BEWARE THE PROPAGANDA: MSM Wants Us To Fear The “Meat Crisis” The Government Caused

by | May 28, 2020 | Emergency Preparedness, Headline News | 5 comments

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    The propaganda and weaponization of the mainstream media is really ramping up as more and more people start to figure out what’s really happening. Now that the mainstream media and elitists have played all their cards, they are grasping for straws trying everything the can to keep us in a panicked state of fear so we are easier to control.

    The meat shortages are not due to a lack of food, but the government’s commands. The mainstream media is desperately doing what they can to bring a meat shortage to fruition, but many have already started becoming more self-reliant and better prepared for tyrannical governmental food chain disruptions.

    This is not to say the meat crisis and food shortages are not real, but it’s not a reason to panic yourself unless you have no preparations and not a shred of food in your house.  If you don’t know how to improve your self-reliance and have placed all of your trust in the obviously crumbling system, then perhaps you should be concerned.  But most of us are prepared and have the critical thinking skills to provide enough for ourselves.

    Take this Yahoo article titled “America’s Meat Problems Are About To Get Worse” for instance.

    Of the 2,200 workers tested for coronavirus at Tyson Foods’ chicken processing plant in Wilkes Country, 570 tested positive last week, Tyson told NPR. Parts of the facility have closed for cleaning, cutting how much meat the plant can turn out. And so, for the first time during the COVID-19 pandemic, North Carolina farmers have had to start euthanizing at least 1.5 million chickens, a state agriculture official told the News & Observer, calling the measure a “last resort.” –Yahoo

    This assumes the tests are accurate. They are not:

    Positive For Coronavirus: Goats and Papayas

    We also know Tyson Foods is working with Bill Gates to force extremely unhealthy GMO-riddled fake meats onto the market and that’s likely why they are killing chickens:

    Tyson Foods Warns “Food Supply Chain Is Breaking”

    Bill Gates & Food Corporations Worked To End Livestock Production, Pushed Lab-Grown Meat

    It’s all a part of their plan to panic people into needing to be saved. They will create a problem, then offer you the solution. All you have to do is bow to them and subjugate yourself. Instead, why not prepare? We’ve offered several ideas on how to make sure you’ve got enough long-term food stored so you can learn to garden and become more self-reliant.

    Prepping For The Upcoming Government-Induced Food Shortages

    If you are new to self-reliance, you aren’t alone, but there are seasoned people who are often all too happy to offer some advice. You won’t be an expert overnight.  Some of this takes years to figure out. You also have to just jump in because your personal situation is unlike anyone else’s.  You need to do what’s right for you and your family.

    Americans Are Rediscovering Self-Reliance To End Their Own Enslavement

    Make sure you are constantly learning and growing. Becoming more reliant on yourself is a huge first step to killing any fear for good.  You know that you can provide anything your family will need to survive, taking your trust out of the rigged supply chains. Don’t let the media panic you into surrendering your freedom for a pork chop.



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      1. This is a pump and dump.

        While I cannot vouch for the innocent animal to be wasted, mass production is inherently inefficient, neither can the fickle mob decide for it’s wants and needs, organically.

        If you are not a member of said herd, if you were self-conscious enough to ask existential questions, none of these insults are intended against you, personally. It is true, about 97% of the time.

      2. Read this:
        “Lenovo’s PCs spy for China”
        By Paul Croke · February 24, 2015

        NOTE: All or most of ALL of your Tech are compromised.
        Article is located at:
        h t t p s:// (Note: must remove spaces)

        – – –
        Now to the rant of the day. ENTER at own risk.

        A type of global COMMUNISM is being imposed.
        World Wide globalist communist TYRANNY by governments of most nations.
        – Media is the Weapon.
        – Propaganda is Weapon.
        – FEAR is the primary weapon. Politicians and Media make you afraid. Fear is used to Control you.

        ChiCom Bioweapon is the EXCUSE for power grabbing Politician TYRANTS.
        They say: “It is for you safety.”
        Reality: NO! It is for Politicians-Government-Corporations to grab power and control EVERY aspect of your life.

        Those willing to give up Freedom and Liberty for Safety deserve NEITHER.

        – Damn to hell China Commie CCP. STOP buying “Made in China.”
        – Damn to hell ALL Media and Politician LIARS-Fearmongers. STOP listening to them. Just Live your Life well.
        – Damn to hell and cut off the media propaganda pipeline. Cut off ALL of your 24 hr news and CANCEL your cable. Get the propaganda LIARS out of your home and out of your head.
        – FIRE every politician currently in office. Who ever is in office vote for the other dirtbag running against him/her. They are ALL dirtbags.
        – Get “tech” out of your life. Technology is not your Friend.
        Technology allows the few “Elite” to control and exterminate the many.

        Cancel FaceBook
        Cancel Twitter
        Cancel Cable TV
        Cancel carrying cell phone.
        Remove Alexa-Siri, etc. from your homes. They are EVIL.
        Cancel ALL Google searches. Use DuckDuckGo.

        5g is a military grade weapon that will be used on YOU.
        Quiet weapons for Quiet Wars.
        5g-Media propaganda-Fear, are the weapons.

        They now want ALL of your Freedom-Liberty-Finances and LIFE. The chicom bioweapon is the excuse.

        Resist and Stand.

        • Great advice, Anonymous. And Mac.. “Don’t let the media panic you into surrendering your freedom for a pork chop” ….truer words were never spoken.

      3. In Aurora/Naperville IL., as of 5/28, therer is absolutely ZERO meat shortage, incl. pork. I just got out of the store an hour ago, and there is ZERO shortage that I saw.

        • I live among farmers up her in Upstate New York, and they raise everything from pigs to chickens to cattle. The biggest problem is the packing plants. We have a lot of smaller plants that have slowed or shut down due to the fake virus. These farmers all have the same problem: they have the animals but noplace to process them. Our local chicken supplier, a husband/wife team, can do about 60 or 70 birds a week, which is nowhere near Tyson capacity, but enough to supply their regular customers. Our beef supplier, another husband/wife team, has 150 head if organic Black Angus and their phone is ringing off of the hook, but the packing plants are backed up and so they cannot get the product processed…
          There is a shortage coming, but not because of lack of production. The packing plants are the choke-point in the supply chain.

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