“Mysterious Hallucinations Spread by Touch” Forcing Hospital To Quarantine Police, Patients

by | Oct 19, 2016 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Headline News | 87 comments

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    First thought that comes into your mind?

    Maybe MK Ultra? Maybe new experimental drugs? Maybe a secret government test on the general population?

    Your guess is as good as mine, but this story is downright weird.

    Something is causing first responders and some of the people they interact with to become disoriented and hallucinate – though no good explanation is apparent.

    According to KIMA-TV:

    This week, an emergency room in the Pacific Northwest was briefly quarantined after five people—including two police officers and a hospital worker—experienced mysterious hallucinations from an unidentified illness believed to be spread by touch.

    According to Oregon Live, the enigmatic incident began early Wednesday morning when a 54-year-old caregiver in North Bend, Oregon, called police to report seven or eight people “trying to take the roof off her vehicle.” Police say they found nothing, but after the caregiver reported the unseen vandals a second time, sheriff’s deputies escorted her to a nearby hospital for suspected hallucinations.

    Shortly afterward, however, one of the deputies began experiencing similar symptoms and returned to the hospital. Soon after that, the other deputy, a hospital worker and the caregiver’s 78-year-old patient also began hallucinating and were hospitalized.

    Initially, authorities tried to explain it away by suggesting that the elderly woman was using or wearing fentanyl patches, which sometimes have a side effect of hallucinations.
    But those reports proved to be incorrect, as it fails to explain how those who started hallucinating would have come into contact with, let alone spread the issue.
    The Oregonian reported this, but their readers picked apart the weak case, which does little to explain the phenomenon:

    A haz-mat team checked the house but found nothing suspicious. They figure it was the fentanyl, a powerful narcotic.

    The 78-year-old woman uses fentanyl patches. Though all of the patches were accounted for, the deputies figured they still ended up being affected anyway, Downing said.

    “They think they got exposed from handling and being in the same room with everybody,” he said.



    But whatever is causing hallucinations may have been spread through personal contact – though it isn’t exactly clear what the culprit may be.

    Then again, one has to wonder if we are all being subjected to experimentation… perhaps to see who is affected, and how many people panic.

    Exposure to electromagnetic energy has been known to cause hallucinations that are otherwise unexplainable, but that would affect only those in path of the frequency, not those who had hand-to-hand contact.

    As Melissa Dykes explains, the extremely bizarre and unexplainable can be simulated and recreated in a lab using sophisticated electromagnetic technology on the brain:

    Scientists Could Simulate Alien Abductions over 20 Years Ago

    Here’s what they never told you about alleged alien abduction and UFO encounter experiences – the bizarre and surely unnerving experience can be induced by advanced use of stimulation of the brain and artificially tricking the neurons to fire in specific ways – using electromagnetic energy.

    It is a little known topic that CIA-affiliated paranormal researchers like Dr. Michael Persinger have proven experimentally. His subjects – including one journalist reporting for the New Scientist back in the early 90s – reported sudden and intense emotions and even feelings of being grabbed, stretched beyond physical limitations and dragged up a wall! They were able to simulate the entire thing in a lab…

    As for whatever happened in this case…

    It’s just weird, and hopefully not something that will ever happen on a widespread basis.

    Read more:

    VIDEOS: Mysterious Lights Spotted Over California: “Airspace Over The Pacific Is Closed To Incoming Flights”

    WTF? UK Police Captures “Invisible UFO” On Thermal Camera


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      1. Maybe MK Ultra? Maybe a secret government test on the general population?
        Yes, Ask me how I know, wink. DARPA, Direct Energy Weapons, Mind Control,Targeted Individuals Artificial Intelligence hooked up to human brains. By the way, The only way to beat them is Jesus. I did.

        • So you beat one hallucination with another hallucination?

          • Then we have this sick joke dope on here, talking about running around thinks he’s a Ninja Garlic tooth pick stabber assassin.. That some crazy hallucination. BEWARE OF THE CRAZIES even before SHTF.

