National Guard Whistleblower: “Doomsday Preppers Will Be Treated As Terrorists”

by | Oct 25, 2012 | Headline News | 334 comments

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    This article was originally published at Alex Jones’ Infowars.


    I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

    So begins the Oath of Enlistment for the U.S. military, but in an explosive interview with a National Guard whistleblower shown below, soldiers are now being advised they will be ordered to break that oath should civil unrest erupt across the country.


    Referred to only as “Soldier X” under promise of anonymity, an Army National Guardsman spoke via phone with Infowars Nightly News Producer Rob Dew regarding a recent briefing his unit underwent on actions the military would take in the event that an Obama election loss sparked rioting in America’s streets.

    Citing not only recent widespread threats to riot if Mitt Romney were to become the next U.S. president, but threats to actually assassinate him should he win, Soldier X’s superiors dispensed plans of how the National Guard would be responsible for “taking over” and quelling such unrest.

    The soldiers were reportedly told“Doomsday preppers will be treated as terrorists.”

    In addition, guns will be confiscated.

    “They have a list compiled of all these doomsday preppers that have gone public and they plan to go after them first,” Soldier X said. He claimed those in charge are acting under the belief that preppers will be “the worst part” of any potential civil unrest.

    Soldier X was also told that any soldiers in the ranks who are known as preppers will be deemed “defects.” He explained the label meant these soldiers would be treated as traitors. “If you don’t conform, they will get rid of you,” he added.

    Unit members also warned not to associate with any fellow soldiers who are preppers.

    Not only does the military reportedly plan to target preppers should mass chaos break out, but Soldier X also voiced his concerns regarding civilian gun confiscation.

    Soldier X admitted, “Our worry is that Obama’s gonna do what he said he’s gonna do and he’s gonna outlaw all weapons altogether and anybody’s name who is on a weapon, they’re gonna come to your house and try to take them.”

    It would not be the first time the National Guard has been used to unconstitutionally disarm law-abiding citizens, robbing them of their Second Amendment right to bear arms. In the aftermath of hurricane Katrina, police and military took to the streets disarming lawful gun owners, including  those who were on dry land and had plenty of stored food and water.

    Fast forward to this past summer when a leaked Army manual dated 2006 entitled, “Civil Disturbance Operations” surfaced outlining plans not only to confiscate firearms domestically during mass unrest, but to actually detain and even kill American citizens who refuse to hand over their guns. This manual works in conjunction with “FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations,” another Army manual leaked this year, which instructs troops on how to properly detain and intern Americans into re-education camps, including ways that so-called “psy-op officers” will “indoctrinate” incarcerated “political activists” into developing an “understanding and appreciation of U.S. policies and actions.”

    Add these manuals to the plethora of Executive Orders Obama has signed during his term which have dismantled our Constitution piece by piece, including the martial law implementing National Defense Resources Preparedness Executive Order which gives the president the power to confiscate citizens’ private property in the event of any national emergency, including economic.

    Add it all to the National Defense Authorization Act (NDAA) in which Obama granted powers to disappear and indefinitely detain American citizens without any due process, and it is easy to see the tyrannical big picture our government has painted.

    When asked if he would go along with gun confiscation, Soldier X replied he and his fellow like-minded guardsmen planned to stand down — not answer the phone or show up to post.

    “I’m sorry but I don’t believe in suicide,” he said.

    Preppers are becoming regular government targets these days, most recently when a Missisippi prepper group member with a clean record was suddenly taken off his flight halfway to Japan andinformed he was on the no-fly list, an FBI terrorist watchlist, stranding him in Hawaii. Otherpreppers have been denied their Second Amendment rights without legitimate cause.

    It is beyond glaringly obvious at this point the U.S. government is gearing up for mass civil unrest. Not only has the DHS sparked controversy by purchasing billions of rounds of ammo, but the department even went so far as to begin classifying further purchases, blacking out bullet figures it is using taxpayer money to buy.

    In addition, while FEMA can procure a billion dollars in bulk food supplies, the FBI’s Communities Against Terrorism project released a flier instructing military surplus store owners to report any customers who “make bulk purchases of items” including “meals ready to eat”.

    Should society as we know it collapse following the election, it would seem the ultimate prepper and the ultimate terrorist is, indeed, the U.S. government.


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      1. there going to have to find me if they want mine if they do those that can walk away will be limpin

        • I doubt that they’re going to find the time to screw around in the sticks while Rome is burning.

          Prep like it’s gonna hit the fan tomorrow.

          • Oh, and as an aside, any patriot soldiers, national guardsmen, law enforcement officers etc, please do us all a favour.
            Audio recording devices are incredibly cheap and easy to conceal.

            If you’re being pulled into a special briefing or some sort of federal training program please take the opportunity to provide the rest of us with some concrete evidence, and not just an anonymous call to Alex Jones.

            • Amen !!!

            • alex jones is just entertainment. I dont trust Alex Jones or Infowars all fake fuckers that are trying to use scare tactics to get people to listen. its a shame that people actually believe Alex Jones just look at his track record not accurate at all.

            • This story is BS. FEMA itself runs ads advising people to prep. maybe if you are one of the fools bragging on internet sites about how you are ready to go head to head with any authority you may get some attention. I suspect that they will be only too happy that alot of people did prep and can help out others.

          • Does this mean I will be given multiple arms, unlimited funds from my corrupt gubbermnt, and get to blow shit up in NYC?

          • “I shall faithfully execute the Office of President of the United States” and “preserve, protect and defend the Constitution of the United States.”
            – The President’s oath

            Obama’s Imperial Presidency, Part II

            “The Obama Administration hasn’t needed Congress to enact new regulations on the Internet, businesses, energy production, and religious institutions. It has used its power to give struggling labor unions a new edge. It has granted amnesty to illegal immigrants …

            It is critical that Americans understand the Obama Administration’s mode of operation. The law has not stood in its way. Congress has not stood in its way. It seems to recognize no authority but its own.”


            • Same as the GW Bush Admin, the Clinton Admin, the Bush 1 Admin, the Reagan Admin, Carter…

              They all follow a script written by the super rich. They’re just actors.

              • Seems there are a lot of elite wealthy that come to this site and actively blog. Wake up people, the rich have always been the problem in society. They talk big for the people, then act small for themselves by taking other’s hard earn gains while sitting on their ass and using violence as a control mechanism. The Presidency or should it be called the oppressidency is a puppetry, a figure head to voice placating words while acting on behalf of the elite who’s factories produce the bombs and guns and artillery of the oppression state. Just like 9-11, the administration props up a fairy tale of science and terror while actually be the creator of the event to start with. If you don’t believe that, you and this country/world is lost. Plan on WW3 and nuclear wasteland in the near term. around 2015 or after the well trained and loyalty proven urban assault troops come back from Afghani-training-stan and Iraqum-u-bag-em.
                Hopefully this Nat Guard WBer will do more than just not show up.

                • From you post I suspect you are a loser who blames all your failings on others.

            • KY the president took an oath to protect the “Constitution of the United States.” But if you look at the original not a copy you will see it says ” Constitution for the United States.” The one with “of” see the corporate one . So he did not lie they just submitted the wrong document.

            • KY the president took an oath to protect the “Constitution of the United States.” But if you look at the original not a copy you will see it says ” Constitution for the United States.” The one with “of” see the corporate one . So he did not lie they just submitted the wrong document.

            • Annonamous: If it says “For” instead of..”OF” the united states etc?…It makes more sence to be “OF” due to the facts that the States or 13 Colinies prior to ‘states” Is who Ratified it basically as Rules for the FED Gov that the 13 colonies Created to SERVE them.

              If its “For” the states?…Wouldnt that make it more like States must obey For Fed gov holds the cards etc?

              Either way, first I heard of such discrepency…But regardless its the STATES who supposed to be in charge along with the “We the People” who Peoples the states.

              Fed gov was designed to serve intrests of all the states. Todays its backwards due to majority dont know or care about it all.

            • Angelo,

              The way you must interpret “United States” is “the federal government”. The original Constitution was FOR the “United States” [United States federal government, a corporation]. The People created the States. The States created the federal government. The State delegates voted to create a federal government, which is a corporation. The Constitution was by the State delegates FOR the “United States” [the federal government].

              The Constitution did not give you rights. Your rights are God given, unalienable. The Constitution merely protects your unalienable rights against government intrusion.

              You, the man, never consented to government authority over you, but the applications to government you made throughout your lifetime have made you their servant implicitly through hidden (adhesion) contracts. So you are volunteering for it, agreeing to be a docile member of the democracy, unwittingly.

              • straw man?


            • A Mysterioso is correct. The Federal government was created to serve the indivudual states who would retain the greater powers. If a citizen needed or wanted to they could move to a diffrent state. The fed government was to control international treaties, military protection and supervise interstate commerce. It was not to ever be the big dog on the block for just this reason. Read the founding fathers documents. They were clear that big federal government were to be feared and avoided.

              • The 17th amendment enabling direct election of Senators needs to be repealed and a return to the original method in the Constitution re activated. That and serious term limits need to be enacted, the founders were well aware of the dangers of an entrenched govt. elite and they never intended to have a lifelong aristocracy like we have now where some serve for thirty or forty years only being removed by death.

                • I been signing petitions for term limits every time they come across my computer. If term limits are good for the pretendsident and vice pretendsident, they are good for everyone involved in politics.  The first time obama was put in to office. I hoped it was to show we wernt a nation of racist. This second time showes that we are a nation of fools.


            • Chumbawa: I will reply to your Final paragraph. First you stated “You the Man never consented” to gov athourity over you…Then you say various aplications done Made you a servant to feds. To “Hidden” contracts etc. Then you say..Voulentered for it,Agreed to be a docile member of a “Democracy”..

              GEE! are you aware of how contradictory all your statements are?….Hidden contracts?..Will be INVALID from word Go…

              As for “Volenteer” to be docile etc…Listen up..Besides “Rights” thats God granted you/We all also have “Responsibilities” Chumbawa…..That means we All exist in America Under the us const and BOR.

              You/We All are such by virtue of being BORN here. Theres zero need to first “Consent” to gov athourity…It already Is that way. And it is 100% legit as long as conforms with us const and State const And BOR.

              Americas Prisons are filled to the brim with folks who refuse to consent to legit law.

              IMHO You better Re-think your ideas or you may end up learning it the Hard way in jail.

              Theres no nations I am aware of that allow a person to decide weather or not to “consent” to athourity. If there were?…I’d probobly check it out!

              If you reside in the USA?…Being alive and breathing is Your automatic consent. If 300+ million folks like exist here could all simply make rules as They choose to?….Thats Total Anarchy….No thanks.

              • ever heard of your straw man :)?

          • Even if they did have the time to go to every house and spend 3 hours finding every single hidden gun I would like to think that most military personel are smart enough to know that it would be suicide. The first gun owners to be visited would give up their guns peacefully because they aren’t going to start a gun fight with a bunch of well trained guys in full body armor but once other civilians find out the military personel will be shot by self deemed snipers before they even have the chance to reach the doorstep.

            • There are hundreds of thousands of hunters in each state. It could get ugly, I pray not.

              • there is no one stupid enough to try and disarm us. that would be suicide. if they want to try to take our guns then we will will give them a welcome party they will never forget.

            • head shot!!

            • C..Thanks…You stated it even better than I did. I didn’t bother to reply to chumbawa post because it is obvoius he/she(?) is into all that Soverign person stuf.

              I aint saying we as persons aint a soverign being etc…I just think theres alot of whacked out ideas revolving around that group or movement.

              Example= A poster here or used to be here, had a link, so I went to read it all. Its all about soverign status etc.

              Alot of really swell sounding stuf too. Yet zero actual Proofs. That site or another I seen/read not long ago, was by some guy out west…Perhaps Northwestern zones like Oregon(?).

              He had a video also, it has him telling all who listen how He and a few others had some type “elections” or perhaps..”Self-Appointments” and They alone are Now who we need to recognize as True State Reps & Senators!!!

              Then it says…They sent some type “Official” documented papers or letters to the UN-and-114(?) Other nations also.

              Supposedly that letter confirms them “reps & senators” has told the UN and other nations They are now who to seek out as Rightfull “officials” of a dozen usa states now!

              Then the guy says ALL un and other nations Agreed and promiced if america switched to Gold money, all them nations will send these guys here,something like $17-Billion in 24kt Gold!!…

              And of course, will begin to recognize these self elected fools/clowns as necessary…

              My opinion on all this soverign stuf or “Wave” the bennifits etc?…Sure it all sounds swell…On paper..But i’ve read of Far too many good folks who fell into that crowd and are now doing Hard fed prison time.

              Anyone who really believes for one minit, that if cops stop you…You can hand cop a Very lengthly sheet of “directions” to follow/obey as you tell cop…Oh and I wave them bennifits officer!….

              Yes You can do that and Say it to cops…But I bet my last dollars cops wont even bother to read it. Now you go to Jail-Pay alot of Fines-Lose various lic’s and pay $300+ for vehicle impound fees to boot!

              All you will get from that is a chance to spend a few days in jail playing Jailhouse Lawyer, if you can get others in jail cells to listen to all the soverign wave benifits plans.

              Regardless which parts of it are true or factual? Cannot be used by any of us folks untill at least 1/2 to 2/3ds of americas citizens agree to do likewise at all times.

              Then and Only then can we drive without lic or carry ccw without lic etc. And as far as any “LLC” type methods to “Hide” behind?…yeah right..Like fed and state govnt’s wont Know who You are as owner of said LLC corp?

              Nobody today is or can be soverign till way more folks join up…I rtaher play along for now and remain Out of jail. Cant do much for self or others if locked away eh.

              • The sovereign citizen-sovereign state-sovereign nation concept is based on the belief that our people existed before our states, and our states existed before our nation. Therefore, the only authority held by states is what its people gave to it, and the only authority held by the federal government is what was given by the citizens and their states. Most sovereign citizens do not seek anarchy, they resist the tyranny of any government act that was not expressly authorized by the people. This belief was so fundamental to the establishment of America, I can’t believe so many don’t know it.

            • Why would anyone give up their guns peacefully? You think they are just going to take your guns and let you alone after that? Anyone who owns weapons are not thinking right, and will need re-education.

        • This has what I have been saying all along, those that think for themselves and are not blind conformists are the targets that the government wants. This is why I have said that either party wants control over the masses, they just go about it differently. One of my biggest fears is that Romney wins and people let their guard down in regards to the second amendment because he has “SAID” that he is pro-gun. WELL, past records don’t show this, and that is what I go by. No one that I know personally would ever go after the 2nd amendment and sign into law something that prohibits gun ownership, or a waiting period to obtain a firearm while the government decides whether or not you have the 2nd amendment right. This is one reason I brought up the dangerous trojan horse scenario with this candidate.

          Notice how I am not calling names. This is because I am totally clueless to what Romney stands for. I cannot hate or like what he stands for because I just don’t know. He should wear a giant question mark. It is like, where is this person coming from?

          Back to the government saying that preppers are terrorists. It is not just doomsday preppers, it is ALL people that decide to put away and depend on the state to bail them out. They are the free thinkers that will not gladly fight to get into a FEMA camp, but instead avoid them like a plague ridden area. Again, this is whomever is the leader of the country. People have to rememeber this, that your allies are fellow preppers and people that think for themselves. The state became a non ally when they stopped supporting citizens and the civil defense programs. The state lost being a friend of the prepper when they started classifiying good people that wanted to prepare themselves and not burden the state as the enemy.

          It is amazing that any government would not want people to prepare and be ready. A true government would be proud of people wanting to be self sufficient and not a drain on governmental supplies that can be used for other purposes such as national security of everyone. A true government you would think would want a strong civilian force ready to help defend the country from the “true” enemy. Yeah, a true government. Oh well I guess we are in the end times, The planet sures seems to indicate this along with the governments of the world, not just the U.S. alone either.

