Must Watch: “Maybe It’s Not the Guns… Maybe It’s the People Holding the Guns”

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    If the only gun violence statistics you see are disseminated by the mainstream media or left-wing anti-Second Amendment groups, then in all likelihood you are horrified by America’s murder culture.

    But what if what we’re being sold as truth is merely a means to achieve an agenda focused on seeing the American people totally disarmed?

    In the following must-see video report from Truth Revolt, host Bill Whittle shows  the reality of America’s per capita murder rates.

    Though we understand that a cranial rectal inversion may be their immediate response for fear of admitting the truth, we strongly encourage you to share this with those who may not have the full picture:

    “Maybe It’s Not the Guns… Maybe It’s the People Holding the Guns”

    In a recent article Dr. Ignatius Piazza from the Front Sight Firearms Training Institute examines the reasons behind the push against personal firearm ownership in America and why anti-gun proponents like President Barack Obama refuse to address other deadly issues that cause far more deaths than guns:

    Guns are not responsible for the 10 deaths at Umpqua College yesterday any more than cars are responsible for the 395 deaths over Labor Day weekend. That’s right, 395 men, women and children were killed over Labor Day in car accidents.

    Why didn’t Obama hold a press conference the day after Labor Day, expressing, his grief and anger over the senseless killing of nearly 400 people on our highways during Labor Day Weekend?

    Why didn’t Obama ask the American people to do something by pressuring their elected representatives to change our laws?

    Why didn’t Obama take a swipe at the car manufacturers and car dealers for building and selling cars to the American people knowing full well that EVERY YEAR, over 32,000 people are killed in car accidents? Yes, 32,000 EVERY YEAR.

    Why didn’t Obama plead with the American people to make a change and pressure Congress to pass laws that forbid the sale and consumption of alcohol, recreational drugs, and pharmaceutical drugs, all of which dramatically contribute to 87 highway deaths PER DAY?

    Why didn’t Obama sign an Executive Order forever banning Labor Day. After all it would save nearly 400 people EVERY YEAR.

    WHY? Because banning the manufacture and sale of automobiles, or alcohol, or recreational and pharmaceutical drugs, or getting rid of all the national holidays, does not fit in his Socialist agenda to disarm the American public so he doesn’t give a shit about the 32,000 innocent lives that are lost EVERY YEAR on our highways.

    Full Report: Show your anti-gun neighbor this… #1 With a Bullet

    It should be obvious that guns are not the problem. As Ignatius Piazza and Bill Whittle note, it’s the people holding the guns that are the problem.

    Banning firearms or imposing unreasonable restrictions not only goes against the spirit and letter of Constitutional Law, but increases the odds that innocent Americans will become targets of violent criminals like we have seen in “gun-free” cities such as Detroit and Chicago.

    We realize that if you are a left-leaning gun grabber you could argue that we are merely throwing out Republican and Libertarian talking points, so don’t take our word for it.

    Maybe the warnings from this little known author and Statesman will convince you:

    “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.”

    Thomas Jefferson

    We’ll be happy to give up our guns… just as soon as former New York’ Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Barack Obama remove their ARMED security details.*

    Lead by example, right?


    (*Note: This statement was made in jest. We don’t plan on giving up our guns even if the President and aforementioned Mayors were to give up their armed security details.)

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    Cold Hard Facts On Gun Bans: “The Cost Of Liberty Can Be Measured In the Loss of Life”

    Facts That Gun Grabbers Can’t Wrap Their Minds Around


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      1. Homeland Security just stopped by and confiscated my silverware….said it made me fat. they took my pencils too…so I wouldn’t misspell. I’m so grateful to the government!

        • Any time !

          We’re here to help!

          • I can’t wait to this thing starts. I’m gonna wipe the fucking floor with many of you jackasses before you even know you’re dead. We are Legion.

          • F#$% DHS!

            • On the topic of GUN CONFISCATION:

              Obama Might Issue an Executive Order to Force Gun Control

              ht tp://

              • I hope he does. I hope he crosses that line. Then we will see a change of government that he never imagined and the elimination of communism in America once and forever.

                No President is above the law. No President is bigger than the US Constitution and Bill of Rights. Not even a meglomaniac like Obola.

                The penalty for treason is death.

                The New World Order can be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards. Just saying. The numbers are with the people and the people want to keep their guns.

                I have a Franklin that says the American People will keep their guns. Any takers ??? 🙂

                • durangokidd, I would give everything I own, all that I have including my life for what you say to be true. That “the American People will keep their guns”.

                  But nothing will stop them from disarming us. 90% of American will bleat and comply. I can’t beat you because I hope and pray that I’m wrong.

                  That quote from Thomas Jefferson (my namesake)sums up the situation perfectly that it bears repeating!

                  “Laws that forbid the carrying of arms…disarm only those who are neither inclined nor determined to commit crimes. Such laws make things worse for the assaulted and better for the assailants; they serve rather to encourage than prevent homicides, for an unarmed man may be attacked with greater confidence than an armed one.”

                  Thomas Jefferson

                  • The American People will NOT comply. Any suggestion to the contrary is wishful thinking on the part of this Rogue Administration.

                    This is just another Trial Balloon to see whether there will be an outcry or not. It is just a seed they are trying to plant within the American Consciousness for gun control; believing that if the PTB say “lack of gun control” is the problem and confiscation is the answer enough times, people will believe it.

                    LMFAO !!!

                    Another miscalculation from an inept Administration that hasn’t been able to destroy ISIS in months with the most powerful Air Force and Blue water Navy in the world; and the Russians, a mere Regional Power has routed them in two weeks.

                    The NWO is peopled by organizations and corporations that transcend a single human life span. They will continue to spread their propaganda generation after generation to try to accomplish their goals.

                    The American People who are smart enough to vote are DUMPING the establishment of BOTH parties like the plague. Americans are awake. Americans are aware. And what we are witnessing is a new birth of FREEDOM in America.

                    Catch the Spirit !!!

                    Death to the New World Order. Its TOTALLY Constitutional !!! 🙂

                    • No DK Your statement of – “The American People who are smart enough to vote are DUMPING the establishment of BOTH parties like the plague. Americans are awake. Americans are aware. And what we are witnessing is a new birth of FREEDOM in America.” Is not true!! Have you been in public lately??? I agree with JUSTICE above, SOME are awake, SOME will fight, But most are too busy getting Freebies and watching TV to stand for ANYTHING useful. Most, If given the choice, would turn in ANYTHING the government wanted them too if it meant another freebie. I wish it were the other way around but be realistic. Walk through a Walmart once and you will see hopw far the general populace has fallen. Zombie apocolypse has already happened except the Zombies are all numb and asleep.
                      Your comment “The American People will NOT comply. Any suggestion to the contrary is wishful thinking on the part of this Rogue Administration.” is also ignorant. You can call me whatever you like- As I said I wish it weren’t true but the Populace is far too numb and dumbed down to do anything useful, If they weren’t then they would have stood up already…….

                  • At that point you will have actual white people shooting newscasters on live TV.

                • durangokidd said:

                  “No President is above the law.”

                  John F. Kennedy learned that lesson.

                  “The penalty for treason is death.”

                  John F. Kennedy learned that lesson… as well!

                  Q: Can the New World Order be eliminated overnight and at 500 yards.

                  A: Nope. But JFK was… and at under 500 yards to boot.

                  I have a Franklin that says America is finished!!!

                • We’ll be happy to give up our guns… just as soon as former New York’ Mayor Michael Bloomberg, Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel and President Barack Obama remove their ARMED security details.*

                  NO Mac. I won’t ever be happy to give up my guns. I don’t care what Bloomberg or Obama do or anyone else for that matter…

              • The Obama Mother Fucker has an answer for everything. He is a Spoiled Brat who is playing by his rules and the hell with everyone else.

                Executive Orders is his way of throwing a hissy fit.

                In the end the anti guns people will make it hard to buy or sell guns. More and more Laws will be written and what ever you do, you will be in violation of the law. Then they will come to your home because a person said you broke a law and then you will go to jail. Your weapons taken and destroyed.
                Many here think they will make the last stand at home. Most likely. But what will you do as you see others being violated and taken off to jail. What is the number that will make you take up arms against tyranny.

                Not In My Backyard.
                Not My Problem.
                Normal Bias.

                Like these above.
                What excuses will we all make, not to become involved when it begins?

                • I will shoot these bastards in the back if I know that they are raiding my neighbors homes. Aint scoped high-powered rifles great

                  • Or an unmodified 30-30. Keep it topped off with a live one in the barrel. Back it up with a 1911.

