National Security Threat: Over 1 Million Counterfeit Chinese Parts Discovered In Defense Department Supply Chain

by | May 22, 2012 | Headline News | 160 comments

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    While America’s surveillance infrastructure turns inwards to identify domestic terror threats to the homeland such as those people who have guns, ammunition, food reserves or pay cash for their purchases, a shocking new report from Congress suggests that legitimate national security threats from foreign governments have been all but ignored by those agencies tasked with providing for the defense of the American people.

    The year long investigation by the U.S. Senate Committee on Armed Services found that counterfeit parts from our nation’s largest financial benefactor are flooding into critical military defense systems that include everything from special operations helicopters and surveillance planes, to missile guidance and global positioning systems.

    [The report] found a total number of suspect counterfeit parts involved in those 1,800 cases exceeding 1 million.

    “Our report outlines how this flood of counterfeit parts, overwhelmingly from China, threatens national security, the safety of our troops and American jobs,” Levin said. “It underscores China’s failure to police the blatant market in counterfeit parts – a failure China should rectify.”

    Our committee’s report makes it abundantly clear that vulnerabilities throughout the defense supply chain allow counterfeit electronic parts to infiltrate critical U.S. military systems, risking our security and the lives of the men and women who protect it,” said McCain. “As directed by last year’s Defense Authorization bill, the Department of Defense and its contractors must attack this problem more aggressively, particularly since counterfeiters are becoming better at shielding their dangerous fakes from detection.”

    The investigation’s findings point to China as the dominant source of counterfeit electronic parts and the Committee concluded that the Chinese government has failed to take steps to stop counterfeiting operations that are carried out openly in that country. The Chinese government denied visas to Committee staff to travel to mainland China as part of the Committee’s investigation.

    The Committee’s report includes detailed descriptions of how counterfeits are flooding the supply chain, risking the performance and reliability of critical defense systems.

    In just one example described in the report, the U.S. Air Force says that a single electronic parts supplier, Hong Dark Electronic Trade of Shenzhen, China, supplied approximately 84,000 suspect counterfeit electronic parts into the DOD supply chain. Parts from Hong Dark made it into Traffic Alert and Collision Avoidance Systems (TCAS) intended for the C-5AMP, C-12, and the Global Hawk. In addition, parts from Hong Dark made it into assemblies intended for the P-3, the Special Operations Force A/MH-6M, and other military equipment, like the Excalibur (an extended range artillery projectile), the Navy Integrated Submarine Imaging System, and the Army Stryker Mobile Gun.


    • China is the dominant source country for counterfeit electronic parts that are infiltrating the defense supply chain.
    • The Chinese government has failed to take steps to stop counterfeiting operations that are carried out openly in that country.
    • The Department of Defense lacks knowledge of the scope and impact of counterfeit parts on critical defense systems.
    • The use of counterfeit electronic parts in defense systems can compromise performance and reliability, risk national security, and endanger the safety of military personnel.
    • Permitting contractors to recover costs incurred as a result of their own failure to detect counterfeit electronic parts does not encourage the adoption of aggressive counterfeit avoidance and detection programs.
    • The defense industry’s reliance on unvetted independent distributors to supply electronic parts for critical military applications results in unacceptable risks to national security and the safety of U.S. military personnel.
    • The defense industry routinely failed to report cases of suspect counterfeit parts, putting the integrity of the defense supply chain at risk.

    Full report [pdf]

    Do you think  Chinese military supply chains have been flooded with counterfeit parts from their suppliers?

    This is, by all accounts, a coordinated attack on our national defense infrastructure, and we can say with near certainty that this is part of a complete strategy designed to weaken the United States.

    The Chinese government knows very well what’s happening. The fact of the matter is that China is a Communist country, and thus, all Chinese firms operate at the behest of the government, despite what we’re told about their shift towards capitalism.

    As we’ve noted before, the Chinese government is and has always been at war with the United States of America. They have infiltrated our internet, gained access to our power and utility infrastructure, and mapped vulnerabilities across the entire country. They are openly stealing our intellectual property – both from the private sector, as well as purportedly secure government systems. Their position as our leading creditor has given them the ability to pull the plug on our currency, as well as our economy, at anytime they so choose. They have flooded our military defense systems with faulty hardware and back-doors that, when activated, may take down essential national security nodes like early warning systems.

    The Chinese are master strategists when it comes to war, and for two decades they have been positioning their pieces on the grand chessboard. This latest Congressional report shows just how well they’ve played the game.

    Our entire country has been left vulnerable because of backroom deals with defense contractors, a Congressional membership more concerned with re-election than upholding their Constitutional duty, and Executives who have been complicit in the sharing of key technological advancements with a country who is deadset on becoming the world’s next superpower.

    We’ve been sold down the river folks and our nation has been left exposed to sworn enemies of liberty.


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      1. It’d be pretty easy for the Chinese to take this country I’m sad to say; I know many of our brave men and women of the armed forces would fight it with their lives, but it won’t come down to them. We’re selling out. Hell our treasury now sells them bonds directly without any bankster middlemen…you know its bad when they cut out the banksters….

        • Believe me Jim, the banksters have not been cut out of anything……

          That is for the people to do, with sharp implements.

          • Maybe not in the U.S. directly, but the banksters are being cut off more and more every day as countries dump the Federal Reserve Note and start trading internationally with oil, gold, commodities, and alternative currencies. The Federal Reserve Note is dying and along with it, the NWO that depends on it is dying. The power of the NWO, the Fed, and the U.S. government is shrinking, not expanding. How can you not see this?

            • ”’ The power of the NWO, the Fed, and the U.S. government is shrinking, not expanding. How can you not see this?”’

              The power of the NWO is being shifted, not diminished. Rothschilds is a partner in the Chinese gold exchange. They have not yet bought the Chinese government, but they are trying hard. Fortunately, the Chinese government encourages its people to own gold and silver. Perhaps they are setting up for the same freedom that allowed the US to grow so strong so fast, only to pull it away at the end and install the final world government.

              The FRN is being systematically destroyed to confiscate the little remaining wealth of the people as a parting gift. It will be redeemable in whatever new currency the PTB push for, steeply discounted.

              The manufacturing base has been shifted to a slave labor country (China) to begin the process all over again. The next 100 years for the Chinese will be like the last 100 years here. Our next 100 years will be like their last 100 years.

              Somewhere on the way down, the people of the US will make the same wages as the Chinese on the way up. Probably one day in the lifespan of my grandchildren, we will be the slaves making junk products for the wealthy Chinese under the same political situation they were forced to endure while making the juck we buy today.

              The only way to stop the process is to stop taking the banksters “credit” as money. It is up to the People to stop the criminals by refusing to take it’s paper as money and issuing our own.

              These bankster types think in 100 year periods. You must realize this if you are going to stop their plans today.

              In the end, it’s all about the money and who creates it.

          • I don’t see any bankers in jail, but I see our Vets being sold out left and right by the millionaires made IN the seats of our Government…

        • HA! It’s a shame for China that they also produced my 1911 .45 clone and a bunch of other cheap, effective weapons that I intend to own ASAP.
          My own quality testing shows them to more than adequate.

          At least they’re making it sporting for us!

          • Or the cheap shotguns I bought for myself and my father. Or the red dot optics on that rifle.

            But China wouldn’t actually try to occupy the US. Why bother? Just buy it.

      2. Dare I say that the best thing that can happen for the American people is to have the military disabled, either by foreign or domestic means.

        The more damage the Chinese can do to the military, the less damage it can do the American people. Anyone who fears martial law should be cheering on the Chinese for assisting in the neutering of our most dangerous enemy.

        I suspect many will reject this message, but I do not believe the military serves a lawful purpose and does nothing to defend the people of the country. Instead, it serve only to protect the corp (bankers) and it’s corporate business partners in the retaining of ill gotten resources and privilege.

        I am not at war with anyone, nor in a state of emergency. I don’t care what the military gets itself into, until it gets itself into the states. That is when many will start to see things the way I do.

        • I must agree!

