MSM Tries To Convince The Public Deaths From COVID After Being Vaxxed Means The Shot Is “Effective”

by | Jun 28, 2021 | Headline News | 13 comments

You just can’t make this up anymore. The mainstream media is literally trying to convince people that even though most “COVID-19” deaths are those who have been fully “vaccinated,” that just means the “vaccine” is “effective and imperfect.”

Wait, so if most people who die of COVID-19 are fully vaccinated against COVID-19, how in the world is that “effective” on any level? The puppets in the media actually expect us to believe this nonsense.  The less sense it makes, and the worse the news about this “vaccine,” which is actually an experimental gene therapy, the more they seem to push the shot.

COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

According to a Guardian article, the “vaccine” is “effective and imperfect.” Does anyone see any contradiction in those two words? Call me crazy, but if it’s effective, wouldn’t it be stopping people from getting COVID-19? If the “vaccine” is “effective,” then how can it be imperfect? If it’s “imperfect,” how can it be effective?  The rulers are probably just sitting in their mansions laughing at the ridiculous propaganda they can get all of the slaves to believe.

Here’s the headline:

Why Most People Who Now Die With Covid in England Have Been Vaccinated

Here’s the first line:

Don’t think of this as a bad sign, it’s exactly what’s expected from an effective but imperfect jab. – Guardian

So getting sick and dying of the very infection the “vaccine” is supposed to protect you against means it’s working? The fact that the vaccine doesn’t work means it’s working. Got it. Thanks for the clarification, MSM. But it gets better.  They say the “vaccine” is “effective” which means if it’s a vaccine it will prevent the COVID-19 infection and transmission to a “vaccinated” person. But those are the ones dying because others have “limited coverage,” meaning they haven’t taken this shot:

The Public Health England report also reveals that nearly a third of deaths from the Delta variant are of unvaccinated people over 50, which may be surprising given high vaccine coverage; for example, OpenSAFELY estimates more than 93% among the 65-69s. But there are lower rates in deprived areas and for some ethnicities and communities with limited coverage will continue to experience more than their fair share of loss. – Guardian

The PHE’s technical briefing on June 25th shows that the percentage of people who have died from the “dealt variant” of COVID-19 had risen to 43% (50 of 117), with the majority (60%) having received at least one dose. That right there, in their own statistics should show enough people what a hoax this scamdemic is and what a joke the “vaccine” has become. But perhaps they read this book just like Bill Gates:

Stay alert and prepared.  This “vaccine” propaganda isn’t going to stop, in fact, it is likely to speed up as they run out of willing guinea pigs. Know what’s going on, ask the questions, and as always, continue to use your critical thinking and discernment.  Don’t just believe me or anyone else, especially right now. Really look at what’s going on and follow the links.  They are provided for a reason.

Here’s my big question:

More COIVD-19 Vax Deaths: Think They’ll Blame This On COVID-21?


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    1. jakartaman

      ONE WORD:


    2. Indeed

      Q) How do you know when the MSM is lying to you?
      A)It’s usually as soon as
      they open their mouths ?

    3. Warning


    4. Woogie

      Dr Michael Yeadon said the vaccine is 50 times more likely to cause death in children than Covid does. This means the vaccine is working? Yes, it is effective…on killing the human race to fit their wicked agenda.

      Those unvaccinated should stay away from the vaccinated because the vaccinated can shed the spike protein in their breath and sweat evaporation to become AIRBORNE. You get “vaccinated” by breathing in those particles and can have the same results of side effects as those who were vaccinated.

    5. Anonymous

      “The puppets in the media actually expect us to believe this nonsense. ”

      Most people do.

    6. Tzvi

      Amazing, 2/3 of deaths had at least one injection…but its a “victory” because most of the vaccinated were old and high risk people who got it first…( implied in the Guardian article ” it’s what we would expect from an effective but imperfect vaccine, a risk profile that varies hugely by age and the way the vaccines have been rolled out.”)

      Really what this means is the “Vaccine” is NOT protecting the older and frail very well if at all.

      My Doctor told me the “Vaccines” wont be effective because it relies on synthetic virus protein, as they cant ( or don’t want to) make a real vaccine based on real Sars2 Covid-19 virus.

      When I asked “what about the Russians, don’t they have the Sputnik Vaccine, will it work?” She nodded her head to the side with a “maybe” gesture. ( I am hopeful that the high rate of new CLINICAL cases of COVID-19 in Russia is due to low rates of Vaccination, but keeping my mind open…)

      As for the UK, which this article deals with:

      What I find interesting is they bought 100 Million Pfizer mRNA Shots… ( including Additional 60 Million doses on the way).
      So possibly half or more of those who DIED ( not just infected) from Covid had the Pfizer shot…I presume the others got mostly AstraZeneca…as these two were the first available in the U.K.

      “Overall, the UK has secured access to 517 million doses of 8 of the most promising COVID-19 vaccines. These are:

      Pfizer/BioNTech for 100 million doses – including the additional 60 million doses
      Oxford/AstraZeneca for 100 million doses
      Moderna for 17 million doses
      Janssen for 30 million doses
      Novavax for 60 million doses
      Valneva for 100 million doses
      GlaxoSmithKline and Sanofi Pasteur for 60 million doses
      CureVac for 50 million doses”

      Now why does a country of 68,216,650 people need so many doses…of a product with a short expiry date? “Securing” a contract to buy is not the same as delivery, and you need 2 shots for most ( so halve the number), but still this is way OVERKILL…( Unless you do vaccine diplomacy by hoarding supply, and doling out to obedient countries…)

    7. Jocko

      From the start the CDC said the vaccines would not prevent covid,, just lessen the symptoms. Maybe some people are less dead than others? (sarc)

      • Tzvi

        All corpses are equal, but some vaccinated corpses are more equal.

        Worse yet the article does not address those who died, or were injured from side effects of the injection.

        Britannia Victoria contra Covid, est argumentum ad absurdum.

    8. Sallie Ann

      Yes. it IS EFFECTIVE. it fucking KILLED YOU!!!!

    9. John

      I just want to say as an American I am proud to have done my part in stopping the evil Biden regime from reaching its goal of 70% being vaxxed by July 4th. Never had to do so little to accomplish so much. To those who still retain the title of American (as opposed to the voluntarily vaxxed, who are no longer Americans and are now just people who live in the U.S.) I salute you!

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