MSM: The Next COVID Variant Could Be Found in “Airplane Wastewater”

by | Jan 23, 2023 | Headline News

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    The next COVID variant could very well be found in airplane wastewater. Analyzing airplane sewage could help scientists track new COVID variants entering the U.S., or identify novel pathogens. that the mainstream media can then panic the masses while the ruling class takes even more power.

    The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention is talking to airlines about the possibility of testing for the coronavirus in sewage from planes, the federal agency told NBC News. If they look for something and think for even a second they could panic enough people to comply with more injections and another lockdown, you can be they will magically find it.

    Right now, the CDC is only testing international travelers who voluntarily agree to have their nasal passages swabbed. This program began in September of 2021 and now included seven major airports in the United States.  But that’s not good enough, because there isn’t enough fear there to get the public scrambling. Expanding that surveillance to include airplane wastewater could allow the CDC to collect more data about emerging variants.

    The U.S. has been monitoring for the coronavirus in wastewater since the CDC launched its National Wastewater Surveillance System in September 2020. But that testing mainly involves wastewater from households or buildings, not samples from airports or planes.

    “CDC is exploring all options to help slow the introduction of new variants into the United States from other countries. Previous Covid-19 wastewater surveillance has shown to be a valuable tool, and airplane wastewater surveillance could potentially be an option,” CDC press officer Scott Pauley told NBC News.

    How is testing airplane wastewater going to slow the introduction of new variants into the U.S.? If it’s in the wastewater of an airplane, isn’t it already in the U.S.? This looks like a ploy to look for something they know they are going to find. Is this the COVID-23 scamdemic?

    “The more information you have, the more accurate decisions that you can make,” said Kata Farkas, one of the study’s authors and a postdoctoral research officer at Bangor University. “I believe wastewater-based surveillance is a really good tool to support any decision made on public health.”

    “If you do have a new variant that’s coming and you have a wastewater sample, it’s going to be more concentrated coming out of a smaller sewer shed or an airport,” said Sandra McLellan, a professor of freshwater sciences at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee, who was not involved in either report. “If you just look in the municipal wastewater, you could miss it.”

    Major COVID Allegations: Snake Venom, Genocide, Water Contamination

    There are many speculations and allegations as to why the ruling class insists on testing water for a respiratory virus that’s allegedly spread on water droplets in the air.

    Who knows what they will or will not find? Who knows if this is going to be a big deal in the media? All we can do is wait and be aware of what is going on so we can be as prepared as possible when they finally pull the plug. Again.



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