        • @GC,

          I only hope that DHS and DOJ are just as dependent on Chinese-made products as our military is. I agree with your sentiments completely. As a former servicemember, I am proud of my service, proud of the skill of our military, and completely disgusted at the uses which it is put to. It took me several tours to become disenchanted with our role in enforcing an American hegemony on much of the world, and those who claim to love freedom would do well to consider how it would feel if the shoe were on the other foot and we were the ones under foreign occupation.
          The Chinese are not the ones to blame; instead, blame for this falls squarely on the shoulders of those who have outsourced critical parts of our defense to Chinese suppliers. If the ChiComs have managed to compromise or destroy surveillance and remote drone assets when the time comes and they are turned against the American people, then we should be cheering them and applauding the shortsightedness of those who tried to make a quick buck by ripping off some American worker.

          • The Moon….says “when the time comes and they are turned against the American people, then we should be cheering them and applauding the shortsightedness of those who tried to make a quick buck by ripping off some American worker.”

            That would be some beautiful karmic justice!

        • What you stated does indeed strike at the heart of what a lot of people believe, yet many lack an inner understanding of today’s military and what it has came to represent. WE in the service represent the modern cannon fodder for wars of profit and attrition against the innocent and defenseless. I hate to admit it myself, but considering the other soldiers around me at any one given time and knowing that their yearning to getting paid on the 1st and 15th outweighs their first and most important duty, defense/oath to guard the homeland. Most folks in uniform around here think that invading Iran is a MUST and has to be done and they can’t wait for that to happen so they can get more combat pay and potential medals, etc. I do what I can for those that will listen, who care to even consider what I am telling them. Usually when I try to wake someone up, I am met with instant defense over the brainwashed ideologies they retain and it goes downhill from there. People just don’t want to come out of their shells. Here lately I have been attempting to get people to end their contracts by not re-inlisting and ETS’ing out. Surprisingly, a good number of my own unit doesn’t want to do this shit anymore and say they are finished. Maybe all isn’t lost…..

          @Gods Creation: email me, we’ve got a bit in common.

          • Wow, AK, your words are sobering. …and unfortunate. Seldom do I disagree with GC.

            Are OathKeepers not an influence where you are?

        • @ GC
          Today’s Soldiers have been taught to think for themselves, and not to follow illegal orders. Trust me when I say, from inside the military, most of the military will NOT follow orders against fellow Americans.

          • MP

            I have difficulty believing that when there are already thousands of them training to silence the voice of the People when they are told to do so.

            If things continue and this government self inflicts a revolution of the People, when called to the streets of Big City, USA the troops should roll directly to Washington DC and take over the White House, Capitol, and Supreme Court buildings and give them back to the People. Somehow, I doubt that will happen. The soldiers will blindly follow the orders they are given rather than turn on each other.

            Anyone willing to sell his BODY and MIND to a corporation, travel the world murdering on its behalf, and still lacks the moral compass to see the error of their ways will be of little use to the People as a protector.

            • GC, I don’t think you understand that they sell their body and mind to the service of their country. They are told that the misgivings that people like you and I have are “conspiracy theories” and fantasy and they are given incentive to not research it.

              So, while what you say is true that they sell their mind and body to a corporation, travel the world and murder on its behalf, the corporation has a magnet in its pocket that causes moral compasses everywhere to spin like a ceiling fan on high. That magnet is the indoctrination of ignorance. 95% of the people have it.

              Even I wonder, at times, why I don’t accept my own boxes of CoCo Puffs because its to dang hard to justify not to.

              …then I study what these criminal bastards did on 9/11 and since and I quickly decide that working myself to death and/or being poor is WAY MORE honorable than accepting ANYTHING from the corporation. …money soaked in the blood of those 2800 people *AND* the blood of millions of others we’ve murdered.

              Just remember: You may not have all the story straight. I certainly hope you don’t.

          • From God’s ears to yours?? I pray.

        • After some further reflection, I have concluded that there probably are no “counterfeit parts”. the idea of releasing such a statement is more likely an early part of the effort to gain support for starting a war with China when the fiat systems fails, thereby diverting blame away from the banksters.

          Such notions are also quite handy to have around for those who will be needing a scapegoat for the atrocities they plan to commit in the future.

          I can hear it now: Unmanned drone kills millions in NY City. The drone was overtaken by a Chinese video game player because of counterfeit parts provided by the Chinese.

          Are you scared of the Chinese yet? You are supposed to be.

          • GC: U are right on!! Nothing is as it seems. Creating fear where there is none keeps the sheep together and that is the biggest obstacle in getting more people to believe what is the truth.

      3. I always wondered if the products the Chinese made and shipped to America, over the last 20 years, had DU (depleted uranium) “embedded” in them. This entire country would be glowing by now.

        • Many items had lead and other toxins, even the children’s toys. I never thought about the Trojan horse delivery method of DU like that. Glad you’re on our side. 😉

          Made in China might as well be a skull and crossbones.

          • Daisy,

            You are correct. It is not only products for the military that have been compromised. They have found MANY household products made in China contain toxins and/or harmful chemicals. These include children’s toys, children’s lunch boxes, dog food, pet products…just to name a few. Baby bottles and toddler sippy cups made with a certain plastic have also been recalled.. Some of these items may still be sold at outlet stores or yard sales.

            • don’t forget the toothpaste and baby formula. list is long and scary.

            • Check carefully your juices now!! Apple juices from China?? What–we don’t have apple trees here.
              I check my blackberry, cranberry, blueberry…and only apple–so far–is China…heck they even print it in black on the plastic, not on the label, to hide that fact!!
              BE CAREFUL!

          • daisy, i am not sure what your point is. this is americas fault. you allow the ptb to do it. america and israel are existential threats to us all.

          • @ Daisy, et al…. skull and crossbones? absolutely! To ALL here– Raise your hands, kids, if you currently have or plan to purchase a Chinese made AK-47? How about foodstuffs made in China? Grain mills? Water filters? Products of ANY kind? With the current economic posturing that has been implemented for the past 30 years, to “GO GLOBAL”, it is nearly impossible to not have inferior products from China, India, Pakistan, etcetera. How in God’s name can Americans compete in a Global Society when COMMUNIST China pays a Party Worker a “wage” that cannot support human life?
            WE as Americans should revolt against such practices and use whatever means possible to REFUSE to purchase and at that point, use entrepreneurship ( against our “government’s” will to do so) and start small companies to offset this practice of shutting Americans out of jobs, revenue and LIFE. THIS is exactly the avenue I have been pursuing for the past two years, being unemployed for that time frame, AND NOT taking ANY encouraged benefits from the “entitlement Obama mindset” ! Yes, I am one of the millions of Americans who are not counted in the unemployment rosters famously ignored by Obama. That “man”, and I use the term loosely, can kiss my hairy, wrinkled, asymmetrical butt!

          • In more ways than one!!

            • I’ve decided to replace our tearing sofa with two recliners..we don’t have friends, family, why not?
              Searching for inexpensive(cheap)recliners led me to Big Lots, and Chinamart…chinamart is a little cheaper, but guess what Big Lots says??
              • Made in the U.S.A.
              All of them…what a choice!!!!


            • I cannot get this right—when I reply, it goes to the wrong comment…any advice?? My ‘in more ways than one’ is to Daisy.

      4. 1. I am curious if our Generals are secretly getting together and discussing America’s possible future with China or our badly ran Govt.

        2. Is the Chinese aircraft carrier up and running? And where does it get it’s parts.

        3. Did someone put out the Century 21 sign out in America’s front yard? 🙁

        • eagle dove….The answer to question no.1 is YES! I can’t say more since this is a public forum….but rest assured, I have it from a VERY reliable source that the answer to your question is a big YES! What I was told gave me hope, but also made my husband and I really ramp up our prepping because it scared us also!

          • Thanks SmokyMtnLady., this gives me some hope the GOOD PTB …,our out there ready to defend our liberty and our country.

            Are you able to elaborate in a round about way on a possible time table or what was it said that ramped up your prepping?

