MSM Is Working Around The Clock To Invalidate “Magnet Challenge”

by | May 20, 2021 | Conspiracy Fact and Theory, Experts, Forecasting, Headline News | 20 comments

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    The mainstream media is doing its best to invalidate claims that magnets are sticking to injection sites where people have gotten the experimental gene therapy jab. Several videos have surfaced of people showing a magnet sticks to their arm, and the MSM is “fact-checking” them all.

    Remember the journalist who attempted to convince people that the COVID jabs were not gene therapy simply because he said so? Well, he’s back at it chastizing those who posted videos of a magnet sticking to their injection site.

    This has included photos and videos posted on social media. For example, a video posted on Instagram and Twitter showed a woman saying, “Here’s the magnet. This is the arm I got the Pfizer shot in,” while placing what looked like a magnet on her left arm, according to Angelo Fichera writing for the website She then said, “You go figure it out. We’re chipped. We’re all bleeped,” except she didn’t say “bleeped” but rather a word that began with “f” and wasn’t “fondued.” –Forbes

     So why should you be unconcerned? Because the “vaccine” has to have a “significant amount of metal” in it to make a magnet stick.  That’s comforting…

    Before you begin believing that the Covid-19 vaccine will somehow make your arm more susceptible to a Magneto attack, keep in mind several things. First of all, the Covid-19 vaccines would have to have a fair amount of metal in them to make magnets stick to you like they would to a refrigerator door. A Covid-19 vaccine dose is less than a milliliter (mL), with a typical dose for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine being only about 0.3 mL. That’s not enough volume to squeeze in a typical microchip. Even if the entire injected volume were filled with a ferromagnetic metal, it probably wouldn’t be nearly enough to make your arm into a refrigerator door. –Forbes

    Or is that enough volume for a “typical microchip?” Read it for yourself here.  It looks like mainstream media is still being the lapdog for the controllers and trying their best to get people to stop asking questions.

    Does that mean a microchip is in this shot? No, of course not. It could be something else, though.

    Does Magnetic Hydrogel Explain The COVID Vax Magnet Phenomenon?

    No one really knows what’s in these shots because we are being lied to about it. Just using the simple process of discernment, most feel there is dishonesty in what is in these shots.  And that is a valid concern considering it is more than obvious we are being lied to based on the fact that they still want us to believe is a “vaccine” in spite of the fact that they admit it contains messenger RNA, which makes it a gene therapy.

    “Vaccine” Side Effect: COVID Arm

    Does anyone actually trust that Pfizer and Moderna are telling the truth about what’s in these shots?

    Even the United States government and Google admit Pfizer is a “habitual offender,” persistently engaging in illegal and corrupt marketing practices, bribing physicians, and suppressing adverse trial results. But yeah, we are the crazy ones for daring to ask questions about what the hell is going on. Apparently, we shouldn’t assume a “habitual offender” would lie to use about the ingredients of a shot in order to try to convince us to take it.

    COVID-19 mRNA Shots Are Legally Not Vaccines

    But the mainstream media and ruling class want to discourage us all from even asking questions about the experiences others who have taken this jab have had, and that’s the real problem.  The rulers continue to demand we shut up and comply after turning off our critical thinking and ability to pose important questions.

    The best advice moving forward is to never stop questioning these psychopaths who demand you believe them because “they say so.” Make sure you look at things from your perspective too. Don’t just believe that this shot is experimental gene therapy. Read about it. Understand what mRNA actually is. Understand how the mRNA works in the body.

    Knowledge is power and asking questions about these narratives we are being spoon-fed as if we are children is not going to hurt anything except the official narrative and the propaganda peddlers credibility, which is why they try so hard to silence those who question the ruling class.



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      1. God forbid that some time in the future it is proven that these fake vaccines contain elements that are detrimental to peoples health.
        I would suggest that “THE PEOPLE” take justice into their own hands and It should be immediate and exercised with extreme prejudice!

        • Should that prove to be the case – that it was known and that the vaccines were deliberately distributed with such knowledge, God forbid – we would see bodies dragged through the streets.

        • Call me on this, later, if it all blows over. Has anyone ever told you that?

          I saw, in my dream, a Satanic parody of the Christian Rapture.

          imho, they’re gonna hear a noise.