            ~WWTI… Carry Daily and waste these creeps Johnny on the Spot..

            • Threating posters again???

              You could do all of a favor and just die off…

              • Eppe, I understand your feelings, but don’t get your blood pressure up. He’s not worth it.

              • Eppe,
                My sister is a psychologist, and if there’s one thing I learned from her is, its a great idea to avoid crazy people, just walk away.

                We see it in the news, police run into a crazies and the crazy ends up dead. There was one in the news today. I suspect the day the likes of WWTFK, face off with police, they will end up a sad story on the news.

                Ain’t it a nice day?

                • OMG 3 dopes on a rope.. Yes avoid the GA Ninja toothpick assassin going batshit crazy. Don’t get his blood pressure up. He will be spitting poison toothpicks. You tell him homeless guy Barf1776. Yes walk away,.. In fact run you sissy coward. lol Yeah threatening to assassinate people with poison toothpick. Maybe the FBI needs to stop by and register you for anger management classes. We now know why you are not allowed to have weapons. Danger to the public or yourself.

                  ~WWTI… Got that post saved just incase you keep up those threatening comments to harm the public. You need to go away, far away like prison.

                  • The prick really lives in a fantasy world, doesn’t he?

                    • Isn’t this the pot calling the kettle black!

                      If you ain’t Cav, you ain’t shit!

                    • Fantasy world,no Brave,believe he is either a supporter of progressives or a paid progressive supporter,tries to cause a lot of issues on site,thus,ignore his posts,tis the great thing about the tv/net ect.,one can ignore those that try and start shit with you.His last post about saving posts for what I figure he means law enforcement prove to me a progressive troll or just a mercenary troll,gets .01 a post or some such.

                    • Barf1776 Said 10,000 times on here hes squatting in his van on his Cuz’s property in N GA the first week in GA. Hey everybody going to my BOL. Yep Im going. One more trip. Now hes affraid to quit his only walmart greeter security door knob shaker job in TN. And all his preps are in N GA. Thats a conundrum eh? LOL So who lives in a fantasy world barf1776? Be a man and go buy your own BOL. OOPS you got no credit, but he has 3 new motormounts.


                • Usually psyhchologist and psychiatrist are the craziest people, not their clients or the general population. Remember Freud was a drug addict, the father of those supposed sciences ? In fact it is all a giant fraud just like Freud. And today it is little more than legal drug dispensing just like MDs.

                  If we had followed C Jung instead of Freud, we would have a much safer and better world today ! But academia has ruled for a long while even if they are many times quite wrong

          • Great response. Its amazing how many human parasites are so ignorant as to buy into religion. Believing there is an architect(s)is fine but no human should ever describe what god is. God is whatever god is. Done

            • Architect? So you’re a freemason?

      2. Elderly people on fentanyl? Now I’ve seen everything.

        • The story is so disconnected it fails to explain the connection between the first care-giver taken to the hospital and the elderly patient with the fentanyl patch.

        • Extremely common for elderly patients and cancer patients.

          Maybe you should do a bit of research before making idiotic comments making the community here look stupid.

          • In 1976 I was living in Eugene Oregon and attending UO. Many people started noticing strange events and hearing strange noises and having extreme physical side affects. It got very weird for a few months and it was obvious something was very wrong. People were flipping out and having all kinds of hallucinations and affected in various ways from some sort of vibration in the air. There were several investigations because everybody was affected mentally and physically. After few years out government said it was the Russians testing a low frequency radio wave or electro magnetic device on Eugene Oregon as a potential weapon.Numerous people committed suicide and I knew it was our own government even back then. Today would you believe it was the Russians ? Our government has done all manner of horrific things to us and I doubt they stop. That event is online if you care to research it. Tens of thousands of people were affected over a 6 month period and many had serious reactions. I had headaches and incessant ear ringing that you could not sleep ! People got extremely fatigued from a lack of sleep and very depressed and angry and agitated. Sick fucks !

