MSM Joins Elitists In Propaganda Scheme: Eat More Bugs

by | Mar 1, 2021 | Headline News | 14 comments

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    For climate change and global warming, the elitists are demanding we all take to eating bugs.  But does anyone actually believe the rulers will be eating bugs? The mainstream media has begun their propaganda push to see if humans will actually eat bugs on their command.

    The social engineering experiment in behavior modification has begun:

    Entomophagy advocates say a cultural shift is already in the works, particularly among the young and adventurous urbanites who will be setting food trends for generations to come. “It’s not going to happen overnight, and it’s never going to 100% replace meat, but those of us who are health-conscious and environmentally aware have already started making that transition,” says biologist Jenna Jadin, who wrote Cicada-licious, a cookbook featuring cicada dumplings and other treats, just in time for the 2004 hatching of Washington D.C.’s 17-year cicada cycle (the next hatching is this summer. Get your skillets ready). –Yahoo

    Why Is The Elitist Establishment So Obsessed With Meat?

    Food culture does change. Five hundred years ago, Italians thought tomatoes were poisonous. In the 1800s, Americans considered lobsters to be trash food and fed them to prisoners. Few cultures ate raw fish 50 years ago; now sushi is ubiquitous. Insects are likely to follow the same trajectory, says Fisher, who suggests salt-roasted crickets served with beer as the ideal “gateway bug.” The sustainability factor, the health aspects, those are the angles that will make people want to try edible insects, he says. The rest is easy. “If it’s done right, they will keep coming back for more, because it tastes really good.” –Yahoo

    Yes, food culture changes. However, anyone with any amount of common sense and critical thinking can see that this isn’t one that’s going to catch on without the brainwashing and propaganda campaigns of the mainstream media.

    Bill Gates & Food Corporations Worked To End Livestock Production, Pushed Lab-Grown Meat

    We have also warned that this propaganda push to get you to eat bugs and lower your standards of acceptable foods had begun with a fear of a “meat shortage.” This was all done by design. The real question is will humanity fall for this once again and descend further into slavery? Or will we finally wake up when it comes to such a life-sustaining issue as food?

    BEWARE THE PROPAGANDA: MSM Wants Us To Fear The “Meat Crisis” The Government Caused



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      1. There is nothing more tasty than a bowl of roasted jalapeño crickets.

        We are screwed!

        • The next article will be discussing the recent spike in TAPE WORMS due to idiots eating insects.

      2. Lobster and shrimp are ok.

      3. Avocado Roaches sounds soon yummy!

        • Frakking spell check…

          …sooo yummy!

      4. Q. Daddy,would you ever considering eating those disgusting things?
        A.Unfortunately sweetie,
        when you consider your mother’s cooking lately – I
        probably already have.?

      5. Something about this story strikes me as being totally unfair. Considering where they live – NYC residents will have access to more bugs than the rest of us and free
        of charge too. It’s not fair!!!!

      6. Imagine

      7. I suppose it’s not that I really
        don’t want to eat bugs that bothers me. On second thought,it is that I don’t want
        to eat bugs that bothers me.

      8. Just saw an ad for dog food made from crickets. “Sustainable”, they call it.

      9. I suppose I were living in the stone age or some part of the world where this is all I and live on , then what the heck.But I’m not, and I’m not about to have some holier than thou person tell me how and what to eat when they are eating steak.thank You, but no thank you

      10. Those things are gross,slimy and disgusting!Yuck!
        Bug number two:Yeah,I don’t
        like them humans either.
        I’ve also heard they all are
        infected with something
        called covid.Double yuck!?

      11. Not sustainable, just Satanable.

      12. Eat shit and die Schwaby reset!

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