Nancy Pelosi Promises To Raise Taxes If Dems Take Over In Midterm Elections

by | May 9, 2018 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    Nancy Pelosi has promised that Democrats will work to roll back the tax cuts enacted by president Donald Trump if her party takes over after the midterm elections. Apparently, the American people aren’t having enough of their hard earned money stolen from them already.

    Reporter Jake Sherman asked Pelosi to respond to a Republican ad that claims “you would like to institute a single-payer health care program and cancel — [raise] taxes, I think they mean, roll back the tax cuts they passed this year.” Sherman asked Pelosi about her response to this at a breakfast event hosted by Politico. Democrats are no longer mincing words: they think they deserve even more of your money. 

    “Well, the second part there is accurate,” Pelosi chuckled (because paying taxes aka government theft is so funny when you’re already living paycheck to paycheck) in response, before adding “I do think we should revisit the tax legislation in … a bipartisan transparent way.”

    National Republican Congressional Committee spokesman Matt Gorman jumped on Pelosi’s comment, tweeting: “I promise you that will be in almost every GOP ad this fall.” Pelosi claims she objects to lowering taxes because it was “in the dark of night.” However, she can’t be bothered to feel the same about the awful Obamacare law that’s flung many Americans into a state of poverty trying to figure out how to pay for or be taxed for the “crime” of not buying government-sanctioned health insurance.

    “Now you’ve heard it straight from Nancy Pelosi’s mouth: if Democrats take back the House and she’s reinstalled as Speaker, your taxes will go up,” Gorman said in an emailed statement. According to Fox News, in response, Pelosi spokesman Drew Hammill told The Washington Post that “Republicans are desperate to misrepresent any effort to roll back their debt-exploding tax giveaways for big corporations and the wealthiest 1 percent as ‘raising taxes’ on middle-class families.”

    To be fair, Pelosi is a millionaire and politician so higher taxes won’t affect her like it will affect the rest of us she wants to steal more from. And her own words speak volumes. In January, Pelosi dismissed bonuses given to workers as a result of the tax reform plan as “crumbs” despite the fact that some workers received bonuses worth up to $2,000.


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      1. That’s quite a platform to run on. The problem is that half the people will fall for it.

        • … and if half the people indeed DO fall for it. Then it’s time to declare the American population as a last case and vote…

          GIANT METEOR 2020!

          • GIANT METEOR 2020! I like your platform better.

        • Fritz,
          Most people in America don’t pay Federal income taxes,
          That is why we, that do pay taxes are getting screwed.
          Everybody gets to vote. You see the problem?
          I pay taxes once per year on or about April 15.
          If a few million set themselves up like me,
          one year we could just not pay. That might
          just get some attention.

          • rellik,
            I’m with you 110%. Please send Ms. Pelosi some lava with my compliments. God bless all y’all on the Big Island.

          • That’s why only those who haven’t got anything from the government should be the only ones to vote. To vote, people would have to certify they haven’t gotten anything from the government in the last 12 months, even social security. Pelosi represents the half of America that’s a bunch of parasites. I don’t see this becoming law any time soon though.

      2. Taxes are illegal. You can’t legally tax an individual. The IRS represents the Satanist Rothschild banking conspiracy known as a Central which is a mafia intimidation racket.

        When Americans fully understand just how totally they have been swindled, the taxes will be the least important thing.


        • Who defines illegal? Not you for sure. As Mao Said “All power flows from the gun”. You can argue all you want; You are a waste of cyber space. Tell the IRS taxes are illegal. See what they say. A Persian King had the water flogged; because the tide was against him, he’s long dead, tides still here.

