MSM Admits “Immunity” From Pfizer “Vaccine” Wanes In 2 Months

by | Oct 7, 2021 | Headline News | 8 comments

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    The mainstream media is admitting that the “immunity” from Pfizer’s COVID-19 “vaccine” wanes in two months. The ruling class can now demand the slaves take boosters every few months and many will comply and be injected upon command.

    Allegedly, protection against severe infection and hospitalization is still strong after taking the vaccine that isn’t a vaccine.  But is that true? All evidence points to no and that’s if the COVID-19 scamdemic wasn’t a hoax, which it is turning out to be.  Reading further into all of the mainstream media articles about this “problem,” we are presented with the real reason they are currently making this claim.

    Fully Vaccinated Harvard Business School Suspends Most Classes For COVID Outbreak

    This “information” is designed to get more people vaccinated, even those with natural immunity to the common cold or the flu (which is what COVID has turned into):

    Immunity for those who were vaccinated after a natural Covid-19 infection lasts longer, according to the Israeli study.

    The vaccine is most effective among those who have recovered from the virus and have then been vaccinated. -TBS News

    “BNT162b2-induced protection against infection builds rapidly after the first dose, peaks in the first month after the second dose, and then gradually wanes in subsequent months,” Laith Abu-Raddad of Weill Cornell Medicine-Qatar and colleagues wrote. “The waning appears to accelerate after the fourth month, to reach a low level of approximately 20% in subsequent months,” they added.

    So go ahead and get all the boosters as commanded by your master and continue to be lorded over by the ruling class. Once immunity wanes, they can convince the sheep to take the shot easily. And now, they can convince those who already had the common cold or the flu COVID-19 to line up for the shots.

    We are treading into extremely disturbing territory and there appears to be no end to the ridiculous lies they will spew to get people convinced (with no evidence) that there’s a raging pandemic killing off the population, even though the population is continuing to rise. 

    Keep using your critical thinking skills and keep asking the questions others won’t ask.  Blind obedience is never virtous and never ends well for humanity.  Stay moral and aware of what’s going on so you can help others when this hoax takes a more sinister turn. Put nothing past anyone who wants to rule over you for any reason.


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      1. Since we don’t know as an absolute, maybe we should require vaccine recipients to be tested weekly to keep the rest of us safe.

      2. We need not worry about
        protection from conjob 19.
        We do however need to
        protect ourselves from the
        “vaccines” & boosters.?

      3. If anyone ever asks me if
        I trust the government
        and the ones saying these
        “vaccines” are all for our
        benefit – my response would
        be “Well duh, of course I trust
        our wonderful government…
        …… screw me over!!!!!?

      4. Recently read an article
        somewhere discussing the
        history of that distinguished
        company mentioned in your
        headline. Someone made a
        comment that pretty much
        sums up what most of us
        think of them. Comment was
        Pfuck Pfizer !! ????

      5. I don’t know about anyone
        else but ever since this hoax
        began, I have developed a
        very strong and natural
        immunity……….to bullshit.

      6. The ones dying are the ones vaccinated! more than un-vaccinated by 75%

      7. “The ruling class can now demand the slaves take boosters every few months and many will comply and be injected upon command. ”

        Good! We need a lot less idiots!

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