            • Did they use that tall early warning tower north of Eugene?
              Just wondering.
              We lived in Eugene for almost a year in mid 80’s.
              Depressing living so far from the coast. And the recession hit hard at the time.

      3. interesting story, brings lots of thoughts and possibilities, will be most interested to see IF this stays a isolated case OR more starts to occur in other ares. there is allot of new technology being tested, maybe this was a test ??

      4. See project Bluebeam

        • they ask for it and will get it…mountain of fire cast into the sea…www.zerohedge.com/news/2016-10-19/1-4-young-americans-prefer-giant-meteor-trump-or-clinton-president ………….ww3 is
          a rumor of war…it will be far far worse than ww3 when it really kicks off. it
          doesnt really get good until seals, trumpets are actually going off in full
          force. you will know for sure when the seals and trumpets are in full effect
          when a mountain is cast into the sea causing a
          huge amount of destruction(see seals 1-2 and trumpets 1-2)…it will wreck a
          good chunk of the world, its ships, ect and then you will see THE antichrist,
          not just another antichrist, appear and come in peacefully(during the 5th/6th
          seal/trumpet) saying he is trying to help the world from all this chaos even
          though he will be waging war world-wide he will say it is for the greater good
          of uniting the world and removing the people who would stop this new utopia.
          generally people will buy it like they buy the lies of politicians even now
          knowing our system is wholly corrupted.. he will appear to die and be risen
          copying Christ he will then go into the temple of God and declare himself to be
          God and make all worship him or his image and take the mark or be put to death.
          do not take the mark…then comes the vials just after Jesus removes the last of
          the remnant from the world as he did with enoch as he did with eli, just as the
          two witnesses are called up in front of the world too. once this happens and
          they who took the mark see Jesus coming they will hide themselves in the dens
          and caves to no avail. Jesus is the only

          • Im not young by any means and I prefer a Giant meteor to anyone in politics today
            Giant Meteor 2016

            • Yes indeed the Giant Meteor 2016 or whenever. I would consider it divine intervention.

          • Robert.

            Can we just work on keeping Hillary out of the White House for now.

          • Revelation is not about end times or catastrophe or hail fire and brim stones. It is about your own personal inner journey. Some will take that journey and most will not and perish of their own ignorance and laziness. The majority of the Bible is completely misinterpreted and misunderstood and is NOT a complete work.

      5. The sign on the door reads #1 Prepper Site but I was told that auditions for “Grumpy Old Men 2 ”
        we’re being held here? True?
        I sure hope so but if not I’m in to that whole prepper thing … Yadi… Yadi… Yada…saving beans .. toilet paper yadi yadi yada…
        But curmudgeonry is my actual area of expertise …. and i can throw dead fish or Devils Breath into a car with the best of them.

        • say WHAAAT?

        • Snort…

          Welcome. I’m the resident grumpy old Malthusian Luddite.

          “Stay off my lawn”

          • NO problem…Malthusians love Devils Breath

            • The moral of the story is DO NOT touch Warchild when he is sweating after a mushroom trip lol.

              • First,would say that with a medium liquid lsd can be put on door knobs/pens ect. and have bad consequences,the reason I say bad is person who touches did not voluntarily choose to “enjoy life”.

                As for Genius’s comment,well,been a while since I have seen the blue from a snapped stem,that being said,unless you are female/cute and blond(prefer fake blond!)or a dog or cat touching Warchild just generally a bad idea in regards to your continued health.

                Genuis,would keep checking your shed supplies,I might just pay a visit and any of your half assed booby traps will become evident as I breeze past em and go shopping!

                • I am off to see the wizard at the cabin. I shall reinforce the traps lol. see you in a few weeks. Have fun with the elections!

