Napolitano: “We Know Far More About the CIA Than We Do the Federal Reserve”

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    Judge Napolitano weighs in on the recent actions of the Federal Reserve, and asks why now is the opportune time to officially introduce the next round of quantitative easing:

    The job of the CIA is to steal and keep secrets. We know far more about the CIA than we do about the Federal Reserve. Its members are appointed by the President and confirmed by the Senate, yet it’s a private bank that makes its own money, regulates the economy, and can print money. The Federal government doesn’t print money. The Federal Reserve prints money.

    It’s not federal. It’s not a reserve. It’s a private bank.

    …Why is it flooding the market with cash?

    …He’s going to create out of thin air forty billion dollars in cash and put it in the accounts of the Federal government. That is more cash chasing, available for, the same amount of goods and service.

    Answer: inflation.

    What goes up first? The thing we use the most… Fuel, food…beer.

    In 2008, as Presidential election day was approaching, the rug was pulled out from under U.S. stock markets by restricting the flow of capital to banks and the broader economy. The crash and subsequent economic crisis was used as a means to torpedo John McCain’s Presidential hopes and propel the policies of progessive socialists and Barack Obama into the spotlight.

    It looks as if the Federal Reserve may very well be engaging in politics yet again, this time helping to maintain stock market levels. Barack Obama is in a close race with Mitt Romney, and a stock market crash would certainly put the final nail in the coffin of his campaign. The powers that be have decided that now is the time to pump more money into markets, which is strongly supportive of the current administration.

    It’s simple, really. If markets crash Obama is out and Romney is in.

    Mitt Romney, for his part, has now come out against the Fed and called for transparency. He must know that they have conspired against him.

    But is Mitt Romney really any different with respect to his position on the fractional reserve monetary system?

    Via Alt Market:

    It is nice to see this kind of information finally being exposed in the mainstream media.  What I would like to know, though, is where was Fox News or any other MSM outlet five to six years ago?  Was it not Fox News pundits that laughed at Peter Schiff when he was warning about the Federal Reserve and the housing bubble?  Where was their vigilance against the Fed when Bush was in office?  And by the way, where was Mitt Romney’s opposition to the Fed back in 2008?  The answer is, there was no opposition.  Fox and Romney defended and even idolized the central bankers including Bernanke when it suited their interests.  Today, it is the goal of the Neo-Cons to lure the Liberty Movement back into the controlled GOP fold, which is exactly why, all of a sudden, Mitt Romney and Fox are allowing Napolitano to unleash this damaging information in a national venue.  Romney takes his marching orders from the same banking masters as Obama, and will never truly oppose the Fed.  Their goal is to make you “believe” in the system once again, so that they can stab you in the back one last time…

    There was a time in America when usurping the nation’s currency was a crime:

    And be it further enacted, That if any of the gold or silver coins which shall be struck or coined at the said mint shall be debased or made worse as to the proportion of fine gold or fine silver therein contained, or shall be of less weight or value than the same ought to be pursuant to the directions of this act, through the default or with the connivance of any of the officers or persons who shall be employed at the said mint, for the purpose of profit or gain, or otherwise with a fraudulent intent, and if any of the said officers or persons shall embezzle any of the metals which shall at any time be committed to their charge for the purpose of being coined, or any of the coins which shall be struck or coined at the said mint, every such officer or person who shall commit any or either of the said offences, shall be deemed guilty of felony, and shall suffer death.

    Coinage Act, 1792

    Today, this debasement that was at one time punishable by death is business as usual.

    If you print money we call it counterfeiting and the punishments are severe.

    When the Federal Reserve does the same thing we call it inflation and they are revered.


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      1. And we don’t know &^^$^&%$! about the CIA.

        • As long as the msm, fed, and the gov’t are in bed together, we the people must continue prepping for the eventual assault upon us. Everything done so far is to set us up for all out war against us. Remember, the gov’t agencies are prepping too.

          • “””Everything done so far is to set us up for all out war against us. “””

            Absolutely correct. But the question everyone needs to ask themselves is who is the enemy? What is the source of the enemies power? How can it be defeated?

            The enemy is the same today as it was in the time of Jesus. It’s the money changers. Further, a thorough study of history reveals that it is the descendants of the SAME group of money changes that was working back then.

            Knights Templar, Freemasons, whatever they want to call themselves. Soon, the Apocalypse (the unveiling) will be upon us and the truth will become known to all.

            Til then, all we can do is prepare for what we know is coming and have faith that the higher power of good will win out in the end.

            And when the time comes for war, don’t waste your bullets. Make sure each one is aimed at a money changer, or those fighting for them.

            • Excuse this interruption, but I thought this was a very interesting little idea. Especially for those who don’t believe that a Birth Certificate or Social Security Number are nothing but government fraud to steal the proceeds of your labor.

              See who is trading your bonds, and who creates them, based on your numbers. When I looked, the US Treasury had issued almost 400 bonds under the “birth number” shown on my old birth certificate.

              Once you see it in writing, you can no longer deny that you are a debt slave to the money changers. At least, in their opinion.

              Follow the instructions…

              …you will need the social security card of your corporate citizen status [United States Citizen], and a copy of your birth certificate.

              Instruction 1 – Go to . The page should look like the following page.