          • The interesting thing is that Romney is a Mormon, therefor, he stores back food and other supplies for at least 1 year…He would have to violate the teachings of his own prophets and higher-ups in his church, in order to allow “preppers” to be treated as terrorists…Heck, that means they’d round up all MORMONS and designate them as terrorists! I can’t see that happening under Romney at least, unless TPTB literally have a gun to his family’s heads…which would be possible.

            • Why is that so far from the realm of possibility? Hitler was half jewish and he killed 6 million jews.

            • Then he needs to address this ‘preppers are terrorists, then so are Mormons’ issue head on an make a lot of friends in the voting dept. before Nov. 6.

            • @ Sixpack. I have a number rule that I cherish dearly. NEVER trust someone that goes against the 2nd. amendment. ANYONE that does will one day turn on you, guaranteed. Rombot has a terrible record against the 2nd. amendment.

              The fact is romney is an elitists and the elitists does not have any loyalty to any faith or party. Obummed is certainly not loyal to his own race. Rombot is not loyal to the LDS faith, he can’t be because most of them are not elitists. One other thing to say is obummed right hand man is harry reid, a very devout mormon. This is just my opinion but you cannot trust romney, EVER. He is dangerous because no one knows where he stands. What is even scarier is that rombot might not even know where he stands himself.

            • This is NOT a Romney order, this is an Obama order. Tomney will end all of this once he becomes President. No other president but Obama would even consider this. What I find awfully Racist is that instead of planning to get the people that cause the riots, Obama plans to get everyone else other then the rioters. Like someone else stated, they may get to the first few house’s, but within minutes, snipers will be everywhere. They don;t seem to realize that there are way more guns in america then troops. However, No one wants to shoot at our own. I am retited military and of course if shot at, you have to shoot back. There was NEVER an y doubt in my mind that this man was evil and he has the evil working for him that want to follow him.
              If I were Romney, I would beef up security b/c it would NOT surprise me IF he had the shooter meant for Romney.

            • But is Romney also a freemason? That is a religion and it calls for it’s members to put that religion first. So it would take priority over his Mormon faith. He would be a high level mason to be running for president so this would not be a surprise for him.

          • I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again. I think the odramas should be sent back to Kenya or Chicago- not much difference. However; I’m not on board with The idea of Romney becoming the new saviour of our economic woes either.

            If Mittens ain’t a part of the NWO, then why are the Bush families such big supporters. He will only get the job if his allegience is to the NWO. The votes will be manipulated to show the preferred dictator.

            In a SHTF situation, either will use the military and LE machine to contain and possibly kill anyone that interferes with the planned destruction of “America the Free”.

            • Don’t Tread,

              Yes, even Rush is talking about how much “Bush” has influenced the Romney folks.

            • Personally, I don’t think Romney is as much a “part of the NWO” as much as a Mormon trying to capitalize on a chance to be King. I imagine he lies awake at night, dreaming about all of the “wrongs” he could bring into line with “The True Gospel” (as the Book of Mormon describes it).

              Remember, Mormons only believe the BIBLE is the word of God “in as much as it was transcribed and translated correctly” (their words). That is how they resolve the stark differences in the two “scriptures”.

              Did anyone know that early on, after the creation of LDS, They actually tried to take over an entire state. Anti-Mormonism feelings reached their peak in 1839 when the Governor of Missouri signed an order that legally allowed for the extermination of Mormons. Joseph Smith The Mormon Prophet) was put in jail, and the Mormons were exiled from Missouri….

              Here’s a couple of interesting articles:


              Whatever else you believe, DO NOT believe Romney will be a President first, and a Mormon second…

          • Sounds just like before Obama won. No one really knew who he was or what he stood for, & we still don’t know whether he was even born in the USA!

            • The fact that he has so many questions about his SScard makes it clear that he is not a US citizen. That would be a simple matter to clear up if they wanted to.
              And it took no time at all to see that he is not a christian either.
              He says he is whatever the people need to think he is and then he does as he pleases. THAT should be the warning. He will smile and lie to your face so he can do his job behind your back. Clearly he knows that he must conceal what he is doing.

          • BI- I live in Massachusetts. Romney will NOT rescind the second amendment.

            • @ Robieone. God I would hope not, but never say never. I say never trust anyone that would dilute the 2nd amendment or the right to self defense of a person. That governor has a rotten 2nd amendment record, that is one of many issues that should concern everyone.

            • The problem of our rights and freedoms being discarded like last weeks newspaper won’t come from the White House, or even congress/senate; it will come from the UN.
              International “laws” and “mandates” have already been put into place by the current and previous administrations giving up our sovereignty. It sucks, and will continue to until Christ returns to set things straight.
              Those who don’t understand that this is what has to happen to set the stage for antichrist/satan to have his little fling, haven’t been reading or paying attention to what is reality. The next big event that has to happen now, for that seal to be opened, is the four evil angels be released around the river Euphrates. Their evil spirit has been “ramping” up in that area for years now, and it’s obvious by their killings and rantings. Just recently the new leader of Egypt was videoed praying for allah to destroy Israel and their supporters. USA and Canada are the only ones supporting Israel. We send them billions so they can use it against us. How fu’d up is that?
              The war that brings in antichrist “must” and will happen because it is foretold. It could start tomorrow, or it could start next year. But, it will start; and end with a new plan to bring the “whole” world together as one. Wait for it…………

              • finally someone on the same page, its all biblical. doesnt meant i dont want to protect my rights while we wait. the movie the matrix isnt so far fetched hehe

          • when Damascus is destroyed the true anti-christ will be named, the birthing pains have already begun. be ready keep your eyes open Christ will be returning very soon.

          • The MSM will not protect Romney the way they do O. If the press thought Romney were trying to develop tyranny on a national level, Romney would be excoriated in a heartbeat. Only Obama or another libDem will get the protection to implement such a scheme.

            For the most part, Mormons are law-abiding citizens, and usually social-conservatives. I have known many Mormons and they are were true patriots.

          • Well, the feds DO have a site devoted to prepping, called but it is regarding any disaster. Maybe it is just to record IP’s of those that visit it, but they do “promote” readiness. They even mention gun ownership, but do not promote or discourage it, LOL!

        • WE need to be organizing.

        • They will find you by following your IP adress while your reading this. It’s probally already on file And thy’re just waiting till your online not watching the door!

          • No worries here mate. I answer to the ultimate power. Anything that comes against a servant of the Lord and Master will be dealt with accordingly. A use of deadly force against those that stand for the rights and freedoms granted by our Creator will be met “head-on”.
            If I am meant to leave this world at the hands of infidels, then so be it. My rewards aren’t in this world.

        • You mean to tell me the government intends to treat people harboring……beans, like people supporting Osama???

          And the rationale is…..what, again?

          • DIVIDE and CONQUER.

        • This story doesn’t even make sense. If Obama loses and the hoards go crazy, the National Guard will be needed in the ghettos, not Main Street, which in all likelihood will be in a good mood. The “chaos” won’t be coming from doomsday preppers, it will be coming from the “free phone and SNAP card” contingent. And if the government IGNORES the mobs to go after Mr and Mrs Solid Citizen, they will have guerrilla warfare at the front ranks and gorilla warfare at the back and flanks. Sounds like a great plan to assure annihilation. Did Ben Bernake float this idea? Doesn’t pass the smell test to me…continue prepping as before.

        • ANY attempt to confiscate citizen arms can only be met with one response…lead.

        • So let me get this right, their going to ignore the rioters, the anarchists and liberal trouble makers, and come after prepers, if there is an Obama election loss. Their going to let the cities be looted and destroyed, the inner cities where most likely no prepers live. THEY ARE GOING TO GO OUT OF THEIR WAY TO GO AFTER PREPERS???? Talk about Capt. Dunsel

        • I’m in the NG. There has been no such briefings that have happened. Who comes up with this stuff?

      2. This has been rehashed for years nauseum
        It is always an unnamed source or x in this case..

        and Jones has proven time and time again to be a worst case scenario blowhard..

        I’ll admit..I used to watch his videos and listen intently until I grew up and realized his entire m.o. is to instill fear..and makes lots of cash on the ardent followers..

        and most of his dire consequences have never come to fruition..much akin to his counterpart Steve Quayle.
        Every guest is hyping a new book or new product..

        fear sells.. and is it ever lucrative nowadays..

        Keep on preparing yes..

        pay attention to the financials and other sites

        and most of all

        don’t swallow the hype..

        discern for yourselves..if it makes sense and the facts hold up..
        then decide for yourself.


        • ‘fraid I have to agree.

          If they wanted to silence the prepper community for merely being preppers, Rawles, Mac, and numerous others would have been put into jail a long time ago.

          • OQ and others, preppers are low on the list as far as being taken down or out. The view is the preppers will vacate the populated areas, thus reducing the number of people with weapons that the corp will have to deal with in cities.
            The National Guard is state run. Now if soldier X had said Army Reserve or any other reserve component had said these things, then and only then would I give soldier X any credibility.
            Notice how the most obvious is missing? No mention of milita groups being targeted or classified as terrorists. Coming after individuals and small groups will be very exspensive (lives and money).

            • “No mention of milita groups being targeted or classified as terrorists.” –that would be redundant, because that has already been declared by executive order AND in FEMA literature. THAT is OLD news.

              “Militia” groups have faced prison time and disarming for a long time now. You don’t have too google very far to get the articles, so I’m not gonna post any links —go see for yourself.

        • Alex Jones has been proven right again and again! He has people calling all the time telling him they used to not believe him, until they joined the military or whatever and found out it was true. I’ve been listening to him for years and have seen some of the unbelievable things he said years ago actually coming to fruition. It’s the guests on his show that make timed predictions, and who are usually on the right track but way off in their timing. He has documents to back up everything he personally says, or points you to the documents so you can find out for yourself. He has to have guests on in order to have a show, and he often disagrees with them or says “Well, I don’t know about that, but I do know this:…”

          • LT: Jones lables most every agenda or bad guy etc as evil nazis!…To always Avoid naming the True real evil ones.

            Probobly due to all his ad space is bought by the same “tribe” members.

            Every phone caller to alex’s shows if they even begin to ask or mention Anything about Isreal, or jews alex slams that person..Calls the person a nazi, and hangs the phone up pronto!

            Any grade school lever research proves the oposite is true…IE: connect dots-follow$$$$ trails= “tribe” involvment. ps…Tell alex 99%+ nazis are Dead now! the few still alive?…Are like 95+yrs old in some old folks home!…There is ZERO nazi threats period…

            Plenty of Zio threats though…

            • Angelo: What color is the sand you have your head buried in?
              There are NUMEROUS Nazi training camps in the United States. Not only are there Nazi training camps, but a great number of various terrorist training camps as well. Open your eyes and SEE the hate for Americans IN America.

            • Great post thanks mysteriou.

            • If there are no Nazi’s now, what do you call the skin heads with their formal brown shirt uniforms and swaztika arm bands. There are quite a few training camps for them in the northwest.

        • Maybe so. But I’ve heard the same type of info from genuine sources.

          • auhunter, You answered Your own asinine question…IE: YOU asked “What do you call the SKIN Heads etc etc”?….Well genius! there ya go! as You stated I too will call them…”Skin Heads”

            For you and that other person, George2 who both seem to still believe All you ever been told or taught or watched on MSM or worse yet “Hollywood” etc..

            If you really want to know where I stand or think on these issues?(somehow I do not think you truely do) but if you do, Try reading Many posts I have added at this site.

            I have posted many info related posts including Links to Back it all up from Credible Documented sites etc.

            IF…If you take the time to Read what we wasn’t told or taught, you too will find Factual Truths. They are very hard to accept for most folks.

            Why this is so?…I aint certain. Most folks are waking up to most all lies we was told…Yet for some reason..

            Certain issues or agendas(such as germany WWII era) it seems the brainwashing has gone much Deeper into their innermost mind frames.

            However IF you research all the Real Truths surrounding 99% of ALL we was told about WWII-Nazis-Jews-Zionists(there is no difference as they All swear by the Talmude).

            Then you shall find what I am saying is true IE: we was LIED to massivly and especially on All issues of wwii and the holyhoax swindles.

            Here’s a good start for you two folks…


            All Invented-Ran-Managed-Staffed by-Benifited-profited, by the Same group…..The Worlds Worst Parasite-Nation wreckers in existence. If biblically minded? Try John ch8 vs 44…REV. ch2 vs 9 and REV.ch3 vs9…Theres more too! alot more! But you can do own homework from this point No?

            PS: if there was ZERO Kommie Bolshevik jews from Russia/ukraine/poland in aprox. 1925-30’s era, Flooding into White Christian Germany?….Then there probobly wouldn’t ever be any “Nazis” necessary to try to Thwart off the vast kommie threats!…You can say if not for “Germans” europes entire land-mass would have been overrun/taken over by evil Murderous Godless Kommie Bolsheviks.

            You wont read That in public school history books(published by such as Simon & Schuster! et al)…Nor Ever hear or see on MSM nor Holywood movies these factual truths…I rekon its good ya has guys such as ME eh!! Cause I will speak out regardless What brand of PC/Diversity/Equality/Tolerance(xcept for whites and christians huh) crap you may subscribe to.

            Really…Try reading the Real Truths! You may like it…

            You WILL never again be the same!

            • PS:…Anyone here recall back around 1977(?) or near that year/era…A Man names Frank Collins, I think his name was. He also had 1/2 dozen folowers msm labled as his “Inner circle”.

              He made News Headlines when he got a Illinois state permit to hold a protest rally etc.

              To be heald in “Skokie Ill.”…Now why is this as issue you may ask?….Ok I will tell ya why!

              Pat atten. above Two new poster guys worried about “skinheads etc”…

              That 1970’s era protest rally was by Frank Collins aka Head of a new NAZI’s group!(All 6 or 7 total!!)

              And rally city was/probobly still is, the Main Largest concentartion Anywheres(besides isreal) of Holyhoax Survivors..

              You can Imagiane what happened when Neo-Nazis chose “Skokie” city for their Rally eh!!

              It even went to court, US supreme Ct if not mistaken!..It got rulled as 1st ammendt case Win for Free speech…But still Pissed off alot of everybodys besides of course jewsih folks there.

              SO: why care today of this?…Ok I will Tell ya why!

              Because, and if needed I have links to verify it All, AS things turned out…

              One, MR.Frank Collins, was actually Himslef a Jewish Born and Raised guy!…So were all his “5-6” nazi org membership!!

              Turns out Frankieboy Hated his Daddy, and turned into a lover of Small Little young Boys for Sex!(in other words he was a Pervert)..

              Somehow Frank Collins got hooked up to FBI/Feds, and together they cooked up that Nazi rally in Skokie Ill.

              The actual expose’ Article, complete with several good photos of Frank-his group-and old retired jew folks street fighting the nazis is very Informative to read.

              It also shows Feds/FBI has done False Flags quite alot even back then.

              Most persons who research this stuf, has determined that very rally in 1970’s Was the Main reason or the Main kick-off event that has Led to All the vast and always Increasing Holyhoax “awarness” today.

              Prior to 1970’s era we never heard much If Anything about holyhoax/jewish agendas etc…After skokie rally by Frank holyhoax has gone Viral!…Hmmm…FBI/False flag events and a Real LIve Neo-Nazi guy(with 5-6 pals as nazis also!) who..Turns out to be Jewish Himself!!!!!

              KInda reminds me of a couple years ago when that University in Kalif. had a “Gone Viral” nazis/swastika on her car door and us mailbox episode…Recall it?

              Yeah the jewish student woman(age aprox 25+yrs) made Huge MSM Headlines full of, Handwringers and Gun banners ET AL, screaming for Fed gov to DO SOMETHING!!

              Then One week Later…..A party store (or gas station or whatever) found LIVE VIDEO!! that Showed the event Live!

              Guess Who really Spray Painted a Huge Swastika on her car door and house door and mailbox?….