                • Maybe that’s what happened to the door knob shaker on here. lsd can be put on door knobs.. Now Freaking out, so now going to N Ga in October.. Uh… November? Dec..? For sure next Jan…No doubt, hey everybody.. Going to my BOL. lol


      6. Research the dancing plague that hit some city states in Europe back around the 1540s from memory.
        People danced to death, church claimed it was because they werent praying enough and enjoying themselves too much.

        • Wasn’t there a novel by Robin Cook or somebody that proposed that a particular kind of mold that sometimes grows in wheat and causes hallucinations was what precipitated the Salem witch scare/trials? Did this lady maybe have some flour around or something that could have been in the air and other inhaled it? NOT a doctor or scientist, just throwing spaghetti against the wall to see if it might stick….

          • Jaxx,believe you are thinking ergot,will grow on breads ect. and some believe the reason for witch trials in new world among other weird events.

      7. Some sort of government experiment? I don’t know, kinda strange though.

        Take care all!

        • Remember when the govt. experimented on people with lsd? Maybe they have a new improved version. Mix it with dmso so it absorbs through the skin?

      8. We now have confirmation that Muammar Gaddafi and Osama Bin Laden are dead. They are registered to vote in Chicago.

        • Ha ha ha, true!

      9. Looks like a reason to declare martial Law to me.
        Now only if it would spread to D.C. We can only wish. They just might see patriots as 12Ft. tall people with BIG GUNS LOL.

      10. Hi all. This is local for me. It has everyone on alert and with two members of my family that work at that hospital, its a bit unnerving. They really have no idea what caused it. Yes, conspiracies are bantered about now but they still dont know. Hate to think it was some sort of test…

        • consider all the possibilities and a test is the only thing that makes any sense ? see my comment above about Eugene Oregon 1976.

          Of course our government would do such a thing, they have numerous times already ! And i was not the Russians.

      11. Well we are getting close to zero hour and the High Mucky Mucks have got to do something, It’s crunch time. Win or lose, do or die and I am looking forward to it.
        I Want to get back to the Real World whether it is dangerous, wild or beaten back to the stone age. No more hype. No more lies. Be responsible and Make others be responsible. I have heard all the excuses and heard all the stories to rationalize all the stupid shit and evil.
        Now there is not much we can do on a large scale but we can sure as hell change things in our small spheres of influence.

        Get ready. Prep for war.

      12. “But this story is downright weird.” Mac, you ain’t just whistlin’ Dixie with that one!

      13. “First thought that comes into your mind?”

        hmmmm… that painting “Scream” looks a lot like Mrs Clinton during the balloon drop at the convention.

      14. Ive found there is a sane logical explanation for everything. Many times we don’t know what the explanation is but one does indeed exist.

        • An explanation yes , but not always sane ? This explanation is obvious.

      15. That’s boogeyman bullshit…

      16. If I’m not mistaken, Hitlery supporters have been hallucinating for years. Probably caught from their earlier attendance at the Obama “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chant-ins.

        Just a guess.

        • Maybe liberalism is a virus lol.

      17. Mayberry there was LSD on the victims clothes which can be absorbed through the skin. Wonder if they tested for LSD or the doctors are so removed from society that this couldn’t be a solution.

        Doctors today are mostly foreign or rich children who are so removed from what the truths on medicine are that it’s scary. A bunch of sheep following big Pharm that one can not receive a true diagnosis.

        If you ain’t Cav, you ain’t shit…..



        SHTF ENVIRONMENTAL COLLAPSE. Let Gary Heaven tell you all what its like in that environment while, the Clintons pocketed 2,000,000,000. Black people are sitting in at their rallies, listening to lies and bullshit, while blacks got ripped off in Haiti. No help from the current administration, and no help coming, as if they give a rats ass about black people. Damn shame.

        Flooding and water contamination is not what I am concerned about during SHTF, its desperate people going ape shit all over the place. Since the American collapse, civil, revolutionary, and foreign chi-com, Russian, mogul occupation is about to commense, one can only wonder wtf that would be like.



        Only a fool does not know fear.

        • I found an address and sent money to this cause.
          Lord help if they rely on Clinton Foundation again!!!

