… i can go on, im sure others can too. instead of treating the effects of a country failing its people, why not work on the basic and obvious things to stop the country from, oh, i dont know, actually failing its people! if your lifes going in the right direction, and things are looking good, i can almost promise, violence is not on your mind, nor is revolution, but, when you look around at the seams of everything around you, and theyre a couple stitches away from not existing, well, you have what we see today. elected officials, stop the tv show our government has become! whos really worried about an incandescent lightbulb when you dont know if youll have a job in the morning?

        • Fatty
          I agree!!!!!!

      4. i have to fart,,,wait,,,,, oh no it’s shit

        • Looks like bob just sharted….

          • Yep, it smells exactly like he “sharted”.

      5. Looks like Body Armor sales are about to SOAR ! ! !

        • Stimulate the economy,,,
          I think im going to do more experimenting,
          Kevlar fabric impregnated with epoxy resin sandwiched together, laminate 4 layers, 4 layers loose kevlar fabric
          One more set of impregnated sandwiched fabric layed up,
          One layer 1/8″ high tensile strength sheetmetal stamped to match contour, all held together with a sewn kevlar sock,

          • Kfarmer I hear ( not proven by me..yet)
            that 1″ thick HDPE can stop a bullet of fairly high caliber

            the HDPE can also be molded at 180 Degrees to fit your chest and back like a glove ..

            Ive heard this, I havent proven it , and I dont see much about it

            would love to try it ,, on a ballistic dummy

            that would also defeat this BS “bill”

            • Hmm, interesting,
              We did an experiment with Lexan
              We stacked
              1 layer 1/4″lexan, 2 layers kevlar, 1 layer 1/2″ lexan, 2 layers kevlar, 1 layer 1/4″ lexan,
              Stuffed in a bag made of kevlar,
              Stopped 308 190 g SMK
              Penetrated first layer of lexan and 2 layers of kevlar, cracked the 1/2″ layer and did nothing to inner 1/4″
              Can mold lexan with heat,
              The HDPE would be nice because its cheaper
              Can also be welded if you have the right tools,
              I think a combo of HDPE and kevlar fabric with neoprene buffers,
              Gotta do some ordering

              • Kula, put a hard plate in there someplace. My son had professor who was killed twice in the line of duty while wearing soft armor…neither time did any of the rounds penetrate the armor, but the blunt force trauma made his heart fibrilate and he had to get defibrilated. A plate does not so much to stop the bullet, but it spreads out the force of impact… combined with composites like you mention, level 4 or above protection is pretty easy to get. All it really takes is a piece of 1/8 to 3/16 T1 or better wrapped in sock to prevent spalling combined with other stuff you mention and you’re pretty good to go, and on the cheap, too. It sounds like what you made is pretty good already, but steels or ceramics can make it less bulky and easier to move in.

            • So check it out, we can do the R/D
              Then set up small scale manufacturing process to keep it simple,
              Then market these things as “Sports shields”
              The HDPE can be bought in sheets,
              Kevlar in full bolts
              Keep it simple,
              Jig saw to cut blanks, heated vat with a press on top to mould the HDPE
              Hot knife to cut the Kevlar,
              And pretty blondes, brunettes, and redheads to help sew and assemble and market!
              What could go wrong!

              • All im worried about is energy deflection
                if the HDPE allows the energy to pass and not dissipate than your dead from blunt force trauma

                worth a try though

                • Oooohhh, I want in on the ground floor. I’m looking for a new line of work anyway. Getting tired of construction, need something that is easier on my body.


                  • Thats why Im a farmer instead of a framer now! Easier picking beans than picking up beams!

                    • Kal, Ghost, Enemy
                      It will work. But you guys are forgetting one thing.
                      “SHOCK” When the slug hits it all the force will be sent into the HDPE at the point of impact. Can you say OOCCHH! and more than likely you will be looking up at the sky trying to catch your breath.
                      Also if it is molded around you your body can’t breath and you will heat up. This will cause a lot of problems for you.