              Ok Ready?…If you guesed…SHE DID IT HERSELF!!!

              BINGO!! You are a Smart Cookie!…Still wanna believe all we was told about these tpye “issues” they rather We shut up about?

              Both Issues I mentioned here, Kalif Woman and swastikas And Frank Collins events are Documented online AND Both in MSM(unless erased by media whores etc).

              HERES LINK to Frank Collins Neo Nazi guys stuf!

              Judicial-inc-archive-blogspot dot Com Search it and Read Factual Truth!

              Americas Biggest Neo-Nazi Leader and He was really a Jewish man!!…..Ya just cannot make this stuff Up!!!!!….Tribes sure good at it though eh!

        • Well sail Possee, I have a wall with many notes next to me and I have a good one from someone “anonymous” claiming to be a cop warning us that in St. Louis, they were preparing with the military to be used as air ground support against citizens on October 12, 2012. Well, nothing happened that I know of.

          • Lets not forget last year when he claimed “World War 3 is here!” after we moved to take out Gaddafi in Libya…

            Keep prepping to protect your family and loved ones, keep an eye open on what’s going on, but most importantly do NOT let paranoia spin your mind into fear and paralysis. Theres a difference between real concerned citizens running sights like these and “Patriots” trying to make a profit from a scare, fear and extremism loathing., See Mac Slavo vs Alex Jones

        • You guys in the N.E. need to button up asap. per noaa this storm may hit as early as 2pm monday and should make landfall by 6 am tuesday. weather channel already spinning that power could be out for weeks; wall street will most likely be closed tuesday, maybe even monday, and can you say “bank holiday” or “suspended elections?

          oh, and maybe enough of an emergency to start seizing personal property ala katrina?

          this is where i snag be aware’s lines…..

          • oops! y’all beware (sorry, it’s kinda late).

          • yes

            Here on the coast of Cape Cod..we are preparing accordingly.

            The entire web service weather is calling this one the storm of the century..aka..”Frankenstorm”

            Worse in a 100 years..

            Luckily we will not be at the stores in a panic for food water and such..
            Thanks to sites like this..we have already been prepared for quite some time..

            Time to light the candles and lamps..curl up with a good stiff a book..while the majority is out in panic mode to find no food batteries or water left on the shelves..

            Looks like a whopper for sure..

            Might be off the internet for quite some time as well..


            • Possee–it sounds like your just down the road from me. I checked out of Cape Cod ahead of the storm. I am 14ft above sea level and have been told in no uncertain terms that a direct hit will wipe out most of my town…

            • I live along the outer banks of NC. Have a lot of experience with tropical systems. 14 feet above sea level is not much of a cushion. Best to get to higher ground. Good luck.

            • i’m in Wyoming at 5600ft +-. If it gets here it’s REALLY BAD

          • Agree kimintn…. get it together and condition your mind and personal well beingfor a major adjustment in life as we’ve known it….

        • @ Possee I totally agree with you regarding Alex Jones. Fear sells! Many readers thrive on it!


          • He digs up some good information, but there are a lot of videos on Facebook proving the conclusions he draws from them are extreme. Even the title is suspect. Whistleblowers have credibility because the go public. I anonymous voice on the radio has none. That is why we have whistleblower protection laws.

            History shows governments gains compliance by hammering down the nails that are sticking up so everyone can see them. Whos a suspect? 14 Million Mormons, concealed carry permit holders, recent HAM radio licensees, online ammo buyers, and anyone your local CERT team member has phoned in according to the live training that accompanies Unit 8 of the CERT manual.

            Those who fit any of these profiles would be wise to keep most of their provisions somewhere other than their address of record. If using a rented storage unit, hide the valuables in old furniture. You could buy an old mobile home on a rented lot, remove the floor in one room, and dig a cellar.

        • Possee: I agree with you. Consider for a moment people, what the world would look like, what American cities would look like during a pole shift or major, MAJOR quakes in LA, NYC, or along the New Madrid.

          According to Cayce these Earth Changes are going to transform the world, and if the world, the USA. 90% of Americans are not prepared or equipped to survive these Changes.

          In the event of these earth changes inner city residents will need to be detained, relocated, and reoriented toward a lawful society.

          If Nibiru is the brown dwarf star discovered by NASA in 1983, and if it is coming OUR way, how close is it? How fast is it traveling? When will it arrive?

          If it is coming OUR way, and it has been traveling at the speed of a comet (100,000 mph), then it is half way here. Maybe its traveling faster than that or picking up speed as it approaches the Sun.

          The PTB KNOW that something is going to happen and they are prepping for it. Is Nibiru hidden in the blacked out, blocked out section of Google Sky? Two suns have been reported around the world.

          The bible talks about a sun rising (not son) with healing (cleansing?) in its “wings”. Nibiru is often pictured with wings and is referred to as the winged planet,

          Coincidence? I think not. The bible states that the earth will wobble to and fro like a “drunkard” in the latter days.

          WE are in the Last Days for however long they last. Keep prepping.

          • @DK,
            Site that Biblical passage please. What Book, Chapter, and Verse?

            • Isaiah 24:20. Found it, thanks.

            • Also Malachi 4:2. And there are other references as well.

            • Isaiah 30:26

          • Have to disagree Durango. Why would anyone, government or military, be bothered rounding up city dwellers to detain, relocate then re-orientate people in the event of a pole shift caused by Nibiru? If there’s anything left after a pole shift, nothing really matters anymore. There will be no military, governments will collapse and most organizations will cease to exist. So who’s going to be rounding up who and what.
            As for Edgar Cayce, he said that the entire US West Coast (WA, OR and Cali) would break off and fall into the sea. ONLY after the rediscovery of the fabled city of Atlanis!! Times up I guess, as there has been a major discovery off Cuba of a massive sunken city, 400 feet below the waves which was probably submersed with many other city’s 10,000 years ago after the end of last ice age when the entire planets coastline rose 400 plus feet to where it is today! I guess we’re all descended from preppers, the survivors from the last planet calamity. Too bad we are keep in the dark as to our true history and to the fact something terrible happened thousands of years ago.

            • TJ: Hope springs eternal for those who want to micro manage OUR lives and preserve their position at the top of the food chain.

              It’s that simple.

          • just to let everyone know i live in central mi, 2 nights ago at sunset i was driving west with my wife and just south of the sun it looked like another smaller sun was there. it was spooky, never seen anything like it before. it was quite bright.

            • If they had just sprayed chemtrails in your area then the metals in the spray could have created a reflection.
              I do know my husband and I saw a beautiful rainbow one day on a warm summy day. It was explained by the metals in the sky reflecting the rays of the sun, not moisture.

            • It sounds like you saw a “sun dog” — fairly common, nothing to worry about.

          • DK; Your supposition in your post would explain the total ineptness of our govt..the ‘why bother’ attitude on all fronts.

          • @ Durango Kidd

            Mr. Kidd, to date…what is Cayce’s ‘batting average’ per his predictions?

            Honestly, not a loaded question.
            Merely curious.

            Just started researching him tonight, due to your post.
            Gave you a green thumb btw.

            …damn, there’s a sh*tload of stuff on that guy out there!
            Any recommended links you favor to separate the chaff?

            • Anton: I don’t have a percentage to give you, but Cayce did predict the rise of China and the Pole Shift stating that the South Pole would move to the South Atlantic.

              That was in the late 30’s. NASA, UofAZ, Livermore labs and others are studying the massive magnetic anomaly that emerged in the South Atlantic.

              Check SHTF Earth Changes, at SHTF America.

        • Posse, your spot on, on this. Jones is a pompous jackass.

          • you’re….its early here

        • Possee: Very well said, Jones is famous for his hype and interviews with ‘anonymous’ sources to sell his crap. It has great appeal for the most paranoid amongst us and he knows it. People who believe that the police/military are going to go door to door in some gun confiscation campaign are really bad at math because it would take a couple of decades to do so and also keep an eye on the other things they are responsible for protecting. To the lunatic fringe who will ‘red-thumb’ me, “it’s not my fault you’re bad at math”. And anyone who still believes this “soldier X’ crap from Jones should have their guns taken away because they are mentally defective and a clear danger to the rest of us.

          • Oooops, looks like I insulted a whole lot of folks: the inbred trailer-trash, the paranoid nutbags, and the run-of-the-mill idiots who believe anyone that confirms their deepest fears “must be telling the truth”. Hey you clowns, Alex Jones is carnival huckster peddling unsubstantiated stories but your low IQs make you gulable enough to believe them. Any moron who believes this Alex Jones story is also stupid enough to believe that professional wrestling is real. In the future, I shall refere to you, and you know who you are (red thumbs down), as the “Angry Little Chimps” because you’re no smarter than one. On the other hand, I have an IQ of 160, I’m 59 and retired on more than most of you make working (44k net). Anyone responding in the negative will most likely be one of my Angry Little Chimps. OOOhhh ooohhh Aaahhh aaahhh!!!

            • it will be alright gregory8. eight thumbs down really don’t mean that much. i told a joke on a different article and got over 50 thumbs down. and telling your IQ, age & how much you make being retired makes you sound like you are trying to compensate for something. does it really matter if alex jones is right or not? in my opinion no, because i plan on keep prepping with our governments approval or without our governments approval. and one of the main rules about prepping to begin with is never tell no one that you don’t trust that you are prepping.

            • Gregory8 – You’re not the only one around here with a high IQ and advanced age. It doesn’t take a genius to know that anyone who calls in to a radio show may not be telling the truth. Even Alex Jones fans like me realize this may or may not be true, and Jones doesn’t purport it to be the truth. It’s just offered as a heads up for what could possibly be coming.

              If your neighbor saw someone throw something on your roof that looked like a molotov cocktail but they couldn’t be sure, would you want him to warn you anyway? Of course! He would be remiss not to let you know.

              Remember, all turning point events in history started out as rumors.

            • I generally agree with you, but waving your IQ (160 is about 1 in 10 million, by the way – ya right) and retirement income around makes you sound like an arrogant clown.

            • LT: A possible heads up, are you kidding? The caller offered zero in the way of support for his claim: no name, no unit, no MOS, no written documents/orders, nothing! So letting someone like that on his show with no credible evidence what so ever is irrespsonsible journalism. But then again Jones isn’t a real journalist, he’s a carnival huckster. Your analogy of a molotov cocktail on my roof is a good one. I’d ask who was calling, where it came from, and then go out side to see for my self rather than just hanging up and believing it and then calling the fire department without getting all the information that I could first. But unfortuately, that’s just what Jones’ listeners, and most of the folks on this site, did: they swallowed the whole story with out one iota of evidence. There’s no way to be kind about this, anyone that gullable is suffering from a mixture of gross stupidity and paranoia. And this makes these folks very dangerous, especially in times of crisis because of their irrationality.

            • OmegaGrayKnight: It seems that you’ve missed my point. Like you, I’m continuing my journey to self sufficiency and would recommend others do the same. My concern was that many of our regulars at this site were so guallable as to take this outrageous and unsubstantiated story at face value. Some of the smart folks here saw the story for what it was and also got the ‘thumbs-down’ from the ALCs (Angry Little Chimps). I appears that our socio-economic situation will continue to deteriorate from the failed policies of our ‘so called’ leaders. I am getting ready for that possibility, but what concerns me is that the tenor of these ALCs makes them more dangerous the people they rant about in their pathetic daily skreeds on this site. Mark my words well; these ALCs will prove to be the biggest danger to the rest of us because they are armed and emotionally unstable. As for compensating: I did that years ago by making lots of money so I could retire early in order to pursue other interests, including markmanship.

            • Gregory8 i understand where you are coming from. I really don’t like alex jones site. I have a hard time trusting a site that sells fear. That is the reason why I like this site with MAC and wide awake news with Charlie magrath. They give the information without trying to make money. Unlike with alex jones site that tries to get you to buy everdamn thing. It seems like alex jones always have a money bomb going.

        • I agree Possee. I’m not swallowing hype from Mr X or from Jones spinners either. There are too many other legitimate issues going on to take the eyes off the big picture. The Feds are scared shitless of Americans now and they know exactly WHY they need to be scared. They’ve got the pulsebeat measured and they know damn well how angry people are now and they also know it will escalate. But even if this were true — that the bad-boys would raid or imprison Americans who stock the Bs, would we stop? Would we surrender? HELL NO!

          We know we’re at the edge of the cliffs and now we have the Bengazi murders which have been blocked by the MSM-dot-gov. We obviously have every branch of the govt involved in the cover-up. That entire situation is going to explode top-down but who will take the hit? If Bengazi does prove to be involved in gun-running to al-Qaida will Americans care? Does make me wonder if some of those billion rounds of ammo went over to Syria for al-Qaida, not to the boot-thugs here in the States.

          What I want to know is where the hell are the true Americans, the “whistleblower” altruistic heroes, on this treasonous mess? Where’s there allegiance? Did they forget their Oath? Do they not know God?

        • Let me reiterate..

          I do not dismiss everything from Info wars..

          Yes he does expose govt docs and classified pertinent Intel

          However..the only way that a confiscation of guns nationwide would work is only by declaring ownership of any weapon and ammo illegal by decree..executive order.or some such..

          There are 80 million and counting legal gun owners in this nation..a roundup would be logistically impossible!

          Unless of course the prior e.o. was isuued..
          Then, and only then, could they track us down town by town, county by county, state by state..either voluntarily give up our weapons or face the penalty of arrest and other nefarious deeds..


          • Not gonna happen.
            An unwritten law from the sheriff; must get their approval before an abc agency comes in to their jurisdiction.
            Info learned from Sheriff Mack.

          • Possee, although I agree with your analysis, I disagree with your comprehension. The article state’s that Preppers will be their main target. Doesn’t really mention who or what would be next.
            Also, whether anyone realize’s it or not, DHS has the exact same budget as the military and DGS will be used in conjunction with ANG.
            I also really don;t expect them to wait to long into it to start. That is the perfect timing for Obama to start his gun grab which everyone has known he’s wanted to do. All Obama want’s to do, is find a REASON to call for Martial Law and wo knows from there?

          • Actually, to arrest 80 million of us they would just put a fence around the country and say we are all under arrest. But if we are all in jail, who pays the taxes? If the fence keeps us all in. it sould keep the illegals out so that’s a gain. Going to be a pain putting Wy, Colorado and Mont under arrest. Texas isn’t going to like it either.

        • I listen to AJ. He is about half on the right track. One thing that bothers me is all his “ex-military” callers were “special forces” or “navy SEALS” Sorry, everyone wasnt in SPECOPS. He does fear monger a little much, but I think he truly believes what he says. (remember he is a business also) Most of his military callers that claim to be whistle blowers sound a little young to be high enough in the rank structure to have the intel they claim to have. No one below the rank of E-7/O-4 in the military has been briefed at the level this guy claims to have been briefed.
          I dont doubt for a minute that the PTB have plans to do some dirty deeds soon. But I highly doubt that probably an E-5 in the TX NAT. Guard knows the deeds that they plan to do.
          Keep prepping and dont let BSers like “X” drive you away from the truth that you see every day.

        • POSSE – Correct you are!, EXACTLY my conclusions.

          Have kept some sticky notes with dates to ascertain how accurate the Quayle doom postings have been. Result: Hype = flop.

          This acronym, OODA = Observe, Orient, Decide, Act. Keeps the thought process lean. Difficult at times, but it works.

          Some days , I just have to disconnect fro the 24/7 political & PC cesspool onslaught.
          It does not help any of us with the quagmire of media lies, website hype and general bovine squeeze to wade through. MAC’s site and the comments contained therein follow the most solid trail.

          Eleven days remaining to fine tune your “camping supplies”.

          Best of wishes !

        • Alex Jones can be hyper at times. But 9 times out of 10, he has a source document to back him up. Could this one be hype? Maybe. But the writing is on the wall for America, and everyone knows it. What “Soldier X” claims would fit the most probable M.O., given the situation.