            If not, I understand., thanks again.

            • No timetable Eagledove..sorry! But the ones you mentioned in your posting are AWARE of what Obama is trying to do to our country and they are preparing to take action if need be….BTW, have you read the book One Second After? THAT is why we started ramping up our prepping because those kinds of things can happen…for the greater good…if you KNOW what I mean? : /

            • @ SmokyMtLady; I have seen that book mention several times here.., I will need to get it. Thank you. 🙂

              Maybe Mac will have a suggestive reading on his new forum.

      5. They just bought AMC theaters, looks like they will be controlling the Hollywood propaganda machine soon. I bet a certain dweller of the white house is thrilled by that.

        • Seriously? There is a special place in hell for all the treasonous scum in Hollywood.

      6. yup,you cant fix stupid

        Ron White was right!

      7. They’re buying up property and building tax-free zones, little cities that are exempt from American laws.

        They have deals allowing them to bypass regular customs regulations which means they could be bringing ANYTHING into US borders and we’d never know.

        The Chinese citizens being brought over to populate these cities do not have to follow regular immigration procedures, since the settlements are not considered American soil any more.

        Is it really an invasion when we literally INVITE THEM IN?

          • That change from China to NK was hilarious….I think they got more bad will for making the change then if they’d have just shut up and let it go.

          • No need to invade, they have infiltrated America at all levels. Now the chicons can buy treasuries direct from the US Treasury. Our own Federal Reserve doesn’t get to do that.

          • It wasn’t for the PC sensitive crowd Mac, it’s because the MGM didn’t want to lock themselves out of a billion dollar movie market in China(or so they say). Also I don’t think that is the official trailer, It looks like someone’s high school film project. I can’t wait for the official one to come out though, I will still see the NK soldiers as Chinamen when I watch it though.

        • The Chinese are simply following a tried and true immigration method they learned from our neighbors to the South.

        • Would that anything include RPGs and IED components? If we are going to have any chance of defeating martial law then we need the ChiCom devil to get the hardware that will defeat heavier weapons. If “the enemy of my enemy is my friend”, then those in this country who hate tyranny might find an ally in the Chinese who are looking for a nice, distracting civil war to keep the Amerikan government too busy to try and police the rest of the world.

          • Well, the Chinese, Russians and French don’t really care who they sell to as long as there is a profit to be made. However, I would not count on them directly selling arms to any American resistance movement. After all, if they funded a rebellion that failed then the retribution of the US government would be fierce. So, don’t count on it. There is simply too much to lose for the vendor countries.

            • I don’t know how likely help from the Chinese to an American resistance is. I’d give better odds of help from the Russians. They don’t fear the US militarily and are far less dependant/interconnected with the US economically than the Chinese. The French? Ha! This is not the France that helped the colonists in the first revolution. As much as Americans have become sissified, the French are decades ahead.

              While it would be nice to have RPG’s, LAW’s, AT4’s, etc to defeat armor. Improvised weapons, using a combination of tank traps, thermite, and explosives, all available outside of military supply chains, will work. They love to make the Abrams out to be this indestructable tank, and it is formidable, but not indestructable.

              Also, once this (hypothetical of course) war got kicked off, what’s to say that individual military members and even whole units don’t switch sides and take their hardware with them? Some Stinger Gunner’s and thier missles might come in handy? I know there’s a lot of folks here that love to bash our troops as midless sleeping tools of the system, but that is painting with too broad a brush I believe. Many are patriots and will be willing to risk or give their lives to do the right thing when the time comes.

        • I assume the products the Chinese make in the factories on tax-free zones will be able to stamp their products…made in America.

          Also, given all the “incentives”, they should be able to sell their products much cheaper that similar products made factories across America.

          • To KY. MOM @ May 22, 2012 at 8:59 pm
            Let’s see if they are made to jump through 1000 hoops to manufacture like the laws that drove our manufacturing overseas!

            • JayJay,

              I think the Chinese will be “exempt” from a lot of those “pesky regulations” that American factories must abide by. The beauty of those “economic zones” is that they would have sovereignty.

              It would be truly ironic…yet very possible that goods produced there could get the “made in America” stamp.

              KY Mom

        • Clinton allowed the Red Chinese to have their own private airport in Arkansas… with no need for customs or anything like that.

        • Daisy; where are those cities at?

          • Eagledove:

            There’s one in Michigan that was just purchased. There is also one in Idaho. I don’t mean to sound self-promoting, but I wrote a piece last week that has quite a few links you might find interesting about the whereabouts, as well as plans for more of these developments across the country.


            • Thanks Daisy., I will look it up. 🙂

            • Daisy., I went and Googled it., and read two articles that were very interesting.

              They are planning on having these cities all over the United States.

              1.Will this be a Trojan horse?

              2.Will it be an economic boom for the U.S. ?

              3. Or only an economic boom for China?

            • Hi, Eagledove.

              I don’t think the US will profit AT ALL.

              ~ They are able to ship in their own parts and components without paying duty or excise taxes.
              ~ The zones are tax-free zones
              ~ They are bringing over their own workers so we won’t realize much, if any, employment opportunities from the businesses being created.

              I think the Trojan horse is a very real threat. They could be constructing weapons and vehicles and we’d never even know it. The workers being brought over could all be military and we’d never even know it. We won’t know any of it until armies of a millions of them fan out, invading from within.

            • There is a rubber factory in Northern Michigan that fired ALL of the employees…..kept maybe 5…….they used the 5 to DRIVE the buses, to go pick up the Chinese workers who are NOW the employees! All the Locals……..fired!

              People, come on, it is not Us vs Them…….it is ALL the same!

              Do you not realize that our sworn enemy is already part owner of America? Well it is fact!

              Everyone misses the true power of the U.S……sure the military sets up the bases all over the world for the control…..but that is NOT the power!

              The power is the FARMS……look who is taking over the farms? Monsanto!!! The most EVIL company in the whole world!

              The U.S. Feeds China……the Bankers own both!

              Come on guys…it is all so simple really, debates about whether U.S. troops will fire on U.S. citizens is irrelevant….

              ALL of you Military Folks KNOW for a fact that we are training troops from other countries here and basing them here……..right? The don’t need U.S. troops to fire on us……lol

              I have been telling you folks who the true enemy is….not sure if anyone gets it, but they are from other planets!

              Either the people fight and take back this place or lose it very soon…… this time next year, this website won’t even be here, the only reason it is here now is to MONITOR YOU and ME…..

              I have come to the conclusion that doing what Jesus would do is the only rational thing to do at this point…there will be no standing up……sorry!

            • Daisy., I kind of wondered about setting off EMP’s .., it would be simple and easy to make us helpless.

        • Kill Hollywood…HULU is free!!!!
          I am not a big movie fan; been watching for 30 years; so nothing is new.
          But, every now and then, it’s fun and relaxing…What a choice with HULU.

      8. If we Stop shipping all our steel scrap and let them buy Orr on the open market.. They will no longer be able to compete.

        We build nothing and buy everything in this country..

        We live under a dictatorship .. Not a democracy..

        Wake up..

      9. It is time to wake up – China is fighting the next war and the sheeple are blissfully aware.
        How can the top brass continue to be so stupid? A weaker opponent doesn’t march out onto a battlefield to go toe to toe with a stronger enemy just to be slaughtered – they use different tactics. “IED’s, sucide bombers, etc”.
        Our enemies show great creativity in attacking us and we refuse to learn.
        China is no match for the US militarily in any department – but fucked up computer chips in our nuclear arsenal? Conventional missiles that can be disabled remotely by China and other weapons that have not been manufactured to spec. This might just change the balance.
        But lets blame China – we gave them the opportunity to supply critical parts, we were to lazy to test them fully, I guess we got them at a good price. Shame the price could be in our blood.

        • Yeah, let’s blame China…*rolls eyes*

        • Our last remaining advantage was nukes, but Obama put an end to our nuclear dominance with the stroke of a pen. The U.S. doesn’t even have comparable weapons to counter the simple RPG or the supercavitating torpedo (250mph underwater carrier-killing missile) fielded by the Russians, Iranians, and Chinese.