                    • “more than likely you will be looking up at the sky trying to catch your breath”

                      As long as I have a next breath to catch, I’m good with resting on my back for a minute or two…

                • Thats why multiple layers of neoprene and soft rubber are important as trauma pads,
                  Adds still more weight but will reduce the shock from that energy transfer,
                  People forget that, they put the plates in their carrier then dont back up with a trauma pad,

                • I always wore a motocross chest vest under my armor. Worked in the past when tested on dummies.
                  North Idaho

            • @EoS; I suggest you don’t try this. Get 5 layers of HDPE bucket material (a bucket cut up and use silicone to glue them together) and shoot it with a 9mm and see what happens. I know we butt heads, but this isn’t funny. One inch of HDPE will……just add shards to the wound. Wouldn’t stop standard .38 spcl. lead, round nose, standard velocity, loads. Will go right through them. Use AR-500 3/8ths plate…ONLY for this purpose. Be Well.

            • 1″ of Ultra High Molecular Weight Poly Ethylene will stop everyting up to .22 mag, including ALL pistol and probably .30 carbine. It will loose its strength if heated to mold, but can be bought in 18″ tubular sections and cut. Cutting it is a bitch. I have been shooting a 1″ and a 3/4″ plate for some time now. It can stop rifle bullets but must have other materials added to it.

          • What you mean the Marty McFly method doesn’t work in real life?

          • “Kevlar fabric impregnated with epoxy resin sandwiched together, laminate 4 layers”…maybe there’s a 3D printer pattern for it… 🙂

        • Got mine a long dam time ago ..saw the writing on the wall

        • CubanExile, welcome aboard. What part of Cuba? My wife was from Madruga in Matanzas province.

        • Already has, AR 500 plates on a 10 -12 week back order. Ordered mine four weeks ago,no sign of them getting here any sooner.

        • Now that is what everyone should be talking about here on this article….THAT is THE ONLY IMPORTANT thing at this time. Where can people get the best equipment for the money.

          Having said that, just how do they plan to enforce the “posess” part of the law, confiscation?? Who is going to do that job?

          I already know the answer to the last question.

      6. Shows you how much these politicians hate the American People. They want us totally under their control. Viva La Revolution!

      7. But cops are civilians, and they have body armor.

        • Dude 77
          I agree with you 100%

      8. Governments always want their enemies disarmed and defenseless.

      9. I’d bet my last dollar that “politicians” are on the exemption list!

        It’s all good…How else will the peons know what’s best for them unless the regulators regulate?

        Sit back…Take a break…Look over here!

        • See my post below

        • Do as I say not, as I do……..Feinstein has her body armor, concealed carry permit, AK-47, and armed body guards. Same with Bloomberg.

          • Feinsteins body armor is her frickin ugly face. She would repel anything!!!!

        • read section 932. (b) (2):

          (a) In General.–Chapter 44 of title 18, United States Code, is
          amended by adding at the end the following:
          “Sec. 932. Ban on purchase, ownership, or possession of enhanced body
          armor by civilians
          “(a) Except as provided in subsection (b), it shall be unlawful
          for a person to purchase, own, or possess enhanced body armor.
          “(b) Subsection (a) shall not apply to–
          “(1) a purchase, ownership, or possession by or under the
          authority of–
          “(A) the United States or any department or agency
          of the United States; or
          “(B) a State, or a department, agency, or
          political subdivision of a State; or
          “(2) enhanced body armor that was lawfully possessed by
          any person at any time before the date this section takes

          BTW, this was introduced back in July of 2014, not going anywhere.

      10. 10 years for hiding behind a banker? How many years for hiding behind a politician?

        • you wouldnt be able to withstand the stench

      11. Rather be manuverable
        Try lugging a 40# pack plus 23+# of body armor plus a rifle
        Then try just the pack and rifle,
        Try it finding concealment,
        Some shit just doesnt matter, dont think armor stops a 210g berger fired out of a 300win mag at 2800+ fps anyway,
        As that other guy says

        • Yes it will.

