NASA And ESA Announce Plans For “Insurance Policy For Earth”

by | Sep 24, 2019 | Headline News | 22 comments

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    NASA (National Aeronautics and Space Administration) and the ESA (Europeans Space Agency) are finally ready to test the Earth’s planetary defenses to see whether we can successfully defend ourselves from the apparent scourge of “space rocks”. Calling it an “insurance policy for Earth,” scientists intend to smash a spacecraft into an asteroid at over 14,000 miles per hour.

    According to RT, the target they have chosen to crash a spacecraft into is the asteroid Didymos B.  This space rock is roughly 160 meters in diameter, one half of a binary asteroid system. Didymos B orbits the larger asteroid Didymos A every 11.92 hours and this will help determine the ultimate success (or failure) of the mission. The Didymos system is classified as a Near-Earth Object (NEO), meaning it’s close but not too close that it might hit us, making it the perfect test subject to see how well Earth is prepared to steer an asteroid off a collision course with the Earth.

    The joint asteroid impact and deflection assessment (AIDA) project launched by the ESA and NASA in 2015, and Earth’s champion selected for the mission will be NASA’s Double Asteroid Redirection Test (DART) spacecraft.  “Today, we’re the first humans in history to have the technology to potentially deflect an asteroid from impacting the Earth,” astronomer Ian Carnelli of the ESA told Technology Review. The key question that remains to be answered is, are the technologies and models that we have good enough to actually work? Before you drive a car, you need to have an insurance policy. Well, AIDA is the insurance policy for planet Earth.”

    Both space agencies are anticipating some problems with this mission, however.  Things may not go as smoothly as planned. For example, when the Japanese space agency JAXA bombed the asteroid Ryugu in April, it made a far bigger crater than anticipated. Additionally, the material on the surface behaved like sand, which may impact the effectiveness of deflection. There is no way to tell how Didymos B will react when it is struck with a man-made spacecraft.

    “If gravity is also dominant at Didymos B, even though it is much smaller, we could end up with a much bigger crater than our models and lab-based experiments to date have shown,” explained planetary scientist Patrick Michel of CNRS. “Ultimately, very little is known about the behavior of these small bodies during impacts and this could have big consequences for planetary defense.”

    The DART will ram into Didymos B at 23,760 kilometers per hour (14,760mph). However, all that force will only translate into a change in the asteroid’s velocity of just a centimeter per second or so, which could change the orbital period from almost 12 hours to a mere matter of minutes.

    The mission is set to launch in July 2021, with the impact expected in September 2022.


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      1. Paging Mr. Salvo-Mr. Salvo, Mr. Soros wants his money back because nobody is reading this crap.! Please send a check asap.

      2. This is one of the reasons I am skeptical Apollo landed a man on the moon. They have no idea what effect ramming an object into an asteroid would have in 2019 yet they soft landed men on a space object in 1969 with no previous attempts and period technology. It took the Soviets 12 attempts until they successfully soft landed an unmanned spacecraft on the moon in 1966…and it only weighed 200+ lbs and it bounced several times. The US landed and sent back a manned expedition on the first try with no prior unmanned attempts and no failures…just three years later.


        • JRS

          I don’t see the Herculean technological hurdle and cannot understand the comparison between an asteroid and the moon. The Soviets didn’t have a man in their vehicle correcting as Armstrong did.

          There are many falsehoods and they are virtually all political in nature.

          • I wonder why no one’s ever put men on the moon since? Or even made a round trip with an unmanned craft? the technology is light years ahead of then yet nothing. Nothing from ANY country? Doesn’t this seem remarkably suspicious to you?

            The Chinese have a rover on the dark side right now. Why didn’t they just send a manned expedition? Don’t you think they have technology way better than the US had in1969?

            The Soviets were beating the US in all phases of space in the 60s. First satellite to orbit earth, first monkey in space, first human in space, first craft on the moon. Yet, the US just all at once skipped past them when they were losing the space race and sent men to the moon, leapfrogging over any unmanned tests and going straight to manned operations. If it was that easy the Soviets would have been there first.

            There’s a website called Center for an Informed America. The owner, Dave McGowan, died a few years ago, but his daughter has archived it. There is a twelve part (I think) section on that site called Waggin’ the Moon Doggie. See if that might get you thinking different.

            • “The Chinese have a rover on the dark side right now. Why didn’t they just send a manned expedition? ”


              “Yet, the US just all at once skipped past them when they were losing the space race and sent men to the moon, leapfrogging over any unmanned tests and going straight to manned operations.”

              That is not a true statement. The entire Gemini Program was a dress rehearsal for Apollo 11. Apollo 8 orbited the moon, also a rehearsal. Landing was the known doable part if you could have a man do it as the uneven terrain was beyond the technology of the day otherwise.