                • “It” began quite some time ago. The mainstream media just gets the cud-chewing herd to bleat how heroic government is to have captured or killed the (favorite expletive) for committing whatever “crime” they say was committed to “justify” the capture or killing. Those who cannot and will not eliminate government’s ability to wage war on them are and will be unable to defend themselves when government does wage war on them.

                • Maybe that is why 8.5 million smart people have already left and 70% renounced their citizenship? I’m next

              • Isn’t there a possibility that they will pick up your school age children and move them to an undisclosed location? Seems like they would have more leverage over adults if they had to turn in their guns to be reunited with their children.

          • It is not called an equalizer for nothing!

            Molon Labe!

            Louisiana Eagle

            • Not including war, 20th century governments killed about 1/4 BILLION of their own citizens after first disarming them. Murder by government far exceeds all private crime. Since governments are the WORST mass murderers, they should not be allowed a monopoly on the tools of coercion.

              When Obama promotes gun control, offer him a deal: “Disarm your Secret Service first and let’s see how that works out.”

              When Bloomberg, Emanuel, Feinstein, Boxer, et al. promote gun control, offer them a compromise: “Disarm Israel first and let’s see how that works out.”


              • “Murder by government” is called DEMOCIDE.
                Surrender to tyranny is called SUBMISSION.

                Death before Dishonor.

                • Truly so!

                  That said, in a ‘syphilization’ that has difficulty with homonyms (their v. there; site v. sight, etc.), it is over-reaching to expect many to understand the late Prof. Rummel’s term ‘democide.’ Even my spell-checker doesn’t recognize the word. Many are the people who think their… or was that “there”?… personal interpretations trump Jesus, the Apostles, and the Fathers. Sad… however the coming chastisement will correct many deficiencies… including lives built upon the love of money.

                  Keep your lamps trimmed and burning.

                  • I was told by my mother to avoid flu shots. About ten years ago I ignored her warnings and got a flu shot. I got sick with things that were so debilitating, I would have been happy to have just come down with the flu. Mercury, formaldehyde, and contaminated. The shots didn’t work.

                    • Genius:

                      Thanks. I watched the video. This year is worse than ever. They are using squareness. Jesse Ventura did a show warning that this was coming. These very very reputable not anti-vaccine doctors warning the public.
                      Auto immune disease
                      Death during trials (so Italian doctors stopped trials- it is banned in Italy).
                      Americans target 300 million Every man, woman, child.
                      Agenda “Death to America”. Just say no. Run Forest, run for your life.

                    • I don’t do vaccines. In fact, to avoid being shot up with something without my knowledge, you know that piece of paper they give you that gives them permission to do whatever treatment you’re there for, they do this every time you have a procedure done…

                      Anyway, I skim read it and located the section that gave them permission to administer vaccines. I blacked that out completely and initialed it. Next to my signature, I placed the following Caveat:

                      “I hereby withdraw all consent to administer ANY substance into my body at any time, without my prior, specific and written consent. EMERGENCY LIFE-SAVING MEASURES EXCEPTED.”

                    • I went and got my flu shot this past Thursday. I’ll let you know if something ‘untoward’ should happen from mercury poisoning or whatever. I do remember ‘playing’ with mercury when we were kids and marvelling at its’ unique physical properties, so, I guess I am not a virgin to mercury exposure. We were around formaldehyde for two semesters during anatomy lab as well. They soak those bodies in formaldehyde, it would be hard not to get exposed to the stuff under those circumstances! I have also seen grown healthy men and women who came down with the flu and died. It is not a pretty sight when their lungs fill up with fluids and they start gasping for air, and their bodies burn with fire as their temperatures rise. You can live without food for five weeks, without water for five days, and without air for five minutes max! Many will choose to die in their prime, choking on their own secretions, because they made the wrong choice. Learn some real science and read up on how immunity works! It just might save your life! To all, good luck and may God bless and keep you during this flu season!

                      Louisiana Eagle

                • 6pack stop whingeing about your system of government. You’ve got the right (so I’ve read on here) to overthrow your democratically elected leaders. Thought not. Just talk. Met wind bags before, many times.

                  I suspect, like the rest of the paper tigers posting here, you’re all wind and piss. Death before dishonor – oh, do grow up!

                  Back to the real world for me now, leaving la, la land until next weekend – I have a proper job to do during the week!

              • Lol. Always manages to drag Jews into a discussion that has nothing to do with them.

                Please ignore that this story is about OBAMA, who is an anti-Semite in the first place (Ohh look, just like you), so that you can blather about Jews.

                So, by your little yard stick, you and Obama have enough in common that you’re a democrat.

            • Actually Obama, Bloomberg, and all the other tyrants can give up their guns anytime if they want…… But I will never happily give up mine!! It actually irks me when people say that, I know what they’re trying to mean, but to me it shows a fundamental misunderstanding and respect for the purpose of gun ownership. Kind of like when everybody makes jokes on here about when the feds/police come looking for your gun, you’re going to tell them you lost them in a boating accident, when in all reality you should already be making noise with them. My little bitch session aside….

              That was a GREAT video, numbers don’t lie, but media/politicians DO!

        • The worst thing about it is HOW many people actually believe it is the guns fault! I guess the brain washing did work on some people, maybe we should ban gasoline as it makes my car go to fast and I break the law!! HHHMMM ! hhow about if we just BAN people then there won’t be anyone to fire the gun and hurt someone, WOW i am scaring myself!!! sounds like something a liberal would say! or think!
          very sad state of affairs our country and the people are in at this time only appears to be getting worse.

          • Guess that the 11 year old boy who shot dead the 8 year old with his dad’s firearm wasn’t listening to all of the wise and irrefutable fun logic shown here. Definitely not the guns fault at all! Dammed boy should have known better.

            • RE Cerberus.

              I would think you anti-military, liberal types would be pro gun. After all, in Federalist Paper 46, when James Madison was trying to convince the country of the need for a federal army, his final sell point was that the people’s right to bear arms was the ultimate defense against any potential military oppression.

              • Cellar Spider. Nope! I’m not anti military. I’ve served in a few hot spots that politicians cocked up. Don’t do what your government (actually all governments) does and pre-judge people.

                Unlike most of the keyboard warriors posting here I’ve witnessed (and caused) the devastating effects of what gunfire can do so stop pretending that you’re all Bruce Willis types (the man too frightened to fly after 9/11).

                When I was in the (British) army we had guys who were fixated by guns. Most of us were very wary of these weirdos, several of them were definitely psychopaths.

                Why do you all need a massive personal stockpile of weapons/ammo? Why do Americans ignore the slaughter of their children?

                I taught my kids self defence and now I’m teaching my grandson self defence. Pretty useless when some hero with an Armalite can kill them from 300yards away.

                • Cerberus, you, by your own admission, are not American, so you have no idea of what really takes place in our culture and nation. Spend about a year here in the US with REAL American gun owners, NOT with politicians or even with our antigun morons, and then you’ll finally understand.

                  • I lived (and worked) in Philly for over a year. Once more people here jump to the wrong conclusions. Think before firing.

                    Mind you, a lot of posters here make disparaging remarks about Britain yet would be hard pressed to point it out on a map! I don’t tell them to live in Britain (wouldn’t want them, we’ve got our own bigotted ignorant morons)

                    I met a few people while in America who wanted to kill black folk, Jews and other people they were scared of. When questioned, the answer boiled down to ‘just because they’re black/Jews’. No one could explain to me what they were scared of.

                    That was my over riding impression. Americans are scared of anything they can’t, or will not understand.

                    Most Americans I met were just like anywhere else. They just want to live peaceably, raise their kids and get on in life.

            • He should have.

            • Cerberus says,
              well i have heard your logic from people like you and it DOES NOT hols water, you have screwed up thinking, because if we go with your thinking pattern then we need to ban lots of stuff because KIDS don’t know about it! ie. HOT stoves, matches,lighters, etc etc. KIDS have to be TAUGHT about things and of course there will always be flukes and such, bottom line IF you ban guns ONLY criminals will have them and your ass will be grass!! and the criminals will be the lawn mower! WAKE UP, pull your head out of the sand!! OR OR OR are you just an idiot??? only you know for sure!!
              did not mean to offend you liberal, but because of people who think like YOU, this country is sinking!!

              • Apache, AMEN. Get him, get him!

              • Dear Apache54,

                I’m sorry about your stutter. Or, or, or did you mean it?