          • Not if i am aiming at their forehead!

            • You got that right.

        • 210 gr Berger VLD, 72.7 gr RE-22 @2,850 fps, 3.590″ OAL, WW Cases, CCI primer, 26″ barrel yields sub MOA @ 1000 yards. Been There, Done that, gonna go back over and over.

        • Okay an now a primer on the use of body armor. You DON’T wear any (maybe a helmet) if you are going on a long hilly, especially in hilly terrain. You do add more ammo if operating a good distance from your base/vehicles. You pack the armor on reasonably if mounted on vehicles. Notice the plural there, I would not wear any armor if in a single vehicle cause it can be rendered inop. You do wear lots of armor while in defensive positions, especially when facing fragmentation weapons. And if you are assaulting a building/position from a short starting distance you pack as much on as you can cause you are going to need it.

      12. They can pry mine off my cold dead body, when they take my guns also.

        BTW I was a LEO for 11 years and this proposed “law” is total BS. It makes me think they have something greater planned against us……

        • 21Bravo, they do have greater plans. They want us disarmed and defenseless and they can kill us. They’ll have to kill me to get my guns also.

      13. What ive learned thus far from my deployments is “light is right” when mobility and stealth is the priority. For strictly CQB i preffer my plates. If i were in a home defeses situation as depicted in the great books by Max Velocity or A. American, then I would want my plates, and no NWO representative will keep me and mine from owning them– just like my guns: MOLON LABE!!

      14. Here you go!!!

        ……..(‘(…´…´…. ¯~/’…’)
        ……….”…\………. _.•´

        The Last Act of Defiance!!

        • “The Last Act of Defiance!!”

          ASCII art is gay (no apologies to Fags and Lesbos)!

          Just like “clip art” (no apologies to Fags)!!

          • ymww sometimes you are just a dumbass

          • YMWW, did you forget to douche this morning?

      15. Just like my guns, I aint giving this up either

        come and take it!

        just proves they want us all dead , im not going to oblige

        • Enemy, I ain’t giving up shit either. MOLON LABE

      16. Just like my guns, I aint giving this up either

        come and take it!

        just proves they want us all dead , im not going to oblige

      17. I bought LIII body armor plates on eBay a few months ago. The bill does have a grandfather clause, but HTF are they going to enforce that? It is not like metal plates that any welder can create have date stamps.

        We know that this will not pass now. However what happens when the DEMS are in control of Congress again. This shows the agenda of the liberal/communist left, disarm, detain and death for those who do not agree.

      18. What if you already own it? Like hell if im going to throw it away
        and if they say well it will be grandfathered in.. how the hell are they going to know if you owned it prior to this ban or not?

        I guess it dont matter when you tell them to go get fucked , now does it?

        • So lets look at some rough numbers, a bit on the conservative side
          Law of unintended consequences
          So we have say 200,000 guys and gals who own plate carriers stuffed with anything from type III to type IV armor,
          Suddenly some pencil dick politician in DC outlaws it,
          Now you have 200,000 people saying FUCK YOU, to the government,
          Where do you think thats going to go?
          Who do you think has more supporters?
          The pencil dick government employees?
          Or the 200,000 armor owning patriots?
          Now mind you there are estimated to be 300,000,000 firearms in the US,
          If even 3%? are owned by supporters of these peeps,,,
          That is 9,000,000
          Thats right, 9 MILLION,
          Who ya think will gain the upper hand in short order?
          Foreign mercenaries you say?
          Home field advantage I say, plus how ya think thatll play out some foreign scum bossing peeps around,,,,,
          You all government assholes can all go fuck yourselves!

          • Right On !

          • KFARMER; you summed it up nicely!

            • bravo

          • unless there is a government reset, they will find a way
            to get the guns, it might be 50 yrs from now, but they will
            get them. is it better for 50 million americans to live in freedom? or 300 million to live in slavery and fear of the
            government? i know what i choose. i’ll take my chances in shtf rather than the entire country becoming one big fema camp.