              “Nothing from ANY country? Doesn’t this seem remarkably suspicious to you?”

              Not at all. Why should they? It won’t be colonized for a very long time.

              ” If it was that easy the Soviets would have been there first.”

              It wasn’t and the US was first. Regarding technology and industrial capacity the US dwarfed the Soviets once the funds were allocated. The transistor, silicon chip, personal computer all US / Western creations; that speaks volumes. A friends wife, in her mid 50s educated there in college as an EE in the 80s was educated in vacuum tubes. Her education is virtually useless here.

              • I’m more inclined to think the Soviets didn’t land a man on the moon first because they didn’t have access to any Hollywood film studios.


        • JRS, the moon is virtually stationary when compared to the speeds and trajectories of meteors. The comparison is similar to APPLES & ORANGES.

          The moon (Earth’s sattelite) is relatively close to the Earth at all times while meteors come from various orbits throughout our solar system. The tremendous effort & accomplishment from the brilliant scientists, engineers, & astronauts of the 1960’s & 1970’s was extraordinary, but it happened.

          By the way, the Earth is spherical, not flat.

      3. If lies were paper thin they’d be piled miles high on the moon.

      4. I’m sure this mission isn’t cheap but insurance never is. One small asteroid strike on a major city could kill hundreds of thousands or even millions of people. If an asteroid was coming our way at some future date, this test could turn out to be an absolute bargain.

      5. If the Communist Bloc was ever able to create any intellectual property, besides libel and scandal, they could have used this excuse to weaponize space.

        • Clown World

          The com block was already extended just attempting to keep up with the west in technology. Their success in the preceding was largely an embellishment of MIC for greater “defense” spending. The various “gaps” ,missile and otherwise were bullshit. Woe to any invader but otherwise their exportable military forces outside of nuclear were minimal if it required both shipping and airlift two places where the US excels.

      6. I can smash a bug into my windshield at 90 mph…

      7. So the finally going to do this and keil us all. What if doing this deflects it and then it crashes into Earth? I talked about this when they first proposed it.

      8. I’m really stretching it to remember my University physics.
        But there is a big difference between energy transfers of objects in “elastic” collisions vs. “inelastic” collisions.
        Since we really don’t know what these objects are made of it seems it will be hard to design a “one size fits all” solution.
        Additionally our technology is so primitive we can’t just jump in and drive somewhere, we have to use gravity, and orbital tricks to get around our solar system, even to our own moon.
        Seems like a “feel good” project, so can say we are doing something, even if it is more or less useless.

      9. Goodie goodie, more NASA animations mistaken as a fact.

        170 yards wide, at those speeds, my money is on “a swing and miss!” Unless the Z!onists have another 911 Cessna pilot available to man the remote controls.

        Why not report the end of the world is coming, as the spacecraft could knock Didymos B into Phobos and Deimos, which will collide directly into all of 29 of Saturn’s moons, causing them to knock Venus into Mercury into the Moon, and then

        Mac is King at reporting such trash as a strong possibility, start digging your backyard prepper pit, and click the Amazon link and buy Peeder Schitts latest yarn, “How I Became a Million Dollar Begger”

        • Bert,
          Don’t know much about Astronomy do you?
          Good imagination though.

      10. The 1950’s and 1960’s USA spaceteam was led by the brilliant German rocket scientists who were experts in real life applications during WW2. Had the war continued for a few more months we would all be speaking German. The scientists were near completion of highly sophisticated technology including anti gravity (the bell) and airplanes that would not be defeated by cold weather.

        Many secret aircraft are seen in our skies and reported as “unidentified”. Landing on the moon was not impossible.

        There are astronauts right now being trained for trips to Mars. We will be a very high functioning space traveling society if we don’t get sidetracked by fools. The world has had high functioning civilizations on earth that were tragically destroyed in the past.

        The pyramids may have been built with anti-gravity magnets of some type. A European scientist built a stone arrangement by himself using an anti-gravity box. He is now dead but the enormous stones are still standing. I suspect our secret science is lightyears beyond what most of us could ever imagine.


        • Then, where are their enormous stones.

          I think, it would be funny if our national competitors, or any inspired people, just quit trying to keep up with big govt, and found an entirely different way of doing everything, completely outside of their jurisdiction.

          Not aligned against the West, but non-aligned.

          Not being illegal, or quasi legal, but not in the legal dictionary.

        • Are your referring to Ed Leedskalnin?
          He said that he knew the secret of the pyramids and that with the aid of 100 men with his knowledge that he could build the main pyramid in 1 year.

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      12. Do universe have a black hole ?

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