                Why doesn’t anyone posting on this site debate things rationally? Why is anyone who disagrees with logic, other than yours, branded as a fool and castigated for using their God given right to use freedom of speech?

                Or is this the new American way, to terrorise and browbeat any and all dissent? It’s not working for your government, so why copy a failed strategy? Or are your thought processes so ossified by years of brainwashing by the NRA and big business?

                Well Mr apache, your stuttering ill thought out, ill educated rebuttal was, and is, rather juvenile. And they give people like you the right to bear arms! Sheesh!

                • Cerberus, You don’t have a clue what living is like in the states especially in high crime areas. There is no way you can be completely safe anywhere although firearms are just one of the defensive strategies I use. If your not armed then that’s a defensive weakness in my opinion. I choose to be armed and don’t care if the guy down the street chooses not to. Just don’t tell my I can’t. With respect to killings. I lived in areas where stabbings were commonplace even amoungst young people. So your argument against guns and children dying doesn’t hold water. Many times it’s young punks doing the stabbings.

                  • As I’ve posted above, I lived and worked in Philly for over a year. End of your argument.

                    I currently live in a place called Brixton, a district in London which has a high (very high) knife crime rate. A gun is no use in a densely crowded suburban setting. You’re just as likely going to kill an innocent person. I know this from six tours in Northern Island.

                    If you had read my posts properly where have I mentioned banning guns? If Americans are so scared of living well, they’ve got the solution in their hands.

                • Cer, the right to bear arms wasn’t given. No debate, just facts. My copy of the Constitution is in a small booklet of 30 pages and it is written in my mother tongue.

                  Many of us have taken the oath to, “defend the Constitution against all enemies, foreign and domestic.”

            • YES, an 11 year old SHOULD know better, But they’re simply not taught better. That’s NOT the child’s fault – it’s HIS PARENTS FAULT.

              I can speak from experience on this subject. NY nephew got a hold of his grandfather’s .22 handgun and shot his brother, back in the 80’s. They were playing with it like a toy, because they’d never SEEN a real one.

              The idea was rather than teaching the kids to respect it fir what is is, that traditionally democrat household thought best to hide the gun from the kids…they just didn’t hide it well enough.

              I lost a nephew, because they didn’t want to tell their grand-kids the truth. My nephews were just a year older than that. 9 and 12.

              • On target again!

                The best education is to take very young children to the range so they can appreciate the serious destruction and unpleasant recoil and blast of firearms. That is a life-saving education that trumps the mis-education of video games. In later years those children will connect that visceral childhood lesson with both the rules of gun safety and the moral lessons on the seriousness of taking any human life.

            • That’s right! He should have been taught from age 5, like I was, that firearms are dangerous, and are for when you are older and trained! ( as in, older childhood). I love to see children, 8-12 yrs old who have been properly trained and know how to handle firearms.

            • Yes, he should have known better. I certainly knew better when I got my first rifle at 10 years of age not to point it at anyone, loaded or not. Toys were toys, but real guns were real guns. We kept out of the parent’s gun cabinets in the homes we played in.

              Even parent’s who didn’t own guns taught their kids not to play with real guns. Parents were grounded in reality then, not ideology and fear. They knew better than to let their own ego get their kids hurt or killed.

            • At 11 years old I already had my first deer in the freezer. and I could handle just about any weapon my father owned, I didn`t get my first 12 gage until I was Thirteen.

              Kid should have known better….Yes he should have So I would blame the Father he must be a real rumphumper or just a piece of shit liberal asshole, sins of the father, but hey you don`t wanna hear the truth so reep it bitch….enjoy

            • Your damn right he should have known better. An 11 year old should have understood gun safety since he was 5 years old. At least that’s the way it works in my family.

            • It’s the damned, stupid, irresponsible parents….dumbass!

              • Oh, it’s the bible bashing, God botherer, blessing us all with his messianic insights. The ‘man’ who wants slavery brought back! Pissing us all off.

            • I guess the dad that let his boy play in the river without supervision and drowned, it’s the rivers fault? huh?


              • If that was intended to be a stupid question, you succeeded, WTF. You don’t leave children alone in a river, lake or even community pool…not if you care about then, that is.

                But that scenario may boil down to parents training their kids too.

                I grew up swimming in rivers, and my daughter was not allowed to go in without me or her dad, until she could out-swim us.

                She had to demonstrate her ability to swim across the river with us. We still insisted she never go alone or without our permission. When she turned 18 and had a family of her own, we never feared a phone call telling us our daughter’s body had been found down river somewhere.


                I do not compromise with life-and-death situations. Period.

                • 6, Amazing what some do in raising kids…
                  Hence, why i do a shootapalooza each year…

            • Please ignore that kid was breaking into the 11 year old’s house with intent. Please ignore that the 11 yo shot an intruder, with intent. Please ignore that was all lawful.

              Now, you were saying something stupid.

          • I’m not sure gun “rights” and ownership the way we have now will last for the next 20 or even 10 years. This generation that is growing up and will be voting for your rights to be taken away. They have no idea of the purpose of the right to bear arms, they are indoctrinated, sissified, serfs to the state that are more than happy living under the illusion of protection portrayed by their own oppressors. They will hand over their parents and grandparents guns to the same people that will be setting the sights on the backs of their heads. People are going to have to die, there is no other way, otherwise we are no better than the bastards who actively seek to disarm us. The question I think many of us have is, who is our enemy? Is it the liberal hipster college students holding a rally and demanding gun control, petitioning government to come and take away your rights. Or is it the politician who maybe just voted for “common sense” reform or “universal” background checks, that would ultimately lead to registrations and the end of private transfers of firearms. Or is it the Media who tries to force feed gun control propaganda down brain dead zombies throats 24/7. Or is it every man or woman still wearing a uniform once “the first” law goes into affect. Or is it maybe your friend or neighbor that just maybe thinks it’s ok to have a shotgun and rifle but not an “assault” rifle, or maybe believes their is such a thing as a “gun show loophole”. Who is it?? Who do YOU put YOUR sights on? When do YOU pull YOUR trigger?

            • Exactly one of the reasons Obola is welcoming the influx of mexicans. So they can add to the votes to take our rights away. They are used to the lack of such rights in Mexico, so why would they want to preserve ours?

        • I was stood at the bus stop with my wife and there was a little kid hanging around, swinging on the railings.

          “Show us your cock, fatty!” he shouted.

          After a while he said again, “Oi you! The fat bastard with a beard! Show us your cock!”

          “Aren’t you going to say something to him?!” said my wife.

          “Me? ” I said, “I thought he was talking to you.”

        • As the great theologian and scholar Al Bundy once said, “How many fat chicks do I have to take on a date before I can say I’ve dated a ton of women?”

        • Last one:

          If you’re going to get a fat bird to sit on your face, make sure you pick a suitable safe word.

          I’d suggest something like flubblewuffleblubbleblup.

        • Too funny!!

          • “For where thy treasure is, there is thy heart also.”
            Matthew 6:21

        • That’s preposterous, in those states above usa in murder rate, there is just latin america south african country or war zone. No European Country. Another more reasonable interpretation is that usa ha a murder rate just above third world country or war zones! But has a murder rate higher than any european country.Take this for example
          I love guns but deny that having so many guns, automatic guns, with no regulation at all is not a risk is just naive or factious.

        • The Department of Homeland Security was created in response to the demolition of the World Trade Center by a team of demolishionists from Isreal who were in the are the day of the event. This is according to a radio talk show I happened to come across.

          Just wanted to say something I know for sure.
          Martial arts are good for Preppers. They are good exercise. They are a good way for parents to bond with children. Keeps kids out of trouble. Teaches confidence, self respect and respect for others. Not subject to confiscation. Is currently not restricted by the government. Could change as it is pretty hard to wrestle a rifle or anything else away from a ump th degree black belt. You don’t need to be tough guy or youngster, old, young, male, or female are all OK.

      2. I get the point of the article, but no, i would not give up my guns even if Bloomberg, 0bama and Emanuel give up their armed detail security. The likelyhood of either happening is Zero. Your point is spot on however.

        • Just as a side note, I disclaimed that with the asterisks and totally agree!

          • wonder how long America would last if we did away with all our military weapons and declared ourselves a “military free zone” ?? Liberals would all agree that we need this protection!!

          • It is not called an equalizer for nothing!

            Louisiana Eagle

          • I should say so. I really don’t care if they give up their security team or not. They ain’t getting my firearms without putting me down first. And they’re going have to work for it. Matter of fact if time allows and they got sufficient hair on their noggins, I plan on taking it too (scalps), means a lot to me.