            • Amen,
              And if its in 50 years, i dont care so much whats going on cause ill be dead!

      19. Leave it to a commie liberal to come up with something like this.

        • Next it will be military surplus and ANY type of cammo The reason will be ” WE CANNOT SEE YOU ” !


          • Enemy, now that was funny! But not out of the realm of possibilty with these idiots. Many States have laws against tinted windows on cars. Guess Why! And most States make you wear Blaze Orange during hunting season so they very well may come up with the idea to ban camo for civilians. Trekker Out. EOTS, You Planted A Bad Seed.

          • Enemy, if they target military surplus, I’ll be up in arms for sure. Bought many a survival item from military surplus stores over the years. I wear solid color BDU trousers from spring up until fall and love them. I have a couple of pairs of camo BDUs also. Ain’t no way I’ll give those up. I LOVE military surplus.

      20. “Come And Take It!”


        • taz;
          Weren’t we just talking about ballistic protection the other day?



          • yep!


            “done giving a sheeit about what some globalist zio-jew sponsored harvard/ yale college frat boy think tank for profit created unconstitutional laws they pass !”

            “it’s getting close to time to start f-ing them up on zog amerika home turf!”

            “to remind them of what “WE THE PEOPLE!” really means!”

            * i’m buying another vest , plate carrier , more plates and some used vests to make a portable briefcase ballistic shield for myself. just to give myself an edge in the revolutionary civil war times coming to zog amerika’s home turf.

      21. “Outlaw the armor, increase the death count.”

        That’s the basic message here.

        Instead of attacking the people who cause wars and make money selling weapons to BOTH sides (you know who they are), they are attacking the defenseless– some of whom can afford the armor– so the defenseless go down for the count, and stay down as in dead!

        Just ANOTHER way to decrease the world’s population, to add to GMO’s, chemtrails, and toxic vaccines.

        Next, they’ll outlaw guns.

        Then once the citizens are DISarmed, the genocide will begin.

        That’s how Hitler did it in World War II.

        And that’s how it will go down in World War III.

        They want us to FEEL safe, instead of BEING safe.

        HUGE difference there!

        Maybe we should give both Civics & History tests to all elected leaders to make SURE they are smarter than a 5th grader.

        Liberty is not a license to be reckless, mind you.

        But ignorance of history and outlawing the means to protect and defend one’s life and one’s loved ones is unconscionable, simplistic thinking, and lethal or dangerous in both the short and long-term.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “First they came for the armor, then they came for the bullets, then they came for the guns, and then they came for us.”

        • Lone Ranger, the only way someone will take something from you is if you let them without putting up some kind of fight.

      22. If they want to ban it, I want to own it.

        • Sorta like machine guns,
          A slidefire is a close second to an autosear

        • That’s my philosophy…

      23. Zog Amerika Predators

        FUCK THE corrupt thieving luciferian evil freemason zionist mormon jesuit controlled ZOG C.I.A.!

        this is WHAT zog amerika does to the world at the beck and call of it’s international zionist jew oligarchy masters.

        notice how the ZOG CIA doesn’t have the balls to take on a real country like Russia or China directly.

        instead they manipulate , attack and murder weak countries , an their poor working class citizens like the Ukrainians.

        All to feed Zog Amerika’s unsatisfiable predatory Greed!

        see for your own eyes WHAT ZOG AMERIKA DOES TO THE WORLD…



      24. Well, No need to worry about their body armor, I gotta get more range time in that all. Its “head and balls” shot placement practice from now on.

      25. so…if it at some time goes into effect…do I have to give up my dad’s helmet from WW2 and the German helmet he brought back too? I don’t think so!

        • Specially the German halmet Jim since they may call you Anti Semite and Nazi. No German stuff should be kept.