      3. “””Should society as we know it collapse following the election, it would seem the ultimate prepper and the ultimate terrorist is, indeed, the U.S. government.”””

        That is true RIGHT NOW, regardless of what happens after the election.

        They can only kill me once, and all that would do is send me to a much better place where I am certain that Obama, Romney, or those who follow their orders will never be allowed to go.

        • Amen Gc,,live free or die hard

        • Just dont leave with out balancing the score, or even tipping it over on our favor..Ok GC?

          • VRF, I will tip it with as many as possible should they venture into my domain.

      4. There will be many in America’s armed forces that will say – HELL NO –

        Y’all Beware! Mark my words.

        • But will there be enough. Remember to many the military is there family.

          • A little different in the AN Guard.No doubt they have the cohesion needed, however, the NG troops are around the family and their neighborhoods more then active military, so it’s a little different and should give a little more hope that they would do the right thing. Also, look around your area and see what type of NG units you have. Ours is a Signal Unit. I was in a Signal Bn from 77-79 in Germany & know pretty much the type of weapons they have on hand. If you have an Infantry or MP unit, you may be in a little more trouble.
            Either way- Good Lck to all however it goes.

      5. They have it backwards. At this time in history, black is white, ugly is beautiful, people who want to make sure their family is honestly provided for are evil, and Obama’s biggest fans aren’t the ones making all the threats to Romney.

      6. Things are sure crazy eh? Hey, all we can do is try to be ready for anything,most people are ready for nothing and will pay the price…dont keep all your stuff in one spot…spread it around…dont talk about it…and keep some of it totally to yourself….work with your family and friends but dont reveal everything to even them…for your own good as well as theirs.
        DONT LET ALL THE WACKED OUT NEWS CONSUME YOU EITHER!…itll drive a sane man nuts!Im already crazy and it still gets to me at times! Just do the best you can and let the good Lord handle the rest….Im as ready as anyone and have been for decades and I find that if I allow myself to dwell too much on the insanity of it all I start to worry and worry destroys all the confidence in what Ive already done…not saying dont prepare and consider what needs done but just dont let it kill you before anything actually happens…take care of yourselves my friends and love your familys and friends…today while theres still time,we may well restore this republic but theres some of us who will water the tree of liberty so that the others can pick its fruit,no way to know wholl be standin when its over…and then the question…will it ever truely be over?…theres always another tyrant wannabbee out there somewheres…be alert but allow yourselves to live too!”Live free or die tryin”

      7. One thing I’ve come to realize is, being consumed with what we KNOW is going to happen is okay for awhile, because we SHOULD give plenty of thought to anything that’s going to affect almost everyone in the country, and our way of life for years to come, if there’s anything at all we can do to ameliorate the situation, make it easier or more comfortable for ourselves and others. It’s a worthy subject to ponder and act upon. But if you’re like me, and tend to have a one track mind, you need to step back every now and then and make sure you’re staying involved with everyday life and enjoying the time we have left.

        • LT – its true that sometimes we get so consumed in prepareing for what MIGHT happen that we forget to pay attention to what IS happening.
          i am very guilty of this and can relate, good luck.

      8. Which race will riot. I out rank them all. Dig me up.

        • The dead only know one thing. You stink.

          • I know, but you get used to it. I’ll bet you stink good, before a swim.

            • Yes I do but you’ll never have that experience.

              Can I get a ride on Mya?

      9. Enemy of the state
        A poinient movie 1998

        A poinient set of documents. 1998


        the Watcher

        • Poignant

          • Thanks smokey for the English lesson
            I stand corrected

            the Watcher

      10. Possee, sorry to bust your bubble, but there really is such a plan. Direct link: Freedom From War; The United States Program For General And Complete Disarmament In A Peaceful World. This plan originated in the UN and was signed into law by JFK in 1961. The plan does include small arms; i.e. OUR GUNS! It already happened once in New Orleans right after Katrina. Police and military went into areas not even hit by the storm and took people’s guns, leaving them defenseless against the criminal elements. nobody put up any resistance. IT WILL BE ATTEMPTED AGAIN. YOU CAN BANK ON IT. i just hope gun owners will resist it this time; I know damn well I’m going to. best wishes and keep prepping. braveheart

        • Braveheart

          I understand that all these plans/orders/un small treaty etc are in place..and agree wholeheartedly that they will, and have, attempt again and again to legislate the 2nd amendment out of existence..

          Please read my last comment regarding such..logistics etal.

          Enjoy your comments as always..


          • Most gun owners are fat, lazy, and cowardly, don’t deserve the freedom they have, and will give thier arms up when told to. I’d wager that will be 80%, or more. The rest will be a hard mop-up, but, make no mistake the nwo-crowd will have no problem raising all the troops they need.

            There are lots of star-spangled-drones who won’t hesitate to kill you, and yours. I doubt there will be much resistance. Most Amerikans have been mentally castrated, and will comply with the parasite’s orders.

            • That’s not how I see most gun owners. There is a “huge” number of people, especially the mamas and grand mamas, that will become as aggressive as a mama grizzly bear when someone or something threatens their little ones.
              I wouldn’t want to be caught on the receiving end of that scenario. Thank God for their protective instincts.

            • That’s my post, as a reply, from Anonymous. I guess my handle and email got erased when the pukes traced my IP and tracked it. Screw the bastards. I answer to a higher power, the highest. They can only do as much as God will allow them to. Hell, I don’t even fear Satan/Antichrist; so why would I even worry about any of his workers of iniquity? Bring it!

            • That’s not how I see most gun owners either! You talk about the star-spangled drones, what about all the Russian troops over here – “training” along with the other troops brought to the USA to “train”? They have no allegiance, no ties to the U.S. Just a thought.

      11. I respect alex jones and infowars, but shit this is getting annoying with all these bs whistleblowers. No one ever names names or provides any sort of info other then the same old talk. We all know it’s going to happen, tptb are collapsing our economy waiting for us to get fed up and make the first move. I know that sounds vage but that is what I have gathered from years of listening to many different sources. Many of these sources are the same in which you all are watching and listening to, on top of your own independent research. I wish the people who pay money for their subscriptions at infowars would hold alex and his crew accountable for hype and bs that they create,( although not often). We need a legitiment news source so we can share with the people who would never take a site like infowars seriously. We need a level headed non end of the world news source to spread like wildfire across the country. God bless you Mac, and pray for Alex to stop the hype, we need him to use his resources wisely.

      12. I’m a little suspicious of this “soldier”. He seems just a little too personally involved with all the anti-Obama rhetoric.

        There likely will be mass public unrest in the near future, but it won’t be because Romney is elected. It will be because people are starving and their money is worthless.

        This will happen regardless of who is President.

        • When this ponzi scheme collapses, and our dollar can’t be inflated anymore it could get ugly. The Founders were right about only using real money, coinage in gold and silver. It can’t be printed.

      13. I’m calling Birdseed on this story. Tinfoil hattery.

      14. Here is one soldier who already refused to confiscate firearms.

        “I do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic…”

        No one is obligated to obey an unlawful order. It may take some backbone like the man in the video.

        “against all enemies, both foreign and domestic…” Anyone ordering someone to violate the Constitution can be considered a domestic enemy. Anyone carrying out those orders can be considered a domestic enemy. The problem is: who has the bigger stick when push come to shove.

        “Seems like pretty good motivation to obey any order you’re given, right? Nope. These articles require the obedience of LAWFUL orders. An order which is unlawful not only does not need to be obeyed, but obeying such an order can result in criminal prosecution of the one who obeys it. Military courts have long held that military members are accountable for their actions even while following orders — if the order was illegal.”
        “…there is no requirement to obey orders which are unlawful. However, here’s the rub: A military member disobeys such orders at his/her own peril. Ultimately, it’s not whether or not the military member thinks the order is illegal or unlawful, it’s whether military superiors (and courts) think the order was illegal or unlawful.”
        .” An order to commit a crime is unlawful. An order to perform a military duty, no matter how dangerous is lawful, as long as it doesn’t involve commission of a crime.”

        Precedent has been set as to the illegality of gun confiscation: ” Would you put your foot down and say, “No, that’s not legal, it’s not right, and I won’t do it” — all the while risking being disciplined or fired? Or would you simply do your duty, as it were? “I was only following orders!” And, if you don’t think it can happen, just look at New Orleans after the hurricane, when the city cops did that very thing. They also lost a lawsuit brought by the NRA in the aftermath. It was found the city of New Orleans did not have the right to confiscate firearms in the “interest of public safety.” From Will you do it? a cop’s point of view.

        • Unfortunatly they can say it was legal if we go under martial law. I am not sayign I like it I am just saying the constitution is suspended at that time meaning you have no 2nd to call on at the time of martial law.
          One of the reasons why I been saying we need to act BEFORE not AFTER. When the shit truly hits the fan and we are under martial law it is too late there is no constitution at that time.

          • RE: ” if we go under martial law. I am not sayign I like it I am just saying the constitution is suspended”

            There is no provision in the constitution that provides for it to be suspended during martial law. Suspension of our constitutional rights is lawlessness plain & simple. “Political power comes from the barrel of a gun” said Mao Tze Tung. Ain’t it the truth.

            The strong do what they will. The weak suffer what they must.

            >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us. <<

        • I agree with YOU.
          However when you have a President and an Atty Gen in which neither has a problem breaching the Constitution, even some on the Supreme Court now. If they don’t want to uphold the Constitution, then who’s going to enforce those order’s? Those are ONLY good IF you have a gov’t wanting/willing to follow and believe in the Constitution.

      15. If it flies or floats, it’s expensive.

        • @ TK
          Have you forgotten that sh*t floats?

          • lol!

          • Then you’ll never need a life jacket!

      16. It’s sad really. Preppers are people who care about their family and loved ones enough to have food to eat in the event that there is none at some point. Preppers are people who are learning skills like gardening, canning and things like that.

        Think about it. If there gets to be a point where people are at the grocery store fighting for the last food on the shelves the fact that they have some stored away by definition means that in those times we aren’t out there fighting for it. This provides more to the unprepared.

        Am I a fan of our polititians? No, but I am a fan of America. That doesn’t mean I wish ill upon anyone. I think that the biggest thing our country faces is our debt. I don’t see any way we can pay back $16 trillion with the current spending. There will be unrest if the government doesn’t have money to keep funding all of its programs, but you won’t see me out in the streets causing trouble. I will be at home trying to make sure my family is fed and safe.

        If everyone in the country was a prepper people would feel more secure because they have basically an insurance policy in food and ways to be more self sufficient.

        I think this article disturbed me more than most because it paints a poor picture of what it is to be a prepper. I do agree that most on the Doomsday Prepper show are extremists, but unless they are breaking the law, how is someone harming anyone by having extra food?

        I think if society goes to hell, preppers will be at home, waiting it out. It is the unprepared that will be causing the civil unrest. They will be the ones who are going to be desperate when their pantry’s are getting bare.

        God Bless

        • Au can bless sixteen T and more. Shirley you can ride Mya if Sandy isn’t hitting it hard. Bring Okie. He sounds interesting for a few stories underway. He can pull Mya back up next season if he can drink rum.

        • What disturbs me the most, is that some political figure can just DECLARE things, and those declarations become LAW, whether it is legal or right, or not.

          I mean, how is it we all bound to observe those DECLARATIONS? Who gave ANYONE the authority to create LAWS without passing them through congress first?

          I’m not sure I’d want to live in a world where I can be “reeducated” at someone else’s behest.

        • you can’t have communism with independent thinkers…you can’t have communism unless the population is totally dependent on the government for their food, their thoughts, their lives….and preppers threaten that communistic NWO.

        • ( waves his hand ) Im a survivalist, I am not the prepper you seek.

          ( Military Goon ) He is a survivalist, He is not the prepper we seek. Move along, move along.

        • “I think that the biggest thing our country faces is our debt.”

          Debt is meaningless when the energy required to run society is no longer there.

          The debt was created to make up for the fact that the US peaked in oil production in the 70s.

          All growth since has been debt fueled.

          In 2005 global production plateaued which increased prices which then increased interest rates which popped the sub-prime housing bubble.

          It isn’t a coincidence that major changes happen a few years after production of an energy resource peaks.

          Debt, then, is a side-effect of the real problem which is an energy crunch that is only going to get worse, exponentially.

          If you’re liberal it is time to go “green.” If you’re conservative it is time to become a “prepper.” They are the same thing really.

          Just do it, whatever you call it.

          Oh and plant a garden.

          With heirloom seeds that you started yourself…

          • I knew I should have bought more solar panels.

        • but the outcome of all the nation prepping?
          A drastic increase in food prices??
          or an increase in food production and that means job creation??

        • SADLY and ignorantly, our President thinks people are prepping, NOT to survive any disaster’s or Dec 21 2012, if anyone believe’s in that or whatever. He believe’s they’re Prepping, just to take him out. He actually thinks we would waste that much time on something so simple, thats why we Vote. I think it’s just his way of trying to find another way to stay in office.
          What suurprise’s me and I don;t know why it should considering how backwards his thinking has been. Is that they’re NOT talking about controlling the rioters, they are talking about controlling the peaceful people. To ME, it just shows how Racist he really is.

      17. Found this story hidden deep in the comments of Will you do it? Thought it worth sharing:

        After awhile the men joined up with a military group with the same task, and they decided to join eachother for safety…so The group went to another house and banged on a storm door, a man answered and said “thank you for checking on us but we don’t need your help and want to stay here”. As the military man started to pull the storm door handle he told the man…open the door step out for evacuation and surrender all your guns”. The lead Deputy took hold of the storm door handle too but pushed it forward and told the military man…were not here for that…what are you talking about?! the military man replied “were here to do a job, were suppose to confiscate all arms”. The Deputy told him.. your not taking this mans only protection. if you do your gonna take mine too…and theres only one way your gonna get it. The militay man looked at the deputy with that doggy side head expression and did’nt know what to say or do… after a few tense moments between the groups of men…the military men left the stack and never came back to the house. the man at the storm door told the deputy…you may have just saved our lives…looters and others have been tearing this area apart…thank you. the Deputy said Stay Safe sir…good luck… not all of our LEO’s did the wrong thing in Louisiana….

        • let’s hope this type of common sense prevails in times of crises.

        • Just hope MORE are man enough to step up like that deputy. Or even better, MAN enough to not even ask for the weapons.

      18. So many people seem to think they can defend themselves, their homes, their families..Keep prepping but keep it quiet. And remember!! Simple battle strategy. If you don’t have sufficient firepower to defend a location, abandon it. If you don’t have sufficient firepower to overwhelm an enemy position, DON’T attack it!!!
        Remember this lesson well. The US military taught it to me!!

        • Sun Tzu, great book.

      19. They can have my guns…after they pry them out of my cold dead hands!The 2nd Amendment is there should our government turns to tyranny!

      20. I will not go darkly into that quiet night. Or something like that.
        Alex Jones has a very entertaining site. I visit often and I like it. I don’t necessarily believe it, but it’s fun! Just like the Roadrunner cartoons. I like ’em, but don’t believe all of ’em. (I know for a fact that Acme doesn’t sell a back pack rocket- I looked all over eBay for one and they just aint there)
        There’s often a grain of truth under the hype. Just don’t swallow all the hype that comes with it. As for me? I keep a salt shaker handy whenever I’m on the net. Or watching cartoons.

        • Okie, Just send me a large box full of 1 ounce gold Canadian Maple Leafs and your backpack rocket will be on it’s way!

          Trust me. 😉

      21. People who cares about a president when the senators congress men state assembly men are all corrupt while we watch one man those other snake have been biting us on the ass

      22. I guess its a good thing I am a survivalist and not a prepper then. The term prepper sounds a little light in the loafers.

        • Funny. Yet lot’s of people are survivalists but not preppers. And generally, those that survive have prepped for it.