              Instruction 2 – You will see a tab in the upper left hand corner the tab for RESEARCH. Click on it and then click on the QUOTE option.

              Instruction 3 – At the top of the page you will see DELAYED QUOTES. Click on SYMBOL LOOKUP.

              Instruction 4 – Take the number of the birth certificate o the social security number & red Cusip number on the back of the social security card and place it in the box. Make the search by Mutual Fund and Fund Number.

              Click on the Search Button

              For Social security & red CUSIP Numbers a new Cusip number will appear on the page. This number is the number of the CUSIP that is on the bond that the social security account is linked to.

              Instruction 5 – Write down the CUSIP number and then go back to the previous page that had DELAYED QUOTES at the top. Click on the option that is spelled here. The sentence should read, “to quote or lookup a bond click here.”

              Instruction 6 – You will be directed to a page that allows you to put that CUSIP number in a search on the left side of the page. Press Go.

              Instruction 7 – What will appear next is a page that says BOND RESULTS. Near the middles of the page you will have 2 options. One is for a contact to a call rep who can explain questions about the bond. Click on Call Rep to get the phone number. The next one will tell you who is holding the bond. Click on this Option that is below Description.

              The Bond Details will be broken down into Offering and Analytics.

              It will tell you whether the bond is annual or not, the maturity date which is when the payment on the bond or IOU is due, whether there is call protection. A yes on call protection means you cannot call in on the bond if you are owed. Social Security bonds will always say this because you cannot collect until maturity, which is retirement or disability. Anyone in the movement for ‘Sovereignty’ giving you advice that you can cash in on this bond is directing you to trouble and legal and lawful problems. Also Social security Bonds are not marginable which means you cannot draw a line of credit off of them because this is what the debtor, the United States is doing drawing a line of credit off of you through its international obligations secured by Article VI of the Constitution the 14 th amendment and other statutes and codes that make you a subject, so you cannot write sight drafts off of a claim on the Federal Government based on a birth certificate rescinded/cancelled negotiation, a rescission or cancellation of contract or expatriation from citizenship which may nullify social security obligations, or on a court case as a citizen of the United States because as a resident, and citizen of your municipality, state, and federal government you have made these entities Trustees , Assignees, Consignees, Bailee, Licensee, Lessee, registered owner, seller, and beneficiary instead of your proper national and international governing Aboriginal society and your true national name, you the living Aboriginal being.

              Instruction 8 – Birth Certificate – For Instructions on the birth certificate to see if they are trading on it go to Click on Research. Click on Quote. Click on Symbol Look Up. Type in the Birth Number on the Birth Certificate, the first three numbers then dash, next 2 #’s then dash and then the final numbers. Make sure the top two areas say MUTUAL FUND and FUND NUMBER BEFORE You do the search to find out who is trading on the FUND for the Birth Certificate.

              Instruction 9 – NEXT Click on the Initialed Trading Company name under SYMBOL. This will give you all of the trading information about who is trading on the fund that the birth certificate is a part of. This document was created when you were an infant. Commercial laws allow for you to cancel and rescind this ‘simple contract’ UCC3-203 and to make a Claim in recoupment [Reparations] for fraud committed upon you when you were and infant [See UCC 3-305]. Instruction 10 Court Cases – Next you can look up any court case. Type in the case number of the federal, state, or municipal court case and you can find out who owns the marginable line of credit on the annual bond of the federal, state, or municipal entity. A CUSIP number will appear which tells you that the bond is on record with a clearing house agency of the federal government most likely the Depository Trust Clearing corporation or one of its subsidiaries. After you get the case click on the symbol to see the present trading.

              Instruction 11 – Letters of Credit WHERE TO GO TO SEARCH FOR LETTERS OF CREDIT or the UCC Office of each one of the 50 States and the District of Columbia or your local County Recorders Office UCC Section

              All Letters of Credit are Governed by the terms of the Letters of Credit themselves, Article 5 Of the Uniform Commercial Code and may be subject to the Uniform Customs and Practice for Documentary Credits [See UCC5116 (c) as promulgated by the International Chamber of Commerce


            • GC…I had seen this mentioned before but not these details.Now, would you say they are trading on the estimated lifetime value of your labor with these bonds?I guess they could be called “Debt slave labor futures”. Sigh…How many generations of Americans have been used this way?It boggles my mind.

            • JRS,

              It appears that when the corp needs money, they just make a bond using the available numbers. It has been suggested that the treasury has an account established at birth worth X dollars they can draw on at any time, throughout your life.

              You are the surety for those bonds they create using your number. Neat scam. They get the money, you get the liability to pay it back with your labor.

              I also have good reason to believe that ANY FEDERAL AGENCY you give a signature can also create bonds based on that signature, not just the treasury.

              In my own examination, the TVA has issued bonds yet to mature based on the signature I gave them years ago in lieu of a deposit on an electricity account.

              Your signature is literally worth millions of dollars to the corp. Don’t give it away to it for nothing. I suspect that one day someone will come collect on those bonds. That day seems to be drawing near.

              I suggest that everyone who uses a SSN get Uncle Gus book the Errant Sovereigns handbook (free PDF if you look for it) and remove the power of attorney from the social security account. Without it, they can no longer issue bonds against it without your written approval.