            • Take this from one pissed off Australian DON’T let them take your right to bear arms DON’T believe Obamma’s bullshit about how well the Australian model has worked there is fire fight every other night in Sydney and Melbourne and I can assure they are not legally owned fire arms being used.
              As well our Government has pushed hard since 1997 when they changed the laws to try and ban them completely, you damn well nearly need written permission from GOD to own a bolt or lever rifle here now and semi auto you would dan well nearly get arrested for uttering such words at the least you would probably end up on terrorist watch list

        • Whoknows, welcome aboard and I’m with you all the way. I don’t give up anything, period.

          • Actually, I have several guns that survived the boating issue and I’ll be happy to turn them in. Was using them as boat anchors and I retrieved the rope. Have a 100 year old Sears “Boot” gun .25; almost as good as a rock (Small rock) and some other winners that should only be in the hands of people shooting at me.

      3. Don’t present this argument to a liberal. It will just confuse them because it is based on facts.

        • Absolutely correct.

          They are locked into a worldly, politically correct narrative, that most rejects true freedom and true freedom of religion.
          To have true freedom of religion, a society as a whole, must be able to stand against any and all “false” religions. Such is the one that is now overtaking America, with over 2000 mosques and 90% following the Jihadist ideology. They will not be required to give up anything, especially guns.

          When the waves of the refugees/radicals start coming, the rates of rapes and murders will escalate. Their law says they have the religious right to keep women as sex slaves, and murder anyone not accepting and converting to their sharia law.
          All we can hope for is that they start with the liberal bitches in gov leadership. But, as usual with their kind, they prey on the weak and vulnerable first.

          We will know how and where this is going with the potus by about this time next year. If he is on the way out, and there is an election, things might be different in the following years, to some degree. If he is still present as potus, under martial law, he will make it mandatory to give up/not display, Christian bibles and handgun ownership. Count on it.

      4. Obullshit revealed his agenda and his identity before he was even elected, rather chosen head puppet when he disparaged American’s who cling to their guns and their Bibles. All these big pharma mind altered induced shooters are just what the system ordered. The POS has not uttered one word of truth in all the years of ruin that it faked out America’s zombies.

        • I can remember as a young man when John Kennedy was shot, the left said lets pass this one gun control law to stop this from happening again, so we passed a law. Then i remember when his brother was shot in 68 and once again the left said we need to pass another gun control, and we got the 1968 gun control act. They said all we are asking for is just this one law, once it’s passed, we won’t ask again. Then came Regan being shot, and once again the left was back saying we need to pass “just one more law” and everything will be fine and we won’t ask again. Then came the school shootings of the 90’s along with the Clinton AWB of 94, the left said if we pass these laws we won’t ask for anymore gun control laws,EVER! Then in 98 we heard again from the left, that we need just one more gun control law. This time in the form of universal background checks, and we will never ask for another gun control law. The reason being, this one will solve all our problem, because we will now be able to stop ALL THE BAD GUYS from getting guns. Now here we are again, with the left once again, not asking us, but telling us, that we need one more gun control law to fix all our problems. I don’t know about you, but after 50 plus years of the left telling us that just “one more gun control law” is going to fix all the problems is just one to many laws for me!

          • Colt M4, welcome aboard, and damn good points. Criminals always get their weapons through the underground market and never follow any laws anyway.

          • Amen.

          • The left/liberal mindset has at its root core one important thing for patriots and christians to keep in mind….”lying”, is acceptable to achieve a goal of control.

      5. Democracy is two wolves and a lamb voting on what to have for lunch. Liberty is a well-armed lamb contesting the vote.
        -Benjamin Franklin

        • redneck,
          AMEN BROTHER!!!

      6. In reality the gun grabbers will have to go after some pretty big dogs to stop sale manufacturing and importing personal firearms
        1.) They’d have to break the back of the NRA (by the way I’m a member)
        2.) Manage to bankrupt and shut down companies like Winchester colt Smith/ Wesson Browning Savage the list is endless
        3.)now to disarm 350million plus pissed off people
        4.) Manage to hype up gun grabbing in Canada /Mexico
        There is no gun hysteria here in Canada. Most people I know have rifles sidearms. We have our share of gun crime here and its in our bigger cities mostly . The only other way to grab guns is to make it socially unacceptable to be a gun owner. ( more pussification) I really do believe our personal fire arms are relatively safe for several more years.
        Collectively the afore mentioned groups have strong political pull and as much money to buy the politicians we need. The only real winner is the manufacturers we get a gun scare everyone runs to buy they’ve figured out that when big ears talks guns their sales go up. On what ever gun their after that week. Not to mention all the different ammunition manufacturers. Again spike in sales. Look closely you’ll all see plenty of guns and ammo in your local sporting goods store. No real effective measures have ever been put in place to put any kind of dent in sales or ownership.
        The day I can’t find some standard ammo or guns to match 308 30-06 30-30 243 ect then I’ll be concerned till then its more fear porn and a sales pitch really there no better then any other corporate asshole giant.
        Really folks see this for what it is
        Nothing but fluff to keep one freaked out

        • Side note:
          I noticed there’s another John that posts from time to time.just to differentiate I’ll just add “Canada” yo my user name

          • John, Colt has declared they’re bankrupt after putting 99% of their eggs in the military basket year after year and devoting very little of their company to civilian sales. What dumbasses.

        • I expect more of their gradualism.

          • Pass the bans (as California, New York, and Connecticut have).
          • Use those lists of “background checks” (as California, New York, and Connecticut have).
          • Slowly disarm their targets of opportunity (as California, New York, and Connecticut have).
          • Demonize gun owners more day by day (always and everywhere).
          • Ratchet down the availability of ammunition, hunting, target ranges, and classes of firearms (always and everywhere).

          Theirs is a multi-generational plan to eradicate the spirit, culture, and reality of resistance to Satan and his accomplices.

        • I expect more of their gradualism.

          • Pass the bans (as California, New York, and Connecticut have).
          • Use those lists of “background checks” (as California, New York, and Connecticut have).
          • Slowly disarm their targets of opportunity (as California, New York, and Connecticut have).
          • Demonize gun owners more day by day (always and everywhere).
          • Ratchet down the availability of ammunition, hunting, target ranges, and classes of firearms (always and everywhere).

          Theirs is a multi-generational plan to eradicate the spirit, culture, and reality of resistance to Satan and his accomplices.

      7. Wonder how long America would last if we destroyed all military weapons and declared that we were a “military free Zone” ??

        • America is already dead. The notion only survives on the momentum of a dead and floundering ship of State.

      8. Who in their right mind is willing to give up their personal defense weapons after the utter betrayal by the gooberment at both Ferguson and Baltimore?

        Baltimore was totally laid open to looters and arsonists by the female black mayor – “Room to express themselves” …. innocent whites were trapped and violently assaulted at the ballpark bars … Balimore PD officers chased all around that section of the city being pelted by rocks & bricks ….

        At both Ferguson and Baltimore business owners were left defenseless – could have just as eazily been a residential neighborhood – your neighborhood ….

        Trust the gooberment with my life and my loved ones? – not on my AR15 ….

        • IW, Maryland is another commie state with restrictions on self-defense. Everyone needs to rise up and start disregarding any and all restrictions on self-defense.

          • Bh, that’s why I won’t leave MD. Too much of a target rich environment.

            • PO’d Patriot, I didn’t know you live in communist Maryland. I do sympathize with your plight. And yes you do have a target-rich environment, being overrun by commies.

          • That recommendation basically leaves individuals open to going to prison for defending themselves, which will most certainly happen and then you’ll sit there in your chair proclaiming, ‘hmmm, what a shame. He shoulda got outta dodge’.

        • Columbus, Ohio, is next. The officer who shot the kid reaching for an air pistol was just exonerated.

      9. Your guns my guns.
        I will stand with anyone that will stand with me to make DAMN sure that they stay Your Guns and My Guns!!!!

        Anti gunners don’t understand just how big of fight they will have if they try to take away our guns.

        • Easy there Sgt I’m with ya to the last bullet. See above.

          • Sarge I would have your back but I can’t shoot that far lol. But I can email your attackers a nastygram!

        • Sgt Dale

          They understand. This is why its being done slowly using social conditioning through demonization. This gun is bad, then that gun is bad. A few decades later all guns are bad.

          The best thing one can do is take a non shooter to the range. In the end this issue is political and numbers count.