          It’s spelled Heavin.




      19. About 7 years ago there was a case in which emergency room employees passed out. Some thought it may have been oxygenated potassium from a patients body. I don’t remember what the final cause turned out to be. But it was scientific, as far as the cause, not voodoo.

        875 COUNTRY ROAD
        GATESVILLE, TEXAS 76528

        This is much more worthy of space here than this hallucination BS. Just place a few bucks inside a card.
        I send cash all the time and even have received letters of thanks.
        It’ll get there.

        • Heavin My A$$. Im sure you like most charities only give about 5% of their takings to actual charity people who need it. The other 95% goes to steak and lobster to the charity executives and bonuses and salaries and overheard that run the money laundering scam bs all tax free.

          Take your Foundation scam elsewhere. Sure, goes strait to the mouths that want it. Oh sure you will write them letters back thanking them, like they did a good deed. Try not to get any lobster bisq on the letter as you write it.

          Suckers borne every day, and pacifier Gypsies out there looking for the suckers. NEVER give too some online BS request like this phony scam above.

          ~WWTI… Beware the closer to SHTF, more money scams like this one, will come out. You will be reported.

          • This is a Family Foundation. And the address you gave is not the registered address. People DO NOT GET SCAMMED HERE AVOID BEING RIPPED OFF. The real address is not even close to the address JJ posted above. SCAM WRITTEN ALL OVER IT>

            Name of Organization Heavin Family Foundation In Care of Name Linda Dehne Address PO BOX 531785, Harlingen, TX 78553-1785 Subsection Charitable Organization

            ~WWTI… Maybe Mac can remove the Post since it is a Solicitation scam online.

      21. They must be Seahawks fans lmfao

      22. Perhaps this is how the zombie apocalypse begins? Unexplainable stories JUST LIKE THIS.

      23. Viruses are constantly mutating and combining with other viruses. They want to ‘life’ too. By touch is a little hard to believe – since anyone you can touch means you are sharing air and surfaces of objects. I suspect that we will see a virus targeting the brain that will spread by air transmission. Not zombie – but affects could be severe!

      24. Swamp Gas

        • Into the Electric Mist……

      25. We all know all the tools needed to do simple genetic engineering are in the public domain already.

        Imagine if a “Genetic Hacker” produced a modified influenza virus or athletes foot fungus that manufactured LSD in the host.

        It’s yet science fiction, until someone does it.

        I once heard of a Japanese man who wandered the streets for five years a drunken bum. Even his family had disowned him. He was hospitalized for an injury, medical staff were mystified as to how he stayed drunk. They restrained him and kept him under close observation yet his blood alchohol never went down. Turns out he had a rare bacterial infection in his gut that was making alcohol. Antibiotics cured the infection, they put him through detox and he was back from drunken zombie world.

        • Probably drinkin’ all the cups of saki in the cemetery.

        • Ponder how many zombies we have created right here in USSA today ? Drug zombies, alcohol zombies , welfare zombies, baggy pant negro and various latino zombies ? How many million zombies now live in USSA and you pay for it ? 10 million, 50 million, 100 million ? Gotta wonder cause they are real and they are here.

      26. cue “uh oh, impending doom” music

      27. AMERICA CAN NOT BE SAVED…their just to stupid,with that in mind,THE MUZZIES are going a round wipping chemicals on the handles of stores in towns across america,YOU NEED TO WEAR GLOVES AT ALL TIMES NOW OR THEY WILL GET YOU,the BIO-WARFARE CENTER, IN FT.DETRICK MARYLAND created this chemical for to test spread a DEADLY VIRUS,thats coming soon,if you come into contact with it YOU’LL DIE IN 24 hours,all planned out by your friends in the US MILITARY…..

      28. And that is the truth. Arizona right on the money.


      29. Could it be a plume of fungus spores? Northwest has a lot of fungus mushrooms etc

      30. Insanity !! A fascinating subject ?

        Since humans mimic each other, a sad, apathetic person infects those around simply by his mere presence. An angry or fearful person, likewise.