              At this point, it probably doesn’t matter anyway. It appears the banksters are arming themselves with useful idiots and illegal bullets with the intent of collecting those bonds.

              They can have my dead body and all that it will produce. They will get nothing else.

            • Gods Creation, this sound bogus to me. First off, there are no red numbers on the back of my SS card (and I do have my original issued card) or anyone else’s I have ever seen. Secondly, there are no odd numbers on my original birth certificate in the county office other than the page number in the birth certificate book. The page numbers only go up to three digits. My personal certified copy has no numbers at all. I believe that anything you type in those blanks will cause the website to take you somewhere that probably has no relationship at all to you. This sounds like one of those math puzzles that winds up giving you back your age. How about a link to an example with photos?

            • Archivast, I would suggest that your SS card is very old. I have two cards my wife got for the kids (under a different name than the real one, not used for anything). They both have red numbers on the back, and bonds against them issued by the US treasury, and nobody else.

              Get a new copy of your birth certificate, and it will have a birth number on it, or a certificate number. Get a new SS card and it WILL have a red number on the back.

              If it was crap, I think it is very coincidental that the only bonds that showed up under the birth number on my copy of the certificate were issued ONLY by government agencies that I signed papers for in the past, and not just the US treasury but others as well.

              Think what you want. I just provided a way for skeptics to see for themselves. I think that any documents made in 2001 and later would have the numbers, and they are indicative of a new monetary system being put into place that just has not been fully implemented here yet.

              If what I suspect is correct, the restructuring was required because of the 70 year limit on International bankruptcies. There was one in 1791, 1861, 1931, and now it appears 2001. Each time, the monetary system was changed and history is repeating again.

              For more read the first half of this page


              As always, I could be wrong. The historical evidence is compelling, as is the result of the searches I have done based on those instructions.

          • And, also remember they do NOT have enough people! The
            NRA claims that over 200 Million Americans are armed!
            I say……….”bring it my bitches” !

        • Doesn’t ANYBODY get it? The $40 billion (indefinitely) is just a continuation of the bank bailout of 2008-2009.

          The reason for QE3 now, is because the banks are ramping up their foreclosure processes again after being put on hold by the Robo signing lawsuit. That lawsuit has been settled.

          As the banks move to close these bad loans and repossess these homes, they must by law write down these assets to market value.

          This will create paper losses which will be allocated against their reserves, which is one reason why the banks have been holding $1.5 trillion in excess reserves.

          The other reason was to generate an income from the US Bonds they were holding while not making new loans until de-leveraging is complete.

          This action, in and of itself does not create a debasement of the dollar, as the creation of these new dollars are NOT additional dollars.

          These new dollars are only replacing the dollars that the banks lose by writing down the foreclosures which they have repossessed.

          I am a very BIG fan of the Judge but he is a lawyer, not a financier. Debasement of the dollar, ie inflation, can only occur when additional dollars enter the marketplace through the hands of the consumer: think a cut in your payroll taxes which puts more cash in your pocket to buy things.

          The dollars created by QE only replace the GB losses. Until the vast majority of the bad debt is absorbed, written down, and cleared from their books, the banks will not be lending this fresh capital in any meaningful way, the money will not enter the pockets of main street, and inflation will be modest.

          Inflation will be modest unless oil increases in price and that price increase works it way throughout the economy, raising the price of everything. That phenomena is nothing new. WE have been living with that since 1973.

          Bottom line, the Saudis have offered to send additional oil to the market to increase supply and moderate prices.

          Keep prepping. War is coming. Oil will spike, but so will gold. Buy some.

          • I said: “This will create paper losses which will be allocated against their reserves, which is one reason why the banks have been holding $1.5 trillion in excess reserves.”


            When the losses are allocated against their reserves, it lowers their liquidity ratio. By law, banks must maintain a certain liquidity ratio to maintain solvency. (Ratio requirements may change over time to existing conditions).

            If their minimum liquidity level is breached the bank is insolvent and by law must fold (under one of those long weekends).

            QE3 is employed now to protect the liquidity ratio of the banks as they absorb their losses.

          • “”””Doesn’t ANYBODY get it? The $40 billion (indefinitely) is just a continuation of the bank bailout of 2008-2009.”””

            Small correction DK 2008-2012

            • GC: My point exactly, but the obvious lack of knowledge here about how OUR monetary system works (like it or not)requires someone to explain it.

              As the resident “banker” it falls on me to make that explanation.

              What I don’t understand is why or how so many LSM and Alt media types miss the most obvious.

              Could it be that they have “money in the game” and they are trying to manipulate the masses to buy metals to support their basis?

              Imagine if the American people honestly understood that the Bank bailout continues UNABATED to this day.

              Revolution would be right around the corner.

            • Hey all of you Financial Morons who like to thumb me down because YOU are the fucking idiots!

              Here is a quote from Martin Armstrong:

              “QE3 is certainly going to be a very unprecedented and controversial move. But we have to pick up the rug and look closely at what they are really doing. The Federal Reserve today in announcing the initiation of an open-ended round of Quantitative Easing (QE3), they have really embarked on a welfare package for the banks – not a stimulus for the economy.”