      10. When I first heard this I thought sabotage. Then I thought about how the U.S. military could even think of purchasing one component from the ENEMY. It is like the U.S. buying parts from the Nazis or the USSR, that is if the USSR had anything but junk to offer. What the hell is going on here? The U.S. could be buying parts from American manufacturing companies and supplying so many people in this country with good paying jobs that would mean more tax revenue. The government is stuck in stupid. My God! Giving money and jobs to the ENEMY that point ICBM’s at the country, ready to fire.

        Why not just have the Chinese supply all the computer motherboards for all the strategic weapons, aircraft, submarines, militray satellites, and everything else? Then you can have something like the opening pilot episode of the TV series Battelstar Galactica where all the aircraft (spacecraft) and all systems on the armed foces of the planets just went dead and didn’t work when the enemy pointed their jamming devices at them. I know this is science fiction, but how much fiction is it that the U.S. would allow even one part from the ENEMY get into the self defense of the country.

        What has happened to everything? Talk about the fall of most powerful nation states in the past, the U.S. is unfortunately in that freefall right now and gravity is increasing that speed each day. How can anyone that can afford to put away for what is coming, not be doing it? It is so obvious the deep manure that is coming from multiple sources. Please someone answer this for me how come MOST people have become so naive and blind to what is happening and not be at least TRYING to put away for their needs even for a couple of weeks.

        • 1) This country was taken over from the inside long ago. The people you think are “your” govt have declared was on YOU.

          2) America is being brought down, and everyone here, and all the sleeping sheeple, are nothing but expendable useless eaters to the parasites who control this country.

          3) The people you think (and some of them still actually believe) are defending this country are about to turn thier guns on YOU.

          4) The parasites control a vast well orchestrated propaganda organ the sole function of which is to condition people into an ignorant fearful stupor. Most of the people who live in this country simply can not be awakened. Most of those who are aware are to scared to do anything.

          5) The worst people of all, are the traitor goyim, who have sucked up and sold out to the parasites. They have shipped our manufacturing base to China. They have done the parasite’s bidding and ensured our borders are flooded with people will will help them destroy America. They are doing thier best to ensure your food is just tasty poison. They work overtime to help the parasites ensure you can’t do anything about what’s coming.

          America is going down, and most people cannot get past the political,religious, and bread&circus delusions they have been spoonfed thier entire sorry lives. This is the generation that will not only watch America fall, they will cower in fear, and dare say nothing about it, lest they be called a name or something. Many of the coward’s only concern will be whether they make any money off the deal.

          • @ JustMe. This is even more reason to prepare like there is no tomorrow, because for those that don’t there won’t be a tomorrow. The more that people become aware of what those that mean to harm us, the more they can at least guard themselves to the best of their ability against it. It is so sad that the majority of the population has taken the “let someone else do my thinking for me”.

            I can remember when people took the welfare of their families and friends to heart, and they put away for the future. They use to train children to save for a rainy day, or a hurricane day. Now look at it as parents think that only way to gain respect from their children is to buy them off with junk that they cannot afford. You would think after the debacle on 2008 and 2009 that people would have learned. Well, this last Christmas season was a boom for retailers because people that were way too doltish to remember what happens when you overspend using credit, did it again.

            What really grinds me is that people using this credit and destroying themselves and the country didn’t even use their credit to purchase practical gifts that a person can use over and over again or use and save their lives in an emergency. They bought them gifts that are not even used after a month. A nice emergency weather radio would have been practical. Even raingear like a Gotex jacket that could be used when you have to stay dry after a disaster. The list is endless of really nice gifts that can double for survival. But no, they just buried themselves further in debt for no good reason.

            This why when someone “wises up” and takes themselves away from this mode of an android and starts seeing what is going on and starts preparing and storing up for tomorrow it is so rewarding. It is like a ray of sunlight breaking through a dark cloud, the type of ugly greenish cloud you see during a tornado. Like I have said in the previous article comment section, the more people that do prepare the stronger the preppers will be and the more likely that the human species will survive what is almost certainly coming.

          • I refuse to believe that. The weakness and impotence of the people is mostly an illusion. Arrest the top few hundred pricks at the top of the federal shit pile and the people can quickly dispense with the remaining thousands below them. Clean house with mass arrests and America will quickly revert back to it’s former glory.

            • TMFC,

              I don’t want to sound harsh, but I really doubt any of them, save the odd bankster who screwed thier buddies one too many times, will ever be arrested and held accountable.

              The people you are talking about are responsible for the destruction of entire segements of civilization, and the mass murder of millions, just in the last century alone. They will not go quietly, and would probably rather destroy the Earth itself, and kill everyone and everything, than be busted.

              As for the impotence of the people, the wrong people have become mindless cowards, and your mortal enemies are becoming more brazen by the day.

        • Be informed says @ May 22, 2012 at 7:06 pm

          Because most are just trying to get by with food on the table?? And I truly mean that.

          Yeah, they should have one or two internet alternative news outlets, but we know they don’t.

          • @ JayJay. I believe that what you trying to say is that most people are just trying to get by with food on the table is that people don’t have an extra little bit to put away anything. Not with any disrespect towards this statement, but I have seen dirt poor people put away a tiny bit at a time and over the course of months or even years have a substanial amount of preps. Even homeless people put away something for bad times. An extra package of toilet paper, maybe a can or two of food, it all adds up.

            I saw something the other day for example save $120 using a battery of coupons whose bill started out at $168. Down to $48. There are ways of storing up what you need. Garage sales offer fantastic survival goods on all sorts of items, like candles for almost nothing. The reason why most people don’t prep in my opinion is that they simply choose not to. If you see what I also wrote, “how can anyone that can afford to put away for what is coming, not be doing it?” I also brought up the question that there are some people out there with money and yet choose not to prepare.

            There are actually lots of individuals that choose to waste money on worthless junk and others that jack up their credit on worthless junk and entertainment that is very costly. Many people could save thousands of dollars each year by cutting out the “out for dinner, lunch and breakfast syndrome” and start doing what people did for generations, home cooking. They sure would be a lot healthier.

            I quote what others have said before, how can someone afford not to prepare? I hope that I correctly addressed what you were saying.

      11. Wolverines….!!!!!!!!!

        • I second the notion.

      12. I hate the Chinese, but why put all the blame on them? Someone in the Procurement Department of all services affected, was on the take. To be more precise, someone(plural) in the Pentagon is a traitor. This shit does not just happen. It takes planning, contacts and briefcases full of cash. Who are these Senators trying to shit? Anyone who thinks this will stop, or anyone will be punished for it, is delusional. The entire system is so corrupt that it is FUBAR! Too often we want to put all the blame on political correctness. Perhaps a small part of it is responsible. But I firmly believe that no heads will roll as it might invite retaliation on other black market activities engaged in by other members of congress and DOD. You scratch my back; I’ll scratch yours. That’s government!

        • I’m sure the U.S. would China bogus parts, but they’re not dumb enough to but them. China is not dumb enough to allow women to fly combat planes. Men handle G-force better than women, it’s just a fact, and China isn’t infested with psycho “equal-rights” nutbags like the U.S. is currently.

        • “””I hate the Chinese, but why put all the blame on them? “”

          SWIFT, don’t let the corps fill you with hate for someone just because they are Chinese. They are people just like us, victimized by the evils of government corporations and unaccountable criminals.

          What is being discussed is the situation between two corporations claiming excessive authority and protecting the claim with violence or the threat of violence.

          No matter which “government” wins, the people of both lands lose.

          • I don’t hate the Chinese people. But I sure as hell don’t trust the Chinese government!

            (Not that I trust ours either)

        • You “hate” the Chinese? Do you even know one?

      13. buy american made products that are in fact made in america….i have been doing this for a good many years..why? if you are a viet nam veteran and you buy a vietnam vet cap you sure dont wanna have the label in said cap say made in viet nam…and this has happened folks…true story.