      26. How many billion dead do they want by 2025? I forget. Anyway, looks like they are just tightening it all up before it actually starts. I know it already started, but they have their arm of the media working overtime doing a lot of the same tactics they have done for a long time. Deflated footballs my ass! They want us dead! Fuck them all I hope I get a chance to take out some of them before they try to run down into their holes in the ground.

      27. All of this fascist treason going on while the coward pussies still wave that vile disgusting filthy Corporatist Fascist Murican flag, and the boot lickers stand up for that Zombie slave anthem at their favorite “bread and circuses”…why oh why is this shithole taking so long for complete collapse, the Corporatist Fascist filth and their filthy flag waving supporters have to be brought to trial for TREASON and crimes against humanity as soon as possible.

      28. Liberals are evil. I no longer give them the benifit of the doubt. They know what they are doing is evil but their lust for power and domination over others is so great that they don’t care how many millions if not billions of people die in quest for that utopia they dream of. As for the useful idiots, if they are that stupid, I will not waste my time on them.
        Liberals (or any other name they call themselves) are the enemy of humanity.

        • New Vegas Badger: “Liberals are evil. … Liberals (or any other name they call themselves) are the enemy of humanity.”

          They have proven themselves over and over again to be exactly what you describe so well.

          • @FreeSlave

            What about the Neocon/Law-n-Order/Conservative Fascists?

            Haven’t they proven themselves over an over again to be exactly what New Vegas Badger describe so well???

      29. buy yours today…


      30. I can see the headlines now – “Illegal Body Armor Found Among Aresenal.”

      31. Politicians, Cops, the Elite, and Hollywood Celeb contributors will be exempt.

        Cops are crying about a new App that tracks them, yet the NSA tracks and records all “We the people do”.

        “When the people fear the government you have tyranny. When the government fears the people you have liberty”

        • Just sayin, I read that article last night. And the cops are always the ones saying we are all fair game for surveillance out in the public. The US Supreme Court has ruled previously that NOBODY has an reasonable expectation of privacy when they are out in public and this also applies to LE. How can they cry foul when they insist on surveillance of the general public? If my actions can become a matter of public record, so can theirs.

      32. Not needed, much easier to zig and zag without the extra bulk as you charge them with a nam hawk.

        • In direct confrontations with superior forces, you die.

          There is no benefit to that.

          You have to step outside the box and think asymmetrically.

          That is where victory lies.

      33. hey, they already tell us what kind of light bulbs to use.. this isnt much of a stretch , dont hold your breath

      34. Why are our laws and programs designed to overwhelmingly favor criminals?

        Because the people who make the laws are criminals.

        • And why are Gov’t officials and law enforcement always exempt. Same old same old….”do as i say not as i do”

      35. Introduced by a Democrat. A Left Coast, California Wacko. It’ll never pass. Scary that the thought even popped into her head though.

      36. Maybe we the people should make a law that enforcement types cant lie and use a breaching round to enter a school and than tell lies to make up a fake killing?

        ht tps://

      37. If this girl had body armor she would still be alive to prosecute this cop

        yeah they cant have that now , can they

        ht tp://

      38. YAYYY REPUBLICANS! They’ll save us!

        … oh yeah… wait…

      39. These folks do not have a clue. Every creature on this earth has the natural (if not God-given) right to preserve its existence and if necessary defend itself from harm or destruction by any means available. In this case, some people are choosing to use body armor to preserve their existence. An attempt to legislate the ability of a living organism (in this case people) to protect and defend itself from harm is a violation of that natural law.

        • BG, I agree totally and welcome to our humble community.

      40. israehell baby killer idf zio-jews rain zog amerikan made illegal white phosphorous artillery air burst munitions upon a Lebanese CIVILIAN border village to TEACH THEM ANOTHER LESSON of the zio-jews great power over the life and death of gentile goy’s!


      41. Just another unconstitutional non-law being pushed on us by a bunch of traitors who work for the corporation masquerading as a gv.