              Maybe if I started charging you dumb fucks $49.95 a year for a newsletter, you might pay attention! Thumb me down and display your ignorance! 🙂

          • I see you have a very good understanding of the game the banks and the fed are playing, I hope people listen to what you wrote and take it to heart. When and if the flood of cash hits the streets, (which I’m in doubt it will.) If it does, we would be the same as the Weimar republic and Zimbabwe. The banks and the fed are unwinding the bubble they created so they can create another. Our world is a stage, we are the puppets, they are the masters. It is time for the puppets to cut the strings.

            The constitution states that only gold and silver will be money, and that only congress shall coin money. In 1913 that part of the constitution was violated. Money is the base of control in all government. Who was it that once said? ” give me control of a country’s currency, and I care not who makes its laws”. Was it Rockefeller I can’t remember…

            The bottom line in my opinion, until we get back to true constitutional government, self reliance, self responsibility. We are doomed to slavery or death at the hands of our tyrannical government.

            Until the sheeple go to the dickter and have a cerebral anal-pendectomy, we that are awake, and are not afflicted with the condition are also doomed to watch our world and many of our lives drive full speed into Hades.

            We must educate the masses to the fraud the government is perpetrating, and prosecute every one of the criminals.

            Remember, right now, good men, our sons, our fathers, our brothers, are fighting and dying, killing and destroying, in other lands,
            IN OUR NAME!
            Are fighting wars
            To defend a LIE

            A lie can kill, a lie can destroy
            Treason, is a lie

            The penalty for treason, in time of war, is Death

            The united states government, and all those complicit in this act of treason
            Are Trators

            the Watcher

      2. Just be prepared for what is coming, and it is not good. We have so many different angles to look at from Mother Nature that is gearing up for something massive, just look at the increased volcanic action, to manmade everything. My bet is still on war, real soon, and war that spirals out of control. I just wonder what everyone else needs is going to be the true SHTF breaking news that hits us. Will be be a super volcano, earthquake, war, plague, I just wonder what will it be. Anyone have an idea what?

        • its nibiru.

          • @ eeder. If it was some planetary body out there, those in the government would never tell anyone, just like the article above descibes about not knowing much about what is suppose to be clear to everyone. I know that certain bodies in space are extremely elliptic, Neptune planet is for one. Many have speculated that there is some sort of sun that never really formed, called brown dwarfs, and when it gets closer to what is called the Oort cloud more comets gets fired up. The Oort cloud is way beyond Pluto and they say this is where many comets begin, sort of like western Africa where most Atlantic hurricanesw form.

            All I know is that none of us really knows what the hell goes on with ALL branches of government. This article is another reason why will need to be pissed off about all the secrecy of the government. I think they hide a lot of information about what is going on below and above our feet. There are sure a lot of space photos that are blacked out, just like most of those documents that are suppose to be viewed freely under the freedom and information act.

          • Why do I expect we will see that flag again some day in the future??

            • On an arm band perhaps?

          • I’m going to burn every one I can get my hands on.

          • Im getting a tingly feeling going up my leg for a flag burning ceremony. Only 250 units though, obummer.

        • @ BI: No,not me….but today heard that Global warming is causing the ice in the far north to melt in 10 yrs(it was not supposed to melt for 20 yrs last I heard)

          Also, today the Yukon lost all communications i.e. land lines, cell phones and internet…..not sure what happened or if it is fixed as yet…..but just imagine!!…..CC.

          • @ Canada Canuk. When you have either pole losing that ice cap that has been there for thousands of years, everybody has a big problem. The planet is spinning and rotating around the sun, and when you have that much loss of mass it is going to affect the orbit a little. Mosre likely it is going to affect the plate in an enormous way. Polar earthquakes mean big earthquakes elsewhere. There was a 4.6 in Greenland Sea and a 4.8 down in the South Sandwich islands and should indicate moderate earthquake activity coming soon. It seems to be though that the 5.0+ is the threshold for this that idicate big earthquakes 6.5+.

            Watch the polar region for earthquakes of 5.0+, this means almost 80% of the time a 6.5+ is coming within 15 days, most likely within 7 days.

            • LMAO! Please explain how the Earth has lost mass via ice melt or any other of your dopey theories.

              Answer. It hasnt and you’re a nut bag.

            • @ Malcom Reynolds. You idiot, I was talking about the ice cap losing mass. The redistribution of weight affects the orbit of the planet as it does with any object. Losers such as yourself are the reason I was so desperate to save the information that proves my theory, to put it right back into the face of someone that is way too stupid to understand much of anything. I love to prove those that have room temperature IQ’s that the planet is not flat. I have dealt with garbage like this you, the type that would have burned someone at the stake for having a new invention. To you everything is heresy, go back to the planet of the apes and see no evil, speak no evil, hear no evil. Do everyone a favor and pick up a book and attempt to read it, “attempt”.

          • perhaps HAARP is contributing to global warming and communications in the region?

        • To Be Informed:

          “For nation shall rise against nation, and kingdom against kingdom: and there shall be famines, and pestilences, and earthquakes, in various places.”
          Matt 24:7

          The answer to your question is “all of the above.”

        • A White Horse: A Conqueror
          A Red Horse: War
          A Black horse: Inflation
          Followed by a Pale horse: Disease and death

          • Sigh.