      2. If I know you, and you ignored my advice, I will definitely stick a magnet to you.

      3. “a typical dose for the Pfizer/BioNTech vaccine being only about 0.3 mL”
        That sentence is in one of the paragraphs quoted above from Forbes.It is intentionally misleading. For comparison a standard medicine spoon is 5ml. We’ve all seen syringes of vaccine brandished by fearsome looking nurses with names like sadie Stikk or Domina Trice. There is a lot more in those things than 1/25 of a medicine spoon. The case is the syringe contains about 0.5 ml of the active ingredient bulked out with dilutants, preservatives, drugs to stimulate an immune reaction and who knows what else.
        I don’t know of any chip small enough to be injected through a needle but smartphone apps are a highly effective way of tracking us already. There’s plenty of scope for other kinds of toxic shite in those vaccine syringes however.

      4. So,these psychos want all of us to just accept whatever they say without question?
        Okay,but it goes both ways.
        If any of them ever ask me
        “Do you wanna take our jab”
        My answer will be “NO,”
        When they ask “Why not”?
        My response will be a loud
        “Because I said so!!!!!”

      5. Hopefully,the msm’s (liars)
        many attempts at discrediting the “magnets sticking to injection sites story” won’t “stick”.???

      6. Funny…. my compass doesn’t point north anymore…..

      7. Oh Andre, a man of few words.

      8. Blood has iron in it. I really doubt the chip thesis, but the mRNA vaccines shouldn’t be causing blood iron particles to aggregate in the area of the injection, this is the biological phenomenon that needs to be explored. And I will wager that Pfizer is doing that, so they have an understanding, before the SHTF.

      9. Who all agrees that Andre is a foreigner of the troll kind and needs to stop the propaganda it puts out. All saw yes to get rid of this communist Muslim foreigner.

        • Could be, in order to post as much as he does would require an inordinate amount of his waking hours. In reality, it may be a group of trolls, or else this AI is frantically spending all his time to making these incoherent multi-thousand words comments. He has de facto taken over the site because he posts more than all the articles and other comments combined, without ever really making a point.

        • Hah! Does anyone actually read all his dribble? I see his name and just know it’s pages and pages of complete garbage.

      10. Andrea Iravani is an Artificial Intelligence ( AI ) experimental program. No human would write these replies that we’ve seen from it.

      11. A COVID vax injection site can hold a magnet?

        That’s the dumbest anti-vax counter-propaganda ever.

        Or it would be if so many n00bs posturing as pro-freedom didn’t appear to be falling for obvious disinformation.

        Show me a magnet sticking to the syringe, then. Geez.

      12. The bore in a typical s/c needle is about 0.5mm. A drawing up needle may be up to 1 mm or more. Rare earth elements can make very powerful magnets in a small space. Your ear buds are an example. Iron will be attracted strongly to these types of magnet.
        If nanoparticles or bigger are made with these magnets they could be injected under the skin in the fat layer or into the muscle. These magnets could be polarised by ‘incubating’ them in a strong magnetic field before or after injection An MRI has a very strong magnetic field. (Similarly magnetized particles in deep sea rocks of the Atlantic are used rise to determine the direction of the earth’s magnetic field in times gone by.)
        Once the particles are magnetised they will tend to clump together so they can be suspended in a gel and disbursed at the time of the injection. After injection they will tend to coalesce north pole to sole pole and be distributed somewhat randomly beneath the skin depending upon the anatomy.
        Some may be shaped or magnetised to have a particular orientation and join up to spell out a magnetic code discoverable on the surface of the skin.
        To debunk the debunkers do the following:
        1. Prove the location of the injection site.
        2. Bring a magnetic compass close to the skin and move over the affected area. If a magnetic field is present the needle will move. The field may be strong enough to stick a very light piece of ferrous metal to the skin.
        3. Repeat 2 over skin far away from the injection site. There should be no reaction to the compass.
        4. Video these actions with witnesses – perhaps even ‘journalists’ if you can find any that are honest.

      13. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ Magnets are free to try. EM readers and Bluetooth are in these reports.

        SGT Report had a lot of interesting oddities for general consideration.

        Regardless, in the simplest possible version of events, your body is still tagging healthy cells as intruders, with no known off-button, that can be explained to us, in a simple and intuitive way.

        • “…they shall mingle themselves with the seed of men: but they shall not cleave one to another, even as iron is not mixed with clay.”
          — from Dan 2:43

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