      42. Ladies and Gents,

        Let’s get real and forget about this or any other anti freedom law(s) to pass or not to pass. The main source of the problem is the corrupt system in place. Having a armor, gun , food, water won’t do jack if the system decides to use its entire power to destroy us. Be realist and think about it. How many ARs, AKs , body armor can resist a gun ship and its fire power. And yes, they’ll kill us in an instant when the time comes.

        How about some sample ideas as follow:

        1-Open an account in small Credit Unions. Get one of their credit cards. ONLY ONE .

        2-Close all of your accounts in all big banks including their issued credit cards. Market the same to your families and friends. I have done it and it works.

        3- Close all paid activities through various entities as part of the system. Facebook (if still there are some having such account).

        Above might be perceived as minor but when it adds up it becomes significant.


        • I suggest you read Sipsey street irregulars piece on fourth generation warfare, the gunship doesnt matter, they cant be everywhere, sure they will get some, do you really think American pilots will fire on Americans? And if foreign troops come in with their hardware, do you think the American crews will just sit back and ignore it? I dont, but thats just me, i do know there are a lot of men and women serving who do take their oath seriously,,,,,
          That goes a long way.

          • Kula, I really don’t know the answer if American pilot, military etc.. fires on American people. I don’t know that friend but one thing I know and that is the Evil in charge of the system is capable of doing things beyond imagination. My point mail was to break the system Vs gun battle. Gun battle should be the last option. Starving the system doesn’t require bloodshed.

            • That is for sure,
              Just refuse to participate, reduce consumption
              Be self sufficient

              • Yes Kula. Yes indeed. Believe me if we had one leader at the national level who wasn’t a puppet of the current system a general strike nation wide would bring the system down.

                The issue is the lack of a true leader.

      43. Body armor is B.S. Let them ban it! It only works when it isn’t wet, and it is only good for about 3 to 4 years. Then it starts to break down. It wont stop a knife or a broad head on an arrow, a sword. It gets heavy when wet and it keeps in body heat, you tire faster, you dehydrate, and it slows you down.

        The only thing body armor is good for is handgun rounds like the 380, 9mm, 38, 357,. It will stop them if the armor is in good shape, but you get hit with a 44 mag or 45LC. or a 50A.E. or any large slug it will take you out of the fight and just might break bones.

        From what I have read my Nagant 147 gr. ammo and my 7.62X25 PPS round will go through body armor.

        If they are wearing a stick plate and you hit it with a 308 30=06 223 12Ga. slug it will hurt like hell and take you out of the fight for a while and a while is all you need.

        By the way are they going to use the excuse that the gang bangers are wearing it? What a frigging joke. If the bad guy wants it they will have it. Just like guns!

        When TSHTF just stay out at long range and use leg shots. You are thinking why. Well if you shot some one in the leg, it will take at least 2 people to carry them off and that will take two out of the fight. Also at long range you can move to a different spot and take out another ones leg. They don’t wear body armor on their legs. The stuff they do wear on their legs might slow a bullet down to where it hurts like hell and they are done fighting for a while.


        • They dont wear body armor on their heads either sarge,,,,,

          • Kula:
            YEP! but they only take the dead off the field is after the fight. Legs are bigger than the head and easier to hit. A head shot does work, and work well!!!!!!!!!!!!!

            • no.

              ya’ shoot them in the hips.

              AIM ((+)) for their HIPS!

              it will pulverize their hip bone , BURST THEIR FEMORAL ARTERY and they will collapse DROP where the were standin’.


              • Exactly.

              • As a medical professional…

                “Yup, I believe that’ll do it!”

      44. Makes me want to go out and purchase some body armor.

      45. I’m sure there are quite a few members of the NDAA loving congress who are Obamacare exempt, that would love to see this body armor ban being imposed on the American people.

        It makes me want to laugh because it’s not going to happen. Besides, Jesus said:

        But know this, that if the goodman of the house had known in what watch the thief would come, he would have watched, and would not have suffered his house to be broken up. (Matthew 24:43)

        Now if the person in the house needs some heavy duty body armor to protect his house and family, then it will be so.