        • @ carynverell. It is really nice to see people out there that still try to help their country. I have found that parts made in the United States are usually still the best quality, there is an occasion this not to be true, but almost always it is. The problem is that you really have trouble finding what you need that doesn’t have that terrible “made in china” label on it. It should read “made by your enemy”. Better yet anything made in China should be forced to put a mushroom cloud on the label, with a warning that says buying this products will help lead to World War 3. Like the cigarette warning lables. You can only wish!

          Part of the problem is also that people don’t see the “made in USA” label of the imprint of it on the box. I wonder if the “made In USA” with a big flag and took up half the box, if it would help sales. When I see the “made in the USA” it is usually only 1 inch or smaller on the box. I wonder if companies started to really flare out the “made in the USA” design if it would help to force people to on a subconscious level to buy it because not doing so would be going against their country. Of course now, most people ONLY care about their own selves, so maybe this would not work. Again you can unfortunately at this time only wish for things to get better and try to prepare for what is coming the best you can and continue to until it happens.

          • Be informed,

            I live and work in Southern Indiana and can tell you that at least in this area “MADE IN USA” does mean something to alot of people. I have people that will even pay a little extra for that simple reason.

            Carynverell is absolutley right, if more people would buy American made products it would change alot.

            #1 It would put more Americans back to work
            (at least the ones that want to work)

            #2 It would be less money going to the chinese government to weaken us further.

            #3 We don’t have to worry about them poisoning our kids
            Because the are!

            Anyway if the S does HTF I want to know the items I have were made by Americans not a foreign government that would like to see us ALL dead.

        • Oh, can I expand on that???carynverell??
          The only donations dh and I make have for 30 years been to veterans when they mail us ‘stuff’;my reasoning was it provides jobs. WRONG!!!
          My Vietnam vet husband discovered the last two mailings have ‘made in china’ on them—I didn’t have to inform them of our displeasure–husband did.
          He told them it is our last contribution and stop sending us this XXXX from China!!!
          True story too!!

      14. If these parts have made it into the armed drones flying over our cities and it has a misfire… well there is your excuse for WW III

      15. It`s all Clintons fault

        • This country was sold out 100 years ago, and every “President” since then has been nothing but an owned and controled shill. Please do try to get past the “Republican-Democrat-consevative-liberal” facade. Clinton did nothing has handlers did’nt tell him to do, which happened to be expedite the sellout of America.

          • Look no further than Los Alamos and Sandy “Burglar”.

          • before we start debating when it happened, please read the article in the following link and post your opinion.

      16. The “useful idiots” in the government will be the first to go when their work is done. They have allowed the communists and every other hostile force into the country under the guise of multiculturalism.

        It is often asked why no one does anything it is because no one wants to end up in jail. You cannot prep from a cell. Every flipping thing is practically illegal. The “idiots” have been at work for a long time. Too long!!!

        God Help Us!

      17. No doubt as an aftermath of the massive de-industralization in the US some items the US Military needs are not made anywhere within the country.

        One of the Mercury Astronauts said that during re-entry it was not comforting to think that the heat shield was probably made by the lowest bidder.

        Poor quality is bad enough but intentionally defective is far worse.

      18. First off, counterfeits fail rather quickly. They may work for a short while, but if you thoroughly test your devices they will seldom make it out of the plant.

        I’m electrical engineer working in manufacturing. We see them all the time. We hold our suppliers responsible. If you buy them from an approved distributor, your almost sure to get the real McCoys. The problem is when you buy from brokers who can’t lose their distribution privileges. Also they are easy to spot if you do your due diligence.

        So why would you buy from a broker? First: Most components are NOT made in the USA. Most come from Japan. Recently I posted about the supply problems because of the earthquake. They got around it by moving operations to Thailand where the had some plants operating. But then they got hit with floods.

        Second: Try to tell your CEO production is down or your customers that they’ll have to wait. We have been told up to six month lead time on some components. Instead of going to a broker, we found substitutes and/or altered our designs to work around it.

        What probably happened is some defense contractors took a chance on some brokered parts and got burned. Then someone in DC wanted to know what the delay was. Now they’re playing chicken little telling everyone the planes are going to fall out of the sky. When more than likely there are very few that made it out.

        • Meanwhile, our top of the line drone lands safely in Iran, fresh and ready for reverse engineered and sold for parts. I believe the military is in a state of silent revolt against our illegimate government and will soon provide the force necessary to arrest them all.

        • I’ve had a chance to scan over the report and stand by my comment. They mention obsolescence as a reason to buy from “brokers”. This has been an issue in the industry for years. We deal with it all the time. Is it easy to work around? NO. It makes our job hell, but we do what we have to. From what I’ve gleaned from the report, they knew they were buying from brokers, yet didn’t bother to test them because of the time and expense. Or, they claim they didn’t know where the parts were coming from. If you buy electronic components and don’t verify your source, you’re an idiot.

          One thing we learned a long time ago, its a lot cheaper to test them when the source is questionable then to put them in a device and have it fail later and cause a recall.

          It sounds like some bad decisions were made and no one was held accountable. But again keep in mind, most counterfeits fail early on in life, and if a plane, missile or whatever made it thru testing and operating, there’s a good chance it doesn’t contain counterfeits. It’s later on when they go to build spares or repair parts that they run out and buy from brokers.

      19. “Dare I say that the best thing that can happen for the American people is to have the military disabled, either by foreign or domestic means.”


        And IF our Military is disabled, you seriously think our enemies are just going to sit on the side-lines and watch and feel sorry for us?

        Hell no, they would seek to occupy and exploit!

        We need to fix our problems from the inside, not tear down our government and structure and what security we still have access to.

        We don’t have the luxury of revolution and the time it would take to re-structure and re-build…because our enemies will be on our door-step.

        This isn’t the 1700’s anymore!!!

        That statement and post and the sentiment behind it is the biggest load of mis-guided %$^%$ I’ve heard and read in quite a while.

        While our boys in Blue (and Green & Grey) follow and server where they’re sent atm, however our ideas and beliefs in politics, they are our best defense, our brothers and loved ones who have sworn to protect our nation!

        And when push comes to shove they will be the first ones fighting for our collective continued Freedom!

        They should not be degraded and wished ill upon in any way shape or form. You may not agree with missions they are sent on…but they are the only thing keeping the wolves at bay!

        The alternative of having them gone or compromised and weakened is NOT better for our Country.

        You want change, become involved and elect the “Right” people to City, State and Federal position!

        Work the system as it’s designed and intended to be worked!

        Too many are apathetic and sit on their butts and B!tch about things yet do nothing. What percent of the population actually gets out and votes in their primaries? Or even the general election? What if 60% or 80% did? Think of what could be accomplished the right way if more would simply do their duty!

        Become involved…Don’t wish ill upon our Military!

        • Having been there, I can tell you the military has plenty of issues. It’s infested with gangs, wife beaters and muslim fanatics in the lower ranks. That being said, I firmly believe the U.S. Military will back the police and federal marshalls is a sweep of mass arrests to clean house on our illegitimate government. Wishing the military (or the police for that matter) ill is not constructive. Change must come from the top and change will not come from within the system. Arrest them all, allow actual citizens to govern, and provide swift trials for those who have pissed on the Constitution all these years.

        • Stu, you are a perfect example of sheephood.

          For example

          “And IF our Military is disabled, you seriously think our enemies are just going to sit on the side-lines and watch and feel sorry for us?”

          What enemies? The only reason people around the world are mad is the fact that the US military is used to start wars and control resources around the world for the private banksters that fund them.

          The enemies are made up threats intended to place you in the state of fear your are in. When people like you finally realize what has been happening to them and revolt, the real enemy will be easy to identify.

          Where would you be without the military starting wars all over the world? Most likely in a state of PEACE.

          The State Militias are the lawful military defenders according to the Constitution. There is no allowance for a federal army for more than two years, and only when we are in a legitimate state of war caused by invasion of our lands or insurrection.

          The fact that you think the collective of the people can elect their way out of the situation shows your level of enlightenment to the facts of your current situation.

