The Ruling Class And Big Pharma Team Up To Push A Third COVID Shot

by | Apr 16, 2021 | Headline News | 31 comments

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    Because apparently, two shots of the experimental gene therapy “vaccines” aren’t enough to give people immunity, the rulers, in partnership with Big Pharma, are now discussing boosters and third doses.

    Pfizer and BioNTech said on Thursday they are testing a third dose of their Covid-19 vaccine to better understand the immune response against new variants of the virus. There are also discussions between Big Pharma and the rulers about testing a vaccine modified to protect specifically against the highly transmissible new variant found in South Africa and elsewhere, known as B.1.351, according to a report by CNBC. 

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    “The rate of mutations in the current virus is higher than expected,” Pfizer Chief Scientific Officer Mikael Dolsten said in an interview.

    It’s a reasonable probability that we would end up with regular boosts. And for potent vaccines, it may be that you need to do a strain change every few years, but not necessarily every year.” –CNBC

    Dolsten believes that the third dose of their vaccine will create a similar or better response than the second dose, and could be the logical next step for staying ahead of circulating variants.

    The Truth Comes Out: It DOES Alter Your Genetic Material

    “We think our vaccine is robustly active against all strains,” Dolsten said, noting that the companies “want to be prepared for all options and be data-driven — led by science.”

    Moderna also said on Wednesday it is also working with U.S. government scientists (the masters and rulers) to study an experimental booster shot that targets the variant first found in South Africa.

    Unless people start to stand up and say enough is enough, they will roll out as many of these boosters and third doses as they can. They don’t care about your health, it’s about control and money. They want us all vaccinated, tracked, traced, and controlled to the highest extent. Is it not obvious by now?

    Prepare, stay alert and use discernment. This is a large piece of the overall agenda. Just how large and exactly where this piece fits in the totalitarian enslavement of mankind is still in question. They are continuing to push these vaccines as the official narrative surrounding this scamdemic falls apart.  That says a lot.


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      1. Third, fourth, fifth booster shot, civil liberties upended on this or that compliance document or proof of vaccination…
        Who could have ever seen that one coming I wonder…

        • More Covid-19 lies that are being pedaled by MSM,
          Top 10 LIES about COVID-19 that at least half of all Americans actually believe

          Top 10 LIES about Covid-19

          LIE #1. Masks help protect you from viruses and bacteria.

          LIE #2. Social distancing is working.

          LIE #3. Covid-19 mRNA vaccines are safe and effective.

          LIE #4. The whole “herd” theory for safety of the vaccinated.

          LIE #5. Using antibacterial and disinfecting products all day keeps you safe from germs.

          LIE #6. The CDC protects you.

          LIE #7. The Covid-19 vaccine will keep you from catching as bad a version of the virus.

          LIE #8. mRNA-technology in vaccines helps strengthen your immune system.

          LIE #9. Things will get back “closer to normal” after everyone gets vaccinated.

          LIE #10. We’re all in this together.

          The entire article: ht tps://

          • The Gobalist are shooting for a 90% die off. And just watch these stoopid gullible sheep line up for the Genocide JAB.

            How do you recognize stoopid sheep? They wear these face diapers. lol

            Covid 19. You know what the 19 means? 1=A and 9=I in the alphabet. 19=AI (Artificial Intelligence). The Covid-AI JAB. How smart is that?

      2. I guess two jabs are not going to kill the numbers they want.
        Line up and get some more.
        OWO brilliance – Get the sheep to line up for their death shots.
        Wonder what will happen in 6 months or year- Humm

      3. Freedom does not come from a syringe!!!

      4. Will the covid lies? ever stop? Rhetorical question.

      5. As you mentioned,the very fact that these evil psychos continue pushing the “vaccines” in spite of the fact that the official narrative is obviously crumbling down all around them says a hell of
        a lot. Stay away from these jabs guys and gals – far away!!!!

      6. These fuckers are totally insane! I haven’t even taken a first or second dose of their poison! NEVER have and NEVER will!

      7. How can you have a “variant” of something that didn’t exist and wasn’t isolated in the first place??

      8. The ruling clASS and Big Drama can shove all of their helpful “vaccines” straight up their arses!!

      9. Future Headline:
        TO PUSH A 55TH
        COVID SHOT.

      10. “booster shot that targets the variant first found in South Africa” Damn,why Moderna
        gotta do the African variant like that?That be so racist????

      11. Ladies and gentlemen all we need now is Rod Serling to rise up from his grave and narrate our current situation as it’s quite obvious we are living in The Twilight Zone?