        God Bless you all.

      46. my country, tis of thee, sweet land of “once were free”

      47. As long as they leave AP food for my M1 alone.

        • SS, M1 Carbine or Garand? I have the Carbine.

          • Get a Garand and you’ve got the best rifle ever made. General Patton said it is the best battle implement ever devised and the 101st swore by it as did several million other dog soldiers.
            Get in shape and work out with it every day. Shoot it regularly and reload its cases. 192 rounds in en-bloc clips (4 bandoleers) weighs about 13 pounds. Just right for us old guys.
            Forget the poodle poppers and stay away from crowds.
            Semper Fi

      48. Just pay in cash when you buy some.

      49. They can say whatever they want but when it comes right down to it…….Enforcements going to be a bitch.

      50. How about we instead just have a law that states if you wear such gear in a violent crime or robbery, then you violate extra such laws and get additional prison time? Same as for the use of weapons. Don’t let the Liberals punish law-abiding citizens, or reduce their right to defend or protect themselves, in the hopes that the criminals will somehow magically follow the new laws. Even better, start by enforcing the laws we do have on the books rather than picking and choosing their enforcement based on your political whims.

      51. Now when you buy a new gun they will be asking if you would like armor with your order. I was told years ago this was coming and if you have armor to keep proof of your purchase date with each piece. I guess the price of armor is going up!!

      52. This would violate the Tenth Amendment since the Constitution does not grant the federal government any authority to ban anything. Only two things were ever constitutionally banned which were slavery and alcohol. Those two things were constitutional because amendments were created specifically listing what is to be banned. In order to lift what was banned, an amendment had to also be created to cancel out the previous amendment such as the case with alcohol. Anything banned on a federal level needs an amendment or it is unconstitutional.

        • Actually the forgotten amendment -the 9th amendment- is the one which retains all unstated rights to the people without the need to list them.

          It makes it clear that government has no authority to regulate or infringe on any right other than that which it has been specifically designated as having authority over by the Constitution.

          No one ever considers the 9th for some reason and it is almost never mentioned so here it is: “The enumeration in the Constitution, of certain rights, shall not be construed to deny or disparage others retained by the people.”

          FWIW, “shall not be construed” means it cannot be “interpreted” by any government authority to mean something else as current Judicial trends seem to be doing with the rest of the Constitution.

      53. This bill my not pass right now but with in ten years it will. They are just testing the waters at this time.

      54. Meanwhile at the CLEVER HOME.

        JUNE !!!!

        WHY ARE YOU CRYING ????

        WARD !!!!



        THEY SIT AROUND DRINKING, playing GRAB ASS, doing DRUGS spending our MONEY , and making ass—- decisions that are only for there good, and not ours.






        Do you think everyone its about to get REAL ?

        Do you think we are upon WORLD WAR 3 ?

        Do you think we are at the brink of a MAJOR CIVIL UNREST ?

        Do you think we are going to see the POPULATION go down to 1/3 ?

        Do you think anyone cares anymore ?

        Do you think we are about to see a RESET.

        Do you think GOD IS COMING BACK ???????????

        Do you THINK ?


      55. Here’s to the panic buy of AR500 and ceramic plates for the next 6 months.

      56. Watch for a FF with the supposed Perp’s wearing Body Armor. The only way I see this passing also is that a Grand father clause is added.

        The Day of the Rope is getting closer.