          • There is huge difference.

        • …just tell them that your a Texan, they will piss themselves and move along….

          • LOL…

      23. A lot of us in the military happen to remember our Oath. I’m a medic–a follower of Christ, two tours in Iraq and a true patriot. I assure you, many of us serving in the military happen to remember our Oath.

        • God Bless

      24. Intriguing interview, but the fine soldier forgets a few things. First they don’t have enough man power. Call up the national guard, bring home all the fine men and women in the Middle East, and put them together with the police, federal agents, etc; and they are still about 79 million short in dealing with the gun owners of this great nation. They can’t disarm the masses without a gun fight folks.

        • You would be surprised how many they get BEFORE the people are able to band togther and resist. Most people have NOT prepared or prepped for that part. No one family can defend their home place in most case’s. Then the time it take’s to teach/train and armed resistance, that many more are gone. I agree, there shouldn’t be abt comparison, buut the training and the preparation does make all the difference in the world. If you haven’t worked it out to where when something happens at ANYONE’S house and your “Buddies” instantly know what to do, it will go over pretty easily.
          Just imagine the troops/LEO looking in at your property ONLT to find that ALL of your neighbors have surrounded them. That is the ONLY way to STOP it.

        • re: They can’t disarm the masses without a gun fight folks.”

          I wish I could believe it, but i believe that most folks will roll over when the knock on the door comes. Its down to the 3% who are sufficiently: 1)motivated; 2) able; 3)ready.

          But with effective 2 man shoot & scoot teams, the cost to TPTB to be out on the street under the confiscation scenario will eventually be high. How its going to end, is anybody’s guess. But it ain’t going to be pretty.

          >> My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us> <<

          • Shoot And Scoot Or Die

            May 5, 2012: France is equipping 70 of its 13 ton, 4×4 VAB wheeled armored vehicles with a sniper (or gunfire) detection system.

            The French made detector is called SLATE (Système de Localisation Acoustique de Tireur Embusqué) and it, like similar systems, quickly detects where the sound of a gunshot is coming from.

            SLATE is linked to the remote (from inside the vehicle) weapons turrets (armed with a 12.7mm machine-gun or 40mm automatic grenade launcher). SLATE has an operator option that will automatically turn the turret and the operator’s gun sight (a video camera with zoom) to where the gunshot came from.

            The operator can then decide whether to open fire. This makes life much more difficult for snipers.

            Over 60,000 sniper detectors have been shipped to Iraq and Afghanistan, where they have been heavily used and increasingly popular. Sniper detection systems provide directional information about where the snipers are.

            Some of these systems are light enough (183 gm/6.4 ounces) to be worn.

            Snipers have been forced to adjust their tactics in response to systems like SWATS and SLATE. To survive a sniper must “shoot and scoot”, which greatly reduces the usefulness of snipers.

            > My name is Legion, for we are many. Expect us. <<

      25. Molon Labe people Molon Labe. It’s just a matter of time until the UN sanctioned thugs come to take what isn’t theirs. Prepare to defend yourselves.

      26. ——————————————————————————–

        “Those who have been intoxicated with power… can
        never willingly abandon it.”

        — Edmund Burke

        “Socialism needs two legs on which to stand; a right and a left.
        While appearing to be in complete opposition to one another,
        they both march in the same direction.”
        — Paul Proctor

        • Yup so right,,,makes no difference which horse wins the race if you own both horses,,,,,this is for old friends reading,,,aunt erma has a home cooked meal,,,NOW

          • RADIO,Free States lands:

            John has a long mustashe…..The chairs against the wall…wolverines!

      27. Does Life Really Have To Be This Way?

        It seems as if all hell is about to break loose. Every day. Over and over. Forever. It’s a constant barrage of impending doom. And I’m not just talking about prepper sites. All media has us in a constant state of fear and paranoia. There’s no shortage of horrible predictions.
        The election’s rigged. The election doesn’t matter. Riots will happen if the kenyan loses. Total Marxism is coming if the kenyan wins. Prices of food and gas and everything else will skyrocket. FEMA camps are gearing up. Government tyranny run amock! The sky is falling! LOOK OUT!!
        While there is a core of truth in many of these dire prognostications, there is also a thick layer of BS on most of them. If we get too wrapped up in the passion of the moment, we can lose the sense of balance that life should have.
        A wise old guy in the classic movie ‘Lost Horizons’ (the original b&w version is best) said “Moderation in all things.” Maybe he knew what he was talking about. Becoming obsessed with anything, especially a future that none of us truly knows, is a sure path to cynicism, or paranoia… or worse.
        I take my religious faith seriously. Although you probably can’t tell by my posts, I really do. And I have full confidence in the future promised therein. But my faith is more of a calm, settled knowledge of eternity than an obsession. (I dont know…maybe I SHOULD be running through the streets screaming about hellfire and brimstone. It just doesn’t seem that way to me.) I share my beliefs with anyone willing to listen. And I affirm that what you believe will make a difference in eternity. But to those who reject, I have no problem letting them believe what they will. I’ll let God handle their ultimate fate.
        But regarding this present life on earth, a question cries out for an answer. Whatever your personal beliefs, the question must be asked- Is This What We Were Made For? Is this all there is to life? Fear and struggle and wading through endless lies? What are we here for?
        At the risk of stirring the religious pot (I don’t care, jump onboard with any opinion you have), and at the risk of appearing to have a lack of moderation in this area…I will tell you The True Meaning Of Life and Why You Were Ever Born In The First Place:

        ‘Let us hear the conclusion of the whole matter: Fear God and keep His commandments, for this is the whole duty of man.’ Ecclesiastes 12:13

        There you have it! That is why you exist. You were Made to have a relationship with the One who Made you. Laugh, scoff, say whatever you will, but that is the answer to life’s biggest question. All, and I mean ALL, of the problems in the world, are the result of people not knowing Him.
        Greed. Envy. Pride. Arrogance. Deception. Jealousy. Wars. Economic slavery of billions. Tyrannical government of any kind…it’s all caused by people who don’t know Him. False religions and false religious claims to justify horrendous actions are not caused by real Christians (so you can save yourself the trouble of mentioning the crusades and inquisitions and such).
        Those that truly know Him, and serve Him, are those that have met Him on His terms. Not some fake religious experience. And they know the peace that passes all understanding. They know WHY this world is so screwed up. And, they know how to enjoy life while not being clueless about possible trouble in the future. They know how to prepare, in a reasonable way, without being paranoid.
        God made us to fear Him and keep His commandments. But He also made us capable of laughter. And singing and dancing. And lots of other enjoyable things that in no way offend his standards. It’s all about the balance in life. Salt here… pepper there. The left hand here… the right hand there. Merle Haggard here… Lynard Skynard there. It’s all about the balance, my friends.
        My rant is over. I shall now close the good book and retire to the back porch to pick a little and sing along with my two new cd’s (Dwight Yoakam’s Greatest Hits and The Best of Pink Floyd…really!)

        • Oh, I almost forgot- I never insulted anybody’s mule! Honest.

          • That was beautifully written, Okie…thank you. The word “fear” here means an awe-filled respect and adoring prostration, well captured in Johnny Cash’s When the Man Comes Around. Our lives should be a praise to God, no matter what terrors or troubles we face. And simple preparation today can save us from the temptation of assorted depravities tomorrow.

          • Okie, a little “Stairway to Heaven” would be perfect right about now.

        • Thanks for the inspiration, Okie. I’d like to see you try and pick some Pink Floyd on that banjo. lol.

        • Great post Okie. Ying & yang. Always read your posts.
          I have 4 gigs of Pink Floyd, albums, concerts, rare stuff, would like to send them to you, I think you would like alot. Listening to Pink now…

        • Thumbs up on Dwight, don’t forget Haggard and Hank Jr.

        • Thank you for the re-focus!!! Your words (and HIS!) are very much needed right now.

        • If that is your ‘meaning of life’, then I’m sorry…for you.
          Maybe that is why God’s people are deceived into living in fear and misery and “submission to righteous authority”?
          Fear is the driving force of your lives, this is sad. You fight and war at the drop of a hat, you love conflict and killing as much as you love your other god; materialism(mammon).

          How do you reconcile your two gods?
          The god of war, and the god of love?
          Your history is a history of killing, war, murder in “the name of God”.

          But you say, I must simply “have faith”… in what? Death?
          Jesus? You do not even know what He taught.. you only have maybe 5% of His teachings left in your ‘good book’ that was written by Rome, using the old writings of the Gnostics and changing the narrative from Light to Dark.

          They murdered ‘the Saints’ and called them ‘heretics’. Then they caused over a thousand years of scientific backwardation, misery, wars, divisions and denominations and disunity because the doctrines of deception were the basis, the writings of Paul vs. the Gospels of The true disciples of Christ. No, they burned those writings and destroyed all evidence of their CRIME against humanity, and left all of us as victims in the darkness.

          The True Meaning of Life is simple, laid down in the ‘Forbidden’ books of the Gnostics, it is JOY. Something this culture finds in SELF gratification, MYSTERY, materialism, ipods and gadgets and arguing over the shadows on the wall of our prison cave.

          Our constitution and founding documents even laid it out for you, they called it; The Pursuit of Happiness. But, you cannot be happy unless you’re miserable…your religions demand it, and you wonder why you’re divided like the Iron and the Clay?

          Your culture is on its last legs, and your churches will be destroyed by the Fear of Mystery when the Darkness arrives, and works its dark power upon the solar system and your minds over the next 30 years or so.

          Only when your materialistic culture is gone, can the culture of the Medicine wheel, of Light and Love come about. Only when your ‘raptures’ fail to materialize on your preachers schedules will you comprehend how wrong you’ve been about relying on MYSTERY. Only when your broken book of abomination that makes desolate, set up in the true temple of God, your minds, is found out and corrected through KNOWLEDGE, can true unification come. Only when you see the Harlot who’s name is MYSTERY, BABYLON, will you understand that FEAR is no longer a rational basis for spirituality. But your divided and broken religions are not based in spirituality and love and light, they are based in fear and darkness of a Jealous False God, Ya(h), yaltaboath, the Chief Archon. While the Emissary of Light’s message was wrapped in dung and sold to the masses. You may disagree out of ignorance, but you cannot deny this; by your fruits we know you.

          Knowledge of God’s Family must conquer the mystery of God, the Universe is about cause and effect, not crime and punishment. But I know you won’t, you can’t, for you are full of FEAR. (Read Rev 21:8, and tell me it is rational for a religion to preach against itself. But then, I know, all you have to have is ‘faith’, and all things are “a mystery of God my son”.
          Hogwash, that tired old line is done. The Christ’s message was almost identical to Buddha’s. Get over it. )

          The Revenge of the Heretics is the Knowledge of God, that conquers, and the Mystery of God is finished…

          pipermichael wordpress com

          • From the last comment where I asked the nation to pray for ‘our’ nation each night, and you responded in critiquing my prayer request, I pretty much scroll right past your comments now.

            • This nation is not worthy.
              The People, some of them, are the only thing worthy of ‘saving’.
              Your system is about the Love of Money, which, your own book defines as; The Root of all Evil…

              Deal with it.

            • Hey Piper, go smaoke another joint or whatever it is that you’re on. No one care’s to listen to your BS.

            • Dave leave the joints alone lol, maybe he was drinking jack , or snorting coke or smoking crack. Maryjane is a non processed plant. Unless you include drying which is done to many herbs used in cooking :)Also most kids drink befor they ever touch a joint.. talk about gateways….

        • Smokin, if my phone ain’t a ringin’ it must be you.

          Keep the Bible thumpin’ goin’, us heathens’ need it.

          And the earthquakes, don’t forget the earthquakes. Or maybe that’s someone else. Lot of tremblers here. I read it on every post with song and verse.

          Peace, brother.

          The article starting this thread is all BS, But just in case keep yer 12 handy.

        • Right you are Oak! Even Fox News was throwing darts at the folks on SS Disability today, and used insinuating comments as to the idea that they are “not deserving” and “lazy” people just looking for a handout.
          Now correct me if I’m wrong, but isn’t ss disability payouts drawn on $$ that workers invested,thru payroll deductions and via big gov, for their retirement or unable to work a full time job scenario? Yea, the ones with big paying jobs,medical insurance, healthy/wealthy lives, seem to be the ones throwing the most stones at those less fortunate.

          All that, goody two shoes, holier than thou ideaology, won’t do them one bit of good when the day of reckoning comes.

          BTW, DY’s greatest makes for some good tunes. His “live” CD is one of my favorites. Under the Covers is killer. His rendition of EP’s Suspicious Minds= great, and the duet with Sheryl Crow, “Baby Don’t Go”, gets my ole honky tonk feets a sliding. Enjoy!

        • ….we dont need no education…we dont need no thought control…HEY OKIE!,play that banjo loud …all in all we’re just loose bricks in the wall…..or just “simple men” aka “white boys” lookin for a place to do our thing 🙂

        • Thats what the Obama administration is all about, confusion and misdirection, subterfuge, deception

      28. Philosophers such as Thomas Hobbes (1588 – 1679) and John Locke (1632 – 1704) put forth social contract theories which claimed we had obligations to each other, and tried to root our obligations to other human beings in our voluntary participation in, or consent to, something like a binding contract.

        Hobbes and Locke argued that a social contract is justifiable because people would find the conditions of life without it — the “state of nature”— unacceptable, BUT (and here’s the important part) Hobbes also tells us that the social contract is nullified when the state tries to kill you, and Locke regards the contract as canceled when the state can no longer secure people’s natural rights or when it directly violates those rights (rights to life, liberty, and property).

        Seems to me treating preppers as terrorists as well as trying to take away their freedom to defend themselves would activate the caveats in the social contract.

        • Ding… give that man a cigar…

      29. So they will take our guns ? Fine we will simply make homemade ones . Sure they will be single shot and will not be as acurate but we will still be able to shoot . During ww 2 the phillipine resistance made a home made shotgun . they took two pieces of pipe a small bit of cement and a nail , one piece of pipe had to be just large enough to hold the shotgun shell , the next piece had to allow the other pipe to slide down into it with the shell inside. the cement and nail were put into the larger pipe in the bottom end , after it hardened all you did was put a shell into the small pipe slide that pipe into the larger one and when the shell hit the nail , BANG ! one dead enemy !!!

        • , are you suggesting that we surrender, roll out the white flag and let all this happen? Personally I think we should fight now. There is nothing at all stopping preppers from running for local and state offices at this time. You may not have any cloud at the federal level but you do at your county and state level

          • Dave, Is that you?

      30. “The whole aim of practical politics is to keep the populace alarmed (and hence clamorous to be led to safety) by menacing it with an endless series of hobgoblins, all of them imaginary.” H.L.Mencken

        • This is the same meme as ‘religion’ and ‘submission to ‘Godly’ authority.

          Babylon invented the Triune system of the Elites…
          Money changers who imposed fixed contracts of debt, in a changing and hazardous world, virtually guaranteeing The House a Win. Then the contracts were backed up by the Kings law and force of arms, the people were kept in submission by the Priests admonition to ‘submit to Godly authority’… sound familiar?

          The statue of the Head of Gold that imposes the Rule of Gold, down to our time. (He who has the gold, makes the rules.) That keeps us divided by the ideologies of the rich on the left and right legs, and the toes of MYSTERY RELIGIONS, that keeps us divided and in constant disagreement, like Iron and Clay…

          Those who fight it, will die.
          Those who run away and hide, may live for awhile.
          Those who band together and hide, will live longer, and maybe even thrive for the long haul, if there are enough.

      31. So they’re gonna take my guns huh ???

        ;0) okay here ya go … hands over old rusty lever action .45-70 . ;0)

        I do hope these zog steroid juiced gestapo storm troopers even realize that they have to go home sometime … and when they do … that’s when i’ll dig up my boxed oil cloth wrapped “Back-Up” AK’s and Shorty Pump 12 Gauges w/ ammo .

