MSM: The India COVID Variant Is Globally “Worrying”

by | May 21, 2021 | Headline News | 11 comments

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    The mainstream media is very intently covering the “India COVID variant” with gusto.  Whenever there’s an obvious attempt at fear, it’s time to look deeper and dissect what they are trying to brainwash us into believing.

    The Washington Post has declared that the India variant that’s allegedly killing everyone in that country is “globally worrying.”  What does that mean? It means if they can convince the public that this “variant” is horrific and you could die as they did last year with the original COVID-19 scamdemic hoax, they may be able to convince a few still on the fence to roll up their sleeves and take the experimental gene therapy shot.

    It could also give them another excuse to lockdown entire countries again, and if the ruling class gets an opportunity to cause more destruction and chaos to the already all but dead economy, they will do so. To be quite honest, I personally am surprised they haven’t tried another lockdown yet.

    So let’s focus on what they want us to believe:

    On Tuesday, British scientists said that the variant, known as B.1.617.2, could quickly become the dominant strain in the United Kingdom if it is allowed to spread.

    In technical papers designed to advise the government this week, scientists said that B.1.617.2 could be up to 50 percent more transmissible than another variant that had spread through Britain late last year and caused a major winter surge there. –The Washington Post

    It “could” if the ruling classes of the world and the mainstream media decide to use this as a fear-mongering campaign, you can bet it WILL become the most dominant strain and it WILL spread.  Because whether it’s true or not, the media and masters do not care. They care only that we believe them and comply.

    This is why it is vital to remain alert to what they are trying to force the public to believe while asking the questions and applying critical thinking.

    But why do we have to believe that this “variant” is “highly transmissible” and “more deadly?” They tell us. It’s all about the agenda:

    But vaccines remain the most potent weapon against this variant and others. On Wednesday, as India broke the daily death toll record, British officials said that they were confident the vaccines worked against the variant and that vaccinations would be at the center of the country’s fight against covid-19.

    Britain must move to replace the “shield of restrictions with the sword of the vaccine program,” Hancock said at a briefing from 10 Downing Street, adding that there would be increased testing and surveillance in variant-hit areas, with new research into whether additional vaccine doses would boost protection. The Washington Post

    Oh, so there it is…they want us all “vaccinated” and to get additional doses of the experimental gene therapy they continue to falsely call a “vaccine.” We should all be prepared for the push to get additional doses of this stuff in people.

    Scientist Who Helped Develop Pfizer Vaccine Says A Third Shot Will Be Needed

    The Ruling Class And Big Pharma Team Up To Push A Third COVID Shot

    BioNTech CEO Says “Booster” Shots of Pfizer Vaccine Will Be Required Every 12-18 Months

    And then there’s this tyrant:

    Fauci: The “Vaccines” Work Against India Variant

    Based on the information they have given us, and knowing it’s mostly fear-mongering propaganda designed to brainwash the masses, this “variant” is likely going to be used to push for more shots or as an attempt to get the holdouts to take them initially.

    Stay alert and aware.  Use your critical thinking and discernment. Look into things and understand that those in power want only one thing: more power.


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      1. Well, the new strain may, in fact, be real. But I’ll lay ten-to-one odds that it was released for the same agenda noted in the article above; cause more fear and, thus, more people to commit to the jab.

        I suspect we’ll see nasty stuff being released more and more as the days go by.

      2. As you mentioned, really does not matter if any of the lies they are spewing out are true or not. What is vitally important to these psycho freaks is that some people believe this nonsense and opt for the poisonous gene therapy. These are some truly sick bastards we are dealing with and they’ll stop at nothing to complete their warped agendas!!

      3. Oh no!!!! More transmissible
        “variants” of an “illness” with a more than 99% survival rate – the horror!!!!!!!!
        Lock yourselves up in your homes everyone!!!!!!!!!?

      4. I’m more scared of the CDC,the W.H.O, and the MSM
        than I am of b.s. 19.

      5. Very
        Tactic ?

      6. So this alleged variant is named B.1.617.2 Perhaps a much more appropriate name would’ve been B.S.1.617.2????

      7. Next winter is kaos

      8. I don’t believe it’s a ‘variant’ at all, but a new, more powerful bioweapon from Communist China. Perhaps even race specific. It’s still a manufactured bioweapon from a lab. I wouldn’t be surprised to see more of them in the near future. One with Ebola-like symptoms and with a 90% death rate.

      9. There is no variant since Sars-CoV2 has never been isolated

      10. Life is worrying, and death is inevitable, get over it.

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