            Well.. THAT’S never happened before.


            Repeatedly, tens of thousands of times.

            Nope! Never seen that ever before! And neither had the author! What an original and completely strange and off-the-wall thought! I wonder how he ever managed to think of it?

        • BEHIND CLOSED DOORS: Bernanke briefs lawmakers on fiscal cliff

          “Federal Reserve Chairman Ben Bernanke trekked to Capitol Hill on Wednesday to caution Senate lawmakers on the economic dangers of the looming ‘fiscal cliff,’ the nearly $600 billion in planned spending cuts and tax hikes that will bite at the start of next year unless lawmakers act.”

          “If the fiscal cliff isn’t addressed, as I’ve said, I don’t think our tools are strong enough to offset the effects of a major fiscal shock…”


          • And Moodys has said if the Bush tax cuts are extended they will definately downgrade the US credit rating. It looks like a loose loose situation to me. If we fall off the cliff and my taxes are raised in this economy, I don’t think I have the tools to offset the effects of the fiscal shock.

      3. I have a related question–

        Does anybody know what would happen with credit cards if QE#3 pushes us into hyperinflation? Would the government be likely to index them (as they might do with retail prices)to keep up with the fast rise in inflation?

        Some of my friends think they can run up large credit card balances and pay them back later in (cheaper?) dollars. They think this is a great way to get the prepping items they need right now, and stick it to the banks. I think they’re being naiive, because it looks to me like the bankers never lose. Does anyone know what happened with the credit cards in other countries that went through hyperinflation?

        • Your friend will learn an important lesson which should have already been learned:

          The bank always wins.

        • I have to wonder if when shtf if they won’t just raise the interest rates. Like you said the banks always win

        • With inflation the credit cards will just keep on getting bigger and bigger. Men will have to use purses to carry them around in. Then they will get so big you’ll have to take them to the store in the back of your truck. Eventually we will live under them.

          Any more questions? 🙂

          • @Ranchers wife….

            When TSHTF, the simple answer is…..default. Simply walk away from the debt. Credit card debt is UNSECURED.

            This is one way to stick it to the banks when the time comes.

            • Walt, we’ll never stick it to the banks, out side of jail time. As the gov’t bails them out via taxing the populace. Banks will always win while they control the government. The banks have been preparing for default from consumers, that’s why and how they get the bail outs.

            • Already did, I declared bankruptcy, screw BOA, Chase, Citibank, Capital One and the hospitals that charge $20,000 for a simple procedure!!!

            • Sure, do that… but get in line first and run for the hills after. Once people start getting the idea they’ll all start doing it and voila… debtor’s prison (called something else of course). Just to stem the avalanche.

              I mean… yeah there’s a lot of people that have debt and would do just that. A whole lot.

        • Linda…Seems foolish to me. The only way you will pay them back in cheaper dollars is if your paycheck keeps up to hyperinflation. Don’t look for that to happen. In fact, it will probably be the opposite. Your paycheck will be fewer dollars if you still have a job.Best to get out of debt and stay out. This is just my opinion. I’m sure others will disagree.

          • JRS: With all the union workers around our country, they are stuck with a contract. That is probablly why the Teachers’ Union in Chicago was going for the gold.

            When the shtf more people will be loosing jobs, the government will stop Welfare and open up soup kitchens (FEMA Camps) to take care of all the desperate people. We will all have to give up more freedom and prosperity for the good of all.

            By then “Pay their fare share.” is going to leave everyone vomitting.

            Oboma care will be reduced to young and healthy citizens who are able to work and produce. The old/ill will have to “Pay their fare share.” with their lives.

            The depression/collapse will happen no mater who becomes President.

          • Even if your paycheck keeps up with inflation, there are still the other ever-increasing expenses to sap your financial well being. In the last 2 years, my property taxes have gone up 25%, my health insurance has gone up 75% (and gone from a $2000 deductible to $9000 for a family). The PTB are trying to wipe us out, and are doing a great job of it!!!

        • They will most likely default on their credit cards but no one is coming to take their supplies. If you have no other alternative you have no other alternative.

          I suspect from what you wrote they’re looking for an angle and have other means to pay for their purchases. In that regards it’s a bad move.

        • Most credit card interest rates are based on “Prime Rate + points”. Therefore, if the prime rate goes up due to inflation, the interest rates on most credit cards will follow. Therefore, paying off the CCs is a good idea before hyperinflation. Fixed home mortgages and other fixed-interest loans (cars, boats, etc) will have the advantage of repayment in cheaper dollars once hyperinflation sets in.

          • Those that were responsible and saved get creamed while those in debt gain. It’s convoluted but then again the author Mr Keynes will end up as the laughing stock of economists with his 1 + 1 = 3 math.

        • linda, most of the countries that have gone through hyperinflation have been such dumps to start with or was long enough ago that there were no credit cards really. what will happen is their rate will go up dramatically and take them out long before they get the chance to earn the inflated currency to pay back their credit card. and the funniest part is that in the end, the whole system will collapse and none of it would really matter anyway. your friends will likely lose at their game though in my opinion.

        • Lemme put it to you this way.