        * Then I’m gonna TAKE theirs just as they did mine !!!
        * Except – I’ll wait till night time … when their home with their family !!!

        As they say … All is Fair in Psychologically Co-Dependent Physically Abusive Love and Fascist DicKtatorship Domestic Civil War .



        • Just so you know to bring a village up to a point to be a force. It is a lot harder than all your rebel screaming you do.

      32. Listning to Alex Jones is like eating fish-careful with the bones.His job is to sale.-efoods, ProPur water filters Books ect.
        What I have been hearing is that in the case of civil unrest the PTB will simply Wall off the Cities, let them burn and when the mob is tired and hungry thats when they plan scoop them up!
        So… dont get caught in the cities. But otherwise stop worrying about the GOV stormming your compoud.

      33. Anyone know the % makeup of the Guard from rural versus city?

        I don’t see rural members following any orders to turn on their own.

      34. Sounds to me like they will be fighting amongst them selfs , so I’ll just wait till the idiots clean their nummbers down.

        Coming for my stuff is an act of war, they’ll get it

        Going door to door for guns is a rediculous thought..that would net them the fight of their lives..

        sounds like provocation to who is the terrorist?

        • Yep, let the trouble and looters and idiots have to be dealt with. there will be way too too much chaos and people needed being rescued etc. Nobody is going to listen and a lot of us are more trained in tactics than national guard. There are some very good guard but some crapy ones like police officers. It will be the biggest mistake they make 2nd to the nuke being dropped on Japan and im not kidding if this is true. Do they realize we are just as trained as much or more!! Plus we have our neighborhood advantages. Ok you have thermal, thats not hard to deal with, plus they are not going to be doing this at dark, too dangerous from sniper fire. Ok they have high number of team members against one location, people will bond if you did your preps right. It would be impossible with the deaths and people that refuse and resistance to do this!! think about it.

      35. I am calling BS on this claim. For one, how has validate that these directives have been in fact given. Any recordings of senior military personnel during these secret squirrel meeting? If they are openly discussing this in briefings this information would be very hard to contain. This National Guardsman is mentally probably nothing then a bored housewife. The local gossip that will make up shit to attract more attention to themselves.

      36. I am 1 of the original doomsday prepper s, I know the government is watching us but they are also watching many other patriot and Christians organizations. Our own government is turning into the terrorist organization that they fear the most. I encourage everyone to learn message encryption, also do not keep all your eggs in 1 basket
        Especially when concerning firearms and ammunition. You may want to keep out 1 pistol 1 rifle and 1 shotgun, then hide the rest in different locations. It is common sense that the firearms will be the first thing they try to confiscate in any terrorist activity by our government

        • Anyone on that show not only has the government to worry about, but also their neighbors. I watch that show with my laptop to see how many addresses I can find with just Facebook and property tax records.

          • I totally agree, you need to prepare BUT keep your preparations secret from your lazy neighbors who would like nothing better than to come and take it all from you should their family be hungry. I finally found a company that offers an OPSEC way to get our food storage. A years worth of food all stacked up on a pallet and wrapped in black plastic. It’s called the CUBE. You can find it at on the special deals page. Don’t know how to cook with food storage? They have some good videos that shows you several recipes. It’s easier than I thought it would be to be prepared without anyone knowing about it, you just have to know where to look.

        • Dave it is you. Hope you are well.

      37. Am I living in the United States under the constitution or Germany under Adolf Hitler? If they do the things listed in this article we will have a revelution. It is not the preppers that are going to cause the problems but those in the inner cities and those who depend on the goverment. We will protect our families and property
        and if the facist in our goverment want to destroy our constitution then I say “come for me first”. Stay strong patriots and may God guide us.

      38. This is probably the most foolish article I’ve read in a while. Really?

        “Obama lost the election! There’s mass riots! Go get the preppers!”


        • @Matthew….well, putting like that has me LMAO!!!

      39. I don’t expect them to go after preppers right away. After the collapse the cities will be burning. I expect them to wait until most Americans have starved to death. They’ll use satellites with infrared to map out where everybody lives based on heat signatures coming from houses.

      40. After what happened during Katrina I wouldn’t doubt for a second they would try to take our weapons.

      41. SmokinOkie,

        Thank you for who you are and your ability to express yourself. I also appreciate the reminder – Ecclesiastes 12:13.

        Listening to the lyrics of Breathe, Time, Money, Us and Them, Brain Damage and finally Eclipse really takes me back to ‘The Dark Side of The Moon’ and kicking back to enjoy Pink Floyd was great back in 1973 as it is today.

        Y’all Beware! Ever shoot a 12 gauge listening to your favorite song? Try it ~ ‘it’s a gas’ ~!

      42. Thanks Mac.

      43. Typical Alex Jones bullshit. Making news with lies and non-story. The guy is an ADL disinformation agent. The worst time the governments can go after ground standing preppers is WHILE riots are going on.

        Come on.

        • Stef: aint the SPLC bunch also near alex in texas?

          If alex aint adl. then likely Is controled oposition with splc kommies. Alex married one eh. Hmmmmm…..

      44. FM 3-19.15
        Look it up and read it.

        Field Manual (FM) 3-19.15 addresses continental United States (CONUS) and outside continental United States (OCONUS) civil disturbance operations. Today, United States (US) forces are deployed on peacekeeping, peace enforcement, and humanitarian assistance operations worldwide. During these operations, US forces are often faced with unruly and violent crowds intent on disrupting peace and the ability of US forces to maintain peace. Worldwide instability coupled with increasing US military participation in peacekeeping and related operations requires that US forces have access to the most current doctrine and tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTP) necessary to quell riots and restore public order. In addition to covering civil unrest doctrine for OCONUS operations, FM 3-19.15 addresses domestic unrest and the military role in providing assistance to civil authorities requesting it for civil disturbance operations. It provides the commander and his staff guidance for preparing and planning for such operations. The principles of civil disturbance operations, planning and training for such operations, and the TTP employed to control civil disturbances and neutralize special threats are discussed in this manual. It also addresses special planning and preparation that are needed to quell riots in confinement facilities are also discussed.

        This isn’t just some crap Alex Jones thought up, it’s something that Guard units are actively training for and have been for the last few years.

        Also troubling is the wording used in the laws the government is using in making laws that allow our military to do the government’s bidding…such as being used for natural disasters
        …”And other purposes”.

        Over the last ten or so years, the words “And other purposes” keep showing up in our laws and are never defined to lay out what is meant by “other purposes”.

        It’s those undefined “other purposes” that should be raising suspicion with everyone regardless of who you’re voting for.

        “Other purposes” simply means that shidt-canning your constitutional rights in order to maintain government power isn’t off the table and, if it means ordering our sons and daughters serving in the military to repress us at the behedst of the current regime, they have the law on their side to do it…because OUR representitives ok’d it in OUR name…as the “consent of the governed”.

        Sadly, in this country “the governed” pay little attention to what the people they send to represent them are actually doing…nor do they even seem to care anymore.
        I got my job.
        I get my foodstamps
        I get my welfare check
        My social security check arrives on time
        My section 8 keeps the roof over my head

        Oh? The government trampled my constitutional rights?
        Will that cause problems with my check?
        Well…ok! As long as I’m not inconvenienced, it’s ok.

        We’ve been slipping as citizens because it’s OUR job to stop this crap…and we don’t.

      45. I’d take anything Alex Jones puts out with a grain of salt.

        • @ Spook89

          Ditto brother!

      46. I don’t know what to make of this story. I think that Possee has many good points. I also know what a Marxist Government will do after it has complete control. (Like after the Elections)

        Because their economics don’t work they’ll always end up focusing on some group as “The Enemy of the People” to rally the rest. Then they take what “The Enemy of the People” have, keep the good stuff for themselves and dole out the rest to shut the poor up. (Castro has the world’s largest collection of Classic Cars, Kim in North Korea drank the most expensive Brandy France produces)

        It happened in Russia,Cuba,Viet Nam, Cambodia, and Hugo Chavez is doing it now to stay in power.

        There may not be FEMA camps now, but if Barry wins, you can rest assure there will be some day.

      47. This sort of scenario would deeply impact the government, if the shit didn’t already hit the fan, rouge units of Nation Guard who refuse to rob their fellow citizens would certainly do the trick. They can’t take our guns if the leg breakers won’t take them.

      48. Okay this story is impossible on a logistical scale. It’s a lot like Romney’s tax plan. The math just doesn’t add up.

        They’d have to hit every house at the same time across the nation because as soon as the first location was hit, news would be across the nation. And are they going to have time to search every house and yard, top to bottom, every vehicle, every farmhouse, outhouse and hen house? Have metal detectors and deep ground detectors enough for every house? On top of the armed guards it would take to force people to give them up?

        Regarding these various rumours and allegations that purport to be targeting preppers or anyone with a week’s supply or more of food being a terrorist and the fusion centers all seeing eyes. Drones monitoring us from a mile up. etc and so on.

        Like someone else said, their only option is to make it a prison offense to own a firearm. There’s no way they can confiscate them. I have close friends on the police forces in two towns here and all of them say they wouldn’t obey such an order. That it’s unconstitutional by both our nation’s and our state’s constitutions.

        Please continue to prep, it’s coming one way or another, in whatever form it will arrive in but there’s no doubt some seriously bad times are coming. But don’t let their fear mongering and propaganda keep you from doing what you need to do to be prepared.

        Let me ask you this, given the displayed and historical competency and corruption of our government at all levels what seems more likely –

        a) They’re really ‘that’ good, that Hollywood has it balls on accurate. That they have eyes and ears into everything we do and have spent the hundreds of billions of dollars on what they said they were going to do.


        b) They’re wasting the money like usual on private jets and $400 hammers and $8000 doors and telling everyone including the ones that okay-ed their stupidly big budgets about how powerful they are to get people too scared to do anything?

        I’m giving pretty good odds its the second one but everyone needs to choose from their eyes, heart and mind which is more likely.

        It’s a lot easier and leaves a whole lot more money available to spend on jets and house upgrades to spread false information, false flags and false abilities and say Let’s let the people’s fears do our work for us while we sit back and have the cabana boy bring us another margarita.

        Stay alert, stay safe.

        • They will try in some places, and hope fear is enough. They will end up playing whack-a-mole until they totally run out of money. If the US economy tanks far enough for whatever reason, that won’t be very long. The machine has a voracious appetite.

          On this point I agree with the Wall st. banksters–Hope is not a strategy.

      49. Listen folks,

        True to my name, I would not support an unlawful order, and straight from the horse’s mouth as a soldier stationed stateside with no real deployment for the foreseeable future, No such order has been given from my command thus far.

        • Honest question OathKeeper, what’s you and your buddies thoughts on waging war without a declaration? I was in during Desert Shield/Storm, and never thought much about it. We were the good guys, Iraqi’s were raping Kuwuati women and killing babies (so we were told anyway) – that was good enough for me at the time.

          If the order comes down to strike Iran, do you see any significant percentage of the brass or grunts saying “not again, not without a declaration of war as required by the Constitution”?

          • @Philo

            We haven’t had a declared war since 1945. If some one trys to car jack you, do you declare it an offical “Car Jacking” before you resist.

            Show some respect for this guy, he is a Grunt, not head of The Joint Chiefs.

            • We have an all volunteer force today, just like when I was in. You might say my participation in that undeclared war further paved the way for where we’re at now – and you’d be right to do so. I take responsibility for what I did, and didn’t do, then.

            • In that situation, I have visual evidence; not so much in the war efforts lately, as I read about, not see it.
              The media does lie.

            • Carjacking aint quite same as kill all who jews hates rev ike. Especially when them “haters” lies on a regular basis as their religion advises lying to Us “goyims”(gentiles).

              Read Pastor Chyck Baldwin’s latest article at newswithviews website…

              He was who Ron Paul endorced(finally) for Prez in 2008 elections.

              Baldwin asks if america would stil be at war and more wars under hobammy if todays evangelicals would Stop supporting all wars for isreal regardless the circumstances etc?….Baldwin himself is a born and raised baptist evangelical now in Montanta…

              he also mentioned a montana patriot who attended a different church there. And That preachers sermon was all on how “Christains MUST obey govnt athourity as romans ch 13 says etc!

              Well Baldwins pal the patriot guy asked that other pastor to clarify it…

              That pastor told the guy “If any Cops or Military men enter my house, and even if they throw my wife across the kitchen table and gang rape her?….I wont do a thing as I must Obey as written etc”!!!!!!!

              THAT Pastor and a vast majority nationwide as him IS a Main reason so many of todays christians are such Whimppy Cowards.

              If theyd Read the entire chapter its plain as day obey=Only as long as govnt athourity acts properly etc.

              I know not a name of his church in montana, But am willing to bet all I got…Every single member of his flock is gungho to kill 1/2 the worlds population if isreal zios demands it.

              Its not, rioting anybodys, that will be worst problems…More like stupid misled foolish evangelicals such as That pastor is. They will likely Murder patriots as long as some pastor tells them its doing a service for God to bless them…..”Khazers”(Hah! bet ya thought I was gonna say…jews eh!)

      50. Wasn’t last month National Preparedness Month? Weren’t we SUPPOSED to be preparing for emergencies?

      51. I’m skeptical of this story for many reasons–for example doomsday preppers are a private lot who don’t do much boasting.

        However I am deeply discouraged that what is outlined in this article presents a scenario that will develop in some form. Americans are hopeless when it comes to stopping tyranny because they believe what their favorite media jewish talking heads tell them. Conservative? check. Liberal? check. The fix is in, the true swindlers have control of our media.

        Based on my conversations with my own brother lately, trying to wake him up gently, he’s very resistant! He’s angry about these things I say, and like a good sheep, when the economy crashes he’ll be listening to Michael Medved for direction on who caused the collapse. If Medved blames preppers, my ass is grass.

        Now think about how the next false flag is going to be staged…

        • Ranch: You certain its jewsih talking heads in msm?…I ask because I am almost an expert now in detecting the swindlers be they Live=on tv or even in a photo!

          I tried to count how many or what percentages on each tv news show were jewish and how many are goyim gentiles.

          It seems from my unscientific observations its more like… Say if Fox news has “The FIVE” on tv…At least ONE is Not jewish!

          Same for cnn-nbc-abc-cbs-bbc=msnbc shows.

          They always have ONE non jewish journalist on each show!
          Its usually the foxy babe blonde whos a goyim(but probobly Married to a khazer/jewsih man)

          Just want to clarify as some folks demand acuracy.

      52. alex jone may be a blowhard, but he’s right on this.

        if you are a prepper thats been making waves, the best way to silence you if the dont just put you in prison for any reason they determine; is to make you as defenseless to conditions as everyone else.

        and in case you didn’t know, FDR did confiscate peoples gold during the depression. if they need your gold or guns, theyre going to come and take it and there isnt one thing you can do about it.

        best thing to do is prepare, keep a small footprint on it and just wait for the crash and see if america will rebell against what its government has become and then join in. right now, rebelling is just making yourself the nail that sticks out and needs a hammer.

      53. This is a little off topic but it is something that I have been trying to figure out. What is behind Romney’s sudden rise in the polls? I just don’t see anything that would justify the turn around.
        Given the underhanded treatment of Ron Paul in the primaries, I would expect to see similar moves now. But, other than a few rumors, there has been nothing reported. Sometimes the absence of something can be suspicious in itself.
        Any thoughts on this?

        • It’s his hair, people really really like his hair. (sarc)

          • Or it might be that Romney is not a Radical Communist?

        • Merree: Oh you can Bet the “Tribe” has something evil or bad etc on Romney…They are saving it for later deployment, if say, Romney gets elected…Then refuses to carpet bomb 2/3rds of the known world for netanyahoo and crew.