      57. Your standing in line at a McDonalds, when a 15 year old girl steps in front of you while on her cell phone. Clearly she has purposely “cut” in line in front of you. You gently tap her on the shoulder and say “excuse me, but I’m standing in line here”. The brat turns around and says “screw you, old man”. You say back to her “that’s no way to talk to an adult, you should have more respect”…… The brat then calls 911, and tells the dispatcher that she has been assaulted at the McDonalds on Broadway & Priest. The dispatcher sends an officer, and after interviewing the girl, (and viewing the security camera replay) you are arrested for aggravated assault….and facing 5-15 years in prison. Think it can’t happen here, or won’t happen to YOU. Think again. You are now living under tyranny.!!!!!
        Arizona Statutes
        Misdemeanor Assault…..A misdemeanor charge of assault can result from:
        1. physically injuring another person,
        2. intentionally placing another person in “reasonable apprehension of imminent physical injury”, or
        3. touching another person with them intent to injure, insult or provoke.
        Any actual physical injury (#1) will result in a Class 1 misdemeanor charge for assault. A Class 1 misdemeanor has a maximum sentence of 6 months in jail and a $2500 fine.
        The threat of injury (#2) will result in a Class 2 misdemeanor charge for assault. A Class 2 misdemeanor has a maximum sentence of 4 months in jail and a $750 fine.
        Touching with intent to injure or provoke (#3) will result in a Class 2 misdemeanor charge for assault. A Class 3 misdemeanor has a maximum sentence of 30 days in jail and a $500 fine.
        Aggravated Assault……..Aggravated Assault is a felony charge
        Aggravating factors that may make an assault offense an aggravated assault include:
        • any assault that results in a “serious physical injury”
        • causes temporary but substantial disfigurement or fracture
        • an assault using a deadly weapon
        • if the victim is restrained or captive
        • if the perpetrator is an adult, and the victim is a child 15 years old or younger.
        • is committed after entering the private home of someone
        • if the victim is a police officer, prison guard, firefighter, prosecutor, teacher, or medical professional.
        *** An aggravated assault charge is a Class 3 Felony. Under Arizona law, a class 3 felony offense carries with it a penalty of 5-15 years in prison
        That same evening…..380,000 viewers are watching Fox10, local news at 6pm. The news anchor goes to a local segment saying: “a Glendale man is facing charges this evening after a Tempe High School cheerleader was sexually groped by a 56 yr old man at a southside McDonalds earlier today. The perpetrator was finally tracked down at his west side home when an alert friend of the victim got a glimpse of his license plate. “Your Name” , seen here (they show your mug shot) was arrested without incident for aggravated assault and booked into the Maricopa County Detention facility. He is expected to be arraigned Tuesday, and facing 15 yrs in prison. The victim is receiving counseling, and though traumatized by the incident, is intended to return to school tomorrow……….And now for the National News”

      58. I fail to see what possession of body armor has to do with interstate commerce and how Congress has the power to regulate possession or usage.

      59. YES….YOU ARE ALL LIVING UNDER TYRANNY. And only a small innocent incident can have you locked away fro decades. !!!!! Welcome to the new AMERIKA.

      60. Shake your brain and make it THINK!: WHO is behind this?
        Don’t talk businesses, or government… it is PERSONS who do bad stuff.
        It’s the families that OWN everything, starting at the richest who are all sociopaths.

        An OWNER is responsible for everything his employees do, intentionally or otherwise.

        Nothing is gonna change until these rich, beautiful, pompous lying persons are all parked and their assets are confiscated and returned to the control of US, the People, who created the wealth that was taken, and We, who wrote our Constitution…

        Who will ‘bell the cats’ and their flunkies? It better be done anonymously…. IMHO

      61. I wonder if these children that ware BULLET PROOF BACK PACKS to school will be arrested ?????????????

      62. It’s time for us all to get a Jethro brand double-naught spy coat.

      63. I’m the infidel you imam warned you about.

      64. A bunch of nutjob Dems drop this ridiculous bill and it gets referred to the House Judiciary Committee, an even stronger defender of the 2nd Amendment since Rep. Goodlatte took over for the 114th Congress.

        HR 378 will never see the light of day again, not in a GOP House or Congress. It is dead for this Congress.

        But it does tell a person who is their friend–and who is their enemy.

      65. I see this legislation as nothing less than it is – a declaration of war on the people of America.

      66. If I need it there will be plenty laying on the ground.

      67. I just hope I can find my size and caliber

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