          If it goes that far off the ranch… they’ll bend the rules to favor the most indespensible guy with the biggest muscle.

          Is that your friend?

          Or is that the Credit Card companies?

      4. The only thing we need to know about the Federal Reserve is that we have been getting fucked by it since 1913. The big question is, what do we do about it? Anybody else ever have one of those days when your sick and tired of being sick and tired?

        • Just out on Drudge: The US embassy in Pakistan is under siege.

          • does drudge show more up to the second news that fox or cnn? I dont know. I just started watching drudge about a month ago.

            • clint…Drudge is a bit slow, I just happened to be there and the page reloaded and there was the headline. I only watch Fox or CNN when I am at the bar and the drunks run out of bullshit stories and I am still in the mood to be lied to.:)

            • same here i was fox mainly and cnn to watch stuff fox doesnt cover. forget about msnbc that show drives me nuts with the obvious lies. There is a talk show lady I think called Randi Rhodes, she is full of it like no other and the people that listen to her and just stupid.

            • blackrifle, with you on being sick and tired…
              To honestly get even with the fed; stop using fiat and barter or use PMs which won’t happen.
              If we stopped paying taxes, local and state gov’t’s will feel the pinch before the fed. And we don’t want the fed trying to bail out the states.

            • Clint,
              I’ll be up your way Friday – Sunday for the Mother Earth News Fair in Seven Springs. I’ll be wearing a blue “Paddle Faster – I hear banjo music.” ball cap. Look for me if you happen to go.

            • @ prepared pastor,
              You weren’t at garden city recently fishing off the pier were you. I saw a shirt with that logo and its the only one I’ve ever seen.

          • RT says they are under seige but not threatened as of now. The security perimeter is several kilometers from the actual embassy. However, the reporter in Pakistan said the protestors were vowing to breach the security tommorrow and get to the embassy.Who can blame them with the drone strikes killing innocent civilians, women and children. If it happened here we’d be fed up too.Or should I say “when” it happens here.Obama’s foreign and domestic policy is a FAIL.

        • blackriflewarrior,
          I have been having those days alot more lately.
          A song comes to mind, Tool, Aenima. read the lyrics.

        • amen brother been there for awile

        • Blackriflewarrior: One thing that people are doing is barter and leaving the two middlemen out: the banker and the tax man. People from all walks of life are trading goods and services that don’t go on any books, therefore these trasnactions are not traceable to any bank accounts or on any income and expediture (tax) forms. Health care professionals trading with plumbers, hairdressers with massage therapist, it goes on and on, and it’s growing. Sometimes it’s a straight service for service, other times it’s a combo of services and goods such as cash or gold/silver, guns, you name it. Bottom line is that none of this is reported as income, keeping everyone’s tax liabilitiy down and leaving those theives we call bankers out of the loop too. The underground economy will continue to grow until it rivals the mainstream one.

        • And now they have their own armed police force too!!!

        • Government and Banksters defeatism nightmare, Being forced to Return to Real Money=United States Note=Lawful Money, remove the elastic money from the system, and pay off the national debt.. The real reason you pay tribute, an income tax, is for the privilege of using a private currency. Also known As A: Federal Reserve Note, Demand from your bank or brokerage, lawful money and the tax goes away, with a tax exemption on lawful money, all of your money is yours. Use the Remedy within the Federal Reserve Act. Stop being a Slave!!!!!! This is Tax Free Money!!!!!!!! For the short version see

      5. all the time

      6. If you really want to understand who and what the “Federal reserve” is, just read the boook “Secrets of The Federal Reserve by Eustace Mullins”. The first four chapters will explain. Needless to say it was trickery at it’s best just to get The Federal Reserve enacted. That alone should tell you what the Fed Reserve is all about.
        Just some info for you guy’s:

        With the U.S. Senate likely to recess after this weekend, this could be our last opportunity in this Congress to force a Senate vote on Audit the Fed.

        Make sure to sign your Action Fax Authorization Form so Campaign for Liberty can flood the U.S. Senate with faxes DEMANDING passage of Audit the Fed.

        Just do it! I know it will not happen, but it does put more heat on them, knowing people are not going to drop this issue.

        • I thought about signing the pledge and then thought better. My senators in NC are so sold out to tptb that they would just laugh at me like they always do and send me a form letter thanking me for contacting them. No thanks. I think my time is better spent doing something productive.

          Thumbs up for your effort though.

      7. If OWS or any other mass protest exists, target # 1 should be the fed, all locations , simultaneously. We should make these foreign “uprisings” look like a tailgate party, in the words of GW, “we will not quit,we will not tire ,we will prevail”
        Time to ask yourself ” Get busy living or get busy dying”
        I’ve no thirst for death, but what other option do we have? btw, I think everyone should keep a dictionary handy, msm labels our protestors as “Anarchists” as if we all live in a Mad Max world …no, we rightly believe we are free and don’t need or want any of this new gestapo gov’t . Good people deserve better , before long we’ll all be dead in the ground , then what? They have their NWO with less resistance with each passing generation .

      8. Why in the world doesn’t Judge Napolitano run for President?!?!

        • The same reason Ron Paul didn’t get the nomination for president. A scary majority of people in this country have a serious appetite for bullshit and men like Napolitano and Paul don’t have any to feed them. The TV set at the local bar runs CNN all day and all the drunks stare at it in amazement and truly believe they are informed.