          Check into Romneys prior BAIN capitol associates…One a woman is now CEO of all 850+ Talk Radio stations such as Rush’s and Hannitys and all the othr conservative radio talkers shows…

          Oh yeah! Before this that woman was 3rd from Top honcho of Isreali Mossad(like our cia) and some secretive cia type org within Mossads structures.

          Third from Top Honcho!..Duel Citizen also I believe. Hmmmmm……Romney+Bain+Isrealis+Mossad!!!!!!!Hmmmmm…

      54. Possee, I appreciate your thoughts and i don’t trust anything Jones or anyone else says unless they have something solid to support what they say. You’re spot on about gun confiscation being logistically impossible, even with so-called “UN peacekeepers”. I just wish more of our LE and military would wake up and stand with us and not against us. Those who go up against the people will be committing suicide. If anyone forces their way into my home, they will die. Braveheart

        • I have Often Thought about this Gun confiscation, and from a logistical Stand Point, it is not Possible,to happen all at once..We are going to have them Taken Away, by EO or by new Laws..They will Make all gun owners Felons, and round people up on a diffrent time Table,They must know, they will never be able to Get them on a Mass Scale..They will control People by Not Letting Gun Owners Buy Food, or Fuel etc or Travel, Most likely Pull all the FFl”s, and Nobody will be able to Buy New Guns or Ammo!If they Try to Take them by Force, they are going to Hit a Buzzsaw, they Cannot Win no Matter What They do, As an example where I live WE have 30 Cops, 25 Sheriff Deputies, and a Handful of State Troopers, We have 55 K Armed Citizens in Deer Country, and more Owners and Preppers, not on the Feds Radar..I would say they got a Hellofa Job to Round us up or disarm us, and I”am not Including the Militia! I say Bring it On, its time to Reset this Nightmare! Semper Fi

          • What if they collapse all forms CASH $$$, then say “You Must get Chipped (rfid-ID)..(666 bible mark) to buy or sell Anything…..BUT you must First hand in ALL firearms registered or yellow sheet known etc?

            Alot of dummies Will comply I bet. Thems who will also turn YOU in if feds gov promices them an xtra LB of butter next month!!….Thats how Russias Bolsheviks got folks to Rat out Family members and neighbors in 1920 era onward to modern era prior to kommie collapse.

      55. Just another alarmist. If Rome was truly burning, the Guard and the Army won’t have time to stop by everyone’s home that owns a gun and a couple cases of MREs to confiscate their weapons. Just not gonna happen.

      56. SmokinOkie, I’m with you. I dread what’s coming as much as everyone else here. Let the feds or any other fools go ahead and target me; there will be consequences for that action. Government has long since lost any legitimate basis for its own existence. Government is such a stupid and asinine organization. nothing they do can really be considered legitimate. not one manmade government, going back to Roman Empire, ever had good, honorable intentions towards the people they rule over. As for me, I don’t believe any of us really have any obligations to any government that has bad intentions towards us. If someone tries to force their way into your home, you have the God-given right to kill that person. IT DOESN’T MATTER IF THEY’RE IN A UNIFORM OR NOT! i don’t care what anyone else says, period. I’m getting nervous as we get closer to the elections. The night of Nov. 6 could be when SHTF happens. The Obamafools are threatening to riot, killany white people they seem etc. if their hero loses. I’m going to start carrying one of my pistols with me for the time being. I’m not about to become a victim. braveheart

      57. From what I’ve seen, the National Guard is one unorganized mess! The only thing I would worry about is the aircraft capabilities, other than that, one round through one of their buddies with blood splattering on a pal’s uniform and motivation for screwing with citizens is done.

        • @akvalmet
          I think that you have forgotten that many of the Guard units have been fighting for years in the Near East. I know that The Red Bulls from my home state of MN have.

          I think you might be confused with the old “weekend warrior” image of a few decades ago.


        “Back porch jello” is a healthy treat that prepares in little time – cherry or lime tastes divine! If wheat is the staff of life, consider gelatin as the glue that allows the body joints to flex, bones to remain sturdy, and that keeps the body upright and pain free.

        Loss of cartilage between vertebrae and bodily joints becomes a serious condition as people age. To counteract the loss of cartilage resulting in bone grinding upon uncushioned bone, with accompanying pain and loss of mobility, your diet must be supplemented with natural gelatin on a daily basis.

        Below you will find “Jello Jar Mix” for non refrigerated gelatin. It works well for “now” in a refrigerator, of course!


        1 – 6 ounce box of favorite flavor Jello (or store “Brand X”)
        3 – packets of Knox unflavored gelatine
        3 – tablespoons sugar, honey or white corn syrup
        2 – tablespoons lemon juice (reconstituted is fine)
        3 – cups boiling water
        2 – cups cold water
        Pour the 2 cups of cold water into a large bowl or 3 quart pot. Cut open the 3 packets of Knox Gelatine and mix well with the cold water. Let sit for 5 minutes while the tea kettle boils.

        No — it’s not “canned” Jello- simply use wide mouth canning jars to make Back Porch Jello — they are easy to carry and keep covered and clean.

        Add: 6 ounce box of Jello to bowl. Pour in 3 cups of boiling water, stirring well. Mix in 2 tablespoons lemon juice and 3 tablespoons sugar, stirring until blended. Set aside until slightly cool.

        Pour into two wide mouth quart jars, with lids. Place in the coolest part of your house or back porch for the gel to set.
        Jello set nicely overnight in a 65 F pantry. Of course jello will set faster in cooler temperatures.


      59. @ SmokinOkie, You seem to be able to say the things that I think but can’t seem to put into words. And thank you Mac for giving us a platform to speak and maintain our anonymity.

        I live for today, but plan for tomorrow. I have been doing this for many years. I have my 401K (not very big) but I also have silver eagles. (Got them when they were only $8.00 each) I try not to let fear dictate how I go about my life. As has been stated, they cannot come after everyone at once, those that see this will stand up. I believe that it would be a serious misstep on their part. They will just threaten the sheeple to give them up.

        A Lil’ off topic… I have a question. I’ve started to can meat this year, bacon, hot dogs, hamburg, sausage (brats and ground) and stew beef. The stew beef turns out perfect. 90 minutes at 10 pounds. The other stuff sucks.

        I end up with bacon bits and Vienna sausage for hot dogs. It is the long processing time that is breaking down the meat and making it awful. I don’t want to eat this type of stuff that I’ve saved. I adjusted my processing time down to 10 minutes @ 10 pounds for the hot dogs. We let them sit for about 2 weeks before grilling them last night. Much better, finally real hotdogs, not Vienna’s.

        My next attempt will be the Johnsonville Brats again. I figure 20 minutes @ 10 pounds because the pork is raw.
        Has anyone ever gone thru this? I know I’m playing with fire or Botchy bugs as some might say. But the texture of the meat sucks when done @ 90 minutes. I’m just looking for what works for y’all. God bless and keep prepping.


        • You really think your anonymity is maintained here? Dear Hillbilly, they can TRACK your post back to your computer in the blink of an eye.

          And to think they aren’t already is utterly retarded.

          • Anonymity?…HAH!…”Ve Knows U No Sumtink!…and Ve Av Vays ov vindink Outsky!!”

            Russia Kommie Ebonics!! by: Vlad the Impaler…

            • Vlad Tepes or Vlad Tsepsh is how it is sounded. Was born in Sighișoara, Transylvania, Kingdom of Hungary.

          • RE: “they can TRACK your post back to your computer in the blink of an eye. ”

            For anonymous surfing AND posting use the TOR browser available @ Its works!

          • Caution!! Prior to Curing Salt….First determine the exact nature of it’s disease or illness.

        • A few things Hillbilly. The times and pressures for canned meats are designed to insure that you’re killing any possible botulism germs. Botulism is some seriously bad stuff.

          The times in your ball blue book are designed to make sure that the center of the jars reach a temperature that’s hot enough and long enough to kill off the germs.

          If you use pints you can process for less time which may help.

          Granted as long as sterilizing your jars and lids and working clean and using a quality supplier of meats you’re probably okay with less but do you want to risk it?

          Also use rawpack/cold pack rather than hot pack items. Hotdogs are already cooked so you’re cooking them twice.

          We can meatballs and sauce, chicken, beef, hamburger patties, sausage patties, taco meat using raw pack and while you can’t mistake it for fresh, it’s good enough that we rotate through our stores on a weekly basis using items that are over a year old.

          • My wife will usually brown meat like a roast or go ahead and cook it if is chicken. She has also done sausage patties. I believe she cooks it for 45 minutes at 10 pounds. Might be too long but death by food poisoning isn’t my idea of prepping. Also, she will put excess from the garden and dehydrate them and store them in glass jars. Want some veggie soup, boil some water and drop them in. Works great. By the way, canned roast produces its own gravy which is really good.

          • @ HisArmsWide thanks for your thoughts, I know I risk losing the meat to it going bad if not completely sterilized. (Or making us sick to death) But the time under pressure is breaking down the fiber of the meat. (That is why the stew meat is perfect)
            My wife does not want to touch the meats I’ve done because they do not even come close to being like fresh. (More like baby food) I want to get away from using our freezers as much as possible. The old saying of “Store what you eat, and eat what you store.” is what I live by.
            I believe the Ball Blue book is over kill on its process times. Yes, no critter (botchy bug) can survive 100% using the books guidelines. I have been talking to people about how it was done a long time ago. Some of those methods I would never try. Like the one for sausage patties. “Fry up the patties, stack them in the jar, and add the hot grease from the pan into the jar. Put the cap on, swirl the grease around in the jar, tip upside down and wait till it seals.” Thanks, but NO THANKS… I will use the pressure canner for that, I just feel that the time is too long.

            @ Murt Thank you for the link, I have never done salt curing. We have something around here called “Fat Back” that is salt cured. I can only handle it a few times a year. I would not want to eat it several times a week.

            Maybe we are just too spoiled by today’s fresh food selection. I know storing hot dogs is not a great survival strategy, but we can only eat so much rice and beans before food apathy sets in. I’m just trying to expand our selection to include some comfort foods and still live for today.

            Thanks again y’all.

            • I pickled my dogs. I couldn’t stand the thought of no hot dogs..and I get them for $1 on sale.

            • Look p the preparedness pro. She has great tips for canning meat.

      60. Psh, more B.S. from Alex Jones. Everything this guy vomits forth is nothing more than the pablum of an agent provocateur, and a very wealthy one at that.

      61. Sometimes I wonder where they get this shit. “Anonymous Whistle blower”… Right. Like the military can take time to root out ALLLLL the Preppers at this point.

        That’d be a third of America. And to confiscate guns? — Billions of guns at this point? Why even an attempt to do that would instigate a civil war SO FAST it would make their f-ing head’s spin.

        Alex Jones makes money off of FEAR MONGERING.

        While I don’t doubt some of the more valid / verifiable stuff on his website — REMEMBER THIS!!: The more fear Alex Jones can froth up the faster his pockets fill up.

        This site is a LOS of the same. Good stuff mixed in with nonsense and fear mongering. Some of it just stupid shit written to get clicks.

      62. There is a huge story brewing over Libya. Those Seals fought back for 7 hours! There was a drone overhead, all the emails prove that the WH knew what was going on. We had assests 1 hour away which could have helped these brave American’s….AND NOBODY DID A DAM THING!

        Then Obama, Hillary, and Rice lied about this. The MSM is doing everything they can to sweep this story under the rug, why?

        Never having run a Blog, I don’t know how topics are chosen, but instead of bitching over wack job Alex Jones, maybe Mac could at least bring these tragic events to more people’s attention?

        • See the “Ulsterman Report” site for real hard news.

        • Okay, I read that the entire operation was planned to kidnap the ambassador so Ostupid could swap the ambassador for the blind ensure Ostupid’s re-election as the hero.

      63. here is something to ponder, or not..

        many times the question has been asked..will they fire on us citizens, and I have this as an answer

        Absolutly Yes they will, I have no doubt in my mind

        1. they are scared to fuckin death of us, and rightfully so, scared people do stupid shit
        2. they are already firing on us..we are humans, and so are the ones they are firing on over in any other country.
        they are killing their fellow man all for what another man says they have or might do.
        these “rebels” they call them, are people (humans) just like you and I, that dont want this in their country or donot agree with the would we be viewed as any different..? we wont be..we will also be “in their way” so we will be delt with the same way they are dealing with the humans (population) in any other country they deem they are “at war with”

        are you ready for this? no ..I mean are you really ready for this?

        or will you be one of the many that will be blind sided by it, when it goes down?

      64. First, sort through all the crap that we are being fed constantly. Bottom line, America is in trouble and there is nothing you can do to save it. Live your life, turn off the boob tube, turn off the nay sayers, turn off the daily barrage of garbage that is infiltrating your rationale, just stop the white noise and tell them all to go to hell. Even the ones who want you to be desperate and buy all the doomsday crap they are peddling. This ride is out of control and all you can do is brace yourself for when it crashes. Who the hell knows what will happen, no one, that’s who. Sure, have some preparations but thinking you will live off of your preps while others are dyeing is sheer lunacy, it never goes the way you plan. Let’s see, could be a pandemic, could be a earth changing earth quake, could be an emp, could be mass starvation, could be a terrorist attack, could be a nuclear melt down, could be nuclear war, could be a meteor, could be devastating weather or drought, could be God returning to cleanse this earth. My bet is with God, so I guess the best way to prepare for any and all of these potential events, is to make peace with the Lord and be a genuinely good human being. Love, Live, Laugh, Appreciate and Pray.

      65. what doesn’t make sense to me is that if obama loses the ones rioting would be his followers who are not preppers. preppers would be celebrating not rioting so i do not understand why the guard would go after preppers. if obama wins then i would expect obama to confiscate guns or try. it would be nice if congress grew a pair and stuck up for the constitution for once. we are not the problem but part of the solution!

        • jimbo..Are you a white man?…If so then You are the Real enemy of them what wants to destroy and Take america for themselves etc…Its a Real Ongoing War against whitefolks plain and simple.

          Oh sure..They will do likewise against any blacks or others whos awake or deemed resisters. But the vast majority of who They deem as enemys?…Whiteys.

          Its nothing we need debate or mull over. It just…..Is, is all. All whites can do is Deal with it when it happens and make damn certain Everybody Knows to never again try it or else!

          Blacks, Now all over twitters etc Posting kill whites-kill white babys-do in romeny if he wins…Then Loot and Burn down America…

          And “athouritys”(who says they are?) will attack White Peacefull type folks?….Yep…Sure will. We are their hugest obsticle to JWO/NWO ET AL…….

          Welcome to: BRA(black run america) Under ZOG(zionist Occupied Govnt.) Kontrol freeks..

          • i hear you my friend but i am hoping that the military and police will not go along with that. i am prepared about as good as i can. i only wish the good people in our country like most here could organize in a legal way then they would think twice before even trying. most of my neighbors are fast asleep and think i am nuts.

      66. Here in Texas, we say with a cannon, “Come and take it”.

        • Like Texas is being retaken, a la Reconquista…without firing a shot?


      67. Very disturbing article – but not a surprise.
        This short & excellent video on the US Economy (using published data)is a ‘wake up call’ to any who believe that the Government will take care of you. It is well worth a the few moment to view. Good luck everyone.

        This is a non-partisan video produced by an accountant, Hal Mason, who retired after 27 years with IBM. He looks at the budget, its revenues and expenses, and very simply illustrates the financial problems of the U.S.

        Amazingly, we get all the media talking heads blathering and shouting for hours and never give us clarity. This guy does it in a few minutes. The message seems to be very clear. Where Greece is today, we will be tomorrow, unless our representatives in Washington start to take some very decisive steps.

        • Wow. Excellent link. The debates should be cancelled & this guy should just get up & speak. Or, he should be the moderator of the debates, crushing all the BS the 2 liars spew.