          • Kevin2, for decades the antigunners have been chipping away at the 2A one piece of legislation at a time and after 9/11 ramped up the brainwashing and demonization of guns. They’re now even teaching kids that any kind of self-defense against bullies, etc. is wrong. They’re teaching them to let the evildoers have their own way with them. I can’t think of anything more treacherous and dishonorable then to teach anyone they have no right of self-defense against evildoers. I’ve viewed so-called ‘educators’ [the word leaves a horrible taste in my mouth] for decades as total POS for the garbage they put into kids’ minds.

            • All gun laws on the books today, going all the way back to the NFA of 1934, are purely unconstitutional, therefore invalid.

              Shall NOT be infringed. Period!

              • From my understanding courts do not have to allow any supreme court ruling prior to 1933. The year we underwent bankruptcy. So Marbury vs, Madison is no longer accepted. Be sure to thank your fed reserve banker for that.

              • nobama

                100% in agreement

                Not only gun laws, but I also like to think and ask others to ask themselves… If the S**T HIT THE FAN ON HIGH SPEED tomorrow, which “laws” would you obey? And in my opinion, those are the only laws that matter. So many people are indoctrinated to think that we must have these laws to protect us. Well if it went down tomorrow would you still put your seat belt on because you HAD to, would you carry a gun without a “permit”. Which laws are really LAW. What we have now is simply registered and regulated tyranny. It is the same mentality that will ultimately do away with the 2nd amendment for good.

            • 9/11 did give us a forum to move Shall Issue along. We’ve actually faired better with the Second Amendment than we have with the 4th for damn sure. Codifying with Heller and McDonald was a dream two decades ago.

              Its so interesting and blatantly transparent when the Anti Gunners claim “States Rights” and “City Rights” regarding their attack upon the Second Amendment standing behind the 10th Amendment but on their issues they have contempt for that same 10th Amendment. If Tom and Mike can marry in Alabama then Mr and Mrs Smith should be packing in Brooklyn NY.

              • Reading through the Bill Of Rights one needs to stretch the language to incorporate gay rights. I’m a Libertarian and even so one needs to go out on a bit of a limb to include many liberal interpretations. I personally support individual freedom even though I may not approve of the choice. Conversely after Heller and McDonald the individual right is accepted as law but somehow, “Right”, “Keep”, “Bear “and “Shall Not Be Infringed” is too damn vague.

                Attorneys, Judges, Juries, Prosecutors and especially Law Enforcement need to repeat grammar school english. Its not that hard.

                • Hey everyone, I was called a LIBERAL today! LOL.

                  My response? I tried to sum it up in 9 of my favorite phrases–(in no particular order)

                  1) About as far left on homosexuality as I can personally swing is: If they’re not throwing it in MY face and it doesn’t affect ME, then it’s NONE OF MY BUSINESS.

                  3) Abortions of convenience are MURDER. Period.

                  4) The Second Amendment “SHALL NOT INFRINGE” means SHALL NOT INFRINGE, not “well, maybe just a little bit, just this time.”

                  5) Hey NSA — Get yer ass off my phone, out of my online stuff, and out the rest of my life. What I do in my private life is none of your damned business.

                  6) “Wealth Distribution” is THEFT. Anyone who is able, should be working to care for themselves, The disabled and elderly have earned our care and concern and shall have the dignity they deserve. EVERYONE ELSE WORKS FOR IT.

                  7) Stop blaming the gun for the behavior of it’s operator. Guns don’t kill anything.

                  8) Frankly, The PC can kiss my ass and STFU while they’re doing it.

                  9) Trust is not a given — it must be EARNED.

                  10) –INSERT YOUR FAVORITE PHRASE HERE–

                  • Sixpack, I’m with you on all of them, especially the one about PC crap. But you left out #2. What is that one about?

                    • 2) The right to list things in order…

                    • The right to accidentally skip a number when renumbering…my bad.

        • SGT DALE,
          the scummers know they could not take our guns outright so they use the majority rules law and the brainwashing has been going on for years! they are getting tired of it not working fast enough and so they are stepping up the pace and THAT is where we will see soon what is going to happen! gonna be a rough ride IF they choose to ( go for it ) streets will be red and when the red ends they will be gone, as we will prevail!!
          keep the faith BRO!!!

          • There was an article on Yahoo news about the police stopping some kid for riding his bike on the sidewalk. They slammed him up against the wall and he withdrew his weapon and shot both of his attackers.

            …now the two thugs are trying to sue the gun shop where the gun came from, supporting hillary’s idea to hold gun shops responsible for what is done with the guns they sold.
            Here’s a link, you know what to do with the space.

            ht tp://

            • Frankly, I don’t understand why this didn’t make SHTFplan news…

            • FTP

      10. While the number of guns in the U.S. has increased 62% since 1994, violence with guns has fallen nearly 50% in the same time period. In other words, it’s not a gun problem. Rifles of any type accounted for just 248 murders in 2014 — that’s fewer than are committed with “hands, fists, and feet.”Of the 30,000 gun-related deaths in the U.S. every year, more than two-thirds are suicides. Democrats not only don’t ever make the distinction (because 30,000 gun deaths sounds far worse than 8,500 murders), they push assisted suicide laws like the one Gov. Jerry Brown just signed in California.

      11. Clinton once stated: “Half of all mass killings in the United States have occurred since the assault weapons ban expired in 2005. Half of all of them in the history of the country.” Of course, like his definition of “is”, this is not even close to reality. Unfortunately – similar to the ClimateGate revelations – someone actually did the research in a 2007 book entitled Mass Murder in the United States” A History, authored by Grant Duwe, director of research and evaluation at the Minnesota Dept. of Corrections. Here’s what Duwe found, as summarized from :

        In the past 100 years, there have been 156 mass killings where at least four people were killed publicly with a firearm in under 24 hours, where the killings did not include robbery, drugs or gangs. As of Jan., 2013 when I last looked, there have been 32 mass public shootings since Clinton’s assault weapons ban expired on Sept. 13, 2004, with seven in 2012. Here is the tally by decade:
        1900s : zero
        1910s: 2
        1920s: 2
        1930s: 942
        1940s: 8
        1950s: 1
        1960s: 6
        1970s: 13
        1980s: 32
        1990s: 42
        2000s: 28
        2010s (three years): 14
        Data from, using data extracted from official police reports to the FBI, shows mass shootings in the US over the past 30 years have not increased. (See or as below)

        Of course, the vast majority of these were not committed with semi-automatic rifles; rather, they were committed by handguns. Why no outcry re. handguns? Is it because they look less “scary?” Or might it really be because rifles could be used by a free people to defend themselves against totolarianism? Perhaps the left should lift all restrictions on long guns, and legislate against handguns if they honestly wanted to make a dent in the death toll. (And while they are at it, perhaps they could pass legislation against “Fast & Furious” Eric Holder being anywhere within 100 miles of any gun at all.)

      12. Sugar coat it all you idiots want, but GUNS ARE PART OF THE PROBLEM. The other part of the problem is asshole like many on this site who are arrogant, self-absorbed and think they are the center of the universe. Yer, many of you morons think you are the center of the universe and the best thing sense sliced bread and all other human beings, especially those who do not subscribe to your ignorant, bigoted and narrow-minded world view are not worthy of any consideration from you. Now, I know some of you just reached for your phallic symbol and also began stroking your diminutive peckers wishing you would blast me out of existence in your “how dare he” self-righteousness. Well, get the fuck over it dip shits.

        • Back when I was in school we all respected each other and even had respect for ourselves. Most students went to church on Sundays and we had a really good time. We use to take our shotguns to school during dove season and out dear rifles to school during dear season and we would go hunting after school. We never EVER thought about hurting anyone. We also never had mass shootings in any schools across America. Now that the intellectual left run things instead of teaching morals, respect and patriotism, we have all this crime. It is very sad that our country has turned its back on a wonderful life.

        • CantStandBS – you know, they CAN help with your problem of psychological projection. Sad really, aren’t you? Not sure what they can do about your small penis envy, tho….

        • Can’tstandBS, Well for someone who can’t stand BS you sure are full of it! You sound like a psudointellectual professor or something. I hope a bunch of homo criminals home invade you and pound your ass into next week then shoot you. Whats so funny is your so stupid you can’t even begin to see how insane and rediculous your post is ha ha ha 🙂

          • Genius, he’s just another troll in his mommy’s basement.

            • Braveheart,
              THANKS, was your turn to to jump on this liberal, as you well know there kind of screwed up thinking is a BIGGER problem in this country than GUNS will EVER be!!
              Amen , to you my friend!