          Until you can properly assess the real threats and their source, it is likely pointless to try to educate you further.

          Food for thought.

          If I were to tell you to go to Iraq and shoot anybody that got in your way, would I have the lawful authority to issue such a command? Would you then have the lawful right to commit the atrocities?

          The “government” only has delegated authority. It can do nothing lawfully that can not be delegated from one man to another. If I can’t grant you the authority to do something, then I can not grant it to the government either.

          You should be very careful what you support. I do not support violence, or any corporation or group that supports, or even more so causes, it.

          A group that participates in murder of foreigners for pay will also murder you for pay when asked to do so by their paymaster.

          You will likely only become aware of that when it is too late.


          • I wish I could give you 10 thumbs up, GC!!

          • Well said!!!

        • Please dont become involved, you only perpetuate the problems, military, just as government, has never once solved any problems anywhere, if you believe it has, you are extremely blind and probably dont know how to read, or you choose not to. This is all I have to say…

      20. Stu, Elections don’t matter because; The people that RUN the country, federal, state and local, are not elected but work in the unelected beurocracies.
        Notice how more and more of our laws are not laws at all, but administrtive regulations.
        I have all but given up hope that elections matter. We need to occaisionally purge the beurocracies. These people stay year after year, no matter who gets elected.

        • If the military, police, and federal marshalls arrest the top few hundred or few thousand people at the top of this shit pile, as part of a civilian-led legal action or “coup” if you prefer, I believe the people will handle the lower level scum and state and local scum just fine.

      21. @ Rick

        I’m not saying it’s perfect, it’s far from it and I agree and very angry when Administrations seek to go around the system with Regulating Policies that they can get Passed…

        But the answer is not allowing our Military to be crippled.


      22. People in the government have betrayed their country by letting an enemy supply parts for them.

        • Sounds like a solid case for the death penalty.

      23. Ok can I say it? STUPID. Why in Gods name would anyone say” hey can you, my dear enemy, build parts for this machine gun that we may use on your army one day? S-T-P-I-D. That is like a fat hairy ugly girl locking her man up in a room for 2 weeks with a naked super model and saying I trust you…….STUPID. How freaking dumb can a group of people be? I am AMAZED. Just when I think it can not get any dumber….well something else. I can NOT believe this one. I can see if one stupis ass said let us have china make the parts becasue it is cheap, and another stupid ass say OK but can you imagine how many stupid asses said ok to this idea and not ONE was a little leary of the idea. Not one thought well geez they hate us maybe they will make non working parts or something. Darn I am a housewife and do not trust ANYOne with jack shit with my life……people are stupid!!!
        Sorry for the rant but I FEEL better for saying stupid so many times 🙂

        • yea as ron white says ” you cant fix stupid”!

      24. Actually, this is great news!

        America has become an evil place, especially for Whites. The United States Government has in place immigration and social policies that are bringing about the extinction of European-descended people.

        Why should we want to help prop up a country that is friendly to non-whites from every place on Earth, queers, transsexuals, transvestites, race-mixers. Let it die!

        Anything that destroys this country, plunges it into decades of guerrilla warfare and makes its breakup more likely is a positive development. It’s not really a “country” anymore. It’s a composite of different races and other groups at each others throats many times everyday.

        • Arrest the top few hundred pricks at the top of the scum chain who are responsible for what you speak of… and America reverts back to the good old days overnight.

          • @ “Too Many” etc. —

            Your “optimism” is misplaced, since (thanks to the Javits-Cellar Immigration Reform Act of 1965) Amerika is NO longer “American.” The problem is now much more fundamental and total than a mere failure to enforce existing laws. Here is the 900 pound gorilla in the room you choose to ignore:

            “Nonwhite U.S. Births Become the Majority for First Time
            By Frank Bass – 2012-05-17T21:10:22Z”

            “A 2009 Census report estimated that non-Hispanic whites will become a minority of the total population after the 2040 Census, making up 48.5 percent in 2045. The government plans to release revised projections later this year, said Alexa Jones- Puthoff, chief of the bureau’s population estimates branch.


            Amerikan exceptionalism and propsitionalism are the Kool Aid used to lull the white USan sheople into thinking that becoming a minority in their own country is no big thing. Unfortunately, most USans never stop to question whether the new majority will play by the same “rules” they believe they do, or whether they will have racial feelings and ethno-nationalisms of their own that will find expression in rabid anti-White policies supported by “democratic” consensus and having the imprimatur of state authority. “Surely thou shalt not die, saith the Serpent…”

            • Another small step towards White Genocide.

        • And why do you think they are at each other’s throats? Could it be because the the MoneyMasters?

          Again, it is ALL due to the FACT that there is an “Alien” influence in the world…….RESOURCE Explorers! They are dividing and conquering the people of Earth……..follow the trinkets from space… will see!

          My friend, don’t buy into the whole “race” thing, if you knew the history of this planet you would realize we are ALL literally Brothers and Sister ………ALL colored Races….Red,Yellow,Blue,Indigo,Green and Orange!

          Read the Urantia Book and educate yourselves!

      25. Sun Tzu told us this all…….

        They will win a take over with less a shot being fired… destroy our infrastructure, take over land, take over banks, get free customs passes for shipping containers, that who KNOWS what evil could be behind the doors… invoice says computers for their new banks, inside may hold ak’s and RPG’s… I dunno.

        They could be positioning troops over here posing as delivery boys and chinese take out fry cooks till “activated”

        either way, were #$%^’d

        • going back and reading his words again, he explained everything they are currently doing… How many of our military leaders read and used his words to guide our advances…only difference is, we have “morals” to follow, they dont give a shit….they promote cannibalism of babys for cryin out loud.

        • Recall in the mid-1990’s, a shipping container full of live selective fire AKs was busted coming into Long Beach, ostensibly destined for the Latin Kings. They have had plenty of time to arm anyone and everyone who might help them with thier, and the parasite’s goals.

      26. @ Mark

        Sounds like you and Hitler would get along just fine 🙁

        • @ Stu

          Sounds like you’re in bed with queers, transsexuals, transvestites, race-mixers.

        • @stu
          just so you know there is more than 1 person on here posting as mark. i hope you can recognize the differeance between my comments and his.
          i like the open forum style of macs site but i do wish there was some control on screen names

          • “@stu
            just so you know there is more than 1 person on here posting as mark. i hope you can recognize the differeance between my comments and his.
            i like the open forum style of macs site but i do wish there was some control on screen names”

            I think I can Mark…and when I do reply, I reply to a specific comment, I guess I should always try add and relevant quote to be sure.

            This issue was something I actually hadn’t thought of, thx for the heads-up 🙂


      27. Anybody who cheers on the chicom’s need to back thier chop sticks and head the f–k out

      28. Good thing they’re such good friends.

      29. How do you suppose that those counterfeit parts got into the supply chain?
        AFAIK, the US gov’t doesn’t source anything directly from Chinese supplier.

      30. i’d like to point out amerika – puppet prez’s johnson , jimmy carter , gerald ford , ronald reagan , george bush sr. , george bush jr. , bill clinton , barry soetoro our freemason cia zionist puppet prezs have sold given away in trade debt purchases , back room under table deals to england france germany china russia israel strategic knowledge formulas designs on most of ameriKas military hardware … example nuke techno , stealth techno , strategic fighter techno , submarine techno , missile techno.

        the destruction compromise of the amerikan military is intentional.

        amerikas largest drug dealer and smuggler is the federal government cia fbi dea!

        amerikas greatest terrorist threat is its own Zionist Freemason run CIA FBI Pentagon , Al-CIA-Duh is CIA controlled trained financed.

        in order for the nwo un agenda 21 to succeed amerika must fail.

        none of this is an accident it is all planned and intentional.

        your own government local state federal … is your enemy your greatest threat to your own existence.

        their corruption is absolute.

        if you cannot see the “truth” of my words you are truly helpless and will perish from shear amerikan idiocy.