        There are some individuals so certain of themselves, their cheerful enthusiasm and serene demeanor leave us feeling uplifted.

        There was a handsome young man with an infectious smile. Every time I saw him, he was smiling from ear to ear whenever he looked at me his smile became even more pronounced. It was the oddest thing because he seemed so utterly happy to see me. I really couldn’t grasp why. Then I remembered the first time someone told me how much they liked me. And the succeeding times. It didn’t matter that I felt or didn’t feel that way about them. I’m not talking about a sexual attraction. I’m talking about the respect and admiration one human feels toward another. Sometimes it comes at us with such intensity it surprises and humbles us. But, after such a momentary exchange, our spirits lift and we just feel better.

        When we are around insane people, their state of mind, does have an effect. People working with the mentally ill, and mentally retarded (which is a very different thing), need to be vigilant about their own mental health, and take periodic breaks away from such individuals.

        Hallucinations can be caused by lack of sleep. I believe this is a major factor of so called postpartum depression and postpartum psychosis.

        Hallucinations can be caused by macular degeneration. This is purely ocular not psychological.
        However, if one is elderly, the chances that one has some degree of macular degeneration increase dramatically; and failure to be informed about this common condition, can cause the sufferer to doubt his sanity which, in and of itself, is the surest method of becoming insane.

        Therefore, a task of informing not only those who work with seniors, seniors, themselves, but the public at large, is well overdue.

        President Trump would be well advised to make visual health and awareness, his ambition. Could be a nice project for Malania. Every First Lady needs something to do. Being pretty isn’t enough. Blueberries, especially wild blueberries, are excellent for vision, brain power, weight control, sugar metabolism.

        I can picture a beautiful Malania in a field, picking blueberries. Dear me, is it real, or an hallucination ??

        ___. ?

      31. Good luck tonight Mr. Trump ! ! !

        This may be your last opportunity to convince the kool-aid drinkers its time to wake the fuck up and realize what is happening in the USA.

      32. Let’s not rule out that those afflicted with these hallucinations might have gotten them from CHEM trails.

        Chem trails are REAL and filled with various pathogens, viruses, bacteria.

        Remember, the one world government (the Old world DISorder) wants to reduce the world’s population to just 500-million.

        God the Father will not permit that though, but we STILL must take EVERY precaution to preserve the protect our lives and those of our loved ones from anything that would harm or kill us!

        Remember one LAST thing: we are on the literal cusp of World War III and WHEN either THAT crap or OTHER stuff lets loose, it will commence on MULTIPLE levels all at once: nukes, power outages, martial law, food and gas deliveries interrupted or halted, and, of course, absolutely no internet.

        AVOID being invited either to sports stadiums, malls, strip mall centers because you will be killed there or captured to be taken to a FEMA death camp for, of course, death.

        The day (or evening) is fast approaching when we will no longer be able to get online, let alone turn on a light. Each of us will be on her/his own.

        Finalize your preps yesterday, and PRAY-prep every day.

        God bless you all.

        – the Lone Ranger

        “Evil is that which destroys.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

        “It is no secret that evil is live spelled backwards.” – Dr. M. Scott Peck, M.D.

      33. Would be the first time a group of people were hit by demonic infestation/presence.

        If nothing physical is found then it is the spiritual causing it.

      34. Remember, remember, the 5th of November..

        NATIONAL STRIKE against the corruption, lying, murder, and treason going on in our government.

      35. Lsd will do that

      36. The Fenatyl theory is ridiculous. The chances of it causing hallucinations are not very great, and that it would cause them in all of the people, next to nil.

      37. Star Trek “The Naked Time” brought to reallity!

      38. Maybe…experimental “nano-bots”?

      39. Back in the day, this was caused by ingesting LSD. Some reacted just by thinking about ingesting LSD. Others used cocaine. Anyway, problem solved.

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