              • Apache54, it’s always my pleasure to take on the trolls. No troll has ever run me off from here in the 3-and-a-half years I’ve been coming here and never will.

                • Still bashing back at them from time to time as well, Brave.
                  Six years ago, there wasn’t half as many here.

                • Like I said before, you owe Mac for looking out for you brave, he’s kept you from being on the receiving end of several replies over those 3 and a half years.

                  • Major, let other people reply to my posts. I can tell by whatever they post if it’s someone who’s just sincerely opposed to what I’m saying and there will always be people like that. If they engage me in a sensible and decent manner, that’s what I prefer. that’s part of what this site is about. What I can’t stand is people like acid, john w. and his partner anonymous who never contribute anything useful. On occasion my ‘better quality’ opponents do contribute something useful to our discussions and I always enjoy discussions like that. As long as the trolls keep coming I will engage them. I’m not afraid of the POS.

                    • I can see what I’ve tried to explain to you went right over your head, as usual. Mac has saved you from looking like a total moron by censoring lots of replies people have made to you several times. It’s kind of like a mother hen protecting her chick from the dangers of reality. Obviously he doesn’t think you’re up to the task.

        • Cantstand BS! Now that’s a really curious moniker for an Obama-supporting troll. Well guess what? I “can’t stand BS” from a communist-Obama-supporting troll like you. So get the f#$% over yourself, troll. don’t like what I’m saying? Come see me face-to-face and we’ll see who’s left standing when it’s all over.

          • Major, I’m sorry but you’re being too vague with what you’re saying. You sound like you mean well and I appreciate that but you’re going to have to spell it out for me.

        • Won’t bother to argue with you; no point. So I’ll just say it the old way and let you figure it out. Molon Labe. You want to bell the cat; come on down!

          • I doubt he will reply, he is busy reading nambla online lol. Be careful BH, he might have bricks in his purse!

            • Genius, bullets will work on trolls just like on anyone else.

        • Cantstand BS,
          With a name like Cantstand BS you must hate yourself cause you’re full of BS. One thing I’ve noticed about ALL YOU LIBERAL IDIOTS is that you all preach how we should all get along and allow everyone their personnel rights and beliefs while at the same time, trying to eliminate the rights of others you don’t believe in. What a hypocritical asshole!

        • Can’t Stand, you just demonstrated your ignorance, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness. You just can’t stand anyone who doesn’t think like you do. We hope you do not own a firearm, since you are not emotionally mature enough to be trusted with one.

          Go back to your basement and let the adults alone. Mommy will take you trick-or-treating in a couple of weeks and make it all better.

        • BS; typical liberal intolerance. Liberals know all.

        • Cantstand BS, obviously by your moniker you really hate yourself. How pathetic you really are.

        • “can’t stand bs” …bwahahahaha!…bwahahaha!.then take take your head out of the bulls ass!…bwahahaha,bwahahaha.

          Live Free or Die…some people live their dreams…some people close their eyes

        • Can’t standbs:

          Diminutive peckers. That is what you use as an argument to support your position? Your statement that “guns are part of the problem” is in my opinion, wrong. But I am more than willing to hear a differing opinion. If, your opinion is valid, back it up with facts to support it. If the facts do not support your opinion then you are left with only one option, attack your opposition on an unrelated subject. Since you based your argument to support your statement that “guns are part of the problem” on nothing but personal attacks, you have demonstrated that your opinion can not be supported by factual analysis.

        • CantStandBS- exactly why we can’t stand your post, full of psychological projection.

          Sad, really. But you are GREAT at ad hominem invective. A true master at it!

      13. Sgt.

        So who you gonna stand against?


        Some readily replaceable government hit man following orders given him by powers in high place that will simply replace him again and again till you lose and they get what they want?

        • That’s what the Greatest Empire on Earth thought in 1776. With yore kind of limp dicks we’ed have lost.

          • But those here giving the orders aren’t 5000 miles and weeks of travel away.

            They’re right here close and personal.

            So answer the question, who you gonna stand against and how.

            Just say it outright,, or look at your own dick and see how limp it is.

        • Those gov’t hit men are not as replaceable as you think.

          • More than you think.

            Particularly in the days of drones.

      14. Of course you realize, that it won’t be long before our government declares the NRA a Terrorist organization!
        MOLON LABE!!

        • That a problem?

          • If our government declared the world’s largest private organization, with 5 million American citizens as members, devoted to shooting sports and lawful ownership of firearms, a terrorist organization, well, YES, that would be a problem, a major problem, with the government, and with the idiots who supported such action.

      15. Remember The LAW is the LAW and do not forget it: The Second Amendment says; the RIGHT of the PEOPLE to BEAR ARMS shall not be INFRINGED. The LAW IS THE LAW!!!

        When they come, let them know where they got it (with a big pile of hot brass around you).

      16. I have been reading in the last weeks the epidemic of knife attacks in CHINA!!


      17. Knife attacks in china? SOM TING WONG! HO LEE FUK!

        • Wow, did I just step through a time warp and wind up on the 5th grade playground? What else have you got braveheart, poo poo jokes?

          • Billy troll, you stepped into the wrong website for your trolling, so move along sonny.

      18. I think some people do not see the true danger here. Going out and buying firearms enriches gun manufacturers to be sure. Every time a threat is projected sales increase. Counter rhetoric to proposed gun confiscation increases. Good right. No, not exactly.

        The general public is being brain washed to believe that gun ownership and gun owners are bad. You are probably saying, “so what they are morons and already brainwashed”.

        When the real moves are made, they will be subtle. It’s the frog boiling. Every move is in that direction inch by inch.

        If at any point the gun owner advocates stop advertising their point of view, all the public will know are lies and disinformation. We owe it to the children to keep the truth alive. Freedom is hard work. I was once leaning toward the left. If not for Moses (Charlton Heston), I might have lost my soul completely. The more I learn, the more I want to know. Facts. Quotes. Required.

        • Some of the quotes could be put on wall hangings and sold. Thomas Jefferson, Benjamin Franklin, etc. Half the profits to go to T.V. /Radio ads or whatever to promote Second Amendment Rights. Christmas is near. Just trying to think of ways to counter the propaganda.

      19. Only your enemy wants you defenseless .? How many Ar-15 ,s have been sold in this country in the last 5 years alone. It seem like almost everyone must have2 . I think it’s way too late to try and disarm the American people . Unless there’s a food crisis and its guns for food.sounds far fetched but I wouldn’t put it past them. They’ll try anything for the safety of our children.? And as has always been said food is the greatest weapon. A measure ( cup) of wheat for a penny ( a day’s pay in those days ) .Like in grapes of wrath he worked all day for a cup of flour and a spoonful of lard. Is it not obvious what’s coming one third of the oceans (the pacific) will turn to blood read about the dead Pacific Ocean .California drought ,water tables depleting .Trillions of dollars diapering . To build and stock underground cities? Billions of bullets bought by gov. And how many or much we don’t know about. You might be able to survive without ammo you will not be able to survive without food.

      20. Want to piss off Obama?

        Buy A Gun This Month.

        And lot’s and lot’s of ammo!

        Better yet, buy two or more guns!

        • Jane,
          GREAT idea!

        • actually I would imagine Obama probably has stock somewhere hidden by anonymity in the gun and ammo industry. What’s that one asshole…soros I think owns the company that bought Remington a while back. You know these assholes are making a killing while playing both sides. And don’t ever forget what they say, The best way to control the opposition is to lead it.

      21. I was just about to pick up one more and then the Oregon shooting, the local gun stores just took down all the sale stickers that day?

      22. Only your enemies want you defenseless And ther they are right in front of our faces and we even have their names and pictures .Blatantly defying their oath of office treason right in front of our faces .And they have no shame .And most of them have law degrees.So they have absolutely no excuse.They can only be the domestic enemy.

      23. It won’t be long before our government declares the NRA a Terrorist organization. Then we all here become Terrorists!
        MOLON LABE!

        • Not everyone here is a member of the NRA.

          I’m guessing only a few at most are and they aren’t talking about it.

          And this isn’t an NRA site, I don’t recall any NRA business being discussed here at all.

          Now if you are a member of the NRA, well that’s a different story and maybe you should begin considering your options for the future. But that isn’t connected to this site being becoming declared a terrorist organization (yet).

      24. The day after the Oregon shooting, I was speaking with the Police Chief at a S.C. Technical college and he said the problem lies with counselors and mental health professionals CAN NOT share any mental health issues of minors unless they make a specific threat. He said a student could tell a counselor that they are hearing voices telling them to kill everyone and it cannot be communicated to law enforcement. This is another wonderful liberal policy. This crap must change.