        • Are you kidding? No sane person would want that job……EVER !

          • Thats no lie, all you do all day is play golf and vacation three times a month.

      9. cause who would be the 1st lady lol

      10. I lived in Arizona when she was gov…. She was a piece of work then like she is now. I don’t believe a word that comes out this dikes mouth, either should any of you preppers out there. They all are giving each other, “reach-arounds”…

        • The statements are by Judge Andrew Napolitano, not Janet Napolitano.

        • I do believe you are thinking about the head of DHS not the Judge.Other than that you make a good point.

      11. I have a great deal of respect for Judge Napolitano. He did an interview with Anthony Wile of The Daily Bell a couple of weeks ago. I also ,like Brandon, wonder why MSM are talking about the Federal Reserve so much now. It’s not like Ron Paul hasn’t been saying it for years.I wear my tin foil hat proudly. I think there is a setup of some kind going on.

        • I’m shocked that he came out in NJ. That place is pretty well known for corruption and ignoring the Bill of Rights most especially the Second Amendment. Judges there are appointed not elected. God knows how he made it to Superior Court.

      12. DRD and BI: Both of you are spot on. Nobody can know for sure how SHTF will happen until it hits. I’m still prepping right up until the last minute. JRS, that was great advice you gave linda, especially about getting out of debt. This is no time for anyone to be in debt if they can avoid it. I’m debt-free and I spend all my extra money on preps and use cash. I don’t even have my own credit card and don’t even want one. If I can’t use cash to buy something, then I don’t need the item that badly. Take care and keep prepping.

      13. The only thing we know about the CIA is that they kill more people than the FED!

        • I’m not so sure….

          • You got that right.

        • Being that the CIA is essentially a part of MIC and the Fed exercises considerable indirect control over the MIC one can infer that often the CIA do work for the Banksters. Smedley Butler lived it and wrote “War is a Racket” about damn near the same thing.

      14. I happened on this site and through a little research discovered there are one or more other related sites featuring articles from the same small number of writers. There should be a little caveat on these sites that states: “We are paranoid; read our material in that context.” Just as in the infinite number of monkeys, typewriters and the emergence of the printed word…some day Chicken Little might be right. How about acknowledging a little sunlight on a cloudless day? I guess the existential question is if things are going to be as bad as you depict, who wants to be alive?

        • @ Patrick
          Maybe some of us want our pound of flesh.

        • Us, we will leave our existence when the time is right–and we don’t make that call. It’s way above our pay grade.

        • @ Patrick. I don’t know about you, but there is a real beam of sunlight on a cloudy day when someone can go look at their supplies they have and say “I am Prepared”. I have seen every few months these natural disasters that take out the power, water, sewage, and other services and these characters walking around in the hot sun or freezing temperatures trying to get some FEMA handout like some squawking seagull begging for a handout at some mcdonald’s. I see these people dying or becoming very sick because of the elements that a simple electric generator or other prepping item would have prevented.

          Remember, LIGHTWEIGHT disasters happen all the time, and people are not prepared at all for them. I have bought many pounds of candles at garage sales that should have never been sold. Those candles should be stored for light when the power goes out. People don’t even understand what it is like without any light at night, it is hell and it is dangerous.

          When you say about chicken little, there have been countless times chicken little became crow and laid a big fat egg on small scales that still devastated people’s lives. Just try to tell someone that has had their city flattened by a tornado about chicken little.

          If you were to spend some time on this site you will see just how many good ideas people share all the time on preparedness. People here truly enjoy discussing this and helping others, and that is POSITIVE.

        • Patrick: Because death has to be the biggest bore! Being an existentalist/humanist I’m not paranoid or into conspiracy theories. I understand shit happens but always for reasons that are logical once they are properly examined, such as our current economic situation. So who’s your favorite existential philosopher ?

      15. When the dollar does collapse, the government will be broke, will the money printing go to the moon? Someone said that the government will start food lines, FEMA camps etc, with what? Who is going to take their FRNs except to wipe their rears with? The only thing I can say is there will be a massive theft and redistribution of food and essientials.

        • In the Great Depression, they simply went to the farms, told them the price and either took the crops and livestock or made them slaughter to keep the prices up in the cities. Then, they spread the word in the cities that the farmers were eating well, while the city folks were paying higher prices.

          They simply confiscated gold.

          For property, they exercise eminent domain: you take what they decide to give and if you object, they take the property, anyway.

          Watch: if there are camps, there will be forced labor to *pay your way*, like in the current Federal prisons.

          Soon, there is no private property of any kind and everyone is forced to use the government scrip. Prices are frozen. Food and medicine become currency and there are laws against possessing more than a certain amount, per person, per year or, in the case of medications, laws against having anything w/o a script. Anyone charging what the market will bear is thereby a profiteer and a criminal.

          Anyone who thinks there will be a choice or that people will refuse, has never been really hungry, or really ill or had a loved one hungry or ill. In dictatorships, people are fed in return for their vote. Everyone participates in the corruption or they become an Enemy of the State.

          It is very simple. It has been done elsewhere. It is not a farfetched conclusion, if things continue as they are going at this moment.