        “puck the communist u.n. globalist Illuminati inbred.royal nwo freemason jesuits zionist bilderboybuggers and their jesuit fetus.eatin.cannibal roman catholic black pope!”


        • *** this special message is too the fed-gov nsa cia fbi mossad – zionist gestapo nazi pillow biters ; who are trying to block my posts at shtfplan.

          “Please notice how I’m still posting ya’ luciferian freemason retrobate zionist jesuit penis spume luvin laper pillow biters!”

          “My Kung-Fu is still stronger than yours!”

          “Puck You!”


        • so let’s see.

          China has untold amounts of u.s.manufacturers based there.

          Americans buy 100’s of billions of “made in China” products. can you say Walmart?

          GE has moved its entire digital imaging operations to the cost of billions in new investments there.

          Stealth technology secrets were sold to China by prior administrations for years.

          China now buys treasuries direct from the fed..bypassing wall street..already holding over a trillion in notes.

          so what’s the catch..?

          what’s the problem..?

          Creating another fear factor boogeyman.


          • @poussee ;0P pssszzt … i hope you like red china communist chink food!

            …they give ya’ a Communist Ration of 1 bowl of rice a day. flavored with stray Dog broth meat sauce and msg.

            …if your real good they give ya’ a Communist Ration of roasted Rat as a appetizer.

            It’s kinda like living Taxachusetts … except the food is shittier!

            ;0) toodles


      31. They must be getting these parts thru Grainger.

      32. If it was china doing most of the counterfeits, it would be another. Maybe it would be india, russia or mexico. It is easy to blame others. Clearly if we had done our homework to make sure any counterfeits are not in our system, we would not have such a big issue. Geez, we know more about dancing with the stars and american idol than what is happening in the real world.

      33. ” The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary” H.L.Mencken


        Chinese military expanding with help of U.S. government

        commie zionist fascist puppet cia agent barry soetoro is giving american miltary secrets to china ; barry is giving america to chinese hard lined communists for free (fake fiat money debt purchases) – YOU ARE ALL WORTH NOTHING!!! NOT A DAMN CENT!!!




        Everyone COMMIE Wang-chung tonight!!!

      35. … and people scoff at me when I say mass arrests, from the President on down, are imminent. How long do you think the military is going to put up with all these direct and indirect threats to our security and our way of life? ANSWER ME!

        It’s my firm belief that our military is very much onboard when it comes to backing a civilian-led legal action against our criminal-infested federal government. Next to the bakster-politicos, the people responsible for allowing substandard Chinese goods (be it military or civilian stuff) into the country deserve swift trials and severe punishments.

        • @toomanyfakeconservatives … IT’LL NEVER HAPPEN.

          The corruption runs is too deep … with a ages old international Illuminati global financial political religious mafia death grip control and reach.

          The u.s. military is nothing but trained dogs , same for the police , u.s department of corruption (justice) , cia , fbi , nsa , darpa , fema , dhs is run by zionist fascist communist traitors to the u.s. constitution.

          except it … ameriKa is a lie , it never was Free , it will never be free , it is now – Full Communist!

          Luciferian Satanist Freemasons have controlled manipulated ameriKa since its inception.

          you are a debt slave. nuthin more. you were never free , you never will be.

          accept it … you are a slave to the Globalist Illuminati Freemasons.


        • With trillions invested in overseas you really ,for a minute ,actually believe that they would even allow any mass arrests..or even instigation of such actions without swift retaliation..?

          TPTB fund the entire police and military operations..

          any insurgence would be met with extreme prejudice
          threats to livelihood,pensions, family..etc..

          TPTB are literally 25 years ahead of us in every aspect

          every scenario is carefully think tanked and manipulated to their advantage..

          look at how successful the so called war on terror has been waged and 99% still believe that fairy tale..

          look at how successful we demonized China and Russia as our axis of evil..cold war.. when all along sweet deals were made behind the scenes ..profiting Wall Street and international banking cartels and the likes of.

          We’ve all been had..period.


      36. I Hate commies.

        • “Communism is not love. Communism is a hammer which we use to crush the enemy.”
          Mao Tse-Tung quotes (Chinese stateman, the key figure in China in the 20th century, 1893-1976)

      37. The American business model is the worst ennemy of your country. By outsourcing almost everything technological to asian countries where chinese contract and sub-contract parts manufacturers. I’m certain that the chinese have put countermeasures in many electronic parts that they suspect would or could be used against them, any country with 2 bits of intelligence would do the same. But by doing so the us is still doing a service to the world, being the agressors that they are, by providing a mean to defeat themselves. keep on outsourcing, the world loves it.

      38. U.S. Bridges, Roads Being Built by Chinese Firms

        Cities hire Chinese instead of American workers for building projects.


        (I guess “jobs created” doesn’t specify for whom.)

          • @KY Mom

            I guess this is why what Obama said is true “we don’t have as many shovel ready jobs as we thought we did.”

            Truly disgraceful when we have American companies ready and willing and able to do the work!

            If the Unions are the problem then “bargain”, let the media run with the story and put the pressure on to fins a way to make it happen HERE using American workers that need to jobs!

            But like most Government work (that I’m aware of) it most likely went to the lowest bidder. But by my way of thinking a Chinese Owned company shouldn’t be part of that process…

            Not exactly sure who’s directly responsible but I know it’s wrong!


      39. Making metal parts or fasteners from cheap steel is one thing; but making electrical boards to do anything (or nothing) at will is another matter. I would have to call this act treasonous.

        • You can not commit treason against a foreign country….

          Treason is a crime against the People by an official charged with their protection under Law, such as the Constitution.

          Of course, it occurs daily with never a prosecution, so you could say Treason has been legalized for the government and its officers.

      40. Here is a collection of snippets from “The Epoch Times,” a publication of the dissident Falun-Gong sect in China, purporting to be the transcript of a secret speech by Mr. Chi Haotian (Minster of Defense and vice-chairman of China’s Central Military Commission), delivered sometime prior to February 2005, on China’s long-range goals in North America — namely the acquisition of Lebensraum for the burgeoning Han race.

        In a nutshell, the Chinese DM states that the Chinese population can no longer be supported on the PRC’s depleted and badly polluted territory, and therefore must expand into North America or die.

        If true, this is what our masters in DC have done during the last forty years is to set us up for an ultimate fate akin to that experienced by the Chinese-occupied Tibetans and Uyghurs. They helped build China into a superpower even as phony “right wing” Republican presidents wrapped themselves in billows of jingoistic, flag-waving, Jewish-vetted BS that sent the high fructose corn syrup-swilling country music crowd into paroxysms of ecstasy, and spawned a forest of Chinese-made Amerikan flag decals on masses of USan SUV’s in suburban shopping mall parking lots.

        And let’s not forget Bill Clinton, whose Zionist campaign contributor Schwartz of the Loral Corporation kindly provided upgraded guidance systems for Chinese ICBMs aimed at heartland Amerika. And don’t forget Israhell itself, which provided top-secret USan avionics technology to Beijing in it’s pursuit of a new “sugar daddy” on Clinton’s watch.

        A further note: All of this betrayal of the nation state is just fine and dandy with the buzz cut morons of the USan military, who are gearing up only to fight the Amerikan people, after their “successful” campaigns of poisoning Iraq and Afghanistan with depleted uranium in the name of “freedom.” God bless Amerika!