        • LLeclair:

          It should stop. People should never, never take their kids to a shrink, ever.

          That way he can’t say something he didn’t really mean and wind up poisoned, then stripped of all credibility, and not be able to buy a gun and kill that SOB treasonous dirtbag hiding behind a white coat. Those black hearted swine are the real threat. Anybody defending them is a fool or a traitor. Their goal is the destruction of the family. The destruction of their patients/victims.

          • The killing part is sarcasm. I am not advocating violence. I don’t believe in killing my enemies. Neither do I believe in promoting an industry that I know to be perverse.

            • B from Ca.

              You don’t believe in killing your enemies?

              • Slingshot:

                No I don’t. Love the sinner, hate the sin. We could consume ourselves with hatred or we could choose to confront evil and deal with it. Our enemies are good people with bad ideas about us. We are best served by exposing the hidden agendas and insane people and their insane ideas.

                For example. The Rothschild Bankers who with Isreal, using the Federal Reserve, control us and have murdered millions. They are behind the wars including the current wars in the Middle East.

                No. I want peace with my enemies. I just want to stop them from killing me, destroying my family, and wiping Western culture off the face of the earth. That’s all. Then we can go back to being friends again after that.

                • ………… doesn’t work like that. …..

        • lleclair

          Personally I think that is a good thing. You know the whole doctor/patient confidentiality thing. Or even attorney/client privilege. They are there for a reason you know… How will you like it when the ncic starts sharing with the medical records database, and everytime some doctor prescribes a recently widowed housewife and mother anti anxiety medication, she is now considered a danger and not eligible to buy a gun. Or every time somebody is having a hard time and venting their frustrations to their doctor in “confidence”, the doctor runs off and tells the almighty gov’t about it. If I am correct, counselors and doctors are allowed if not required to report a DIRECT threat against someones life or safety. But what you and your police chief (politically appointed yes man) are talking about, is an EXTREMELY slippery slope

      25. And the BAND plays on………..

        Meanwhile the COUNTRY IS STILL SINKING…………

      26. So…Do you teach any young people about the Bill of Rights? Do they go into this in any significant manner in public schools?

        I think not.

        I was at my sister’s house a while back and sitting in the living room with her daughter in law one evening. I asked if she knew what the 10 amendments were called. She mumbled something about the Bible and said “Shhhh…My Big Fat Fabulous Life is coming on and I don’t want to miss it.” OK.

        Demented Circus Monkeys.

        They’re everywhere…

        • JRS, it has been changed to the 10 suggestions lol. 🙂

      27. I’ve seen the aftermath of bad…bad…shit before…but with these “mass shooting” they are lacking something…like the gut wrenching screams of the wounded…and the loved ones who arrive on scene to bad news(this is something that when you hear it…it imprints on your soul, there is no mistake on this…also..the amount of blood would be almost beyond belief….I never seem to see any of this on the “coverage”…then there’s the funerals….some would surely be open casket…not everyone has their head or face blown apart…and yet we never see a funeral at all…with all the pain a weeping….open casket or not…strangely nothing at all…but when you do see the “family” members…they have zero tears…and want to talk about gun control the next day!…is it me?..or does anyone else notice this strangeness?

      28. The government must create a great evil enemy to override the second amendment. Patriots must be eliminated.

      29. Pipe bombs anyone ?

      30. Two is one and one is none. It will be “patriot” not “braveheart” ( no offense )

        • Every man dies. Not every man really lives.

          • Yes, that’s true. Any man who’s spent 33 years of his life shaking doorknobs in the most mind numbing boring job ever created certainly is qualified to speak about not really living, no argument here.

            • Billy troll, you’re in the wrong place so go troll somewhere else.

      31. Fuck hicks person. FEAR PORN! Get over it yall…

        BTW- That Hicks person never showed. LOSER!

        • DMONIC.
          Show for what exactly?
          I’m intrigued.

      32. My boobs are getting bigger. There must be silicone leaching from my plastic water bottles.

      33. maybe its time to try the anti gun leaders for treason, and deport liberal anti gun people

        • Charlie,
          very good idea!

      34. There is an excellent article today at titled: Obama: The CIA Temp?. This explains precisely the reason this fake occupier of our nation is in place. It’s all about who he is and what the CIA is in progress doing to the American people and our nation, all in the effort to keep the truth of 9-11 hidden with trillions paid to governments around the world to remain silent and the final knife in the back of American’s with the TPP so called trade deal.

      35. This article from The death Geld politics section sums it all up well as a response to gun laws/confiscation ect.:

        Dear blathering, blubbering, sputtering Prog-Nazis, Concern Mongers and Insufferable Bloombergian Nanny’s:

        No more gun laws will be tolerated – and as you pricks have seen in Washington, Colorado, Connecticut and New York, we gleefully wipe our ass with your pathetic gun regulations – and laugh at you and your impotent Stasi. Any new infringements will be summarily ignored. Anyone so foolish as to attempt enforcement had best get their affairs well ordered beforehand – seeing as we will only allow the “confiscation” of our weapons hot, dirty and empty.

        Furthermore, you don’t have enough jack-boots to take our weapons before we rise up and knock the civil society on it’s ear – taking the infrastructure and economy down in the same heartbeat. We represent one of the most heavily armed standing armies in the entire world, and we outnumber your “forces” hundreds to one. Not only are we, the American patriots, saying “Fuck You,” the logistics of your fantasy itself says “Eat Shit and Die.“ You could not enforce this even if you yellow gutless puss-bags had the gonads to try.

        But of course… when did “reality” put a stop to the Fabian leftist agenda? After all – look how your nations run abroad… you’re clearly not enamored with math, logic or rational thought… so… for the sake of posterity… allow us a moment to explain the repercussions in a way so simple even the whelps reared in the Marxist indoctrination centers we call “Public Schools” can grok:

        Should the fools spouting weapons confiscation nonsense deeply and earnestly wish to recreate the Yugoslavian War here in the United States… well then… we find your proposition acceptable – if regrettable. But know this – once we’ve dealt with all the storm troopers, (and hung the men who sent them), we’ll be coming for those who supported’em. If you wish to usher in the next great American tragedy, we’re prepared to grant your desire – but do so understanding this is war to oblivion. When the rubble settles, there will either be no more of us or there shall be no more of you. The children of those few survivors will have a lifetime to feel guilty over the atrocities collectively committed in the civil war you wish to kick off.

        The citizen-disarmament blood-dancers are warned. We speak for tens of millions on this issue.

        You. Get. Nothing.

        • So, how do those almost two hundred armed Waco biker thugs that pretended to be so tough and then got themselves arrested and imprisoned by a handful of local yokel cops figure into your theory here?

          Or David Koresh for that matter, he did well against them now didn’t he?

          Or Randy Weaver’s family.

          And on and on and on.

          People talk big, but outside of a few black criminal organizations none of them actually do anything.

          What, exactly, makes you any different?

          You don’t advocate either preparedness or survival, you advocate the path that leads only to imprisonment and death which is neither.

          • Anon,survival in the progressive lib dictatorship not worth it,many,including I,do plan/practice/prepare for survival for a man made or natural disaster.There will be a big difference between a smaller incident and a nation wide dictatorship,many will revolt and as folks see family/friends killed or hurt will join in either fighting or helping those fighting in other ways.

            On a side note,do not personally plan on surviving long term though ready meself for it.As I have said many times,will see atrocity being committed before me and whatever the odds will fight back,just take a few to the rock in hell with me best I can do then.

            • You didn’t address the question “What exactly makes you different” that was the point of the post.

              Care to answer it? What makes you any different than all the other big talkers that do nothing but talk?

              • Like the folks attacked at Waco/the Weaver family will fight back/hopefully succed in killing a few attacking and probably die,thus,in that not much different.I unfortunetly see a lot of this in our future,enuff fight back though the point of the spear gets dulled and nervous.

        • I like it,
          Is EXACTLY what was on my mind.

      36. We are not going to give up jack-sh!t. Rounds are all I am giving. Long live the Bill of Rights, and fu@k Obama.

      37. WD

        “When the rubble settles, there will either be no more of us or there shall be no more of you.”

        That is the way I Want It!

        • Sling,would rather it would not get to that point,seems though inevitable unfortunately.