        • As I have said before, it is all very simple to ‘fix’.
          The Elite socialists, once they have enough power, misery and people yell loud enough at the chaos…
          Will simply outlaw ‘bank money’ and the capitalist debts will be repaid with ‘good’ socialist credits.
          Governments will take back what governments gave, the right to the printing press. Only this time, it will not be a printing press, but a debit card, then, a chip.
          It depends on the Arabs…and Islam… you see, the Arab spring is spreading into Saudi Arabia… once the money fails and they no longer accept dollars or euros for oil, its game over.
          Then the Islamic Caliphate can simply say; You must convert to Islam to obtain our oil…
          Then…whew… then…. yeah.

      68. The ultimate divide & conquer plan is working:

        1) Use the black (well, half black) guy to get white people mad, use the white guy to make minorities mad.

        2) Get them to have the same policies that screw both black & white people (that aren’t rich) while delcaring both that fight back as terrorists.

        3)Rob all the idiots blind while they fight along color lines.

        4)Laugh all the way to the Federal Reserve bank…again.

        5) After election, repeat process while imbeciles fight over crumbs for another 4 years!

        • & where am I wrong with this theory? Evidence please.
          The election’s between a controlled CIA agent & a Wall Street corporate raider. The regular working man will win how?

          • Evidence, yes. Where is your evidence of a controlled CIA agent? Do the intelligent things, support your claims with verifiable evidence. Silly me, I should not expect the intelligent thing from a bunch of sick psychopathic paranoid delusionals who will be murderous thugs if/when the SHTF.

      69. My wife has family in the Amish area around New Holland,PA. Since they met me “a redneck from the hills of East Tennessee” they knew that I believed in storing food and other supplies for a rainy day. They thought I was nuts until my brother-n-law was convinced by one of his co-workers that prepping was a really good idea. They were preparing for an inflation nightmare but instead might get smacked by the storm. I am glad that someone convinced them and they will be prepared. So, even if you can’t convince someone to prepare themselves, you might set thre stage so someone else to cnvince them so don’t give up. Instead of using hyper-inflation, war, or some other out there scenario, just turn on the weather channel.Tell them that is a damn good reason to be prepared. Good luck to all facing the storm. Then again, if you are prepared, you don’t have to depend on luck.

      70. Meanwhile, the “recovery” rolls on!

        1. Dow Chemical has announced that it will be closing about 20 plants and will be letting about 2,400 workers go.

        2. Colgate-Palmolive has announced that they will be eliminating about 2,300 jobs.

        3. DuPont has announced plans to eliminate about 1,500 jobs.

        4. Ford has announced that it will be eliminating 6,200 jobs and will be reducing production capacity in Europe by 18 percent.

        5. Hewlett-Packard announced last month that they plan to eliminate 29,000 jobs.

        6. Chip maker AMD has announced that they will be getting rid of about 15 percent of their workers.

        7. Sony has announced plans to reduce their workforce by about 2,000 workers.

        8. Electronics manufacturer Sharp reportedly plans to eliminate 11,000 jobs.

        9. Engine maker Cummins Inc. has announced that they plan to get rid of about 1,500 jobs by the end of 2012.

        10. Earlier this month Applied Materials announced a plan that will eliminate up to 1,300 jobs.

        11. Zynga (known for making video games for Facebook such as FarmVille) has announced that they are reducing their workforce by about 5 percent.

        12. Lattice Semiconductor has announced plans to eliminate about 13 percent of their jobs.

        13. Alcatel-Lucent recently announced a plan to eliminate more than 5000 jobs all over the globe.

        14. Siemens AG has announced that the number of positions being eliminated may reach 10,000 by the end of the year.

        15. Banking giant UBS plans to eliminate up to 5,000 jobs.

        • And, geuss which large Asian nation will be getting all that factory capacity?

      71. The Founders were right.

        • So were the Germans…As per GEN. George Patton.

      72. Until we can determine the credibility of the source, take it with a grain of salt.
        And some lime … and tequila …
        Treat ALL such unverified / uncorroborated “news” with a helthy dose of skepticism.
        Trust NOBODY, except the guy right next to you, in the foxhole.
        Reminds me of Reagan: “trust, but verify” …

      73. Sorry for the typo, I meant a “HEALTHY dose of skepticism”.

      74. Name names, please. You are people are so gullible you will believe any lie that confirms you deluded perceptions. Unnamed sources are the fodder of fools.

      75. Here in Penna,south central,generators selling out due to proximity of landfall.

      76. I can’t believe that our government could gather up all the arms in case of civil distress. They couldn’t do it in Iraq and other places. Not enough military to go around. I can see them enacting Marshal Law and stating any civilian found to be in public with a firearm will be subject to confication or elimination. Now if you well known to be a “trouble maker”, that is another matter… Be nice…

      77. I really believe that this article is complete BS. I’m an active duty soldier in an Infantry BN and have never heard a peep of ANYTHING related to preppers, civil unrest, marshall law or anything of the sort. Whoever this supposed soldier happens to be is BSing or the Alex Jones channel is simply making this crap up to spread fear and get ratings. I am just as sick and tired of the propoganda coming out of the “truth” camp as I am coming out of the MSM.

        I am signing off. We all know what we need to do to achieve full spectrum preperation, everything else is BS noise.

      78. If this does come about i don`t believe our military or guard or government (Romney)will go after the law abiding American citizen.Now on the other hand Obama would do just that but i don`t think the Military,the Guard or Police will stick with him if he and his cronies go to far to the left. What needs to happen Congress should impeach,prosecute,Execute. Obama,Hillary and all of them.

      79. agree with agmand trust but verify
        problem is BO has written the exec orders … they do take our freedoms … he has training for active duty not just NG’s this I “KNOW” for sure I was advised to my face by an ex-marine major who retired and is now a prepper that BO and the gang ARE getting U.S. Troops of all departments trained up for the “so called” civil unrest, BO will instigate.
        Verify yeah agreed but don’t forget to believe your eyes and ears of that which is all around you

      80. AM, the antiwhite SPLC is located in Montgomery, Ala. To everyone, someone will take your guns ONLYIF YOU LET THEM! It’s possible every gun owner in this country will get forced into that scenario. I fully expect an attempt at gun confiscation to be made and I will have to shoot anyone who tries it on me. DON’T GIVE UP YOUR GUNS UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES! I made my decision after Katrina; it was a tough decision to make, but I believe I made the right one. My guns will be the only thing standing between my preps and someone trying to take them. Nobody here knows how much I’ve agonized over SHTF and what I’ll have to do to stay alive. I suspect a lot of preppers have already done the same thing. I dread SHTF as much as everyone else here. I DON’T LOOK FORWARD TO HAVING TO TAKE ANY HUMAN LIFE IN ORDER TO SURVIVE, BUT IF I HAVE TO, THEN SO BE IT! Best wishes and keep prepping. Braveheart

        • Braveheart” Thank You. I though I read somewheres the splc moved recently to TX…Wonder of it is another such type org that did? If any has?

      81. deleting repies that seem slightly paranoid But are harmless and non threating just make people more parnoid

      82. You can find somebody to “get on the phone” and say anything. It’s worth exactly what you believe of it.

      83. USG is broke. Thankfully they will fade away as this progresses. Camps take money. A lot of money. Camps will likely be used at the beginning to round up violent minorities and send them out the chimney, but after that expect they will become irrelevant. Besides there are not enough feet on the ground to disarm the population. They simply do not have the resources. Make use of a shovel and bury everything when the banks shut down anyway. To the heavily armed rude men at the door “hey I lost my job and had to make ends meet so I sold them”…. right?

        What is more terrifying than being left an impotent high value target with a woman and children?

        In the years following SHTF I believe that life will be better for me. It will be the way it was long ago and should have always been; less people, less gubberment, more self reliance, immediate and extended family living near each other and hopefully communities where neighbors are not strangers.

        • incognito: you forgot the part about Colorfull Rainbows, and Leprechauns with huge pots of Gold awaiting Us all.

      84. “Doomsday preppers will be treated as terrorists.”

        So will the National Guard.

      85. I don’t believe this. Pure nonsense. Patriots, don’t get fooled into doing something rash. As they said on Breed’s Hill, wait. Don’t fire til you see the whites of their eyes.

      86. you had me there, incognito; until you skipped into Shangri-la with the, “years fillowing SHTF” comment.

      87. I wouldn’t worry about it to much they don’t have the man power and they will have a lot more on their plate besides going after preppers. You can’t compare a local or regional event like Katrina to a national event.

        In my opinion the government couldn’t even secure the 10 largest cities. I mean NYC has 18 million people, the total of all government employees and military is only about 22 million.

      88. i wanted to add most of these murderers are cowards when you break them up into smaller groups.they want to kill me .just threatening me is enough i will kill as many as i can and keep on killing them until i either go down or i have to chase them down the street.and i will chase them down and i will show no mercy.they declared war on us in America and every time in the past who ever did that we blasted their asses off.make them pay the most horrible price you can think of.its gone too far.iam sick of there threats and plannings. come and get some you traitor,communist,socialist dog one threatens me or my families life.i will show them a trick they wont ever get over.war has already been fight.fight until they run.stupid cowardly traitors

      89. I call B.S. I’m in the Natinal Guard, as a senior NCO 2 tours in Iraq, and I’ve seen nor heard anything about this, infact we’re told to prepare for emegencies by keeping food, water, bateries and other stuff (preper stuff) for atleast a month. I know thats not much but Preppers would be the least of our problems atleast they wouldn’t be excpecting us to help them.

      90. This does not surprise me. The guard started weeding people out after 911. It seems those that embraced and leaned towards the communist er- democratic party were turned into poster boys and girls to be looked up to.

        As to the fusion centers, they are funded with federal moneys, manned by guardsmen and being used as a clearing house for information between state and federal entities.

        My observations of guardsmen today is not what they were 15-20 years ago. Today, most have rotated to the sand box at least once. They are more hardened and militarized than they have been in the past. Be prepared to face the “us against you” as like what most LEOs are today.

        There will be no kindly knock on the door and a polite officer asking to search your house. It’ll be flash bangs, CS canisters, possible cut power, yelling screaming and beatings. It’ll be swift and brutal. Most on entry teams are adrenalin junkies and enjoy kicking the sh*t out those that get out of line.

        You have two choices- take a beating and jail time or doing onto those before they do onto you.

        Just some thoughts…

        • “It’ll be swift and brutal.”

          That’s the freakish and terrifying truth. They aren’t looking to confiscate supplies, they’re looking to destroy any strongholds where someone can dig in and survive. This isn’t a visit to leave you to slowly starve to death or to go rejoin the lines for MRE’s, this is the removal of someone who has been seen as a potential founder of an uprising.

      91. Folks, we have the LARGEST ARMY in the world, surpassing that of the Russians and Chinese–and I’m NOT talking about our military. There are some 80 MILLION gun owners in the U.S.–WE THE PEOPLE OUTNUMBER THE GOVT.–approx size of U.S. military in America including reserve forces were about 2.3 MILLION members in 2010. Thomas Jefferson said: “What country can preserve its liberties if its rulers are not WARNED from time to time that their people preserve the spirit of resistance.” and Noah Webster said: “The Supreme power in America cannot enforce unjust laws by the sword, because the whole of the people are armed, AND CONSTITUTE A FORCE SUPERIOR TO ANY BAND OF REGULAR TROOPS.”

      92. We have but one defense in our arsenal… Numbers. “We” are many, “they” are few. Howewver, as a famous fore father once said, “If we do not hang together, we will certainly hang separately.” -Ben Franklin.

      93. Always enjoy reading posts from you nut job conspiracy whackos!! Thanks for the entertainment!!

      94. As Leonidis, King of Sparta once said: “μολὼν λαβέ” (aka molṑn labé )

      95. Took my cash and bought raw land.
        I have enough cash and silver to pay the taxes for some time.

        It’s real…I can fucking walk on it…

        Paper….will be devalued by the bankers.

        If martial law hits…time to move your preps.

        The commies won…. America is finished.

        McCarthy was the last real patriot. Also Ron Paul.

        Both had inside knowledge of the socialist plot.

        In November… Vote the nig out.


        “I am a most unhappy man. I have unwittingly ruined my country. A great industrial nation is now controlled by its system of credit.We are no longer a government by free opinion, no longer a government by conviction and the vote of the majority, but a government by the opinion and duress of a small group of dominant men.” — Woodrow Wilson 1919

      97. Did anybody consider that maybe the Dems are just spreading this as their way of trying to scare the anti-Obama people into not voting?

      98. I have read a great deal of the comments left behind here. First I’m very proud to see the diversity in my fellow americans thought of organizing IF anything should ever happen. And for the last thirty years I have been to more National Guard units than most enlisted and generals have been to, “I work for a defense contractor”. Just about every gaurdsman is a Patriot, there is one or two that I question their patriotism. But if I maybe so bold, that these units have the majority of personel that believe in the same constitution as the rest of us. Stay alert ans safe.

        • Proud of you too Keith. We are relying upon that boldness more than you know, but probably you do. Safe and alert back at you.

      99. Sorry but if O’bum’a loses it’s not going to be preppers rioting…it’ll be those that have drank to cool-aid of free phones, free birth control, free healthcare, free food stamps, free welfare for life, free this and free that!

        I just don’t see many Dem’s being or following the “prepper” mentality 😉

        Now if O’bum’a Wins…

      100. come to jesus

      101. This article, like many others, is pure bullshit intended to be ‘scary’…sounds like it worked. Read here from Creekmore’s blog, scrolling down:

      102. Here is a good book for those interested in getting out of America. Life in Australia and New Zealand is much better. The economies there are booming and people have more freedom. Check out the How to Escape America Guide


      103. o well when the shtf we will be ready a stand united

      104. I am reading and writing this in the aftermath of the superstorm Susan. Watching FEMAs responses. Staten Island and NJ suffer from the lack of water. No power till end of November because non union help not allowed to fix lines. How do we prepare for that twist? We knew the looters were coming, they tweeted that before the storm. It seems we have been placed between a rock and a hard place, or, be a prepper and risk the potential lack of due process, or accept what comes your way when needed. I find it repulsive that those who prepare and do not rely upon responders to be classsified as a terrorist threat. It seems the choice is the dole or death! Prep like it happened yesterday. It did on the east coast. That doesn’t meet the definition of a terrorist DHS. Your priority for FEMA should be about water, not guns. Compassion, not revulsion of the citizens. The water is taking five days, and they knew the storm was coming. I think I will continue to rely on my own preparations, call me what you want.

      105. Thats SS Sandy, not Susan, sorry

      106. We make the mistake of wanting to believe that protecting the civilian population is the interest of a government when there is a national disaster.

        The governments first order of business in a disaster is remaining in power.


        Anyone who is not dependent upon the rations that are given to those who are chosen to receive what they are given is a threat because they can buy loyalty in areas that are not chosen to receive government assistance during a disaster and this threatens the security of the governments hold over the nation. A market and currency of goods will be established and this is a serious threat to the existing currency of a nation which would be useless during a sthf situation.

        In a time where there would be dissent, unrest and anger at the government who would not have enough resources to go around and would essentially be choosing who lives and who dies. This is going to put peoples loyalty where their belly is and they’ll start wiping their bottoms with bills and using them for kindling or patching clothing or something.

        They can’t risk a prepper having enough goods and being entrenched in a familiar local to bring a few towns worth of people to their back if an individual or group of individuals could pull order from the chaos in locations the Fed chose to write off.

        Can you imagine the result as the smoke clears when people at large start realizing their gov’t left them to die? You think they wont, ask those Seals who just… oh yeah. They died waiting for assistance that could have been given but was reserved.

      107. now WTF

      108. I question if anyone is thinking / planning realistically about what will PROBABLY happen in the event of a failure of Government/economy/society. If it hits the fan there probably won’t be jails or even military going house to house in “confiscation” mode…. the government (through the military) will probably cut off supplies to citizens ….KNOWING that it’s just a matter of time before they will turn on each other. You may want to think about how you will contribute and be an asset to your own community / posy.

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