      3. The Trump tax “cuts” was not a tax cut. The “extra” I received in my pay check for the first month of 2018 was quickly returned to the federal government when I learned that I now needed to increase my withholding in order to avoid paying a tax next April. Because of all the eliminations and decreased caps on deductions (mortgage interest, property taxes, dependent deductions) I had to change my W-4 to single/0 from married/0 just so I don’t pay a tax next year. So no, I really didn’t get a tax cut. Bull crap

        • Anon,
          You aren’t too bright.
          Change your W-4 to married/99.
          Save the money and pay only
          at the last minute.
          IRS has never sent me a bill
          for under-payment of taxes
          (most the time my penalty is under

      4. Trump tax “cut” are BS!!!! Because of all the reductions in how much a family can claim as a deduction (dependent amounts, mortgage interest, property taxes, etc) the “extra” money I had in my January and February paychecks is down the drain. I had to redo my W4 and change it from withholding Married/0 to Single/0 in order to withhold more of my paycheck so I won’t have to pay a tax next April. So in reality, I got N O T H I N G extra in my paycheck. What an effing scam…

      5. IF they get elected…..hahaha. Their finished as a party for the next 30-40 years. Unless they stage a coup, and/or assassinate Trump. Then its game ON.!!!!!

      6. I can say without reservation, “fuck that bitch”

        • I wouldn’t touch her with a 10-foot pole.

          If I had a 10-foot pole.

          • Archivist, I wouldn’t touch her even if I was wearing a HAZMAT suit, LOL.

            • If given the chance, i would however reach out and touch her with a 175grain SMK traveling at a speed just around trans sonic,,,,

        • JS, same here. For once, the commie bitch was honest about something. That’s one promise we can all count on them keeping if they win. I’d be willing to ‘raise’ Pelosi by putting my foot in her ass.

          • Anyone who touches Pelosi would definitely catch something.

      7. Nancy Pelosi Promises To Raise Taxes If Dems Take Over In Midterm Elections

        Waiting for the day … For nations across the globe to realize that the ballot box is simply not working.

        waiting for the day … For nations across the globe to purge it’s long over due career politicians from office, and start anew with fresh names and faces.

        Waiting for the day … for the world to come together and become a peaceful, cooperated, and compassionate society.

        Waiting for the day … … huh … what … shit … sorry … my bad … was daydreaming again. ツ

      8. That woman along with her bat-crap crazy black side-kick Maxine Waters need to be Baker-acted. Together. I’d do a pay-per-view to watch them fight it out to who would become whose prison bitch as they fought over a tube of lipstick or a bottle of mascara.

      9. And it will go toward paying off the national debt I’m so sure (sarc).

        When are we ever gonna get rid of Mum-Ra The Ever-Living here?

      10. liberals are the scum of the earth
        I hoping for a real reset where I can get rid of my frustration.
        Europe liberals are taking care of themselves – social suicide.
        American liberals will need more direct counciling

        • ???

      11. Blah blah blah Pelosi, I guess this means she will be re-elected because once you are in repeatedly a jackhammer cannot displace you. Two terms only across the board. Like that ever has a chance of happening. California lying has worn her quite ugly in the brain.

      12. Pelosi sales pitch only works on those with no taxable income or extremely ideologically driven. The poorer you are the better it sounds hence her goal to to keep the poor poor and increase those ranks. I don’t believe that the democrats on the winning side of this.

      13. The best things in life are free only because the government hasn’t figured out a way to tax them, but they’re working on it!

      14. I think the country is so over her and Hillary. Time for new faces to fill the swamp…

      15. Who is John Galt!

      16. The tax cuts voted for by the GOP were for the top 10% and everyone else just got a little bit.

        I’m no Democrat but people have been conned if they think the tax cuts benefited them – the wealthy got nearly all of them and no jobs will be created due to them.

        Sadly, the Dem will take back control of Congress in November and will likely hold onto the Senate for a very long time, the House could be won back by the GOP though.

      17. “The tax cuts voted for by the GOP were for the top 10% “…and everyone else just got a little bit.”
        Perhaps that is because the top 10% pays the lion’s share of the taxes. Duh.

        “no jobs will be created due to them”.
        If you believe that allowing people to keep more of their earnings will not translate into a healthier economy, then you do not believe in free market economics and are therefore too ignorant to listen to. It also means you haven’t given any attention to the business section of the paper or TV in the last six months.

        Lastly, I wouldn’t write off the American voter just yet. Especially since it is the news media planting those ideas in your head.

      18. The tax system for the average person will ultimately consist of two basic steps. The government will know how much you have in worldly possessions so they won’t have to ask you. The government will tell you how much you can keep. This is what it is coming to.

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