      38. People have personal defense weapons to defend themselves privately. Publicly for the people it’s a different reality. TPTB want your defense weapons but work at it slowly, incrementally eroding your right to self defense. Like it has been noted, this attempt to disarm the people has been ongoing for decades. There has been not much push back in public, as in out in the streets. If the people are so complacent to sit back stubbornly with their beliefs yet seem unwilling to unite publicly, then the oppressors have you right where they want you, hidden in plain sight. Mass public peaceful demonstration is the key to rooting out the criminal usurpers. This will be the biggest problem for them and what they fear the most. Freedom of speech and assembly is just as important as the right to defend yourself. Both shall not be infringed!

      39. Aljamo,actually feel that the best folks can do is become more self sufficient in food/energy ect. and as best as possible drop out of the money game,just give the assholes less to work with/starve the beast/what have you.Folks realising both parties suck and is fun watching them both implode,out of that rubble perhaps(not holding breath)leadership that really represents freedom will emerge though believe we have gone too far for that to work.

      40. In the last gun control article I brought up the subject of holsters, they are an excellent form of gun control. Holsters are good they keep guns from jumping out of your pants and running down the streets on shooting sprees. Ok, that was silly sarcasm!

        In truth I wanted to ask; I ran across a YouTube video on an “Urban Carry” holster. Has anyone ever tried it? It’s a quick draw deep concealment holster.

        Here’s the YouTube. ht tp://

        • Problem is there is no one perfect gun or holster. Part of it is dress. If your a beach girl, I have no idea where you can hide anything. In Wyo during the winter you can hide anything, anywhere, smaller than a Howitzer. I have 3 CCW guns. One is a N American Arms .22/22Mag revolver you can carry in a pair of shorts and it won’t be noticed. One is a 357 Smith 2″ Scandium with either a shoulder holster or leg holster. And my Pref is a 9MM Browning with JHP +P in a shoulder holder with spare mags. (At least until someone comes out with a 10 Terawatt laser pistol that will beat 12″ steel plate)

          • It’s on my list to get a Remora ankle holster at the next gun show.

            Also looking for a a deep concealment holster for a full sized handgun, and perhaps a scabbard for the shotgun.

      41. Bill needs to better define “the people holding the guns”

        • As I understand it, the average IQ in congress was so low, they had to measure it collectively, in order to get a positive reading… 🙂

      42. My guns know what they get if they shoot anybody without my permission, they get sent to the gun safe with no bullets.

      43. Checkout the food riot in Venezuela running for chicken in the USA they’ll be hijacking the trucks before they ever make it to the stores their probably be work riding shotgun .Or convoy security so the truck drivers don’t say the hell with this and just take their load home.When the electronic benefits stop you better have a gun and lots of bullets just like the government.25 million dead in 2 weeks seems more realistic .EBT people are out of food by the end of the month. They wait in line shopping cart full at midnight on the first at 24 hour stores .They might not had any food that day.Thell start looting the next day. And maybe get 3 days food until it’s stolen from them .And when theirs no more stores to loot .Guess we’re their going next.Middle class hoods first their usually closest. Then high class hoods.The police will be trying to get their families to safety .We will be banding together guarding the major entrances to our hoods .blocking off the rest.With foot patrols in between.Talk about a suicide mission.Get a police trade in vest .Or steel sheet to hang around your neck.Even if it will only stop a 22 .

      44. Justice is sleeping right now, when it awakens God help us all…..

      45. Quotes from Che Guevara… y;know… that guy on the T-shirt of your groovy campus hipster:
        1. “We reject any peaceful approach. Violence is inevitable. To establish Socialism, rivers of blood must flow.”
        (What happened to “All we are saying, is give peace a chance??”
        2. “These hyenas (Americans) are fit only for extermination.” (Sorry but all you “Yes we can/Yes we have no bananas” chanters would likely get a bullet)

        3. “Youth must refrain from ungrateful questioning of governmental mandates. Instead, they must dedicate themselves to study, work and military service.” (Shut up you lemmings, and MARCH! No more free lunch welfarism for you!!)

        4. “I’d like to confess… at that moment I discovered that I really like killing.” (Reminds me of vile Bill Ayers –professor of education at U of I Chicago, buddy of gun control fanatic Obama who wrote: “…we’re also going to make it clear that when a pig gets iced that’s a good thing, and that everyone who considers himself a revolutionary should be armed, should own a gun, should have a gun in his house.” Cited from A Strategy To Win, appearing in New Left Notes, September 12, 1969. Disgusting and violent, but that is the left!

        5. “Youth should learn to think and act as a mass. It is criminal to think as individuals!” (This one is pretty much in place and standard operating procedure on campus today; and if you object, the campus speech and thought police will pay you an (un)friendly visit, komrade!)

        6. “The victory of Socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims!” (I guess this makes sense, given that The Black Book of Communism, Oxford Univ. Press, says the left MURDERED around 100 mm last century

        7. “If the (nuclear) missiles had remained, we would have fired them against the very heart of the U.S., including New York City.” (What? And destroy Mayor Bolshevik Bill de Blasio’s Socialist Workers’ Paradise of NYC?)

        8. “Judicial evidence is an archaic bourgeois detail. When in doubt, execute.” (Wasn’t he just a grand guy!!)

        9. “We must do away with all newspapers. A revolution cannot be accomplished with freedom of the press.” (Better idea Che: do as Former CBS News president Richard Salant said about the “news”: “Our job is to give people not what they want, but what we decide they ought to have.” Quoted from You Don’t Say, by Fred Gielow, Freedom Books, 1999

        10. “Workers have to start getting used to life under socialism. By no means can they go on strike.” (So… get off the dole, lefties, and GET TO WORK! Or it’s off to the camps for you!)

        Extra credit: (I also don’t have the exact quote saved, but this is very close, though I need to find the source still to have the wording exact. “I know the campesinos (peasants) support us; but when we come to power, they, too, will have to be liquidated.” (So all you students, for example, now know why all your “Yes we can chanting” only left you owning $1 trillion in student debt, no career or hope of one, and a room at 28 years old in mommy’s basement.

        Venezuelan student Alejandro Sosa describes what Che means to him, and how his legacy has destroyed his country.

        • TEST, my wife lost some of her family to the same butchers che Guevara worked with. He got what he deserved in Bolivia in 1967. Poetic justice.

      46. Folks,with all this nonsense about unenforceable feel good for lib gun laws lets keep in mind what is really important:

        “Black Guns Matter”

        • Blued ones and shiny steel ones, too. Of course I favor black.

        • Warchild, all the guns in my possession matter, regardless of the color. And goldfish matter also.

      47. It wouldn’t be that hard to make guns. Untraceable. Cost effective.

        • The moment guns are banned, it will be very lucrative to make them or smuggle them.

          I live in a state with tough gun laws, as a result it has one of the largest gun black markets in the country. The guys that run the black market don’t do background checks, and wouldn’t sell to me because they’d think I was a cop. They sell to crazies, teen agers and known felons! Gun control works, it completely satisfies the liberal progressive agenda.

      48. B,is already being done across this great land,from the for lack of better word 80%’s to start to finish(a long haul and some cool machinery needed),at least till the metal working 3d grows a bit more and becomes affordable,and,for what it matters,at moment legal.

      49. This chart was compiled by JPFO a dozen years ago. It goes to the very core of the Second Amendment.

        h ttp://

      50. The biggest gun-toting gangs in the U.S. are the police and the standing military. Gun-control begins with government’s guns. The people are the rightful repository for all arms–as recognized by the Second Amendment OF the otherwise federal-government-supremacist U.S. Constitution. The Militia are our military. The standing military and police are unconsitutional gangs of political assailants. To pass a “law” for disarming the people is a declaration of war against the people. For the police or military to attempt to disarm the people is and act of war against the people.

      51. Let’s see, who in the USA has stolen from its citizens the most, caused the biggest deficits?,
        Caused the most harm with illegal invasions and is leftist. This sounds criminal me thinks,
        And I bet they can shoot a gun for self protection! AND bet all their peers can too , bet they
        Have personal pieces for self protection. Gun laws will only protect criminals,you can bet on it!…..

      52. I give a crap if Obama, Bloomberg, or whoever lets go of their security you can kiss my ass. Don’t speak for me.
        Will never comply with the NWO!

      53. Fed Quietly Revises Total US Debt From 330% To 350% Of GDP, After “Discovering” Another $2.7 Trillion In Debt


      54. Obama is poking a sleeping bear, and soon he’ll wake the damn thing up and it’ll attack anything within arms reach. He is a hypocrite who relies on a populace that has become apathetic and dependent. Progressivism is partly to blame, but at the end of the day its our fault.

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