        • Lol nice, I always talk in Rod’s voice at work.. explaining tomorrow’s episode in the Twilight zone!!!

          • @Anonymous, ?
            .. there’s a signpost up ahead..

      12. The covid “pandemic” numbers don’t even come close to the number of lies that have been manufactured to keep the non-existent
        “pandemic” going.?

      13. So,have we flattened the curve yet??

      14. What’s that coming around the corner? Yes you guessed it – a fourth shot.?

      15. If only we could give the sheep a shot of common sense??

      16. The poisonous jabs have always been the endgame.
        The “virus”is just the pretext.

      17. I hereby donate my current phony 19 “vaccines” and any future booster shots to those who are less fortunate.
        “You’re welcome”?

      18. So,now they are up to a third shot? Oh, and booster shots and shots for variants as well. Isn’t it absolutely amazing how quickly they are coming up with these shots? Why, it almost makes you think some of this covid scenario was pre-planned –
        doesn’t it??

      19. The have profiled those least likely to get vaxxed.

        Milquetoast pushers have politely invaded some libertarian forums.

        For the time being, they are trying to be dignified evangelists but have a brainfart, when you ask what’s in it.

      20. So far, no one has shown that the vaccine is unsafe for the average person.

        Or that it is effective at preventing covid or its spread to others when you catch it.

        So just get your shot and make them happy and maybe they’ll leave you alone.

        • @Anonymous,they’ll NEVER leave us alone.

      21. Hey Mr. Mikael Dolsten — I’ll make a deal with you. I’ll sit and let you poke around in my arm with your poison needle if you’ll sit and allow me to poke around in your ear canal with my icepick.

        Sounds like a fair trade to me.

      22. The Biden Administration appears to be intentionally spreading disease in Texas by flooding the border with illegal aliens. While it appears the Biden Administration loves spreading disease the motive in this case seems to be an attempt to verify their phony narrative that lockdowns are effective against the transmission of cv19 which is more likely influenzas A and B. If Texas sees a spike in corona detected by the incorrect usage of the misapplied pcr testing then the narrative of Biden and Left will become that it all happened because of lax lockdown policies. Do not be fooled. Any increase in death, hospitalizations and transmission of disease is likely the direct result of the Biden leftist army of communist to intentionally murder the populace.

      23. According to a most recent article from CBS NEWS not only is Moderna going to recommend three shots but you will also have to get a booster annually. In all likelihood you will be getting their shots for the rest of your life or for however long you enjoy being the submissive in their sadomasochist role play. Maybe if you are an extra good sub you can talk your doctor into giving you dozens or hundreds vaccinations annually.

      24. According to a most recent article from the Sun-Sentinel, kids who travelled to Florida from other states for spring break are somehow responsible for a variant that came from England. Hard to imagine a kid from New York or which ever state, is responsible for a variant from England being in Florida. But if the Sun Sentinel says so and even though it defies logic, I guess everybody should believe it. NOT! More likely the variant theme that is being played out is exactly what more sensible doctors like Sherry Ten-Penny and world renown virologist like Guurt have said. Namely, that the vaccines are going to cause an explosion of variants and it is the vaccinations that are to blame.

        Meanwhile, CBS-News seems to confess that if you have your vaccinations, 3, 4, 5 of them who knows, “then You should be well covered.” I am so happy about this because that means I do not have to worry about You. Finally a confession and submission to logic. If you have yours YOU do not need to worry about mine and maybe YOU will stfu

      25. All variants have arisen on Biden’s watch under the guidance of the pathological liars Fauci and the pharmaceutical profiteer organization that calls itself the CDC. If our borders were being secured properly then there would not be any variants from England, the UK, South Africa or Brazil inside the USA. Therefore, any variants inside USA by definition are a direct a result of the incompetence if not direct intention of Biden, Fauci and the CDC. All we need to know about who is responsible is who profits. We know Biden is at every opportunity getting what he wants usurping unconstitutional control of the populace of the United States. Fauci and the CDC represent the Bill Gates and pharmaceutical industry which is realizing unprecedented financial profit. Remember, Joe Biden by his own admission does not recognize any constitutional/human right whatsoever. Not even the absolute right to “Life” itself. He is an extremely dangerous man who has spent his life violating human rights and dignity.

      26. Video speaks to comments above about medical establishment tyranny, government incompetence, 1000s, of shots necessary to handle all the variants, how the vaccines are destroying the immune system, Guurt and Del Bigtree along with ridiculous statements made by Fauci and more.

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