          • BlueH20

            If one lives in a Community within a County that is within a State that is self sufficient with food and possesses energy such as natural gas and oil you might live ok and avoid your predictions. If on the other hand your the only guy on the block with something expect it to be taken away, “for the people” (from them according to their means to those according to their needs).

            I can see a worse case situation of the food / energy rich States breaking away from The Union. If this stuff goes down as many expect (I’m a bit unsure) the word ugly will not describe the aftermath.

            I think if this comes apart it’s because it has spun out of the control of the very people that created the circumstances causing it. It’s not in the best interest of the power elite to loose their chief enforcer the US Military. The US Military cannot be sustained if the entire nation is in chaos.

            • I think that if TX had not become so over-run with illegal aliens and libtards in Austin, they would have already seceded.

      16. I would love to see the Fed laid bare for all to see, but at the same time I wonder if the public would even get it. Most people know absolutely nothing about the Fed and believe it is part of the federal gvoernment.

      17. To see the Fed running across a field with a large mob behind them with pitchforks and torches yelling, “Get Them”.

        Having a Homer Moment.

      18. the entire government and any anything tied to it is a sham

        the real question is…how long are we going to allow it?

        and who is going to swing when the people finally have had enough?

        • @VRF.
          Just who are we fighting today?
          The bankers? The Jews? The Blacks? Latino’s? The Have’s? The white’s? Muslims? Lawyers? The United Nations? Our Government? Socialism? Fascism? Corporitism?

          Who is first in line?

        • Hang the bankers

          • @JRS….

            Absolutely! Hope to see them swinging from light poles.

        • Thinking about a bit of ‘retaliatory redistribution’, are you?

          We’re all mad, upset, concerned, and you-name-it. That’s what they’ve planned for. We know the collapse is intentional. But we’re smarter than this and I think that somehow we can beat them at their own game.

          • That is the name of the game, Zoltanne. We are not focused. There are as many answers as there are questions. They have us fight against each other. But to win we must become as ruthless as they are to level the playing field.

            A question for all.

            If you believe our government is involved in chemical trails, innoculation poisoning and genetic posioning of food.
            Do you think our government would use nuclear,biological or chemical warfare against it citizenry if backed into a corner?

            • Absofukinlutely!

            • X2!! No doubt. My dad told me when I was little that the gov only cares about people enough to keep them working and paying taxes. They hope you’ll be dead before you can collect SSI. We are nothing but prey to the gov and they will exterminate us and re-group if they have to. They have a contingency plan for EVERY POSSIBLE scenario and they will grind us under their feet if cornered.

      19. Death to the debasers of our currency? Works for me!

      20. Paper paper everywhere and none of it worth anything.The future has been dictated by the powers to be. Obama will be reelected, the destruction of our country is assured. Prepare as best you can and may God have mercy on us.

      21. Just to be sure and cover all of our bases we should hang all of the bankers, lawyers, and politicians. Oh yeah and the criminal media too!

        • Our Fore Fathers would already be shooting! Maybe if we followed Iceland’s example and expelled all the Bankers from this Country, we could start over ?

      22. Don’t let them fool you! All news (including Fox) is controlled by TPTB ! They only report what they are TOLD to report!

      23. next thing for me to hit the fan is wifes cookin..let the goobers sample this stuff…gives a case of the trots you would not believe…heck..should package the cookin as a colon the same…as far as events…what will happen is way way beyond what you guys are talking the Marine said..Americans are armed..even Russia back in the day said invade the US..are you nuts…they are armed to the teeth and then some..would like a good like weekend football to true..but the reality of whats coming is beyond reality… so in a few hours its goolish suprise..then the trots..yee haaa…really to stick politick stuff..we do not have one..just gov. trying to create..

      24. “…therefore neither lender or borrower be.” Wise words. Debt is enslavement. Have no debts, big or small. Don’t be beholden to any man or organization.
        Be a slave to no man.
        Zero Debt.

        Raised Southern Baptist, with a double shot of Evangelical thrown in for flavor. I’m of a… different mind set now.

      25. Here’s a composite of several recent comments and links that really sum it all up for me…(thanks to all whose comments I’ve borrowed)

        Proverbs 22:3—A prudent man sees danger and takes refuge but the simple keep going and suffer for it.

        “Roughly 150,000 battle-scarred veterans have already been unfairly stripped of their gun rights by the government.”

        “Paddle Faster – I hear banjo music.”

        “1-Gal gas + cup Kerosene + 1 cup styro or soap = dead tank, apply liberally”

      26. Few here know that the ‘not so’ Federal Reserve Bank has a 99 year agreement to print and lend money to the US Treasury @ interest. This began in 1913 on December 25, by a vote of congress.

        99 plus 1913 equals 2012.

        Get it folks. Foxes are getting ready to leave the hen house. EMPTY.

        Peace. Out.

      27. I just watched an INCREDIBLE documentary on Netflix called “Zeitgeist the Movie”.

        I highly suggest everyone watch it because it’s a well researched and well presented film presented in 3 parts dealing with the history and truth behind some of the lies that people buy into and which we have let control our lives: Christianity, The Federal Reserve, and 9/11 false flag events.

        it was Brilliant!!!

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