        “Only by using special means to ‘clean up’ America will we be able to lead the Chinese people there. This is the only choice left for us. This is not a matter of whether we are willing to do it or not. What kind of special means is there available for us to ‘clean up’ America? Conventional weapons such as fighters, canons, missiles and battleships won’t do; neither will highly destructive weapons such as nuclear weapons. We are not as foolish as to want to perish together with America by using nuclear weapons, despite the fact that we have been exclaiming that we will have the Taiwan issue resolved at whatever cost. Only by using non-destructive weapons that can kill many people will we be able to reserve America for ourselves. There has been rapid development of modern biological technology, and new bio weapons have been invented one after another. Of course we have not been idle; in the past years we have seized the opportunity to master weapons of this kind. We are capable of achieving our purpose of ‘cleaning up’ America all of a sudden. When Comrade Xiaoping was still with us, the Party Central Committee had the perspicacity to make the right decision not to develop aircraft carrier groups and focus instead on developing lethal weapons that can eliminate mass populations of the enemy country…

        “From a humanitarian perspective, we should issue a warning to the American people and persuade them to leave America and leave the land they have lived in to the Chinese people. Or at least they should leave half of the United States to be China’s colony, because America was first discovered by the Chinese. But would this work? If this strategy does not work, then there is only one choice left to us. That is, use decisive means to ‘clean up’ America, and reserve America for our use in a moment. Our historical experience has proven that as long as we make it happen, nobody in the world can do anything about us. Furthermore, if the United States as the leader is gone, then other enemies have to surrender to us…

        “It is indeed brutal to kill one or two hundred million Americans. But that is the only path that will secure a Chinese century, a century in which the CCP leads the world. We, as revolutionary humanitarians, do not want deaths. But if history confronts us with a choice between deaths of Chinese and those of Americans, we’d have to pick the latter, as, for us, it is more important to safeguard the lives of the Chinese people and the life of our Party.”

        The full text of the speech is here:

        • thank you @Ahab

          excellent post

          we’re so pucked as a country

          time to start learnin

          ching chang china man sitting on a fence , trying to make a dollar out of 98 cents … so he can own your ameriKan ass’s

          ;0P pssszzt red china commie chinese food

          me american no wanta wong-tong kitten puppy soupa chang chung china man

            • @OH…LOOK whats your point ;0P pssszzt

              I’m an independent “Freeman Lone Wolf” patriot constitutionalist troll who has his own agenda. ;0)

              But for $100,000,000.00 in fiat currency , I can be influenced just a wee bit! Just a little though…


            • “”Centcom said it was not targeting any US-based web sites, in English or any other language, and specifically said it was not targeting Facebook or Twitter.””

              TRANSLATION: Centcom is targeting Facebook and Twitter

        • “””The following is a transcript of a speech believed to have been given by Mr. Chi Haotian, Minster of Defense and vice-chairman of China�s Central Military Commission. Independently verifying the authorship of the speech is not possible.”””

          If you read past there, it was fiction.

      41. Funny that this comes up. Sometime ago, a friend that works for DOD networking received a email requesting a list of ALL workstations, servers, printers, switches, routers and core routers that had microprocessors and logic chips that were manufactured in China.

        They called the email sender and asked if they could produce a list of the following items that did NOT contain any parts that were manufactured in China. Because that would be an easier list to produce because ALL equipment or it’s components were made in China.

        There was a very long pause on the phone as reality sank in.

        So, DOD and other agencys are fully aware of the situation but has done nothing to rectify it. There’s an independent movie being produced on this matter, titled Dragon Day. Not sure when it’ll be out.

      42. As my husband likes to say,

        We are playing checkers, while they are playing chess.

      43. Chinese are master strategists?

        What evidence is there of that, at all, throughout history?

        The various dynastic changes were achieved through external conquest. The various northern “hordes” consistently rampaged over the Chinese empire. They were totally dominated by every western nation during the colonial days. They were trounced by the Japanese. They fought to a draw with India. They lost to the Vietnamese.

        Just saying….

      44. Eh I call Bullshit..The only thing counterfeit is our government..they are the FAKES

      45. Our biggest problem is the fact that Chinese leaders think in terms of decades and our politicians think in terms of election cycles.

        They HAVE been plannning war with the U.S. for decades. Even before the Korean War they have been busy studying us and our government has been busy bowing down to them so they don’t upset them. Now we have the nuclear arms treaty with Russia? We should be strengthening our military not weakening it.

        Don’t get me wrong, I don’t mean we should go off fighting any war we can think up, the opposite actually. Strengthen our borders, military and the economy and quit kissing China and Russias asses please!

        • Indiana Jonezin

          “Our biggest problem is the fact that Chinese leaders think in terms of decades and our politicians think in terms of election cycles.”

          I think it’s worse then that, more sinister.

          China is looking out for China while the political machine in the US is looking out for Global Business Interests. The phrase “Americas business is business” from the 1920s had some merit when that business employment for the most part resided in the US.

      46. All of the caucasian citizens better learn spanish and get to know your Mexican neighbors. The Chinese imports, counterfeit or not, won’t be the only thing we see shipped in by the boat loads. I can see millions of Chinese immigrants flooding these ocean side cities in the near future. Some will be hostile and trained. Wake up people, they own our debt and our children’s debt. It ain’t just gonna go away.

      47. Buying military parts from the enemy-brilliant idea!

      48. This reality in this article is abhorrent. The callousness of TPTB is treasonous and shameful. We need a full overhaul. We need a true leader…not a foreign scam artist. Where is this leader?

        Quite fitting that this article came out the day after I hear the Chinese purchased all of the AMC theaters. I said to myself: “Well, that does it for going out to the movies.” I refuse to fund any more Chinese companies or products. And, this is quite difficult, as most of us know.

        Case in point: Some time back we had the whole family around the table for dinner. The subject of foreign companies buying up American soil and exporting cheap, dangerous, products to our country came up. I told everyone to grab the tab on the back of their shirts and have someone read what it says. Out of 8 people at the table, all items, but one, were made in China. The odd man out was wearing a Middle Eastern product. And last week, I called a furniture store and asked but one question: “Is the product I’m interested made in China?” The answer was; “No, all of our products are made in the USA.” When the box arrived, it said: Made in Viet Nam. He was wrong on both parts…it was yet another foreign made product. I sent it back for a full refund.

        Have you tried to rebuild a home lately? The home I purchased was built by an American fireman in the 50’s…strong and sturdy. After a city wide disaster, I had my home rebuilt in 2006. The junk products used by the contractor were cut-rate and bare to the bones. My home is now, what I call, a glorified apartment. It looks good…but, looks are deceiving. Just one bump to the wall and it could crack. Chinese drywall…moldy and cheap. This makes me quite despondent. I am still in litigation with the boob that rebuilt my home.

        We check all product packaging, from furniture to foods. This is an arduous process, but worth the time. We should ALL be supporting products made in our own country. Yes, you might have to pay a little more, but at least you are supporting your homeland. Continue to support Communist countries and we continue to fail. If everyone would boycott the knock-off products of a foreign country…the influx will wane…and eventually stop. However, due to pure ignorance and apathy…I believe this will never happen. Wal-Mart is king!

        We (on this forum) are too few. We need to grow. We need to open the eyes of everyone. This, however, would take many years to do. It starts in the home with discipline and education. However, I feel we, as a Country, are too far gone.

        The Kool-Aid is strong, my friends. It blinds the ignorant.

        Continue to prepare, guard your home and protect your family, keep God close, and never, ever, back down to anyone that wants your freedom!

      49. The WTC was built with defective Chinese steel. And it was shipped back to the Chinese without being inspected right after 9/11. Defective bolts from China have been found to be in use on commercial aircraft.

      50. I spoke with a friend today from a neighboring county here in eastern Kentucky.

        He told me that the Chinese are BUYING UP the coal mines in this area – that have been SHUT DOWN by this administration and the EPA.

        One of the local school districts is going to have to start teaching Mandarin Chinese…as there are so many Chinese children now in the school.

        Apparently the Chinese are bringing their own workers for the mines.

      51. This is absolutely true!! I work for an Electronics Contract Manufacturing company and we see many instances of counterfeit parts, especially if we need to buy from “Independant Distributors” otherwise known as brokers. This has been made much worse over the last decade because of the nearly world-wide adoption of the european RoHS (Reduction of Hazardous Substances) directive mandating lead free components. Because of serious concerns with non-lead processing, most mission-critical life support, aerospace, and military electronics still require lead-finished parts, but they are rapidly becoming obsolete. This is making a HUGE market for fakes and counterfeits. A simple 50 cent lead finish integrated circuit could be worth $50 to a manufacturer if there are very few left, and these crooks know it. Another Fail for following the european socialist greenies.

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