MSM Admitted That Excess Deaths In 2022 Were Among The WORST In 50 years!

by | Jan 11, 2023 | Headline News

The mainstream media can no longer ignore the excess deaths that have happened in the aftermath of the release of the “vaccine” in “warp speed” time. Wasn’t the “vaccine” supposed to save everyone?

This new data represents one of the largest excess death levels outside the pandemic in 50 years, according to the BBC. But aren’t we still in the pandemic? There’s a news super scary variant called “Kraken” circulating that everyone needs to be injected for, right?

And even though the mainstream media at the command of the ruling classes are dramatically overestimating COVID-19 deaths still, they have to admit that that is not the “full story.”

Covid is still killing people but is involved in fewer deaths now than at the start of the pandemic. Roughly 38,000 deaths involved Covid in 2022 compared with more than 95,000 in 2020.

We are still seeing more deaths overall than would be expected based on recent history. The difference in 2022 – compared with 2020 and 2021 – is that Covid deaths were one of several factors, rather than the main explanation for this excess. BBC

So, does the media finally admit that maybe, just maybe, the rushed “vaccines” could be doing irreparable harm to the slave class? Hardly. They blame pretty much everything else including the “after effects” of a COVID-19 infection.

Some of the excess may be people whose deaths were hastened by the after-effects of a Covid infection.

A number of studies have found people are more likely to have heart problems and strokes in the weeks and months after catching Covid, and some of these may not end up being linked to the virus when the death is registered. BBC

Are people still buying this? Unfortunately, they probably are, considering more keep lining up for additional shots. Even though the evidence is undeniable, the mainstream media and rulers continue to deny that the shots are the reason people are keeling over in rapid succession:

The rise in cardiac problems has been pointed to by some online as evidence that Covid vaccines are driving the rise in deaths, but this conclusion is not supported by the data. BBC

Study Finds That COVID-19 Vaccines Perpetuated the Pandemic & Caused Immune System Failure

Uncovering The Truth: Examining The Fatal Link Between COVID Vaccines And A New Form of AIDS

CDC REPORT: At Least 1.1 Million Americans Have “Died Suddenly” After COVID Vax Release

Sudden Vaccines Deaths So Common They Have A Name: Sudden Adult Death Syndrome (SADS)

Note to the ruling class and mainstream media: we are not stupid anymore. We are figuring this out.

Survey: Almost Half of Americans Say COVID-19 Vaccines Caused Excessive Deaths

Insurance Company Paid Out 163% MORE For Working Age Deaths In 2021 Since Mass Vaccination

Of course, correlation doesn’t equal causation. But the coincidences are mounting. There seem to be a few too many to say this has nothing to do with the mRNA technology being injected into the willing masses.

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